Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Impossible Planet

1 [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] [MAJESTIC MUSIC] [NORTON] Ladies and gentlemen, you are now looking at the iridescent glow that is the Hermagon Ultra.
The dance of interstellar dust within the supernova is what makes this sight so rare and so popular among visitors to the Hermagon Aurora.
Luckily for you folks on Dream Weaver 9, the conditions today are perfectly clear, ideal for a sighting of this unique chemical miracle.
[ALL GASP IN AWE] [NORTON] At its finest, ladies and gentlemen, the Hermagon Aurora is enough to make you believe in God all over again.
[ENGINES WHIRRING] [NORTON] Astral Dreams has been proud to bring you the excursion to the Centura B Star System today.
The Dream Weaver 9 - is now bringing you back - Please feel free to fill the survey in the Primotel foyer so that we can make your next journey with us even more fulfilling.
You're rats in a sewer.
[ANDREWS] All right.
Here we go, then.
There's a health and safety.
Engine report.
Customer satisfaction survey.
Happy campers? There was a complaint about the sound quality on Deck 3 again.
Are you ever gonna fix that speaker? Oh, um [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] - Lot of dust out there today.
- Oh, yeah? Yeah, I used the vis-augment.
I don't think anybody noticed it, though.
Look at the sorry state of man.
[WOMAN MOANING] What the fuck is that? [MOANING LOUDLY] It's my happy time.
All right then, Tonto.
Let's do this and then we can head home.
[ROBOTIC FEET WHIRRING] So, next week we have two package tours - to the Ice Flows on Prigma 27.
- I'll do those.
Bit keen, are we? I like the ice flows.
They're pretty.
And we got a pre-booked wedding party heading to the Sybil Nebula.
- Do they need a band? - Already booked it from Primus 3.
I had the honor of listening to the demo.
Musical taste of these people defies fucking belief.
Put it on there.
I'd rather pour hot oil down me ears.
You fancy a beer or three? End of the week? I gotta get home.
Barbara's waiting for me.
Is she now? [SMOOCHING] I'd invite you back, but you know I know.
Barbara's getting ready for Primo Central.
- Your transfer confirmed? - Not yet.
Oh, Linus Primo does love to keep a man hanging on.
I am gonna get it.
- It's just a question of process.
- Well, it better be.
That girl's dreaming of the high life, my friend.
[KNOCKING] Uh, on the door, there is a sign saying closed.
[ANDREWS] I wonder what it means.
Do you wanna get the Loop back to the condos? Ah, I think I'll see this to the end.
- Just reached an interesting plot point.
- [KNOCKING] [ANDREWS] Can you read, arsehole? We're closed.
There's an IMT console in the Primotel for any online reservations.
There's also a customer care number right in front of your fucking eyes.
[SIGHS] I'll get it.
I'll get it.
[WOMAN MOANING] Hello there.
Oh, my.
[AMBIENT FEEDBACK] [WHEELS CHURRING] I'm sorry, um we're not open.
You'll have to come back next week.
[RB29] Miss Gordon has lost her hearing.
- Excuse me? - Miss Gordon is deaf.
- Uh, I see.
- My name is Irma Gordon.
And I want you to take me on a tour.
I understand, madam, but we're now closed.
Can you tell her that there are no tours until next week? I can give her a physical handout of our available destinations if she likes.
But if she's not proficient on the network system, she'll have to come back on Monday.
I want you to take me on a tour to Earth.
- [SCOFFS] Did you - Didn't you hear the man? We're closed, sweetheart, all right? - She's deaf.
She's deaf.
- Closed.
No happy holiday today.
[WHISPERS] She said she wants to go to Earth.
Well, she's not deaf.
She's crazy.
Miss Gordon has traveled a long way from her home on Riga II.
She wishes to charter a ship to take her to Earth.
Listen, my cranky little pal.
We can't take Miss Gordon to Earth because Earth no longer exists.
We don't take passengers to non-existent destinations.
Strict company policy.
Miss Gordon is 342 years old.
She flew the craft personally to get here from Riga II.
[ANDREWS] Then she can stay at the Primotel, fly back home tomorrow.
I'll tell you what.
Lady? Because it's the end of the week and I like your face, I'm gonna give you an Astral Dreams promotional coupon entitling you to a free cocktail on the house when you book your Primotel room.
Any cocktail of your choice except the Primobellini where there is a 2bit surcharge.
You can't say fairer than that.
She has two kilo positive to pay you.
Excuse me? She is willing to pay Astral Dreams two kilo positive to take her.
If you're wondering about method of transaction, Miss Gordon does not have a cyber account.
So she would have to pay you in cash.
[KEYS CLACKING] [ANDREWS] This is Andrews at Primo 241.
I need an urgent data-feed on Earth, a planet in the solar system 2483B65, now extinct.
Also need a match-up on current Astral Dreams tour destinations.
Closest approximation to size, color, tech, and specifications.
[COMPUTER] We have six matches to your request.
Give 'em to me.
Too far.
Way too far.
Too big.
Do you wanna tell me what you're doing? Jesus.
That's that's pink.
Earth was not pink.
Okay, this is more like it.
[ANDREWS] Emphor 3.
Three days hyper-flight.
One moon.
Third planet in nine in a solar system dominated by one major sun.
Blue color.
Perfect match, my friend.
That's not blue, it's gray.
- It's bluey-gray.
- It's a dead rock.
It doesn't even have any oxygen.
She doesn't wanna breathe it.
She wants to see it.
- I'm not doing it.
- Look.
She wants Earth.
We give her Earth.
It takes us a week.
We cancel all tours, we submit a TC32 to maintenance central telling them that the Dream Weaver 9 is damaged.
It isn't damaged.
Then I'll damage it.
I'll jerry the engine on our return.
The crone's happy, she goes back to her weird little outpost in God-knows-fucking-where, we keep her visit off the books, no paperwork, nothing.
And you and I are one kilo positive richer.
It's a five years salary, Brian.
Imagine what we could do with that.
You do what you want, but I'm not gonna blow my chance with Primo Central doing this crazy shit.
You have to.
It's a two man craft minimum.
[BEEPING CONTINUES] - Look, leave it to me - Don't say a fucking word.
Hey, babe.
- Where are you? - I'm still at work.
Something came up.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Are you on your own? Yeah.
I am.
I'm just about to walk out the door.
Have you heard anything? - About? - What do you think? About the transfer.
Can we talk about this when I get home? I think you should check your vid mail, Brian.
Hey there.
This is Linus Primo.
I wanted to take the opportunity to message you personally to say that unfortunately this time, you did not succeed in your application to transfer to Head Office here at Primo Central.
I know this must come as a disappointment to you - as this is your - [WOMAN] Fifth.
You see, I was under the impression we'd be here for two years.
It's been four years.
And something tells me it's going to be six.
And still, I do my hair three times a day, and still, I go to the Primotel bar and I sit alone.
- I'm gonna deal with it.
- [BARBARA] You don't get it, do you? You don't mean anything to them.
We're just passing Omega 5, well known for its high luminosity which you would normally see out your window.
Sadly, we've a lot of dust cloud today, and I'm not sure you'll be lucky in that regard.
And then we'll be traveling past Alpha Centauri until we reach solar system 2483B65.
Home of Planet Earth.
Oh! - Your Castor Fireball, Miss Gordon.
- Thank you.
With double the vodka as you requested.
- Mmm.
- Can I get you anything? [ROBOT WHIRS] My grandmother was 279 years old when she died.
Spring chicken compared to me, but at the time it was an achievement.
I remember her sitting on our porch on Riga II.
She had me on her knee.
And she told me about her life on Earth as a child.
Her father had a cabin in the forest.
A place called Carolina.
The cabin was made of a wood called oak, I believe.
He was a logger.
He was a real woodsman.
Had some opinions that wouldn't go down very well today.
[LAUGHS HEARTILY] [SIGHS] My grandmother's name was Laura Cade.
She married my grandfather, Bill Gordon, hence my name, Irma Louise Gordon.
She told me that there was a place about five miles from the cabin called Elk River Falls.
It's a beautiful waterfall cascading into a natural pool of water so clear you could see the bottom.
[CHUCKLES] Well, I don't really know if I should tell you this, but On summer days, she and Bill would head over to the falls and they would swim naked.
Not a stitch on 'em.
[IRMA] She told me that was the best feeling she'd ever had.
And I always remember thinking I would love to see that place.
To swim in that clear water.
Elk River Falls.
That's where I want you to take me.
You should tell her that we can't necessarily locate specific destinations [IRMA] Of course, you're going to tell me that things have changed, that Earth back then is not Earth today or some such thing, but [SIGHS DEEPLY] If my life has taught me anything, Mr.
Norton, it is that some places want to change, and some places don't want to change.
And I think I know which one Elk River is.
Do you? [ENGINE DRONING] Does the Dream Weaver always fly with such a small crew? Well, there'd normally be four including hospitality and security, but because of the late booking, we couldn't reach the right people.
And Mr.
Andrews? Does he normally fly with the crafts? Sometimes.
When there are VIPs like yourselves onboard.
Why was no paperwork completed before we left? Well, we'll do that when we get back.
We didn't wanna burden her with any formalities.
You took her money.
Yes, as a deposit.
Andrews took all of the money.
Look, we're here, aren't we? This is what she wanted.
Miss Gordon is old.
She trusts people.
- She is very old.
- Yes, she is.
Miss Gordon has a heart condition.
She will die in the next two months.
I'm very sorry to hear that.
This will be her very last trip.
Excuse me.
I knocked on the door.
I don't think you heard me.
Um Your complimentary hot beverage, madam.
Thank you, young man.
Just leave it on the table.
- [NORTON] Good night.
- Stay a while.
I should really be going.
I'm sure Mr.
Andrews is more than capable of flying this craft by himself.
I suppose he is.
I don't often use this [ELECTRONIC CHIRPING] As it can be more of a barrier than an aid, but just for today.
Now, just speak normally.
Don't mumble.
Tell me about yourself.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Oh, there's not much to tell.
I was born on Primo 76.
It's a nice place.
My father was an administrator for Primobolity, the parent transport company.
When I graduated, I just fell into leisure and tourism.
And do you like it? Yeah.
It's a good career path.
We'd like to eventually end up at Primo Central, so [IRMA] We? I have a girlfriend.
Hmm, I bet she's pretty.
She is.
We've been together five years.
Then why haven't you married her? I plan to.
When the time is right.
- Do you love her? - Who, Barbara? Of course.
What's wrong? I don't know.
Kind of feels like I'm on the record.
Like I've ended up in court somehow.
Are you afraid to testify to your love, Mr.
Norton? - No, not at all.
- That would suggest that you were not certain in your choice.
I love Barbara.
We just We just what? Don't always want the same thing.
That's all.
She wants Primo Central, doesn't she? Yeah.
And you? What do you want, Mr.
Good night, young man.
[SIGHS DEEPLY] [WHIRRING] - [ANDREWS HUMMING] - [COMPUTER DINGS] - [SINGING SOFTLY] - [COMPUTER DINGS] You got to pick a pocket or two I'll show you who's numero fucking Primo [CHAIR WHIRS] [COMPUTER BEEPING] [ANDREWS] All right, folks.
Watch through the window straight ahead.
You'll be in for a nice surprise.
- Is that it? - Yes.
Solar system 2483B65.
I can tell.
I can feel it in my body.
- [ANDREWS] The old girl happy? - Yeah.
[ANDREWS] We're making her dreams come true, man.
Quick spin round it then we can head home.
[ANDREWS EXHALES] What're you gonna do with the money? Just the question I was asking meself.
Oh, take a tour maybe.
Figure I deserve to be a passenger for a while.
Uh, give up this job.
Retire some place small.
Who knows? I wanna go live next door to the old lady.
[ANDREWS CHUCKLES] Why? What about you? - I don't know.
- I do.
Nice condo in Primo Central for Barbara Norton.
[ANDREWS] Ring on the finger.
Dinner parties with the smart set.
It's what you want, isn't it? Good on you, Norton.
You deserve it.
[ANDREWS] I mean, me, I'm trash.
I got no illusions.
But you.
You got class.
I think we should tell her.
You are kidding? Emphor's just gas and rock.
[NORTON] There is nothing for her to see.
So? We're ripping off an old lady so you can go on a holiday, and so I can move somewhere I don't actually wanna go.
We're not ripping anyone off.
We're weaving dreams.
We're artists, me and you.
Con artists.
What other type is there? We change mildly blue light from meteor showers into chromatic heaven.
We turn up the volume in tiny particle collisions and make them blast like stars exploding.
Is it worth it? What are you talking about? Selling people these packages of pre-digested happiness.
I mean, there's gotta be more than this.
Hasn't there? [COMPUTER BEEPING] I'll go.
You don't say a fucking word to her.
Do you hear me? [MUFFLED ARGUING] Oh, there you are, Mr.
I've been having a terrible trouble with this robe.
Hooks and eyes are so rare today and RB29 hasn't a clue how to dress a woman.
You're probably wondering what this dress is and where I got it from.
It's my grandmother's.
From Carolina.
A hand-me-down to my mother and a hand-me-down from my mother to me.
I somehow kept the moths of Riga II from devouring it.
Nothing very special.
But for this occasion Would you? [GENTLE PIANO MUSIC] [IRMA] My grandfather would do this for my grandmother.
My mother remembered it vividly.
Of course, Bill Gordon was quite the pioneer.
He's the one that wanted to leave Earth for Riga II.
Back then, everyone was interested in adventure.
The unknown.
Some people thought that they might even reach God.
You think you could reach God, Mr.
Norton? Maybe when I was a kid, I did.
In fact, I used to dream I'd break into whole new universes.
They were still corners we hadn't been to back then.
But now it's all charted.
[NORTON] There's no mystery anymore.
Oh, but there is.
People say we know everything.
Everything's explained down to the molecules, the atoms, the quadrons, the minimons.
Every dot accounted for.
But here Here there will always be mystery.
[ANDREWS] Folks, we are entering the Earth's solar system.
We will shortly be able to orbit the Earth before completing our homeward journey.
- What did he say? - We're nearly there.
Nearly where, Mr.
Norton? Earth.
Where else? RB29, you can go on.
I have a personal question I want to ask Mr.
I'm nervous.
It's not like me.
How do I look? Beautiful.
[LAUGHS SOFTLY] Well, thank you.
You don't know what I said.
Oh, but I do.
I hear some people better than others.
You're a gentlemen, Mr.
I want to show you something.
This is my grandmother back in the day.
And she's with my grandfather, Bill Gordon.
[SOFT GASP] [IRMA] That's why when you opened the door in the office, I knew everything would be all right.
I dreamt you, Mr.
Deep in my heart.
[IRMA] And I think maybe you dreamt me too.
[SIGHS] Brian, do you know what time it is? Yeah.
Uh Listen, I need to talk to you about something.
Is there something wrong with the ship? No.
Okay, well, then I don't really understand why this just can't wait until tomorrow.
I don't wanna live on Primo Central.
What do you mean? I mean, I don't wanna live there.
I never have.
I only ever wanted it for you.
Look, it's the middle of the night.
I don't want to talk about this right now.
I need to know if you want me, or if it's just that life that you're dreaming of.
I am not having this conversation right now.
Do you ever dream about me, Barbara? You don't, do you? That's okay.
I don't dream about you either.
Not anymore.
What are you trying to say? I don't know.
Have you met someone else? Brian, you listen to me.
I want you to turn the ship round and get the hell back here right now! Do you hear me [STATIC AS BARBARA'S VOICE CUTS OFF] Right n What happened? The connection went.
It's fine.
I've gotta go.
No, talk to me! What is happening up there? Doesn't matter, Barbara.
No, Brian! Brian All right, take your time, why don't you? We're just passing Mars, folks.
What's with the dress? We having a hoedown? There you go, Miss Gordon.
[ANDREWS] The God of War himself.
No, no.
No, no, no, this is wrong! Can't you see? What are you playing at, man? Mars is red.
Everyone knows that.
I don't think so.
Your memory must be confused.
I may be deaf, sir, but my mind is as sharp as a razor.
And Mars is red.
Norton, will you please tell that man to stop fooling me around? [ANDREWS] You don't say a fucking word - to her, do you hear me? - Mr.
Norton? - Say something.
- [RB29] Miss Gordon? There's something you should know.
Sixty years ago, there was an electromagnetic event in Earth's solar system causing major radioactive damage to Saturn, Mars, and Venus.
Saturn lost its rings.
Mars turned from red to the pale green of phosphorous.
Venus became yellow and gained one ring.
Are you sure? Mr.
Norton, is this true? Yes, I'm afraid so.
I'm sorry that we didn't tell you earlier, but we didn't know how you'd react.
With one ring.
Oh, how beautiful it is.
One more thing, Miss Gordon.
The radioactive event changed Earth also.
It's still blue, but it's not the blue of life.
I understand.
You're preparing me for a shock.
But as long as it's Earth, I know I'll feel it.
[IRMA] Its present state may be different, but its history is undeniable.
Take me closer.
[ANDREWS] Norton, we can't get too close.
Hold my hand.
Look at it.
There's an unknown here.
Can't you feel it? Where's Carolina? The rest of the Earth may be gray, but Carolina's green and blue.
[IRMA] And the blue is rich and clear, not this mud-blue of rock, but the limpid blue of a mountain stream.
I don't know if we're gonna see that.
Oh, yes, we are.
Close your eyes, Mr.
Close your eyes with me.
[COMPUTER] Color selected.
Oh, take me down.
I have to touch it.
Let me be on Earth for one sweet moment! No way.
We orbit the thing, then we go.
What what does he say? Mr.
Andrews said we can land the craft.
We're gonna land on Earth.
We're gonna land in Carolina.
[SNIFFS] Oh, Bill.
[STATIC AND ELECTRONIC DRONING] [AIRCRAFT WHIZZING AND CREAKING LOUDLY] This is not safe! Can't see a fucking thing! Just keep it steady.
You know we're gonna kill her before she lands.
Are you okay? Irma? Hey, are you okay? Aren't you the gentleman? [THUNDER RUMBLING] What happened to the color? Where's the color gone? We bust the vision mixer.
RB29? We have landed in the wrong area.
We need to take off and land again.
No way.
This is as far as I go.
But we need to see Carolina.
Miss Gordon wishes to swim at Elk River.
No fucking way.
No one talked about swimming.
This is a strictly spectator-based tourist experience.
If she wanted the immersive element, then she should've gone with Primo-Feel! [ANDREWS] They've got oxygen tanks, suits, the whole thing.
They walk, they swim, they get all cuddly and cozy.
We don't! Look but don't touch! This is not where Ms.
Gordon wants to go.
This is the only Earth she's gonna get.
And if you wanna get back home safe, I suggest you play ball with me.
You have one hour.
Then we leave.
Andrews so angry? He's just tired.
Is this it, then? [AMBIENT FEEDBACK] No.
No, it isn't.
Andrews said there weren't any suits.
Andrews doesn't know everything.
Do you know what you're doing? Yes.
I do.
[THUNDER BOOMING] Your Astral Dreams viewing suit, madam.
You'll have to hitch that dress.
And who's the other one for? Who do you think? Then I have one request, Mr.
I have a hunch it'll fit you perfectly.
[THUNDER BOOMING] [WIND HOWLING] How is she? [RB29] Miss Gordon is resting.
She's disappointed now, but that will pass.
Yeah, whatever.
You know the truth, right? The truth? None of us know that, Mr.
This planet isn't Earth for me.
But for Miss Gordon This planet isn't fucking Earth for anyone.
It's toxic.
Makes me sick just sitting on it.
[THUNDER RUMBLES] I got a headache the size of Primo Central.
[GROANS] [GROANS] Oh, there's something wrong with the temperature controls.
Baking in here.
[PANTS] Norton, where the hell are you? [WIND HOWLING] [NORTON] Reporting status.
We're moving.
Visibility is low.
Progress is slow, but steady.
Oh, Jesus.
[GRUNTING] [ANDREWS] Norton! Those suits only have auxiliary tanks.
Miss Gordon, uh, this isn't Earth! [ANDREWS] Repeat! This isn't Earth! She can't hear you.
Get 'em back.
They're gonna die, you bastard.
[RB29] You lied to her.
You stole her money.
Who's the bastard? Get 'em back! Right now! [WIND HOWLING] [EERIE MUSIC] [WIND HOWLING, STATIC DRONING] [BIRDS CHIRPING FAINTLY] Do you hear that? [CHIRPING INTENSIFIES] Norton, can you hear me? Get back here.
You're only at 30% oxygen levels.
You need to get back here right now.
Can you hear me? [NORTON] We found a forest, Ed.
Just turn around, man.
Get back here! [CHIRPING CONTINUES] Listen! I'm warning you, Norton, I'm leaving! [WATER RUSHING] Can't you hear it? Norton! [BEEPING] [SHALLOW BREATHING] I'm taking your money, you asshole! Two kilo for me! And then I'm fucking out of here! [WATER RUSHING] [ANDREWS] Norton! [PANTING] [BEEPING CONTINUES] [THUNDER RUMBLES] What? [FAINT CHIRPING] [SHALLOW BREATHING] [BREATHING] Irma.
[WATER RUSHING] [BIRDS CHIRPING] Bill Gordon, come on in! I knew we'd make it.