Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

The King Has Donkey Ears

1 I heard that human remains have recently been found at an abandoned factory site.
I want to find out what's going on with the investigation surrounding the remains.
Ah, that? Give me a moment.
How is the investigation coming along for the remains found at the old factory site? Yes, I see.
Thank you.
- I'm told that the investigation is over.
- Excuse me? - Who closed the investigation? - A family member came and settled it.
Who's the family member? Can I find out who it was? What's the contact information for the family member? Who are you? I'm a family member as well.
That was probably my brother.
Do you have anything to prove your relation to the deceased and the family member? That's I've been adopted, so I don't have any proof to give you.
Then it would be difficult for me to help you.
I know the names of all the family members.
I also know my old address, and I'm sorry, but unless you have written proof of your relationship to them I can't tell you anything else.
Those are the rules for giving out personal information.
[Ki Ho Sang.]
I wasn't alone in this world.
I really am all alone in this world now, Father.
I alone, am the only one in this world who knows how unjust your death was.
Please answer me.
Where must I go, and what must I do for me to find my brother? How? [Hello, this is the hiring manager for YGN.
Congratulations on getting hired.
Let's become reporters together, In Ha.
In Ha made me want to become a reporter.
I wanted to show that woman that In Ha and I could become reporters.
Number 444, are you a Pinocchio? Yes.
That resolution I made came to a failing end.
And Skeletal remains have been found a few days ago.
I've now made a new resolution for myself.
The past few years have been a living hell but I'm now determined to tell the story of your unjust death to the whole world.
And the only other person in this world who knows the truth about your unjust death I vow to find Jae Myung.
The person who led me down the path of becoming a reporter may not have been In Ha, but in actuality it may have been you, Father.
Going to work? - Yeah.
- Yes.
In Ha, you're not going to work.
Going to work would indicate that you have a job.
But the convenience store you're going to just refers to a part-time job.
Huh? One is a respected reporter for a TV station and the other is a shameless 27 year old who works a part-time job at a convenience store like a directionless college student.
Now that I look at it, you finally look like a proper uncle and niece.
- I'll be back.
- I'll be back.
I'll head out first.
Heading out already? - What about breakfast? - I don't have much of an appetite.
- I'm not very hungry.
- You didn't eat dinner last night either.
What is it? Did something happen again between you two? What are you fighting about this time? No, nothing happened.
Fighting would be the normal response since one got hired and the other didn't.
In Ha, you should give up on being a reporter and just try becoming a tutor.
If people find out that you transformed a taxi driver into a reporter in a month everyone in the country would fling their money at you to help them too.
That's enough! Stop with your nonsense, and go fix the toilet.
It's filthy how the toilet won't even flush properly! - I'll be back.
- I'll be back.
Don't pay any attention to what my dad said.
I'm really happy that you became a reporter.
I thought I'd be jealous of you getting the job when I've failed but I don't feel that way at all.
Amazingly enough, I don't feel the least bit jealous.
- Honest! - You're hiccuping.
Well, that's That's not the reason why I'm hiccuping.
Then what else is it? This is It's because Anyway, I'm fine.
If you're uncomfortable being around me because of what happened that day there's no need for you to feel that way.
Opposing someone else's point of view at an open discussion is a given, isn't it? I know that you had no other choice.
It wasn't because I had no other choice.
I don't believe that you should be a reporter.
I sincerely mean that.
What? What do you mean by that? Why can't I be a reporter? I've already explained my reasoning to you during the open discussion.
Listening to number 444 I now realize the reason why a Pinocchio can't become a reporter.
The danger of someone who can't admit when they're wrong to become a reporter only to make statements out of groundless assumptions The danger of speaking recklessly while unaware of the weight their words carry I see the danger of it now.
You were being sincere about it? About everything you said? Your mother was right.
A Pinocchio shouldn't become a reporter.
Don't become a reporter, In Ha.
Hey, why are you being like this? You said you wanted both of us to become reporters together.
Don't become a reporter, In Ha.
Was that just a lie? When I think of you as a reporter I'm reminded of your despicable mother.
Tell me, was that all just a lie? I'm reminded of your mother who framed my poor father of unjust wrongdoings.
Hey! You, crazy bastard! If you become a reporter it would be torture for me to even look you in the face and that thought scares me.
That'll be 4,800 Won.
I forgot to use my shopper's card.
Can you ring it up again? Sure.
You keep hiccuping.
Plug your nose and bend your waist at a 90 degree angle.
That'll stop the hiccups immediately.
- No, it won't work.
- Just give it a try.
- I guarantee it.
- It won't stop.
I said, it won't stop! - Student - I'm not a student! I graduated three years ago, but I'm still unemployed.
Come on, don't cry.
It is said that young people have to buy their way out of their struggles.
I don't have that kind of money, so you just buy your own way out.
I interviewed to become a reporter, but I failed it.
This was my 36th attempt.
You girls better study hard.
Otherwise, you'll just end up like me.
That'll be 3,800 Won.
Isn't that just absurd? My uncle got hired after only a month! I've been preparing for the past three years, and I still failed again! I need to see your ID.
Here you go.
It's possible that I may keep hiccuping for the rest of my life.
In order to stop my hiccups, I have to confess my feelings for him.
- But the person I like - Choi Dal Po.
It's him, isn't it? Your uncle? - You're - Keep talking.
I'll listen to whatever you have to say.
I've got nothing but time.
[Episode 5- The King with Donkey Ears.]
Am I here too early? No, I'm not early.
What's that? - Did you memorize all the names? - Of course.
What are you guys doing? You startled me! Why are you acting so startled? Did you commit a sin or something? Why are you speaking in honorifics? As co-workers, we speak casually.
We've lowered our speech with him, too.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- Huh? Yeah, nice to meet you, too.
Okay, let's share our information.
- I got all the lowdown on the seniors.
- I did, too.
Just be careful or Reporter Jang Hyun Gyu from the Han River district.
According to the rumors his nickname is 'Nosy Jang' because he's so nosy about everything.
The worst person you can have against you amongst all the lead reporters.
He's known for his nasty temper.
Crying will get you marked.
- And once you're marked - You're dead! - Stop with all the crap, and follow me.
- Yes, Sir! It's okay, Yu Rae.
You haven't cried yet, so you're not marked.
No, you haven't been marked.
Yoon Yu Rae, what did you say earlier? What were you two chattering on about earlier? Reporter Jang is already trying to reign his authority over the new hires.
I'm curious to know which of the new hires will fall victim to Reporter Jang's wrath.
- Aren't you? - It'll be those two with the arms in the air.
Looks like they've already been marked.
I think it'll be that tall, beanpole looking one.
Why? He looks okay to me.
He's the one who compared the TV news stations to raw sewage.
He told me that he finds reporters unethical and repulsive.
- What? Does your head itch? - Is that right? Ah, that's right.
The sharp-tongued speaker at the interview? What was his name again? His name is Choi Dal Po.
- Do you feel wronged? - No, Sir! - Are you crying? - No, Sir.
- It's because I was yawning.
- But you haven't opened your mouth.
Yes, I yawn with my mouth closed.
Why are you staring at me like that? Do you feel that my scolding of your co-workers is unjustified? Reporter Jang is revving up to unleash his wrath on the new hires! The glint in Choi Dal Po's eyes is giving me a pause.
Answer me! No, Sir.
I believe the scolding is more than deserved.
What a cold-hearted scoundrel.
Don't you have any sense of loyalty? Raise your arms up in the air! Reporter Jang Hyun Gyu is attempting to get a rise based on ridiculous reasoning.
Will Choi Dal Po accept the challenge? I apologize, and I stand corrected.
What unexpected turn of events! Choi Dal Po is seen standing down.
He's not a cockfighter, but he's just a gentle chick! What happened there? You sure he's the one who stood up to you? Yes, I'm positive.
Pick them up.
From now on, you will make your rounds around each department to observe and learn how the news is created.
Once the week is over, you will be assigned to a department and you will start your official training and start snooping for anything newsworthy.
- Is that understood? - Yes, Sir! Oh my the more and more I look at it, the more handsome you look in this picture.
What does it mean to 'snoop'? We're going to be going around to different police stations and see if there are any newsworthy reports or cases going on.
- That's it? - I know.
Did they tell you when you'd be on the news? It'll be a long time before that happens.
Even after the training period is over, it's not guaranteed that we'd get to go on.
I hope that you do.
I don't believe that you should become a reporter.
I sincerely mean that.
- Cheers! - Cheers.
That tastes so great.
The drinks are on me tonight! Brother How nice is it to have things cleared up by signing a little slip of paper like this? Don't worry.
I just invested some money into acquiring a few fishing boats in Vietnam.
As I soon as the money starts pouring in, I'll pay back twice your interest amount.
Want me to sign a guarantee for the interest, too? No, it's okay.
Just don't forget to pay the principal.
But have you heard? You know that Fire Chief who went missing? His remains have been recently found.
Really? - Was it on the news? - No.
The case is already 13 years old, so why would it make it on the news? I just heard from a friend of mine who was working on the demolition of the building.
What a relief.
I've been living my life on the edge from the fear of his possible return.
See? I told you that he was dead.
- We can all finally sleep in peace! - Yes, you're right.
That's a sweet tasting drink! I'm sorry.
Sloppy drunken bastard! This is a good day, so just let it go.
Let's just sit back down.
Ma'am, can we get another glass over here? This is the control room where the news is created.
Close up of the camera.
The man giving out the signals is the news PD.
- And next to him is - Technical director, closed captioning PD Raise your arms and count to one hundred.
Yes, Sir.
Okay, sync the audio, and we're going in.
According to a recent viewer survey of the news broadcasting stations YGN came in at first place for being the most influential station with the highest rated level of credibility.
YGN came out very strong in the lead from any other stations with 45% of the votes in the credibility category.
Local media station, MSC, is on a steady decline in their influence and credibility while NTS is showing a slight increase in those categories.
Both stations have received a rating of 7% and 9% in credibility respectively.
Credibility of only 7% How did it get so low? I think the bankruptcy case we covered last month caused a great deal of damage to us.
Soon, our prime time news will be going up against YGN in the same time slot.
And at this rate, they're going to crush us.
The odds are greatly against us.
YGN is doing various PR work, as well as advertising in train stations and theaters.
Don't we have anything like that? We've had a couple new openings come up in the new hire department, is that correct? Yes, we've had a couple new hires who couldn't endure their training and wound up quitting their jobs.
Why do you ask? Dal Po definitely was the one who said we should become reporters together.
Then out of the blue, he tells me not to be one.
I asked him to give me a reason, but he won't tell me anything.
- Am I the weird one here? - No, Dal Po is the weird one.
I have the worst luck ever.
My dad, Dal Po, and my mom they all tell me not to become a reporter.
How is this even allowed? What, is the world going to end or something if a Pinocchio becomes a reporter? No, that won't happen.
If it hadn't been for these hiccups, things wouldn't have gotten this bad.
Come on, your hiccups are cute.
What if you were to fart instead every time you lied? - That would be so disgusting.
- Fart? My goodness you're right.
It's a relief that instead of farting, I only resort to hiccuping.
- That's comforting to hear.
- Really? That's good to hear.
Thank you.
After all the talking I just did, I feel better as if I went to confession.
I enjoy listening to you talk.
You're looking better than I thought you would.
I thought you'd be moping around after having failed at all the stations but you're looking quite cheerful.
How did you know that I'd be here? You had written it all down in your statement as if you wanted me to come visit.
That was because - That was - I'll just get right to the point.
Whatever you came here to say, I'm not interested in hearing it.
Your desire to become a reporter do you still feel that way? Reporter? - Why? - We've had some slots open up.
Interested? Are you regretting what you said to me after our last meeting? Or It's neither.
It's just for PR.
PR? The recent survey shows that MSC's lowest ranked category is our credibility.
We have to do something to change that, and it made me think of you.
If we promote that we've hired a reporter who can't lie about anything then it may help boost our credibility.
Then you're telling me that I'm not being chosen as a reporter, but as a promotional doll? Yeah.
Think of it as a three month internship, rather than a legitimate employment.
But if you do a good job, then we may consider you for a full time position.
I'm not interested.
Considering your current situation I don't think you're in any position to refuse my offer.
Does honor or pride have any importance in this matter? Yes.
Those things do matter to me.
In your current situation I doubt you'd find any other way of becoming a reporter while caring for such things.
That's what decision making is.
In order to gain something, you have to throw something else away.
Then what is it that you threw away when you chose to become a reporter? You.
The choice you made did you ever regret it? I did regret it.
But seeing how you're dwelling on that fact makes me wonder if my regrets were in vain.
If you decide to come, then get rid of that hiccup before coming.
Let's go.
I thought she came because it's my birthday.
So do you think she'll work for MSC? Yes, I think so.
She must not have a backbone.
She still wants to become a reporter even after the way her mom treated her? That's what I'm saying.
I thought all mothers in this world were as wonderful as my mom.
- But I guess that's not the case.
- Did you just figure that out? - There's something that I'm curious about.
- What about? What's so important about being a reporter that she's willing to endure that kind of treatment just to become one? And what made her mom become so ruthless? But more than anything else, what would happen if a Pinocchio does become a reporter? - And also - Son.
- You're acting very strange lately.
- How so? You're curious about way too many things lately.
Am I? That's a foreign concept.
- Drink up.
- Okay.
In Ha, sorry I'm late, but I'm here.
- There you are.
- You startled me.
- Why were you doing that? - I have a lot on my mind.
And I have a lot of decisions to make.
- Have you made your decision? - Yeah.
I've organized pretty much everything, so just check the expiration dates on the kimbap.
I'm leaving.
Crazy bastard.
You know you won't even give it to her.
Excuse me, Grandmother.
Take this, it's my gift to you.
Why would you give this to me? We need to talk.
It's cold.
If you've got something to say, make it quick.
I'm not jealous of you.
I'm happy about you becoming a reporter, and I don't resent you at all.
Are we back to that again? You're hiccuping right now.
Do you know why I started hiccuping? It started when I denied having feelings for you.
What? I said, I like you.
I like you.
I denied it when I realized my feelings.
Because that's just absurd, and not allowed, but my hiccups haven't stopped since the moment I denied myself the truth.
You're lying.
That's just ridiculous.
It's not a lie.
See? My hiccups have stopped.
You know as well as I do that I can't lie.
That's why I can't even hide it when I have a crush on someone and I can't even play hard to get, which everyone else is able to do.
Even though the answer's obvious and even though I'm perfectly aware that you're my uncle and this isn't right I still have to confess my feelings for you because of my damn hiccups.
So just pretend that you never heard me confess to you just now.
I'll do whatever I must to get over my feelings for you.
I'll address you as my uncle all the time, and I'll go on lots of dates with other men.
I'll do whatever I can to get over these feelings.
Please forget what I just told you.
Then it'll be fine.
What if that doesn't work? Huh? What if you make all the effort you can and do everything you can possibly think of but those feelings you have still remain the same for a long time? What happens then? To us? We can't allow for that to happen.
We're family.
Don't worry, because my feelings aren't that deep yet.
I'm sure I'll be able to get over these feelings soon.
Must be nice for you to be able to do that.
- I'm home.
- Hi.
- Come on in.
- What's this? You haven't forgotten that it's my birthday? - Is today your birthday? - It's her birthday today? What the heck, you didn't know? Then why did you buy the cake? Come in.
What is it? No, it's nothing.
There's a grandmother that I helped out a while back who was looking for a place for her and her grandson, and I didn't charge her any fee for it.
Then she came by and gave me this cake as a thank you for the help I gave her.
Really? What perfect timing.
Use a fork.
I'll just wash my hands after.
You're acting strange lately.
You're suddenly obsessed with being clean and think everything is dirty.
It's because you're an embarrassment.
I'm embarrassed of you, that's why.
- Dal Po, come sit down and eat.
- Sure.
This is my favorite strawberry cake.
Maybe that grandmother was an angel.
An angel who remembered my birthday, when the rest of my family didn't.
So yummy.
No, we can't allow that.
We're family.
I can do this.
I can do this.
Have you decided? Yes.
Gong Joo.
- Are you just getting in? - Yeah.
Have you heard the news? The new hire position that just opened up will be filled by someone with connections.
Yes, I heard one is through Manager Song, and the other is through Director Young.
This isn't the air force.
Who gets parachuted in like that? Don't try to stop me.
I'm not going to sit back and accept this, I'll complain about it to the board.
I'm going to show them what mutiny truly means.
Even though they may have been parachuted in, they do have good credentials.
Both of them made it to the final round at YGN.
- And nice visuals, too.
- How do visuals matter for reporters? Good looks don't write the reports and good looks don't get you special reports either.
- Are you heading up? - No.
- Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
- What are you doing here? - You came.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Say hello.
This is Reporter Kim Gong Joo, and he's in charge of the police beat.
And that's Reporter Lee Il Joo, and he's in charge of Han River district.
These are our new intern reporters, Choi In Ha and Seo Bum Jo.
Nice to meet you.
Welcome to MSC.
One thing that we lacked in comparison to YGN is our reporters' good looks.
But it seems that the tables have turned with the arrival of these two.
- Choi In Ha, let's go down to the studio.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Let's you and I chat for a bit.
- Yes, Sir.
Is the Director doing well? I thought you were going to go on mutiny.
- I just did.
- How so? I only mentioned their looks, but I didn't acknowledge their skills at all.
Unless they're stupid, they'll realize that was a form of disrespect to their skills.
I bet Director Young and Manager Song both took note of it.
The only thing they noticed is your brown nosing.
This is a draft of the PR shoot we're doing.
Let me know if you're unclear about anything.
When will these start airing? Some time within the week.
Why do you ask? Nothing, just thought I'd ask.
Did you not tell your father about you coming here? No, not yet.
I'm going to tell him soon.
- Are those the only shoes you have? - Excuse me? Yes.
Wear those for now.
Yours are too shabby.
- This is Choi In Ha, from MSC News.
- Let's try that one more time.
As you have just seen, I'm a Pinocchio, and thus, cannot tell a lie.
I'm the first Pinocchio reporter that this country has ever seen.
- There are two promises - Let's try that again.
I'm the first Pinocchio reporter that this country has ever seen.
This is Choi In Ha, from MSC News.
Your core as an investigative reporter, the National Forensics Lab.
A single strand of hair or fingerprint found at a crime scene determines a person's life.
The same applies to an interview.
You must think of everything found at a crime scene as evidence and be able to bet your life on your statements.
[The power of science, which can determine the truth.
You must know that power in order for you to decipher your own truth.
And also You will be able to attend the highlight of this whole tour, the human autopsy.
Wait and see.
This is the corpse of a 41 year old male.
Even though it may appear that he was burned to death there's no indication of any smoke inhalation in the lungs which indicates that he was already dead before his body was burned.
From the condition of the esophagus and the gastro intestines it would seem that poisoning was the real cause of death.
- Are you okay? - I have to get through this even if I'm not.
I can't get marked again.
Should we have ox blood soup, or intestine soup for lunch? Intestine soup sounds good.
Intestines? Yu Rae! Eyes forward.
[Have you told your father?.]
- I'm home.
- Come, sit down.
- Let's eat dinner.
- Okay.
Why are you dressed up in a suit when you work at a convenience store? Did they hire you as a full-time employee or something? Stop berating her.
Just stop.
- Dad and Grandfather, the truth is, I - I'm home.
Sit down, Dal Po.
Let's all sit down to dinner.
- What's that? - I made your favorite tripe soup.
I put lots of tripe and intestines in there, so it has a very deep flavor.
Uncle, what's wrong? It's nothing.
Dal Po! - Dal Po! - What's wrong with him? Do men get morning sickness, too? [Don't get any wrong ideas!.]
Ugh, it's cold out.
Dal Po.
How is your stomach feeling? Here, I got you some medicine.
- I'm fine.
- You're making yourself sick from exhaustion.
- That job is stressful on you, isn't it? - No, it's okay.
I like it.
Keeping things bottled in will make you sick.
We can't have you getting sick.
You have to tell people you're ill in order to treat the illness and let others know when you're struggling so that people can help you.
- Do you understand? - Yes, I know.
- I'll let you know if I start struggling.
- Okay, just keep that in mind.
Here, for you.
Take one dose 30 minutes after every meal.
Who else but me would look after you like this? You're several steps too late.
I already went out and got him some medicine.
Is my dad still not out yet? No, he's taking his time.
I'm late.
I'll wash up first.
Where do you think you're going? I'm late, too.
But I won't take long.
I said, I'm late, too.
- Move your leg.
- No! You shouldn't go in there right now.
- You go first.
- No! No, I don't want to! You go in first.
Seriously! You said you're running late, so I'm letting you go first.
Dad, what did you have to eat last night! It smells like something's rotting in here! It's shredded paper from a trash can.
Put the papers back together and see if you can find something newsworthy.
- Understood? - Excuse me? It's almost time to go home, so when are we ever going to - We can get it done.
- No one goes home until this is finished.
- Understood? - Yes, Sir! I heard that Nosy Jang takes the lowest scoring trainee under his wing.
I currently have the lowest score, don't I? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
That means I'll be with Nosy Jang, doesn't it? - Yeah.
- Are you crying? No, it's because I was yawning.
You still haven't fixed the bumper? Why? Is the person responsible for the damage refusing to pay for it? I'm just going to let him off the hook.
It's just a slight dent.
What are you saying? Making him pay for it is for his own good.
If a person commits a wrongdoing, then they have to be held responsible for it.
Do you think that he's going to be grateful for you letting him off the hook? It'll just make him more irresponsible.
- You think? - You have to make him pay for it.
I told you that you can easily get 100,000 Won for the damage.
- Yes, I'll keep that in mind.
- Yeah, right.
- Make sure to get the money from him.
- Okay.
We're never going to be able to finish this.
I feel like putting these back together has aged me ten years.
What are we going to do? Hello? Yes.
Ah, the bumper? Of course, I remember.
Of course, I'll reimburse you for it.
I'm glad you called.
When would you Right now? No, it's not that Yes, I understand.
I'll be right there.
Hey, where do you think you're going? I have to step out real quick.
I'll be right back.
Hey, are you crazy? Nosy Jang will kill you if he catches you.
- Yes, where should I meet you? - Hey, Dal Po.
How about somewhere around my house? - Yes, my address is - Yes, I know where that is.
Yes, I'm here.
How far away are you? It'll just be a moment.
I'm almost there myself.
Yes, I think I see the car.
- This isn't the truck.
- I'm a good friend of the truck owner.
I was getting so frustrated with him, so I called you myself.
This is what his bumper looks like, yet he still won't get it fixed.
I see.
He's just a big softie, so he'd never ask for compensation.
But it frustrated me not seeing him do anything about it so instead, I'm asking in his place.
I just felt business is business.
Yes, I'm glad you did.
- Mr.
Moon Duk Soo? - Yes.
Are you the one who called about finding my missing wallet? Yes, that was me, but I don't have the wallet on me right now.
I came straight here after work, so it's still at home.
I see.
My house is right around the corner, so why don't you come with me and get it? Well sure.
I didn't know anyone lived around here.
- Everything looks demolished.
- My house is just around that corner.
I'm sorry, but may I borrow your cellphone? Mine just ran out of battery.
- Keep it short.
- Thank you.
You can just keep walking.
Ugh, it's cold.
Was I not clear about no one going home until all the papers were put back together? Yes, you were.
I'm sorry.
Everyone get your belongings and go home.
Get up! And also! Choi Dal Po will finish putting the rest of these together before going home.
Yes, I understand.
What's Choi Dal Po going to do? I think he's definitely been marked by Nosy Jang.
I feel bad for Choi Dal Po but thanks to him, I think we've escaped being assigned under Nosy Jang.
I feel really bad for Dal Po.
Hey, are you smiling right now? - No.
- I think you were.
No, I didn't.
Dal Po and Nosy Jang I must've lost my mind.
It's just that I feel bad about Dal Po falling under Nosy Jang's jurisdiction.
Wow, your connection is the Director? Amazing.
How about lowering you speech since we're now co-workers? Should I? But the name, Bum Jo, sounds familiar to me.
Where have I heard that name before? It's the name of a department store.
'Bum Jo Department Store'.
Don't you know it? - The store was named after me.
- Is that right? There's a university that's been named after me, too.
I'm being serious.
Hey, want this? This is my favorite! But doesn't it seem like we see each other quite often? - Maybe it's just coincidence.
- How can it be just coincidence? The truth is The inability to lie can be a weakness as a reporter.
No, I see it as a positive merit.
Reporters are supposed to tell the truth.
News reports being created and told by a reporter who can't lie will lend more credibility to the viewers.
I can guarantee it.
As you have just seen, I'm a Pinocchio, and thus, cannot lie.
And I'm also the first Pinocchio reporter this nation has ever seen.
As your new MSC news reporter, I can promise you two things.
First, I will only relay the truth.
Second, I vow to keep my first promise.
This has been Choi In Ha, from MSC News.
This has been Choi In Ha, from MSC News.
Who cares whether it was by coincidence or not? All that matters is that we've finally met.
- Hello, Sir.
- Carry on.
It's no joke once Jang Hyun Gyu makes up his mind to get on someone.
Don't you find this to be a catty, and filthy play? No, I don't think of it that way.
If my memory serves me right, then you're not someone who'd be in here doing this.
And you're especially not someone who'd bow down to whatever a senior says to him just to become a reporter.
- I'm not sure what you're implying.
- I want you to give me a straight answer.
Because I remember every single word that you said to me eight years ago.
I'm not sure.
I don't really remember.
What made you suddenly walk into this sewage of a place? What made you want to become a reporter who wields their mic and camera like weapons? Don't worry.
It's just you and I in here.
So, cut the crap, and be honest with me.
Because nothing you say in here will be held against you, and will be kept confidential.
What made you want to become a reporter all of a sudden? Did you suddenly develop a liking to reporters or something? It's not possible for me to grow to like reporters.
I still find this place stifling, and find reporters to be disgusting.
Then why are you here? - It's because of a name.
- A name? I will do whatever I have to do to get through this training period and once I get my own mic in my hands I want to announce my real name to all the viewers out there.
Your real name? Then are you saying that your current name is a fake? Yes.
What are you doing, you asshole? Who are you? You've got some impressive vocal cords to be able to keep that up all these hours.
But your efforts are futile.
Like you said yourself, this place is a demolition site so no one ever comes here.
What wrong have I ever done to you to deserve this? Answer me.
Tell me who you are.
What's your real name? I'm Fireman Ki Ho Sang's son.
It's Ki Ha Myung.
What? Fireman Ki Ho Sang? Does that name ring a bell? The skeletal remains that have recently been found I'm that Fireman Ki Ho Sang's son.
What? What what are you going to do to me? I want to make you aware of how my father passed away.
You're the Fire Chief's son? Yes.
Because of you people I've lost both my mother and father, as well as my older brother.
And I've also lost my own name.
And very recently I've also discovered how wrong and unjust my father's death was because of you people.
I have so much to say, and just as many questions to ask.
There's even a person that I'd like to find.
I thought long and hard about just who could accomplish all those tasks.
And the answer I found left me astonished.
You're going to die down there.
But no one will find out about your death.
They'll just assume that you're hiding away somewhere.
Spare me my life! And everyone in this world will remember you as the devil that killed his friends for their money.
What do you mean by that? I've never killed anyone in my life! I know.
But the rest of the world won't know that.
Not even your own family members.
The world will remember you as a murderer who fled after stealing your friends' money.
Your family will live the rest of their lives being mocked and taunted by others while feeling ashamed and embarrassed of your memories! They'll come to realize death isn't the only way to experience pure hell.
And was that answer to become a reporter? I'm sorry! - I'm so sorry for my wrongdoing! - Down the road even if you're lucky enough to have your skeletal remains discovered no one in this world will have even the slightest interest in finding out how wrongful your death was! Just like my father! Yes.
That's why I became a reporter.
Because a reporter would be able to accomplish all those things.
And that's why I will give everything I have to learn the skills.
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- Run! - I'm running, but I'll run faster! - Yes, I understand.
- Uncle.
- What are you doing here? - He looked a lot like you.
- Like me? - You can use me as your dark horse.
Ahn Chan Soo? We were never very close.
- Maybe they're playing house? - Those brats! Choi Dal Po, you're my beginning.
You're firmly planted in here.