Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

The Ugly Duckling

1 Pinocchio [The 'Pinocchio syndrome' in this drama is not based on an actual syndrome.
Why did he give out such an unnecessary command? - Did he have a promotion coming up? - My father would never do that! I know it was him.
I'm a Pinocchio, so I'm not lying about this! - I promise.
- You're not lying to me, right? Ha Myung, let's go see dad.
Why are you staring at me like that? Because I'm pretty? That's right.
I'm staring because you're pretty.
There are many times in life when I realize just how small this world really is.
You meet as strangers, but come to find out, you're already linked together somehow.
- You've all experienced this before, right? - Choi In Ha.
- You sure you don't like All-Zero? - No.
It's mom! My mom's on TV! That's my mom.
Uncle Whether the fate be good or evil, sometimes we are just strangely linked together.
Even though we call this phenomena fate, there's a scientific explanation for this.
This phenomena states that we are all linked together somehow in six degrees of separation.
According to this rule, you and I are also linked together somehow through six degrees of separation.
Fascinating, isn't it? It is said that this rule is named after this famous actor.
What is the name of this actor? Oh, I know this one.
It's the This is the final qualifying question, so it's a bit more difficult.
You have five seconds to answer.
Start the clock! The correct answer is, Kevin Bacon.
Kevin Bacon.
That is the correct answer! That's what I was going to say.
I made a resolve to myself after that horrifying event five years ago.
Stop shooting! Stop it! Ha Myung, let's go see dad.
You're not lying to me, are you? Not to go anywhere near a TV station, not to affiliate myself with any TV people and not to even talk to them.
Ahn Chan Soo will now join us on stage.
I was so firm and resolute in my resolve that I never thought I could be swayed.
We will now start the first round of competition between the first and last place student from the very same high school.
The reason why I went against my resolve to stand on this stage is a secret that I want to keep protected more than the resolve that I've made.
[Episode 2- The Ugly Duckling.
- Father, I'll be back after school.
- Grandfather, I'll be back after school.
[Two Weeks Ago- September 2005.
Dal Po, look after your niece - And In Ha, listen to your uncle.
- Okay.
Grandfather! Grandfather I don't have any money.
Stop being like that, and buy me a bicycle.
If you don't, I'm running away from home! You are being such a sass.
Your uncle gives you a ride on his bicycle.
So what would you want your own bicycle for? It's because uncle is always It's because he's always giving me rides, and I feel really bad about it.
No, I'm fine with it, my niece.
Let's go.
- We'll be back.
- We'll be back.
Come home right after school, okay? Okay, you can stop now.
Ugh, seriously! Seriously, In Ha! Can't you be more on time? All these kids are always late to school because of you! I'm sorry.
What? You said yourself that you wanted to get off.
It's because I know you don't like giving me rides either.
Of course I don't.
- Do you hate me that much? - Of course I do.
Let me ask you something.
Why do you hate me so much? Am I your sworn enemy or something? That's my mom.
Mom looks like she's lost some weight.
Isn't my mom so pretty? Of course you are.
You're my sworn enemy.
- Did All-Zero leave you behind again today? - Yeah? If I had my own bicycle, I'd want for nothing more.
Running these marathons every morning is killing me.
Do you want the one I have at home? We have a bicycle that no one's using.
Really? - Yeah, but it's a little ugly.
- I don't care what it looks like.
I just need to be able to ride it.
What do you think? You think you can ride it? It's a little No, it's really ugly, isn't it? It's okay, I'll just fix it up.
Thanks! - Want to try riding it? - Yeah.
This is so nice! Thanks so much! Choi Dal Po You're dead.
Hey, Blunt-talking Witch! This is yours.
Serves you right, Choi Dal Po! This is your career course planning document.
You need to turn it in by next week.
Oh my, what jerk would splash mud all over your career course planning document? Some clumsy and immature girl was acting a little too rowdy.
Be quiet.
In Ha's recommended vocation is lawyer, prosecutor, or a judge.
- Wow, that's really impressive.
- A lawyer? How can a Blunt-talking Witch like you who can't even lie, be a lawyer? Why can't I be a lawyer? What would a lawyer have to lie about? There are a lot of faults with that logic.
Think of a Pinocchio like you, who can't even lie defending a murder suspect.
How would that The evidence pointing to my defendant as the murderer is purely circumstantial.
There's no single concrete evidence.
The law states that when in doubt of the crime committed the court gives the benefit of doubt and declares the defendant not guilty.
However the defendant confessed during our interview that he did murder the victim and that he does not have any regrets for the murder he committed.
Thus, I swear on my oath as this court's attorney that this defendant be charged guilty of his murderous crime! I'm going to kill you! I'm also going to kill the bastard who gave you the attorney badge and license! Lawyers like you will get killed by your own defendants while trying to defend them.
Instead of all that, how about becoming an actress? You're too pretty to be a lawyer, and that would be such a waste.
Maybe you're right.
My fortune pretty much showed the same result.
An actress? How are you going to be an actress when you can't even lie? She can't do it.
She wouldn't even be able to play the easy role of a corpse.
I can play the role of a corpse! Okay you're doing great.
The cold breeze is blowing past you.
Zoom in the camera.
How many times has it been already? - Is it that hard to control your hiccups? - You already know the answer to that.
You know that as a Pinocchio, I start hiccuping noticeably whenever I lie.
I can't help but hiccup since I'm pretending to be dead when I'm still perfectly alive.
Any other actresses on set? We've done 21 takes of this scene already! You're going to make poor Soo Hyuk's arms fall off! Come on, Director.
You can do great things with special effects.
Can't you just delete all the hiccups out of the scenes? Fine, I'll fill in as her understudy and do the scene myself! Bring over the camera.
Give me my camera! Think of it as doing others a huge favor, and forget about becoming an actress.
There's a better chance of Bill Gates claiming bankruptcy than you becoming an actress.
Dal Po, you have a real knack for knocking people down with your words.
Hey, don't worry about it.
I read in the paper that there are over 20,000 different occupations in our country.
I'm sure at least one of those will be just perfect for you.
No, there aren't.
Don't you know that there's less than a 6% chance of a Pinocchio finding a career? Don't listen to him.
He's only saying that because he has no direction either.
I don't have a direction either.
I'm even jealous of hurricanes these days.
At least a direction is decided for them.
Just take a look at this.
I told you to do a review study on your own, and you're all just sitting around talking.
- Are you all here? - Yes.
Are you all aware of a TV program called, 'The Quiz Challenge Show'? - Yes.
- At least you're good at answering.
I have to choose a student who will represent our school on that show.
- Really? - That's so awesome! I heard that you get paid 50,000 Won just for going on the show! 50,000 Won is nothing.
You get paid 30 million Won if you win.
That's enough money to buy a boat of your own.
You're all going to take a common sense test tomorrow and the student that comes in at first place will go on the show.
Any objections? Can't we just play for it instead? - Let's just do a random draw.
- A random draw? Who said that? Raise your hand.
You can do a random draw when you choose your bride in the future.
Got it? The winner will be on TV.
On a national TV show at that! Then I'll take it as there being no objections to this, and end it here.
Class dismissed.
There's no need for such a test.
Since it's obvious that Chan Soo will win first place.
Come on, we don't know that.
We'll have to wait and see.
Common sense has no correlation to being book smart.
What is it that you want to talk to me about? Give this bell a try.
Press it here, and it rings like a bell.
I like the sound of that.
In Ha, I have something to say to you.
What is it? If I go out on that quiz show - I'm going to confess my love for you on TV.
- What? You have to give me your answer to my love confession, okay? - Chan Soo, I - No, not now.
Don't give me your answer now.
I haven't made my confession yet, so when I do, give me your answer then.
Okay? I'll be leaving now.
Mom, I received my first love confession from a boy today.
But it was really strange.
It felt really weird.
It felt like I had bad indigestion.
I thought having someone confess their love to me would feel nerve wrecking or exciting but instead, I felt wooden, like a pine tree in the mountains.
In fact, I felt no emotion at all.
- Are you worried about something again? - Yeah.
Doing this rushes the blood to the brain and helps me think better.
There's a scientific reason for doing this, so don't look at me like that.
Even after five years of seeing it, it's still a sight to behold.
- There's no end to your ridiculousness.
- Be quiet! Thank you, and have a good day.
- Sir, can you sign the receipt? - Sure.
[Criminal fugitive wanted.]
Sir What's the date today? Huh? It's September 25th.
Why do you ask? No reason.
There's just something that I need to check.
This place feels really eerie.
I think we may be lost.
What's that abandoned building over there? There was a fire here five years ago, but they have yet to demolish it.
- They're afraid of the haunting spirits.
- Knock it off! I guess a lot of people died when the building exploded.
I heard they were all firemen.
You'll have 30 minutes to take the test.
The questions on the test are old questions that have been asked on the quiz show.
As mentioned yesterday, the student with the best test score will be chosen to go on the show as the representative of our school.
Ji Hee.
You're not going to find any answers on my face.
Hurry up and start the test.
Ugh, these rascals.
- They just have no common sense.
- I know.
I can't believe there's not a single student with a score of more than 50 points.
Wow, Choi In Ha scored 92 points! Not only does she get good grades in class, but she also has a lot of common sense.
- Ahn Chan Soo scored 96 points.
- Ugh.
All these are pretty much the same.
Why don't we just forget the rest? Wait a minute.
- What's with this kid? - What is it? What is it? Oh my goodness what is this kid's deal? - A perfect score? - A perfect score? Who was it? - Choi Dal Po.
- Choi Dal Po? Did you all hear the news? - The common sense test results are out.
- Already? - Who won? - Chan Soo or In Ha? The first place winner is All-Zero.
- What did you say? - What nonsense is that? Why are you all staring at me like that? Aren't you going to congratulate me? What is this? Then does this mean that All-Zero is going to represent our school on the show? That's just absurd.
Chan Soo, I heard that All-Zero is going to be on the show instead of you? - Dal Po came in at first place.
- What? How can the worst student in the whole school become the top student overnight? - How is that even possible? - Right? You girls think that it's ridiculous too, right? - What if Dal Po - You're right.
He must've cheated.
- He totally could've cheated.
- Have you heard? I heard that Dal Po might've cheated on his test.
This is a secret, but I heard All-Zero cheated.
He's not nicknamed 'All-Zero' for no reason.
What if All-Zero didn't cheat, but he actually stole the test? - Stole the test? - Stole the test? I heard that All-Zero stole the test, and he might get expelled for it.
He must've completely lost his mind.
Why would he resort to stealing just to take a test? He could've been motivated by the prize money.
Since contestants get paid 50,000 Won just for appearing on the show.
My goodness, how could he be so shameless after the disgusting stunt he pulled? Just look at him.
He looks like a conniving crook.
- Let's just ignore him.
- He stole the test.
- Hey, have you heard? He's a crook.
- All Zero stole the test.
I heard he used to be a purse snatcher, and he even has a record.
I heard that his biological father is a convicted felon.
- I heard he forced his crew to go in there.
- Was he after a promotion? But he ran away from the danger himself.
Say it again.
What did you just say? What did I say? - I didn't even say anything! - Try blabbing that bullshit again.
Because if and when you do, I'm going to smack you across the face.
- He's a total thug.
- What are we going to do? It's called a pipe.
A pipe of speculation.
A pipe of envy and jealousy.
Such pipes are so easy and simple to blow that anyone can easily set it off.
Admit that you stole the test.
- No, I didn't.
- You didn't? Don't even dream about being on that quiz show.
Going on the show through this method would only bring shame to our school! Pathetic bastard.
The foolish monster with numerous ugly heads and the palace maids who have spent their lives in state of discontent These pipes can be blown by both of them.
This is a line from Shakespeare's Hugo, and also Henry IV.
What is the pipe being used as a metaphor for? Ahn Chan Soo just rang his buzzer! Answer this question correctly, and he'll become our new quiz champion.
What is the correct answer? A rumor? Is that your final answer? Rumor is the correct answer! Ahn Chan Soo is our newest quiz champion! Congratulations! New champion, Ahn Chan Soo.
How does it feel to have become the new champion? Choi In Ha! I really like you.
Instead of giving credit to his teacher Mom.
I've been hiccuping for four days straight in a row.
I think that's a new record.
I've tried holding my breath, drinking a jug of water and I even tried cleaning the whole house, but I still can't stop hiccuping.
It's killing me.
I think I know how to get it to stop but I can't get the courage to do it.
Mom, what am I going to do? No one ever dies from hiccuping, right? My goodness, how can he be so shameless after the disgusting stunt he pulled? - He looks like a conniving crook.
- He stole a copy of the test.
I heard he used to be a purse snatcher.
This won't do.
I have to survive first.
[A letter of apology.]
The teachers have decided to just let it go after you write this letter of apology.
Because making a bigger deal of this will give the school a bad rap.
Why do I need to write a letter of apology for something that I didn't even do? Why do you keep arguing that you didn't do it when you clearly did do it? I didn't steal a copy of the test.
Those rumors aren't true.
- They're all false rumors.
- False rumors? Can you prove it? - Those are all just false rumors! - Can you prove it? Why should we have to be the ones to prove it? Why should I have to be the one to prove it? You have to be the one to prove it because you're the subject of the rumor! When I walk out of this office I'm going to start a rumor that you and Teacher Yoon over there are having an affair and that I saw the two of you with my own eyes.
What what did you say? What? You're having an affair with me? - What are you talking about? - Wait, Teacher Yoon.
Wait, wait a minute.
Dal Po, you Try proving to everyone yourself that the rumor of the affair isn't true.
Hey, why would I have to Because you're the subject of the rumor.
If you can't, then you'll have to write your own letter of apology I mean, write a letter of resignation.
Hey, hey! Dal Po! Choi Dal Po! Dal Po! Choi Dal Po! Are you both determined to ruin my chances at getting married? - What do you think you're doing! - Teacher Yoon, this isn't what it seems.
What do you think you're doing? In Ha, what are you doing? My hiccuping stopped.
Choi In Ha.
Have you lost your mind? Chan Soo, I'm sorry.
But I can't accept your feelings for me.
And as for the rest of you Before you start eating the cake, apologize to Dal Po first.
What ridiculous nonsense.
Why do we have to apologize to All-Zero? You went around spreading false rumors without any proof or evidence.
Do you have any proof that Dal Po stole the test? Proof? The worst student in the whole school scored a perfect test overnight.
What bigger proof would you need than that? That's not evidence, that's speculation.
Then why don't you give me a speculation of your own? A speculation that shows Dal Po didn't cheat, but got a perfect score with his knowledge.
Huh? Tell me what you're speculating.
Okay, fine.
Instead of just a speculation, I'll bring you solid evidence.
But when I bring the evidence, you have to apologize to Dal Po.
And you also have to give Dal Po half the prize money.
Why would he give his prize money to Dal Po? If Dal Po didn't cheat on the test, then he should've been the one to go on the show.
Then that prize money would undoubtedly belong to Dal Po.
Letting you keep half is being very generous.
But that's Okay, fine.
I'll give him half.
But if you fail to bring the evidence If I don't? What is it that Dal Po always threatens people with? Can't be Then you have to let me smack you across the face ten times.
- What? - Hey, Chan Soo.
- But she's a girl.
- Didn't he say he liked In Ha? He must've lost his mind when In Ha turned him down.
If you're too scared to do it, then forget it.
- The rat bastard - Okay, fine.
I accept your bet.
He clearly said he'd split his prize money if I bring the evidence.
Chan Soo, you'd better not change your tune.
I should be the one saying it to you.
That's ten smacks across the face.
I won't be going easy on you just because you're a girl.
Oh my goodness, you're starting to hiccup.
Are you worried about getting smacked? No, not at all! She must be, because there she goes.
What do I do? Would he really smack me ten times? Ugh, whatever! I'll just let him smack me.
Why is that jerk taking his anger out on her bike? Hey, Blunt-talking Witch.
Don't mistake yourself into thinking that I took your side because I like you.
I had no choice but to do what I did because I couldn't take hiccuping anymore.
- No, that's not what I meant - I'm sure you wish that it wasn't.
But that's the real reason for doing what I did.
- So don't get any wrong ideas.
- Wrong idea? What wrong idea? You know what I mean.
Must I say it myself? Okay, I don't really want to hear it either.
Just go.
If her eyes are working, then she should see that her brakes are broken.
Bye! Ugh, that brat! Are her eyes on her feet or something? What's wrong with these brakes? What do I do! Choi In Ha! Ouch, I'm bleeding.
Hey, I'm bleeding.
I said, I'm bleeding! Dal Po.
Dal Po! Choi Dal Po! Choi Dal Po! Dal Po! Mister, what if my uncle dies? He's not going to die.
I looked, and it's a small cut.
It's a very small cut on his head.
If it's that small, then why isn't he awake? What if his brain has internal bleeding? Head injuries are the worst.
He can't become a stupid fool.
He gets bullied enough as is! If he becomes a stupid fool on top of being bullied then he'd just be too pitiful! What are we going to do? What are we going to do if my uncle becomes an idiot? Be quiet and keep it down.
Uncle are you awake? How are you feeling? Are you feeling dizzy or queasy at all? No, I'm fine.
What's my name? How many fingers am I holding up? Tell me.
I don't know.
Oh no! What are we going to do? He says he doesn't know who I am.
He doesn't know how many fingers What do we do? I'm sorry for all the trouble we've caused, but you can let us out.
Why are you doing that? You should just leave it.
No, forget it.
It's no big deal, and it'll just scare grandfather.
- Do you have any band-aids? - Yeah.
Don't tell father about the accident.
Just tell him that you hurt your ankle when you fell off your bicycle.
Because if you tell him more than that, then he'll catch onto everything.
Your perfect test score you got that of your own skill, right? Yeah.
Then you've been hiding your skills and have been pretending to be dumb? Why did you do that? I heard that your real uncle was pretty dumb.
Then you've been pretending to be dumb all these years for grandfather's sake? Because you didn't want him to faint again out of shock? Yeah.
Then why are you showing off your skills now? Do you want to go on the quiz show that badly? Stop asking so many questions.
You're giving me a headache.
You're not going to get smacked in the face by Chan Soo.
- What? - So you don't need to worry.
Being gutted for the sake of the hand that's fed you all your life That's your cruel fate, Oh Soon.
Where are you going? Over to my friend's.
Can you make sure father doesn't watch any TV tomorrow? We don't even have a TV in the house.
Getting him to watch it would be a bigger challenge.
I'll be back.
Aren't you going to take your bicycle? No, and I'm spending the night at my friend's house tonight.
- Is uncle going somewhere? - I don't know.
He says he's spending the night at his friend's house.
He doesn't have any friends.
Wow, nothing but zeroes everywhere.
His nickname is perfect for him.
[History of England.]
This isn't a book that Dal Po would read.
Ohcheon Municipal Library? He borrowed this book from a library? One ticket to Seoul.
There are so many books.
[Choi Dal Po.]
He's read this, too? He read this last year? No way [The Quiz Challenge Show.]
Oh my goodness.
Has he read all the books in here? Choi Dal Po what is he? I will now announce the name of the person that passed the preliminary test.
The person that passed will be a contestant of the show on October 8th and will be competing against last week's champion, Ahn Chan Soo.
The person that passed this week's preliminary test is We will now start the second round of the competition with last week's champion, Ahn Chan Soo and our newest challenger, Choi Dal Po.
Each question from this speed quiz round is worth 30 to 50 points each with a total of 20 questions.
The winner from this speed quiz round will be the winner of the competition.
Are you both ready? - Yes.
- Yes.
Then let's get started.
There's a local idiom that speaks of feeling painful pangs of envy in the stomach.
It's referring to feeling joy when others are seen in misery and suffering.
What is the terminology that combines both joy and suffering in German? - Your answer? - Schadenfreude.
Schadenfreude That's the correct answer! I didn't know the answer to that question myself.
All-Zero might be a total genius, and not a dummy after all.
Here's your next question.
Referring to a person who is a leader of the times in fashion - Yes, Choi Dal Po.
- Trendsetter.
- Violin and solving mysteries are this - Sherlock Holmes.
Top, bottom, height, size - Hulk.
- An animal smaller than a falcon A hawk.
During the Chinese revolution, the four weeds that were banned from Water lily Oh my goodness Dal Po is no joke up there.
It's really close between Dal Po and Chan Soo.
Dal Po must not have stolen the test, but he really knew the right answers! Wow, he is providing real solid proof.
Chan Soo's not going to smack you on the face.
So you don't need to worry.
I guess it's true.
I don't think I'm going to have to get smacked.
Here is the final question of the day.
Let's take a quick look at the current score.
Choi Dal Po has 440 points, and Ahn Chan Soo has 410 points.
Last week's champion, Ahn Chan Soo, is behind this week's challenger by 30 points.
But we still have one final 50 point question left so the person who correctly answers this question will become today's winner.
Here's your final question.
There are four elements of freedom that FDR mentions in his State of Union speech.
State the four fundamental freedoms that people 'everywhere in the world' should enjoy.
Ahn Chan Soo just rang his buzzer.
If he correctly answers this question, then he'll win again for the second week in a row.
What is the correct answer? It's Freedom of speech And You have to state the other three elements of freedom in order to get the answer.
Since this is the final question, you'll be given an extra five seconds.
What's he going to do? Pushing the buzzer too soon means losing.
The clock is ticking! Sorry, but time's up.
The chance will now go to Choi Dal Po.
Dal Po won.
Choi Dal Po, answer this correctly, and you'll be reigned the new champion.
Yes, Choi Dal Po.
Freedom of worship, freedom from want and Freedom from fear.
You've only stated three so far, but you must state all four to win.
The final element is I don't know.
What the heck? What does he mean, he doesn't know? Chan Soo just said what the last one is.
You just said that you didn't know.
Choi Dal Po, you have five more seconds.
What is the final element of freedom? - He's doing that on purpose.
- He's doing that on purpose? Choi Dal Po's doing that on purpose right now just to get under Ahn Chan Soo's skin.
He's passing it to Ahn Chan Soo even though he knows the answer.
Like throwing a dog a bone.
That's too bad.
The chance will now go back to Ahn Chan Soo.
If Ahn Chan Soo answers it correctly, then he'll win for the second week in a row.
Okay, Ahn Chan Soo.
Name the four freedoms.
Freedom of worship, Freedom from want, Freedom from fear and Freedom of speech.
Yes, that's the correct answer! Ahn Chan Soo wins for the second week in a row! Wow very impressive.
All-Zero is very impressive.
Don't call him All-Zero anymore.
He should be called All-Perfect from now on.
- Isn't it amazing? - What is? - All-Zero? - No, that huge box.
Huge box? That's a TV.
I told everyone until I was blue in the face that it was just a false rumor but none of you believed me.
But one appearance on that thing, and the rumors are cleared up in one shot.
Not just cleared up, but cleared up completely.
- What? - The viewers of this show None of them would be able to say that Dal Po stole the test copy anymore.
Isn't that so amazing? You are sounding like a complete lunatic.
I've figured out my career path.
Hey, what are you doing? You can't change it if you write in ink! - You should use a pencil instead! - I'm not going to change it.
I'm positive that this is it.
What if your father faints again after seeing this on TV? When he realizes that Dal Po isn't stupid, but he's actually really smart then he's going to realize that Dal Po's not his real son.
- Hello? - Father.
It's me, Dal Peng.
Where are you right now? I'm at home.
You didn't watch any TV today, did you? Why? Is something wrong? No, it's nothing.
I'll bring back something good for dinner.
- Did he not watch any TV? - No, he didn't.
That's a relief.
Had he seen that on TV, he'd be sprawled out on the ground now.
No kidding.
[Evidence that Choi Dal Po's perfect score wasn't from cheating.
Write down your name and your ID number.
There's a 22% tax on it, so don't call and complain about it later.
- Okay.
- Okay.
So what happens with the bet? Is Chan Soo really going to smack Dal Po across the face ten times? Wouldn't that be so much fun, Director? I guess I'm the only one who finds this funny.
Finish filling it out.
Choi Dal Po.
Yes? Why did you concede that final answer over to him? I didn't concede to him.
I really didn't know.
Do you think that TV is a joke? Seems to me that you wanted to play a joke on your friend but it was a joke that shouldn't have been played.
You're right about that.
What are you doing? Aren't you getting in? If you're not going to, then forget it.
No, I do not think TV is a joke.
TV can kill an innocent person with just one statement.
So how would I even dare to think that TV is a joke? But since you asked, I'll give you an answer.
The reason why I conceded on my last answer was because if I answered the last question correctly then I would've had to come back to this god-forsaken hole again next week.
This place is full of human beings that go around blabbing about a bunch of lies that are based on nothing but their own speculations.
It's only full of people who are constantly armed with their mics and cameras.
Just the thought of breathing in the same oxygen as those wretched human beings is enough to disgust and suffocate me! So the thought of having to come back to a TV station sounded worse than death itself.
Have I answered your question? Cruel bastards! You guys killed them.
You guys killed my mom and my little brother! They're dead because of the lies you guys told! I'd like to apologize in his place.
As I'm sure you saw, he has no sense of social norms - Everything he said was right.
- Excuse me? To the point of it being terrifying everything he said was right.
I'm home from school! [Choi Dal Po got a 100!.]
What is all this doing here? No way Why is that I'll scratch that spot for you.
- What number should I scratch? - Around 'Six.
' There - But Grandfather - Huh? Did you go into my room by any chance? No.
Why? No, it's nothing.
Why did you come home alone? What about your uncle? Seven.
Uncle's coming home late from his friend's house.
Around 8 o'clock? 8 o'clock? My joints are so stiff Looks like it's going to rain soon.
Did he bring an umbrella with him? - Do you like me? - Are you nuts? Why would I? I can see your reflection.
Stop squirming and say what you want to say.
Let me just ask you three questions.
Were you just pretending to act dumb this entire time? Yeah.
You should have kept acting like a fool.
What's with the sudden revelation about your intellect? - To get on the quiz show.
- Please You know that you don't have any human characteristics, right? I thought you hated the idea of being on a show.
That's right, I do.
Then why did you appear on a quiz show? I thought you were only going to ask three questions.
You're all done.
Fine, you arrogant jerk.
Grandfather's predictions are always correct Forget it.
Don't waste your time worrying about him.
Getting drenched in the rain is far from enough for that jerk! Jeez! - Mom! - Good thing I caught you.
- My dear son.
- I'm going in.
I'm going to freeze to death at this rate.
- Really, really? - But it's pretty ugly looking.
I don't care how it looks.
All it has to do is get by.
In Ha, when I appear on the quiz show this time I'm planning on confessing my feelings for you on air.
What? You have to give me an answer when I do, okay? Like I said yesterday, the student with the highest grade will be nominated and will represent our school in the quiz show 'Challenge Quiz Champion.
' Why did you suddenly reveal your abilities now? Because I like you.
Because I like you.
Hey, All-Zero! I mean, Dal Po! - Of course.
- This is driving me insane.
I should have checked earlier.
What do I do? Huh? Where did he go? Dal Po! Choi Dal Po! Dal Po! Gosh.
You should wear this home.
Don't misunderstand, Dal Po.
I came here on Grandfather's orders.
I had no choice but to come because he was worried you'd get drenched.
I had no choice.
You just started hiccuping.
This wasn't because I was lying, but because I was cold.
I hiccup when I get cold.
So no misunderstandings whatsoever.
That's right.
What was it that you had to say to me earlier? Huh? You said so during the broadcast.
'Choi In Ha, if you're too embarrassed by me here" That's as far as you got.
'If it's too embarrassing' I was going to say not to get off my bike from now on.
Why? What does that mean? Do you, by chance By any chance If I could turn back time, I should have left then.
They were feelings I shouldn't have felt.
And someone whom I never should have had feelings for.
Father Today is the day your prosecution ends, Father.
I hate the people who made you into a runaway enough to kill them.
But I wish that what people were saying were true.
Even if you're on the run It's okay if people point the finger of blame on you.
Just I hope that you'd just stay alive.
I miss you Father.
Before those feelings grew while I could still turn back I should have left.
Do you, by chance By chance what? You're not thinking something weird, right? - Huh? - I didn't become the champion and just like now, you don't have to ride my bike.
So no misunderstandings whatsoever.
I know, I know! I wasn't making assumptions! It's true! Seriously I keep hiccuping because it's cold out.
I thought that my heart racing in that moment would eventually subside with time.
And then, I thought I'd be able to leave easily But that was a foolish assumption An excuse to stay by her side then.
Mom I missed you so much.
Look at her.
The showmanship is the issue.
You could call myself an entertainer rather an a reporter? Are you a fool? You really thought that was your mom's number? Dal Po, have you ever seen my mom? I only believe what I see.
Just like you did eight years ago.
Fine, forget it.
I heard that you have a mother and a sibling besides your father.
They're both dead.
- I'm very sorry.
- Dal Po.
Dal Po.
- Don't be shocked.
- I'm not shocked at all.