Picnic at Hanging Rock (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 [GIRLS SCREAMING] You will make yourself dizzy, Irma.
MADEMOISELLE: That must be the nephew from London.
He is the one.
Il est le désir de mon coeur A woman can see everything necessary in the wink of an eye.
[GRUNTS] [LAUGHING] [GRUNTS] ALBERT: Whoopsy-daisy, Maisie.
You're simply amusing yourself without thinking of anyone else's feelings.
Une vraie petite salope.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] BUMPHER: So Miranda sat on a dead tree? IRMA: Yes, a dead tree.
To take off her shoes.
She's a tomboy, I'm afraid.
A-And what happened to your shoes? Uh, I think, perhaps, we should wait, Sergeant.
Hmm? We can't afford to wait.
Do you remember where you walked after that? We didn't walk.
We climbed.
Left or right? I get them muddled.
That way.
Left, then.
I remember a ledge.
We could see the picnic below.
I've never been up so high.
Of course, one has visited the Alps, but this was different.
Frightened me.
Why? Picnickers were so tiny.
Marion said, "As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods.
" So you girls were still together? Yes.
Then I saw someone.
Who? I thought I did, and then, uh, um I don't know.
I fell asleep.
Edith wasn't feeling well.
Is that why you were frightened because you saw someone? No.
I told you, Edith wasn't feeling well.
She was sniveling.
She had a tummy ache.
I said she should eat less.
A lady must never eat her fill.
Edith always has seconds, which is unheard of.
Appleyard should discourage it, but she doesn't.
Did you see anyone else up on the Rock? I can't think.
Try, Miss Leopold.
It's important.
I need to speak to Miranda.
What you need is rest.
Thank you, Sergeant.
- Spoon, please? - [WHIMPERING] Where is she? More broth? What day is it? MACKENZIE: A nice, big spoon full of sleep.
No broken bones, no bruises, no scratches.
If it wasn't for the dehydration, I'd say she spent the last nine days indoors.
Do you think she's lying? MACKENZIE: No, I'm saying it's a miracle.
BUMPHER: Well, will she ever remember? MACKENZIE: Scrambled eggs cannot be unscrambled.
BUMPHER: As a man of science, if you were to surmise, where are the others? MACKENZIE: Waiting to be found.
In a cave, perhaps.
Maybe they saw her fall, and panicked.
- BUMPHER: I'll get back out there.
- MACKENZIE: The odds aren't good, Bumpher.
Well, if one survived, why not the others? Mike.
Why'd you go back out there, sir? You feel somehow responsible? Don't you? BUMPHER: By the way, one of the maids told me that when they were disposing of Miss Leopold's clothing, there was no corset.
MACKENZIE: Well, let's keep that between ourselves, shall we? Had enough scandal already.
Even the foreign newspapers are in a tizzy.
It is my great pleasure to inform you that your friend Miss Irma Leopold has been found - and is safe and well.
- [WHOOPING, EXCITED CHATTER] She is recuperating at the Fitzhubert residence.
You may spend the next hour as you wish.
Indoors, until those wretched news hounds decamp.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] SARA: Where are the others? I want to speak to Irma! Leave her to me.
I need to speak to Irma! [CLOCK TICKING] Your heiress is intact.
Are you certain? Yes, absolutely.
And? Same story as Edith Horton: they climbed, stopped to rest.
That's all she remembers.
Do you believe her? The brain is a delicate mechanism, not unlike a clock.
It may stop in unusual or extreme conditions - and never return.
- Is that a yes? I don't know.
Not necessarily.
Could she have been taken elsewhere, and then returned to the Rock? Pay no attention to rumors, Hester.
This is a strange business.
You need a man to protect you, Hester.
Why don't I bunk in Whitehead's cottage until things settle down? No.
People would talk.
Well, let them.
I'm not suggesting that you relax your standards.
But we're a long way from Buckingham Palace.
[SCOFFS] Do you know, I laughed the first time I saw this house? A wall.
Like a parasol in a blizzard.
How can a wall protect us from what's out there? But it does.
It does, fortified by by standards and values.
One brick holds up the next.
So it is with the edicts of society.
If you and I were to do as we both would want the spell would break, and it would all fall down.
The wall has already been breached.
Not yet.
Not yet, Aiden.
My college will survive.
No, this needs to be quarantined or it will spread.
Mischief, Tom.
Take it down.
[SPEAKS FRENCH] [SHORT CHUCKLE] Comme vous êtes belle.
I brought you some of your favorite clothes.
This belongs to the colonel's wife.
Have you heard from Mama? Well, there has come a telegraph, from your father.
He forbids you to return to us.
You are to sail home, into his care.
I'm sorry.
Et ma mère? Well, she and your stepfather are still in South America.
They may not have seen the newspapers, and we have not corresponded with all the parents yet.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] You know, when you were found, we hoped the others might also be alive and well.
Even if you telegraphed her, she wouldn't come.
She's chosen him.
You are mistaken.
A mother always loves her children best.
That's simply not true.
She always believes him.
Who? Your stepfather? She never believes me.
Anyway, it doesn't matter now, not after what has happened.
Tell me.
He is here.
[CHUCKLES] He found me.
He saved my life.
I intend to marry him.
The Honorable Michael Fitzhubert.
But, Irma, what happened? What happened at the picnic? - Where are the others? - I can't.
[SPEAKS FRENCH] When I try to remember, it's as if ants are swarming inside my head.
Mack says I have to rest.
Um thank you so much for visiting.
I will sit with you.
I want to sleep.
You may go now.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] DORA: I do this upon my wretched knees.
I am now and forever your servant.
McCRAW: Scotland.
And these wee spots are the Outer Hebrides.
MARION: What a long way you've traveled.
Were you afraid of leaving home? I was more afraid of staying.
How far is it? I thought it would be far enough.
I thought it would be a new world.
Instead, you've ended up in a mad museum.
- [LAUGHS] - [DORA HARRUMPHS] How long would it take you, traveling at 18 knots, to travel 10,900 miles? MARION: Well, um, uh, 18 knots is approximately [FADES OUT]: 1.
25 miles [WHIMPERS] [PRAYING INDISTINCTLY] [GASPS] You'll never guess what I found in Miss McCraw's room.
Haven't even shown Mrs.
Appleyard yet.
Unnatural vice.
They're all so happy about the Rothschild being found.
The Jewess.
The enemy of our Lord.
- Oh, this is extraordinary.
- [EXCLAIMS] Inverts.
- Reg, it's mine.
- Well, what's mine is mine and what's yours is ours.
- Just like Father! - Don't you All right.
All right.
But, if I may show it to Mrs.
Appleyard first? Never deliver bad news, Dora.
People always shoot the messenger.
Number of times I've been blamed.
Stay vigilant, sister mine.
IRMA: Let me have him, Miri.
I don't want him.
Then why flirt? I wasn't.
Imagine Mama's face if I was turned up married.
To someone entirely suitable.
I'd like to see that.
To be happy, instead of chastened and begging for forgiveness.
How furious she'd be.
I'll be in your debt forever.
It was all Albert.
He climbed down the Rock to get you.
He's a champion.
But you found me.
Your aunt told me you searched through the night.
I kept seeing you all jump over the creek.
You all looked so happy.
Except for the young one, of course.
Miranda looked as if she might take wing.
I'm sorry.
God, I'm hopeless.
I talk about you all as if we were introduced.
I don't mind.
I feel as if we know each other, too.
Please, call me Irma.
The Hanging Rock is always in my thoughts.
As in mine.
Mike, no one's let me see the newspapers.
How many days ago was the picnic? How long was I at the Rock? Come along.
You don't want to say.
Was I really gone for nine days? I thought I must have misheard.
I'm afraid so.
I don't remember it.
But there's nothing wrong with my mind.
I remember everything else.
Quite clearly.
I am gonna start a file for crackpots, a file for loonies, and a file for bored pests.
[CLEARS THROAT] Reginald Lumley.
I'm the brother of Junior Governess Dora Lumley.
Where have I seen you before? I am an agent of the Mutual Friendly Society.
Wherever there may be hardship in our region, there you will find me.
That's it.
Mmm, after the fires.
How can I help you? You can tell me what's being done.
I know when there's girls together there is trouble.
And there's girls at Appleyard who are no better than they should be.
Constable Wilkins? Would you take a statement from Mr.
Lumley and be sure to file it in the appropriate place? A letter from the missing teacher's father.
He's a minister of religion in the Outer Hebrides.
Might you be interested? [THUNDER BOOMING] Oh.
Come on.
I'll fetch an umbrella.
Miss Leopold.
Miss Leopold.
- How much was the ransom? - How'd you get on this property? - Who let you on this property? - Where are your friends, Miss Leopold? Where are your friends? [DISTORTED]: What happened to them, Miss Leopold? You're hiding something! [INDISTINCT VOICES ECHOING] [HORSE WHINNIES] You lost, miss? Well, mind your shoes.
Albert, isn't it? You carried me down the mountain.
You must be terribly strong.
You weigh less than a sack of feed.
I'm in your debt.
If only I could bestow three wishes.
It was all Mike, miss.
He never gave up.
Yeah, which goes to show you can never judge a bloke by his boots.
He's the genuine article, you ask me.
It was Mike who risked his neck.
You mean Mr.
Fitzhubert? Yeah, that's right.
I've already thanked him.
You don't think I'm worth it, do you? You all wish Miranda had been found instead.
No, no.
No, miss.
[THUNDER RUMBLES] [MOANS] [GASPS] [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] IRMA: Who's there? - [CLOCK TICKING] - MAN [ECHOING]: Miranda! [ALL EXHALING] [THUNDER RUMBLING] [IRMA SIGHS] Why is it so dark? Where does this lead? Someone's following.
- MIKE: Shh.
- [GASPS] I have nightmares, too.
About the Rock.
Don't have too much of that.
My mother gets headaches.
She can't do without it.
Marion's legs are the nicest.
Oh! [GIGGLES] What is wrong with my legs? Nothing, nothing.
Nothing at all.
- Mine are too short.
- [LAUGHS] Yeah.
Wrists? Miranda comes first for hair.
And eyes.
- And eyes.
- MIRANDA: Stop it.
But I have the best nose.
[LAUGHTER] IRMA: All right, ladies [SIGHS] bosom? - God, you win.
- You win.
Please, just please.
Am not.
I think I'm well enough to go home.
To my own room.
I can have the whole bed to myself.
[SINGSONGY]: Scaredy cat from Ballarat.
Went to school and got the strap.
I'm not scared.
When a horse is being broken, the men always say, "He's afraid of the saddle.
" He's not.
He just doesn't want it.
You're a young lady, not a horse.
You know who you remind me of sometimes? Mrs.
[BIRDS SQUAWKING] You're right.
The journalists have cleared off.
Oh, why, yes, ma'am.
Eh To Lake View, no doubt.
- - [ARTHUR GRUNTS, LAUGHS] - ARTHUR: You ripped a bloody hole in it! - [MAN LAUGHS] [MUTTERING, LAUGHING] [COCKNEY ACCENT]: Are you sozzled? Do you know how long I've been waiting? Ta-da.
[IMITATES GUNSHOT] - What happened? - I-It's just his shoulder.
I've seen worse.
I took the bullet out.
- With a fucking chisel.
[LAUGHS] - [LAUGHS] The ship leaves tomorrow.
The voyage'd do me in.
- I thought you got away clean.
- Never mind that now.
Give our friend something for his troubles, hmm? I haven't got the money with me.
Oh, never mind, Arthur.
You thieving bastard.
[CHUCKLES] Came out my mother's cunt holding my father's gold watch, didn't I? Bon voyage, Hester.
We can't stay.
It's not safe.
[SCREAMING] [GRUNTS] - I'll find you! - Yeah, you do that.
I'll go on ahead, and you come and find me, yeah? I'll find you.
And I'll gut you like a sow! [SQUEALING] [CLOCK TICKING] [KNOCKING] One moment.
Sergeant Bumpher, ma'am.
Thank you.
I need to ask you something sensitive.
I hope you haven't been listening to rumors.
People in the colony can be very envious when one succeeds.
What rumors? Did you know that Miss McCraw had a-a history of, um Of what? Heated behavior towards other women.
Are you suggesting Greta McCraw was a sapphist? I've seen evidence.
What evidence? Greta McCraw was extremely grateful for her position here.
She was a fine teacher, and my trust in her was never misplaced.
Then where is she? I mean, h-how much do you actually know these teachers? Mrs.
Valange, for example.
Local lass.
Her husband ran off with someone else's wife.
Left her in the lurch.
- Were you aware of that? - Yes.
Again, very grateful for her position.
These women are extremely loyal.
And the [CLEARS THROAT] the French lady, who, uh, let the girls wander off into the bush, unsupervised.
Obviously she was desperate and inexperienced as well, when you hired her.
Sergeant, what are you getting at? Well, this isn't England, ma'am.
There is an epidemic of forged references.
Forged references.
I'm afraid the world is not all fancy carpets and curtains.
Appearances can be deceptive.
There is no need for deception here.
This is a college for young ladies.
Miss Irma Leopold I need to talk to her again.
They're keeping her hidden away.
That mob up at Lake View think they own the bloody world.
England does own the world.
Well, my wife, uh, my wife reckons you can't own what you don't understand.
She reckons that's the trouble with marriage.
[LAUGHS] Sergeant, is there anything else that I can do for you? Yes, there is.
Could you convince the Fitzhuberts to allow me to interview the girl again? We owe it to the families of the missing.
Of course.
I'll see what I can do.
I will get to the bottom of this.
I won't give up.
You can rest easy on that score.
Hink, spink, the puddings stink, the fat begins to fry.
Nobody's home, we're all alone, mousy you and I.
Stick, stock, stone dead, man in the mirror makes three.
Every knave shall have his slave.
You or I must be she.
- You're she! - You're she! [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] MADEMOISELLE: I heard Sara was still in quarantine.
She was just teaching me a game that she used to play at the orphanage.
You can return to your room.
Miss Lumley must have forgotten all about the child.
I want to question Irma Leopold before she leaves the colony.
But she cannot remember.
I have no wish to return to Lake View.
She trusts you.
Invite her here.
We owe it to the families of the missing.
You're she, Dianne.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] MIKE: If you could've woken up anywhere, where would it be? IRMA: Paris.
You? I don't know.
Marrakesh? Paris, and then Lake Lugano, and then we could go on to Venice.
I'd like to see Kathmandu.
Anywhere but home.
I must look a fright.
[CHUCKLES] Not at all.
I prefer a girl simple and unspoiled.
Purity and refinement.
The Appleyard promise.
I didn't know purity could be taught.
Some people seem to just have it.
They're simple and honorable, even though they're not highborn.
I, uh, should get ready.
For tonight.
[BIRDS SQUAWKING] It's lovely.
Irma, you must say au revoir to the girls.
It would be cruel to lose you as well.
Without a word.
I suppose.
I could bring Mike.
And show him off.
[CHUCKLES] Papa will attend the wedding, of course.
I think not Mama.
Certainly not her new husband.
We'll honeymoon in Paris.
Or Kathmandu, wherever that is.
[SPEAKS FRENCH] He hasn't officially proposed.
That will be tonight.
[CHUCKLES] His aunt has arranged everything.
Mike prefers girls who are pure and simple.
You've always been so loyal.
But Irma, it is too precious.
Do you remember Miranda's diamond watch? She couldn't bear to hear it ticking beneath her heart.
They're all just baubles, aren't they? They're of no real importance.
Perhaps when you are older you will understand how valuable it is.
I want you to have it.
Mike and I intend to be poor but happy.
Do you think I should marry her? I'm expected to propose tonight.
Well, if she went home to London, would you charge off and join the Foreign Legion? [MIKE CHUCKLES SOFTLY] There's your answer.
My aunt believes that it was meant to be.
That our marriage will be the happy ending to this sad tale.
Allow me.
Your tea, sir.
[CHUCKLES] You know, in spite of this ghastly business, I really am so happy I came to Australia.
It's a great place.
FITZHUBERT: Yes, a proposal in the house.
I've told Michael exactly how to do it.
[LAUGHS] Oh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Don't you look charming.
[STAMMERING] Michael's as excited as we are.
[CLEARS THROAT] So [SLURPS] You return to Melbourne at the end of summer? No, early autumn.
We wait for the leaves to color up.
The gardens here look so lovely.
Um, I believe your father breeds horses.
They're his hobby.
From young Mr.
For Miss Leopold.
One doesn't really get the seasons here.
Spring feels like summer.
And autumn feels like spring.
How clever.
I'd never have thought of that.
MIKE: Dear Irma, sorry I lost track of time and missed dinner.
All the more nosh for you.
I'll be in Melbourne for a couple of days on business.
I doubt we'll meet again.
If we don't meet again, thank you for being so nice to me.
I wish you all the very best.
Love from Michael Fitzhubert.
I forgot to mention.
I've decided I'd like to wake up in Australia, of all places.
Starting with North Queensland.
I plan to meet Miranda's family and tell them how very happy she looked at the picnic at Hanging Rock.
[CLOCK TICKING] [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] A suite at the Menzies, an ocean liner, home to your father, and we'll be forgotten.
I'll never forget this place.
When do you sail? The ship is due by month's end, barring bad weather.
You should confide in someone before you go.
Leave your secrets here, where they belong.
Begin anew.
I can't confide what I don't remember.
Irma, Irma.
You're a perfect peach.
But secrets are like worms.
Greedy, greedy feeders.
Imagine how disappointed your betrothed will be to find that perfection is hollow and rotten on the inside.
My betrothed knows exactly what I am.
I promised Mademoiselle I'd say good-bye to the girls.
As you wish.
This is for your father.
I regret not being able to give a better report of you, but even a girl with your prospects should know how to spell.
You think spelling could have saved me from what has happened? This is absurd.
Anything I've learned here, I've learned from Marion.
And from Miranda.
You will be a slave to your secrets for the rest of your life.
You don't understand anything.
I understand.
Believe me, I understand.
If you are drowning, place your arms around the neck of the girl who is rescuing you.
Like so.
If you are the savior, place your hands over her nose and mouth like this.
Move your hand down and breathe into your victim's mouth.
Miss? You said victim.
No, I did not.
- [CLAPS] - DORA: Palm's breadth is enough.
[GIGGLING SLOWLY STOPS] Look who's here.
Welcome, Irma.
Where are they, Irma? Where's Marion? Where's Miss McCraw? Where's Miranda? Where's Miranda? - What happened, Irmlette? - Girls.
- What did you do to them? - Who screamed? No, I - [ALL CLAMOR] - Where are they? Girls, stop! - Where are they? - Speak! Come on, Irma! - Tell us! - Be honest.
What have you done to Marion? - Where's Miss McCraw? - Don't play games.
EDITH: Tell us.
Tell us.
She cannot.
She does not know.
- [ALL SHOUTING] - She knows everything.
Just look at her.
- Guilty as sin.
- Tell us! [ALL SHOUTING, CLAMORING] Irma Leopold, your people killed our Lord.
They persecuted our people.
They please not God, and they are contrary to all men! You know they're dead.
Locked in the sepulchre.
EDITH: Their hair's all red and clumpy and their eyes have been eaten by worms.
Sometimes I do not understand what is happening anymore.
But you are betrothed, yes? No.
Tell Sara good-bye.
Tell her to remember Christmas.
You want to hear my confession? Yes.
I hate Miranda.