Persona 4: The Animation (2011) s01e25 Episode Script

We Can Change the World

Trying your best won't cut it.
You should just give up.
Nothing good comes out of facing reality, and there's no way to change things.
So go ahead and turn a blind eye, going through life only believing what you want to believe.
That would be way easier on you, ya know? All anyone wants is an easy life.
Reality is fundamentally nothing but boredom and strife.
No one accepts the world for what it is.
They just lack a way to forswear it, so they buck up and deal with it.
It's decided from the get-go who is going to make it in life.
You need the magic ticket called "talent".
Once you realise that, all that remains is despair.
It's game over.
So wouldn't we be better off without this reality? Reality isn't a game! Someday you will all come to understand.
Reality sucks no matter where you go.
Honestly, I'm sick of it.
The fog will engulf our world and humans will turn into Shadows.
That is what the scared masses really desire.
It's my duty to guide them.
Save your fuzzy logic! If you're so eager to die, go die by yourself! Hey, are you okay? I hate smart-assed brats! I get that you're lashing out because you're scared.
But you know, I'm actually speaking from experience here.
What are you- What's that?! What is that huge thing? Soon Soon the two worlds will merge into one! It looks like a hunk of massive energy! It's coming down fast! There's no need to be afraid.
Once this becomes reality, everyone will become equals as Shadows.
As Shadows, we will live with our eyes blindfolded.
Yukiko! How is that different from our current reality? It ought to be way more carefree.
Everyone is lucky to make it to 80 and then it's all over.
So wouldn't it be easier if we just turned into Shadows? We won't have to suppress our emotions.
Blindfolded, we won't have to see anything! No one wants that! Geez, I'm going to blow my stuffing! Everything Adachi says is nuts and berries! Think back guys.
Remember when you saw your own Shadows.
I bet they were way fuller of life than you are right now! They act off of instinct They only went berserk because you resisted them.
Scared? I've always wanted to fire this.
I joined the police so I could carry a real gun, but honestly, it was a major letdown.
The force was full of morons! But you guys just never learn to quit, do you? What do you want so badly that you'd put yourselves in harm's way? Is it some innate sense of justice? I bet you just want something to spice up your dull lives.
How are you any different from criminals who get their kicks from murder? You loiter around Junes and play guessing games! Have you ever sat and seriously thought about the truth you seek? Who the heck even wants the "truth"? Namatame was the one behind those serial murders.
That's the truth in the eyes of the world.
Even if you did manage to catch me, what do you think would happen? The answer is simple.
The point of focus would merely shift.
In the end, no one actually cares who the real killer is.
This is the truth that you've been searching for! That isn't the truth! Hey now, I told you the truth.
It's this ignorance that makes you kids so annoying.
I'm sick of your games.
You couldn't bring yourself to shoot! What? I'm tired of your excuses! No matter how clever your excuses may be, they don't negate your transgressions! That is the truth! Your logic is even more self-centred than a child's! Humans cannot survive on their own.
If you cut your ties with society, of course life is going to become hard! What would you brats know?! You're the brat! You're discontent with life, don't want to die, and are even trying to renounce your humanity! You're just throwing a tantrum! Be quiet! Chie-senpai! I'm going to put this bluntly.
You aren't a chosen one or anything special! You're just a lame criminal! Shut up, shut up, shut up! I'll kill you.
I'll kill you just like I killed everyone else! You're wrong! Be quiet! Own up to your crimes.
You're an eyesore, you damn brat! Shut up and die! You can't even stand there without denying what I say! That's what you get for- We faced truths we never wanted to see as we made our way here.
Cut the bravado! You naïve high school brats have never suffered! You have no idea what I've been through! You're not the only one who has had it rough.
What the hell? I'll kill you There's no way I can lose! Face reality! What gives? This isn't fun Oh well.
That world is going to disappear soon anyway.
It's not like I can go back Adachi-san, are you okay? Man, what a pain! Don't! All of humanity shall turn into Shadows.
And I shall descend unto the unified world as the ruler of order.
You're from back then! Soon this world and the other will be trapped within a fog that never lifts.
Who are you? I am Ameno-sagiri, the one who controls the fog.
I am the one who was awoken by human minds.
No matter whom you try to hinder, you cannot stop your world's erosion.
It is all but a matter of time.
Expression Enthralling Diligence Rock Solid Courage Heroic Understanding Saintly Knowledge Sage Diligence Rock Solid Courage Heroic Understanding Saintly Expression Enthralling Knowledge Sage Junes' kingdom is invading! Crap! What is that eyeball? Abnormally Strong Ameno-Sagiri Inzide the TV Reality It's pulling the worlds together.
It's pulling them together! At this rate, the two worlds are going to collide! It wouldn't This is what creates the fog! Human desires are my desires.
I am the one who guides humans toward their desires.
People cannot distinguish between reality and fiction.
So I have decided to make this world expand.
You were good actors, exciting the masses and spreading the madness.
But your role is over.
Soon you shall turn into Shadows, forget reality and become entities that lurk in the darkness of the fog.
Shut your friggin' trap! This land originated as a world within people's subconscious minds.
This world is getting devoured by an empty forest composed of ever-growing desire and fantasy.
We get that you're the bastard that made this screwed-up world! I am the one who originally bequeathed those powers unto you, so that you could serve as the harbingers who bring about this fate.
So he gave us the power to enter the TV? Like I care! Humans see what they want to see as they want to see it.
This is the world where hearts' "perceptions" gather.
It has a "window" that displays what they want to see.
The Midnight Channel? So the reason it showed people who received media coverage was because people wanted to "see" them? That had been bothering me.
The Midnight Channel in Namatame's hospital room didn't display Namatame's inner thoughts.
We saw that because we thought he was the culprit and we couldn't let him go.
We may not have seen the exact same thing when we watched it by ourselves.
The more people desire illusions, the less interested they become in seeking the truth.
Thus, the forest expands without end.
That is what makes this world expand.
You think people don't seek the truth? I don't buy it! We fought and struggled like idiots to finally make it here! Indeed.
That was the one thing I had not anticipated.
One by one you conquered the Shadows that were meant to kill you, and turned them into a means to fight back.
It was a new, uncertain awakening Now then, is this new human potential worth venturing into? I must put you to the test.
Now everyone will turn into Shadows, and the world will begin anew in its true form! I won't let our world come to an end! Why are you so intent upon resisting? What can a single person accomplish? I am not alone! Human bonds are unstable.
They are not worth placing your trust in.
Were humans not the ones who chose to leave reality behind and wander the empty forest? You're wrong Reality isn't so bad.
That's what they taught me! I made it this far because they were there with me! If I'm with them, I can change the world.
We'll never give up! Yu? Yu! The strength of your bonds created a miracle! Narukami-kun! Narukami-kun! Senpai! Yu-senpai! Senpai! Senpai! Senpai, it's showtime! Senpai, I'm counting on you.
I love you, Senpai! Knock him out in one blow! I believe in you, Narukami-kun! Okay! I'll leave the world in your hands.
I'm counting on your, partner! Persona! You have proven the extent of human potential.
Human desires are my desires.
I shall return whenever humanity so desires it, children who possess new possibilities.
I'm just about done for anyway.
I'll let the Shadows here devour me.
You originally came to kill me, didn't you? Hell no, Dumbass! Your lame game is over.
Now live and pay for your crimes.
Those are the rules in the real world.
Let's go home, Adachi-san.
Daddy I had a dream Onii-chan and his friends beat up the bad guy They saved us all.
That right? The fog's really gone! We really did it! It's been so long since I've seen a sky so blue.
It's finally over.
We did this together.
What're we doing? What's this? Here we go.
We did it! Woohoo! What the heck? I think that was a little too hard to get on the spot.
Which part did you mean for us to say? The "woohoo" part Can't we just do it over? All right, Satonaka.
Do that weird call again.
Not if you're gonna call it weird.
Sheesh, it can't be helped then.
In that case, if you'd please, Sensei.
Okay, here goes! We did our best! Woohoo! Merry Christmas and congratulations on your recovery, Nanako-chan! I have to thank you all again.
Adachi confessed to the two murders.
There are still things that are unclear about his story, but he's most likely going to pay for his crimes.
I see.
Anyway, this was one strange case.
If what you said about a world inside the TV was true, then everything might make sense, but I still don't believe it.
You've helped us out so much.
It was meant to be the other way around, really.
There isn't much time left until spring, but I hope I can do some catching up until then.
Same here.
I'm looking forward to that.
I guess it's time.
It's too soon to cry.
But Onii-chan, I don't want you to go! I'm going to marry you someday! Nanako I'd welcome you with open arms.
But bluntly put, paws off while she's underage! Didn't you promise you wouldn't cry? Y-Yeah I'll leave your room as it is.
You're also a member of my family.
Thank you.
Sensei, I'm going back home, too.
I'm going to work beary hard to proect that land.
It's not like we can never see each other again.
Just give me a call.
The long holidays are coming up soon, so you better come back to visit! I've already reserved rooms.
Let's have another sleepover! This time, our surprise sneak attack won't fail! Hey, what happened to going back home?! That has nothing to do with this! Teddie's just unbearable, isn't he? Get it? Un-bear-able? You haven't changed one bit, have you? Er, Yukiko You're kinda overdoing it The train will be arriving momentarily.
It's dangerous, so please stand outside the white line.
All boarding, please do so promptly.
I guess you better get going, huh? Yeah.
Well, I'm off.
Welcome to the Velvet Room.
You had a truly meaningful journey for one of your age.
This is a crystal of the power you nurtured throughout your journey.
This orb whisks away false pretences as it illuminates the truth.
You have formed bonds with those dear to you as you drew closer to the truth.
I am sure you will continue to do so.
Now then, you'd best be off.