Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

The Snow Queen

1 Pinocchio [The 'Pinocchio Syndrome' in this drama is not based on an actual syndrome.
Why are you all staring at me like that? - Amazing, isn't it? - Who? 'All-Zero'? - No, I'm talking about that great big box.
- Mr.
Choi Dal Po.
Do you think that TV is a joke? No, I do not think that TV is a joke.
TV can kill a person with just one statement, so how can I dare to think it's a joke? No one will be able to say that Dal Po stole a copy of the test after seeing that.
Isn't it so amazing? This place is full of people who blab on about absurdities based on their assumptions.
It's full of people who go around with their mics and cameras as their weapons.
I've decided on my career path.
You can't change it if you write it in ink! Write it with a pencil instead! I'm not going to change my mind.
My mind is firmly made up.
I'm going to become a news reporter.
I'm going to become a reporter and appear on the TV screen.
Just the thought of breathing in the same air as those disgusting people is enough to suffocate me to death! That's why I'd rather die than step foot into this place again.
Have I answered your question? [Episode 3 - Eye of the Queen.]
Ha Myung, wake up.
It's time for breakfast.
Just five more minutes.
Ha Myung! Mom? I was up on the roof trying to put the fire out and the roof just suddenly caved in.
Really? Then what happened? - Jae Myung, are you listening? - Yes, I'm listening.
Then I fell five meters down to the ground, but I was perfectly fine.
- How is that possible? - Father.
Jae Myung.
Ha Myung, try and see if you can guess it.
How do you think it is that I got away safely? - Hey! What do you think you're doing! - What are you doing? - This is not a dream? - What's wrong with him? Are you still half asleep? What have you been dreaming about? Dream? That was all just a dream? - And this isn't a dream? - What are you talking about? What dream are you talking about? A bad dream A really bad dream.
Dad went into hiding after causing a huge accident and Jae Myung abandoned mom and I, and ran away, too.
And also Mom - You're saying I did what? - He's crazy.
- Why would I have done that? - You should be scolded! Why did you do that? Why did you do that? Why? Must I get scolded for what I did in his dream? And I lived my life resenting Dad and Jae Myung, and didn't even try to find them.
Is that right? Oh my, why would you dream about such horrible things? It's okay.
It was just a ridiculous dream, wasn't it? This just needs to be heated up for 30 seconds, right? Why are you here? Why are you here! Uncle No, she can't be here.
That wouldn't make any sense! That would mean this is That would mean this is just a dream.
Why is he acting so weird all of a sudden? Then what happened? Where did you fall that you're okay like this? That's right, I forgot about my story.
I fell into a pile of cow manure.
- Ugh, how gross! - That's so disgusting! It's not disgusting! That pile of poop saved my life! That pile of poop should be revered.
Dad, who is this? - Jae Myung, do you know who this is? - Of course.
She's our sweet niece.
It's a dream.
It's definitely just a dream.
I don't ever want to wake up.
It feels rough against my skin.
What does? This tablecloth feels rough against my skin.
What's wrong with you this morning? This means that it can't be a dream.
It definitely feels rough against my skin! It feels rough! No, it's not a dream.
[October 4, 2013.]
- It's rough against my skin.
- What is he dreaming about? Hey, wake up.
It feels rough against my skin.
You pervert! You shouldn't have hit him so hard.
Go on and eat.
What's this? Oh my goodness! What have you done to his handsome face? He did something that deserves a beating.
And let's be honest, Uncle's face isn't all that handsome.
His face is just there, so he has no choice but to Hey! What a sass! Don't talk to your uncle like that! This is why people call you 'The Blunt-talking Witch'.
I'm smart, and pretty.
If I'm nice on top of it, wouldn't this world be too unfair? And it's not that I'm too blunt, I'm just honest.
It's true that uncle's looks are tacky.
Brother, tell your niece that she needs to learn to be tactful.
- In Ha, you need to be more tactful - Uncle.
Will you tell my dad that I know how to be tactful? Tell her that I'm curious to know where she gets off by telling her uncle who's been supporting her for the past 3 years by being a cab driver while she wasted all her time and money chasing after her useless dreams of being a reporter that his style is tacky? You should just become a rapper.
Uncle, tell my dad that I have an interview with the most prestigious station and when I get hired, that he's not allowed to say those words to me ever again! Brother, tell her that landing a final interview after three whole years is nothing to brag about, and that if she fails again, then she has to do as the contract states.
Stop arguing with each other! I can't wait until I don't have to put up with this kind of nonsense anymore.
This has been going on for three years already! If you fail again this time, will it be your 36th time? No, it'll be my 35th, and I told you that I'll pass this time! This is the 35th time that I've heard you say that.
There are ten finalists who made it to the final interview stage.
I hear that about two people fail that stage.
There's no way that I'm going to be one of those people.
I heard there are ten finalists who made it to the final interview stage? I heard they chose more people this year to make up for last year.
- I hope it's someone useful.
- I don't know about that.
- But there is one that I'm dumbfounded by.
- Who? - There's one with the Pinocchio syndrome.
- What? Come on, no way.
How can a person who can't lie do interviews? That's what I'm saying.
They must have some amazing qualifications.
- Or did they have a backer? - Yeah, a backer.
It's Manager Song Cha Ok's daughter.
Seriously? Manager Song has a daughter? - I thought she was single.
- I just recently found out about it myself.
But even still, how could she have selected a Pinocchio! Why not? If she's Manager Song's daughter, then we're going to have to hire her.
If she's even half what Manager Song is, then she's going to be amazing.
Manager Song is nothing but smoke and mirrors herself.
She stole an exclusive scoop right from under her junior's nose.
Manager Song! We're over here! Right this way.
Do you remember me? This isn't even the police reporting room, so what are you doing here? It's not just anyone returning, but it's you! I knew you wouldn't want a red carpet treatment so I stopped with this banner.
Cute, right? Yeah, so cute that I almost swore out loud.
- What time is the editorial meeting? - You're going straight into the meeting? Why, am I not allowed to? What do you mean, of course you can! You're not only a manager, but also an anchor-to-be so you should definitely attend.
How was Washington? Were you okay with the food there? Did you get the kimchi that I sent you? Look at this.
What's this? I heard you and Sae Yeon broke up last month.
She's the pizza shop owner's daughter.
What do you think? Want to meet her? No, it's okay.
I already have a new girlfriend.
Wow that's quick.
My brother's got some skills.
What kind of a girl is she? Her name is Hae Sung, and she's smart, kind, and has a nice voice.
Isn't that exactly what you said about Sae Yeon, too? Did I? I should go take a shower.
Maybe smart and kind girls with nice voices are uncle's preference in women.
Bend your head.
Uncle, you should buy some new clothes.
Your tacky style is why these girls are always dumping you.
Okay, all done.
If my style were an issue, then I never would've dated them in the first place.
In Ha, come here.
Does Dal Po look that tacky to you? Is he really that tacky? Not just tacky, he's a country bumpkin.
Which station are you going to for your interview? If I told you which station, then will you keep it a secret from my dad? Why would I have to keep it a secret? - No, can't be.
- Yes, your 'can't be' is right.
I'm going to MSC Station, where my mom works.
- Did you let your mother know? - Yeah.
I texted her and told her that I passed the preliminary interview.
I may get to see my mom, so what should I wear? What do you think? Does it look good? Does it look smart? - No, it looks dumb.
- Really? That's no good.
How about this one? Hey, what about this one? Does this make me look smart and polished? No, it makes you look like the biggest idiot in the world.
What's wrong with you? Are you stupid? Do you really think that's her real number? Of course, it is.
If it wasn't, then someone would've texted me to let me know.
If it's the right number, then she would've texted you as much.
My mom's very busy.
So busy that she ignored her own daughter for ten years? That means one of two things.
She either changed her number, or she no longer cares about you.
Hey, push harder.
Haven't you thought as much? If she hasn't replied to you at all She's been out in Tokyo and Washington as a special news correspondent.
- That makes it difficult to communicate.
- Ah, I wasn't aware of that.
I didn't know that phones didn't exist in Tokyo or Washington.
Don't twist my words around.
Why are you so desperate to insult my mom and make her look evil? Because of your pathetic pipe dream.
The greater your expectation, the greater the disappointment.
I'm not going to be disappointed.
Because no matter how badly you and my dad slander my mom I don't believe a single word of it.
- It's not slander, it's the truth.
- No, it is slander.
Dal Po, have you even met my mom before? I only believe what I see.
Just like the way I believed in you eight years ago.
- Hey, that's a totally different issue.
- No, it's not.
This is the exact same thing.
When others were slandering you, I didn't believe any of it.
And I was right about everything.
So don't slander my mom without any evidence.
What would we have to apologize to All-Zero for? You went around spreading false rumors about him without any evidence.
Do you have any evidence that proves Dal Po stole the test copy? Evidence? The worst student in the whole school scored a perfect test overnight.
- No evidence can be bigger than that.
- That's not evidence, that's speculation.
This is Hae Sung Navigation System, your friend in safe driving.
Please put on your seatbelt.
Hae Sung.
What am I going to do? Please drive safely.
I'll be back.
What's this? - Dal Po left his wallet at home.
- What? Oh no, what are we going to do? You'd better run out there.
I bet he hasn't left yet.
What are you doing? Hurry up and take it out to him.
Yes, Father.
Brother Dal Po! Dal Po! Get in, I'll give you a ride.
Forget it.
- It's cold, so just get in the car.
- I'm not cold.
Fine, I'm cold! But I'm still not getting in your cab.
Why, you ask? Because it's pricier than taking the bus.
Because you're a mean uncle who gives his niece a callous and ruthless treatment! - I won't turn on the meter.
- Really? - For real? - Yeah.
Want to buy my dream? I had a killer dream last night.
What did you dream about? A dream where I saw the people I really long for.
Are you sure that it was a good dream? You should buy it.
If it really was a good dream, then you may even finally get to see your mom today.
- How much will it cost me? - 10,000 Won.
Hey! Make it 1,000 Won.
5,000 Won, or forget it.
I don't really want to sell it either.
Okay, deal.
- What's this? - Call it a receipt of sorts.
You're so immature.
This is so childish.
Drive slower, you're moving around too much.
- Who were the people in your dream? - Huh? You said they were people you really long for.
Who were they? You don't need to know.
[Seoul local police broadcasting station.]
As soon as she gets back from an exclusive news assignment in Washington she gets promoted to a manager, and is given the primetime anchor position.
That's some impressive greeting.
She really created a wave with the recent news coverage she gave.
She's been drawing really high viewer ratings so I'm sure they're taking a gamble on her.
No kidding.
It's a 'Mo' or a 'Do' kind of greeting.
'Mo' or a 'Do'? [Meaning that it's a coin toss.
Okay, what's the 'Mo'? First, Manager Song has an impressive resume.
She was the first woman to draw in such high ratings while at a local station and she went on not only one, but on two exclusive news coverage assignments.
She's practically a legend.
She also does a great job of getting attention for herself.
She's a woman, but she still runs full course marathons.
Didn't she also win first place in the beer drinking competition? Not only that, but she's also got the looks, and has great showmanship as a reporter.
Okay, I think I get that, but what's the flip side? That showmanship is the problem.
She's more of an entertainer, rather than a real reporter.
She's always been well-known for her level of showmanship.
I think it was about ten years ago? Do you remember the preschool bus accident coverage she did with the shoe in her hand? The shoe that five year old, Jae Min, wore I'm well aware of it.
My mother started crying when she saw that.
She bought those shoes at a store just to shoot that scene.
- No way.
Are you serious? - Yes, and that's not all.
When there was that huge river flood, all the other reporters waded in knee deep The overflow that you see here but she was the only one who went waist deep just to make that report.
- How so? - She knelt down in the water.
- Just to spike up her ratings.
- How did it look? That's just pure fraud.
Of course, it is.
She's the reason for MSC's bad reputation.
- What? - Oh my goodness.
Even if that was the case, she's still your superior.
Don't you think you're being too harsh on her? I'm just telling the truth as a reporter, so what if she's my superior? The higher you climb up in the ladder, the harsher criticism you'll receive.
You really sound like a real reporter right now.
Why are you looking at me like that? Plugging in that information just to change the hottest online search topic is a form of manipulation in itself.
It's not manipulation.
Compared to what Manager Song does, this is just child's play.
- How would you like to be styled? - I want to look like this.
You must be interviewing for an announcer position.
Not an announcer, but a reporter.
Announcer, and reporter Isn't it pretty much the same thing? No, it's different.
It's totally different.
How are they different? Reporters are more precise and intellectual.
Do you get it? More precise and intellectual? Okay, I know it exactly! Okay, I understand.
I got it I totally got it.
Give her the 'announcer' look.
[From mom- 'Fighting'.
What is it? My mom just texted me.
So? I said, my mom just texted me! This is just unbelievable.
My mom just texted me! Can you believe this? Why would it be unbelievable? There's nothing unique about receiving a text on your cellphone.
It's been 13 years.
This isn't a dream, is it? I think that's the first text she's ever gotten.
No kidding.
She must get bullied a lot.
Congratulations on your text message.
Thank you! I'm so unbelievably happy right now! - Yeah.
- Dal Po, don't be shocked, okay? Okay, I'm not shocked.
My mom just texted me and she said, 'Fighting'! Hey, how can you be sure that it's from your mom.
Thanks! The dream you sold me must've been for real! How could such luck find me so soon? No kidding.
It's looking up for you today.
What do you think? Do you think that I'll get hired today? Me? - Yeah.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, I'm sure.
- Okay! I'll call you when I'm done.
Hae Sung, I feel like I just sold fake medication to critically ill patients.
Is she naive or just plain stupid? A childcare center is nearby.
Please drive cautiously.
Yeah, you're right.
She's a child.
She's totally just a child.
A child that has yet to grow up.
A child that needs to be looked after.
Seriously, man.
This guy is weird.
He's having a conversation with the GPS.
Jesus, he's smiling at me through the rearview mirror.
I'm positive that he's insane.
Should I just get out of this cab right now? No need to get out.
I'm quite alright.
Hey, I have to go.
Is everything okay? Grandfather, is everything okay? Ugh, what am I going to do? Is something wrong? I slipped down the slope, and hit this truck.
The front of the truck is scratched up, and I have to tell the truck owner about it but I don't have a cellphone.
I wonder how much I'm going to have to reimburse for this.
Grandfather, I'll take care of this, so you can just go.
- How are you going to do that? - I'll call the police and talk to them.
- You can just go.
- Are you sure that'll be okay? - It's okay.
- Thank you.
I don't know how to get a hold of the owner.
[I'm sorry, but I accidentally hit your bumper.
Call me, and I'll reimburse you.
[Little brother.]
No, I'm not driving right now.
My wallet? Yes, I'll come and get it right now.
No real damage done.
He couldn't have There's not enough money for both Dal Po and I to go to college? We would've had enough money to send both of you if we hadn't failed the seaweed farm.
- Does Dal Po want to go to college, too? - He hadn't said, but I'm sure he does.
He came in at first place in all the practice tests, too.
Based on our grades it's only right for Dal Po to go.
- I'm going to enlist in the army.
- What? The army? Yes, I've already requested to be enlisted.
I'm going to enlist as soon as I graduate.
Dal Po, if it's because of me It's not because of you, so don't start overreacting.
Let's just wrap it up here.
I have no interest in going to college.
There it is.
I had no idea that I left my wallet.
- I found this in your wallet.
- Ah, that? In Ha forgot and left her headshot photos for her resume and I brought them to her, and that's one of her leftover pictures.
- You know how absent-minded she is.
- Really? - Is that all? - Of course.
What else could it be? You're not thinking something weird, are you? Something weird? Like what? Well As long as you're not, then it's fine.
I'll keep this picture.
If your girlfriend were to see this, then she might get the wrong idea.
You wouldn't want that either, would you? No.
I'm finally here.
I can feel you can you feel me, too? She's a piece of work.
Wait, I'm sorry to ask this but is Reporter Song Cha Ok one of the interviewers? Yes, and she's a total Ice Witch.
Ugh, she's frighteningly scary, so be careful.
Really? That's such a relief.
Thank you.
Thank you so much! Miss Choi In Ha.
- Please come in.
- Yes, Sir.
Not only is she a piece of work, but she's a real threat, too.
Have a seat in the chair.
Hello, I'm number 423, and my name is Choi In Ha.
Have a seat.
She told me to sit down.
She told me to sit down! She's worried that I may be too nervous.
Your file states that you have the Pinocchio syndrome.
Is that correct? Yes.
Are you aware that not a single registered reporter in our country has that syndrome? Why do you think that is? To be honest I'm not sure why that is.
Why don't you know that? It's because having the inability to lie could be deemed as a weakness for a reporter.
No, I actually believe that it's a positive merit.
Isn't a reporter supposed to relay the truth? Any news reports being relayed by a reporter who can't lie, but can only tell the truth can only build up the trust with the viewers.
I firmly believe that.
A reporter who can't lie, and will only tell the truth? You really are a rookie.
Did I used to be that naive when I first started out? Yeah, you two are a lot alike.
He said that we're alike.
He said I'm like my mom! Let's do a simple test.
If you can pass this test without hiccuping then I'll say that you have what it takes to become a reporter.
- Do you think you can do it? - Yes.
Here are two restaurant business cards.
Will you come up and choose one? We received a tip that both restaurants allow their customers to smoke illegally.
We're planning on getting an inside scoop to expose them.
Would you like for me to demonstrate? Yes.
Hello? Hello, I'm calling to see if I can make a dinner reservation for tomorrow at seven? - For how many people? - For four people.
They're all smokers.
Would it be okay if they smoked? Yes, it's fine as long as they only smoke in their room.
We have guests smoking in the room right now.
Okay, please make the reservation.
What do you think? Simple, wasn't it? It's your turn to give it a try.
Without any hiccuping.
Given her inability to lie, isn't that mission impossible? She's trying to make her fail the interview.
That's vicious.
Maybe she's not her real mom.
Hello? I have a question to ask you.
By any chance do you allow smoking in your establishment? Why are you asking that? Because we've received a tip, and we're just trying to verify it.
A tip? What a crazy You can't even handle a simple interview like that so do you really think that you could be a reporter, Miss Choi In Ha? In order to make a news report, depending on the circumstances a reporter must be able to lie during these interviews.
Because it's telling those lies that will bring out the truth, like oil on water.
This is the reason why a Pinocchio cannot become a reporter.
- Please excuse me.
- Okay.
What are you still doing here? Because there's something that I needed to check.
May I please see your cellphone? Why do you need to see my cellphone? [Mom.]
I guess I was wrong.
It really isn't the right number.
Dal Po was right.
Manager Song, should we go ahead without you? No, I'm coming.
- Goodbye.
- Mom.
I've really missed you.
- I guess she is a mom after all.
- I guess she is.
I'm sorry.
But I haven't had any time to miss you.
Thank you for your hard work today.
- How about some tea before the meeting? - Sounds good.
I'll have it prepared.
We're going with the vintage look, which will give off a warm and cozy look.
[You are far worse than a thief.
Why did you do it? Was it that hard for you to text me and tell me that you weren't my mom? Why did you steal my texts? I just made a fool of myself because of you! I've waited and waited some more, for the past ten years Why did you do it? Why did you have to steal my texts and make me look like a pitiful fool! I'm sorry.
I'm so truly sorry.
Truly sorry.
[Uncle Dal Po.]
[I'm with my mom right now, so I can't answer the phone.
What a fool.
[What did you mother have to say?.]
[She said she can't believe how pretty I've become.
[She hugged me and told me that she's missed me and she's sorry she hasn't called.
[You're not lying, right?.]
[I'm telling the truth.
Your dream was spot-on.
[I'm sure you'll get to see the people from your dream, like how I got to see my mom.
[Want me to come and pick you up?.]
[No, I can get home by myself.
Miss, why are you crying like that? Are you not feeling well? Because my hiccups Because I don't think my hiccups will ever stop.
It's okay, I'm sure she can take care of herself.
Stop worrying.
I'll keep this picture.
If your girlfriend were to see this, she might get the wrong idea.
You wouldn't want that, would you? That's right, I don't.
Investigators believe that Chief Ki Ho Sang is responsible for the death of the nine men and that his punishment isn't severe enough for the crime.
Take me to the Doyangdong intersection.
You're on MSC news, aren't you? I think I've seen you doing some news correspondence from Washington.
- Yes, that's correct.
- Wow, this is amazing.
- Can I get your autograph before you leave? - I don't give out autographs.
A friend of mine actually went in for a final interview at MSC.
Can you tell me how the interview went? Who was it? Her name is Choi In Ha.
Do you remember her? I don't think your friend made it.
I knew it.
May I ask why she didn't make it? Your friend has Pinocchio Syndrome.
Is that why she didn't make it? - Because she can't lie? - You can get the details from her.
- I'd prefer to drive in silence.
- It wasn't because she's your daughter? Who are you? I'm Choi In Ha's uncle.
Stop the car.
I don't remember In Ha having an uncle, so who are you? My name is Choi Dal Po.
Your ex father-in-law adopted me.
You're coming at me like this because of that mere connection? It seems that you want to put up the pretense of being her uncle If you're going to do it, then do it right.
As her uncle, shouldn't you stop your niece from chasing after a pointless dream? Is it a pointless dream for a person who can't lie to want to become a reporter? There's not a single reporter in this country who has Pinocchio syndrome.
- I asked you for a reason, not statistics.
- Those statistics are the reason.
Don't you think there's a valid reason why there's not a single reporter like that? Who are you texting? Someone left me their number earlier for scratching up the truck.
They offered reimbursement, but I'm going to tell them there's no need.
What? Why would you let go of free money like that? Take this opportunity and totally fix up your truck.
Let me see that.
I'll get you a nice reimbursement.
- Give it to me.
- No, it's okay.
It's just a small scratch on the bumper.
[This is the truck owner with the plate number, 7954.
[I apologize for the late response, but there's no need to worry about the bumper.
I recently saw a picture of your family in your truck.
I saw that you had a father, mother, and a little brother.
Why have you never mentioned anything about your family before? They're all dead.
I see.
Still no word on your father? No.
I wasn't sure, so I even drove all over the country searching for him but I haven't been able to find him.
I searched everywhere I could think of.
If you asked me to draw a map of our country, I'd be able to draw every nook and cranny.
Hey, no news is good news.
I'm sure that your father is safe and sound somewhere.
Didn't you say that you've been assigned the demolition project of the factory? Yeah, it's quite a large building, so I think they're going to blow it down.
Why do you ask? Are you interested? Yes, if they're looking for more people, can you get me in? - Sure, I can do that.
- Thank you.
Are you trying to rip me out of my money? You need to give me a guarantee for the money you borrowed.
No kidding.
You have no sense of honor.
Sense of honor? Are you kidding me? You guys have no right to treat me this way.
I lied to keep the truth about the two of you starting that fire at the factory Come on! You're bringing that up again? Can't you give it a rest? - That was already over ten years ago.
- Why? Fine, let's talk this out.
Let's get the story straight.
Yes, we did start the fire.
But you're the reason why all those firemen died! You're the one who told the firemen that we were still in the boiler room and that's why the Chief of Fire went into that burning building! You always speak so recklessly whenever you get some liquor in you! No, that's not true.
You're the one with the careless mouth.
That's why all those firemen went into that fire and died! That's a really bad burn.
We need to get you to the hospital.
Come on, what are you waiting for? - Where are you going? - Wait, I need to check on something.
What is it? Do you know those guys? Hey! It was all a lie.
All lies [Thank you, but should there be any problems, feel free to contact me at any time.
My name is Choi Dal Po.
Father, I'm home.
Dal Po, when did you last speak to In Ha today? Around five o'clock? Why do you ask? Oh, no.
What are we going to do with that girl? I think she ran away from home.
All her books are gone from her room.
- She's not answering her phone either.
- What? Dal Peng went out looking for her hours ago, and I don't think he's found her yet.
What are we going to do? I can't believe In Ha ran away from home at her age.
In Ha! Choi In Ha! Ha Myung.
Want to go see the fireworks with me? In Ha.
In Ha.
In Ha! Choi In Ha! Can't be.
Goodbye my dreams and my everything.
This really is too much.
How can not a single thing go right! In Ha.
Choi In Ha! You're out there, aren't you? Choi In Ha! Hurry up and open the door! Don't do it, Choi In Ha! What do I do? What do I do! In Ha.
In Ha! In Ha Choi In Ha! In Ha.
Choi In Ha! In Ha.
In Ha! What's wrong with him? Why is he freaking out like that? In Ha.
Did he see me? Don't come.
Don't come! What a relief.
In Ha, I can see you over there.
He did see me! I know.
I know that you failed your interview and I also know that your mother wasn't the person you thought she was.
If you know all that, then can't you just ignore it? There are times when I want to lie and pretend that everything's okay like others do.
But since I can't do that I'm made to sit out here like this.
You don't need to pretend that everything's okay.
Because I know how hurt you are.
It's okay to cry in front of me.
Why are you so obtuse and tactless? Can't you just leave me alone at a time like this? I'm sorry.
I guess my dream wasn't a good dream after all.
I just graduated from college, and I've moved to Seoul.
I didn't make my first TV station interview.
I failed again.
That was my 33rd failed interview.
You know that it's my birthday soon, right? I'm not asking for a present.
I just want to be able to see you.
If that's not possible, then a phone call? Or even a just text message? You're home a little late.
Did you just get done with work? - Mother, I want to meet her.
- Wow, look at my son's broad shoulders.
Who do you want to meet? Are you talking about the Pinocchio girl? Leave it.
I'm going to burn them all.
You're just going to give up on everything? On your mom and on becoming a reporter? Yeah.
Why do you keep trying to lie when you know you can't? Then what else am I do to? I made a promise to my dad.
I can't waste the rest of my twenties away as an unemployed bum! I can't I'm too ashamed to even face you anymore.
What about me? Do you think I'm that stupid? I'm perfectly aware of how you gave up on going to college because of me.
Knowing that, do you think it's comfortable for me to live off the money you earn? I, too have a sense of conscience.
So just throw all this way.
I feel much better knowing that this is over.
You're lying.
Okay, fine that was a lie.
It's a lie, but what can I do about it? It's no use! Those statistics are the reason.
Don't you think there's a valid reason why there's not a single person like that? - That's a preconceived judgment.
- No, it's just common sense.
According to your common sense, a person with the inability to lie can't be a reporter? Let go of me.
There's no use in any of this.
Yes, that can never happen.
How can you say those words so easily? How can you so easily judge someone else's life like that? How many lives have you ruined with that common sense of yours? - Especially as a reporter! - It seems you want to criticize me.
What a joke.
A wolf does not bark at a tiger.
Only foolish and ignorant mutts would do that.
There's nothing more foolish and feeble than carelessly barking up the wrong tree.
Do you even know what a reporter does as you stand there and bark at me? I need it.
- What? - I need these books.
You're right.
I don't know what a reporter does.
I'm sorry for having so ignorantly argued with you.
- I was out of my place.
- As long as you know.
Why do you need these books? Are you going to sell them? No.
I suddenly want to become a reporter myself.
- Just like you.
- What? That's why I'm going to find out.
I'll come visit you again once I find out what a true reporter does.
Once I become a wolf, and not just a street mutt I'll come and bark at you for real.
Let's become reporters together, In Ha.
Huh? - You want to meet her after 13 years? - Yes.
If my son says he wants to meet her, then he should.
What can I do? Want me to find her and bring her to you? No, I'm going to go see her myself.
Your hiccups have stopped.
- What do we do about grandfather? - No need to worry about that.
I want the color to be ash brown.
- Father, are you okay? - That's not a bad looking face! - Unbelievable! - Your clothes are what's unbelievable.
- A final round of interviews - Do we need to advertise this? - We need a great PR idea.
- I'm not going to report this.
- At least one of us needs to pass.
- At least one of us? I'd like to disagree.
It's pointless unless we both pass.