Persona 4: The Animation (2011) s01e24 Episode Script

The World is Full of Shit

I have been trying to figure out who I am all this time.
When Nana-chan passed away, I felt so lonesome and sad and I started to wonder why I even exist.
It was then that I finally remembered.
I am only a Shadow.
Once upon a time, human emotions started to grow and form a Shadow.
It tried to forget that it was a Shadow, so it took on this form and searched for a place to belong.
But Shadows are not allowed to visit the human world.
Sensei, I want you to apologise to Nana-chan in the afterlife for me someday.
Tell her I'm sorry I couldn't save her! Kuma, Nanako is alive.
R-Really? Nana-chan's Nana-chan is Thank goodness! Oh, thank goodness! Hide and seek, it wants to play again.
Like a detective, I won't let it get away.
Its constantly costuming with loads of fake.
I will strip-search if I have to.
No I’m not afraid to know it no, no, no.
I am so determined.
To chase after what's hidden, and seize this day, this moment.
Wanna know! And I keep accelerate.
Wanna go! Ignition, turned on.
Its both the time to drive to truth.
Wanna seize! Stranger than any movies.
Wanna seize! Ignorance is not bliss.
They say that truth will out! Can't keep on hiding.
There's no turning back now! I'm gonna go on, I'm gonna go get what I want! Someone who meets all of the criteria must be here in this town.
He must have had contact with Konishi-san and Yamano.
He needs a clear enough grasp on us that he can predict our actions.
And he can approach your home without attracting suspicion.
We should review the information with everyone again.
Sorry, but I'm returning to the hospital.
Very well.
Take care of Nanako-chan.
Yu! I'd like a word with you.
See, there's something I want to tell you.
What is it? I I think that a part of me didn't trust you.
Actually, I think I was jealous of you.
Huh? I thought you were just like me.
That you'd be bummed out over moving out here and be all like, "This place sucks!", but you obtained your Persona right after you arrived.
You're a Hero, always surrounded by friends.
I love that about you and it makes me proud.
What is this about? It's a problem with how I feel.
At this rate, I I won't be able to look you in the eye.
So, Yu Please punch me! Huh? Why? I've wanted you to acknowledge me more than anyone else! I want you to send all of these messed up emotions flying.
I want to stand as equals with you, so- Is that what you wanted? That hurt! This is my second time punching you.
Now that I think about it, this doesn't make us equals at all! You may be right.
Darn it! I'm going in circles on my own again.
It's super embarrassing! Yousuke.
We'll be equals if we punch each other.
Oh, yeah! You're right.
All right, here I come! Your punches were way too hard.
I saw stars there for a moment.
My bad.
But thank you, man.
I feel a lot better now.
What? Actually, there's something that has struck me as strange.
What is it? Namatame's diary had a detailed list of the people who had been saved.
But it didn't include Kubo Mitsuo's name.
Of course not! Kubo was a copycat killer.
He entered the TV on his own and killed Morokin.
Did it really happen like that? Huh? We have acted under the assumption that Kubo "entered the TV on his own".
But we never actually confirmed that.
Yeah, you have a point.
Mitsuo Kubo appeared on Midnight Channel, but if he didn't go there on his own Then the true culprit threw him in? I think so too.
Let's go, Yousuke.
Sure thing, partner! CHINESE DINER AIYA He's the culprit?! No, no way! Naoto, you can't be serious.
I mean it.
Something about him has been bothering me for a while now.
What would that be? I'm not sure.
But if the possibility isn't zero, then we can't rule him out.
I get that, but Oh, come to think of it, he visited the inn when Yamano was staying with us.
Are you certain? I imagine he had contact with Konishi since she was connected to the case.
Does this clear all the criteria? Isn't it just a coincidence? Yes, this is Shirogane.
Huh? Now? Understood.
Starting with Amagi, the people who went missing were thrown into the TV by Namatame, who was disguised as a deliveryman.
The culprit went to their front door and rang their doorbell.
But only Kubo Mitsuo testified what happened when he went missing.
He blacked out in the police interrogation room when he turned himself in.
He turned himself in? I didn't know My uncle confirmed the story.
Apparently, no one took Kubo's confession seriously.
But that's when Kubo was investigated by Huh? What are you guys doing here? Why do you look so angry? Nanako-chan's room isn't around here, right? Hey, Adachi.
D-Doujima-san, what are you doing?! Guys You shouldn't be up.
You need your rest! Adachi, where is Namatame? He was transported a while ago.
I was searching for you so I could let you know.
Transported?! Hey, who authorised that?! I still wanted to ask him some questions! C-Cut me some slack.
There's something about those first two murders He didn't have a sound motive and his alibi was rock-solid.
Is that your detective's intuition again? But he's already been transported.
There's no point in getting on my case.
You guys should hurry home, too.
You're interfering with police business.
What are you doing here? We need to speak with Adachi-san.
With Adachi? Could you give us a full account of when Yamano vanished? Let me think The reporters were forcing their way in, so I went to serve as an undercover bodyguard.
But my memory's kinda fuzzy.
Did you ever speak with Konishi-senpai? Yeah, since she was the witness who found the body.
I think we talked once or twice.
Did you learn anything about the threat letter? The threat letter? Oh, oh man I wonder what happened to that.
Hey, I told you to have the labs check it out! Did you forget to do that?! Sorry! You got in that accident right afterwards and things got crazy, so W-What's gotten into all of you?! I'm heading back now.
I have to return to the department and make my report.
I have a question for you as well.
Huh? I know for certain that Namatame did not kill the first two victims.
Huh? Someone else killed them.
Adachi-san, would you know who? W-What're you talking about? You lost me.
She's saying that you did it! D-Don't be stupid! Come clean! I-I didn't! Namatame obviously threw them all in! What did you say? He threw them in? Do you know something about his modus operandi? Adachi-san Something you once said has been bothering me.
Now I have finally pinpointed exactly what it was.
At the scene of Doujima-san's accident, do you remember when I read Namatame's journal out loud? It lists all the victims, including his failed attempts, from the third case on down.
Also, he doesn't have Morooka-sensei's address listed.
Amazing! That proves it's him! How does it prove anything? Isn't that strange? At the time, the police still didn't know about those failed attempts.
So it's strange that you didn't say anything when Naoto read the list.
Explain yourself, Adachi-san.
I-I don't know! I said I'm busy! Wait, Adachi! Didn't he come in here? Damn it! Where did he go? Damn Oji-san! Leave the rest to us.
Kuma-san? Nana-chan I'm so glad you're okay.
Kuma-san, you vanished in my dream.
I've been calling for you.
I'm glad you're still here Your voices I could hear them.
I heard onii-chan's voice I heard your voice.
Thank you, Kuma-san.
Nana-chan So what if I'm a Shadow? There must be something that only I can do! I'm done running away! Expression Enthralling Diligence Rock Solid Knowledge Sage Understanding Saintly Courage Heroic Understanding Saintly Expression Enthralling Diligence Rock Solid Courage Heroic Knowledge Sage It's super foggy! Isn't it even worse than before? Guess that means both our world and this world are going nuts.
It's no good.
I can't trace him.
Geez, Kuma! Why aren't you here when we need you? Help me out! Kuma! Sensei! Guys! W-Where have you been?! Stupid! Stupid bear! You're way late! Who do you think you are? I'm sorry Where have you been this whole time? I figured out a lot of things about myself and this world.
I'd like to tell you about them.
You are? Yeah So? Something wrong with you being a Shadow? You can use a Persona.
In other words, you currently have an ego.
Doesn't that make you the same as humans? Yeah, you're the same as us.
I'm the same as humans? Kuma, stay here.
I don't want you to go away! Everyone was waiting for you.
Welcome home, Kuma.
Thank you! I'm so glad I met all of you! I'll give it my all! Just leave everything to me! Rawr, I'm onto something! That way! It's coming from in here! It feels like It's only vaguely there, but I'm sensing a high-scaled power coming from there instead.
Kuma, you really are awesome! Hey, isn't this? Yeah, I remember.
When we entered the TV for the first time, I recall Yosuke couldn't hold his bladder.
No wonder it kinda stinks.
It stinks? Don't tell me you No way! I didn't take a leak back then! Damn it! I had my eyes on her and then that bitch went and had an affair.
You really are pesky, sheesh.
Adachi-san, were you really the killer? What does it matter if I was? It looks like this world is gonna fuse with the other one soon anyway.
What do you mean? This world will become reality.
Humans will turn into Shadows.
What's he talking about? Don't change the subject! You threw Yamano into the TV, didn't you? You really want to know? I guess I could tell you.
That was an accident.
I just called her to the lobby to ask her something.
But then that woman went hysterical.
Adachi-san Wait! That isn't his real body.
Adachi's real body is somewhere else.
Bravo, bravo! I'm impressed you could tell.
Wait, dammit! The shopping district?! Things are somehow different this time.
It feels like he has complete control over this world.
It looks like this world has taken a real shine to me! It's like I'm the king of this world! I can go wherever I want and those monsters won't touch me.
Something powerful just appeared.
Everyone, run! Come catch me if you can.
But who knows if you'll make it to me alive! Shut the hell up, damn it! BURNING UP! Here I go! BURNING UP! Persona! We'll handle things here.
Senpai, go get Adachi! Got it! What? Isn't this our inn?! This hick of a town was so boring that I spent every day glued to the TV.
I had been secretly cheering that woman on, but then she Who are you? What do you want so late at night? That whole thing about the affair it's a lie, isn't it? That's none of your business! You don't deny it.
I even had a thing for you.
I had no idea you were such a stupid bitch.
I'll call for help! Shut up! Shut up! Be quiet! You need to get a taste of fear to cool that head of yours down.
She fell in.
Amazing! I pushed her all the way in! That happened in our lobby? I heard rumours about The Midnight Channel, but it was sheer coincidence that I touched the screen and learned of my powers.
I burst out laughing.
I knew this was going to be a blast.
So you tested your powers on Yamano Mayumi? Nah, I'm more pure-hearted than that.
I was merely teaching the stupid bitch who betrayed me a little lesson.
You really are the worst! Burn to death! Amagi! Satonaka! There's no point in fighting back.
The town will disappear into the fog soon.
This will become reality.
Guys, you go on ahead! Kuma, don't lose sight of Adachi! You can count on me! This is K-Konishi-senpai! Stop it! What's going on? Weren't you supposed to question me? You had a fling with Namatame, didn't you? I-I did not! Hey, it's all cool.
I'll keep your little secret if you do as I say.
So you won't.
In that case, I know just what to do with you! No, stop- Damn high school bitch.
The world is full of shit.
Cry and beg for forgiveness! Then I'll let you out! Or not! Like I'd go somewhere that dangerous.
I was supposed to be an elite in the capital, but I ended up in the middle of nowhere.
But in exchange, I got these fun powers.
I won't forgive you! Hey, put yourself in my shoes.
I had no idea that it was dangerous inside the TV world.
I never meant to kill them.
Mayumi and that brat clearly tricked Namatame.
They got what they deserved.
Am I doing anything bad? Shut up! Moron! The real me isn't here, right? He's a tough one.
It's on a completely different level from the other Shadows.
We're doomed! This fog is going to drive everyone insane! What did you do to Namatame? After Konishi's body popped up, he called the cops in the middle of the night.
Really? So that's the nature of how they died? And next is going to be a girl in a kimono who appeared on that weird program? Look, Namatame.
Do you think anyone's gonna buy that? It's the truth! You have to protect her! You see, the cops aren't going to act because of some weird TV program that you clearly dreamt up.
It makes for a good story though! B-But I know! If you're so desperate, why not save her yourself? For instance, you could hide her somewhere no one would find her.
Somewhere no one would find her.
Why don't you save her? You can do it, right? Amazing, isn't it? Namatame misinterpreted what he saw and called me, of all people! I just gave him a little push.
The more people you saved, the more people Namatame kidnapped.
You created a vicious cycle with your good intentions.
It rocked! Damn it! Because of you.
I'm going to let you have it! Yu, leave this to us! Okay, thanks.
You put Kubo in the TV too, didn't you? Well, he came to turn himself in too soon in the game.
It was before we had any idea who the killer was.
Luckily he was written off as a prankster and got sent over to me.
I never dreamed someone would want to take the credits for someone else's crimes.
If we closed the case, Namatame would stop saving people.
I couldn't have that, it would kill the game.
So I told everyone, "I sent him home", before I threw him into the TV on an impulse.
I think it was a pretty good idea.
It would kill the game? That was your reason? That kind of stuff's important in life, isn't it? Unfortunately, you had to go and screw things up again.
Thanks to you, Kubo was arrested and treated like the real killer.
He did such a lame copycat killing, too.
Even so, it was all right in the end since Namatame continued to save people.
Namatame must have gotten high off of saving people.
Talk about an idiot! Bravo, bravo! I'm impressed you made it this far.
You have my compliments.
Adachi-san, why are you doing this? My motive? I don't really have one.
Just that I could, and it was fun.
I merely put people inside.
This world is really to blame, right? This world reflects people's thoughts.
I wonder, wouldn't it make you and everyone else in the outside world the real killers? Anyway, aren't you high-schoolers? Shouldn't you be studying instead of working on this crap? Study hard, go to a good college and marry a cute girl.
Why get so worked up over something you can't stop? Don't you have anything better to do? You're all a bunch of lonely losers! Who is the lonely one here? Don't act so high and mighty.
Damn cocky brats! "We'll catch the true killer ourselves!" Man, what a joke! How old were you again? Aw, man.
That hurt my stomach.
Didn't I tell you? Once your world gets devoured, everyone will turn into Shadows.
You're too late.
You're pathetic.
Enough with the bravado! You're so annoying! Your very existence is in vain! I don't need pesky brats like you in my new world! Let's put an end to this.
Damn it! I thought I could ignore you, but you're such a pain.
Why don't we find out which of us this world likes better?! UP! BURNING Magatsu Izanagi! UP! BURNING Izanagi! Be a good boy and die! Here we go! I walked on the road to school with you, Kimi to arui ta tsuugaku ro 君と歩いた 通学路 開いた景色 見つめて looking at the scenery spread out before us.
hirai ta keshiki mitsume te haru no koutei kasenshiki At the campus in spring, at the floodplain, 春の校庭 河川敷 at the summer festival, I spent my days 夏祭りみんなで笑って natsu matsuri minna de waratte laughing and bumping shoulders with everyone.
肩寄せ 過ごしてた日々 kata yose sugoshite ta hibi この何気ない日常眺めて I spent my time watching these casual, ordinary days, kono nanigenai nichijou nagame te kako kara ima made sugoshi te ki ta yo from the past to the present, 過去から今まで過ごしてきたよ 今日から明日明日から未来へ kyou kara asu ashita kara mirai e from today to tomorrow and from tomorrow to the future.
みんなと築いた絆 秘めて歩き出す Keeping the bonds I built with everyone hidden in me, I'll start walking.
minna to kizui ta kizuna hime te arukidasu Reality isn't a game! What would a brat like you know?! At this rate, the two worlds will collide! I'm counting on you, partner! Persona!