Picnic at Hanging Rock (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 APPLEYARD: Good morning, girls.
GIRLS: Good morning, Mrs.
APPLEYARD: Some of your companions Irma Leopold, Marion Quade, Miranda Reid, and your poor, dear teacher Miss McCraw Have managed to lose themselves at Mount Diogenes.
A search is being undertaken to retrieve them.
Edith Horton is recuperating in the guest room.
She is not to be disturbed.
I have decided that you may rest this morning.
You will go straight up after breakfast.
You may read.
You may sew.
You may not worry your parents by writing letters home.
Am I understood? GIRLS: Yes, Mrs.
BUMPHER: Gentlemen, the girls have spent all night out here.
They'll be frightened.
So, when we find them, go easy.
MAN: Miss McCraw! Hoo-ee! MAN: Irma! Miss Leopold! MAN 2: Miranda! This is the colonel's nephew, the Honorable Michael Fitzhubert.
How do you do? Call me Mike.
You were both here yesterday.
Yeah, the girls came straight past us.
Yes, I-I followed them, but not far.
BUMPHER: Why? MIKE: I don't know.
They were so determined, as if they were on a mission.
And the leader she was completely in her element.
It was marvelous to see her.
Then, suddenly they they disappeared.
BUMPHER: The eyes can play tricks out in the bush.
I know what I saw.
Leave this to the locals, sir.
The gentry aren't much use in these matters.
What's that? Look.
The nig-nog's found something.
Ask him what it is.
I don't need lessons in police work, and if you have to come sightseeing, keep away from the edge.
- No time to rescue you as well.
- MAN: Hoo-ee! I heard they use this place for initiations.
Boys to men, that sort of thing.
Those girls have been ate and shat out by now.
There's no need for that sort of talk.
They're ladies.
Show some respect.
MAN: Miranda! Hoo-ee! Tom, lock the gates, including the side gate.
We don't need any nosy parkers prying into college affairs.
Pardon me, ma'am, but there's a meat delivery today.
Then, Mr.
Whitehead, you may work by the front gate so that you can hear the butcher's cart.
Yes, ma'am.
Lock every door.
[FOOTFALLS APPROACHING] If this is a prank, there will be serious repercussions.
Greta would never agree to a prank.
Greta McCraw is both rational and dependable Rare traits in a woman.
She's probably spent the night out there, searching.
It horrifies me to imagine it.
Let's find out why Edith screamed.
Tell us exactly what happened.
My piece of cake was the smallest, - so I had a bit of Myrtle's.
- Mm-hmm.
Speak up.
I never had two whole pieces.
It was a pretty cake, yes? It had flies on it.
Miss McCraw said we should have gone to the Bendigo Museum instead.
MACKENZIE: Edith, did you and the other girls attempt to climb Hanging Rock? They made me.
MACKENZIE: And what happened? My tummy hurt.
I went to sleep.
It's true.
We all did.
Then they left me there.
Where did the others go? Speak up, Edith! [CRYING]: They left me all alone there.
Have you told my mom? [SOBBING]: I want my mom! Too much sun.
She needs to recover her senses.
- Ah.
- Ah.
MAN: Irma! - BUMPHER: Marion! - Hello! - MAN 2: Marion! - Miranda! MAN 3: Hoo-ee! Miranda! MAN 2: Irma! BUMPHER: Keep moving, gentlemen.
MAN 3: Hoo-ee! What's wrong? ALBERT: Must be getting late.
Same as yesterday.
A disturbance in the magnetic field.
The blacks won't stay out here after dark.
Why not? They believe it's haunted.
Right, Joe? JOE: He can jump you.
Then you carry that ghost.
What ghost? Tomorrow at first light.
Anyone who can spare another day.
Get some rest, Edith.
[INSECTS BUZZING] BUMPHER: When you arrived, was there anyone else about? Only the Fitzhubert party - and the two horsemen.
- What? - Two horsemen? - Oui.
With no couth.
BUMPHER: What does that mean? Well, they stared at the girls.
They were wearing strange hats.
The fashion of a bygone era.
Why didn't you tell me this before? They left as we arrived.
Irma! Girls? You say y-you were at your post, uh, the entire time.
You didn't even go to the privy? Mrs.
Fitzhubert and I are camels we hold our water.
As I said, I was reading.
I might have dozed off for a few minutes, but no more than that.
How long would you say Mr.
Fitzhubert was up on the rock? - Uh, couldn't say.
- Come on, mate.
One hour? Three hours? Two days? BUMPHER: When you first got to the picnic ground, was there anyone else there? There were two horses tethered.
Stock horses.
Fine specimens.
- Chestnut and a bay.
- And the riders? Can't recall seeing them, now you ask.
Could these two riders have frightened the girls? No, it It was a joyous picnic.
In my opinion, they have tried to leave the rock, and became lost on the road I'm interested in facts, not opinions.
Opinions are not gonna solve this case.
When did our misfortune become a case? Well, if we don't find them by the end of this week Then get back out there.
I have a couple more questions, - Mrs.
- Find them, and now.
There is only one question: where are they?! [BIRDS SQUAWKING] BUMPHER: Colonel Fitzhubert's been kind enough to lend his best hound.
Miss Irma's.
Miss Miranda's.
Miss Marion's.
Miss McCraw's.
Here you go.
[SNIFFING] Here, boy, come here.
Come on, let's go.
- [DOG BARKING] - Down.
MAN: What's he got there? MIKE: I was bringing it to you.
Why didn't you bring it to me yesterday? - I didn't want to stand accused.
- Of what? [SCOFFS] We're wasting our time here.
Sit down, Mr.
MAN: Marion! MAN 2: Hoo-ee! You ever read Sherlock Holmes stories? The science? The new world? It's gonna change policing.
All men are equal in the eyes of science Rich, poor, lowborn, highborn.
You know, out here, there's this thing called the bush telegraph.
I'm Melbourne-born A city man like yourself But my wife, she's a local.
And she heard, on the bush telegraph, that you were in some sort of strife, sent here for your own good.
Must have disgraced yourself good and proper to be sent this far.
I think you'll find there's no science to gossip, Sergeant.
Why would you keep a stocking? As a lucky charm.
She was so free.
I don't expect you to understand.
Go back to Lake View, Mr.
MAN 2: Hoo-ee! - Irma! - Marion! -Irma! Hoo-ee! Joe and I'll go up.
You wait here.
I've been tracking a long time.
This doesn't make sense.
There are no tracks here, nothing.
But I found that down at the bottom.
Do you own a pocketknife, sir? - I say! - MIKE: It's fine.
I've nothing to hide.
Obviously my nephew knows nothing about this unfortunate business.
Why is it obvious? He's a Fitzhubert man.
Be careful not to rise above your station, Sergeant.
Good day.
DORA: We're all wondering what has happened to our missing companions, and we're all thinking the worst.
Let's think about Jesus instead.
Nails through his hands and through his precious feet.
A crown of thorns jammed onto his head.
His body left hanging out in the weather for days.
Put in a dark cave called a sepulchre.
A stone rolled across the entrance of that cave, and it was dark as pitch.
Dark as a grave.
Dark as the Hanging Rock.
Shut up, you evil goblin! [GIRLS LAUGHING] Jesus have pity on you, Sara.
Mary went to the sepulchre.
Suddenly, dead Jesus was standing right behind her.
Believe in Jesus, and the dead they will rise again.
Girls, I would like you all to welcome Miss Irma Leopold.
ALL: How do you do, Miss Leopold? How do you do, ladies? I hope we shall soon be the best of friends.
- Morning, Miss Leopold.
- How do you do, Miss Leopold? Hello, Miss Leopold.
[OVERLAPPING CHATTER] You'll soon fit in.
I'm Miss Miranda Reid, and this is Miss Marion Quade.
This is my ward, Sara Waybourne.
Welcome, Sara.
I do hope we shall soon be the best of friends.
Cosgrove, you've chosen a busy day to arrive.
Might I make a suggestion? I believe it would be beneficial for Sara to share a room with an older girl.
Uh, what about.
Miss Miranda Reid's room? Um, space for one more? She can't make you move out of our room.
Please don't go on my account.
I-I'll find somewhere else.
Oh, please.
You may be sharing with Miss Reid, but don't think that entitles you to any seniors' privileges.
Unpack and then come straight downstairs.
Receive your timetable and your roster of duties.
- Yes, Miss Lumley.
- Good.
Poor stray puss.
It's not your fault.
It's how things are here.
There's oodles of space in my room.
- Really? - Yes.
Appleyard would never agree.
She'll do whatever I want.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
I can always tell about people, as soon as I meet them.
Bare feet like a slum child.
Left hand.
Palm up.
Palms up.
[SHOUTING] [SOFTLY CRYING] Good night, Sara.
Go to your room.
Miranda will sleep in here tonight.
I-I know where Mrs.
Appleyard keeps her special brandy, for the pain.
[CRYING] [CRYING] Thank you, Sara.
Now, good night.
But - I found - I said good night, Sara.
[MIRANDA CRYING] VALANGE: I had an exciting adventure recently.
I visited.
Mount Diogenes.
Why people set sail to visit temples and churches, when we have miracles like this right on our doorstep? Have you ever visited the Sistine Chapel, miss? I have, as it happens, Irma.
Not in a golden carriage, of course, like yourself.
[GIRLS LAUGHING] I tramped from one end of Italy to the other.
There's no denying it's heavenly, but I have a fondness for rocks.
My sister and I visited Stonehenge when we were your age.
We made a sacred vow to the bandrui, ancient priestesses.
They were young ladies like yourselves, but they lived in the forest and they hunted wild animals.
They could tell the future by reading entrails.
What are entrails? Animal guts.
[DISGUSTED MURMURING] MARION: Are there bandrui at Mount Diogenes? VALANGE: We live in modern times.
The Druids were ancients, but the Hanging Rock is even older.
Is that what it's called, the Hanging Rock? Heaven knows what went on there.
All great rocks have their stories.
And did your vow come true? A vow is not a wish, Miranda.
It is a promise you make in front of a sacred witness to your secret self, and woe betide you if you break it.
MAN: Miranda! MAN 2: Irma! MAN 3: Marion! I'm calling it off.
Day seven.
Small search party of trusted souls retrace our steps for the umpteenth time.
I am ending the official search as of the 21st day of February, 1900.
Presumed dead.
MAN: Watch your step.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Albert said they stopped searching.
It's over.
Rum business.
Surely there's still a chance.
It's been a week.
If it had been a hardened man, perhaps, but four young ladies? About this soiree, do Do you think, given the circumstances, that We can't cancel.
It's an event.
People come up for it.
More people than ever this year.
Semper progredi.
It seems heartless.
Always go on.
I understand, sir, but don't you think Canceling won't help anyone.
Michael, I don't know what happened at Cambridge with that other chap, but now you have an opportunity to prove you are an honorable young man.
Being falsely accused hit you hard, and now this strange business but we go on.
That's who we are.
The rest will follow.
Do what? Your aunt has invited the Spracks.
They're out from Home.
Their daughter's a fine filly.
Angela Sprack? Your aunt says she's lost the puppy fat.
Perhaps the intermediate girls might take their classes with the seniors.
One's eye is drawn to the empty chairs.
We need to keep them busy.
I was wondering if the girls might learn about federation.
- Politics? - Mmm.
The colonies united under one rule of law.
It's thrilling.
We're becoming a nation.
It's a new beginning and opportunity to do better.
Better than what? Appleyard College promises tradition.
[KNOCK AT DOOR] [DOOR OPENS] The search has been called off.
Thank you, Tom.
[DOOR CLOSES] Dianne? I am to blame.
It was me who told them about the Rock.
We have to look after these girls.
No one else will.
[SNIFFLES] - Here comes the widow Appleyard.
- Oh, here she comes.
[REPORTER CLEARS THROAT] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] - Lady Appleyard, any word? - Mrs.
Appleyard? How you bearing up, ma'am? Off to the Fitzhuberts' do, ma'am? That's cold, that is.
I don't know about this one.
There goes tomorrow's headline.
- [ALL LAUGH] - Yeah, right.
There's no one about.
What's going on? - Shh.
- Are they coming? Let's go see her.
- Her room's this way.
- Before they find us.
- Shh.
- Quietly.
- Tell us what happened.
- Yes, tell us.
- Edith, quickly, tell us.
- Are you okay? - What's wrong? - What's happened? We want you to tell us.
Appleyard said I could have a baby.
- [GIRLS GASP] - What? That's the thing of it.
[GIRLS GASP] I still feel awful.
Is it morning sickness, Edith? Must be.
A scream woke me.
[ECHOING SCREAM] It was the vilest sound, like fingernails - scraping down a blackboard.
- [NAILS SCRAPING] I called out.
"Marion?" "Irma?" - "Miranda?!" - [GIRLS GASP] - I ran.
- [FOOTFALLS RUNNING] There was something following me.
- I could hear it in the bushes.
- [LEAVES RUSTLING] Branches and leaves and stones going everywhere.
[PANTING] And the panting.
I could have broken my neck.
But I daren't, because then it would have taken me.
- Don't touch Miranda's things.
- [GASPING] [EXHALES SHARPLY] Don't creep about like an oyster! [SARA GASPS] [BREATHING SHAKILY] [DOOR CLOSES] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] You remember Miss Sprack.
WOMAN: To be lost in the bush, where there is nothing.
WOMAN 2: Or worse.
WOMAN 1: Nothing is worse than nothing.
WOMAN 2: If the Rothschild is being held for ransom, then MAN: Then God help the others.
ANGELA: Had you met them? MAN: At church on Sunday.
A more motley collection of girls you could not imagine.
Oh, how brave of you to come.
I thought my husband only invited you to chaperone Miss Leopold.
Appleyard is here - as my special guest.
- Oh.
Allow me to introduce you to the governor's wife.
I'm so sorry.
There's worse in the world than second-rate snobs.
You must be my spy, Aiden.
Perhaps our gracious hostess caught sight of the two riders.
Who were they? What were they doing there? The Hanging Rock is an attraction of some renown.
It could have been anyone from anywhere.
Leave it with me.
[ECHOING SCREAM] [DISTORTED CHATTER] DORA: "Daughter" "the news of your posting "weighs heavy upon me.
"Better you had drowned at sea "than be led once more by "by Satan "into those fierce friendships "with the weaker sex to which you are prone"? COLONEL: Friends, Melburnians, Mount Macedonians, lend me your ears.
[CHUCKLES] Welcome to our first soiree of the new century, a century which will be thrown at the feet of our great monarch, Victoria, Empress of India and Queen of Kingdoms United.
Victoria! - ALL: Victoria! - [APPLAUSE] COLONEL: And to your own good health.
[CROWD CHEERS] [INSECTS TRILLING] Fancy a dip? I better not.
Well, beer, then? [BOTTLES CLINKING] Did you ever want to be something? - Like what? - I don't know.
Like a butler.
[CHUCKLES] I always wanted a racehorse, but that's a bit more of a fancy.
I'm expected to be something.
I'd have thought being a Fitzhubert was enough.
Is being Albert Crundall enough? Oh, I wouldn't even know if my name is Crundall.
Dad used to change it every time we got into a tight spot.
How extraordinary.
Here, sit down.
I got 'em off a Japanese sailor.
Uh have you traveled much? Oh, here and there.
Born locally, though.
Dragged up in an orphanage in Bendigo for a while.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Ah, ten fingers and toes and all me faculties.
Yes, that's the ticket.
In honor of someone? Oh, I left a sister behind.
You have had a tough time of it.
That day.
Out at the Rock.
You were gone a while.
Yes, I I kept going in circles.
There's no landmarks in the bush.
You don't believe me.
I didn't say that.
I want to go back.
No police.
Just you and me.
That is, if you're willing to show me the ropes.
People suspect I had something to do with it.
I was the last person to see them.
I-I should have realized something was wrong.
- It's been a week.
- I know, but I - I have this feeling.
- Every inch of that rock's been gone over with a fine-tooth comb.
My whole life I've been expected to be something, to do something, but now I I want to do what I believe is right.
The girls are gone.
I'll go alone.
Thank you for the beer.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] APPLEYARD: Two riders in the hats of a bygone era.
You and your hats, Arthur.
[EXHALES] You're here at last.
[IN COCKNEY ACCENT]: I thought I'd got away.
[GUNSHOT] ARTHUR: Where the fuck are you? Jesus! Hester! Hester! Get out.
Come on.
Get a fucking move on.
[GRUNTS] [INSECTS TRILLING] Don't suppose you brought any tea? No.
Food? No.
Chaff for the horses? [LAUGHS] Bloody hopeless, you.
[GRUNTS] Plenty of landmarks.
You just have to look for them.
[BIRDS SQUAWKING] [WINGS FLAPPING] Ah, thought you got lost again.
Well, let's push off.
You know, Albert back home, one's future is set.
One is baptized with the family crest above one's head.
It's on the family crypt, as if one could be baptized and buried in the same day.
But it's not like that out here.
This place is timeless.
The past might be written in stone, but w-we're not.
We can be anything, Albert.
Ah, you've had a touch of the sun.
Come on.
There's still time for a pint at the Woodend Hotel, I'd say.
Not for me, I'm afraid.
The girls must be here somewhere.
Um where will you sleep? Yeah, what do I tell your uncle? - I could lose my job.
- No, that won't happen.
I promise you.
You aren't making any sense, Mike! Sod off! Go on! You tell them what you want! Tell them I've gone off my lolly! I don't care! But, Albert, those girls were young, like us! All right, all right, all right.
Calm down.
Look, uh we could say, uh, your horse picked up a stone and you're held up in Woodend.
I'll leave you the rest of the tucker.
Some of the girls are saying Edith has been bursting about a secret.
APPLEYARD: Secret? What secret? We must question Edith again.
All right, so we will climb together.
First, across a creek.
I jumped.
Yes, you are courageuse.
Now we walk along the path.
What path? There isn't even a track.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, shh.
Shh, shh, shh.
[HOOTS, ECHOES] Miranda! Miranda! There is a cloud.
A nasty, red cloud.
MADEMOISELLE: A sunset cloud? EDITH: No.
Bright red.
And that vile noise.
[HISSING] - [INDISTINCT SCREAMING] - [WHIMPERS] But a cloud can't scream, can it? APPLEYARD: Someone screamed? Who? I run, but I can still hear it even after I pass Miss McCraw.
I press into the rock to let her past, but she tells me to wait.
But I'm too scared.
MADEMOISELLE: Scared of what, Edith? [PANTING] EDITH: Of her.
She isn't wearing her skirt.
MADEMOISELLE: What do you mean? Just drawers.
Not even a petticoat.
She looks rude.
You're all right, mate.
We'll get you home.
She-she she's here.
[GROANS]: She's here.