Physical (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

Don't You Go Far

There you are.

I couldn't find you.

Are you okay?
Did he die in here?
No, no.
He died in the hospital.

His heart had a problem,
and they tried to fix it,
but they couldn't, so it stopped.

Is there anything else
that you wanna ask Mom?
Can I have some candy?
I mean, sure, they might
be a little bit old,
but Maya! Wait.

It's just a muscle cramp.
Long car ride,
not to mention a dead dad.
It'll pass.

You've been through worse
when you were much younger,
just a little girl,
barely older than Maya.

Hey, babe.
How you holding up?
Yeah, I
I just want to get this over with
so we can get the fuck outta here.

No, I know.
Look, I don't want to
explain your reality to you,
but losing a parent, even a
a shitty one, it's a
game changer, all right?
When I lost my old man,
even after everything,
it was still a kick in the teeth.

You can't leap over this, Sheil.

You gotta feel your
way right through it.

And I am here to feel all of this
with you.
I want you to know that.

Thank you.

- Let's go check on Maya.

- Yeah.

I am not letting any of my girls
out of my sight.
Not in this place.

I'm gonna go upstairs
and see what's happening.

- Yeah.

- This is ridiculous.

Does she know what time it is?
Your mother knows the time, yes.

She's very good with time.

She knows everybody is waiting?
She knows.
She knows.

What is it?
Did you need something?
I kinda just wanted to thank you?
For when I saw you at the
fair, and I was with Alejandra.

Mom hasn't grounded me or taken
away my Walkman or anything,
so I'm assuming you
maybe haven't told her?
Well, does that
maybe mean you don't
think it's as bad as
That's a lot to assume.

There's this dance, okay, at school
and I really want to take her,
and she really wants to go with me.

W-We're going.

I just But I kind of
wanted you to know though.

And not mom necessarily.

So, you're just telling
me what's going to happen?
- It's been decided?
- No.

Then what? You want me
to be your co-conspirator?
That's not what I meant at all.

There's teachers there and stuff.

Like We're not doing anything wrong.

So why the need for secrets?
It's a secret to Mom
because it's wrong to her.

It's not, like, wrong-wrong.

I know you know what I mean.

I think you have assumed
enough for the time being.

It's just, like
I've always felt like
Well, like Mom and I
are so different, but
I don't know.
I've always kinda
thought that maybe you and me are
Be sure to get her a corsage.

They like that.


So I'd say that you're,
like, el Presidente.

I'm gonna be, like, vice
secretary or marketeer.

I figure we're, like, on a skateboard.

We go like, "Hashies! Hashies!"
Like, get everybody
high in the entire area.

I mean, I'm saying like, there
Babe! Just made morning hashies.

Now we're gonna make some
morning hashie sundaes.

You want in? It'll wake and bake you up.

Sheila, for goodness sakes.

What are you trying to do to me?
I just came up here to
see what was keeping you.

I am simply trying
to get myself together.

It's been quite a week,
as you can imagine.

- Mama?
- Is that Maya?
- In here, sweetie.

- Hey, hey, hey.

Sweetie, this is your grandmother.

- This is my mother.

- Hi.

Grandmother sounds so old
and boring, doesn't it?
I don't look old, and boring, do I?
Hey, do you like lollipops?
- All right, just a sec.

- No, you know, Mom,
she had candy already today.

She really doesn't need any more.

You know, I thought that
you would like lollipops.

And I was thinking, maybe
a fun nickname for me
could be Lolli, like a lollipop.

Isn't that more fun?
Okay, we should go.

Everybody is waiting for us.

Just Just a minute.

Your mother is so impatient, isn't she?
Come with me.
I have another
little surprise for you.

Do you know who used to wear these?
Your mommy when she
was just about your age.

Do you think that maybe you'd
like to wear these today,
instead of those?
Sweetie, you don't have to put
those on.
Yours are perfectly fine.

Just Just let her try them.

Abide with me
Fast falls the eventide
The darkness deepens
Time to be quiet now.

No more fidgeting, hmm?
Of course she's fidgeting.

You jammed her feet into those
excruciating little shoes,
just like you did way back when.

Why should it be any different now?
- Babe? Can I get you a drink?
- Hey.

- No, I'm okay.
Thank you.

- Yeah? Okay.

Well, the ceremony really did
its job.
Loosened some things up.

I mean, it's no Studio 54
but at least there's some
fucking oxygen in the room now.


You sure you don't want a
drink? I can make you a drink.

- No, why don't you get yourself a drink?
- Okay, yeah, great.

What the hell is wrong with you?
- Poor thing, come here, you.

- We had to come see you.

- How are you holding up
- It's so rough.
The roughest.

losing your father so suddenly?
You are so sweet to come.

To show off how happy
and fertile you are.

Circle of life.

- It wasn't planned, but welcomed.

- You win the funeral.

I'm gonna go say hello to your mother.

- How do I look?
- Very good.

Oh, God.
She looks fabulous.

Mom, still making 'em sweat.

- He's beautiful.

- Thank you.

His name is Ky, but we've
taken to calling him Coyote
because he just howls all night.

I hate him.

I think I got a lemon.

Like, a really bad one.

And sometimes, I think
about tucking him in
just really, really tight.
on his little face.

That doesn't make me
sound crazy, does it?
- Period?
- Yeah.

Don't you worry.

Never thought I'd miss that,
but Here, take some Aspirin.

- Thank you.

- Yeah, of course.

Tanya Logan? You better get out of here
before all the crazies
come out of the woodwork.


I meant to tell you, Linda
Hoffstetler was singing your praises
at the club the other day.

Who? Why?
She had seen your dance tape
and claimed to have had
a lot of fun with it.

It's an exercise tape,
Aerobics training.

There's no It's not dance.

Whatever for? I
I don't know any woman who
wants to look like Jack LaLanne.

It's not about what you look like.

Don't do that.
Don't let her hook you.

Then what is it about?

I'm really trying to
understand, but I just don't.

You don't need her.
have nothing to prove.

Okay, Mom, I'm just
gonna go to the bathroom.

"Dance tape"?
"What is it about?"
I'll show her what it's about.

It's the amount I owe you from before.

I wanted to make good on the loan,
and I just hadn't found the time yet.

It's been so busy.
busy and successful.

Believe it or not, Mom.

Despite the fact that you
don't get it, other people do.

And you thought now
was the time to do this?
We just buried your father.



That's a bingo.

Yeah, I'd like to join
the next fitness class, please.

Maybe that one, that one
that's going on right now.

How much is a single class?
I take it this is your first
time at Vincent's Studio?
Because it's not a fitness
It's an experience.

Well, how much
is it for an experience?
Vincent strongly recommends
you're here for warm-up.

Otherwise, it can be dangerous.

He teaches a low-impact class
for older women tomorrow morning.

I'm plenty warm.

Good luck.

Are you ready?
Stay with me.

Rolling, rolling
Rolling out our shoulders
You got it!
Rolling, rolling
Rolling out our shoulders
Now blow those horns!

Cha-cha-cha! Move those hips.

Dance with me.

You know, I couldn't get a single
girl to dance with me in high school.

Can you believe that? No
matter how hard I tried.

- No one believes that.

- But now look at me!
Rainbow the arms!
Five, six, seven, eight.

Roll that lasso!
Who's he kidding with this shit?
Other side! And together!
And breathe and march.

Breathe and march.

Breathe and march!
Somebody missed the warm-up!
I strongly discourage skipping
the warm-up.
Don't I, guys?
- You can breathe.
Just breathe.

- It can be dangerous.

Oh, no.

Nobody can hear you.

- No.

- Now march, young lady.

- Are you marching?
- Yes!
- Are you breathing?
- Yes!
Are you smacking my butt?
Come on.
Smack my butt.

Smack! Smack it! Smack his butt!
Somebody's got some rage!
You know what comes next! Five,
six, seven.
Hammer curls.
Work it.

Hello, dear.

Just checking on you.

Everything all right?
Of course.

Usually, bingo night is a
real shot in the arm for you.

How's that?
Well, you normally come home
with a little pep in your step.

Even put something on the record player.

Must be the chance to make
people winners at something.

Never given it much analysis.

But not tonight.
came straight down here.

No record player, no pep.

I didn't realize.

Just one bad bingo night.

It's not just bingo night, John.

And it's not just tonight.

Maria, I'm sorry if my mind
has seemed elsewhere lately.

I know you're juggling a
lot, even more than usual.

I I am.

But you have always
been a great juggler.

Too great a juggler, really.

There's something going on
that's one thing too many for you.

I know you.
I can tell.

What is it?
Let me help you.

It's what I was put on this earth to do.

It's Zeke.
He's got
He's got a secret girlfriend, a gentile.

He's been lying to both
of us for months now.

Deep breath.
And great work today.

I'm so proud of you all.

You showed up,
and you worked hard.

Here he goes, softening us up.

Let's take a nice,
easy sway side to side.

Beautiful job, everybody.

Before he goes in for the kill.

You can get out now before he sees you.

We don't skip the cool down here.

It's the most important
part of the workout.

Come on.
Side-stretch with me.

And reach.

And other side.

And gentle head rolls.

And I need to share
something personal today.

Let's bring it down.

And pulse.

I lost a special girl this week.

An angel who took the earthly form
of an Australian Shepherd
named Mary Elizabeth.

And as grateful as I am for her
long life and peaceful passing,
I also felt a terrible urge to reach
out to three old friends of mine.

Three friends who've
always been there for me.

Sugar, butter and salt.

Gentle lunges, keep breathing.


Do you know what I did?
I came here instead.

I came here.

It's one little step
towards a healthier,
better life.

Other side.

That doggie was here on
this earth as a guide.

To teach me that loss is coming.

Nothing we can do about that.

Loss, pain, regret.

Right elbow.

But so is change.



But only if you show up.

Left elbow.

So make sure you sign
up for a VIP membership.

It's the only way to
secure a spot every week.

And release to the sky.

And you know what I'm gonna
say, and you know it's true.

I love you all, and let's
Peddle out the calves.


I hope you've been sitting
in a sauna this whole time.

- What?
- It makes a lot more sense than the
Did you bail on your father's
funeral to go exercise?
- No! No, no, no.
Not at all.

- You have that glow you get afterwards.

- I wasn't
- You did, didn't you?
- No, I just I didn't.

- Jesus, Sheila.

I was just I wasn't
feeling well.
And so
My, God.
Are you okay?
Babe? Babe? Are you all right?
- Where's Maya?
- She's around somewhere.

Where is she?
Okay, you are really
starting to scare me,
so let's just sit down for a
second here, okay? All right?
I'm gonna get you They
don't have a lot of food.

I'm gonna get you something
to drink.
Stay right there.

Excuse me.
Have you seen Maya,
my daughter? Have you seen her?
Have you seen my daughter,
Maya? She was just No?
Did you see my little
girl, Maya? She was No?
Have you seen my daughter? Have you?
Fuck! Maya!
Be a good girl and
give your uncle a kiss.

Don't you fucking touch her!
Honey, you don't have to kiss him.

You don't have to do
anything you don't want to do.


His hair's longer than my
What a pansy.

Please lower your voice.

I miss this ass.

- My little thumper.

- Just Okay.

Let's just go.


To be awoken by my babe and my board.

What a cosmic gift.

- No.

- Yes.

You're going back with him?
I just can't feel this way anymore.

I am so sick of sand in my hair
and her stupid face in my face.

It is making me fucking hate myself.

It is making me fucking hate you!
Hate is such a strong word.

I just wanna be on the
winning team for once!
Yeah, you hear that? You're
a fucking loser.
Come on.

Babe, you don't have to go with him.

If you need space, we'll find you space.

She took everything.

Then let's take it back.

Karmic retribute that shit.

There is another answer.

Come on, let's go.
Let's fucking
go! I'll buy you new shit.

I don't know, Gary.

Are you fucking kidding me?
You're gonna jerk me around like this?
- Again!
- Stop!
Don't you get that without me you're
just some skanky piece of pussy?
You're nothing.


In this house, we know that man
is just a tiny little
speck in the universe.

But women are on the ground
floor, literally building us all.

They grow our bones, man.
if you don't listen to women,
you're gonna have a
problem here in this house.

What do you think, Bunny?
Get the fuck out, Gary.

I don't know how she
managed as long as she did.

It's an extremely painful condition.

Imagine one of your testicles
twisting inside you
like a balloon animal.

Okay, well, now that's
all I can imagine, Doc.

We couldn't save the ovary.

It was deprived of blood flow.

Right, because of the twisting.
Got it.

Good news, other one's
perfectly healthy.
One's enough.

Thinking of having more kids?
More kids? Sure.

Yeah, we could be planning
Yeah, absolutely.

I've seen some alarming
levels in her blood work here.

Yeah, I mean, she
exercises all the time,
and I don't really know
when she eats anything.

She's anemic.
I do not like
these electrolyte levels.


My recommendation, red meat and rest.

Yeah, okay.

Look who's awake.

Did you hear any of that, sweetie?
Only a little bit.

Yeah? One of your ovaries decided
to do the twist for some reason.

Why did you say it happened, Doc?
We don't understand why it happens.


He's a really good doctor.
Very helpful.

And Maya's okay?
She's asleep, and she's safe.

I'm gonna take care of you now, okay?
You need rest, you hear me?
You are gonna do a whole lot of nothing.

We gotta fatten you up.

Danny, why don't you go get some
rest, and I'll stay with her?


I thought some ice cream
might feel good on your throat.


That's good.
Yeah, thank you.

Sheila, I
Mom, you
You don't have to say
It's okay.


Good girl.

It's good, huh?

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