Physical (2021) s02e04 Episode Script

Don't You Know

Hi there. It's me, Vinnie Green.
I'm cruising around
beautiful Southern California,
meeting with people having a bit
of a tough time staying healthy.
Like my friend, today,
here in sunny San Diego.
A little bird told me
she's having a hard time
treating her body right.
But you know what the real kick is?
She doesn't know I'm coming.
That's right. I'm gonna
surprise her. Isn't that fun?
Okay, now I'm getting nervous.
What about you, Lady?
Are you getting nervous?
Of course not. You're a rock!
Okay, here we go!
Hey there!
Drop your weapon, I come in peace!
Oh, my goodness!
Vinnie Green!
What are you doing
here? I can't believe it!
It's really me.
- I'm really here!
- Oh, Vinnie! Vinnie!
So, we had a moment in the
kitchen. You almost cut my throat!
Well, I was scared!
How did I know you
were gonna show up here?
I know. But now, here we are.
And I think you have a story to tell.
Are you ready to tell it?
- I don't know if I'm ready.
- We never are.
But I'm right here,
and I'll help you start.
We've got a little problem, don't we?
Yes. Yes, we do.
With the F-word.
Not that one. I mean food.
Talk to me about your
relationship with food.
Okay. This is gonna be tough.
Ever since I was a
teenager, I've had this
- thing where I
- Uh-huh.
It's okay. I'm here.
Look at me. I'm here.
Where I
Sometimes I
You binge eat.
Well, yes, but it's part of a
You know, it's a whole
Uh-huh, a whole
sort of, routine.
Of bingeing and purging.
Right. And once I'm in it,
it's kind of like I've
been, sort of, kidnapped.
It's like someone's got like a
- Like a knife to your throat.
- Yeah. And I just
I eat so much that it's
really painful and scary.
And I feel like I'm gonna burst open.
If I don't purge, I'm gonna die.
Oh, dear. I am so sorry.
That's just terrible.
Yeah. It's terrible.
I'm a terrible, disgusting
awful monster.
You really are.
But you don't have to be.
What if I told you we
could get you on a road
to a healthy, happy new you?
Starting today, right now.
How would that sound?
Why are you touching my face?
Because I love you.
But you don't even know me.
Why am I talking to you?
Why am I telling you this
story? I've never told anyone.
Not a single person
in my life! Not ever!
What is this fucking place?
What is this place? Where the fuck am I?
This isn't my house! What's happening?
Ready to tell your story?
I think you are.
I don't know.
Let me help you begin.
We've got a problem with food.
- Yes. Yes, I do.
- Yes.
I have a problem with food.
This is tough.
Go on. I'm right here.
You feel out of control, right?
One simple phone call
can be your first step
on a journey to a whole new you.
The Meal-a-Wheel system is
so easy, even I can do it!
Once you take control of your food,
you'll think, "What else
can I take control of?"
I'm so proud of Mary Beth here.
And I want to be proud of you too.
Don't waste another day when
you can get started right now.
Give me a call.
Are you up again? You
know you need to rest.
I know, baby. I just I can't sleep.
I think it's this medication
that's just keeping me up.
And then my brain starts to
get going, and I just get
- I have some ideas about
- Yeah.
No, hon, I don't want
you worrying about work.
You know what you need right now?
You need to rest. You need to recover.
I want you gaining weight. Okay?
Your health is too important, and
your fertility is too important.
Hang on.
The doctor said there's still time,
as long as you take care of yourself.
Nip this in the fucking bud.
You know that I'm not
getting pregnant again, right?
No one's making any decisions tonight.
No, baby, I'm telling you,
I've already decided that that
Let's rest. And let's recover.
We'll talk about it later. Okay?
Get in here.
Doesn't that feel nice?
Won't you join me and
take control of your body
and your life?
All you have to do is
make the call today.
It's 10:00 a.m. She's still here.
Well, maybe because
you made her an omelet!
I was trying to be nice.
I have a hospitality gene. It's
not like there's an off switch.
Last night you weren't nice.
You were naughty.
- I was.
- Yeah.
Wait, I was. Was I? Did you think I was?
I mean, I felt like I was.
Yeah, yeah.
- You were into it. Yeah.
- Yes. Yeah. I was.
So, I was thinking Ernie,
I was thinking that maybe next time,
I could pick the way that
we, you know, spice things up.
Yeah. Whatever you
want, honey. I'm open.
Yes. I'm gonna think about that.
What I want.
- Okay, but can you get rid of her?
- Thanks again for a lovely evening.
- Yes. Yeah. It was our pleasure.
- Yeah.
It was our mutual pleasure.
You know what?
That's actually the sex
toy side of the sink.
You know what? It's fine. It's all good.
- Don't even worry about it.
- Okay.
Really easy going.
The wave is dead.
Which means the surf is dead.
When the surf is dead,
it's time to move on.
Bunch of us are gonna get
jobs on the tuna boats.
- It's not too late if you wanna come.
- Tuna?
Yeah. Or albacore. Whatever's bountiful.
He's not getting on a tuna boat, geezer.
He's sticking around here with me.
All right. All right, later.
'Kay, bye.
Our blessed landlord finally
got the other toilet fixed.
So now she can double the rent.
Good luck, you two!
- Hi, you guys!
- Hey!
- Get in here.
- Sure.
How you doing, man?
Well, I wish we were on the
other side of this mountain,
but it turns out the only thing
harder than hurting is healing.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You're so brave.
- Yeah.
- Okay, here we go.
- This is for you and that's for Maya.
- Okay.
- Feel better.
- Yeah.
Hey, hon, I'm here. How are you feeling?
Stuck. Just stuck here.
- Stuck!
- Yeah, the resting is hard. I know.
It's not even that. I just
wanna get back to my life.
And I need to.
You're going through so
much all at the same time.
It's the worst. I can't even imagine.
I don't know. Maybe I can.
My favorite uncle died the same week
I gave birth to the twins, and
I'm oversharing again.
It's okay.
You're in my bedroom.
I think we're there.
I'm so sorry, Sheila, about all of it.
About your father. About your ovary.
I have another one.
Ovary. Not a father.
You didn't happen to bring
those notepads that I mentioned?
No, I didn't, because I brought
you something so much better.
It's called
a dry-erase board.
Ernie's friend from MIT sent it over.
Watch this.
Let's get to work.
- All right.
- Oh, yes!
- Here we go. As promised.
- Here we go. Yes, now there we go.
- Beautiful.
- Here you go.
Hey, so this marina thing you did.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- With the kids?
That was really something.
Yeah, we are gonna change
the world, I'll tell you that.
So you stopped construction?
No. No, no.
They started demolition that night.
But our mailing list is bonkers.
And that's the real measuring stick.
Yeah, yeah.
It's hard watching our community
swing so far to the right.
- Isn't it?
- Yeah.
Not really the kind of swinging
I'm into if you know what I mean.
Okay. Yeah, pretty sure I do.
Greta tells me you and Sheila
are into sharing as well.
A certain boundarylessness.
- You know what I mean.
- You're talking about socialism?
Greta and I brought a second
woman into our bed last night.
Ernie. What?
Yeah, well, at its high points it was.
Wow. Wow.
Must be old hat for you though.
Come on, Mr. Berkeley, free love.
That was a while ago.
A long while ago.
I tried to chip away
at it again recently,
but I didn't really get that far.
Yeah, Greta tells me you guys
are going through a rough patch.
Greta really tells you
a lot of stuff, huh?
Yeah, she tells me a lot.
Sometimes too much.
Okay, 'cause I thought
the tape was going great.
It is.
You have a following. At the
fairground. You have fans.
No, I just have customers.
But I don't have this.
- You found comfort in food?
- Oh, yeah.
- Yes.
- Vinnie Green. I've seen this.
Late-night TV, right? The Meal-a-Wheel?
Look. Look.
Look how that woman is looking at him.
That's not a customer.
That's a follower. That's devotion.
These women look at him
like they're under his spell.
What can I say?
Men are coercive.
Take Ernie, for instance.
The minute you show any sexual interest,
he just ups the ante, and
No. Sorry. Nope. We're
not talking about me.
We're talking about you. Yeah.
And here you are, bouncing ideas off me.
Sorry. Go.
Is there something you
wanna tell me, Greta?
No, no.
I'm here supporting you on your journey,
professionally and otherwise.
I had a threesome.
Each time things start to happen again
I think I got something good
Is the lady of the house in?
Well, whomst doth call
thine lady of the house?
This is
Mike, with Kowalski HVAC.
Yeah, I want to talk with
her about ventilation.
It can really help with the
efficiency of her gas range.
Well, I don't know what data
farm sold you our number,
but we are not interested, so
I guess I just wasn't made
Is that the fucking Beach Boys?
For these times
I can do this.
I can build this. I can grow.
Of course you can.
Yeah. Vinnie Green does
not have the secret sauce.
Vinnie Green has no You
got the secret sauce, baby!
Hey, hon! Hey.
There is a Kevin here?
From Stahl/Grunner to say hello.
He was pretty persistent,
even though I told him
- you don't need any visitors right now.
- No, it's fine.
Hi, Kevin. Come in.
I didn't know you were
I'm sorry, I didn't
know you were undressed.
It's just a robe.
I think we'll all make
it out of here alive.
These are so beautiful.
- These flowers.
- Yes. Thank you.
I'm gonna take 'em from you
and put 'em in some water.
Yeah? So
You guys probably have
a lot to talk about. So
Secret sauce, yeah? Okay?
- Okay.
- Hey, Danny?
Will you help me just
get these in some water?
- Yeah. Yeah, right away.
- I need some water. Like a lot of water?
- Yeah, we got a lot of water, Greta.
- All right, calm down.
You have the secret sauce.
Yes, so, I've been thinking.
You know, about the marketing plan.
And I know we've been focusing
on in-person appearances.
But just looking ahead,
I'm wondering what's next?
Well, there had been some
talk of regional health
Because I'm thinking about
television, infomercials.
I mean, in an hour, I could
reach more people than
I'm sorry. Did you just
say you had been thinking?
No one knows the future, right?
Your doctor said it could be a month
before you're on your feet again.
You spoke to my doctor?
No, but my dad did.
He updated all of us
on the marketing team.
A whole room of men
talking about your pussy.
Just to, you know,
see how many appearances
we needed to cancel,
how much this whole,
you know, like
Private medical issue?
would cost the company.
And heads up, it's a bundle.
But it looks like you're
doing better already.
Dad will be happy to hear it.
This shit is on a spy mission.
Kevin, you can tell your dad that
he doesn't need to cancel
any more appearances because
I have someone who can fill in for
me until I get back up on my feet,
and they're a very worthy substitute.
They'll be great. So just let him know.
Back in the car.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Let's go easy on the horn.
Sorry. I just got excited. I'm
ready to burn the world down.
We got the kids.
- They're all pumped up on soda.
- Yeah.
- We got signs.
- I am sorry to say,
I gotta bow out today.
You're not coming.
I thought I could leave her,
but every time I turn my back,
she's up again, she's taking risks.
She just doesn't know
how to stop unless I'm
Watching over her? What are
you, the husband or the warden?
Sorry. I shouldn't joke.
You're a great husband.
And it's obvious that
you're working so hard.
You look exhausted.
Sometimes when the body
and spirit need mending,
it's up to me to be the tailor.
I'm just nervous.
PBS SoCal is coming, and
you're the voice of this thing.
I don't know how we're supposed
to speak for it without you.
No. Look, just speak
from the heart, okay.
Who cares if it sounds a
little primitive or unformed?
All great social movements
throughout history,
it started with an amateur
just doing the best they could.
Well, since you're not coming with us
What do you got there?
Is this for me?
It is avocado and Gouda on pumpernickel.
There's a little chili
lime salt in there as well.
I go to the Mexican market to get it.
You really are something
else, aren't you?
Get outta here. Go and save the world.
- Bye.
- Yeah.
Here we have a grilled cheese
sandwich, my especialidad.
It's packed with frozen spinach.
Obviously it's not frozen anymore,
but it is very high in iron.
You know I can get up to eat.
No, no, no. You are not going anywhere.
You're gonna relax. And you're
gonna let me take care of you.
Fatten you up so he can
get you pregnant again.
I'm feeling a lot better, I promise.
Hey. Nice pants.
That blood on your shirt?
If you say so. Where are
they keeping your mom?
What if I told you that you could get
- Start over.
- Imagine you could have any kind of
Start over.
I need your help.
There it is.
They fire you? Suspend you?
What happened?
I had a medical setback,
and rather than let them
put me out to pasture,
I thought that you could fill in.
So, me on stage without you there?
Just for a bit, till I'm better.
When you knock me back down again?
I'd pay you double what you made before.
Why me?
They can't find some curly-haired
clone to hop into your leotards?
I'm sure they could,
but there's no one like you,
Bunny. There's no one better.
With your finesse, your talent,
- your experience
- Yeah, yeah.
So, what's wrong with you anyway?
The medical thing.
I had to have emergency surgery
to remove a twisted ovary.
Gross. When?
- On the same day as my father's funeral.
- Fuck off.
You're serious.
Yeah. As I said, that's
why I need your help.
I've already written your
check, along with a guide
just with some notes on crowd
engagement to keep things consistent.
You took all my moves, and now
you're telling me how to do them.
- I have evolved things considerably.
- You're a piece of fucking work.
I know you need this.
Don't fight it just 'cause
you got a bruised ego.
Do yourself a favor for once.
You're going to figure this out.
You can think bigger, better.
On the other hand,
you can't even handle
Stahl/Grunner's mouth-breathing,
frat boy, nepotism hire.
Maybe you don't have the secret.
Maybe you don't have the sauce.
Maybe you're just stewing in your
own almost-was never-will-be
PBS SoCal's on. I knew
you wouldn't wanna miss it.
Come on, sweetie.
Surfers, developers,
Who guides California's
environmental future?
According to a new
group that calls itself
the Environmental Youth Enterprise,
the future belongs to children.
But who's leading them?
I'd lower your expectations.
They're probably just
gonna reuse footage
from my stump from the protest.
I was raised on this beach.
I took my first steps on this beach.
And never in my worst nightmares
did I think I would lose this beach.
John Breem, you have no shame.
The John Breem he refers to
is San Diego's most prominent
commercial developer.
His firm has a 30-year lease
on the cove with the city.
- God.
- It's like John Lennon said,
"Possession isn't
nine-tenths of the law.
It's nine-tenths of the problem."
The idea that you could possess
the sea, the sky, the earth,
it's a twisted capitalist fantasy.
There you have it.
Our children, our future,
will be heard from yet.
Okay. Well
That's what we wanted,
the kids out front.
So, that's great.
Great. Yeah.
Sheil, what are you doing with those?
- The weights?
- Yeah, the weights.
The doctor didn't say anything
about an upper body
workout being a problem.
- It's very gentle
- I don't care.
I didn't give up on my responsibilities
so that you could just
backslide like this.
I didn't ask you to
give anything up, okay.
You should've gone to the beach.
Only, maybe you suspected
that you weren't needed there,
and now everyone with
a television knows it.
I'm gonna assume that
those are the meds talking.
Look what I drew!
Don't touch what's not yours!
And you wanna have another one?
Come on, sweetie.
Let's go to the park.
Mommy needs to rest.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Are you that weak?
You can't leave your husband.
You can't run your business.
So, you take it out on your child?
You think she'll ever
forget what you said?
You'll be indelibly cruel in her memory.
But that makes sense, right?
Your mom fucks up her
kid. You fuck up yours.
On and on until your granddaughter
ODs on a bus station bathroom floor,
with no friends.
You're not better. You're worse.
Just go. Go.
You're not better than this.
You're not better than this.
You've never been better than this.
- What the hell is this?
- What?
- Who's meeting you here?
- What?
- You don't mess with people like this.
- You need to leave.
- You don't make them think one thing
- You need to leave. Leave, please!
Get out of here. Get out! Get out!
They think they can just buy us off.
For a few weeks at least.
They get to paper over all the
pain they cause with fucking cash.
- Must be nice, huh?
- Well, we need it.
And you grow up thinking, like,
the good overtakes the bad.
You know, the gnarly shrinks
in the face of the mondo?
This is a shit box of lies.
If we wanna win,
we're gonna have to start
speaking their language.
You mean yuppie asshole?
I mean blackmail.
I got something on them.
Something real bad.
You got something?
On Sheila and her husband?
Not her husband.
You're bleeding.
I've got a field kit
in the trunk of my car.
- I can go and get it.
- No. Don't.
At least let me
My dad died.
Two weeks ago.
And then I had to have this operation.
But it's
It's fine. It's over.
I'm sorry.
I hadn't heard from you, so
I got a little
I'm sorry.
No, you thought I was coming
here to see someone else.
It's much worse than that.
I am someone else when I come here.
It's disgusting, but it's me.
You don't have to stay.
You can go. It's okay.
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