Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

One Lucky Day

1 I told Mr.
Han that I didn't need to be reimbursed for the bumper but I saw that he came to you for reimbursement anyway.
Ah, I should introduce myself first.
My name is Ki Jae Myung.
What did you say your name was again? It's Jae Myung.
Ki Jae Myung.
I always thought I'd cry if I ever found my brother.
Because I missed him so much I thought I'd bawl my eyes out in his arms.
I thought the tears that I've been holding back for the past ten years would flow out like a river.
But Isn't that pretty clear cut? It's a murder case that's been designed to look like an accidental fire.
There's a clear motive, and Moo Duk Soo is the suspect.
Do you remember Mr.
Moon that was interviewed for the factory explosion story? You're searching for someone else other than Moon Duk Soo as a possible suspect, right? He could be an accomplice.
Even if he isn't, he could know where Moon Duk Soo is.
What did you say your name was? I got a very bad feeling.
A bad feeling that my brother may have done something he shouldn't have done.
I felt frightened.
That's why I My name is Choi Dal Po.
I couldn't tell him what my real name was.
[Episode Eight- One Lucky Day.]
Maybe we should've met someplace warmer.
It's starting to get cold once the sun goes down.
Why don't we go someplace quieter? Choi Dal Po? [Ahn Chan Soo.]
Why don't you go and get us a seat? I'll be right in after I take this call.
Yeah, what is it? It's me.
Where are you right now? Where else could I be? - Are you at the station? - Yeah, why do you ask? - No, I'll call you back later.
- Okay.
You must've been surprised when I called you out of the blue.
Yes, but I'm glad you called.
What's this? The cost for the bumper repair.
Han took the money from you without even having told me about it.
I had no intention of asking you for this money.
No, if anything, I don't think I gave you enough for the cost of the repair.
Then let's do this.
We won't give each other any and not take anymore? Okay.
But won't you get in trouble at work if you don't get the bumper fixed? That's my own personal truck.
Next year will be my tenth year making water deliveries.
I have no need to drive someone else's truck anymore.
Seeing the way you're dressed you don't look like a corporate person? Until recently, I used to be a taxi driver.
So you were in a similar line of transportation work? What is it that you do now? I stopped being a taxi driver, and am taking some time off.
Ah you're unemployed.
Then this will be my treat.
No, I can pay.
I'd like to pay.
- How old are you? - I'm 27 years old.
I'm 30 years old.
Since I'm old enough to be your brother, I'll pay.
Okay? Yes brother.
Let's see there's so much to choose from.
I'm going to have the mocha tea.
What would you like, Dal Po? I'll have the same.
Two mocha teas, please.
- Do we look alike? - Excuse me? That's what Mr.
Han told me.
That you and I kind of look alike.
What do you think? Do you think that we look alike? I can't really tell.
Yes, we look alike.
We're very much alike.
Really? Anyway, it was great to have met you.
Me, too.
You seem like a very good person.
You could've just fled after having scratched the bumper but you actually left your number behind.
I'm sure you'll find yourself a nice job soon.
Can I call you brother? Well sure, you can do that.
But I doubt we'll have any reason to see each other again.
Just in case we happen to run into each other again.
Sure, that sounds good.
There were hundreds of questions that I had to ask my brother if I were to find him again.
Driver, please follow that blue truck without being detected.
How he's been living his life, whether he's healthy or not or if he ever got married.
But now that I've found my brother the only questions I can think of are too terrifying to even think about.
Why the people that framed my father have all suddenly disappeared and why his number was on the list of numbers on that person's phone record.
Could this bad feeling that I'm getting just be pure coincidence? If If it's not a coincidence Will I be able to handle knowing the truth? The uncertainty of that fear was cruel and heavy enough for me to just want to avoid it altogether.
Who's causing you trouble this time? - Is it the Fighting Cock, or the Snooper? - It's the Fighting Cock.
That bastard is a total mess! He went off to investigate a story on his own, and he won't even answer his phone now! - He's totally disrespecting my position! - Hey.
That's because you're too easy on him.
Don't just let this one slide.
There's a limit to how much he can cross the line.
- I'm sorry that I'm late.
- Late? Wow, you think being late is your only wrongdoing? Huh? You're a reporter, not a detective! - As a reporter - I have a question.
Hey, this isn't the time to ask questions, it's time to be scolded and reprimanded.
What do I do if I happen to find a suspect before the police does? - What? If you were to find a suspect? - Then That would be amazing! Hey, call the police immediately and request for an accompanied investigation! - Accompanied investigation? - Of course! It's an amazing opportunity to get an exclusive at the moment of arrest.
Wow, Choi Dal Po.
You actually did it.
I knew it from the moment you stepped out of line.
There are times when you just have to follow your gut instinct instead of following the line.
- Right, Sir? - Of course! If you have a lead, then you have to keep digging.
That's what a real reporter does! This is great! So who is it? Who's the person you found? Is it a suspect? Or an accomplice? No, it was neither.
Then what are you saying? Are you saying it was a false lead? Yes.
But like you said, I had a suspicion, and I just followed my instincts.
I'll keep in mind what you just told me, and continue to follow my gut instincts.
Thank you for your wise advice.
Manager Jo.
How did we end up in this position? I think we just got fooled by that Fighting Cock.
Bingo! Excuse me? You want In Ha and I to split our research? Why? Yes.
I stuck the two of you together because I didn't think you two would be any good but you're both actually not bad.
I think both of you would be fine to do your research separately.
Senior Il Joo! I don't think that's a good idea.
I still have much left to learn and a long way to go before I become a reporter.
- Even Cap says I'm not reliable yet.
- Why are you bringing up his name? Who do you think you'll be with longer? Me or Cap? - That would be - I'm listening to everything.
- Be smart about your answer.
- Cap.
You were in there? Why would you ask such a catty question like that? To such a fresh young blood as this one? For how long do we need to keep Choi In Ha and Seo Bum Jo together? Just keep them together.
She's a Pinocchio, so how is she going to handle doing the reports on her own? Why not? She took care of the health club story on her own.
That wasn't Choi In Ha's doing.
That was only possible because they investigated the story together.
Who knows? Maybe Manager Sung slid her a tip to help her out since she's her daughter.
She didn't slide me anything.
I took care of that on my own.
She doesn't seem to be taking care of her at all.
If anything, I feel bad for the way she treats In Ha.
Don't you even know Manager Sung? She'd never be obvious about that.
She'd be more secretive about it.
Don't you think that you're being too disrespectful? She may have connections, but she still has talent.
If she had talent, then she would've made it through the hiring process.
There's a reason for the connection she has.
She's nothing more or less than some mere advertisement.
Explain it to Cap Kim.
Tell him that you haven't helped or taken care of me with anything.
Tell him that it was me that dug out the story on the health club death case.
Why should I? - Mom.
- It's Manager Sung! Address me as 'Manager Sung' when we're at work.
I'm sorry Manager Sung.
But can't you just tell me that I did a good job? I don't expect you to take care of me.
Compliment me when I do a good job, and give me a pointer if I'm missing something.
Just treat me like you would anyone else.
You're a Pinocchio, with connections to boot.
You were hired in even when you weren't fit for the job.
And you're asking me to give you the same treatment as anyone else? Don't you think that's asking for too much? She's crossing the line.
And since you're asking me to give you a pointer, I will.
I still think you're too unreliable to be a reporter.
She's ice cold.
I think Manager Sung hired her daughter just so she can abuse her.
Hey, Choi Dal Po.
- Come here.
- Yes, Cap Hwang.
I just got this from the Jung-Woo police station.
It's your brother's phone number.
Excuse me? Are you serious? - This is really my brother's phone number? - Yeah, so call him.
Thank you, Cap Hwang! Thank you so much! Hey! Hey! I'm so nervous.
I'll be able to hear my brother's voice if I call this number? That's right.
- Thank you, Cap Hwang! - Hey, get away from me.
Thank you Thank you, Cap Hwang! - Thank you so much! - Let go! Yoon Yu Rae.
- Yes? - Come here.
- Give this to Choi Dal Po.
- Yes, Cap Hwang.
What is this? What the heck? That's it? Choi Dal Po.
That slip of paper has your brother's phone number on it.
Yes, I know.
I pulled all the strings I had to get you that number.
Thank you.
I'm not trying to boast or anything but it seemed you were pretty desperate to find your brother so I put in a lot of effort to find you that number.
So you should give him a call.
I'll call him later.
Didn't you tell me that you wanted to find your brother? I suddenly found myself afraid.
I couldn't help but wonder if my brother ended up being someone different than the person I remember him to be.
What made you think like that? Thirteen years is a very long time.
I still think you're too unreliable to be a reporter.
Ugh, so aggravating! Ugh, I'm hungry! [You said you were hungry.
[I won't say anything, so don't avoid me, and come eat.
Did you order this? Yeah, I know you like that dish.
Did you know that I'd come? Yeah.
Why are you eating your dinner all alone? You should've called up your girlfriend.
My girlfriend? Who's that? You know the one with the nice voice, who's also kind and smart.
That was my navigation system.
Don't you think she's being too harsh? How is that asking for too much? - Do you agree with her? - No.
You're just asking her to be fair.
- Why can't she understand that? - That's what I'm saying.
Just like you said, I think I had too grand of a fantasy of what my mom would be like.
I had just built up my expectations so high that my disappointment is just as big.
- I think that's why it's so hard.
- Yeah.
I think I understand what that feels like.
- How would you know that? - I just do.
Makes you think that the fantasy is actually better than the reality, right? You think about how great it would be to finally see the person but when you actually do see the person, they're nothing like what you were expecting.
The more you found out about the person, the more difficult and painful it becomes.
- Right? - Yeah, that's exactly what it's like.
I feel like you're reading my thoughts exactly.
Really? Do you think we could go back to the way we used to be? Back to the comfortable relationship we once had as an uncle and niece.
Do you think it's possible to go back to that? No, that's not possible for me.
I'm sorry, but I can't do that.
Can you? Yeah.
I can.
I can do it.
This is I'm hiccuping because How much snow have we gotten? There's not much accumulation on the ground but the concern is of it melting and freezing over in the morning.
In all likelihood, the streets are going to ice over.
Couldn't we get about 90 seconds worth of story about those conditions? If we get a lot of shots of the pedestrians falling on the ground then we can stretch it out to two minutes.
A lot of snow has been forecasted for this winter, so it's newsworthy.
Get the field reporters out there and get shots of fallen pedestrians.
Send the camera crew out there, too.
Tell them to get good shots of the pedestrians falling down on the icy streets.
And as for the report have Choi In Ha do it.
You want to have Choi In Ha do it? She's not ready for that yet.
- I said, have her do it.
- Why are you suddenly Are you perhaps trying to win some brownie points with Manager Sung? Seriously do I sound like I'm trying to butter up Manager Sung? I'm trying to prove something to Manager Sung.
I'm trying to show her that even a Pinocchio can be a reporter.
I see, is that right? Oh, you know something? I hear that today's Manager Sung's birthday.
Hey, why didn't you tell me that sooner? - Did you get her a cake? - I thought you weren't buttering her up.
This isn't buttering up, this is just being respectful! Don't distort the meaning of my words! Are you telling me to make the report myself? - Seriously? - Awesome! - Already? - Must be nice! Why? You don't think you can do it? No, I'll do it.
I can definitely do it.
Yes, of course! The icy condition accidents? Yes, I won't disappoint you.
Yes! I'm making my first report! Hey, Choi In Ha.
Are you seriously making your first report? Yeah, he wants me to do a report on pedestrian accidents out on the icy streets! What do I do? I look like a total mess, don't I? You're such a mess that I can barely even look at you.
How am I going to wash my hair? I wonder if the bathroom at the police station has hot water.
What clothes and shoes am I going to wear? I'll just call my dad, and ask him to bring me something.
- Congratulations, Choi In Ha.
- Thanks, Seo Bum Jo! What's wrong with you? What's his deal? Chan Soo.
- Hey.
- Any newsworthy incidents today? No, not yet.
By any chance, were you at General Square last night? - No, why do you ask? - I was at General Square last night.
I could've sworn that I saw you there.
It must've been someone else who just looked like me.
But why were you at General Square? We were able to track down the location of Moon Duk Soo's cellphone nearby there.
- Moon Duk Soo's cellphone? - Yeah.
He only turns the phone on when he's in crowded places.
It's like he's trying to tease us.
Want to grab some lunch later? I have some icy weather stories to track down.
We can do lunch next time.
- Yeah, what is it? - Where are you right now? Where else would I be? Why would he have lied to me? My name is Ki Jae Myung.
We were able to track down the location of Moon Duk Soo's cellphone nearby there.
No, can't be.
Can't be.
Dal Po! Cap Kim told me to do the report on all the icy condition accidents.
I'm finally making my first report! - That's great.
- What? That's it? You know how long I've been dreaming about this moment.
I'm finally going to be on TV as a reporter.
Aren't you going to congratulate me? Have you lost your mind? What if someone sees us? Congratulations.
I'll congratulate you so I need you to tell me that everything's going to be okay.
Why are you acting like this? Is something wrong? Just tell me that everything is going to be okay.
It's okay.
Everything is going to be okay.
Don't worry.
Tell me.
What's wrong? My stomach isn't feeling well again.
Why are you suddenly feeling sick again? Do you need me to get you medicine? There's no medicine that can cure this.
You know what they say about no medicine being able to cure your cousin buying the land.
What are you talking about? It means that my stomach may be hurting worse out of my jealousy for your report.
What? Hey, you're You're not going to make your first report looking like this, are you? - You're looking pretty awful right now.
- I know! Why isn't the water coming out? They shut the water off? Hey, you can't do this to me right now! This is has Choi In Ha, from MSC News.
Hey, how did you wash your hair? They shut the water off a little while ago.
You even shampooed your hair? Impressive.
Yeah, a simple feat for a real reporter.
Ugh, it's so cold out here.
Why is she making such a big deal of this and asking me to bring her fresh clothes? Of course, it's a big deal! She's the first of her peers to What is it again? She's the first to get the chance to do it! Watch your steps.
She's the first of her peers to be on TV! That's plenty enough reason to go bragging to everyone about it.
What's the big deal about being on TV? We're here to see Reporter Choi In Ha, who's the first of her peers to go on TV.
Where's the reporter's lounge? That sass, Choi In Ha! Why does she have to be so good at her job? We're here to see Reporter Choi In Ha.
You know, the reporter who broke the record by being put on TV quicker than anyone.
We're here to see Reporter Choi In Ha.
The reporter who's the first of all her peers to get on TV.
This is Choi In Ha's father, and grandfather.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Hello, Father and Grandfather.
- Hello.
- Is this where my daughter sleeps? - Can't you guess? - Yes, it is.
But you don't need to worry, she's quite safe in here.
Everyone's too tired to even think about anything else.
What about Dal Po? - Does Choi Dal Po sleep in here, too? - Yes.
But you may need to worry about Dal Po.
I think there's a girl he likes I heard he likes Yoon Yu Rae! Me? Really? - I thought the girl Choi Dal Po likes - It's Yoon Yu Rae! Dal Po told me about it recently.
He said there's a girl he likes, and that it's Yoon Yu Rae.
It's her.
She's Yoon Yu Rae.
She's a frightfully pretty young lady.
Please take good care of our Dal Po for us.
Ah of course.
Are you okay? Ah so that's why? I'm stuck with a crappy partner who makes me do all the work by myself.
I'm sorry that I'm a crappy partner.
My comment must've hurt his feelings.
Ugh, I totally get it now.
Why didn't I noticed it sooner? He was so obvious about it.
Yoon Yu Rae, where have you been? I've been looking for you everywhere! I'm sure you have.
I'm sure you've been searching desperately.
We have to go out and gets shots of pedestrians falling down on icy streets.
I already have a cab waiting for us.
What do you think you're doing? What's wrong? First, I'm sorry.
I've been insensitive, haven't I? - It must've been difficult for you.
- What are you talking about? But I'm not attracted to you as a man whatsoever.
It doesn't mean that you're not attractive.
It just means that I don't have the luxury to pay attention to another man right now.
Because I already like someone.
- Hey, I think you're misunderstood - Let me finish.
I'm not going to tell you to get over your feelings for me.
Because those are your feelings, and I'm going to respect that.
But as I have respect for your feelings, I want you to respect mine, too.
Got it? - Get what? We have to - Ah.
I hope we'll never have to mention anything about this again in the future.
Let's go.
What just happened here? I told everyone.
- I told everyone that you like Yu Rae.
- Are you crazy? Why would you In Ha's father and grandfather are in the reporter's lounge right now.
Sung Hwak was about to say something about you and In Ha, so I made it up.
Still think what I did was crazy? How do I look? Does this look okay? How does my makeup look? I was careful to make it look good.
Wow, that's fascinating.
There's such a thing as ugly makeup? Dad! - When will you be on TV? - Make sure to catch the 10 o'clock news! How would we do that when we don't even have a TV at home? But you still have to watch it.
You can watch it on your computer, so make sure to watch it, okay? - Where's Dal Po? - Uncle Dal Po? Uncle is Choi In Ha! Let's go, the camera van's ready.
Grandpa Dad, I have to go, okay? We'll be going now, Grandfather and Father.
Grandfather? Father? - Mother! - Son! I heard you're going out for the report? In this freezing cold weather? Here are some earmuffs.
They don't look all that great, but I bought the most stylish looking ones.
- Here's a pair for In Ha.
- Thank you.
- How do I look? - Who cares about looks out in this cold? You look fine.
Hold the bags.
Here are some hot packs.
Excuse me.
Who's that woman down there? - Have you heard of Bum Jo Department Store? - Yes.
She's the chairman of that department store.
And that telephone pole looking guy next to her is her son.
The son of a department store owner? Why is he putting himself through this job when he doesn't even need the money? No kidding.
That's what I'd like to know, too.
Thank you.
The son of a department store owner? What took you guys so long! If we don't get the right shot of this, then we're going to be screwed! - Hurry up and get in.
- Yes.
Faster! Let's do this.
Joo Ho.
We're taking dibs at the intersection in front of the preschool in Ki-Hwa-Dong, okay? Let's go! There's no calling dibs.
The one who gets there first, gets it.
What's taking them so long? Run! - My name is Choi In Ha.
- My name is Seo Bum Jo.
- Is she making the report? - Yes.
- Put that on and get in.
- Is this a company jacket? I have a company jacket? This is awesome! - Hey, get her in the van.
- Yes, Sir.
Make that sound one more time, and I'll throw you out of this van.
I'm sorry.
Have you researched to see where you want to go to make the report? Yes, I've picked out some areas with steep inclines.
The red circled spots are under a hill, so those spots usually freeze over.
When did you research all this? My dad is in real estate, so he knows the area inside and out.
So I got some help from him.
The playground in Youngchangdo, the path leading to Sampa Park and the intersection in Kyungsang all have very steep inclines.
- A lot of cars slip down that incline.
- I've never shot in that area before.
Did you do some research? I was a taxi driver for five years.
I pretty much know Seoul like the back of my hand.
I guess your background comes in handy at times like this.
The key to filming this news clip is to find the perfect spot for it.
- The perfect spot would be - Where countless people fall down.
A place where we can capture people making big wipe-outs.
This news story is a standard that every news station covers at every winter so everyone pretty much says the same thing.
The clincher is who'll get the best shot of a slip and fall.
NTS hit the jackpot last year when they got lucky and got a great shot of a man taking a spill.
That's why finding the perfect spot is so important.
The problem is, those perfect spots are getting harder and harder to come by.
These days, people shovel the snow as soon as it starts snowing and the cities are hiring so many winter cleanup crews So the battle over these perfect spots are becoming extremely fierce.
This is a bust.
Let's go somewhere else.
I told you to go elsewhere from the beginning, didn't I? Instead of an obvious spot like this, how about going to one of Choi In Ha's spots? I feel uneasy about going somewhere that I haven't shot before.
We need to shoot a few more spots other than this one so one of you can go and canvass the area for our next spot.
Yes, I can go.
I'll go, and you stay.
I know this neighborhood better than you do.
He's being so obvious.
What am I going to do with him? My name is Choi Dal Po, a reporter from YGN.
Where's the most slippery area in this neighborhood? It's over that way.
What is he Mr.
Yes, Grandmother.
The street behind the city buildings are extremely slippery right now.
- Behind the city buildings? - Yes.
He's a reporter? Since I know where it's at, do you want me to take you? Yes, that would be great.
So you were in a similar line of transportation work? - What do you do now? - I'm just taking some time off.
Who is that bastard? Can't be Could he have approached me on purpose? Ta-da! What do you think? It's really steep, and it's all frozen over.
Isn't it perfect? Yes, this is a great spot.
Let's set up the camera.
Hey, are there no escalators here? - It's frozen over like a block of ice.
- That's why this spot is perfect.
Ugh, it's cold.
Ugh, we missed it.
- We missed a really good fall.
- Ugh, my back! Hey, Rookie.
You've picked a really great spot.
Thank you.
Are you okay? This won't do.
Here, let me help you down.
Thank you.
Hey, tell him to stop doing that.
He can't be helping people when we need shots of people falling down.
Seo Bum Jo! No, I'm fine.
I'm perfectly fine.
- Did you get a shot of me falling down? - No, not yet.
You should've gotten it on camera.
That would've been killer.
Senior Joo Ho doesn't want you to help the pedestrians.
He says that's going to deter us from getting any shots of them falling.
Oh, I forgot.
Are you hiccuping? - Yeah.
- Why? It's nothing.
I'm sure it'll stop soon.
Someone, please fall down.
It's way too cold out here.
We finally got one.
Cap Kim asked Choi In Ha to do the report? It's the easiest report for her to do.
That may be the case for normal people, but it won't be easy for a Pinocchio.
What's difficult about it? She just needs to capture some shots of people falling down.
She just needs to sit back and watch the fruit fall from the tree.
I'm not so sure.
I doubt a Pinocchio will be able to just sit back and do nothing about it.
Choi In Ha.
Knock it off! - Thank you.
- Thank you.
Those young girls needed some help.
This is turning out to be one unlucky day.
How did I get stuck with you two? Hey, have you forgotten what you came out here to do? No, I know.
But I can't just sit back and do nothing when I know they're going to take a fall and that's why I can't stop hiccuping.
I can't do the report while I'm hiccuping.
If you stop everyone from falling down, then there won't be any reporting! How can we create a news segment when we have no footage to air? - No, that's no good.
- Choi In Ha.
Stop with your absurdities, and don't make a move.
Hey, Seo Bum Jo! Did you not understand what I just said? Take off your earmuffs! Then you gave up doing the coverage on the icy street conditions? Yes, I'm told that they couldn't go on because of her incessant hiccuping.
It must've grated on her conscious not to do anything about people falling on the ice.
That's why she was hiccuping? Then are you going to kill this news clip? No, I've dispatched another team, so we should still be able to air the story.
Are you saying that you predicted something like this would happen? Yes.
I have a feeling that Choi In Ha's going to continue to cause these sort of problems and will be unable to make even the simplest reports Do you really think that she can actually become a reporter? I'll wrap up her position here with us.
Things don't look good in there.
I think Choi In Ha's days are over.
What should I do when they get back? Do you want me to scold them? I know that you can't really yell at anyone, so I can do it for you instead.
- We're back.
- We're back.
Hey, you crazy bastards! You're not even reporters! Go to every single icy street in the city of Seoul over the next 24 hours and scatter coal soot over icy streets and send me a photo of you doing it every hour! - I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
Choi In Ha.
Why are you hiccuping right now? Does that mean that you're not sorry for your actions? Yes.
To be honest, I don't know what it is that I've done wrong.
The steps were icy, and a bunch of kids were walking down.
Am I expected to just sit back and watch as people fall down and get hurt? - Is that what makes a reporter? - That's right! That's what makes a reporter.
If you want to help others that badly, then stop being a reporter and become a volunteer.
Maybe you can become Spiderman instead.
You two can don your spandex costumes and go through the city at night and help make this world a safer place! That sounds great! Wow, why do I feel so angry when this world just became a safer place? Even reporters should help others.
Shouldn't reporters also care about the public's well-being? A reporter's job is to just observe what happens! It's our job to create news from what we observe and we get the city officials to watch the news clip we create as well as have the President watch it, too! Making the whole world watch our stories is the true responsibility of a reporter.
If you had created a news story of the icy streets in the time it took you guys to bust up those old coals then the city officials would've seen it and taken the proper measures to fix the issue! People would've gone out to clear the snow in front of their homes and people walking around with their hands in their pockets would've realized the danger and taken their hands out of their pockets to be more careful! While you were busy busting up those coals to save a few people you just lost out on a chance to save hundreds and thousands of other people.
You know that? Do you understand it or not? Yes, I understand.
- Were you right or wrong? - Sorry, what we did was wrong.
From now on, I want you guys to report back to me every half hour.
Got it? - Yes, Sir.
- Yes, Sir.
Get out of here.
- What? - No, it's nothing.
I'll work harder from now on.
Cap Kim.
- What? - I'd like to get back out there.
- Right now? - Yes.
Why don't you give it a rest? - I know you want to do the report - I don't care if I don't do it.
I'll just go out and gather the shots like everyone else.
I'll just observe without getting involved.
- Are you sure you can prevent hiccuping? - Yes.
Because I understand now.
Okay, then go ahead.
If she fails again this time, then let Choi In Ha go.
Yes, I understand.
But I don't think that'll be necessary.
Here come the Coal Angels.
Are we going back out there to bust some more coals? No, I'm not going to bust any more coal.
- You can't expect me to believe that.
- She's not lying.
See? She's not hiccuping anymore.
Take off those stupid earmuffs! I seriously have the crappiest luck today.
Get in! Hey, are you okay? Don't touch.
I can stand up by myself.
Let's go.
Hey, what's going on between you two? Did she turn you down? It would seem so.
Should I call and check on them? To make sure they're doing their job right? No, there's no need to check on that.
Even though you've said your piece to Manager Sung it has you feeling anxious, doesn't it? Me? No, not at all.
Where are you? Are you shooting? What about the hiccups? Anymore coal busting? No, she's doing a great job.
She's interviewing all the people, and she's not busting any coal either.
She's not even hiccuping.
- Senior Joo Ho, more people are coming.
- Okay! I have to go.
- Is she getting the shots? - Yeah.
Is that right? She's getting the shots? No more coal busting, and no more hiccuping whatsoever? I thought a Pinocchio couldn't do it, but sounds like she's doing great.
I guess there's no reason to worry about her anymore.
Thanks for all your hard work.
Choi In Ha and Seo Bum Jo are doing great without causing anymore issues.
Your point? There's no more reason to get rid of her.
Don't you think something like this is just going to happen again? As a reporter, there will be many times when she'll have to go against her conscience.
Don't you think it'll be too tedious to have to instruct her every single time like this? Choi In Ha's also taught me a lot today.
As a reporter, one shouldn't bust and scatter coal ashes like she did earlier.
But I also believe that as a reporter one must ponder about the issues like Choi In Ha did before shooting the story.
Just shooting the story without pondering about these issues first would make them tabloids, not news stories.
- Are you disciplining me right now? - No.
I'm only saying that you should compliment Choi In Ha.
A good deed deserves to be complimented.
In my opinion, Choi In Ha needs training, but I think she'll be a great reporter.
- Are you heading back to the station? - Yeah.
Aren't you going to get in? I think we should just be on our own for a while.
I'm uncomfortable with this situation.
Take this, and I'll grab the next one.
Brother Choi Dal Po are you a reporter here? Excuse me? Yes.
It's a prestigious job that you should be proud of.
Why did you lie about it? Why did you come by my house? Why were you looking into my truck? I saw your truck by chance while out researching a story and I was just glad to see Don't ever call me brother again, and don't even come near me again! Because all reporters frighten and disgust me.
That just makes no sense! I just had half a beer.
Half! How can you revoke my license over that? Look here.
Your blood alcohol level is 0.
You're over the 0.
1 limit, so you lose your driving privileges.
I'm telling you that I'm not.
I'm really not! Okay, but I still need you to come down to the station with me.
- Fine, let's go.
- Open it.
Wait, I forgot my cellphone.
Let me get my cellphone real quick.
Hey! Stop right there! Ten more minutes and let's wrap things up.
- We got plenty of footage.
- Yes, Sir.
Senior Joo Ho.
Did you ever have the same type of concerns as we did when you first started out? Of course I did.
But the impact any news story can make all depends on the kind of shots you can capture.
It's such a difficult thing to do that I found myself wishing for all sorts of awful things to happen.
Senior Joo Ho, I think he's about to take a fall.
If it's going to happen anyway I'd rather have the luck of it happening in front of me.
- Have you had such luck so far? - No, not yet.
Stop stop chasing me! Stop your vehicle! Stop driving and pull over right now! What's that sound? Is there an accident? - Senior Joo Ho! - I'm getting it.
Kid! - No! - No! Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere? I'm okay.
That's a relief, Ha Myung.
I'm glad that you're okay.
Mister! Please wake up! Mister! [Next Episode Preview.]
- We've got the exclusive! - Depends on the spin we put on it.
- Why Bum Jo, and not me? - Yes, this is Seo Bum Jo.
- My son, Seo Bum Jo? - Don't you think this is enough? He asked me if I was okay.
I heard you met with your brother? What happened, did you find out anything? - What's that? - Will you be okay by yourself?