Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

The Hood Maker

1 [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [WATER TRICKLING] [TENDER MUSIC] [CROWD] Shut them down, and ship them out! Shut them down, and ship them out! Shut them down, and ship them out! [CHANTING CONTINUES] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Older man, he's harmless.
[MULTIPLE PEOPLE TALKING AT ONCE INDISTINCTLY] [HONOR] Brown hat only here 'cause of her boyfriend.
Green jumpsuit, he's angry, but it's internalized.
[DISCORDANT MUSIC] The woman with the painted face, she's committed.
You should watch her.
[HONOR] I'm picking up general excitement anticipation consternation.
They know they're being watched.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] [CHANTING CONTINUES] Green hat, he's aware he's been read.
You linger too long on them, they get the tickle.
Keep it shallow and light.
They won't be happy if they know a Teep's reading them.
[CROWD] Shut them down, and ship them out! Too late, we're rumbled.
Over there! Over there! [WHISTLE BLOWS] [ROSS] They love it when you read them.
[ALL SHOUTING] [CROWD] Teeps out! Teeps out! Teeps out! Teeps out! [CHANTING CONTINUES] What's that clown got on? [CHANTING CONTINUES] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Watch out! - [GASPS] - [CROWD CHEERS] Get back! Move! I'm Clearance! Get out the way! Get back! Out of the way! [INTENSE MUSIC] [CYMBAL SHIMMERS] [ROSS] Move! [WOMAN SCREAMS] [MAN GRUNTS] [DOG BARKS] Move! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Move.
Get out of the way.
- [PROTESTER GROANS] - [ROSS] See what you did? I lost my hat.
[ROSS] Is this from your dressing-up box? [ROSS] Come on, then.
[MAN] Proceed to Teep number twelve.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] [MAN] Teep number ten.
- Proceed to Teep number ten.
- [RATHBONE MUTTERING] Teep scum! - [WOMAN] Yes, I know.
- If you're making a Teep inquiry, please line up by the All Teep inquiries will be delt with.
Ross, the Free Union is banning street protests.
They're scared of starting a war out there.
And I scuffed my hat.
Look at that brim Jesus.
Did you hear me, Agent Ross, or did you take a blow to the head? What did they think was gonna happen, we start using Teeps to read people's minds - without their consent? - The Anti-Immunity Bill is going to make your life easier.
Firebombs and scuffed hats? I don't think so.
People just need time to get some perspective.
Reading someone on the streets can be just like patting down their pockets.
People don't like what falls out of their pockets.
What the hell have you got there? It's coarse.
Like a badger's ears.
Whoa! Stop there.
I've been requested.
Here comes our guinea pig.
My office.
Sit down.
[WOMAN] Wait.
[OKHILE] The new bill grants us permission to use telepaths in Clearance investigations.
How do you like your new partner? So we're really doing this, eh? [ROSS] She caused a riot.
It's risky.
Not for you.
[OKHILE] Total access to a civilian's thoughts at any time, as deemed appropriate by the agent in charge.
Come on.
It's a bloody gift.
Well, finding lost kittens and directing you to the nearest public toilets is one thing.
But turning a Teep into a cop? It makes me nervous, ma'am.
Not as nervous as it looks perched out there.
[ROSS] She.
- She's a she.
- Yeah, yeah, consider me told.
[MYSTERIOUS MUSIC] [MAN] Don't look at me, Teep.
I've been expressly forbidden to read an agent under any circumstances [NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE] Happy? [SIGHS] Let's go to work.
[ROSS] Partner.
You're part of an anarchist cell fighting against the Teeps, Rathbone.
Give me the names of your accomplices.
- I'm a free man.
- Not from where I'm standing.
From where I'm standing, it's not a Free bloody Union.
We're all gonna be slaves to the Teeps.
[ROSS] The Teeps work for the Normals, and it isn't the Teeps chucking the bombs.
Why were you wearing this? Don't be shy.
Go and put it on, and find out.
Oh, no.
No bloody way.
Anti-Immunity Bill says "yes, bloody way," my friend.
[WHISPERING] John Rathbone.
- John Rathbone - John Rathbone - John Rathbone - [EERIE MUSIC] - John Rathbone - John Rathbone - [EERILY REVERBERATING] - John Rathbone.
So much anger and pride in you, you wish you you wish [MAN] John John! [DISCORDANT MUSIC] You wish your older brother was here to see you're finally good for something.
[GROWLS] [HONOR] You want him to be proud for once.
A small boy angry at the world.
"Eat up your rice pudding, you skinny little thing!" "No! Don't tell me what to do.
" [CERAMIC SHATTERS] Your mother.
[HONOR] You love your mother.
You find her sexually attractive.
[DISCORDANT MUSIC] [HONOR] You watch her by the pool, and you masturbate.
- Scared of the world.
- Please stop.
Scared of how your mother makes you feel.
[MUSIC STOPS] You can't hide it.
I can see everything.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
In the back.
In the back room.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
[RATHBONE] The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
The slow black dog bows before the regal fox.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
The slow black dog bows before the regal fox.
- The quick brown fox - The slow black dog bows [HONOR] before the regal fox.
[HONOR] The slow black dog bows before the regal fox.
[BOTH] The slow black dog bows before the regal fox.
[RATHBONE] The slow black dog bows before the regal fox.
The slow black dog bows before the regal fox! In a small room at the back of the den, the walls are stained with nicotine.
[HONOR] You plot.
You plot together.
Gerry Hapster AKA Gezza.
Michael Smith.
Colin Barber.
Damien Gibbs AKA Gibbon.
"Put on the hood!" [MELANCHOLY MUSIC] Sorry.
I'm sorry, please [ROSS] You raped him pretty good.
He was resisting, so I went in hard.
Was it too much? It's just not nice to watch up close.
I apologize if my being here is awkward for you, Agent Ross.
I-I was as surprised as anyone when they asked for me, I I would never read a clearance agent.
We're colleagues now, so I'll just have to trust you on that.
That's right.
Ebony and Ivory.
Now, let's go.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [MUSIC INTENSIFIES] - Get down! - [ROSS] Avon calling! Hands on your heads, girls.
Come on.
- Come on! - They're hiding something.
Search the place.
- [HONOR] It's in there.
- [ROSS] Rip it open.
[ROSS] It's another one of these things.
"This hood is sent to you with the compliments of the Hood Maker, and he hopes you will find it useful.
" Cuff him.
[ROSS] Now, why were you hiding this, eh? It's not ours.
Who's the Hood Maker? - [ROSS] Speak up.
- [MAN] We don't know.
[MUSIC INTENSIFIES] [ROSS] Clearance! Take it off! [ROSS] Are you armed? Honor, is he armed? [ROSS] Honor? Do you have a gun? [ROSS] Honor, read him! [GUNSHOT] - [HONOR MOANS] - Fuck's sake.
- Stay down! - The the hood, I couldn't I couldn't read him through the hood.
[MAN] Get on the ground! [DOG BARKING IN THE DISTANCE] [MARY] You're thinking of me kissing another girl.
She's tied up in a corner.
Naked because you cut off her clothes.
[MARY] You're inside me from behind.
Forcing my head back so I can see her.
You you're pushing into me for hours.
[MARY] It hurts.
I'm in bad pain.
And she can't kiss it better.
[MARY] She can't kiss it better.
[WOMAN WEEPING] Now, that is so deep, baby.
[CHUCKLES] [MELANCHOLY MUSIC] [FRANKLYN] Take me back to the Union.
- Yes, sir.
- [DOGS BARKING] - [FRANKLYN] What's this? - [MAN] I don't know, sir.
"Compliments of the Hood Maker.
" [MARY] Stop [GASPING] Stop.
[GROANING] Forcing my head back It hurts, and she can't kiss it better - Please stop.
- It hurts.
[BOTH] Don't hurt me.
- [WOMAN] Please stop.
- [MARY] Don't hurt me.
[WOMAN] Don't hurt me.
- Please stop.
- Don't hurt me.
[MAN] Don't hurt me.
- Please stop.
- Don't hurt me.
- Stop.
Don't hurt me.
- Stop.
[TOGETHER] Please stop.
Don't hurt me.
- Stop.
Don't hurt me.
- Please stop.
Please stop.
- Please stop.
Don't hurt me.
- Don't hurt me.
- [TOGETHER] Please stop.
- Don't hurt me.
- [MARY] Please stop! - [GASPS] Mary.
Mary? Shh, it's okay.
You're at home.
I'm here for you, Mary.
It's okay.
Honor, no, don't touch me.
Are you one of them now? [MELANCHOLY MUSIC] [INDISTINCT CHATTER, DOG BARKS] [KNOCK ON DOOR] - I grabbed you breakfast.
- You shouldn't come here.
Well, it's what partners do I pick you up, give you coffee, we gripe about our other halves, on the way to work.
You think living in this place, I could aff I don't have another half.
Well, that's something else we have in common.
I bet you like egg sandwiches.
[ROSS] Great.
Oh! Was that you? Hey! It's just a car, eh? It's my fault.
They don't like me working for Clearance.
I mean, I tell them I don't have a choice.
I'm software.
And software doesn't have a choice, right? Right.
These places in my experience, ghettos breed dissent.
[ROSS] If there's gonna be real trouble, this is where it'll start.
We don't want trouble, Agent Ross.
We just want to lead regular lives, and we can't do that living here.
Can we drop the "Agent"? How about "Ross"? Yeah, your partner, Ross, who brings you egg sandwiches.
Don't get yolk on the - [LAUGHS] - Great.
[ROSS] The hood is 86% unbleached waxed linen material.
During its creation, it's immersed in a hang on "ionic liquid metal.
" That's some sort of fancy chemical bath that blocks the electrical signals that are read by the Teeps.
It seems our Hood Maker has access to Science Division-level technology.
I want a list of all Union Science Divisions.
I want to know what they make, how they make them, who for.
Don't just look at me.
Go and be a detective.
There may be more of these things hitting the streets.
They're powerful, and they work.
- Maybe that's a good thing.
- [MURMURS OF AGREEMENT] Who said that? You've been out there.
It's piano-wire tight.
We could lose control of this city.
Normals are looking for a way to fight back against the Anti-Immunity Bill, and this is it, and that division, it's only going to get worse.
Sorry, sir.
How can I be of assistance in this investigation, Agent Ross? Information: unbleached waxed linen material.
Waxed linen thread is a cellulose fiber.
Its weft yarns are arranged to make it light, breathable, and tough.
Its use today is primarily in the clothing industry, especially in the manufacture of quality clothing, but also traditionally in bookbinding.
There are eight fabric outlets that I can find in the Inner City area.
Well, I'll write it down for you.
[ROSS] I love a partner that gets things done.
Don't you? I want these outlets visited.
Let's find the Hood Maker before this thing runs amok.
[CHILDREN TALKING INDISTINCTLY] - [BOY] Hey! Over here! Over here! Abe, look! [BOY] Put it on! Put it on! [CHILDREN SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY] We're not making friends.
But we are influencing people.
[PEOPLE WHISPERING INDISTINCTLY] What'd you say to them? Nothing, they're just kids showing off.
Is it noisy in there? Yeah, it can be.
You learn to filter.
Harder in the city, though.
I'd like to get away someday.
Where to? What? It's funny.
Being around you is different.
Different? How so? [BOY] Go home, Teep.
Oy! Manners! Get back here and apologize to the lady.
Hey, you.
Right, come here.
Come here, you.
[MARY] Help me.
[MARY] Help me.
Help me.
- [MARY] Help me! - Help me Honor? Help me! [EERIE MUSIC] [CAR RUMBLING] Out the way.
[MARY] Help me.
- [HONOR] Where are you? - [MARY] Help me [FRANKLYN LAUGHING] Clearance! Drop your weapon! [FRANKLYN] So, I'll think of a playing card - Help me - And she has to tell me what it is.
Help me.
- Bet I win.
- [ROSS] Let her go.
It's gonna be all right, Mary.
He made me read him, and it hurt.
Well, she tried.
Really hard.
But she couldn't even scratch the surface.
- Drop the gun now.
- [FRANKLYN] So she hit me.
She hit me.
I'm not just a Normal.
I'm Free Union.
I'm important, you Teep bitch! [FRANKLYN LAUGHS] [FRANKLYN LAUGHING] I'm Director of Federal Resources.
You can't keep me.
[ROSS] You're an important man.
Did you know it's illegal for important men to visit places like this? Trust me, we can hold you long enough.
Oh, these guys, they don't care about politics.
They dig out your dreams for a few quid, and here's the best bit: they can't fake it.
[LAUGHS] But out there, we have to protect ourselves.
That's why we've got to have those hoods, yeah? - She's sweet.
- Stop it.
Oh, dear.
[LAUGHS] You know, it's not the hoods you gotta worry about, Agent.
It's the Teeps.
There's an underground.
They're ready to rise up.
You can't trust any of them.
Especially the ones you like.
[ROSS] She's a serving Clearance officer, and you don't know her.
Clearance investigations are my business too, Agent Ross, and a lot of requests for science funding come across my desk.
One was for linen fabric a lot of it.
We're leaving.
[FILM PROJECTOR WHIRS] [ROSS] So, the request for linen fabric came from a department created to do research into Teep prevention.
[MELANCHOLY MUSIC] So they were using the Teeps to their max in one lab, and, in another, working out how to stop them.
Who's that? [ROSS] Doctor Thaddeus Cutter.
Resigned from the division for health reasons 13 years ago.
Rumor was he had a breakdown.
Something on his mind, eh? Maybe a Teep could've read him.
Might have helped.
Have to try it on me sometime.
It's okay, I know you're forbidden to read an agent.
You're different.
You said that before.
How am I different? You asked if it gets noisy in there.
It does.
The city's full of stray thoughts.
Sometimes I feel like I'm a broken aerial, just picking up all the chatter.
And the grapevine never stops but when I'm with you, it's quiet.
[GROANS] [FILM CRACKLING] [HONOR] London's burning, London's burning Fetch the engines, fetch the en [HORN HONKS] [HORN HONKS] [FRANKLYN] Come on, Mary.
I'm sorry, ah? Don't walk away from me.
Huh? Don't be such a prude, Mary.
[DISTANT] Come on.
Come out of the rain.
There's a good girl.
Where shall we go, huh? [LAUGHS] Where shall we go? - [EERIE MUSIC] - [GROANS] [FRANKLYN GROANS] [GROANING AND YELLING] [HONOR] London's burning, London's burning Fetch the engines, fetch the engines Fire, fire [ROSS] Nobody leaves.
Don't let anyone through! Don't let anyone out.
There's riots everywhere.
Some Teeps ambushed Franklyn.
Some kind of mass attack on his mind.
He's talking like my four-year-old nephew now.
Your wee friend Mary's involved.
[MARY] Honor, it's started.
Tell them all.
Honor, did you hear what I said? Can you use the grapevine to find her? I don't know where she is.
[MEN YELLING INDISTINCTLY] They're arresting everyone in your hostel.
I can't stop them getting to you.
[INDISTINCT WHISPERING] [MARY] It's started, and we have to be strong Are you listening? [MARY] Rise up.
Fight back.
[MARY] Now's the time, Honor.
Our time.
Honor! I've nowhere to go.
[HONOR] Normals want this.
They want an excuse to wipe us out.
Maybe your friend Mary thinks that.
But you're with Clearance.
With me, right? [ROSS] Want a drink? I'm having one.
Don't lump us all together.
Will you trust me on that, at least? How can I trust a man that puts on jazz and pours me a triple scotch? Oh, we agents can't date.
[ROSS] No, we're too busy probing each other for weaknesses.
- Dinner becomes interrogation.
- [LAUGHS] Teeps hate dating.
I mean, there's no mystery to it.
We end up finishing each other's sentences.
We've got that in common.
[MUSIC CONTINUES PLAYING] Well, you'd tell me, right, if you heard of a Teep underground? I take it in good faith it wouldn't have to come from you.
And you'd tell me what Normals are planning to do with us? If there was an uprising, what would happen to the rest of us? If you don't trust me, read me.
I don't want to.
[ROSS] I'm giving you permission.
I could read my mother's thoughts in the womb.
I mean, not words, just feelings.
And I could read people before I could read books.
My parents hated me for it.
Their fear was in my head all the time.
We make people afraid, and we drive them away, and I don't want to dr That's my dad.
[ROSS] And he was an open book.
Heart on sleeve guy.
He was comfortable in a room of Teeps because he willed it all on the outside.
[ROSS] Anyone was welcome to read my dad 'cause he had nothing to hide.
And I loved him for that.
[HONOR] You look happy.
My happiest actually.
The sounds of the water and the swish of the fly as you present it to the trout.
So you have to land it just right, otherwise they get the tickle, and they know, and they get spooked.
It's zen, you know? Clears the mind.
[AMBIENT MUSIC] That's how my mind is when I'm with you.
That's easy enough to read, right? [WATER TRICKLING] [ELECTRICITY CRACKLES] [UNCERTAIN MUSIC] - [WATER TRICKLES] - [TENDER MUSIC] - [SPLASHING] - [GASPS] [MUSIC STOPS] [PAGES RUSTLING] - What are you doing? - Looking for a new job for you.
You slept with a Teep.
You're stuffed.
We should elope.
[ROSS] We could go far away.
To your river.
If Cutter left the Science Division 'cause he wanted to make hoods, he would have needed a supplier for the linen.
We got nothing out of those textile outlets.
Yeah, but waxed linen isn't just used for clothing.
It's also used in the binding of books.
And this place closed down 13 years ago.
The Union Book Depository.
No, you can't come with me.
It's too dangerous out there for a for telepaths.
All right? You'll be safe here.
Probably a waste of time anyway.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [MARY] Honor? [MARY] Who is the Hood Maker? [MARY] We must stop him.
Honor? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [MARY] Kill the Hood Maker.
Well, I have to congratulate you.
Beast of an operation you've got going on here.
Why do you have those pictures of me Doctor Cutter? Because I've always had an interest in you since I first met you.
Met me? When? In the old world, I remember how we fretted over the computers, the Web.
The information on everyone and everything.
We built firewalls and encrypted our lives.
I always thought it was an overreaction.
There was a plug.
Pull it out.
- Teeps don't have a plug.
- Exactly.
The Union wanted a safeguard, which is what I was developing.
They wanted this firewall for themselves, but it's too important.
Protection should be democratic.
So should knowledge.
And what about power? 'Cause these things are power.
You can't hand that kind of power to anyone.
[CUTTER] Why not? We had the sanctity of our own thoughts before the Teeps.
Our minds are the only free independent states in existence.
[ROSS] I get it.
You see the Teeps as an invading force, and now you want a war.
No, an evolution.
People can change to counter the Teeps.
Nature's balance.
One day, we'll make our own hoods.
Maybe we already have, Agent Ross.
You're special.
Oh, don't give me those innocent eyes.
[CUTTER] You don't have to pretend.
I'm not your Teep partner.
We both know what you can do.
You're our new weapon against them.
I'm being read! [ROSS] Jesus, Honor! What does he mean? Why are you a weapon? Nothing, it it doesn't mean anything.
He's he's stalling.
[CUTTER] Don't be so modest, Agent Ross.
Tell her about your gift.
- That's enough, Cutter.
- What does he mean? [CUTTER] I mean that, quite frankly, he's a weapon.
Why? Why? Read him, and find out.
[TENSE MUSIC] [GASPS] - I can't.
- [CUTTER LAUGHS] He can block you.
You can't get through.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] London's burning, London's burning Fetch the engine, fetch the engine Fire, fire Fire, fire [MATCH HISSES] - Fire, fire - [GLASS SHATTERS] [MARY] Wait.
I have no other way out, Honor.
- You lied to me.
- We both lied, didn't we? - You brought the Teeps here.
- No.
[HONOR] No, no, I didn't.
I couldn't stop that.
We're all allowed to have our secrets.
That's our right.
Your right and mine.
I didn't want to hurt you, but it wasn't my choice to block you.
[MARY] You can't trust him, Honor.
Then let me read you.
I'll know the truth if I read you.
[TENDER MUSIC] Ross, let me through.
[ROSS] Forgive me.
[OKHILE] You're a major talent.
Actually, you're a miracle.
You're the only one we can risk doing this with.
Look at that fucking Teep, right in the inner sanctum.
So you play partners and keep her close.
Pretty cute for a mutant.
Might run away with the assignment, ma'am.
Do whatever you have to, to win her trust.
Then find out what the Teeps are planning on the streets.
Find whatever you can.
I'll have it eating out the palm of my hand.
It's a her.
[ROSS] Honor, I [HONOR WEEPING] [MARY] I'm sorry, Honor.
[ROSS] I did run away with the assignment.
I fell for you.
We can get out of the city.
We can go to the mountains.
You can read minds, but you can't read my heart.
Please believe me, Honor.
[ROSS] Please.
I'm an open book now.
Just like my dad.
You can trust me, Honor.
[ROSS] Honor? Honor! [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] [ROSS] Honor, we have to trust each other or what hope is there? [ROSS] We could go far away.