Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e01 Episode Script


1 Pinocchio [The 'Pinocchio syndrome' in this drama is not based on an actual syndrome.
At one o'clock this afternoon [October 8, 2005.
there will be a live broadcast of Quiz Challenge from YGN network.
One of our very own students, Ahn Chan Soo, will be on the quiz challenge and will attempt to bring home the long-awaited second victory in a row.
Everyone, let's cheer him on so that he can bring home another victory this week.
- Okay, is everyone here? - Yes.
Who does that empty desk over there belong to? - That's Ahn Chan Soo's desk.
- Not that one, but one over there.
- That's Choi Dal Po's desk.
- Dal Po? He's skipping class again? Okay, it's starting.
Everyone quiet down.
Hope everyone's been well this past week.
My name is Im Seo Won.
We will now start the live broadcast of The Quiz Show Challenge on this second week of October in 2005.
Here with us is, Ahn Chan Soo, from Chungpo High School who will attempt to take home the win for the second week in a row.
Let's give him a round of applause.
Who would you like to see as your opponent this week? To be honest, I'd like to face someone who could give me a real challenge.
Yes, I understand.
I wonder if his new opponent is someone who can give him a real challenge? Let's turn to the screen and meet his new opponent.
I'm here to stop Ahn Chan Soo from taking home his victory for the second week in a row.
He attends the same school as the reigning champion, Ahn Chan Soo and he is at 34th place of his whole school.
Choi Dal Po.
A neck and neck competition between two students ranked 1st and 34th place in the school.
The exciting contest starts now! You just wait and see.
What is Dal Po doing on TV instead of sitting at his desk? My goodness.
He's so shockingly tacky but he seems so oblivious to it.
Let's welcome our challenger, Choi Dal Po, to the stage.
Wow, that was a very impressionable introduction.
What do you think? Did you like your self-introduction? Yes, but there's something that I'd like to clarify.
I'm not very gifted.
But you're 34th of your entire school.
That is being very gifted.
But there are only 34 kids in my school.
Excuse me? If there are only 34 students in your entire school I have the worst grades in my entire school.
I score a zero in obedience, too.
I'm a zero in every category.
That's why, I'm an All-Zero.
Yes, I think I understand.
Worst grades in his entire school? How did this happen? I thought the student body would be at least 300 people.
Isn't this actually more entertaining? A battle between the smartest and the dumbest student from the same school! Maybe I'm the only one who finds it entertaining? Okay, Choi Dal Po.
You must correctly answer five questions in order to bring out the current reigning champion up onto the stage.
- Are you ready? - Yes.
Here's your first question.
It is said that about one out of every 43 people has this nervous condition.
It is referring to hiccuping as an automatic nervous response to lying.
Due to the noticeable response to lying the condition has been named after a popular fairytale character.
What is the name that this condition has been given? This is the easy first level question, so just relax and answer I'd like to use my chance card.
This is just the first level question, and you want to use your chance card already? - Okay, I understand.
- Is he a lunatic? It's not that he's a lunatic, but he's just trying to be entertaining.
I guess I'm the only one who finds this funny, too.
This is your 'Friend chance'.
Do you have any friends who came with you to cheer you on? No, I don't have anyone cheering me on, but I do have someone who can help me.
- Who? - Ahn Chan Soo, sitting over there.
Me? You and Ahn Chan Soo are in the same class, aren't you? But he's your opponent today.
Do you think that Ahn Chan Soo will help you get the correct answer? - I'll help him get it.
- Yes, I see.
He seems to be a very generous friend.
Okay, 30 seconds on the clock starts now.
Ahn Chan Soo.
If I destroy you here today, then you have to let me smack you in the face ten times.
Say what? But if you destroy me instead, then I'll let you smack me ten times.
You have to give me your word, okay? You idiotic Okay, my friend.
But I think it's already set in stone as to who's going to win this contest.
I'm not so sure.
We'll just have to wait and see, won't we? And Choi In Ha.
You If I become this show's champion I'm sorry to say this, but your 30 seconds are over.
Will you be okay for having wasted your chance like this? - It's okay, I know the answer.
- What? You used your chance when you already knew the answer? I don't find it entertaining in the least.
There's no showmanship or style either.
He's just a lunatic.
A raving lunatic.
Get the correct answer alert ready.
Okay, then what is the correct answer? The correct answer is Pinocchio.
You gave 'Pinocchio' as your answer.
You are correct! [Pinocchio- Episode 1.]
Okay, we're off to a good start.
Have you ever seen or met anyone with the Pinocchio Syndrome? - Yes, I have.
- Is that right? Most people with the Syndrome avoid speaking to conceal the telltale signs of lying and they also develop some sort of social phobia as well.
Is that true? The person I know is different than most other Pinocchio's.
She is completely the opposite.
She actually talks quite a bit.
She's very blunt with everything she says, so her nickname is, Blunt-talking Witch.
Wow I think All-Zero is talking about you on TV right now.
He's not talking about me right now.
Guys, she's starting up again.
See? She hiccups whenever she lies.
Even you have to admit that you're a Blunt-talking Witch, right? No, not at all.
You're dead.
Blunt-talking Witch? That's an interesting nickname.
Okay, here's your second question.
The Ten Heavenly Stems and Twelve Earthly Branches make up the sexegenary cycle.
As you know, the current year is 2005.
Here is your question.
According to the 60 year lunar calendar cycle, what year would 2005 be? Eul-hae.
[October 7, 2000.
You can calculate it that fast? Let's see since this year is 'kyung-ja' then 2005 is You're right! Eul-hae! Wow, you may be a genius! - Dad, this is difficult for you? - Yes.
It's very difficult for me.
Jae Myung, do you find this easy too? - Can you calculate it that fast? - That's no big deal.
Jae Myung and Ha Myung, I should enter both of you in the MENSA program.
Oh my there he goes again.
Stop overreacting, and help me unpack.
I'm going to go pass these rice cakes out to the neighbors.
Rice cakes? Let me see those.
- We'll go pass them out.
- What? What year was 1935? - Eul-hae! - That's right! I was born that year! - Isn't this so fascinating? - I can do that, too.
You're lying to me again.
He's a Pinocchio.
So he hiccups whenever he lies? I wasn't lying.
Every mutt off the street can calculate that.
I guess you can't do what every mutt off the street can calculate.
Seeing how you're hiccuping like that.
Jae Myung, you don't think he's going to make us do this all day, do you? - Enjoy the rice cakes.
- We'd be so lucky to have this end today.
Year 35273? Kae-chook.
Year 43000? If you answer this correctly for me, then I'll take you to see the fireworks.
The fireworks show? - Dad, what year again? - What year did you say again? Year 43000.
Kyung Ja! You heard that, right? You all heard it.
- Great job! - You'll take us, right? - You're going to take us, right? - Yes, I told you that I'll take you.
- Dad, you promised, okay? - Okay! Pinky promise, seal and copy.
I stuck the copy to my forehead.
Satisfied? Okay! Maybe your sons will win the Nobel Prize.
- I wonder who they take after.
- They seem to take after your wife.
Really? I've been told that they seem to take after me.
Come on, I saw her for myself.
They take after the mom.
One hundred percent after the mom.
Jung Joon, have you studied all your test questions on Fire Equipment Data? - Excuse me? - Shall we do a little test? - Why all of a sudden - When it comes to fire it could happen at any time without any signs or a warning just like now.
If you don't answer it correctly, then I get to smack you 10 times in the face.
Fire, fire! All available firemen down to the truck.
Let's go! Everyone don the safety wear and take all necessary precautions to remain safe.
Your top priority is to search for any remaining survivors! Is there anyone else in the building? Did everyone manage to get out? No, there are still two employees stuck up on the second floor.
- What am I going to do? - Two people? Yes.
What if there's another explosion? I think it would be better to make sure that there aren't any more explosives in there.
You guys go through the back, and we'll go through the front.
- Make sure to search for any survivors.
- Yes, sir.
- Check for safety and move in! - Yes, sir! I'll take the vault, so the rest of you check all the other rooms.
- Get me some backup! - Yes, sir! What am I going to do? There he is! Manager.
How did you Weren't you still in the building? The truth is, we were roasting some dried squid We tried to put the fire out, but we couldn't - so we just escaped out of there.
- What? Then you're telling me that you two started the fire? What am I going to do now? I sent a bunch of firemen in the building thinking that you two were still in there.
This is breaking news from NTS.
A total of nine firemen have lost their lives while trying to put out a warehouse fire.
An explosion of fire has resulted in the death of nine firemen with one still missing.
A fire started at a factory in the providence of Gyunggi-do around 1AM last night.
A sudden explosion of fire erupted while fire rescuers were in the building A total of nine firemen have lost their lives while attempting put out a local factory fire with Chief Kim Ho Sang still missing in action.
Dad! The local police are now questioning the factory employee for I tried to stop them from going inside.
I told them no one was in there and that it was too dangerous to go in But the Chief kept arguing that they still needed to go in.
The air is currently still full of gas from the explosion, making it tough to breathe.
The brave group of firemen lost their lives last night while trying to put out the fire.
It is now the morning after.
It is time to decide who will take the blame for these fallen heroes' tragic deaths.
MSC News' Song Chae Ok reporting live.
Did you get the good shot? How about the fire truck in the background? Yes, but what was that mask for? The air's perfectly fine to breathe.
To make it look more realistic.
- Hello? - It's me.
Yeah, what? The signed divorce paper is in the top drawer of your desk.
What? There's an eye witness of the fire? Describe what the witness looks like.
Grey hoodie sweatshirt, and jeans? You really are something else.
I'm telling you that it's over between us.
You saw him around the drug store? - I heard he was spotted by a drug store.
- Okay, I got it.
- Bro, take us to the store.
- Not to the store, but to the hospital.
We're not going to the store? We have to get a shot of him.
That was just a lie.
It's obvious how this is going to go.
They're all going to start swarming around the bereaved families.
In order for me to get to them first, I needed to throw them off the trail.
Wow, you really are She's totally ruthless.
Manager! - How did it go? - Did you tell them the truth? Lower your voice.
Don't tell a soul about you two being responsible for the fire.
You two escaped right before the explosion, got it? - Do you understand? - But you said the Chief went in there because you told him we were in the pressure room.
- Because you said that, all the firemen - Shut up! I heard that the Chief of Fire is still missing in action? - The truth will come out if he's found.
- No, I'm sure he's dead.
No, he's dead.
His body hasn't been found yet.
It's not because he's alive, but because his body was decimated.
With an explosion of that scale, there's no way they'll find the body.
Grandmother, did you see the news? Remember that smart fireman? He disappeared while trying to put out a fire.
I just saw him.
Yeah, that man with the year questions.
No, this is a lie! My son can't be dead! No, this is all just a lie! This is all just a lie! Why did the Chief take my husband in there? They're saying that there wasn't even anyone in the building! What? Are you sure? He's positive? Yes, I understand.
Ma'am, Chief Ki is still alive! What? - He's still alive? - He's alive? Get this on film.
A witness says that he just saw the Chief.
Seriously? - My husband is still alive? - Yes.
The eyewitness suffers from the Pinocchio syndrome.
So this can't be a lie.
What a relief.
Right, mom? What? What a relief? How can you even say such a thing? Your father killed my son! It must be so nice for you and your kids that your husband is still alive! When you find him when you find him, bring him here immediately.
I have a lot that I need to ask him.
How could he have survived by himself? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so very sorry.
I'm so very sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so very sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so very sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so very sorry.
The house that you see behind me [A few days later.]
Here they come! - Have you heard from your father? - Why isn't he home and staying in hiding? Is it because of the guilt he feels? I'm sorry, but we really haven't heard from him.
Where could he be hiding? Do you have any ideas where? We really haven't heard from him.
I heard he forced the men to go into the fire even though he was told no one was in there.
Then he ran to save his own life.
I'm sure his family is hiding him somewhere.
They're probably just lying about not knowing.
Why do you think he made such an order? Did he have a promotion coming up? My father would never do that! Are you stating that your father wasn't negligent? We're not saying that, we're just saying that nothing's been proven.
You're happy that your father is still alive, aren't you? Crew member Im Moon Kwang.
Born on July 11, 1966.
Allergic to shrimp and japchae rice is his favorite dish.
A huge fans of the Giants.
- What's he talking about? - Crew member Jo Sung Joon.
Born on February 16, 1976.
Still a fan of the group, FIN.
L, and takes care of his aging mother.
Has chronic gastritis, so he doesn't drink.
Crew member Kang Hwi Jae.
Born on July 24, 1973.
The baby's due date is December 21st.
He likes two sugars and two creams in his coffee.
Those are the personal profiles of the crew that my father has up in our house.
In the bathroom, by the front door, and by his desk they're all over the place! Shall I recite some more? I can recite the profiles of every single crew member to you.
Just like my father can.
He's even bought a baby gift for Mr.
Kang Hwi Jae's unborn baby already.
And you're saying that someone like that abandoned his crew to save himself? He would never do that! - That little boy is right.
- I think he's right.
If he's not that type of a person, then why won't he show himself? If he has nothing to hide, then why is he still in hiding? That's true.
If he's got nothing to hide, then why hasn't he shown himself yet? I'm sure there's a good reason for it! Why are you defaming him without even investigating? - They're all just false rumors! - Can you prove that they're false rumors? Why are we the ones to have to prove that! What are you guys doing! Stop shooting.
Stop shooting! What wrong have we ever done! Hold it right there.
Put this together with the eyewitness interview.
Where the witness tried to stop him, but he still forced the men to go in.
Let's leave out the pictures of his sons.
Don't you think this is too harsh? That's why I want these out.
Because he does look harsh.
But he's still just a kid.
That's going to reveal that kid's personal identity.
We can just blur it out.
The Chief of Fire just forced his men to go into the building.
- We can just blur him out.
- No, I still can't allow it.
The MSC even broadcasted this kid grabbing someone by the throat.
That's why they're called 'MSG'.
- Because they're aggressive and bad for you.
- This is why we're called 'Organic News'.
Organic is good for you.
That's a compliment.
No, it's an insult.
No matter how good something is for you, if it's no good, then no one will eat it.
Which means, if no one watches it, then it's not real news! Right? That's true.
Then should I put it in? Take it out.
If I tell you to put it in, then put it in! Ki Ho Sang is a shameless crook who escaped after putting his crew members to death.
His family members are co-conspirators for helping out that shameless coward.
Yes, you're right.
But what if Ki Ho Sang is really dead? It's possible that his body hasn't been found because of the explosion.
A witness saw him alive and breathing.
The witness is a Pinocchio, so he couldn't have been lying.
Not only that, but all the other bodies have been found, with only Ki Ho Sang's missing.
- With those - There's a 99% chance that he's still alive.
That's why the police put out an arrest warrant for Ki Ho Sang.
99% chance? So you're admitting yourself that it's lacking one percent for it to be a hard fact? Excuse me? Don't rule that Ki Ho Sang is still alive and don't try to frame him by calling him a shameless crook either.
Don't presume anything until Ki Ho Sang has been found by the police and proven guilty and just find hard facts.
If you don't, then you'll brew trouble elsewhere.
Impact is what grabs the viewers' attention, not facts.
Nine firemen are dead, and we need someone to blame for their deaths.
That someone to blame is Ki Ho Sang, for ordering the search and rescue.
The police have an eyewitness who claims that he saw Ki Ho Sang near the site of fire.
Even though Mr.
Ki was able to escape any injuries from the fire his fear for legal punishment and hatred from bereaved families for his negligence is believed to be the reason why he hasn't shown himself yet.
I saw him with my two very own eyes.
I'm positive that it was him.
I have Pinocchio syndrome, so I can't ever lie! The police believe that Mr.
Ki's family can help convince him to turn himself in and are demanding that they do.
I haven't heard anything from him since the day of the accident.
- I'm telling you the truth.
- Does he own a grey jacket and brown pants? Yes.
Yes, he's worn those clothes before.
But Mr.
Ki's family is denying having any contact with him and have stated that the accident was not Mr.
Ki's fault.
Are you stating that you're not in contact with your father? They're all just false rumors! What are you guys doing! The police plan to arrest Ki Ho Sang for negligent homicide upon his arrest.
But the public is wondering if that would be enough of a punishment for the crime of Don't turn the TV on for a while.
Mom went to the market again today, and everyone refused to sell to her.
They said they won't sell her anything.
Did mom cry a lot? Yeah.
She cried a lot.
Jae Myung.
If If by some chance If by the smallest chance What if father really is a bad man like they're saying he is on the news? Hey, the news also lies once in a while.
And this is one of those moments.
When father comes back, we'll resolve all of these misunderstandings and everything will go back to the way it used to be.
We can go see the fireworks together, too.
- Really? - Of course! I guarantee it.
Want to pinky swear? - Pinky swear.
- Pinky swear.
- Seal it.
- Seal it.
- Copy.
- Copy.
Copied and stuck to my forehead.
Satisfied? Copied and stuck to my forehead.
You're not lying, right? No, it's not a lie.
Mom, I think Jae Myung lied to me.
Jae Myung wouldn't lie.
Then why hasn't he come home in days? He ran away because he doesn't have the confidence to keep his promise.
He'll be back soon.
He's just staying with a friend for a few days.
I hope dad comes home soon.
I want him to come home and smack everyone who gave you a hard time across the face.
Are you crying again? No, I'm not.
You're not lying to me, right? No, I'm not lying.
Ha Myung.
Want to go see some fireworks with me? - Right now? - Yeah.
Right now.
Hey, just go home.
Okay? Call Reporter Sung Cha Ok out here.
I'll leave once I get to speak to her.
Hey, you think reporters are like Batman? To come running whenever I call them? [Fireman's Award of Honor.]
What's the reason for wanting to see me? I want to do an interview.
Ha Myung.
Let's go see your dad.
Let him through.
Get a shot of the tennis shoe with the ocean in the background.
[Five months later.
January 3, 2001.
No, I don't want to tell you.
It's okay, I can be understanding.
Tell me everything.
I want you to be honest with me.
To be honest, I regret it.
When you and mom divorced, I should've just gone with mom.
Then I wouldn't have to go and live on that awful island.
But I know that grandpa has dementia She's just like her mom.
So sick of it all! I wish I could tell you that it's okay, but I can't.
You know how I am.
See? I told you I didn't want to tell you.
Don't worry, In Ha.
You can get through this.
Don't let the country bumpkins get to you, and no picking up the dialect and stay chic and city smart.
I can do this! No, I'm probably going to turn into a caveman.
We're here.
Just look at you! You've grown into such a pretty girl! - Have you been well? - Sure.
What are all those books for? Are you going back to school? - So that my brain doesn't get rusty.
- You solve math problems? I even took a test and I scored eighty percent! Are you sure he has dementia? He seems perfectly fine to me.
No kidding.
Oh my goodness.
Look at the time already! It's almost time for him to be back.
- Who's coming? - Come out here and say hi.
Who? - Who's coming? - Your brother.
My brother? What brother? - You only have one brother.
- You're not talking about Dal Po? Here he comes right now! - Father! - Dal Po! Come here.
Come over here.
- Come here.
- Father! - Father? - Father? Say hello.
This here is your little brother, Choi Dal Peng.
Little brother? And this here is your niece, Choi In Ha.
Niece? - Welcome home.
- Why are you speaking to him like that? He's a much younger brother than you.
Just say, 'Dal Peng, you're here.
' That's how you should greet him.
Dal Peng, you're here.
You're a cute little thing.
Let's go inside.
It's cold, isn't it? It was last September or October, the day we get our weekly papers I was trying to fix what the waves washed up, so I went out on the boat by myself.
That's when I saw something holding onto the buoy out in the water.
I wanted to see what it was, so I went out there with all my might.
Oh my goodness.
And you know what that was? None other than your brother! Seriously, Father.
My brother died 30 years ago.
Yes, I'm aware of that, too! When I first saw him, I didn't know whether I was dreaming or awake so I had to pinch myself everywhere just to make sure I wasn't seeing things! But after thinking long and hard about it, I finally realized what had happened.
The sea spirits saved your brother and brought him back to me.
There are no such things as sea spirits! Those stories are just for kids! - Please, that's enough.
- Hey! You should've corrected my grandfather when he started talking gibberish but how could you have agreed with him instead? Father.
Dal Po is dead.
Don't you remember? Dal Po's decision to go out on that boat alone was as futile as crawling down a rat hole.
Yes, I know.
Of course that's what happened.
Yes, that's what happened.
But - What if he's caught in bad waters - Father! Father.
Stop calling him 'Father'.
Who are you? Who are you to come here What was that noise? Father! - Father! - Grandfather! Get me a pillow and a blanket.
Hurry! Father doesn't have dementia.
If it's not dementia, then what's wrong with him? His doctor told me that his memories are distorted into thinking that his son has come back home alive.
But every time he tries to correct his memories then he faints from the shock of the truth.
So you've decided to pretend to be his son? I'm not pretending to be his son, but I have become his son.
You've become his son? Are you telling me that he adopted you? Who would allow an old man like my dad to adopt a young child? The head of the village and the office pulled some strings.
Where are your parents? - What about cousins? - I don't have any.
- I have nowhere else to go either.
- But you still can't be here! You're a complete stranger to us.
And how do we know what kind of a person you are for us to take you in? I'm needed by father.
He needs me as his son, too.
- Without me, he'll keep fainting - So you want to keep deceiving him? That's just ridiculous! Why is it so ridiculous? It's not a bad deal for anyone! Who cares about a little lie like that? I'll pretend to be his son only until he gets better.
Only until then.
Just let me stay here until then.
Please, I beg of you.
- Dal Po, I want number four.
- Number four? - Over here? - Yeah, right there! Father, isn't this a great idea? It's really great.
After number four, I want number seven.
You think you can address that kid as your uncle? No.
How can I address that tiny kid as my uncle? I have to address that tiny kid as my older brother.
You think you can do it without hiccuping? Yeah, I tried it earlier and it worked.
He's legally my uncle, isn't he? Grandfather is going to get better soon.
- Let's just endure it until then, okay? - Okay.
I'm sure he took shortcuts with all the adoption papers.
We'll just nullify it when grandfather gets better and send him to the orphanage.
- That doesn't work.
- Huh? There's no signal here, so there's no TV.
So don't even think about watching your mom on TV.
Answer me right now.
Okay, fine.
What about dinner? I'm not hungry! Ha Myung.
- Let's go see dad.
- Really? Dad's still alive? You know where he is? Yeah I know.
You're not lying, right? It's the truth.
But I guess I'm no different.
Hey, kid.
First, I'll address you as my uncle when we're around my grandfather.
But when my grandfather isn't around, you're just a 'Hey, you' to me, got it? And I think of you as a sucker shark.
You know what that is, right? No, I don't know.
You know those sharks that stick themselves right onto a whale's back - Are you hungry? - No.
It sticks itself onto a host and shamelessly leeches food and everything else off.
You still don't know? You are hungry.
I said, I'm not hungry! I can hear you making all sorts of noise from your stomach.
That brat.
Ouch, that's hot! Fine, I won't eat it! Ouch, so hot! I'm not eating.
I'm really not eating! I'm not hungry! I'm starving.
That's pretty good.
I don't know what a sucker shark is, but I think I get the gist of it.
It's referring to kids like you, right? What? - Okay, I admit it.
- What? I'm a Pinocchio, so I can't lie.
I hiccup whenever I lie.
Even though what you just said makes me see red I admit that it's true.
That's exactly what my current situation refers to right now.
So I'm saying that you're just as shameless as I am right now.
Satisfied? Why are you staring at me like that? Because I'm so pretty? That's right, I'm staring because you're pretty.
I often hear people tell me how pretty I am because I take after my mom.
My mom is seriously really pretty.
It means that I'm not being cocky about it, but it's genetics, so it can't be helped.
You don't believe me? Want to see what my mom looks like? Do you have a picture of her? No, I don't have any because my dad threw away all her pictures.
I can see her if I could just fix the TV.
- The TV? - Yeah.
My mom's often on TV, so I just turn it on whenever I miss her and want to see her.
But I can't even do that right now.
Do you miss her? Yeah, a lot.
Mom, has it been half a year already? I snuck dad's phone to send you this text.
Are you doing well? Grandfather is ill, so we're living in Hyangri Island with him for a while.
I used to think there's nothing to like here and it was nothing but tacky countryside but there is one thing that I'm growing to like.
I have an uncle now.
He's my uncle, but he's shorter than me.
Isn't that funny? I didn't really like him at first but the more I get to know him, the more I grow to like him.
So I'm thinking about letting myself get attached to him.
Choi In Ha! Hey, niece! - Yeah? What is it? - I fixed the TV! Really? - How did you fix it? - I don't know, I just hit it and it worked.
Are you really serious? - Let's go right now! - Get in.
It's an uphill, and that might be kind of hard.
It's not hard, so just get in.
See? I told you it won't work.
I'm just going to walk.
I can do it! I said, I can do it! The ocean breeze is so nice so how about we both walk? - Are you that happy? - Yeah.
Kid, who do you look like? Your dad or your mom? - My father.
- Really? I wish I could meet him and see what he's like.
What kind of a person do you think he is? He wouldn't have been terribly handsome.
I can tell that by your face.
What? He liked helping other people, right? And he liked to be recognized for it, too.
Huh? I'm sure that he was a kind-hearted man.
You're not hiccuping.
Did you think that I was lying? - Yeah.
- It wasn't a lie.
I really do think that he was a good man.
Enough for me to wish that I could meet him.
Why are you staring at me like that? - What was that for? - For the past six months my life has been nothing but a lie.
Because it was better to lie for both mine and grandfather's sake.
- But - But? The truth is ten times more comforting than a lie.
- That's what your comment just did for me.
- Really? That's great to hear.
It's working! - Thank you so much! - No need to thank me.
You have to keep this TV a secret from my dad, okay? If he found out, he'd shatter this TV to pieces on the spot.
- Does he hate your mom that much? - Yeah, a lot.
He's normally really gentle, but he turns frightening at any mention of my mom.
He doesn't even let me call her.
It's my mom! There's my mom! A reward is given out to those who call in reports of any traffic violations.
Why do you think he made such an order? Was he up for a promotion? It's too light of a sentence for a man who's responsible for the death of nine men She looks so pretty! That's my mom.
Even though it's to ensure better safety, it is viewed as just a money making scheme and is receiving wild criticism from the open general public.
It's been so long! There are many times in life when I'm made to realize just how small this world truly is.
I'm sure there's been times in everyone's lives when you meet a perfect stranger and come to realize their fate is intertwined with yours.
Brother Dal Po, have you seen In Ha? - She's watching the news in the room.
- What? The news? And she also snuck your cellphone to get in touch with her mom.
That bratty sass! - You brat! Why don't you ever listen! - Why is he getting mad? What is he getting mad about? - Dad, please don't do this! - What is he doing in there? - Dal Peng! - Grandfather, please stop him! Please kill them all.
Dal Po! I mean, Uncle! Uncle, please stop my dad.
Please! Why would I? Uncle Whether the fate be good or evil, it's strange how it intertwines.
Even though we call this 'fate', there's a mathematical explanation for it.
It's a rule that states that everyone is related to each other in six separations.
Which means that you and I are somehow related to each other within six degrees.
Isn't it fascinating? This phenomena was named after a famous American actor and is given a specific name.
Just what is the name of this actor? This is the final question of the day, so it should be a bit difficult.
But answer this correctly, and you can call champion, Ahn Chan Soo, up onto this stage.
You have five seconds.
Oh my, I don't think he knows! That's the limit of All-Zero's skills! The correct answer is, Kevin Bacon.
Kevin Bacon? That's the correct answer! Yes, that's right.
That's the right answer.
What the heck? He actually got it right! - What the heck? - Has he always been that smart? Wow, he's like a totally different person.
What if he actually wins this thing? What? Everyone stop being so ridiculous.
Can't you see what's going on? He's just been riding on pure luck! Your eyes must be rotting out of your head.
You think that's just luck? Yeah, it looks like luck to me.
Why are you smiling? Why? You like Chan Soo, don't you? No, I don't.
It's a little suspicious to me how adamantly you're sticking up for Chan Soo.
You like Chan Soo, don't you? Don't you? Seriously then what about you? Why do you keep siding with All-Zero? Isn't it because you like All-Zero? Who me? That tacky little kid? Stop avoiding the question and just answer me.
You like All-Zero, don't you? - He's my uncle.
- But you two don't share any blood.
Forget that he's your uncle, but what do you think of him as a man? You like him, don't you? No.
- She's not hiccuping.
- You're right.
Then she must not like him.
But Dal Po's going to win that thing.
- Hello.
- Hey, Jae Myung.
Hi, are two jugs enough? Then we will now start Round Two between the first and last place winner of the same school! Dal Po's going to win this.
I'm sure of it he's going to win this.
Dal Po won.
Wasn't that so amazing? Don't get the wrong idea.
I didn't take your side because I like you.
- How far will that go? - Grandfather! - Grandfather! - I have no money.
Stop being like that, and buy me a bicycle.
Dal Po! Hey! Do you hate me that much? My resolve was so firm and clear that I believed I could never be swayed.
The reason for my being here is a secret.