Persona 4: The Animation (2011) s01e23 Episode Script

In Order to Find the Truth

No! She can't be Damn it! Doujima-san? Guys, what's wrong? It can't be Is Nanako-chan? Crap! Doujima-san's headed for Namatame's room! Namatame's room? Oh, well, you see Hey, what do you mean by that?! Let go! I have to talk to him! D-Doujima-san! Please calm down! Why?! Why did Nanako have to die? Give Nanako back! Doujima-san! Give Nanako back! Give her back to me! D-Doujima-san?! Don't do this! Why is he still alive when Nanako's dead?! Doujima-san! Why?! I can't forgive Namatame either! But Doujima-san- I'll kill him! Oji-san! All I had was Nanako Nanako Doujima-san? Get him to his room, quickly! Right! Come on, Doujima-san.
Hang in there.
I want to kill him myself! Was Doujima-san really going to kill Namatame? He just lost his only daughter.
I wouldn't put anything past him.
First he killed Konishi-senpai, and now Nanako-chan! Why? How come he's the one still alive?! He fell from the window! Planning to escape with your life? It's your fault that Nanako-chan is I-I I It's midnight.
Isn't this? The Midnight Channel! I failed to save her nano desu~ And it's all your fault.
What's this? The guy's in there even though we already defeated him! They can't legally kill me anyway.
Is this how you truly feel?! N-No! I Who cares about the law? I ain't lettin' you walk! If the law can't touch you, we'll have to punish you ourselves.
Wait, Hanamura! What are you saying? Do as you like.
You hate me, don't you? I don't care either way.
Living? Dying? You won't kill me.
You can't do it! You wouldn't dare, would you? I will continue to save them.
That is my mission! He gave us permission.
Kanji-kun! Move it, Senpai! Don't do it! I didn't expect to see such a large TV in a hospital room.
Naoto-kun? It's not our fault if he escapes into the TV.
Of course, there may not be a way out for him once he goes in.
No! Wait a sec! Are you serious about that? We can't do that! So you're okay with leaving things as they are?! This isn't about whether or not I'm okay with it! No, it's not like he said! It's a misunderstanding! Narukami-kun! Senpai! N-No! You're acting repulsive.
Wait! Hanamura? If you don't want any part of this, leave.
That's horrible! Stop it! I-I just wanted to save her! So she wouldn't get killed! Don't! Narukami-kun! No! Senpai? You're going to let him go, Yu? I can't let that happen! This is our only chance! At this rate, he's going to get off scot-free.
And then he'll continue to save people! We have to put an end to this ourselves! That will make us no different than him! Our goal Our goal is to discover the truth.
The truth? But isn't this the truth?! It's the reality here in front of you! No Something is bothering me.
Bothering you? Could we have misunderstood something? Gimme a break! Misunderstood? How could we?! Cut the crap already! Calm down, Yosuke.
The truth We need to think so we can find the truth once more.
It's true that we still haven't heard what Namatame has to say for himself.
How the hell am I supposed to understand a murderer who thinks he's saving people? Hanamura! I'm not convinced yet myself.
But we can't pull away from each other right now! Let's overcome this together, okay? I'll think hard on it, too! Fine.
Then let's think this all the way through.
We'd only be deceiving ourselves if we left anything unsolved, huh? Something has been bugging me as well.
Why did Namatame first decide to kill his mistress? So he could save her? That bastard's sick in the head.
After the first murder, the police spoke with Namatame.
There was nothing suspicious behind his alibi, testimony or demeanour.
He could have put on a really good act.
Or maybe he wasn't trying to save her and simply murdered her.
But that would make why he killed Yamano even more puzzling.
Maybe his wife was getting suspicious and she got in the way.
At the time of the incident, he had separated from Hiiragi Misuzu and she already knew about his affair with Yamano.
Most importantly of all, Namatame was shocked to learn of Yamano's death.
So we can't figure out why Namatame killed Yamano Mayumi? Yamano Mayumi Konishi Liquors, Inaba Central Shopping district Tatsumi Kanji Tatsumi Textiles, Inaba central shopping district Lives at the Amagi Inn Konishi Saki Kujikawa Rise Marukyu Tofu, Inaba Staying at the Amagi inn Amagi Yukiko Central Shopping District But Yamano Mayumi's name was in his journal.
Damn it all! I'm so confused! Kumakichi, stop being so quiet and say- Huh? Where is Kuma? No good.
He isn't picking up.
Maybe he went home ahead of us.
It wouldn't be right to call the house at this hour.
I'll make sure he's there when I go home.
Fog! Poison! It's poisonous fog! Run for it! Snow? It's freezing! Guys, let's call it a day.
I'll be fine.
Yosuke, let me know when you find Kuma.
Sure thing.
Well, I'm off.
Let's go.
Oh, right.
Come on, we're leaving! I'm going to make snowmen with you when it snows! Yeah! Let's make a big one.
Nanako Did I Did I really make the right choice when I hesitated back there? I I Damn it! Damn it! Courage Heroic Knowledge Sage Understanding Saintly Diligence Rock Solid Expression Enthralling Expression Enthralling Diligence Rock Solid Understanding Saintly Knowledge Sage Courage Heroic Where is this place? I'm sure I was just at the hospital Nana-chan! How did I wind up in such a lonely place? I'm lost.
I see that's what I thought So it was true Everyone Sensei What should I do? Last night I was thinking If Namatame is saving people by killing them, then wouldn't that mean he didn't save us? And the Namatame on The Midnight Channel last night considered Nanako's death a failure.
Kumakichi So, was he really putting people in the TV to save them? Even if he was, he still threw Konishi-senpai and Yamano into the TV.
Or what? You think someone else was involved? The threats The threats? I figured out what felt off.
It's the threats I received.
I believe the first one said "Stop rescuing them".
The second said, "If you don't stop, the next one to go in and die will be someone dear to you"! Huh? Isn't that a little strange? Would someone who thinks death is salvation imply murder? Now that I think about it, "to go in and die" sounds a little weird.
If he were the culprit, wouldn't it be, "I'll drag in and kill"? Did someone else write it? Kubo's case aside, we thought that there was only one killer.
Namatame views the first two cases as failures since the victims died.
Threats? What are you talking about? So it wasn't him.
We must come forward and face the truth.
Please tell us everything.
Will you believe what I tell you? We are the only ones who can understand.
Very well.
Then listen to my story I returned to my hometown to hide from the buzz about my affair.
Next on the news: City Council secretary Namatame Taro had an affair with TV announcer Yamano Mayumi.
I had just recently lost contact with Mayumi For several days, the- W-What the? Mayumi? Mayumi! Now for the next piece of news.
Really! I'm sure you were expecting this, but you're fired.
A corpse was found hanging from an antenna.
According to the police's investigation and going by her belongings and clothing, she has been identified as local TV announcer Yamano Mayumi.
I thought that The Midnight Channel was just some childish rumour.
But maybe that was an SOS from Mayumi.
I became obsessed with watching it.
And then Isn't that the girl from the liquor shop? I wanted to save her, so I called her out and warned her.
But she didn't take me seriously.
Pick up! I beg you! I knew she was going to be killed, but I couldn't save her.
It was mortifying.
That's when I made up my mind.
I could hide her somewhere no one, not even the killer, could find her.
Are you saying it's safe over there? You are, aren't you? No matter what the TV world was like, it beat getting killed.
I would bring her out once things quieted down again.
I knew she wouldn't understand if I tried to explain things.
In that case I'd just have to kidnap her.
I figured I could pull it off if I used my family's delivery service.
I tried to warn the police, but they didn't believe me.
I thought that I was the only one who could do this.
But when I followed that little girl into the TV, for the first time, I questioned what I'd been doing.
I had no idea that they couldn't leave on their own! You truly were trying to save everyone, weren't you? I was subconsciously playing the Hero.
There weren't any more bodies once you started rescuing people.
So it made you believe that you were actually saving them.
I truly am pathetic I finally understand.
I don't I don't belong anywhere.
Goodbye, Sensei, everyone Nana-chan, I'm sorry I couldn't do anything.
Farewell Oji-san.
Yu Nanako-chan! This isn't a trick? Can I believe what I'm seeing? Awesome! This kind of stuff really happens? Thank goodness Damn it, Kuma.
Where the heck is that dumb bear at a time like this? Next on the news is the Inaba weather report.
The continual fog is starting to impact people's mental health.
Naoto Shirogana Ayane Matsunaga Ebi Tatsumi Kanji Yosuke Hanamura Main Folder Yukiko Amage Kou Ichijo Chie Satonaka Naoki Honishi Daisuke Nagase Kujikawa Rise We ask residents of Inaba to remain calm.
Do not be alarmed.
You are sound asleep in your world.
Now then, what do you say we give pause to reflect upon what has recently transpired? It would appear that you have friends trying to follow the same path as you in this dense fog.
The bonds your share with your friends have summoned the Judgement Arcana.
You have formed so many bonds through the passage of time.
I'm jealous of you.
The Empress Arcana It would seem a bond has been born between the two of us.
I shall confirm our direction.
The car will be parked here for a while.
This may indicate that it would be wise for you to stop and contemplate.
The case on Kubo Mitsuo? Why do you want to know? Very well.
AIYA Chinese Diner Here you go.
But it isn't raining today.
It's special to celebrate your sister's recovery.
Thank you.
I'm digging in! We walked around all day and got nothing.
Gathering new information on an incident from over half a year ago is quite challenging.
I'm going to get some fresh air.
Looks like Naoto's stumped, too.
Thank you for the meal.
Huh, Yu! Y-You what?! Sign: We hope to see you again tomorrow N-No way! You ate it all?! And so quickly? It was a difficult battle.
Good! Where are you going? To clear my head after eating.
It's freezing! Then why don't you go back in? I can think better out here.
Junes' Kingdom is invading! Everyone, run for it! Run! What's happening to this place? There must be someone.
Someone who meets all of the criteria somewhere in this town.
He has to have had contact with Konishi-san and Yamano.
He needs a clear enough grasp on us that he can predict our actions.
And he can approach your home without attracting suspicion.
Someone who meets all of the criteria Kimi to arui ta tsuugaku ro I walked on the road to school with you, 君と歩いた 通学路 hirai ta keshiki mitsume te looking at the scenery spread out before us.
開いた景色 見つめて At the campus in spring, at the floodplain, 春の校庭 河川敷 haru no koutei kasenshiki at the summer festival, I spent my days 夏祭りみんなで笑って natsu matsuri minna de waratte laughing and bumping shoulders with everyone.
kata yose sugoshite ta hibi 肩寄せ 過ごしてた日々 I spent my time watching these casual, ordinary days, kono nanigenai nichijou nagame te この何気ない日常眺めて kako kara ima made sugoshi te ki ta yo 過去から今まで過ごしてきたよ from the past to the present, 今日から明日明日から未来へ from today to tomorrow and from tomorrow to the future.
kyou kara asu ashita kara mirai e Keeping the bonds I built with everyone hidden in me, I'll start walking.
みんなと築いた絆 秘めて歩き出す minna to kizui ta kizuna hime te arukidasu Why isn't he here when we need him? Someone else killed them.
Would you know who? Wait, dammit! Burn to death! There's no more running away from it.
Come on, let's go!