Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

Two Years' Vacation

1 My name is Kang Seo Hak from ANT! Welcome.
This is your first assignment, isn't it? [Mawari: New reporters are usually given their first assignment at the police station.
[3 days later.]
It's nice to meet you.
I'm Choi Dal Po a reporter in training from YGN.
This is your first assignment, isn't it? They all looked like zombies.
Zombies that haven't slept at all.
And not too long after I became a zombie just like them.
[Episode 6 - A 15 Year Old Boy Drifter.]
[6 hours ago.]
Nasty! Sir, no one clips their nails at work unless they lack common sense.
Why not? We have people who come and watch TV on the job.
Turn it off.
Can you make it any more obvious that you're single? Isn't a reporter a person who relays the truth? If a reporter that can't lie reports the news, I believe the viewers will find it credible.
Sir, isn't this your daughter? I'm confident.
As you can see, I'm a Pinocchio who can't lie.
Your daughter was a reporter? She looks great all dolled up! How could you have a daughter like that with your looks? It's a mystery, a mystery.
Who is this? By any chance don't you come on the news? What's your name again? Sung - Sung - My name is Sung Cha Ok.
Ah right, right.
What brings you here? Are you looking for a house? May I have your signature first? I'm sorry but I would like to talk to this person first.
Who? With Mr.
Choi? - Do you two know each other? - She's my ex-wife.
- Give us a moment.
- No way! Sir, you're awesome! Wow, seriously you have my utmost respect, Sir.
Wow, unbelievable! The mystery has been solved.
The mystery has been solved.
What's going on? We need to talk.
It's about In Ha.
Toxic chemicals were detected in a corpse from a fire 26 days ago.
The police are expanding the investigation.
The police assumed it was just a simple fire at the time of the accident.
However, toxic chemicals were detected after the autopsy of the corpse.
The police suspect Moon Duk Soo.
They're investigating if he has any connection to the incident.
Moon Duk Soo? People won't know that you died.
They'll only think that you're hiding somewhere.
Everyone will think of you as the monster who killed his friend for money! What an evil person.
How could he kill his friend for money? I hope they find him and give him the death penalty.
The death penalty.
No kidding.
By the way Here's your check for the bumper.
I went and got it for you.
- I told you that wasn't necessary.
- 'I told you that wasn't necessary.
' I did it because I knew you would come out like this.
You rascal! You're too nice for you own good.
How do expect to get by in this dangerous world? I'm not that nice, Sir.
But, what did that person say? He just paid without any complaints? Of course! He said he was waiting for your call.
He was quite courteous and it seemed like he has a good head on his shoulders.
Come to think it, he looks a lot like you.
Me? Yeah.
He was really tall with clear eyes.
Goodness there's a striking resemblance.
Today's the day we get assigned to a specific police station, right? Yeah.
Choi Dal Po is currently in the lead to work under Nosy Jang, right? Most likely, unless a disaster occurs.
His absence last time was a huge blow.
I feel so bad for him.
He seems to be a hard worker.
I know.
- The Captain hasn't come yet, right? - Yeah.
You just got done? Yeah.
I worked overnight for two days.
Did you prepare for your first assignment? Did you buy hotpacks? Why do I need to buy hotpacks? What are we going to do with you? You're so clueless.
Hotpacks are a given for your first assignment.
I'll give you some of mine for now.
Put it underneath your clothes.
You'll get burned if you put it directly on the skin so be careful.
You won't be able to eat properly when you're on patrol.
Take this, you're going to need it.
A cell phone is a reporter's lifeline.
You know that, right? A spare battery is a must.
- Fighting.
- You're going to do great.
And don't cry.
But, you guys will be assigned to a police station, too.
- Is everyone here? - Yes, Captain! In exactly an hour at eleven o' clock, each of you will be assigned to a district and make rounds at the police station, fire station, courthouse, and hospital.
You will report any incidents that occur.
Understood? Yes, Captain! You won't be able to go home for the time being once your assignment starts.
So, change into comfortable clothes and make sure all necessities are packed.
That includes outerwear, underwear, and toiletries.
Yes, Captain! I'll announce the districts you've been assigned to now.
- First up, Cha Ho Chul.
The Mapo district.
- Yes, Sir! - Min Hae Young, the Gwanhang district.
- Yes, Sir! Choi Dal Po, the Han River district.
Yes, Sir! - Yoon Yu Rae, the Han District as well.
- Why? I mean isn't it policy to have one person per district? Who made that policy? Huh? It seems that I did, Sir.
Do you hate the Han River district? Not at all.
I like it, Sir.
Good job.
Two trainees have been assigned under my control.
I'm telling you, they don't pay me enough.
Seems like I have my work cut out for me.
What do you mean why? It's because I have to personally take care of those two.
Yoon Yu Rae.
Are you crying? No, Sir.
I was just yawning.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Can you return what I gave you a little while ago? Huh? Oh.
The spare battery, too.
[Jang Hyun Kyu.]
- Yes, hello? - Hello? Am I your friend? Answer the phone properly! This is Intern Choi Dal Po from the Han River district.
Where are you now? I'm waiting for the elevator, Sir.
Why are you still waiting for the elevator? It's been a while since you left! - Run this instant! - Yes, Sir! I understand.
- So sad.
- Work hard! - I hope you guys come back alive.
- Be strong! Your other colleagues have already started their first assignments.
Since you guys just started, you'll have to work hard to catch up with them.
Why are you speaking formally to the rookies? Lower your speech.
All in due time.
Can you pack your belongings and get to the Han River police station by eleven o'clock? Yes, Sir.
Are you being soft on them because they got in by connections? Don't do that and just go at your usual pace.
Does it look like I'm being soft on you? No, Sir.
You just seem to be a good person.
I'll do my best! - Good luck then.
- Yes, Sir.
Are you walking right now? - Excuse me? - Excuse me? I'm just worried, that's all.
I hear the YGN interns are starting their first assignments today as well.
If you're so slow and lazy like that I might just turn into an archaic and barbaric savage.
You know, those kind of worries.
What do you mean, Sir? It means he wants us to run, you idiot! This is Choi In Ha! You will answer my call before the third ring.
Whether you're asleep or taking a dump, you will answer no matter what.
- Understood? - Yes, Sir! I understand! Your breath sounds even.
You must be walking.
We're running but we'll run faster, Sir! We'll be going into a news battle with YGN in 48 hours.
Please be on your toes.
Now you sound out of breath.
That's what I'm talking about.
Do you have something to say? Huh? No, I'll just get back to what I was doing.
You two will take turns and report back to me every two hours.
Choi Dal Po, you'll report back on the even hours and Yoon Yu Rae will report back on the odd hours.
Do not hesitate even a second if an incident occurs.
You will report it right away, understood? As soon as you arrive, you will obtain the numbers of every chief and manager from each of the four police stations in the Han River district.
Information is your lifeline on your first assignment.
It is crucial that you check the police station, fire station, and patrol unit every hour and report back any occurred incidents.
Understood? Yes, I understand.
Also, you are not allowed to share or give information with the other trainees.
They are not your colleagues but your rivals.
Do you understand? Yes, I understand! Uncle.
- Why are you coming out from there? - Huh? The thing is What? You didn't tell him you're an MSC reporter? Let's get the introductions out of the way first.
We met once during interviews, right? In Ha and I became MSC reporters by special appointment.
My name is Seo Bum Jo.
Special appointment? What special appointment? I got a call from my mom.
She asked me if I wanted start as an intern.
- She needed me for PR purposes, so - PR? Let her finish.
I don't think she's done talking yet.
Let go.
Uncle! - Uncle! - That bastard! What is this? Did I just curse out loud? Oh my gosh.
Dal Po.
- Let go! - Listen to me! Why do you want to become a reporter so bad? You want to be with your mom that much? She left you, used you, and stepped all over your pride! It's not because of her, it's because of you! - What? - I did this because of you.
It started because of you.
What do you mean by that? Eight years ago When you destroyed those nasty rumors by going out on the quiz show.
While watching that show my heart was so overwhelmed with joy.
You put everyone in their place when they saw you on TV.
I think All-Zero is a total genius instead of an idiot.
Do you know how awesome and satisfying that felt? That's when it all started.
My dreams of wanting to be a news reporter.
You say it's because of me? That's right.
It's because of you, not my mom.
What I felt that day it's still in here.
To the point that it won't disappear for even a second.
That's why I came this far.
No matter how much my dad objects or how much my mom tramples all over my pride, it doesn't matter.
I'm going to keep trying until I make it.
I don't need your support anymore.
No I'd rather you object and scold me like you are now.
That way it'll be easy for me to get over you.
In Ha.
Why those little The more you tell me not to become a reporter, the more I'm going to want to.
You know how stubborn I am, right? I have such a nasty attitude that I'll do it more out of spite.
So, don't waste your time.
Why are trying to become a mother all of a sudden? Are you feeling remorseful after seeing your daughter? No.
I'm doing this so I don't have to take her back.
She won't come to me if you take good care of her.
What are you talking about? I know In Ha.
She'll do the opposite of everything you tell her to do.
Like me.
So, don't become a parent that turns their child against them and just let her do whatever she wants.
That way, you'll continue to have In Ha by your side.
How are you going to persuade your father? That woman No.
It's going to be really painful for him if he find out you're working with your mom.
Why are you guys talking behind my back? - Dad.
- Mr.
Don't do that.
I have no intention of preventing you from becoming a reporter.
What is this? Heels.
You shouldn't be walking around the station in those ugly shoes.
- Then can I become a reporter? - Do it.
- Can I go to MSC? - Go.
- Dad, are you supporting me then? - No.
- Thanks, Dad! - I said I'm not supporting you.
- Dad! - Get off, my back is going to break.
- Thanks, Dad! - For what? Get off! Where will you be sleeping? There are separate quarters for the reporters to sleep in at the police station.
It's not the jail cell, right? No way.
They wouldn't let reporters sleep in a jail cell.
Don't worry so much.
Call if it's too difficult.
What are mothers for? There's no need to suffer.
Call me if you need me.
Okay? Yes, Mother.
You're supposed to put on the shoes, not hang them around your neck.
I'll be walking endless miles on this first assignment so I can't wear these.
I won't be able to put it on until the training ends.
Until then, I'm going hang them around my neck.
Try to go as far as you can while you're at it.
I'd like to get some pocket money like the other father's do from their children.
Okay! Dad! Dad! I'm going to wear these shoes until they falls apart! That's enough.
It's going to rot.
Just what kind of assignment is this? Here you go.
It sounds like you have to set up camp at the police station.
It's about the same.
I have to make rounds at the police station, fire station, and courtroom and find incidents to report 24 hours a day so I won't be coming for the time being.
Dal Po.
I bought a pair of gloves for you.
Make sure you wear them while you're out looking for stories.
They'll keep you warm.
Why do you keep spending money on me? You can't afford it.
I know.
Where would I get the money from, right? Go ahead and pack.
He couldn't possibly.
Sam Soon.
Ah, Sa Soon.
Sa Soon.
Father! You save money to spend it.
I swear! - Which district are you assigned to? - The Han River district.
What about you? Same here.
That's perfect.
I'll get over you easily enough once we start competing and deceiving each other.
Right? Yeah.
I'm not going to go easy on you, so you do the same too.
Right I'll return this to you.
Why? Because I think I just started to get over you.
Never mind.
I think I was too hasty.
Don't worry.
I'll get over you soon.
Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Sir, I need to get to the Han River police station quickly.
To the Han River police station please.
We're going to head into traffic so make a left towards Gwansondo.
It's nice to meet you.
I'm Choi Dal Po from YGN.
This is your first assignment, right? Who is this? Choi Dal Po? Ahn Chan Soo? Wow, how long has it been? I'm not sure.
I think it's been seven years since we graduated from high school.
Have you been doing well? You turned out pretty well.
You were such a loser back in high school.
You were always walking around with a runny nose and raggedy shoes.
I didn't have a runny nose.
But what brings you here? - You're a police officer? - I'm going on my fourth year.
Hey, let's talk over there.
There's too many trashporters here.
Huh? Sure.
Those punks keep zipping around like flies begging for stories worth covering.
I don't know who made it up, but the word 'trashporters' is perfect.
By the way, did you see her? Choi In Ha also became a trashporter.
She was on TV promoting MSC.
- I'm a reporter too.
- Say what? A reporter.
In your words, a trashporter.
You? Yeah.
Wow, the country bumpkin has moved on up.
Then are you trainees like them? Yeah.
Excuse me, but where is the pressroom? Choi In Ha! Ahn Chan Soo? We might as well have a class reunion now.
How did we all end up meeting here? You guys have a pressroom down here? Yeah.
The reporters assigned to the Han River district sleep here.
There's a total of thirteen trainees including you two.
We have another trainee.
A female reporter named Yoon Yu Rae.
Same here.
A male reporter named Seo Bum Jo.
Wow, that'll be a total of fifteen trainees then.
The competition is going to be fierce.
Competition? Because there's only one place to sleep and so many reporters.
Be careful or both of you will be sleeping in the streets.
Are the accommodations nice inside the pressroom? Of course.
Our police station is proud of it.
When did you get here? I just got here.
What's wrong? So this is the pressroom.
Why aren't you going in? This is the pressroom? I think so.
What do you think? It's awesome, isn't it? Mother this is a very weird world.
In order to survive in this world I must go beyond my boundaries.
[Criminal Team Two.]
- Are there any incidents or accidents? - There's none.
- Are there any incidents or acc-- - There's none.
- Please, I just need something tiny.
- There isn't any.
Please just give me something really miniscule.
There's none.
Don't be like that.
Something small would be great.
There isn't any.
There are no incidents.
- A small one is fine, too! - What about a domestic report? Just where on earth did all those stories come from? There's absolutely no way to find them in this world.
Our superiors will kill us if we don't find incidents to report.
And that's when I knew.
That a variety of people exist in the world.
- I'm sorry, Sir.
- Are you crying? No, Sir.
My nose is just stuffy.
- We're always getting into trouble.
- I'm sorry, Sir! No, I wasn't sleeping, Sir.
I'm sorry, I fell asleep.
We get into trouble if we fall asleep.
That's correct.
How can you be eating at a time like this? I'm sorry.
We get into trouble if we eat.
Are you bragging that you didn't eat? No, Sir! I'm sorry! And you get into trouble if you don't eat.
Mother why did I enter this cruel world? Eat so we can see another day.
The person who invented this should be given the Nobel prize.
Have you seriously never had a triangle kimbap before? No, and thanks.
- I can't eat the egg whites.
You want it? - Really? I can't eat the egg yolks.
- Are you sure you're an heir to a tycoon? - Why? Is it hard to believe? Or do you find it burdensome to be around me? No.
If it's true, then I just thought that you're a pretty decent heir.
You don't flaunt your money around, and you don't act all haughty either.
Gee, thanks so much for the compliment.
Sir! Mother, there is someone who's good at adjusting to this harsh world better than anyone else.
Can you take me along with you? I used to be a taxi driver, so I'm pretty knowledgeable with it.
What are you, a mind reader? How did you know about that? I can't let you come along, but stop by some other time.
- I thought you said there weren't any cases! - Not even a minor domestic case to report! It's because there are no such things as minor cases in the homicide division.
Hey, that punk over there I hear that he's an heir to a tycoon? A jerk who wields his powers over the cops and flies through this jungle of a world like Tarzan sweeping through his forest.
Why is a rich punk like that putting himself through all this work and suffering? Does that jerk have something going on with In Ha or something? No, it's not like that.
Let's go.
Mother I'm starting to get bothered by that Tarzan.
So do you have any other informants that you're using besides me? The word is, you know more than my team leader does.
What's your secret? - I just got lucky, that's all.
- Stop being coy, and just tell me.
- It'll be our little secret.
- It really was just luck.
My work senior gave me the task of putting shredded papers back together recently.
I found quite a bit of information on your police station in that stack.
Finding new informants was easy when I questioned them about the info I found.
- You memorized all that information? - Yeah.
But from what I remember I don't think we were close enough to do things like this.
If you keep hurting my feelings like this, I'm not going to be your informant anymore.
I've recently been put in charge of a really big case.
You're familiar with the container fire case, aren't you? Yeah, but I thought that case has been solved already.
A murder case made to look like an accidental fire, right? The suspect, Moon Duk Soo, had the motive, and he took off with the money.
It all fits, so what else are you searching for? Not exactly searching for something but just a nagging feeling that something doesn't quite fit right.
A feeling? - That's all there is? - Yeah.
Feeling, gut instinct That's everything to a detective.
Once I figure out what that feeling is, I want you to give me a private interview.
With my name, Ahn Chan Soo, in big letters across the screen.
Such a jerk.
Have you searched for your brother? Is he still alive? Yes.
I found out that my brother came by and claimed my father's remains.
Then did you see your brother? I've tried begging the officer at the station to give me my brother's contact information.
But I was told that he couldn't give me the information unless I could prove on paper that I was his family member.
You don't have anything to help you prove that you're Ki Ha Myung? Aren't there any records of your adoption? At the time that I was adopted it was most important to me to keep the name, Ki Ha Myung, a secret.
So, I lied to everyone about having lost my memories.
Which police station did you say has your brother's contact information? Jung Woo Police Station.
Hello? Please connect me to Jung Woo Police Station.
Hi, Dad.
I'm going to go and get some sleep at the reporter's lounge.
You still haven't slept? I haven't gotten a wink of sleep.
Two hours of sleep is the most I can get.
I have to report back by 4am.
- What about Dal Po? - Uncle? Don't even mention his name to me.
He's more like an enemy, than an uncle.
He clearly regards me as competition.
He won't even talk with me right now.
Okay, go and get some sleep.
Okay, I got it.
That's when it started.
That's when I started dreaming of becoming a reporter.
You're saying that I was the reason? That's right.
My mom wasn't the reason, but it was you.
The impression that day made on me, still remains fresh in my heart.
Enough so that I still haven't forgotten a single second of it.
Choi Dal Po.
What was all that about just now? I saw everything.
You did this to In Ha.
Not something an uncle should do to his niece, is it? It's none of your business either, is it? Of course it's not.
But Soon enough, I think it'll become my business.
Talk to me again when it does become your business.
Because for now, you're out of line.
It's not even like he has known In Ha for long.
Actually, I've known her for quite a while now.
Much longer than you think.
Coming to you live starting 10pm this evening will be your most updated news from MSC.
- I'm - 10,000 Won for Jong Koo.
- 20,000 Won on YGN.
- I bet on YGN, too.
Here's my 20,000 Won.
That's for me, Jae Hwang.
Jae Hwang bets 20,000 Won on YGN.
10 o'clock this evening is when MSC News and YGN News will go head-to-head, right? In that case, I bet 20,000 Won that YGN will win.
Jo Ki bets 20,000 Won.
I'll bet 10,000 Won on YGN, too.
I should bet on the team with the highest chances of winning, shouldn't I? Han Gwon Joo bets 10,000 Won on YGN.
- Senior Hwang.
- I don't play betting games.
Ugh, seriously.
You're so rigid about everything.
Who are you going to bet on? I'm sure it'll be on MSC, right? Of course, I'm going to bet on YGN.
Kim Gong Joo bets 10,000 Won on YGN.
Hey, I know that the chances are slim, but you can't bet against your own company.
Before I'm an employee of MSC, I'm a reporter.
You shouldn't distort the facts.
Right, Senior Hwang? If it hasn't occurred yet, then it's not a fact.
I guess you're right.
This is not even a gamble.
Not a single person has bet on MSC.
Chan Soo, please give me something.
Anything, please? I have to make my report at noon, and I've got nothing.
Just throw me a bone, okay? Purse snatcher, gang related crime I'll take whatever you have.
I had nothing for the 10 o'clock report and if I don't report anything again, then I'm dead meat! Instead of begging me for it, go and ask Dal Po to give you one.
He already had quite a few stories when I saw him earlier.
Forget it.
Why don't you give me one instead? Didn't you used to like me back in high school? I know, I wonder what it was that made me like you.
Looking at you now, I have no idea what that could've been.
And I'm married.
Hey, you're going to make someone think that I'm trying to make moves on you.
How absurd.
Forget it, I don't need your petty help.
Hey, you just need whatever? Yes, whatever you can give.
Ma'am, you've been on that treadmill for three hours already.
If you overdo it to this extent instead of losing any weight, you'll just end up killing yourself! She's going to make me lose it.
I was just told that a woman collapsed and died at a nearby health club earlier today.
Ma'am! She supposedly died of a heart attack from having pushed herself too hard.
That sounds pretty simple.
What else? It's not my case, so that's all I know.
But is that even newsworthy? Even if it isn't, it doesn't really matter.
I just need to have something to report.
Hey, thanks so much! You just totally saved my life! Hey, you've got goop in your eyes.
A health club in Youngtop.
Heart attack.
A middle aged woman.
Yoon Yu Rae! Tell me you didn't! Yes, Sir.
This Yoon Yu Rae.
A middle aged woman died of a heartattack at a local health club only an hour ago.
Hey! You're such a conniving little jerk! - Yes? - A woman dies at a local health club.
I don't know.
Any known family members? Did she have any chronic illness that led to the sudden heartattack? Did you get a hold of the security video footage? Don't you know that we've got nothing without that information? Get me the information within the next hour.
You know what today is, don't you? Then stay on your toes! No guts to the story, and no intuition for the story either.
Then why even bother? Are you trying to help me out here? The level of your team's investigative skills worries me.
Shut your mouth.
Yes, Reporter Choi In Ha.
Do you have something to report? Age? Any known family members? Any known chronic illness? What about the CCTV footage? 'I don't know' is not an answer! Get me the information within the next hour.
You have one hour.
No guts to the story, and no intuition for the story either.
What are you going to do? Okay, we're even.
Hey, Choi In Ha! Hey, what's this about a health club? Senior Il Joo told me to help you get the information within the next hour.
I don't know, I took it as fluff piece, and got chewed out for it.
I'll take the hospital, and you take the health club.
It was just a fluff piece, so I don't know why he's getting so worked up over it.
Today's the day that we go up against MSC, so it's understandable.
You take the hospital, and I'll take the health club.
Hey! Hey! I came after hearing that my aunt suddenly passed away while exercising.
Can you please tell me what exactly happened to her? She's lying.
She's a reporter.
Hey! Can you please give me an interview? Hello.
These are for you.
I would also love it if you could give me an interview.
Hello, I'm a reporter from MSC News.
A deceased female was recently brought in from a health club Hello, I'm a reporter from YGN News.
- That brat! - Can you tell me the age of the deceased? What was the cause of her death? - Any visitors yet for the deceased? - Any other That Sucker-Fish, seriously! - Age of the deceased? - She was said to be 51 years old.
'Said to be'? Are you a spokesperson or a messenger? Just give me the solid facts that you're absolutely sure of! She is 51 years old.
I've verified the medical charts myself.
- Chronic illness? - Any known chronic illnesses? She used to be overly obese at 90kg and her weight had gone down to 70kg at the time of her death.
- She took the weight off.
- Why did she take the weight off? Couldn't she have just been dieting? I ask the questions, not you! There should be a reason behind the sudden weight loss.
I haven't found out the reasoning behind it yet.
How could you not have found that out yet? Should I go find out for myself? I'm sorry, I'll find out right now.
Any known family members? She lives by herself.
She does have a daughter from her previous marriage but her daughter is being raised by her ex-husband in Busan.
- Have you been to the hospital? - Yes.
But no one came by to see her.
- What about the security footage tapes? - They're refusing to show it to us.
Of course they're going to refuse.
Did you think they'd hand it over so easily? - I'm sorry.
- The team that gets the CCTV footage wins.
- You know what happens if we lose, right? - Yes, I understand.
Did you find anything? No, not much.
You know I even went through her trash? Hey, do you think that this is even really newsworthy? She just died while exercising.
It's just some gossip, not even a murder.
How is this even newsworthy? There was that recent death of a high school student who died after 8 hours on the bike.
I'm sure they're trying to relate the two together to turn it into a news sensation.
But it all depends on who gets their hands on that CCTV footage first.
Hey, what's that all over your face? I heard that the lady worked as a loader at the coal factory and I got soot all over my face when I went there to do some interviews.
What's a 'loader'? You got some here, too.
Can a woman do that kind of work? I guess she really needed the money.
I'm told she worked until late last night.
Even if she really needed the money - Hold still, I'll help you wipe it off.
- There's the elevator.
- Her ex-husband is remarried? - Yes.
I think he got re-married a little less than two months ago.
Not only that, but to a former beauty queen in her thirties.
I'm sure she wanted to lose some weight when she heard that her ex-husband was marrying a skinny woman.
It's not a special case, so just leave us alone.
Is that when the deceased bought her gym membership here? That's what I'm telling you.
Sir, did you give these two your security footage tapes? No, I'm not giving that to anyone.
Why would I advertise to everyone that someone just died here? Then we'll just have to get pictures of the outside, and wouldn't that be worse? All the health clubs looks the same from the inside, so no one will know the specifics.
We'll make sure to blur out the footage.
Our seniors will kill us if we go back empty handed.
We have to bring back something to report.
Please? Come on, I know how kind-hearted you are.
And you're so handsome, too! Just this once, please? Why are you just standing there? You should do what she's doing.
Please, just this once.
I can't do that.
What if I start hiccuping? Then can you just show us the security footage? - I just need to show it to you? - No, you can't do that! - Just showing it to us isn't enough! - Yes, that'll be fine.
- Thank you.
- Hey! She collapsed while weighing herself? Move your head, you're blocking the screen.
Satisfied? Now, stop bothering me, and just leave.
We've got absolutely nothing unless we get that CCTV footage in our hands.
Why did Choi Dal Po have to open his big mouth and ruin everything for us? - Don't you agree? - Huh? Yeah, no kidding.
He's such a jerk.
Ugh, I'm seriously going to lose it.
No, he's not a jerk.
Had it not been for Dal Po, we probably wouldn't have been able to see that either.
I have to give credit where it's due.
You still haven't been able to get over your feelings for him? No, not yet.
I'm trying, but it's not easy.
Why am I so pathetic? It's time to go give our report.
Let's go.
How about going back in there and begging him to give us the CCTV footage? I don't think having seen it is going to suffice.
- I recorded the CCTV footage in here.
- What? I secretly recorded everything when he was showing us the footage.
- Amazing! Did you really record it? - Yeah.
I just checked the recording, and it actually came out pretty decent.
You're amazing.
I totally admit it.
Yes! Let's get going.
Ahn Chan Soo.
Have you finished the investigative report on the container fire case yet? No, not yet.
I feel like I'm still missing something.
What's there to be doubtful about? Wasn't it murder that's been set up to look like an accidental fire? All the evidence points to Moon Duk Soo as being the culprit.
There's even a clear motive for the murder.
What else could there be for us to find? Speaking of Moon Duk Soo I've traced down his cellphone location, and something just doesn't add up.
I picked up a signal around Haeundae then a signal around Gangnam.
They're very sporadic signals.
There are no traces of his credit cards being used either.
He supposedly didn't take any money with him so I don't know what money he's using to get around like that.
It's also strange how the cellphone keeps being turned on and off like that.
As if he's purposely trying to let it be known that he's traveling all over this country.
- Letting it be known makes our job easier.
- That's precisely the problem.
He's letting it be known just enough so that we're unable to catch him.
He turns the phone on, then immediately back off, from very crowded places.
Don't you find that the least bit strange? That a wanted murderer suspect would only go to such crowded places.
Bits and pieces of the truth are scattered about like pieces of a puzzle and that truth is never revealed to us as a whole.
- It's your turn to make the report, right? - Yeah.
Okay, let's go over what we're going to report.
First, this woman was known to be physically strong and sturdy enough to do a man's job at the coal factory.
One, two, three.
Then one day, she hears that her ex-husband is getting re-married.
Then she saw how skinny his new wife was.
That's when she became fiercely determined to lose the weight.
Fierce enough to lose 20kg in just two months.
This woman battled with the issue of being overweight all her life and suffered a sudden heart attack from the strain of all her exercising and was already dead by the time the ambulance reached her.
What do you think? Isn't it perfect? Do you think you can report that? Yeah, I can do it.
- What's wrong? - Huh? The thing is - I don't think I can report this.
- Why not? Something feels off.
Parts of it just don't make any sense.
Even if it doesn't make any sense, try to make it sound sensible.
If we don't make this report, then we'll be in big trouble! I wish I could, but I can't.
You know as well as I do that I'll just start hiccuping again.
When what we have found isn't the truth then the truth sends us a very small, and insignificant signal.
That signal is none other than our nagging suspicion.
That does sound odd.
But not enough to point to a new suspect.
Maybe you're right.
Don't you find it odd? A woman who's making the efforts to beautify herself goes to the gym to workout in a ratty old t-shirt and her work pants? And I tried doing the work she did, and nothing works to get this stain off my nails.
Which means, her hands and fingers should've been much more stained than mine.
If she was trying to beautify herself, then wouldn't she have looked for a different job? Yes, that is very strange.
But not enough to change this report.
A small piece of the puzzle that seems ill-fitting to the perfect looking truth the nagging suspicion.
Let's visit the morgue just one more time.
You want to go there again? The moment you let go of that suspicion, the truth hides itself away in secrecy.
I'm just letting you know now that our team has just got ourselves an exclusive.
Yeah, I'm listening.
Keep talking.
Okay, I got it.
Make it a 90 second segment.
We've got our own exclusive.
What you see isn't everything.
[Next Episode Preview.]
Put aside all the competition for stories, viewer ratings, and everything else for now.
I'm saying, we need to stab YGN in the back.
- Hello everyone.
- Choi In Ha, from MSC News.
News is often compared to an onion.
It is because a new piece of truth is revealed with every layer that gets peeled off.
We have found out the real truth.
Don't worry, I will take care of everything.
- You're just being a nuisance.
Go away.
- You can't do this to me! - Did Choi Dal Po cause trouble again? - He's not responding.