Picnic at Hanging Rock (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen.
The most marvelous, the most courageous, Miss Sara Waybourne! Bertie? Bertie? Where are you!? It's okay, Sprout.
I've gotcha.
- Why does she - Shh.
Come here.
Well, they were out of control.
- Just wait until I tell Mrs.
- You will not.
I don't think that you are fit to be in charge of young ladies.
Perhaps perhaps I watch out for them in other ways.
- I forgot she was there.
- Oh Oh, Sara.
- Here.
- I want to see Irma.
Irma is gone.
Cook's made your favorite breakfast.
Porridge with treacle.
Come on, Tom'll be fatter than me if he keeps scoffing all these meals you won't touch.
Porridge with treacle is my brother's favorite.
- Your brother Bertie? - Yeah.
He's coming for me, Minnie.
I know it.
Of course he is.
And he'd want you to eat, to stay strong.
Bertie's the best rider.
He loves horses.
We'll join a circus.
Is that so? Well, eat up, then.
Miranda says there are pretty circus ladies who ride horses, and they stand on one leg.
We really should pack up Miranda Reid's things.
For safekeeping.
Yes, ma'am.
Your shoulders are the bane of Miss Lumley's life.
You know, if you didn't slouch well, you wouldn't need the posture board, would you? I've come to understand what a clever little spy you are.
You must have a great collection of special secrets.
I was your age once.
I know all about collecting secrets.
You don't know anything.
Hysteria is an unattractive malady which must be extinguished.
The remedy shall be fresh air and organ music.
It is the Sabbath.
This morning we shall return - to church.
- Oh Please collect your hats, gloves and capes.
Blanche, make sure that the girls proceed to the drag in an orderly fashion.
Yes, Mrs.
Off you go.
Watch your step.
Miss Lumley.
Take Sara to her room.
She appears to have a rash.
Keep an eye on her.
You mean stay here? But I'll miss the sermon.
I'm sure your faith is strong enough to be tested.
Indeed it is.
Well, well, well.
Hello, Hester, luv.
Give it back.
Give it back.
Give it back! Drive on, Mr.
We're going home.
Drive on! Giddyap! Hey-oh! What dark souls people have behind their smiling faces.
We'd never have imagined.
Those young ladies have been defiled and tossed into the ravine a dozen times a day since they've disappeared.
Well, that shows how ignorant people are.
Outrages occur behind innocent front doors, not out in nature.
I was starting to wonder if there could have been foul play.
If they're at the bottom of a ravine, it's because they held hands and jumped.
Don't look at me like that.
Have you any idea what goes on inside the minds of girls that age, what they get up to when they're not supervised? It must have seemed like such a grand adventure at first.
So, are you gonna marry me? I already said yes.
Stay here.
You're all maniacs! Steady there.
Easy now.
Put the gun down.
Miss Sara.
Are you all right? Girls, look away.
Sorry to do this in front of the girls.
Lying bitch! I see you two are acquainted.
There was an incident with one of the girls.
Which girl? Miranda Reid.
He showed an unwelcome interest.
It was at the government cottage fête.
It was unimportant.
He was drunk then, too.
Trodden on by his horse.
- Bullshit.
- Language.
Sluice him down before you put him in the wagon.
Yes, boss.
Why do you own a gun? It belonged to my late husband.
Why did you station an officer on my property without asking my permission? I heard you were having some trouble with a possum.
Sergeant, I have told you before, this is a ladies' college, and I am charged with their reputations.
That is an Enfield.
It's a highwayman's gun.
What are you doing with a highwayman's gun, - Mrs.
Appleyard? - Speaking of highwaymen, any news on the two riders? I believe they were shearers.
Since when do shearers ride valuable horses? You will remove yourself and the young pup you've sent to guard us immediately.
I am more than capable of looking after my own girls.
If I had been on that picnic, none of this would have happened.
Why didn't you go on the picnic? I dislike the Australian landscape.
It is insubordinate.
Where did she find the gun? I don't know, but I don't trust her.
- She's dangerous.
- Lucky she didn't shoot us.
How many days on the train? Five.
Just you and me, then two days' drive from Mackay.
Ooh, Reg, Reg, Reg, Reg! Oh.
Surely these girls should be more modest? Well, if you change your mind, I'll be at the Menzies.
I've ordered marrons glacés so it should still feel like Christmas even in this horrid heat.
I love Christmas here.
It's peaceful.
I get to read all day.
Venez les filles.
We must go.
Your mom must be very busy wrapping all your presents.
We will take you to your house on our way to the station.
Thank you.
Blanche, in the back.
I'm just so excited They're cleaning.
Everything's covered in dust sheets.
It's nice and cool in here.
Not for long.
I'm boiling these buggers.
Off you go.
I just did the floors in there, Miss Marion.
So shoo.
Christmas spirit everywhere we turn.
My father sent me a crate of books.
So I heard.
You can borrow any you'd like.
Our room bakes in the afternoon.
I know a nook.
What are you reading? The Turn of the Screw.
Sounds dull.
Is it about carpentry? I don't think so.
I can go back to the beginning if you like.
"The story had held us, round the fire, sufficiently breathless, but for the obvious remark that it was gruesome, as on Christmas Eve in an old house.
" "Gruesome.
" Go on.
"I remember no comment uttered till somebody happened to say that it was the only case he had met in which such a visitation had fallen on a child.
" A visitation.
"The apparition had reached the landing halfway up and was therefore on the spot nearest the window, where at the sight of me, it stopped short and fixed me exactly as it had fixed me from the tower and from the garden.
" Oh, my Lord.
Go on.
"He knew me as well as I knew him; and so, in the cold, faint twilight, with a glimmer in the high glass and another on the polish of the oak stair below, we faced each other in our common intensity.
" "He was absolutely, on this occasion, a living, detestable, dangerous presence.
" We should go.
Cook will skin us alive.
We could continue after dinner.
In the dark? I'll have night terrors.
Well, that would be the fun of it.
No one can sleep tonight.
I think Mrs.
Appleyard has gone up to the tower.
That's odd.
Shall I go on? Oh, I wish we'd never started this terrible story.
Don't stop.
Do you believe in ghosts? I don't know.
"She isn't there, little lady.
Nobody's there.
How can poor Miss Jessel be there when poor Miss Jessel's dead and buried?" It's interesting to me that you chose to remain here for Christmas, despite the luxuries offered by Miss Leopold.
Yes, I did.
Have you considered what you'll do when you finish your senior year? Not really.
Unfortunately, Marion, the sort of husband you deserve is unlikely to propose.
I would like to offer you work.
What sort of work? Teaching history.
You would have your own room.
You would eat meals with the staff.
Obviously, you wouldn't interact with the parents directly, but you may come to view that as a privilege, not a punishment.
Naturally, you will receive the same wage as the other teachers with holiday entitlements.
How generous.
Thank you, Mrs.
Hello, ladies.
I'm back.
Where's Marion? History's so dull.
Will you accept? Yes.
For one reason only.
Shall we find out how it ends? I don't want it to end.
Everything ends unless you stay in between.
It's easier there.
In between? What does that mean? Welcome back.
So good to see you.
Did you have a nice holiday? - Irma's cross with me.
- Why? I don't know.
Blanche is her favorite now.
She's invited her to sleep in our room.
How was your holiday? It was sublimely stupendous.
- I rescued a baby wallaby.
- Ooh.
A joey.
And my horse was called Beetle.
He taught me how to ride him.
Yeah, Beatle's quite chatty for a horse.
I had a sublimely stupendous time, too.
Well, well, well, how about this? Didn't expect you.
Thought you'd be on the run after what happened.
I needed to get away.
Get my head straight.
Make some decisions.
I can understand that.
I'm gonna go travelling up north.
Queensland for starters.
Meant to be beautiful country up there.
Thought I'd visit Miss Reid's family.
Pay my respects.
And Albert, I I want you to come with me.
Wouldn't be right.
Couldn't leave your uncle in the lurch.
Well, I'm sure he could replace you easily enough.
You told me you like travelling.
I do.
But I'm, um I'm a working man.
Wouldn't be able to pay my way.
We wouldn't be equals.
Not in that way.
But we would be equals in every other sense.
That's the way that matters to me.
Of course.
As you know, a number of girls have been withdrawn by their parents.
I expect there will be others who will not return after the Easter holiday.
I will rename the college, then advertise.
From today, the missing are not to be spoken of or referred to by the girls.
I have given it a great deal of thought.
I have their best interests at heart.
Miss Lumley.
Our daily prayers will no longer remember them.
Yes, a great misadventure has befallen us, but we must lay down this burden.
From this moment on, it will be as though they never existed.
I'd like to box your ears! You're old enough to know better, that's for damn sure.
You won't improve on her.
Money and beauty.
What on earth are you thinking? I'm thinking a man's measure - is an honest day's work.
- What the deuce? And I've never done a day of work in my entire life.
Now, listen to me, Michael.
We Fitzhuberts It's Mike.
Not Michael.
I don't know who did it, ma'am.
We both know who's responsible.
Get them down immediately.
Fetch help.
- Mrs.
Good morning.
- Where's my daughter? Blanche is asleep, as are the other girls.
- We've come to take her home.
- We've ridden through the night.
So if you don't mind waking her.
Well, let's take a turn around the garden, whilst I have some breakfast prepared.
Decisions shouldn't be made on an empty stomach.
I'll get her myself.
What in blazes ? Blanche? Blanche! Blanche? Blanche? Blanche? Blanche? Blanche? Uh, you wanted to see me? Crundall.
We've received a letter.
I assumed it was for us, as it's from Mr.
- Mr.
Leopold? - Mm.
Miss Irma's father, who writes to thank you for finding his daughter.
It wasn't me, sir.
- It was - Michael.
Who has returned to Melbourne on some tomfool plan to travel.
The boy hasn't been right in the head since that wretched picnic.
Very honorable of you, Crundall, to constantly refuse the glory.
But it was you who rescued her, for all practical purposes.
Wait, man.
There's more.
A check.
For 1,000 pounds.
Someone of your standing would have little experience of such a ludicrous sum.
You you would do well to seek the advice of my husband.
Uh, can I have the afternoon off, sir? I'll make it up on my Friday.
Of course.
Stop moving the paper.
I can't read when you are moving the paper.
Now Sara.
Class started ten minutes ago.
I'm not allowed art anymore.
She's to help me prepare for the annual Woodend concert.
I know she misbehaves.
But you must concede she's more talented than any of the others.
What does talent have to do with bad behavior? It's-it's cruel to deny her what she loves.
What does cruelty have to do with teaching good behavior? Am I answerable to you, - Mrs.
Valange? - No.
But you are answerable to the parents.
Sara's lessons have been paid for.
Sara's guardian hasn't paid her fees since before Christmas.
You know him to be a man of excellent character.
He travels, to places mail can't get through.
And then he bowls up out of thin air with bequests for the college and gifts for Sara.
You can't question his commitment to her.
I run this establishment as I see fit.
And I think you run it abominably.
The girls are confused.
The only thing they learn here is how to be afraid.
The staff as well.
The only person who respects you is a simpleton.
Dora Lumley has been mistreated since the day she was born.
She's like some poor, mad dog.
Be careful she doesn't turn around and bite you one day.
I gather this is your resignation? It most certainly is.
Leave it, Tom.
I've been such a fool.
Thank you.
I'm sorry to say your guardian, Mr.
Cosgrove, has abandoned you as well.
Your behavior concerns me deeply.
Either you will allow me to guide you, or I will be forced to return you to the orphanage.
Waybourne, you say? Sara.
Last time I came here, they told me she'd been adopted out to a fella with a fortune.
Figured she'd be better off with him, but now I've got the money myself.
- I - Ah, yes.
If I could just have his address All we have is one in London.
Which I'm not at liberty to disclose.
Like I said, I've I've got the money.
Maybe she's forgotten about me by now, I don't know.
But I told her I'd be back.
I tried once.
Now I'm trying twice.
I'm gonna keep trying until I find her.
If you like, I can write and tell him of your recent good fortune and your wish to be reunited with Sara.
Cosgrove would appear to be the very best of men.
This Cosgrove is fine, if you say so.
But I'm her brother.
You are to give this to Sara Waybourne as soon as possible without alerting Mrs.
Yes, ma'am.
Good luck, Tom.
Say good-bye to Minnie for me.
Come along, now.
G'day, Tom.
Didn't think I'd see you again.
Just wanted to say good-bye.
Good-bye? Where are you going? Minnie and I are getting married.
About time.
Thought I might make a go of it in the city.
I reckon they got jobs there for blokes like me, doing all sorts.
The future beckons.
That's right.
Hey you know anyone that could give me a hand with a letter? Come down to the college.
There's a French lady there.
She writes all of ours.
Likes to practice English.
All right.
Come on.
"On behalf of the parents of the missing, I've arranged for a detective from Scotland Yard to investigate.
" Dr.
Mackenzie is here for Edith's toothache.
Miss Leopold's father has taken it upon himself to help us.
A senior detective from Scotland Yard is bound for these fair shores as we speak.
A muckety-muck from London.
Ah, you'll be out in the bush looking for him next.
I'm bloody sick of everyone's bullshit.
Something's not right about that college.
What if those girls got lost on purpose? We've been looking for girls who want to be found.
Oh, my word.
And you are? Mr.
Tomasetti Marble.
, uh ? Appleyard.
Commiserations, madam.
The whole country is praying for them young ladies to be found, safe and well.
So, are these the, uh, the wenches in need of my attention? Yes, I wish to replace them.
Well, why not make them respectable instead? I mean, there's stone to work with.
Now, let's see.
I would, uh, I would find the clothes beneath the flesh.
What I suggest is, you just slice off the breasts, and, uh, release the inner garments.
Thank you for coming out.
But I'm sure you understand, now is not a convenient time.
All eyes are upon you.
This college mystery is all anyone talks about these days.
It is the perfect time for concealment.
Scandal is to be avoided.
So I'm your man, if you want something covered up.
So I'm just south of Bendigo, down the main road.
So sorry.
Doctor, Edith's right upstairs, and she's making quite a fuss.
Might be all right for Mad Dog Morgan, but I can't imagine a young lady would much like it.
Three wouldn't even fit.
If you were running away, where would you go? The old road to Bendigo.
Très bien, Mademoiselle.
Very good.
Très bien, Mademoiselle.
Just imagine there is a string, a little string, attached to you head.
Remember to stand straight, girls.
Very good.
N'oublie pas sourir.
Don't forget to smile.
Très bien.
Good posture.
Hey, Edith.
You're not supposed to spin around.
But I want to be the girl.
Très bien, Mademoiselle.
Merci, Mademoiselle.
Mademoiselle? Oui? Can she really send me back to the orphanage? Sara, your pocket.
It bulges like the toad.
It's Miranda.
She's always with me.
Si belle.
Are you asleep? No.
I'm too excited about the picnic.
Me, too.
I've got a present for you.
It's from our holiday.
Happy Saint Valentine's Day.
For tomorrow.
Sisters? That's right.
You must learn to love people other than me.
Hmm? Sara? Why does Irma hate Miranda? Because she's free.
But free where? She's always been free.
- Hello.
- Good day, Elsie.
Uh, Tom said I should see a "Mademoiselle"? About a letter.
After a French letter, are you? Wait here.
I know who you are, you know.
You saved our Irma.
To whom is the letter? Mike Fitzhubert.
Michael Fitzhubert? But put, uh, "Mike," or he won't know it's from me.
All right.
So, "Dear Mike " "I've come into some money.
And I've given in my notice at Lake View.
" Uh, just put, um, "Meet me any afternoon at the Post Office Hotel on Bourke Street.
We can have a beer and fix a date for Queensland.
" You are friends? Yeah.
Can I leave this with you? Post has been collected from Lake View.
Yes, of course.
Thank you.
Who shall it be from? Albert.
Bertie? Bertie? Bertie! Bertie! Did you see him? Is he real? The coachman from Lake View? Of course.
Uh, the coachman from Lake View.
Well, for not much longer.
He is leaving.
Like everyone else.
They chose you! They chose you! You! Nobody's home, we're all alone, mousy you and I.
Nobody's home, we're all alone, mousy you and I.