Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

The Frog in the Well

1 I've always dreaded having to go back to the station each night to monitor the news but I can't wait to go in there tonight.
Why? Because our story is being aired? That goes without saying.
Our story is first to get airtime.
Not only that, but we were the only ones to get the security footage.
On top of that, tonight's the first night we'll be going up against MSC News.
It's a heck of a start, isn't it? Yeah.
I feel bad for her.
She'll probably get into a ton of trouble with her seniors when they see our footage.
Choi In Ha.
- What? - We got the health club's security footage.
- I just wanted to give you a heads up.
- Are you crazy? Why did you tell her that? You said you felt bad for her.
Exclusive, my butt.
You just made a huge mistake! That jerk! What was that all about? What mistake? We were the only ones that got the footage, aren't we? I don't know.
[Episode 7 - The Frog in the Well.]
- Is this the manuscript? - I'll start the camera.
Are you sure this is an exclusive? - Are you sure we got the exclusive on this? - Yes.
I just checked with the health club again, and they haven't given it to anyone.
How tight is this story? Had we not acquired the security tape, it would've been a simple three liner.
How many minutes can we make this out to be? We've written the story as an extreme case of dieting that cost her life Add in the story line about the high school student who died after 6 hours on the bike factored with an interview from a specialist, and we've got about two minutes worth.
Okay, that'll probably be enough to give us a lead.
Let's move story 13 on ice fishing over to the weekend news segment.
I don't think we need to air the ice fishing story on tonight's broadcast.
Pull the story on the health club lady's death up on the list and let's throw a bucket of ice water on YGN.
If we were to air it first, then they'll realize they've been too late and throw them into a state of confusion and panic.
It'll kill their story, and they'll be at a loss for what to do.
Don't kill their story, and let them air it.
We'll air ours after them.
What? I'm suggesting that we stab YGN in the back.
Why are they pulling back our exclusive on the health club lady's death? This is our chance to get one up on YGN.
Instead of getting one up on YGN I'm sure they're trying to humiliate YGN.
- Huh? - They're trying to land YGN in a trap.
This is the perfect trap to bring down YGN's level of credibility and there's no way Director Sung is going to let go of that chance.
She really is something else.
Those two actually did it.
I was worried about their skills because they had their jobs handed to them.
I'm not sure.
I think it's still too early to be sure of that.
Hey, you can't take that call.
That's Choi Dal Po calling, isn't it? Give it to me.
You saw how they were gloating about having an exclusive earlier.
- We have to gloat right back.
- Don't be such an amateur.
If we tell them that now, they're going to add more to their story.
Any mistakes, and we'll be the ones with mud in our faces.
Maybe you're right.
Are these the two who got the scoop on the death at the health club? Yes, had it not been for them, we wouldn't have gotten the story.
They really did a great job.
- You're being far too generous.
- No, I don't think he's being too generous.
- Isn't it true what he said? - Hey.
I'm sorry, but as a Pinocchio, I don't know how to be tactful.
I like your honesty.
Keep up the brazen good work.
Great work.
Forget it, and stop worrying.
She was just bluffing because she had nothing.
You know that In Ha's incapable of bluffing since she's a Pinocchio.
I'm sure it's nothing.
I called and checked with the health club.
No other reporters came by after we left.
Hey, Choi Dal Po and Yoon Yu Rae! I heard you two pulled a big one.
- It's not that big of a deal.
- How did you do it? Maybe it was around noon earlier? I just got this strange feeling as I was walking past the Homicide Division.
So I stuck my listening device up to the door and scooped up the story.
Then how did you get the security footage from the health club? The owner of the club adamantly refused to show it to us.
So I put on my sad puppy dog eyes and succeeded in getting him to show it to us.
Then Dal Po secretly taped the screen with his cellphone camera.
The impact a news segment can make all depends on what is shown on screen.
I doubt anyone else will make much impact since they don't have the footage.
Exclusive, my butt.
You're making a big mistake! What reason could there have been for that lady to lose 20 kilos in just two months? You're back to that again? Her ex-husband just got remarried to a former beauty pageant queen.
I'm sure that must've been a shock, and she just wanted to get pretty.
A lady who wants to get pretty still has the bad perm and works out in those pants? - Don't you find that odd? - No, not really.
I don't think that's anything to be concerned about.
- Did you meet with her family? - No, we didn't.
No family members showed up at the hospital, and her ex-husband didn't answer his phone.
I'm going back to the hospital.
Are you crazy? The news is about to start.
We have to watch it.
Hey! Hey! Earlier this afternoon, at a popular health club in Seoul an obese woman in her fifties is seen running on the treadmill.
Has Ms.
Im Yang Soon's wake been prepared? Did her family members arrive? Yes, her daughter came from Busan earlier this afternoon.
There she is over there.
Thank you.
Excuse me, by any chance are you Ms.
Im Yang Soon's daughter? Yes.
Who are you? My name is Choi Dal Po, a reporter from YGN.
I'd like to ask you some questions regarding your mother.
I already gave an interview to some reporters from MSC News.
- Good evening.
- Here's your news for December 2nd from YGN.
Good evening, everyone.
MSC News now comes to you live at 10 o'clock.
It's great to be here.
A liver transplant? I'm in the final stages of liver failure so getting a liver transplant is my only chance at survival.
My mother has the same blood type as I do, and offered to be my liver donor.
But the doctor told her that my mother's liver was too fatty and that she'd have to lose 30 kilos before she could donate her liver to me.
So I gave up on any hopes of receiving a liver transplant.
Because I thought losing that amount of weight in that short period of time would be just impossible.
I thought my mom had given up, too.
But That's why That's why she pushed herself so hard It's my fault that my mother's dead.
She wanted to donate her liver to me so that she could help save my life.
That's why she pushed herself so hard to lose the weight And that's why she passed away.
Here's your next news.
The never-ending battle to lose weight.
The fatally overt determination to win against that battle has cost another woman her life in the wake of last week's No.
I have to stop it.
Please turn that off.
This afternoon, at a popular health club in Seoul an obese woman on the treadmill lost her life - Please turn that off right now! - Where's the remote? After having been on the treadmill after three straight hours Mom? Is that my mom on TV? - Please turn that off right now! - Where is that remote! Mom! Healthy dieting is beneficial to one's health and outward appearance but if it becomes too extreme, it can cause serious health issues and in most extreme cases, it can even lead to sudden heart attacks so one must take proper precautions.
No, that wasn't it.
My mom wasn't losing the weight for looks.
It was because of me She was losing weight because she was trying to save my life.
Mom Dieting in moderation is beneficial, but in extreme cases, it can become fatal even leading one to their death.
This has been Jang Hyun Gyu, from YGN News.
I'm sorry.
I'm so very sorry.
What could be greater than a mother's love for her child? A woman pushed herself to the extreme to lose weight so that she could donate her liver to her ailing daughter and tragically died of a sudden heart attack while exercising.
A liver transplant? What is she saying? Reporter Lee Il Joo will now bring us the exclusive coverage.
A wheelchair bound, Miss Song Hyun Joo, cries by her mother's funerary remains alone.
Miss Song's mother, Ms.
Im Yang Soon, lost 20 kilos within only two months.
Choi Dal Po! Yoon Yu Rae, what the hell is this! A liver transplant? - That's - Jang Hyun Gyu! What happened with the story? What's this about a liver transplant? Did you not check the story? I'm not sure myself.
I'm sorry, I didn't check into it.
Hwang Gyo Dong! What's this all about? A liver transplant changes the entire story! I'm sorry, the story was not fully investigated.
Suffering from an illness which hardens the liver.
In order to donate her liver to her terminally ill daughter the mother made the ultimate sacrifice to save her daughter's life.
My mom said she had no money and that all she could do for me was to donate her own liver.
She told me that she was going to lose the weight to save me even if it killed her.
- I'm sorry.
- Yes, this is YGN.
News stories are often compared to an onion.
Because with every layer that's peeled off, another layer of truth gets revealed.
The saddest diet news story that you have just heard from us seemed no different than any other extreme diet related death.
However upon deeper digging and further investigating as you would peel an onion we were able to find out the ultimate truth of the story.
MSC News will continue to strive to bring you the truth in the future.
We will not compromise the truth by settling unless it's accurate beyond a shadow of doubt.
- She's a really good anchor.
- That's how news should be.
That is all for the night from MSC News.
Thank you.
People believe that a Pinocchio is only capable of telling the truth, don't they? And people also believe that reporters only report the truth.
Pinocchios and reporters alike should've been aware of that.
The fact that people unconditionally believe whatever they say should've made them aware of how much more deadly their words can be than others.
I know.
I know, but They should've been careful, and careful some more.
Not knowing that is their deadly mistake! I was careful! I placed a countless number of calls and I interviewed everyone at the health club, the hospital, and even her co-workers! How could I have been more careful than that? Looking at candidate 444 I now realize the reason why a Pinocchio can't be a reporter.
The danger of someone who can't admit when they're wrong to become a reporter only to make statements out of groundless assumptions The danger of speaking recklessly when not even aware of the weight their words carry I see the danger of it now.
Are those words directed towards me? Yes.
You're pathetic Choi Dal Po.
- Hey, where's Choi Dal Po? - Why? So you can gloat in his face? Of course.
You have no idea the lack of respect I've had to put up with all these years.
- So where is he? - I don't know.
He's been missing since last night.
I think he's in hiding, so let me know when you find him.
In hiding? That's no good.
I have tons to say to him.
Ugh, my back.
I wonder if I slept weird last night.
What the heck? He's refusing my phone call? 14% vs 12%.
Even though we did win, you can't say that we actually won.
Our ratings went from 20% down to 14%.
That's the same thing as having lost.
And if we add the viewer ratings to it, too? That's pretty much your worst nightmare.
The viewer rating should be factored in.
Let's not look at the viewer rating for the time being.
Director, we're going to continue to be pitted up against MSC News so how can we not pay any attention to the viewer ratings? There's not much difference between us anymore.
That would be like going into the battlefield blind.
- Guess you're right.
- Then I'll pull it back up.
No, don't.
Director Lee.
Okay, let's not fight, and just do the job we're meant to do.
We were too focused on competing against MSC News and it's compromised our investigative skills in uncovering the truth, which isn't like us.
There could be a repeat of this sort of mistake if we lose our focus again.
So, let's forget about competing for ratings, or for whatever else the reason and just stick to uncovering the real truth of the story.
- Is that understood? - Yes.
Okay, let's get started.
What's the hottest issue we've got? Yes! Senior Hwang! Congratulations on winning the viewer rating! Wow, I knew you wouldn't disappoint.
I don't think it's anything to be congratulated over.
Of course, you should be congratulated.
Not everyone can come in at first place.
I shouldn't have changed my bet because I'm out of my money now.
Everyone thought that there was going to be a much bigger difference so only a two percent difference is the same as MSC News having won.
In that case am I the winner? No, we can't have that.
A bet was a bet.
That closing remark about the onion was killer.
- That really boosted up your image.
- Well, I wouldn't go that far.
Maybe a little bit.
How about this for the next bet? A bet that MSC News will take the lead in viewer rating within the next two weeks.
That's a tough bet.
- Okay, I'll bet on that.
- Me, too.
- MSC will take the lead.
- Me, too.
Since that's the company I work for I'll have to stay loyal to it.
Senior Hwang, are you not betting this time either? Yeah.
It's Jang Hyun Gyu.
Choi Dal Po still isn't back yet.
[54 missed calls.
Scrub harder.
Oh my goodness.
Who turned this bathwater so dirty? Is this from me, or you? It's from me, Father.
The reporter lounge is a total pigsty.
I don't have time to wash my hair, and I barely have the time to brush my teeth.
Wearing the same pair of socks and underwear is a given.
Ugh, it really isn't a job fit for any human.
It really is nasty work, isn't it? One reporter said that a cockroach laid its eggs on his head and it's just accepted that we'll all get athlete's foot.
- Dal Po.
- Yes? - How about we bathe separately? - No, this is fine for me.
Yes, I'm sure it's fine for you.
Is Choi Dal Po not coming? Did he turn in his resignation or something? I don't know.
He won't answer my calls.
I don't care if he comes or not.
I guess the story on the health club lady's death was quite a shock to him.
Who knew the story would have such a tragic truth hidden behind it? - That's what I'm saying.
- Did Nosy Jang bust you for it? No, he's been very quiet.
I thought I'd get killed for what happened.
But that's what scares me even more.
What's that? Is that a silky fowl? Wait, that's Chairman Park Ro Sa! The Chairman of Bum Jo Department Store.
Really? That silky fowl? Yes, that's her.
I'm sure of it because my older brother models for that store.
You said you were an only daughter.
You have a model brother? Excuse me, but aren't you Chairman Park Ro Sa? - Can you tell us what you're doing here? - I came to see my son.
- Where's the reporter lounge? - The reporter lounge? - What's your son's name? - Bum Jo.
- Seo Bum Jo.
- Excuse me? He really is an actual heir? - Mother.
- Son! - Son! - Mother, you're here.
No, Son! Son Mother, just throw those clothes away.
They may be stylish, but they have no functionality.
- They don't keep me warm in the least.
- You should've told me sooner.
How could you not have said anything until reduced down to this state? That's so warm.
- Mother, did you see the news last night? - Of course, I did.
I heard that you investigated the liver transplant story? In Ha and I investigated it together.
But you know what's so surprising? The ailing daughter of that woman had no money for the surgery, and when her mother died, she lost her liver donor, too.
But after that news segment aired, a liver donor just appeared out of nowhere! - Really? - That's not the end of it.
So many people are sending in their help, and she can now pay for her surgery, too.
- Are you that excited about it? - Of course it's exciting.
Our simple words saved a person's life.
Isn't that amazing? Yes, it's amazing.
But I never thought you'd ask me for any favors, so what brought on the change? - Because of In Ha.
- In Ha? - The Pinocchio? - Yes.
In Ha's a little sick right now.
Did you bring everything that I asked for? Hey.
You can't get sick in here.
You're going to get all the police officers and reporters in here sick too.
I know.
Instead of a drink, give me a crime to report about.
I bet that would make me feel better.
- Have you heard from Dal Po yet? - I was just about to ask you the same thing.
Why hasn't he been around here? Has something happened? No, it's nothing.
Who are you? What are you guys doing? Just some cleaning.
The air in here is too stale.
Can you lay out the heated blanket under where she is? Hello, Miss Choi In Ha.
I've heard a lot about you.
I'm Bum Jo's mom.
- Hello.
- Please sit down.
Bum Jo told me that you don't like to be paid any special attention.
But since you're sick right now, just endure it even if you don't like it The smell of a clean blanket.
I feel like I can live.
Oh, this feels so warm! Awesome! It's a heater! Popped rice snacks, and chocolate Ma'am, you know me so well.
Are you sure she doesn't like things like this? She really must be sick.
I don't think being a reporter is something that a human being should do.
You have to travel by a cab when you're chasing after a story.
I heard one month of cab fare and a phone bill is nearly 200 million Won.
But you're responsible for those costs.
Isn't that just absurd? No, that's ridiculous! Father, I can't keep up with this ridiculousness anymore.
You shy away from poop because it's filthy, not because it's scary.
That's right, just quit doing it.
Why bother doing something so absurd? But you got that idiom flipped around.
You shy away from poop because it's scary, not because it's filthy.
No, you've got it flipped around.
You shy away from poop because it's filthy.
No, you've got it wrong.
Think about it this way.
If the poop is filthy, then you clean it up, not avoid it.
I'm sure it was because you were scared.
I'm sure you're avoiding it because you're scared of falling into a pile of poop.
My mom wasn't losing the weight because she was trying to get pretty.
Mom! I'm sorry.
I'm so very sorry.
Yes, Father.
The truth is, I ran because I was scared.
Right? You had it flipped around, and I had it right.
You're avoiding the poop because you're scared.
I challenged the poop thinking that I could just clean it up.
But that wasn't the case.
Being a reporter scared me.
It was much more scary than I ever thought it'd be.
Really? You'll be fine now.
Excuse me? It's a problem if you take up the challenge without knowing to be fearful of it but you'll be fine as long as you know to be fearful of it beforehand.
You won't make such a big mistake again.
Eat this tail, and gather up your strength, okay? Yes, Father.
Father, this is just too much.
Your firstborn's mouth is all you care about, and my mouth doesn't matter to you? Come in, come in.
Come in and have a seat.
There's plenty of eel to go around.
But all the tail parts are gone.
- Let's become reporters together, In Ha.
- Huh? This is Choi Dal Po, from Han River investigative district.
I'd like to make my return.
Why are you standing around like that? Choi Dal Po has come out hiding, and is on his way in here.
So? What about it? Everyone either throws a fit when they come back after having disappeared during their training period, or hands in their resignation.
I doubt that.
Choi Dal Po didn't seem that way to me.
People's looks can be deceiving.
Even though he may look calm right now, he made everyone show up early to work to witness him jumping off the roof during his rookie training days.
- I'm going to kill myself! - Just calm down.
If we're going to talk about that, then your story takes the cake.
Daddy, it's him! That one over there! How dare you torment my son! Your father came all the way to the office and threw snakes at Hwang Gyo Dong because you told him he was tormenting you.
That's because he was on my case relentlessly.
Is that right? Then I guess you were on Choi Dal Po's case, too? Enough for him to throw a fit? Well, I was just trying to be You came.
- I apologize for the trouble I've caused.
Go on in.
Cap is waiting for you.
Yes, Sir.
Don't talk back to him, and don't cry in front of him either.
You just worry about yourself.
I was just You're here.
I'm sorry, I have no excuses.
What I did was wrong.
Okay, as long as you're aware of it.
Get back to your position.
Excuse me? Yes, Sir.
Is that it? I came fully prepared to be disciplined.
It was a pretty big mistake just to be let off the hook so easily.
- Then why are you doing it? - You get one chance.
Because I've made a similar mistake myself.
- A similar mistake? - Yeah.
Thirteen years ago I inaccurately portrayed the head of a certain family as a murderer and because of that inaccurate report that I made that whole family was tragically ruined and decimated.
Then how did you ever recover from it? I didn't recover from it.
I ran away, just like you did.
I quit being a reporter and moved to another department to become a producer, and five years later I met the son of that man on a TV quiz show.
Why did you quit being a reporter? Because seeing that man's son made me feel humiliated and ashamed.
As if he caught me hiding because I was afraid.
That's why I came back to this department.
How did it feel to come back? Did you like reporting again? I feel like my whole body is being pricked by pins and needles.
Isn't this the first flu you've had since high school? Yeah.
- But how did you know that? - Huh? Oh, you told me that awhile back.
Anyway, this flu is no joke.
We should get you excused, and take you to the hospital.
I worked so hard for this job, and I can't lose it over the mere flu.
I don't even have the strength to lift up my fingers.
- Chan Soo! - Choi In Ha.
What's that? Is it an investigation report? Or a new crime case report? Are you going to get it approved? Huh? Get away from me! You're going to get me sick.
Tell me right now.
I'm going to get you sick if you don't tell me.
- It's nothing, it's just a phone call log.
- What phone call log? It's regarding the recent container fire case.
It's suspect, Moon Duk Soo's phone call log.
You won't get it.
We might need it down the road.
Seo Bum Jo, take a picture.
Okay! No, you can't have it.
- Moon Duk Soo's phone call log? - Choi Dal Po.
- Are you back? - Yeah.
You just memorized the whole list, didn't you? Maybe.
In Ha.
- We need to talk.
- In Ha seems to have much to say to you.
She kept looking for you while you were gone.
I have nothing to say to you.
We have to go and investigate a recent car accident.
Okay, let's go.
What's wrong with In Ha? It's like she's trying to avoid you.
Yeah, you're right.
She is avoiding me.
Why? Because I said some things that I shouldn't have said.
You still haven't fixed that habit of yours? Back in high school, you used to say You have to let a person finish! This is why you're always being told that you're rude! Come on, we just saw the wrecker come in, so how can you say there was no accident? - What kind of an accident was it? - I told you that it's nothing.
We're investigating it right now, so come back later.
I promise we'll be back later.
- In Ha! - In Ha! I'm fine.
Where do we have to go next? We have to go to the patrol division.
- Do you think you can manage? - I told you that I'm fine.
- This won't do, I'm going to call my mom.
- Are you crazy? We can't be driven around in her car.
We'd get in a lot of trouble.
I'll take your punishment, too, so don't worry.
Hey, Choi Dal Po! Why haven't you been answering my calls? Do you know how hard it was for me to do all the work by myself? What the heck? Chairman Park came back? - Watch your head.
- Where are those two going? They're not making their rounds while being driven around in that car, are they? - Yeah.
- Wow! I'm so jealous! Must be nice.
She's partnered up with a rich boy, and making her rounds in a nice car.
All I got was a crappy partner who makes me do all the hard work by myself.
I'm sorry for being a crappy partner.
As long as you know.
- Do you have anything to report? - No, they're all minor stuff.
Tell me what they are, no matter how minor.
Repeat drunk driving incident.
That's already been reported.
Your friend gave me this one, but I'm passing on it.
Hey, I'm not passing on anything anymore.
Tell me what it is.
It's about that container fire, but there's not much to it.
That suspect on the run, Moon Duk Soo He's actually someone we know.
- Someone we know? - Yeah.
You know that factory explosion story that we saw during our interview? Remember Mr.
Moon, from the interview? The one who tried to stop the Fire Chief.
It's him.
The Chief of Fire insisted on going in there.
It's nothing noteworthy, but I thought it was a strange coincidence.
That's the same person? Thank you.
But you really don't have to do all this.
Of course, I should.
It's a favor for my son.
Don't worry, I'll get you all the newsworthy stories.
Thank you all for your hard work.
Are there any cases that you're currently investigating? - Excuse me? - My son is a reporter.
He's looking for a case that he can make a report on.
- Oh, this is for you.
- Thank you.
Anything? How can there not be any? Crimes are being committed everywhere.
Just take a look at the news.
Where do you think those stories stem from? This is where they all stem from! Oh my.
Excuse me! Why did you get so drunk and smash the billboard sign? I'm sure there must've been a reason for it.
Excuse me! Tell me! There was a drunk driving accident by a local college student.
His blood alcohol level was 0.
06%, and his visitation was revoked No, I meant, he had a suspended license! Yes, I understand.
Thank you, Ma'am.
I was able to make the report, all thanks to you.
That's good to hear.
Since we're done in this neighborhood, take us to Woon-Ha patrol district next.
Yes, I understand.
Mother, can you just take us back to Han River Police Station? I think she needs to go back and get some rest in the lounge.
No, I'm fine.
We don't need to go back.
No, You're not fine.
You're in help in your current state.
Just go back.
- My mother and I can handle the rest.
- Yes, that sounds like a good idea.
Go back and get some rest.
Driver Jung, back to Han River Police Station.
Yes, Ma'am.
That feels warm.
- Why is she sleeping in there? - I think she's a reporter.
I wonder if she's sick.
- Choi In Ha! - Don't come near me.
- Don't come near me, and go away! - Be quiet.
Put me down.
- Get away from me.
- Hold still, you need to go to the hospital.
No, this is not your average cold.
- I don't want to get you sick.
- What? You've been avoiding me all this time because you don't want to get me sick? This really hurts.
I can't get you sick.
Foolish dummy! She's got the shingles.
- Excuse me? - She must've been in a great deal of pain.
How did she endure all that pain? - Is that contagious? - How is that important right now? Don't worry, it usually doesn't infect adults.
That's such a relief.
I have so many things to say to you How can you fall asleep now, you foolish dummy? I've given her some antibiotics, and pain reliever, so she should be better soon.
Make her get plenty of rest at home once she wakes up.
Thank you.
- Are you here? - Yes, I'm here.
I have to say Dal Po - Dal Po.
- Yeah, what is it? I'm right here.
I have so much to tell you.
Just get some sleep for now, and you can tell me later.
You've must've lost your mind! Choi In Ha, you must've lost your mind! In Ha.
No, I'm fine.
I'm all better now.
I'm fine! Choi In Ha! Hey, stop right there! You don't even have your shoes on! - I'll stop when you stop! - Okay, I've stopped! I've stopped.
Let's get you back inside.
You're still a sick patient.
Hey, I really do have a lot to say to you.
I've been avoiding as not to get you sick, but since I'm not contagious, I'll tell you.
- Okay, go ahead.
- That story on the health club lady's death? I dug up that story.
I was just going to report it like you guys, but I started hiccuping.
Why? Because something wasn't right.
That's why I went back to the hospital and met the daughter.
I know.
You said I couldn't be a reporter because I'm a Pinocchio, right? But what are you going to do now? It's precisely because I'm a Pinocchio that you got crap smeared all over your face! I know.
You were right, and I was wrong.
I'm sorry.
I apologize for all the things I said during the interview.
Hey! You can't apologize already! I'm nowhere near finished yet! Okay, keep going.
I still remember every single word that you said to me during the interview.
I'm really good at holding grudges, too.
Remember what you said to me? That people who don't know the weight our words carry like myself can't be reporters.
But what about you? Did you know the weight your words would carry when you started blabbering? Do you think you have what it takes to be a reporter? Because I don't think you do! Yes.
Just like you said I wasn't being a reporter.
What I did was just a very pathetic attempt.
Is that right? I feel much better now.
It felt so good to see you get humiliated after all the disrespect and snickering that I've had to take from you all these years! It really makes me feel great! I'll make sure to do it from time to time.
It makes me feel so happy to think of you struggling and being humiliated even more.
You're a liar.
Okay, fine.
I was worried about you.
I was right and you were wrong, but I was concerned about you to an annoying extent.
I'm still listening.
Not seeing you around worried me.
Whether you were blaming yourself, or sitting around hurt and wounded I kept worrying, then worried some more.
You're my competition and I kept getting annoyed at myself for acting like an amateur and worrying about you.
Why is this so difficult? It's not even that big of a deal, so why can't I just get over you already? Pretend you didn't hear that either.
I'm sorry.
I'm always telling you something, then asking you to forget it.
You must find me pathetic and exhausting.
I have no idea what I'm doing.
I must be too cold to think clearly right now.
Hey, what are It's because I'm cold.
I must also be too cold to think clearly.
Dal Po Sir! - We have to investigate the drunk right now? - Excuse me.
Yes? I just had a question to ask you.
That lady standing next to the anchor is she also a reporter? Yes.
- Why do you ask? - They just look sort of similar.
You have a good eye.
They're mother and daughter.
That's why they look so similar.
Thank you for letting me know.
Where have I seen him before? He looks so familiar.
Long time no see! Have you guys been well? - In Ha! - Choi In Ha! - How are you feeling? - Are you all better now? Yeah, I've been getting lots of sleep, and I feel all better now.
Hey, what are you doing, pervert? You washed your hair with shampoo.
Of course.
I went home after being at the hospital.
Must be nice.
I'm too healthy to even be sick.
- You really are all better now? - Yes, I feel like I can go all over Seoul.
There's Dal Po.
Hey, Choi Dal Po! Your niece just came back.
Where? She was just here.
No kidding.
Where did she suddenly disappear off to? Hey, did you not patch things up with In Ha yet? You're treading on thin water.
Sung Hwak was asking me about you, too.
He said you gaze at In Ha so longingly that it seems to be more than just an uncle and niece relationship.
As if you like her as a woman.
I like her as a woman.
- Am I not allowed to? - What? Ugh, you're back again? Let me just get some work done.
You said yourself that a piece of the puzzle doesn't seem to fit right.
I'm just asking you to share that piece of the puzzle with me.
Who knows? Maybe I can help you piece it together.
I told you that it's no big deal.
My boss told me to let it go, so I did.
I know you're lying.
If you let it go, then you wouldn't have pulled Moon Duk Soo's phone record.
Be honest with me.
You're searching for someone else other than Moon Duk Soo, aren't you? No, I'm not.
I looked into it, and I found nothing.
There was even an alibi.
Are you sure you looked into everything? Well, not everything.
But mostly everything.
So, you haven't looked into everything.
You seriously memorized all those numbers from the brief glimpse of it you had? Yeah.
This is Moon Duk Soo's call log before he went missing.
- Why don't you look through it, too? - No, you can do it by yourself.
Why are you dwelling on that when we've got a ton of other things to report on? Do you have an old grudge against those people or something? I already told you that I'm not going to pass on anything anymore.
- Wait.
- What is it? - I think I know this number.
- What number? [Bumper.]
Oh, you do know the number! Who is 'bumper'? You don't need to worry about the bumper.
I hit someone's bumper a while back which I paid a reimbursement for.
- It's his number.
- Really? Wow, what a small world.
Give him a call.
Hello? Yes, do you remember me? I was the one who scratched your bumper.
[Beanpole Choi Dal Po.]
Yeah, where are you right now? I'm out at the General Square right now.
Are you out shopping instead of searching for stories? No, do you remember who Moon Duk Soo is? The suspect for the container fire case.
I'm here to meet with one of the people from his call log list.
You're not a detective.
Why would you be meeting with him? You never know, he can be an accomplice.
Even if he isn't, he could know where Moon Duk Soo is.
Hey! Who told you to do all that! [Bumper.]
Sorry, but he's beeping in on the other line.
I'll call back when I'm done here.
Hey, Choi Dal Po! Yes.
- Wow, he must've lost his mind.
- Why? - Did Choi Dal Po cause trouble again? - Yes.
He pulled a real good one this time.
He's out investigating a case on his own instead of making his rounds.
Isn't investigating case stories what a reporter is supposed to do? He's not just looking into it But he's doing whatever he wants! Whatever he wants! Team Leader, Moon Duk Soo's cellphone location has been traced.
He's near the General Square right now.
Oh my how are we going to find him in that crowded place? - Go and check it out.
- Yes, Sir.
- You two, go with him.
- Yes, Sir.
Choi Dal Po, that jerk! He's not even answering his phone! He's doing whatever he wants! Choi Dal Po Not bad.
How did it feel to be back? Did it feel good to be reporting again? Are you asking me whether or not I think you can handle this job? Yes.
I'm not sure.
I think it's still too premature for you to be asking that question.
You're going to have to see and report a lot of different cases.
Cases that are much more difficult to solve and handle than the recent health club case.
I'm wearing a black coat.
Yes, I see you.
Cases where you won't be able to make any sense of judgment and cases that are just unimaginable.
I told Mr.
Han that I didn't need to be reimbursed for the bumper but I saw that he came to you to get reimbursed for it anyway.
Ah, I should introduce myself first.
My name is Ki Jae Myung.
Reporting such a case could mean life or death for someone When you come across a case like that ask me again then.
What did you say your name was? It's Jae Myung.
Ki Jae Myung.
Ask yourself 'Will I be able to handle it?' I'm sorry, but what was your name again? My name is Choi Dal Po.
[Next Episode Preview.]
13 years is a long time.
Brother Why are you eating by yourself? You should call up your girlfriend.
Tell them to get a good picture, and as for the report I'll write up a great report! Congratulations.