Physical (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Don't You Ever Stop

This is happening, Del Mar!
Who's with me?
I can't hear you.
Who's with me?
Stop thinking about him.
You've got work to do.
Starting with our warm-up.
Nice and easy.
Stretch. Pull.
I said, stop thinking about
him. Get your head in the game.
Time to get out of that
head and get in that body.
You got it.
Take it up.
Who are you kidding? You're
not gonna stop. You're obsessed.
- Oh! Jesus! What the
- You went past the X.
Uh, no, I-I did not. That's right here.
I-I didn't get past it.
Well, okay. That's on us.
- So, we good?
- Wha
I don't think we're good because
we didn't figure out how this
How's that corn dog?
It's actually just fried cheese
on a stick, and it's terrible.
Don't really care. Just being nice.
I thought your dad was coming today?
He said he might try to stop by later.
He thinks you're the
B-team. An afterthought.
Did I sound okay out here? Could
you hear my voice over the music?
- Mmm. Mm-hmm.
- We've got a chance
to pull a big crowd today,
but not if they can't hear
my voice over the music.
Mmm. Mm-hmm.
I hope I hope that doesn't
happen. That would suck.
So, we need to make
sure that doesn't happen.
- Are you with me?
- Mm-hmm.
You think he cares? No one
cares unless you make them.
Kev. Kev!
You may not give a shit
about today, but I do.
This is my chance to actually
level up and sell this thing
to more than two fucking women
at the grocery store at a time.
- So let's lose the corn dog
- Oh.
and use the fucking sound
check to check the fucking sound.
That's what I'm talking about.
Now throw the puppy a bone.
Why don't we both show
Dad what we can do?
Yes, sir.
Gimme a blue! I want the blue!
He won't give me the blue.
Buddy. Buddy, buddy, buddy.
Hey. Hey, look at me.
You want the truth?
Nobody likes to share.
But everybody has to share
if we expect to live in
a just and fair society.
- Does that make sense to you?
- No, it does not.
This is how we're
gonna solve this. Watch.
Now there's two blues. Yeah?
You guys have fun today, okay?
And be nice to Uncle
Danny. He's doing his best.
Whoa. Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
What are you doing? You're not staying?
No, I told Sheila I was gonna go to see
her big performance at the fair.
I don't wanna let her
down. Is that a problem?
No, no, no, it's not. I just
When you had said parent committee,
I think what I figured was there'd
be a lot more, you know, parents.
That's really funny. Yeah, no.
Some meetings are more meeting-y
and some are, like, playdate-y.
Oh, hey. Okay, how about you
and Wanda can discuss ideas
for the big fundraiser coming up?
- Yep.
- Yeah?
You can You can
brainstorm some themes.
Big picture stuff, right?
That's your thing. You like that.
Uh, and then, I don't
know, write them down
on some boards or something.
Okay? You're gonna be
great. I'm proud of you.
- Great pancakes, Mom.
- Oh, thanks, dear.
I wish I had an appetite like
that. I wish I had any appetite.
Dr. Varsho wants me to gain more weight.
That's a new one.
What's that?
You have a lot on your mind. I know.
Wish I could come today
to the groundbreaking.
You know, if I didn't
have to be off my feet now.
It's just a photo op to
make the investors happy.
I wouldn't want you to bother.
Well, you know I would
if the doctor okayed it.
Of course.
So, uh, kids at school are saying
there's gonna be some protest.
Apparently, all the surf kids
are all pissed off about it.
I walk through the
smoking section every day
on my way to woodshop, so I hear the
Zeke. Language.
Um, sorry.
Well, I-I mean, actually,
it's just "pissed."
That's That's really
not that bad, right?
If you wanna use bathroom words,
you can go straight to the bathroom!
You've got this. You're
in the groove now.
Whoo! Pump it to the left. Whoo!
Two, three, four. Take it back.
Two, three, four. Pick it up.
Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Two more.
- Whoo! To the left.
- Babe.
- Whoo!
- Babe. Babe!
Check it out. Fixed
it. It's ready to roll.
The light's all mid-morning angular
right now. It should be perfect.
You don't look ready to roll.
Stay with me! Whoo!
You think she's better than me?
I mean, you obviously
think she's prettier.
She No way. She's just different.
That means better.
No, it means different.
Is it 'cause she's skinnier?
Is it her hair? I mean
'Cause that shit is perfect.
I think she got a wig.
I think she got her teeth
bleached or maybe capped.
They look like Chiclets
and not even real!
Sorry, babe. It just
doesn't seem healthy.
Neither are bong loads.
Look, babe.
I mean, I know everything didn't,
like, turn out as we expected, but
Okay, if you say everything
happens for a reason,
I will slice open your nut sack.
I'm not gonna say that anymore.
But, babe, If I may?
Aerobics was then. RollerBod is now.
You know, like, we got a great new idea
for a fitness tape, and it's all ours.
You know? It's It's got legs.
No, it's got wheels. Oh, my God.
Is that a good catchphrase, or
is that the best catchphrase?
How are people gonna
do RollerBod at home?
Are they gonna roller-skate
in front of their VCRs?
I mean Wait.
I mean, uh, I don't know.
Maybe we didn't, like,
100% work out the details.
But babe, I just need you to know,
like, I would do anything for you.
Like, I would lay down my life.
And what would that get us?
I mean, it's It's gotta
be worth something, right?
Like, how do you not get that?
You're the one who doesn't get it.
Will you stop thinking
of him, you horny old ho?
You've got a show to do. Clean it up.
- Hello, gorgeous!
- Hi.
I just dropped the kids off with Danny.
He's completely overwhelmed.
Uh-huh, I'm so sorry to hear that.
- No, you're not.
- Okay.
What do you think?
What? What? What?
- Oh.
- You can explain this.
I think, um You know,
I think Maya kicked me.
That's a handprint.
No, that's a man-sized
handprint, Sheila.
- Sheila?
- Yeah?
What are you not telling me?
It's tempting, but dangerous.
Nothing. Nothing at all.
I just, um
You know, Danny sometimes just
gets a little intense with me.
That's it. Always another family
member to throw under the bus.
That little shit.
Sheila, I swear to God
No, no, no, it's not what
you're thinking at all.
Um, we've just been having,
like, intense, you know
Like hate sex?
Yeah. Yeah, I guess
you could call it that.
So, what are you doing?
Like, bossy stuff?
Light bondage? Heavy bondage?
No, no. More, like, emotional?
I know it's not healthy, but
it's one way for me to
figure it all out, you know?
It's not healthy,
but that's super hot.
Yeah, it's very, very hot.
- I'm still leaving him.
- Okay.
I just need a little more time,
more money. This is how I get it.
- Boom.
- Is it really bad?
Oh, my God. Don't even worry about it
because I literally have the
best cover-up in my purse.
And a card for a divorce lawyer.
Whenever you're ready. No rush.
And I have an amazing
water-based lubricant.
I swear, there will be zero friction.
But I think I left it in my evening bag.
No, here it is. I already used that,
but you don't want to know that story.
And when the election didn't go our way,
that was really the
beginning of the end.
Although it was tough to
see at the time, you know?
I do, yeah.
We tried to keep things alive
with the think tank and the
We We did have some
good ideas for change.
But he just couldn't handle that
I wanted to prioritize my family.
And, uh, he moved on.
Well, I happen to think that
what you're doing is very brave.
David My David, he never
watched the kids. Never.
Never packed a lunch. Never did pickup.
- Look where that got him.
- Mexico with his secretary.
Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't know.
No, please. I'm fine.
Look at me. I'm I'm, like, free.
- I'm completely free.
- Ow!
Candice, what did I say about biting?
I'm just glad that Leo and C
Well, both of them, really, are
here, seeing an involved father.
Well, we're all about progress
in this house. Radical progress.
Okay, Berkeley. It is Berkeley, right?
- That's right, yeah.
- I may have heard a few things.
Mmm. Okay, can I just
admit something to you?
I would love that.
I signed up for this committee
because I knew you would be on it.
Nobody cares about anything
in this town anymore.
Especially not that rich bitch, Greta.
Ooh, I'm sorry. I really
try not to use the B-word.
B all you want here.
Just be yourself.
I love the kids. I do. I really do.
I just, um You know,
sometimes I just feel
I don't know. Like
- Lonely?
- Angry.
- Mmm.
- Like Like I have this,
just overwhelming anger
that just has nowhere to go.
Right. Angry.
Have you ever been to a protest, Wanda?
Next bottle. Knock
'em down. Win a prize.
Be a better you. Body By Sheila.
You don't have to be rude about it.
Hey! Hey!
I'm so sorry.
- Thanks. All right, next up.
- Thank you.
Everyone's reason is different.
Let's add a knee.
Whoo! Maybe you wanna lose weight.
That's a perfectly good reason.
I'm here to learn what I'm capable of.
Let's make it a kick. Whoo!
Not here in this workout.
Out there in that world.
Let's add the arms. Whoo! That's it.
- Keep it up.
- Whoo!
When you push yourself right here,
when you see how much you can change,
you're gonna wanna make
that change out there
that you've been putting off.
You know what I mean?
Don't you, ladies? Don't you?
Yes, and twist!
What about you, sir? In the hat.
You seem to wanna look
at boobs and butts.
That's okay!
Whatever it takes. As
long as you don't stay put.
As long as you get up. As
long as you start moving.
As long as you
Sorry. Sorry. One second.
What the fuck is that? Cover. Cover.
Okay, keep it up. Keep
it up. You got this.
With a slow it down.
And walk. Two, three.
And tap, and tap, and tap, and tap.
Dad, is that you?
- Ezekiel.
- They ran out of tickets.
Oh! You must be Mr. Breem.
Uh, um This This is
my friend, uh, A-Alejandra.
Nice to meet you. I'm Alejandra.
Oops, he already said. Sorry.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, yes. You speak
Spanish. Zeke told me.
What else did he tell you about me?
Why don't you get in
line for the Tilt-a-Whirl?
I'll meet you over there.
See? He's being cool about it.
Um I met her in school. In class.
She's, like, a really good student.
And, um, her her
family's really nice.
You've met her family?
H How can we hate anti-Mormon bigotry
when we're the exact same way
when it comes to Catholics?
I mean, it just doesn't make any sense.
Um, are are you gonna tell Mom?
She does seem like a nice girl.
The word development is the first lie.
This isn't development,
it's destruction.
Pure destruction.
The kids Uh, that's
my daughter, right there,
San Diego born and raised.
You know, I ask myself every day,
are these shores gonna be here for
her in five years? In ten? Twenty?
Will they be here for
her daughter someday?
Well, we came out today to
make sure that they are. Right?
Stop the shop! Save our wave!
Do you have a name for your group?
We are the Environmental
Youth E-Enterprise.
E-Y E-Y-E. Eye.
'Cause we're watching.
Watching out for Mother Earth.
Can you tell us your name again, sir?
Yeah, it's Danny Rubin.
Like the sandwich?
No, not No. It's spelled R-U-B-I-N.
- I actually ran for public office. Yeah.
- Very good.
And is that your-your wife o-over
there, uh, with all the kids?
Uh, no. No, I No,
my She's not here.
She's elsewhere.
I do it every day. Or every other day.
I like that I can, you know, cheat
a little since no one's watching.
That's the beauty of
working out at home.
Have you thought of making a
tape for teens? Or elderly adults?
Not yet, but I will.
I've been getting hungrier
since I started exercising.
Ravenous. Do you find that?
Course you do, but you control it.
I try to maintain a balanced diet.
Three healthy meals a
day, two light snacks.
What do you eat for breakfast?
Grapefruit? Cottage cheese?
I like oatmeal.
- Nobody likes oatmeal.
- What about lunch?
Do you make something separate for
the kids' dinner or eat with them?
You starve yourself.
Do you wear insoles? Should I?
Butter or margarine?
You watch every bite
that goes in your mouth.
Ice or heat?
- Chocolate or carob?
- You don't eat.
- Cheater.
- Liar.
- Fraud.
- Boo.
Oh. Hello.
Uh, I didn't see you there.
Uh, big crowd.
Uh, can I help you
with s-something? Or
A lot of people want to meet
the lady on the tape, I guess.
Um, I watched it, you know.
Oh, wow. Thank you.
I didn't buy it.
I stole it, just like you.
How's Tyler?
He's great. Yeah, he's just so great.
He's a doctor now.
He went to doctor school,
and now he's a doctor.
Well, it's good to see you.
Thanks for stopping by and
So, how'd you do it?
How'd you make it look
so like it's all one take.
It is one take.
Ten sets of ski slices
with alternating knees?
No fucking way. You don't
have it in you to go that hard.
She didn't just watch, she
studied it. Studied you.
Did you I mean, did
you think I had it in me?
Do you? Because
I mean, I barely even smoke anymore.
Holy shit. You got to her.
- You know, I c I could use you, Bunny.
- Like you haven't already.
No, I could hire you as another teacher.
A job. Money up-front.
You want me to work for you?
Shake my butt up there
to sell your tape?
I could use the help.
And I don't think you could go
as hard as I do. I know you can.
You're a great teacher. Best I ever had.
Sheila! Hey!
- Great sales today!
- Thank you.
Numbers are ticking up.
This must be one of your fans.
One of your Sheila-nators!
If you wanna leave your name,
we can enter you in a raffle
for a free class with Sheila.
And then I can enter you up to my elbow.
I'm I'm not a fan of hers.
- I'm the original her.
- No. No, no.
She stole from me.
- You stole from me.
- No, I didn't.
- I'm gonna get security.
- It's okay. It's okay.
This tape you're selling?
All the moves are mine.
No, th-this is my routine.
This is my routine.
- You're a fucking thief!
- Hey. Hey, hey! Honey!
All right. This is not
- No. Absolutely not.
- You fucking You ruined my fucking life.
- Calm down. Okay.
- Whoa, whoa.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. She's
She's, um She's a troubled girl.
- She's a very troubled girl.
- You okay?
You know what? Can I I could
really use some water or
Yeah, some water. You okay?
Kevin, can you bring two waters, please?
Three waters. Thanks, Kevin.
the shop! Save our wave!
Stop the shop! Save our wave!
Stop the shop! Save our wave!
Stop the shop! Save our wave!
Sorry to keep you waiting, folks.
- Good to see you. Uh-huh.
- Bobby.
- How are you?
- That's nice. Come on.
- Dick, nice to see you.
- Yeah.
Nice of you to show up. We've
been standing here for an hour.
- It hasn't been an hour.
- Felt like an hour.
- Let's just take the photo, shall we?
- Yeah, great.
Where do you want us?
We got a couple of uniforms standing by.
If we give the word
they'll make arrests.
Send a message.
It's just some kids
and a couple of hippies.
Nothing to write home about.
Tell that to the local news.
You gave the impression this was
a clean deal, but this feels messy.
- And we don't like the messy.
- She's the one who's messy.
Did you see her fingernails?
Oh, and she's high on speed.
The deal is absolutely clean.
I was inspired by her class,
but the routine is my own.
Piece of shit. You stole
from her, and you know it.
She's troubled. Very
talented, but troubled.
- Poor thing.
- She drinks speed!
Well, I hope you're right
because we'd love to
stay in business with you.
You're one of our favorites.
My son tells me good things.
And he tells me everything.
Of course, that lazy turd is a spy.
Understood. She won't be a problem.
Can you just
- Thank you, Kev.
- Thanks, yeah. Thanks, Kev.
Never got that water.
- I'm sorry.
- Jesus Christ!
This is Mr. Breem,
Mama. He drove me home.
I didn't mean to frighten you.
What What do you mean
he he drove you home?
What? Where's Daddy?
Well, Danny was arrested.
He and a group of
children were trespassing.
Or, as he would call it, "protesting."
Right. Okay. And, uh, is he okay?
There was a friendly lady there,
and she helped get all
the other kids home. Right?
Very friendly lady.
With your husband.
Hey, you okay?
- I'm fine.
- Yeah?
Do you want to go get in your pajamas?
It's not bedtime.
I know, but we could
have a double dessert.
I'll be right in. Go.
- Ow.
- Are you hurt?
No. No, no, I'm I'm fine.
I just
I'm just trying to find
our our lawyer's number.
But where are they holding him?
Do you really have to do that right now?
Couldn't you let him stay
there a minute or two?
Wouldn't be the worst thing
in the world, would it?
He's in a holding cell in Del
Mar, a block from the beach.
It's certainly not Attica.
You shouldn't be here in my home.
This is You've crossed the line.
He thinks he can stop
me from what I'm doing.
He can't stop it.
Not for a minute.
This is wrong that
you're here. It's wrong.
For what?
For the way you're talking to me.
Are you crazy?
You smell like sweat.
Well, I've been exercising for hours.
I'm sorry.
I I gotta I have
to get that. I-I
- Oh, of course, you do.
- Yeah.
Of course.
You've reached the Rubins.
Please leave us a message after
the tone, and we will call you back.
Peace and love.
Hello there. It's Liz Norton.
I'm calling for Sheila. If
you could give her a message.
Or-or maybe she hears this.
I'm not terribly familiar
with how these things work.
- I'm a free man. Okay.
- Yes. Yeah.
Yeah. Okay.
This is not how I intended to tell you,
but I haven't been able to reach you.
I-I know you're terribly busy,
but I had to let you know.
Well, your father
passed away last night.
It was sudden but peaceful.
A heart episode, they believe.
There will be a service
this weekend at St. James.
Uh, I can give you all of the
details if you'll just call us back.
Arrest me, don't arrest me.
I felt alive again
out there, protesting.
The news was there. The
fucking news was there.
I don't know. I just
You all right?
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