Physical (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

Don’t You Want to Watch

Oh, no.
Mr. Breem. I didn't see you there.
You're sneaky.
Five-second rule, right?
But only if we could eat in here.
Which we can't,
so I'll just put that in there.
How can I help you, sir?
I need a security tape from last night,
camera eight.
Sassy Colors has
some unaccounted for merchandise.
Wait, Sassy Colors got robbed?
We don't wanna jump to conclusions.
It could be anything.
Could be a raccoon.
You know, they can lift objects.
One of them ripped the face
off my buddy's cat.
- Tommy.
- The tape.
[TOMMY] Oh, shit.
Someone must've forgotten
to load the tape.
And that someone was [SIGHS,
CLEARS THROAT] trained by me.
Sir, I take full responsibility.
I owe you and the good people
of Sassy Colors a sincere apology.
I fucked up.
Mistakes are how we learn.
Just don't make the same one twice.
Sir, you have my word on that.
Take care, sir.
All right,
let's get back to business. [SIGHS]
[TYLER] Holy shit!
- Holy shit is right, bro.
- Oh!
Mormon boss man jacking it
in his own mall.
They're not even allowed to jerk off
in their own house.
- What?
- Yeah.
No, that's just cruel.
- You're not even seeing the best part.
- Dude. [CHUCKLES]
Look at the freaky housewife
flicking the bean on this other angle.
- Eh?
- See, right there.
Right there.
Oh, wow. That's intimate.
And also, really public.
Why would they do that?
I mean, you know,
maybe they got lost in the moment.
Like, really lost.
Boss man knows where the cameras are.
He put 'em in himself.
He came by to check on 'em this morning,
but sadly [SIGHS]
some stoner forgot to load the tapes.
He was super gracious about that error.
[SIGHS] Bet he was.
[SIGHING] Hey, good eye, bro.
Thanks, bro. I just look for the story.
- [PANTING] Baby.
- Uh-huh.
This is [BREATHES DEEPLY] This is
- This could save us.
- Yeah?
[LAUGHING] Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God! [SCREAMING]
Oh, my God.
[SCREAMS] Sweetie.
I di [SIGHS]
Good morning.
You scared me.
Where's Daddy?
Uh, in the bathroom, I think.
What kind of eggs do you want today?
Uh, sweetie, I know it was hard
seeing me a little sad and sick,
but I'm better now.
So I can make you whatever you want.
I just want cereal.
Okay. Perfect.
From Daddy.
You think you wanna punish me now?
Just wait. You have no idea.
All right. [SIGHS] Good morning.
Sun's up. Mom's up.
What's for breakfast?
Uh, cereal. She wants you to make it.
Okay. I can do that.
Let's see how fast I can go.
Daddy lightning!
One! Two!
Uh, just a reminder, I'm out all day.
I have a big meeting in Los Angeles.
Yeah, well,
we have a pretty big day ourselves.
Don't we?
Little Cadets, I signed her up.
Little Cadets? I thought we decided
that was a little paramilitary for us?
Yeah, but, you know, some of the moms
were talking about it at drop-off,
and I kinda thought, "Eh," you know?
- Oh, some moms, huh?
- [DANNY] Here you go, sweetie.
[DANNY] Yeah.
Like Wanda?
Yeah, uh-huh. She was there.
She was one of them. Why? Jealous?
Tell him. Who you are, what you do.
You know, I did scouts when I was a kid,
and I loved it.
They gave us Buck knives. Big ones.
I want a knife.
Yeah, of course you do.
I wish I still had mine.
I kept it in a sheath.
And we got to shoot arrows.
Wait till you get to shoot an arrow.
It feels so good.
You'll have the car today
'cause Greta's driving me.
Oh, where?
- To LA, for the meeting.
- Hey, we gotta eat.
If you wanna go, we gotta eat.
There you go.
He doesn't care. He doesn't need to.
This is your dream, all yours.
You want a cup? Just finished brewing.
[SCOFFS] Just kidding, I know.
Apologies for coming unannounced.
Your father liked to do that too.
Unplanned visits make us
feel less guilty, don't they?
Come on in.
I'm not sure about this suit.
I was going for chairman of the board,
but I feel like mother of the bride.
I love this look.
This is the perfect
blend of professional,
and, like,
you're so pretty I want to kill you.
- [SHEILA] Hi.
- Hi.
If it isn't the crown
princess of cardio.
Looking just as good out of a leotard
as you do in one.
Ah, so, we're looking good.
How are we feeling
after everything you've been through?
- Rested.
- Excellent.
I'm, uh, eager to, uh, talk to you
about the ideas I
have for steps forward.
Oh, I think that's wonderful.
- You've taken an interest in strategy.
- Hmm.
[CARTWRIGHT] You know,
not a lot of the talent does that.
I actually prepared a summary sheet.
- Firstly
- Ah.
I love what you have me doing so far.
The trade shows
and the personal appearances.
But I am committed
to growing my business
beyond just the how-to market
into more of a lifestyle brand.
Well, we can certainly discuss
what's in store for your next tape.
Maybe a jazzy new font for the sleeve?
Wha What I would love is to expand
into exercise equipment and clothing
and cookbooks.
It's all there on the summary sheet.
A road map to my own lifestyle brand.
Your lifestyle brand?
The way we see it,
you are one important member
of the Stahl/Grunner family of brands.
[SHEILA] He's threatened.
Make it sound like his idea.
Well, remember when you talked
about making me a household name?
- Mm-hmm.
- This is really just a way to do that.
Only maybe a little faster
than you planned.
Hmm. You know, I'll tell you what.
I'll take a look at your ideas,
and I'll run 'em up the flagpole.
I thought you were the flagpole.
That's why I asked to meet with you.
Well, I am a flagpole,
but the founders weigh in.
They're still alive?
Yes. Mr. Stahl and Mr. Grunner
are still very much alive.
- Mr. Stahl a little more so.
He comes in most weeks,
opens his mail, has his soup.
Hmm. Well
Are you familiar with Vinnie Green?
He has these long-form television ads.
I'm familiar with infomercials.
[CHUCKLES] I don't sleep.
Oh, well then you must have seen him?
Yes, he's, uh, very m-memorable.
Uh, lively. A-A real character.
How many ways are there not to say gay?
Well, he started with a tape,
and now he's selling a whole weight loss
system direct to consumers.
He's appealing to a
very different sector
of the population than we are.
We are a family company.
If you catch my drift.
[SHEILA] If? You'd have to be an idiot.
Well, like it or not,
direct to consumer is the future.
And I'm not talking thousands of units.
I'm talking millions. Millions.
Can you see it, Auggie? Because I can.
You know what I can see?
You signing a contract with us.
Remember that?
Now, I don't wanna say you owe us,
but, well, you do.
You owe us.
And since we're already out-of-pocket
because of your difficulties of late
Uh, I had a medical issue.
I It was completely
out of my control.
We're gonna need you
to stick to the plan. Our plan.
Thanks for stopping by.
And under.
And now, you guessed it!
Over, and back under again.
I practiced this exact same way
with my mother,
and my mother practiced
this exact same way with her mother.
Can you believe that?
- [TROOP LEADER] What's next? Over!
- Hey.
That's right. Under.
I'm sorry, but she's got them sewing.
And not even not even sewing-sewing.
It's pretend-sewing, and it's pathetic.
It looks like she's having fun.
Yeah, that's 'cause
she doesn't know any different.
God, just seeing these little girls
being trained
for this domestic, submissive behavior
at such a young age Just
You'd prefer they learn it
when they get a bit older?
Like, maybe in their first marriages?
N-No, I don't want it to happen at all.
That would be great.
- Oh, wow! That is really good.
- Hmm?
I'm not even an oatmeal raisin guy,
but that is excellent.
- Wow. Yeah.
- Thank you.
[SIGHS] You haven't said anything
about, um, what happened on television?
I wasn't sure if you were happy
with the PBS SoCal piece.
I hadn't heard from you.
I heard from a lot of other people.
Yeah, this, uh, commercial talent agency
called me and wanted to talk about Leo.
I said, "My son is not
selling hamburgers on TV."
Uh-huh. Yeah, no, it was, um
It was, you know, great. It was nice.
And Leo was really great.
It was actually really disappointing.
Instead of actually
talking about real issues,
they decided to play the cute kid card.
It was emotional manipulation
over substance,
which is what happens anytime
you combine television and politics.
Okay, so you are
jealous of a 12-year-old?
That's a wild oversimplification
of my point.
You know, I had a sense deep down
that you were a jerk.
Not even that deep down,
come to think of it.
I What?
[STAMMERS] You wanna know what I am?
I'm a straight shooter, okay?
I tell people like it is,
and oftentimes that gets me in trouble.
What do you want me to do? I can't
apologize for having strong views
about an organization that,
let's face it
Daddy! Do you like mine?
[SIGHS] I, um
I love you, sweetie.
I love you.
[SHEILA] Running it up the flagpole
is just another way of saying no.
Stay the course.
Forget embracing new ideas.
Maybe. But maybe they just need time
to think about it.
Ernie takes his time with new ideas.
Does happen.
They think they're smarter than I am
about this,
- and they're they're not even
- No way, Jose.
He kept saying they're a family company.
They don't know anything about families.
And they don't know
anything about women.
What we want or how we think and
[GASPS] I love that bag.
Oh, can you see me with that bag?
Yes, I can.
You should get it. Treat yourself.
Oh, I can't. I mean, I can, but I can't.
It's too much.
Not important. Sorry, I'm all yours.
You know, I should just be grateful
that I got to make the tape at all,
and I should just do whatever they
tell me 'cause they're the experts.
You don't believe that.
- Buy the purse.
- I can't.
I shouldn't.
Oh, it's too much.
You're rich.
It just doesn't feel like me.
Oh, gosh! We should be
getting back, yeah? This was fun.
Would you be okay
with making one more stop?
[BUNNY] Only you would sit on this
for four months.
My pure of heart babe.
You know, I don't like to judge people
on their choices.
It's their fucking choice, you know?
And some people make dumb choices
that they pay for.
And ultimately, that's what swayed me.
Actions have consequences.
You create a harbor, you kill the wave.
You steal my girl's
moves, you're a poser.
And if you fuck with us, we will f
Oh, ooh, look, he's pulling in.
You're so hot when you're like this.
- All dialed in
- Don't distract me. We're working here.
We've got a lot to figure out. We
gotta see what we're working with here.
Hang on. It's not Breem. It's
the wife.
As good as it is to see you, uh,
are we eventually going to get to
what brings you by?
Can't say for sure.
Intriguing start.
Not that I care one way or another.
Human company is always welcomed here.
I've been known to conversate
with seagulls from time to time, so
How's that go?
They are terrible listeners. [CHUCKLES]
Hey, John.
Um [STAMMERS] due to capital
infusions into the marina project,
your dividend will, uh
And dividends across the board
for all the original investors
will be less than in
quarters passed. So
Sounds good, John.
Sounds good.
I'm wanting to make the same mistake.
I mean, I do and I don't,
wanna make the same mistake he did.
That That Dad did.
You're gonna have to be more specific.
- All right. Now's our chance. Come on.
- Okay.
- Come on!
Hi, Mr. Green?
Mr. Green, I'm so sorry to bother you
- Oh, no, no, ladies.
No, we can't do autographs today.
No. No, no.
- But I love you. [CHUCKLES]
Oh, that's a great blazer.
Thanks. I, uh, um
I need to talk to you.
About what, sweetheart?
Ah, just how you became you.
[SHEILA] Nice one, dingbat.
Let us buy you lunch.
We only need an hour. [CHUCKLES]
Whatever his consulting fee is,
we'll double it.
Oh, you do think this is what we've
been waiting for?
I do think it might be.
Do you know what's
waiting for you later?
[WHISPERING] What is this?
- Oh, babe.
- [VINNIE] I would not miss it.
- I would not miss it.
Oh, my God.
Over time,
Porter stopped wearing his altogether.
[BREEM] This was his.
No shit. [CHUCKLES]
I wish you two
[SIGHS] I wish he would've
followed the righteous path.
- Look, you may know what that is,
but I certainly don't. [CHUCKLES]
Oh, yeah, I certainly do.
Well, congratulations.
- That must be nice.
- It isn't.
Not anymore.
I'm seeing other paths. Other
[SIGHS] I don't know.
I'm not sure what to
say, John. Honestly.
But I can tell you
that we were happy with our arrangement.
- We were.
A happy man doesn't go and
He was unhappy for other reasons.
His life didn't give him
all that he needed,
but I've never, not for a second, felt
responsible for what he was lacking.
For what he needed.
And what did he need?
What do you need?
I need someone to tell me
it's okay to leave it all behind.
No one's ever gonna tell you that.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
I, um I should go.
But now that you've said it out loud
She must've dropped a couple thousand
in there.
Money means nothing to these people.
See what I'm talking about?
How much should we ask for?
Sky's the limit, I think.
She can't even carry
all the bags she bought.
- Makes me sick.
- [TYLER] Oh.
I always ask for the dressing on
the side. Otherwise, what a waste.
You take a beautiful salad,
and you drown it in sugar and fat.
And don't get me started on Cobb salads.
It's a bacon cheeseburger
without the bun. [CHUCKLES]
You know, we're working on a
a line of fat-free salad dressings,
but we're still zhuzhing the flavors.
Marika is very particular about flavors.
And Marika is?
Oh, the beautiful woman
I share my home with.
[SHEILA] Oh, God.
Well, I was just curious
My father came to this country
with nothing.
He washed dishes in a restaurant
and slept on the floor.
Worked his way up to owning 40
sandwich franchises all over the South.
And boy, did he want me to walk
in his footsteps, but I had other plans.
[SHEILA] This thing doesn't have
a pause button, does it?
On the dance floor.
Oh, dance was my passion.
But nobody was gonna hire me as a hoofer
when I looked like a heifer, you know?
I was a big kid.
Being forced to work all day and night
in a sandwich shop will do that to you.
[GRETA] Well, your father must be
very proud of you now.
Oh, we don't speak.
Well, I'm a fitness instructor.
I started in the studio,
and then I made my first, um
- I know who you are.
- Oh.
- I've seen the tape.
- Oh!
[CHUCKLING] The workout.
Wow. Thank you.
For what? He didn't compliment you.
Marika shows me things from time to time
if she thinks
I might find them interesting.
Well, I just fell into it.
I fell in love with aerobics
and what it could do for me,
and I wanted to share that with others.
I danced too.
Oh! Ballet? I'm guessing from your form.
Yes, that's right.
I could never lift my leg higher
than a footstool.
But you can get away with it
in modern and jazz.
I really was just curious
how you made that transition
from tape to television.
You know, I'm having a hard time
getting my people to really listen
to my suggestions.
Oh, easy.
- I don't have people.
- Okay, but then how do you
Five years ago,
I was working in a dance studio,
praying for a promotion from desk duty.
I met Marika.
And she believed in me.
And that's all it took for me to
take control of my life and my future.
One beautiful woman who truly believed.
I control my own name.
I control my own business.
And nobody tells me what to do or say.
Except Marika?
Well, everyone needs a partner.
You two have each
other, which is a start.
Oh, no, sorry. We're not together.
We're just friends. [CHUCKLES]
I would love to have more control, but
I'm in a contract with Stahl/Grunner.
I can't just walk away.
Some of us are never ready
to leave Daddy's house,
however unfeeling
or cruel Daddy was to us.
Am I right about that?
[SHEILA] Easy guess.
He doesn't know you.
I know I am because I had it too.
[SHEILA] Don't you get sucked in
by this cheap trick.
- Oh, my gosh. I think you are.
Sorry. Sorry, I just hate seeing you
You deserve better
- than what you settle for, that's all.
- Mmm. Mm-hmm.
Is she right? Is that what you do?
No one's making any decisions.
mess with people like this.
You know,
I'm starting a line of workout tights
called Vinnie's Skinnies.
It's a patented moisture-wicking fabric
that will revolutionize fitness attire.
I'd love to talk to you about being
one of our sales partners.
Marika can get in touch
if you're interested?
- [TYLER] She just looked so
- Yeah.
Like my mom when she'd spend
all dinner watching the clock,
just getting tighter and tighter.
[SIGHS] This thing,
this could cause a lot of pain.
Like, we could open up a world of hurt.
I don't wanna be the one
that goes around, like, stabbing people.
I especially don't wanna stab kids.
No, I couldn't live with that
on my conscience.
Like, kids are innocent.
The only pure thing in this world.
But in a lot of ways,
we're on the kids' side.
They hurt her.
They hurt them. It's not us.
[CHUCKLES] We made a mistake once.
When we signed up
for that cassette tape club?
When we let Sheila convince us
that she had the power.
But we have righteousness on our side,
and that's something you can't buy.
- [CHUCKLING] Yeah, that's my girl.
- [MAYA] Yay!
- [CHUCKLING] Wha Hey, guys.
- Hey.
What, uh What's going on out here?
Well, uh, Little Cadets didn't turn out
to be quite what we expected,
so we decided to take matters
into our own hands.
How about you? How was your day?
Uh, I You know, it wasn't too
different than that. [CHUCKLES]
Is that safe, babe?
N-No. [SCOFFS] That's the point.
It's pretty dangerous.
- I mean, it's knives. [CHUCKLES]
- Okay.
- Let's do another one. Ready?
You're gonna set your elbow,
you're gonna aim it at the wood
and throw it as hard as you can.
Bunny. Tyler. [CHUCKLES]
I wasn't expecting you guys.
Uh, did you have some questions
on the notes for my routine?
No. I won't be doing your routine.
Uh, I I thought we had agreed?
Then I looked at the check,
and you were short.
About $24,500 short.
Look [CHUCKLES] I told you
I was inspired by your class.
I enjoyed your class.
But it was a start, okay?
I don't owe you anything.
What I've created is
mine and mine alone.
No, Sheila, it's not.
But that's not why we're here.
We're here because of what you
and that tight-ass Mormon are doing
on this security tape from the mall.
When you were yanking à la mode.
[DANNY] Babe? Who is it?
It's It's, uh It's just Avon.
I'll I'll be right in.
You're bluffing.
- No, I'm a terrible liar.
He has no poker face.
I always thought you were kinda cold,
but publicly jacking it
with a married man?
Mormons aren't even allowed to jack it.
Uh, who wants to learn how to be healthy
from someone so messed up?
- Twenty-five grand.
Or we send it to his wife,
your business partners,
oh, and Danny.
One week.
Either we get money,
or we get to watch you get destroyed.
Either way, we are, like, psyched!
[SOFTLY] Oh, my God.
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