Pinky and the Brain (1995) s03e21 Episode Script

Operation Sea Lion

Gee, brain, What do you want to do tonight? The same thing we do every night, pinky, Try to take over the world.
they're pinky and the brain yes, pinky and the brain one is a genius the other's insane they're laboratory mice their genes have been spliced they're dinky they're pinky and the brain brain, brain, brain brain, brain, brain, brain, brain before each night is done their plan will be unfurled by the dawning of the sun they'll take over the world they're pinky and the brain yes, pinky and the brain their twilight campaign is easy to explain to prove their mousey worth they'll overthrow the earth they're dinky they're pinky and the brain brain, brain, brain brain, brain, brain, brain Narf! warner bros.
Sea lion barking] Oh, listen to winnie, brain.
Isn't sea lion the most romantic language You've ever heard? What's she saying now? She's saying, "i'm very bored.
"I want a fish.
" Now be quiet, pinky.
I must finish this sea lion dictionary.
It's our key to world domination.
Using winnie and my command Of the sea lion language, We shall recruit a vast army of aquatic mammals.
Since most of the world's oil travels by sea, We shall blockade all harbors and ports And disable oil tankers By tangling their propellers with seaweed.
No one will be able to attack our sea army Because they look so darn cute.
Energy supplies will be disrupted, And i shall be absolute ruler.
My first act will be to free All aquatic mammal prisoners.
[Chittering] Brilliant, brain.
Oh, um just one quick question.
What? Do sea lions eat sea zebras? Hyehh-- You are going to be a help this time.
Say it! "You are going to be a help this time.
" Zort! [Speaking sea lion] Sea lion barking] Uh, uh, what did she say? Anything about me? No.
Winnie would be pleased to help us And would like a fish.
Oh, winnie, my love [speaking sea lion] What are you doing? I was pledging my undying affection For winnie in sea lion.
You sounded like a coyote Trapped in quicksand.
Oh! You see, That is so typical of you, brain.
Love blooms right under your nose, And the first thing you want to do is step on it.
You have the i.
Of a golf bag.
Now forget this hapless romance and follow me.
We must escape to the sea.
[Speaking sea lion] [Sea lion barks] Winnie! [Tchaikovsky's romeo and juliet plays] Eek! She likes me.
I can tell.
[Barking] Winnie is taking us to her old colony, Where fish are abundant.
Sea lion has an awful lot of phrases with fish.
It is the root word For all of their conversational idiom.
I think i'll ask winnie If she wants to go to the movies with me.
[Speaking sea lion] [Sea lion barks] You just said "fetch me a big clown hat.
" Oh! What a good idea.
Aah! Aah! [Gurgling] [Gasps] Pinky! Hi, brain.
Do you know the lyrics to muskrat love? Octopus! Help! [Muskrat love plays] octopus help Hmm.
I don't think that's quite right.
Ha ha.
How did you manage To get so dirty in the water? [Laughs] If i weren't so fatigued, I would lambaste you.
Aah! Unh.
Unh! Unh! [Gurgling] I hate the sea.
Oh, my love.
This has been a bizarre day.
[Speaking sea lion] [Speaking sea lion] My friends.
My friends, you are the few, The proud, The marine mammals.
Take pride in the fact That you give birth to your young, Nurture them with milk, And have lungs through which warm blood courses Like the-- [Yawn] Uh oh, follow me, and i'll give you some fish.
[Barking] With the sea lions now on our side, It should be easy to recruit other aquatic mammals.
[Speaking sea lion] [Barking] You just told them a ghost story in sea lion.
I was helping, remember? You know, pinky, A little ignorance is a dangerous thing.
May i see that book? Ok.
Huah! I feel cleansed.
[Singing to marine corps hymn] * first to fight for fish and plankton * we eat no seaweed or salt reed we are proud to be a species of aquatic mammal marines [Barking] [Speaking sea lion] Conjugate, pinky.
You want the pluperfect tense Of the verb-- [Barks].
Pretty soon I'll be able to talk to winnie.
A dubious pleasure.
Winnie is only interested in fish, Cute playfulness, And fish.
What are you trying to say? May i sit down? If you like.
Pinky, do you know where baby mice come from? Mm-Hmm.
They come from a magic factory on the moon.
Let me start again.
Mice and sea lions don't mix, Except, perhaps, in a disney film.
Oh, brain.
That is so cruel.
I could never say that to winnie.
Just tell her there are other fish in the sea.
Believe me, she'll understand that.
Put that sea lion out of your mind, pinky, For tomorrow, we begin our conquest of earth.
Coast guard command.
This is alpha flight.
A vast migration of sea mammals is headed for the bay.
Radio: can you stop them? Negative.
They're too darn cute.
I'm not taking any chances On you fouling things up.
Throw away that dictionary right now.
Unh! [ Marine corps hymn plays] Hey, brain.
Brain? [Speaking sea lion] Aah! Hi, brain.
Where's winnie? What's happened to the army? I don't know.
All i said to winnie was [speaking sea lion] You witless sponge.
You told her there was a school Of overweight fish swimming nearby.
No! Return to your formation.
That's an order.
Aah! Aah! [Speaking sea lion] Must get the army back at once.
There's no time for me to give you another fish.
[Speaking sea lion] Aah! Aah! [Gurgling] Winnie, come back! [Crying] i was only trying to tell her How much i like her.
Unfortunately, it came out more like, "I'm a big billy goat, So you'd better beat it, sister.
" [Crying] I learned sea lion just so i could talk to her.
And now she's gone forever.
All because of me.
[Wailing] Courage, my friend.
Your broken heart will soon mend.
No-- [Sobbing] It's all busted into gooey pieces.
Time will knit them together.
For i believe that somewhere out there Is an addled, obtuse Female aquatic mammal Who would be perfect for you.
[Sniffling] Do you think so? Anything is statistically possible.
Start kicking.
We must return to the lab To prepare for tomorrow night.
Why? What are we going to do tomorrow night, brain? Kiss the dry land beneath our feet and then try to take over the world! they're dinky they're pinky and the brain brain brain brain brain brain The recalibration of the infindibulum capacitor Is dependent upon-- [Squeaking] Urrr.
The ratio of the formula of h2o, Plus the square root of the "n"-- That sound! It's incessant! [Squeak] [Squeak] Heh! I'll get it.
Bah! What sort of idiot Could waste away his life On such utter mindlessness? [Squeaking] Oof! Ha ha.
It's loads of fun, brain.
Andjust a trifle painful.
Ha ha.
Ask a stupid question narf! All right, brain, um why do they call it lunch? I have no idea, pinky.
Except that you are out to it.
Now go away before i am forced To add the weight of an eraser to your head.
That's it.
The weight of an eraser subtracted from the-- [Squeaking] they're doing it again.
Announcer: yes, they're doing it in lapland.
They're doing it in brazil.
They're even doing it in washington, d.
Everyone's doing it.
Kicky sack! The sensation that kicks fun Into high gear.
Just pump up your official Kicky sack sack kickers And kick off.
It's a kick! Kicky sack sack kickers And khaki socks sold separately.
It's my favorite commercial.
I like it even better than that commercial Where they have all those bland people With big, strange hair.
I've told you before, pinky, That isn't a commercial.
It's cnn.
Narf! Oh, imagine my chagrin.
This is the axis shiftatron, A device that will alter the earth's axis By one millionth of a percent, Causing a shift in weather patterns, Resulting in one less day of rain Everywhere in the world, Except for los angeles.
Even that tiny change in weather patterns Will have a catastrophic effect on coffee bean crops.
This will force everyone to switch to tea drinking.
And? What do you mean, "and"? Well, "but" or "if" seemed inappropriate.
[Sighs] And this ray will destroy every tea bag in the world, Except mine.
As the owner of the world's only tea bag, I will rise to prominence.
That's brilliant, brain.
Oh, you're so amazing.
But, you know, i tried to move the earth yesterday, And it was really, really heavy.
Actually, pinky, in your naiveté, You have stumbled upon a slight snafu.
The only way the axis shiftatron Can successfully change the earth's axis Is if the earth suddenly loses weight.
Poit! What if everyone in the world went on a diet? Diets don't work.
Even if you call them a whole new way of eating? No.
You might as well ask everyone on earth To pump helium into their shoes And suspend themselves in midair Long enough for me to implement the axis shiftatron.
Pump helium.
That's it.
Pinky, are you pondering what i'm pondering? I think so, brain.
But then my name would be fanny.
In a perfect world, your name would be dummy.
We will sneak into the socko Kicky sack sack-Kicker factory, And alter their assembly line So that the air being pumped Into the kicky sack sack-Kickers Will be replaced by helium gas, Causing millions of kicky sack sack-Kickers To rise into the air, Thus lifting thousands of people off the earth.
And then-- Tea time! Hu-Aah! Brain: i must study the operation Of the socko kicky sack sack-Kicker factory in detail, pinky.
But, brain, how will we, Convince the huge owner To let us inspect his enormous factory? We will introduce ourselves as the only thing Guaranteed to gain the respect of any american businessman, Japanese industrialists seeking to buy the company.
Now remember.
I am mr.
Kawasaki, And you are mr.
Welcome to the hackensack Socko kicky sack sack-Kicker factory.
I'm kurt sacket, senior supervisor.
Can i help you? Yes, we are 2 tiny japanese industrialists, Seeking to buy this company.
I am mr.
And i am mr.
, uh turkey-Lurkey.
Turkey-Lurkey? Isn't it mr.
Hayasaka? Where? Poit! I must have missed him.
I am honored by your visit.
Let me show you our assembly line.
First, sheets of sheer synthetic sheepskin Are slit into several kicky sack shoe shapes And shapely shoe sizes, by 6 sitting sheet slitters.
I only see 5 sitting sheet slitters.
The sixth sitting sheet slitter's sick.
His son sammy's subbing Till the sick sixth sitting sheet slitter's back sitting pretty.
You're not the sheet slitter? No, i'm the sheet slitter's son.
Well, you keep on slitting sheets Until the sheet slitter comes.
Ha ha ha.
Huah! The shoe shaper then shapes The slit synthetic sheepskin sheets And shoots out shoes through the chute.
Now this is mr.
Plunkett, the new khaki sock plucker.
I had to fire our previous sock plucker.
He had a bit of an attitude.
So you sacked the cocky khaki kicky sack sock plucker? The second cocky khaki kicky sack sock plucker i sacked Since the sixth sitting sheet slitter got sick.
[Machines shut down] Whoops.
Don't worry.
Just an electrical problem.
One of the kicky sack sack-Pickers Will have to flick the plug.
Not the khaki sock plucker? Oh my, no! The kicky sack picker's flick the plug, The khaki sock plucker can't reach the socket Over the latex child perambulator fenders We used to line the treadmill.
It might make more sense To have the sixth sick sitting sheet slitter's son Flick the plug If the sack pickers and the sock pluckers Are behind the rubber baby buggy bumpers.
[Machines start] I never thought of that.
Of course you didn't.
That is one smart fellow.
He felt smart.
Ha ha ha.
Zort! They felt smart.
And what, pray tell, is this? Oh, this is the toy boat i won in the sack race At the hackensack socko kicky sack sack-Kicker Khaki sock factory picnic in secaucus.
And finally the socko kicky sack-Kickers Are inflated by our genuine parker packard Pewter pressure pump.
Look, brain, i mean, Mr.
Turkey-Lurkey, it's purple.
I'm kawasaki, pinky.
You're turkey-Lurkey.
Well, i don't think that's a very nice thing To say about a person.
Hueeh! I've seen all i need to see of the hackensack socko Kicky sack sack-Kicker factory.
We must take our leave And sneak back under cover of nightfall.
Hey! Huahh! I see you've met the hackensack socko kicky sack Sack-Kicker factory security specialist, peggy babcock.
No one gets past her.
Peggy babcock.
Peggy babcock.
Peggy babcock.
Why does that name sound familiar? Oh, i think i know.
Peggy picked a peck of pickled peppers.
Brain: this is it, pinky.
Our supper, brain? No, pinky.
This pea contains a single helium element.
Once this pea is added to the hackensack Socko kicky sack sack-Kicker factory assembly line, Every socko kicky sack sack-Kicker Will fill with helium the first time it is inflated.
Now, pinky.
Here is the plan.
Remember, every step must be performed with precision.
You must slit the sixth sick sheet slitter's son's sheet, Secure it next to the toy boat From the hackensack socko kicky sack Sack-Kickers picnic in secaucus, Stretch it past the sack picker's station And the sock plucker's chute, And pick a sack, Pluck a sock, and flick the plug So i can put the pea in the plucked sock, With the picked sack for ballast, And bounce it off the rubber baby buggy bumper, Into the parker packard purple pewter pressure pump.
Is that understood? I understood "now" and "pinky.
" Pinky: * tra-La la la la la * Brain: pinky, quiet! I must be fooling myself.
This will never work.
Oh, why not, brain? All i have to do is slit the sixth sick sheet slitter's son's sheet And secure it next to the toy boat From the hackensack socko kicky-Sack sack kicker's picnic in secaucus, Speed it past the sock plucker and the sack picker And pick a sack, pluck a sock, and flick a plug.
Why, yes, pinky, that was perfect.
Poit! Yes.
And i have no idea what it means.
[Sighs] then just listen to me.
I will shout out each step.
All right, brain.
And i shall watch out for peggy babcock.
Peggy babcock? Peggy babcock! Where? Aah! Aah! Unh! Unh! Ow! Now, pinky, Shlit the seet.
Which seat? The slick shick's sleet sitter's shleet.
Beg pardon? Oh, i'll do it.
Troy boyt! Tobootz.
Toybeat! Narf! What's a "boyt" and where shall i tow it? Yeow! Flick the flock.
I mean, flee the flack.
Troz! I wonder what he means by that? Yeow! Ow! Ooh! Ee-Ow! Ooh! Aah! Unh! Ohh.
Block the flig.
Oof! Are you ok up there, brain? Is your plan thingy going well? Pig the flick.
I mean, flog the-- I suppose i should take that as a no.
Narf! Aah-Aaahh! Not the rugger booby biggy boopers! No!! Unh! Unh! Unh! Oh, no.
Heavy bagpop.
Aah! Unh! Poit! Is that gaelic or something? Piggy bigbop.
Oh, i know.
It's some sort of greeting.
Well, piggy bigbop to you, too.
[Gulps] Yeow! Oh, no, brain.
Troz! Unh you forgot your pea.
Oh, never mind about that, pinky.
We must get back to the lab To prepare for tomorrow night.
Poit! What we going to do tomorrow night, brain? Sell sea shells at the seashore? No, pinky.
The same thing we do every night.
Try to wake over the turld.
they're dinky they're binky and the prain prain-- woman: no, wait a second.
Ha ha ha ha! Man: what? Woman: wait.
It's prinky and-- No, no.
Second man: no.
I got it.
I got it.
Pinky-- Pinky and the bain.
Woman: ha ha ha! Man: no.
No, that's not right.
We're going with stinky and the crane.
Second woman: oh, good.
Peggy babcock, peggy babcock-- Man: rubber--Can you say rubber baby buggy bumpers? Second woman: shell she sells sea shells-- Shell she sells sea shells-- Second man: stinky and the-- Second woman: shell she sells seashells-- I did it.
Man: you win.
Second woman: ha ha ha! Second man: sick sheet slitter's son.
Am i getting it right? Man: that's closer.
Woman: oh, man.
Second man: oh, gosh.
How many takes did that take? Woman: that's not easy.
Man: i quit.
warner bros.
Captioned by the national --Www.