Persona 4: The Animation (2011) s01e22 Episode Script

It's Just Like Heaven

Welcome to the Velvet Room.
Where will fate lead you in your time of hardship? Do you believe in fortune telling? This is the fate that awaits you Hide and seek, it wants to play again.
Like a detective, I won't let it get away.
Its constantly costuming with loads of fake.
I will strip-search if I have to.
No I’m not afraid to know it no, no, no.
I am so determined.
To chase after what's hidden, and seize this day, this moment.
Wanna know! And I keep accelerate.
Wanna go! Ignition, turned on.
Its both the time to drive to truth.
Wanna seize! Stranger than any movies.
Wanna seize! Ignorance is not bliss.
They say that truth will out! Can't keep on hiding.
There's no turning back now! I'm gonna go on, I'm gonna go get what I want! What's with this place? It's beautiful! It looks just like Heaven.
Mum, where are you? Why did you go? Why did you leave me behind? Heaven that explains it.
Nanako Look, over there! Nanako! Namatame! That bastard! You followed me here?! Nanako! Onii-chan Aren't you Namatame Taro? Who are you? You're the ones I saved! Huh? You saved us? What are you talking about? I'm going to save this child.
Cut the crap! Give Nanako back! S-Stay back! Wait! Namatame Taro! Aren't you the one responsible for throwing anyone who appeared on the Midnight Channel into the TV? That's right.
What made you do that? Whenever it rains, the TV shows me someone in needs of saving.
It shows you? If I hadn't hid you inside the TV, what would have happened to you? What? Are you saying we wouldn't have faced ourselves? That's crazy! We were nearly killed! You're right This guy's freaking nuts.
I just wanted to save you! Shut up! What are you talking about?! You're just killing people! You're the murderers, not me! I know that you plan on killing this child.
What are you talking about? I'll save her.
I'll save her, too! Stop it! I am a saviour! A Hero of justice! Onii-chan, it hurts! Nanako! What's going on?! His power is attracting so many Shadows! I'll save her.
I will! Nanako Nanako, I'm going to save you! Nanako! Don't be rash, Senpai! I will I will save her! Narukami-kun? Wait! Saturnus Star Pretty Strong Something isn't right.
What is this? I'll check it out quick Something's not right! His aura changed? Yu, what's the matter? My body What happened? What's wrong? Guys, run! Senpai, what's gotten into you? Sensei! That antenna looks suspicious He's being controlled?! He's gonna change Personas! The enemy is controlling him? That's horrible! Yu! No, Yousuke! Hanamura! Damn it! I never thought he'd be such a formidable enemy! It looks like that one guy Beelzebub Beelzebub Not a Pushover Devil Beelzebub It's that big fly!! This looks bad! That's- You serious? He's charging up.
He's the same guy as before! Beelzebub Devil Not a Pushover Danger!! Danger!! He plans on finishing us off in one attack!! He's going to finish us off in one blow.
Danger!! Danger!! Danger!! Danger!! Danger!! Danger!! Damn! Stop it! That's right.
I won't let anyone get in my way.
I swear no one will stop me! Narukami-kun! Stop Stop it! Onii-chan, don't fight them Nanako Now's our chance! Nanako-chan! Stay back! Crap! Onii-chan Are you okay? Give her back Give her back! Oh no! My body is moving by itself! I am going to save that child! Dang it! Yu, please save Nanako! Senpai, run! Kohryu?! I can move again! What a life-saver! Daddy Don't interfere! I'm going to save her! You've done enough! Now is your chance! T-The Shadows are going crazy! Nanako? Nanako! Nanako, hang in there! She's in pain, but she's not injured This place must be bad for her! Get her outside quick! Yeah! Diligence Rock Solid Knowledge Professor Expression Enthralling Understanding Saintly Courage Heroic Understanding Saintly Expression Enthralling Diligence Rock Solid Courage Heroic Knowledge Professor Sign: Inaba Municipal Hospital Nanako still hadn't recovered from her cold.
And to go through that Nana-chan is still small, so her other self didn't appear like it did for everyone else.
To top it off, she was there when the Shadows went crazy.
All those Shadows just had to show up! There's no way she could handle that.
Damn it! We shouldn't have let Namatame explain his motives! If I hadn't asked those unnecessary questions and rescued Nanako-chan sooner Naoto-kun, it's not your fault.
It is my fault! Ultimately, I prioritised solving the case over Nanako-chan's safety.
Because of that, Nanako-chan is That's enough.
Let's stop wallowing in self-pity.
Tatsumi-kun? Will blaming you and licking each other's wounds help the kid? All we can do now is believe in her.
Get a hold of yourself, Naoto! I'm sorry.
You're absolutely right.
Naoto You were desperately trying to save Nanako, weren't you? Thank you.
I'm glad you were there.
Senpai Well, come on, let's not get all doom and gloom.
Nanako-chan would be sad if she saw us get depressed.
Yeah, you're right.
I'm sure Nanako-chan will be okay.
Let's believe in her.
What's this? That was too cool to have come from you, Kanji! Huh? What's that supposed to mean? Guys, don't make a scene in the hospital.
Sheesh! Seriously.
Isn't the fog especially thick today? Yeah, and it's cold.
What is it? Look at this.
It's talking about Namatame.
Looks like Namatame regained consciousness this morning.
"According to the police interrogation, he testified that he regrets what he did and that he was just scared.
" So he admitted to his crimes.
It's all over.
At long last.
Oh, yeah.
I received word from the hospital this morning that it's okay to visit Nanako.
For real? Then we should go see her after school! It sounds like Nanako-chan's doing a bit better.
That's great.
Yeah, that's seriously good.
Oh, where's Naoto? I was going to invite her, but she wasn't in her classroom.
So this is where you went.
Senpai? I see So Nanako-chan's doing better.
That's great.
Is there something on your mind? Not really.
I'm just having a hard time believing that it's all truly over.
That's so you.
Are you exasperated? No, I'm impressed.
That's so you.
Really? Really! Senpai, you're a unique person.
You referred to me as your friend and Do you remember what you said at the hospital? At the hospital? "I'm glad you were there.
" Isn't that what you said? Yeah I just wanted someone to acknowledge me.
I wanted to be needed.
That's why I was so ardently trying to solve the puzzle.
I'm worthless if you take away my abilities as a detective.
Even so, you said you were happy that I was there.
You made me feel needed.
It made me really happy.
I see W-Well, I better go.
You're headed for the schoolyard.
W-Well, weren't we going to see Nanako-chan? Let's get going.
It's still just lunchtime.
Huh? Oh, y-you're right Geez, I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it.
Sign: Inaba Municipal Hospital Onii-chan! Nanako! Sorry.
She isn't strong enought to talk a lot yet Doujima-san, you came here again?! Ah, well, you see- I understand you're worried about your daughter, but you still need complete bed rest yourself! S-Sorry I'm sorry.
I'll take him to his room right now.
Hey, what do you think you're doing, Adachi?! Hey, stop it! Doujima-san, that's so lame! Onii-chan? I'm right here.
Okay, I'm glad.
About Namatame.
Some new facts just came to light, so things are getting sticky.
New facts? Well, this is still supposed to be a secret, but I guess I can tell you.
There was some weirdness about Yamano and Konishi-san in that diary we found.
It looks like that pig Namatame was making passes at Konishi-san.
We think that might have something to do with why he killed her.
That bastard! W-Well, I've gotta run.
Hanamura S-Sorry! I'm okay.
You shouldn't bottle it up.
I-I'm not! Well, the case is closed.
There's no point in going on about it forever.
Yeah, you're right.
When do you think Nanako-chan can go home? Doujima-san's still hospitalised, too.
I wonder what's up with this fog.
I know a person whose child is bedridden because of it.
I wonder if it really is poisonous.
Run! Evacuate immediately! This is poisonous gas! It's loaded with viruses! You'll die if you breathe this fog! What's with him? Wasn't that kinda creepy? The idea that this fog is poisonous is just plain stupid.
Although that was an extreme example, Wouldn't you agree? Yes, you're right.
It's true that people are growing increasingly scared.
It isn't just around here.
People are talking about the fog everywhere.
It's normally impossible for fog to last this long.
It really makes it hard to see.
It's just like on the other side.
You mean in the TV? Hey, guys! Put on your glasses! Wow! I can see! What the-?! W-What's going on? These glasses allow us to see through the fog in the other world.
They shouldn't be effective in this world as well.
Do you think that the fog could be leaking into our world? Wait, don't tell me I was right.
I-It just popped into my head The fog from the TV leaking into our world? Is that possible? Here you go.
Thanks again.
It definitely feels like the fog from over there, but I can't make heads or tails of anything beyond that.
I see And the case isn't progressing either, is it? Right.
According to Adachi-san, they aren't making any headway with Namatame's interrogations.
Even though he regained consciousness, that doesn't necessarily mean he can speak coherently yet.
The fog isn't leaving and the interrogation isn't going anywhere.
We solved the case, but I still feel bummed out.
Say May I stick around on this side? What made you ask that? You kept your promise to help me find the culprit who was disrupting the other side.
Oh, I guess we did.
I have to go back now, but I don't want to leave until Nana-chan's better.
What're you going on about? Stay here forever.
S-Sensei, are you sure? Do you really mean it? Yeah.
Then maybe I should move in with you, too! It'd be warmer if we were together.
Now that you mention it, it has been unusually cold.
Oh, that's right! So you promised Nanako-chan! Yeah.
We promised that we'd go buy a kotatsu.
A kotatsu with tangerines is the ultimate combo for warmth! It's nice and warm! Kanji, what did you buy? Hey, punk! Is that wool? I thought Nanako-chan and I could make some knitted animals when she gets better.
So it's for that.
Kanji, you can be such a sweetie! Shut up! I know! Since we're all here, why don't we look for a Christmas present for Nanako-chan? Isn't a kotatsu good enough? No! W-Well, if we're thinking about getting her a present, why don't we hold a homecoming party at your place? A party? That sounds nice.
Great! Then let's go all-out and make a cake.
For sure! I don't think so! Are you trying to send Nanako-chan back to the hospital? Hi, it's Narukami.
Y-Yu-kun? Yes? K-Keep calm and hear me out.
There has been a sudden change in Nanako-chan's condition.
Hurry over to the hospital! Nanako Are you a family member? I am! Right this way.
Nanako-chan? Can you hear me? Your onii-chan is here! Onii-chan where are you? Here! I'm right here.
Onii chan? Nanako! Your dad will be here soon.
He's coming He'll be here soon! Daddy So fight for us, Nanako! I looked at some kotatsu.
Let's go buy one together, okay? Remember our promise? We're going to make snowmen the next time it snows.
We promised that we're going to play a lot.
We promised! Onii-chan We'll be together forever.
I'll stay with you forever! I'm scared, onii-chan Daddy I failed to save her.
How come he's the one who had to survive?! Let's put an end to this ourselves! Goodbye, everyone! Our goal is to discover the truth.