Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Romeo and Juliet

1 Pinocchio [The 'Pinocchio Syndrome' in this drama is not based on an actual syndrome.
Leave it.
I'm going to burn them all.
Those brats.
Are you going to give up on everything? On both your mom and on becoming a reporter? Yeah.
Why do you keep lying when you know you can't? Then what else am I supposed to do? I made my dad a promise.
I can't spend the rest of my twenties as an unemployed bum! I can't I'm too ashamed to even look you in the face anymore.
What about me? Do you think I'm that shameless of a fool? I'm perfectly aware that you gave up on going to college because of me.
Do you think I'm comfortable with living off the money you earn? I, too have a conscience! So just Throw all this away.
I feel so relieved knowing all this is over.
That's a lie.
Okay, fine that was a lie.
That was a lie, but what else can I do? I don't need any of this! - Let go.
- That bastard! I need those.
- What? - These books I need them.
What do you need these books for? So that you can sell them? No.
I want to become a reporter.
- Just like you do.
- What? Let's become reporters together, In Ha.
Huh? Okay.
Your hiccups have finally stopped.
[Episode Four- Romeo and Juliet.]
I'll let you borrow all my books.
I've spent the past three years going over them and making notes.
Consider yourself lucky.
I have a line of people begging to buy my notes.
- Okay, thank you.
- But what do we do about grandfather? We may be able to keep your studying a secret but he's going to find out how smart you really are once you become a reporter.
What if he collapses again from the shock of finding out? Just because I want to become a reporter doesn't mean that I can really become one.
Have you ever heard of a taxi driver becoming a reporter? Why? Driver and reporter there's not that big of a difference.
Forget it, there's an almost zero chance that I'll actually become a reporter so there's no need to worry about all this prematurely.
I'll just start studying for it without father finding out about.
What about the taxi? Are you going to quit? Are you crazy? That's my bread and butter.
I'll just study in between since there's no chance that I'll actually make it.
- No, it's fifty-fifty.
- What is? It means that a taxi driver like yourself, and a Pinocchio like myself have a fifty percent chance of actually making it as a reporter.
We'll either make it, or we won't.
It's one or the other.
You're right.
Since it's one or the other, there's a fifty percent chance.
- Grandfather.
- Yes? If I tell my dad that I'm not giving up on becoming a reporter do you think he'll throw another fit? Why bother asking a question you already know the answer to? How do I get his permission? You don't need his permission.
If that's what you've decided you want to do, then you just go for it.
But still What's even more difficult than putting someone else's money into your pocket is forcing my own ideas into someone else's head when they don't believe in it.
That's something not even a parent can do.
Dad, sorry for causing you so much worry.
I failed another final round of interviews.
I was so close to making it, too.
But I have something to tell you.
Don't get too upset, and just hear me out, okay? Brother, I need to talk to you.
Huh? You want to talk to Dal Po? Not In Ha? Let's go talk outside.
Why does he want to talk to you, and not me? I'm not sure.
Don't worry.
I'll go talk to him.
But why is uncle the one he's asking to speak to? Grandfather, am I the only one who thinks this is weird? Why am I being left out of this? Um Mr.
In Ha still wants to become a reporter.
In Ha was ready to give up because of the promise she made you but I don't think she's able to give up on her dream.
You know the saying 'What's even more difficult than putting someone else's money into your pocket is forcing your own ideas into someone else's head.
' That's not what I wanted to talk to you about.
Excuse me? I saw the two of you talking on the rooftop earlier.
- That was - If I'm right about what I'm thinking you have feelings for In Ha.
Am I wrong? Does In Ha feel the same way? No, not In Ha.
She has no idea how I feel about her.
When did you start having feelings for her? I'm not sure.
I just know that it's been for a while.
In Ha is my one and only precious daughter.
She's more beautiful and important to me than anyone else in this world.
That's why I don't ever want to see her hurt and I want her to be happy, and be with someone who can spoil her.
That's why no matter whom In Ha ends up with no one will ever be good enough for her in my eyes.
Even if she's to bring someone greater than Im Hong Ryong home I'd still nitpick, ask questions, and argue against him.
On the other hand - You are - I lack in so many ways.
I'm an orphan who doesn't even know where he comes from and I have no wealth or or strengths to speak of either.
I'm well aware that my feelings for her are impossible and out of line.
That's why I've never acted on my feelings.
And it'll continue to be that way.
- Dal Po - You don't have to worry unnecessarily.
To me, this family will always come first.
I will never do anything to jeopardize that.
I'll get over my feelings, so please do not worry.
Thank you.
Dad, why did you talk to uncle about me instead of talking to me directly? You're so disgusting.
Talk to me after you're done brushing your teeth.
No, let's talk now.
Dad, I don't In Ha is my one and only precious daughter.
She's more beautiful and important to me than anyone else in this world.
is more difficult that trying to force your own ideas into my head! I don't ever want to see her hurt and I want her to be happy, and be with someone who can spoil her.
You're listening to me, right? I want you to respect my decision.
Forget it, and get back in there.
You're embarrassing me.
Embarrassing? Who? Me? - What's embarrassing? - Everything! - Dad, I really want to become a reporter! - Do it, go ahead and be a reporter.
Really? Are you serious? Uncle, did you hear that? - He gave me his permission! - Just go and finish brushing your teeth! Hey, I think you're going to have to get your bumper replaced.
- Are you sure about the compensation? - It's okay.
- Bumpers are meant to get dented.
- Ugh, you big old softie! Stop being like that, and take the money.
You can get at least 100,000 Won for this.
- Okay.
- Rascal.
By the way, Jae Myung That run-down factory you mentioned The demolition date has been set for it.
Really? When is it? On the fifth of next month.
- We'll be using explosives.
Want to do it? - Yes.
- Please get me in.
- It's dangerous work.
Okay, keep the date open.
Thank you.
Hey, there are rumors of the place being haunted by ghosts.
You don't think you'll get scared? - Ghosts? - Yeah.
Even if it were just a ghost figure I wish I could see him again.
- Dal Po, come here.
- What is it? Read this.
What's this? - YGN is hiring? - Yeah.
YGN is the only station that is still hiring for this year.
They don't look at educational background.
It's just a written test, camera test, and the actual in-person interview process.
It's the perfect place for a taxi driver, and a Pinocchio like ourselves.
It's blind testing? Never knew such a place existed.
Are you not going to tell them that you're a Pinocchio? - No, I'm not.
- You think you can pull it off? As long as I'm not asked about it, then I can pull it off without hiccuping.
You can get started by studying these books.
Will about a month be enough for you to look through them all? Let me see.
I think a week should be enough.
Hey, stop being so ridiculous.
How can you read through all this in a week? Purified water, Glycol Distearate, Glycerin, Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid Methylchloroisothiazolinone, essential lemon, and What are you doing? I got bored while brushing my teeth, so I memorized all the ingredients in the shampoo.
I fill this up faster than most people, so don't worry.
A week should be more than enough time.
I guess it's possible since you even read all the books in the library eight years ago.
These are my notes that I told you about the other day.
These are the list of the basic questions that I've jotted down.
And these are some articles that I've clipped.
Here are some more.
That's why no matter who In Ha chooses, no one will ever be good enough for her.
Like how every other father in this world feels about their daughters.
But you are I'm well aware that my feelings for her are impossible and out of line.
That's why I've never acted upon my feelings.
And it'll continue to be that way.
French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius - French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius - French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius At the UN Security Council meeting - At the UN Security Council meeting - At the UN Security Council meeting Wide pull it wide.
Have stated that they will present the proposal.
Excuse me, I'll take one of these books.
Elder, those magazines are geared towards young people.
I know.
Dal Po? Are you free right now? - Come here.
- Father, wait! No, wait! Father, why am I here instead of at a barbershop? Just do as I say! Come sit down over here.
I'm sorry, please excuse us.
- How can I help you? - Hello.
I want a clean and simple look.
Give him a blunt-edged cut.
To make it look more flowing and style it to give it more texture in the hair As for the color ash brown.
- Do you think you can do that? - Excuse me? - Yes, I can.
- Please take good care of him.
- Father, let's just leave.
- Just be quiet.
The minimal two button suit in charcoal grey, collection style number 2013-F.
With a solid colored tie.
Okay, black wing-tipped lace up shoes.
Match up the elements to create a dandy looking men's look.
Oh my goodness.
Is it really you? - Smile.
- One, two, three.
- Don't get so nervous.
- Smile.
What is it? Father.
Are you okay? What's wrong? Because the way I look I no longer look like your son.
You are my son.
See? You look just like me.
I may not look like it now but I used to be handsome enough to make a living off my looks.
So, what I'm saying is don't worry too much about me and do things in secret, and live your life in hiding just for me.
I'm not hiding anything from you.
You don't need to lie.
I know that out of your concern for me, you've been keeping things hidden and have been pretending to be my son for my sake.
- Father.
- Here comes the bus.
- How long have you known? - I've known for a long time.
A year after you came to live with me.
Then why haven't you said anything? Because if I let on that I knew, I was afraid Dal Peng would ask you to leave.
At first I kept up the ruse because I pitied you.
But now, I keep up the ruse because I pity myself and want you around.
So you can stop tip-toeing around me and start living your life the way you want to live, okay? Your handsome face and your smart brain You don't need to keep them hidden anymore.
It's okay for you to live your life out in the open, however you want.
Okay? Because I'm fine.
Father I'm sorry, Dal Po.
Thank you, Dal Po.
We're home.
Father, you're home.
Who are you? - Um - What? Who do you think? - It's your older brother.
- What? Grandfather, you're home.
Who is this! My uncle has transformed! In Ha.
Don't disrespect your uncle anymore.
You too, Dal Peng.
He takes after me, so he's smart and can slap any actor in the face with his good looks.
Don't you agree? Come on, Father, that's going too far.
I'm not about to slap any actors in the face with my looks.
In Ha is more beautiful and more important me to than anyone else in this world.
You should've done this a long time ago.
Your looks aren't so bad after all! Uncle, you've got my seal of approval.
- Unbelievable.
- Your clothes are what's unbelievable.
Did you get those out of the donation bin? Those sweats should be thrown out.
They look like they're about to rot.
What's wrong with it? You got this for me as a graduation gift.
Really? Then I'm the rotten idiot.
I just didn't realize that you'd be wearing them for a thousand days straight.
- Just go throw them out! - They're at it again.
Dad, you're acting weird.
Just last month, you told me that I was prettier than Miss Korea.
I was drunk.
Totally plastered.
'There is truth in the wine.
' You said I was so pretty that it wouldn't even hurt to stick me in the eye.
It hurts! Even a fleck of dust in the eye hurts, so think of you sticking in my eye! Just look at you.
You look more like a beast, not a human being.
Are you unhappy with me about something? If you keep acting so careless, and walk around here the way you do what if for example, Dal Po thinks you easy, and starts getting ideas about you? What? Dad, you're not - That's just ridiculous! - It's not ridiculous.
When a girl seems as lacking as you are then men won't take her seriously, and take her to be easy.
And that's exactly what you're like! I have worked too hard to raise you right and see you with a scoundrel like Dal Po.
My goodness, that's so ridiculous.
That'll never happen.
Nothing's impossible in this world.
Things like this happen all the time in this world.
Dad, Dal Po has never in his life even thought of me as a woman and I've never thought of Dal Po as a man, other than as an uncle.
What you're saying will never ever happen, so stop worrying about such nonsense! Wait a minute.
A scoundrel like Dal Po? Dad, let's just get one thing straight.
Dal Po isn't the type of guy you can speak so disrespectfully about like that.
Even though it irks to me say this, Dal Po's smart enough to accomplish something in just a single month, which I haven't been able to in three years.
There's no one in our age group who is as hardworking and honest as Dal Po either.
With Dal Po's good looks, personality, and brains he's not just one of the good ones, but he's in the top one percent of winners.
And of course, I'm in the highest rank of winners! - Ugh, that mouth of yours! - That hurts! [Journalism Writing.]
Why is dad getting angry at me over something so ridiculous? Me and Dal Po? That's so utterly ridiculous.
Why is it so hot in here? Ugh, this is all because of dad talking such nonsense.
[One month later.]
Anyone can be a reporter.
You call this news? How it is possible that one of the newbie hires are doing this? Two weeks in a row at that? Has everyone gone crazy? Starting next month, MSC News will be competing against our 10 o'clock time slot.
So the producers are trying to find a new emerging star to stiffen up the competition.
Why don't they just hold an audition like a K-Pop star for it instead? Are they not even embarrassed of the quality of news they're broadcasting? - Take off your headband.
- I can't.
I was told that showing off your eyebrows makes you look more commanding.
You're not being commanding, you're just being stubborn.
- Get yourself a haircut! - Stop it! This is why people don't like you.
Stop with the crap, and let's get this done! Everyone can become a reporter, but not just anyone can become one.
The final selection process for 2013 YGN reporter search will be based on a written test, as well as an in-person interview.
YGN is unique from the other stations that look for the usual specifications and instead, looks for a standard of ethics and the qualifications needed as a reporter and has opened its doors to all 2,023 applicants to take the written test.
YGN also vows to select its newest reporters based not on their educational backgrounds but based fairly on their skills and talents only.
All the testing will be conducted anonymously.
In other words, a blind testing process.
The person that YGN is searching for doesn't necessarily need a strong education background but someone who can communicate and relate to the different voices of people.
The finalists will be tested on live camera, as well as given a verbal interview and the names of the final winners will be announced later on this month.
They're really reaching for it.
Do they actually think that this is going to give us a run for our money? Could they be doing this because they know we'll be competing for the prime time slot? - I see this as good PR for us.
- News doesn't need PR.
- As long as we provide good news - Have we prepared any PR of our own? We'll start advertising the new time slot starting next week but that's not going to give us enough time to flip the table around.
Because the viewer ratings for YGN is double what our current rating is.
How about creating a reality show of our own new hires? Almost like a reality talk show? A PR idea that could flip the tables around Wow, I hope they don't ask this question.
I just can't seem to get it.
Sightseeing of Japan Chief Cabinet Secretary Chief Cabinet Hello, coming to you from MSC News I'm so crazy! YGN, YGN! Why do I keep saying 'MSC'! - Why don't you take off that necklace? - Huh? Why should I? I don't think that dream was a good dream.
You wore that for your last interview, and failed it.
Pull the button off, and I'll give you your money back.
It was a good dream.
Just think about it.
Since that dream of yours, my dad gave me his permission for this and we both made it through the written and the blind interview test, too.
And no one knows that I'm a Pinocchio either.
They're all good things.
You're not getting this back.
Are they only testing us on our verbal pronunciation on camera? I'm not sure.
I doubt that it's just a simple verbal pronunciation test.
Group four, numbers 19, 103, 211, 444, and 467.
- Follow me.
- Yes, Sir! You can set your bags down over there.
Haven't we met before? Have we? I don't think we have.
Really? My looks are pretty common, so I hear that quite often.
I see.
[One month ago.]
- She's a piece of work.
Is Reporter Song Cha Ok one of the interviewers? - Yes, and she's a total ice witch.
- Really? That's so great.
Thank you thank you so much! A piece of work, and a formidable opponent.
French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, stated at the last UN Council meeting A piece of work, a formidable opponent, and no sign of any intimidation either.
- I'll recognize her right away.
[Five hours ago.]
Because Pinocchio sent a picture of herself in one of her texts.
Really? That's a relief to hear.
Do you think that she passed the written test like you did? How are you going to meet her if she failed it? You're right, I hadn't thought of that.
What are you going to do? Want me to check for you? Will you do that for me? Because if she didn't pass, then there's no reason for me to go.
Okay, I'll call and check on that for you.
Just give me five minutes.
No, it's okay.
- There's no need for you to do that.
- Why? Because I just found her.
- That man must be crazy.
- Isn't he even cold? - He must be freezing.
- Wow, that's so cool.
What's his deal? - I think he's looking at you.
- No kidding.
- Is he someone you know? - No.
What the heck? Did he just wink at me? You should wipe your nose.
Camera testing will be starting soon.
Is my nose running? That could've been bad.
Thank you.
I want all the candidates to stand in front of the mics in the order of your number.
Couldn't you have shaved for the interviews? At least he's wearing a suit.
That's his way of making an effort.
Do you think that TV is a joke? [Eight years ago.]
I'd rather die than step back into a TV station again.
Ugh, I'm going to lose it.
Why of all people Thank you for coming.
My name is Lee Yong Tak, the news director for YGN.
We will now commence the camera screen test.
Please look at the short feed on the monitor in front of you and do a brief report.
Will all five of us be given the same news feed? - Yes, that's correct.
- But that's not fair to the first person.
The next person's going to take cues from the first person's mistakes and improve on it.
You think? I tend to disagree.
- I don't think it's unfair.
- Really? Then we'll start off with candidate number 19 We'll start with candidate number 19.
Are you ready? Yes, I'm candidate number 19, and I'll get started.
A cat and a bird are seen fighting in the driveway of a private residence.
As the bird flies into the air to attack the cat the cat recoils its body as if startled by the attack.
The bird relentlessly keeps up its attack on the cat.
But the cat waits for its chance and takes down the bird in a blink of an eye.
The 30 second battle between the cat and the bird ends with the cat's victory.
That was a bit cold.
All he did was describe the action on screen.
- You think? I disagree.
- Next.
Candidate number 103.
I'll get started.
A bird swoops in and starts its attack on a cat.
The bird continues its attack on the strolling cat and the calm cat just endures the continued attack from the bird.
But the cat can no longer endure it and counterattacks the bird and the bird becomes the cat's prey in the end.
The bird's ultimate ending brings forth to mind an old idiom of the ignorant mutt.
She wasn't bad.
She had a nice voice, and I liked what she said about the idiom.
You think? I disagree.
- Next.
- Candidate number 211.
A bird is seen attacking a cat.
The reason for the bird risking its life to attack the cat is because its nest full of babies is nearby the area.
In the end, the mother bird's desperate attempt to save its babies lives ends with her sadly becoming food for the lethal cat.
That's all.
A nest I never even thought of that.
Not bad at all.
You think? I disagree.
Well, I agree.
Candidate 444 just hit the jackpot.
He just gave her the answer, so she got herself a free ride.
You think? Let's see if she takes it or not.
I'm sorry.
Candidate number 444.
I will now get started.
At a private residence in broad daylight, a bird swoops in to attack a cat on its back.
The cat recoils its body as if startled by the attack.
The cat can no longer endure the attack and flies into the air taking down the bird in the blink of an eye.
What is she doing? She didn't she take the answer she was fed? Who knows? Maybe she doesn't think that's the answer.
Why do you have that look on your face? It's because I feel as though I've just failed my test.
Why do you think that? Because I believe that candidate 211 gave a good report.
Then why didn't you follow his lead with the story? I wanted to - But I couldn't.
- Why couldn't you? It's because I can't lie.
Why can't you lie? - It's because I'm - A reporter.
I believe that a reporter should not lie or give false reports.
Are you implying that candidate 211's report was a lie? Yes.
The footage we just saw on screen isn't enough to tell us whether the cat really is calm and if the bird really was attacking the cat without any valid cause.
Without first validating the existence of the bird's nest nearby it can't be known whether the bird was just trying to protect its babies either.
I do believe that the person before me had valid probable cause for the convincing report he gave.
But I believe that a reporter should never report anything that has yet to be proven.
Even if that means a failed broadcast for the station? Excuse me? Yes.
Okay, candidate 467.
I will not do the report.
As stated by candidate 444 I don't believe any speculations or conclusions can be made from what you're shown on screen.
Due to the lack of conclusive evidence, I will not make any reports on it.
Like candidate 444, I, myself believe that a failed broadcast is better than delivering a false report.
He's a total nutcase.
- You think? I - I know! You disagree.
No, I was going to agree.
He's the biggest nutcase I've ever seen.
Forget it.
- We need to select two? - Yes.
We had a lot of unique candidates.
It's a little frustrating not knowing any of their specs because of the blind testing.
I was told that one of the current finalists is actually a taxi driver.
Yes, I've heard that too.
We also have a former spy-fan and an heir to a fortune.
A spy-fan? Those obsessive fans that stalk celebrities? - Yes.
- Which one is that? We don't know because it's blind testing.
Ah I wonder if we can pick those three out.
Or maybe they've been picked out already.
What's that? We've got another one of those.
Did someone else do that? He's sitting right next to me.
I bet he was a spy-fan himself when he was about her age.
I was just obsessive about wanting to be a good reporter.
I probably failed it again, right? Probably.
What are we going to do? What if you fail, too, because of me? It wouldn't be your fault.
And I'd rather both of us fail if we don't both pass.
No, that's not right.
One of us should pass.
Whether it be you or me.
Whether it be you or me? Are you saying that you'd be fine if you passed without me? Huh? No.
The thing is - Tell me.
Is that how you feel? - Huh? - It must be true.
- Huh? No I would love for the both of us to pass.
But if that's not the case, then I'm just saying one is better than none.
That's not how I feel.
It's meaningless unless we make it together.
If you fail, then I'm going to quit, too.
No, don't do that.
You have to stay if you make it.
It'd too wasteful if you don't.
Isn't it really hot in here? Or am I the only one? The camera test results are up! Where? Where is it? Hello? Dal Po, is that you? How did it go? Did you pass? Both of you? I'm so proud of you! You did so great! Then what's the final test that you two will have to take? The assessment test? Do a great job through the end.
Okay! Oh my I can't believe this! Dal Peng, Dal Po and In Ha both passed the test! That's great.
If things go right, then uncle and niece will get to work together at the same company.
Together at the same company? You need to have breakfast before you go.
Your tie looks sloppy.
I don't know why, but tying a tie is really hard for me.
- What do you think you're biting! - What just happened? - Oh my goodness, what just happened? - Father! - Father! - You rotten scoundrel! - How dare you treat your father this way! - I'm sorry, Father! - Rotten scoundrel! - I love you, Father! Hey, are you sure we don't need to film the assessment? - That could be deemed as slander.
- How so? It's a survival assessment, so it'll be a fierce competition.
Opponents will have to be eliminated in order for them to survive so they'll have to slander, cut down, and do what they must to bring each other down.
I guess everyone will be very competitive since the decision will be made after this.
- Hey, what do you want to eat? - Why aren't you asking me that? - Want to come eat with us? - I'm not very hungry, so I pass.
I can't stand Thank you.
Delicious biscuit and coffee.
Thank you for your patience and efforts.
For this last portion of the testing, we'll choose a news topic from the past and have an open discussion to further evaluate your skills.
NTS Breaking news.
An explosion of fire erupted at a factory Nine firemen are dead with one still missing.
A total of nine firemen have been found dead, with the Chief, Ki Ho Sang, still missing.
[The Chief of Fire kept insisting that they had to go in there.
- The police have found an eye witness - I saw him with my own two eyes.
I'm a Pinocchio, so you know that I can't be lying about this! The public is outraged that Mr.
Ki is not being charged with a more severe Mr.
Ki will be charged with homicide through negligence upon his arrest.
But the public doesn't believe the charge he's facing is severe enough for the deaths Local citizens have found what appears to be the suicide scene of Ki Ho Sang's wife.
She was no longer able to endure the lashing and the torment from the public for the crime her husband has committed, and made a fatal decision to end her own life.
The suicide note left behind suggests that her younger son's life has also met an end and the police are still searching for the young boy's body.
As you saw, this was a very tragic case and accident.
Although 13 years have passed, the tragedy of this event still rings very clear to many.
Had you been the one to cover this news event 13 years ago I would like to hear your thoughts on how you may have handled the news coverage.
I would like to ask you something first.
Whatever happened to Mr.
Ki Ho Sang? Is he still thought to be missing? His skeletal remains were found a few days ago.
What is that! What is that! While preparing for it to be demolished, skeletal remains were found on the scene and the results of a testing done on the uniform verified that the skeletal remains were of Mr.
Ki Ho Sang, who was presumed to have gone missing 13 years ago.
- What's that? - Isn't that a body? - What's going on here? - Is that really a body? Father Father.
One, two, three! What are you doing? Give us a round of applause.
Here, Jae Myung.
Take a close look.
- Aren't you guys so proud of your dad? - Father, you're the best.
Father! I believe that the reporters covering this event are largely at fault here.
There's no excuse for painting Ki Ho Sang to be a murderer through negligent homicide.
That conclusion was not made by the reporter, but by the police and the investigators.
And the reporters had no other choice but to accept their decision.
Blindly accepting a decision is something that only little kids would do.
A true reporter should've investigated deeper to find out the real truth.
I believe that the reporters did as much as they could given the situation.
They had an eye witness, and the department - Have you heard from your father? - Why is he in hiding instead of coming home? - Is it because he's guilty? - Are you happy that your father's alive? I think the fact that what the Pinocchio witness saw could've been a mistake is the biggest contributing cause for this tragedy.
The problem also lies with the reporters the police, and the investigators blindly believing that statement.
However, they probably had no other choice but to believe that statement.
Because no other evidence is as concrete as a statement given by someone who can't lie.
Even though Mr.
Ki Ho Sang's death is very unfortunate, as well as, how he was found I believe that it was just a very unlucky accident, which no one can be blamed for.
You're saying there's no one who can be blamed for this? People believe that Pinocchio carriers are only capable of telling the truth, don't they? And people also believe that reporters only report the truth.
Pinocchio and reporters alike should've known this.
The fact that people unconditionally believe whatever they say should've made them aware of how much more deadly their words can be than others.
They should've been careful, and careful some more.
Not knowing that is their deadly mistake! That deadly oversight completely destroyed a loving family.
And those people need to pay the price for what they had done.
The Pinocchio witness had only stated what he had seen.
He couldn't have remained silent just because he may have been wrong about what he saw.
Looking at candidate 444 I now realize the reason why a Pinocchio can't be a reporter.
The danger of someone who can't admit when they're wrong to become a reporter only to make statements out of groundless assumptions The danger of speaking recklessly while unaware of the weight their words carry I see the danger of it now.
Are those words directed towards me? Yes.
What does this mean? Are you saying candidate 444 is a Pinocchio? Candidate 444, are you a Pinocchio? Yes.
She really has Pinocchio? And she's been keeping that hidden? - She's for sure getting eliminated.
- She's a Pinocchio on top of everything else? How unbelievable.
Candidate 444, the assessment isn't over.
Please remain seated.
Please open! I'll take myself out of the competition.
No, I do not think that TV is a joke.
A simple word from TV carries the weight to kill a person so how would I dare to think of it as a joke? Why? Has he made an impression on you, too? Rather than leaving an impression, let's just say we've already been acquainted.
- What floor? - Seriously what's wrong with me? Shall I just press the main floor? You seem very angry.
Is it because candidate 19 stabbed you in the back? No.
It was an open discussion, so he has a right to state his opinion.
Just because his opinion differed from mine doesn't mean it was a stab in the back.
Then what else is it? - Because you ruined the test? - No, I just - I just wanted him to be on my side.
- On your side? No, what am I even saying? There are no sides in an open discussion.
It's a given that his opinion may differ from mine But I still wanted Dal Po to be on my side.
Because he's Dal Po.
He's not just anyone, but he's Dal Po, so I just assumed No, that's not right.
Why am I such an awful person? I'm so annoyed at myself! - You must like that guy, Dal Po.
- No, not at all! I must be crazy.
Why is this happening? No, this isn't true.
No, I really don't! Father Father Father Father.
What's wrong with me? He's my uncle.
He even has a girlfriend.
I shouldn't be acting like this.
No, this isn't right.
No, this can't be.
This isn't right.
This is [Pinocchio.]
I thought I'd be jealous if you passed when I've failed, not it's not like that at all.
- You're hiccuping right now.
- That's not why I'm hiccuping.
Have you committed some sort of a crime? His nickname is 'Busy-Body' because he's always in other people's business.
- When he - You're all dead! What do you think will happen if Pinocchio becomes a reporter? - My son seems very interested.
- Do you know why my hiccups started? - I'll get over my feelings somehow.
- If you can't do that Then what happens with us?