Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e10 Episode Script

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

1 Pinocchio In Ha.
Are you by any chance Ki Ha Myung? Are you? Is your real name Ki Ha Myung? How did you What do I do? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Dal Po.
I'm so sorry.
What do I do? I'm sorry! I'm so very sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Once In Ha's tears started flowing, they didn't stop for over an hour.
For a very long time, all In Ha could say was that she was sorry I'm sorry! I'm so sorry.
And to that It's okay.
I really am okay.
Dal Po I kept telling her that it was okay.
It's okay, I'm okay.
And I'm sorry.
Dal Po.
Tell me.
Tell me your whole story.
It's a very long story.
Tell me.
I want to hear all of it.
In Ha listened to my long story with a mix of tears and anger.
[Episode Ten- Sheep Stealing Boy.]
You really must've hated me all these years, right? Yeah, at times.
You can hate me.
If I were in your shoes I probably wouldn't even be able to stand the sight of me.
That's right, I really can't even stand the sight of you.
Yeah, it's more than understandable.
I more than deserve that.
I'll just leave if you can't even stand the sight of me.
If you want me to quit being a reporter, then I'll quit.
Stop crying.
You know that you're ugliest when you cry? What? It's been two hours.
Two hours! I'm going to freeze to death if I have to keep consoling you.
Let's stop crying and head back inside, okay? And when I was Ki Ha Myung, I really hated you and your mother.
And I was planning on leaving right away once father's sanity came back.
But that's not the case anymore.
Now, I'm Choi Dal Po.
And I have no intention of abandoning that name in the future.
But why did you No, never mind.
Let's just head back inside.
- Why stop in the middle of your question? - No, I don't have anything to ask.
What is it? Don't leave me hanging.
Why you're not telling your brother who you really are and why it is that you keep saying that your brother is dangerous That's what I'm curious about.
That's - Can you keep a secret? - A secret? No, if it's a secret, then don't tell me.
You know how I am.
I can't keep any secrets as a Pinocchio.
So don't even tell me what it is.
I'm sorry.
No, not at all.
I'm the one who's sorry.
I'm just going to head back to the station.
Dad and grandfather are going to ask what's wrong if I go home looking like this and since I can't lie, I'm going to have to tell them everything.
I'd have to tell them the story about you and my mom.
Come on, let's have dinner before we go back.
I told you that I can't.
I don't want my dad or grandfather to know about this.
Wait five minutes before you come in.
I'll talk to them so that you wouldn't have to answer any questions.
Okay? Dal Po.
In Ha, you're here.
Come and sit down.
Come and have a seat at the table.
- Cold out there, isn't it? - Yes.
- Eat, and I won't ask you any questions.
- Huh? Okay.
- Thank you for the delicious meal.
- Sure.
- Father, did you buy a television? - Huh? Of course, I had to buy one.
You guys are going to be on the news once you're through with your training.
I had to buy one so that I can watch you two on the news.
Dal Po, do you know what kind of a television that is? That television is a '50 inch screen with full HD picture quality that shows very clear and detailed images, with innovative MOH-GL functionality which allows the viewers to enjoy a variety of content with highest quality.
' - Isn't that scary nice? - Wow, you got a really nice one.
But where did you get the money to buy such a nice My Yook Soon! My poor Yook Soon! - Money is meant to be spent, isn't it? - Of course, of course.
What did you say to my dad and grandfather to make them not ask even a single question? Why do you want to know? Let's just go.
But I still need to know.
What if they ask me something later on? I didn't tell them much.
Just that you're really sensitive right now because it's that time of the month.
And that asking any questions would only cause trouble.
- Hey! - What? We had a nice dinner.
You didn't have to lie, and your dad and grandfather fell for it.
Can you think of a better method than this? No, I can't! - If you can't, then follow me.
- Fine.
Why is that jerk putting her hand in his pocket? Choi Dal Po.
Have you turned the tie clip recorder back in? No, not yet.
- Give it to me, and I'll turn it back in.
- No, I'll turn it back in myself.
- What do you think you're doing? - I said I'll turn it back in myself.
Cap Hwang! [MSC News Times- Takes over the top spot in viewer ratings.
Your mother's really impressive, isn't she? I didn't think that story on Ki Jae Myung was all that special but she used that story to take over the top viewer rating slot.
- That's an impressive feat, isn't it? - Maybe.
- You're not getting in? - No, I'm not getting in.
- Why aren't you getting in? - Because I don't want to.
What is this? Is she getting in, or are you getting out? We'll take the next one.
Hey, Choi In Ha! Joo Ho.
What did you say to Choi In Ha in the editing room earlier? Well, um you just wouldn't listen to me no matter how much I tried to stop you and I just thought that maybe you'd listen to your own daughter.
- So, I told her the story.
- The story? Yes, I told her everything.
The incident with Ki Jae Myung 13 years ago, and about how dangerous Ki Jae Myung is now.
Also, why you owe Ki Jae Myung an apology I told her everything.
- What? - It's because I was worried about you.
Ki Jae Myung gives me a bad feeling.
Maybe you should meet with him and seek forgiveness by sincerely apologizing to him.
- Or - Shut up.
Stop interfering and just stay out of it.
If I had to choose one or the other then it must be revenge.
Even though this may not be solid enough evidence to prove that Ki Jae Myung killed Moon Duk Soo, it'll make him a strong murder suspect.
I'm sure that hearing this will get the police to start an investigation on him.
- Cap Hwang, the thing is - So you've made your choice? To keep this buried? Can't we just bury this? You told me to make my choice after finding out the truth.
This is the choice I'm making.
I'm just going to bury it.
- Choi Dal Po.
- The world loves my brother right now.
People love hearing stories of my brother.
Can't we just leave things the way they are? - What's so bad about that? - Then what about this? It's just a suspicion.
If left alone, it can just fade and die out.
Cap Hwang.
I'm not giving it back because you're right.
I'm just waiting.
Burying the truth doesn't make it go away.
It is bound to come out into the world in some way, shape, or form.
Whether it be pretty or heinous you have to keep your eyes open and observe.
That's what a reporter does.
A friend of mine works for a TV station and when I told him about you, he told me to bring you around the station.
No, I don't want to.
I don't want to find them! Dal Po.
It's about your real family.
Can you still not tell me about them? The reason why I'm hesitant about you isn't because you're uneducated, or because you don't make enough money.
It's because I don't know anything about what kind of a family you came from.
- If I knew that - I'm sorry, Mr.
You don't want to tell me? - No.
- Okay, I won't ask anymore.
- You seem worried about something.
- Father.
What do you do if a family member is keeping a secret and won't tell you what it is? Should I just turn a blind eye and stop digging? Sorry, I took this from your wallet.
How did you know I took this? You're like a ghost.
Father! What are you trying to get at now? I've just pieced together an amazing piece of the puzzle.
Take a good look at this.
Ki Jae Myung lost his father in the factory explosion fire 13 years ago.
Moon Duk Soo is the man who slandered and framed his father of a crime.
Then 13 years later, Moon Duk Soo turns into a murderer, then goes into hiding.
Ki Jae Myung's phone number is on Moon Duk Soo phone call log! Don't you find that to be suspicious? What is it that you're trying to say? Are you saying that Ki Jae Myung kidnapped Moon Duk Soo or something? Or worse.
What could be worse than that? Is he implying murder? - Sir, I'm going to dig into Ki Jae Myung.
- Hey! Ki Jae Myung is a national hero.
He even received the Citizen Bravery Award.
That's not all either.
He's even going to ring the new year bell.
Step on the wrong toes of a man like that, and you'll find yourself in murky water.
- Sir.
- You'll get nowhere with that evidence.
When you find any supportive evidence, then you can start digging.
This story has a much darker side than I thought, doesn't it? - Not sure.
- Do you think Ahn Chan Soo is wrong? Huh? Yeah.
Choi Dal Po.
I know that Cap Hwang gave you Ki Jae Myung's number.
- What's your relationship to Ki Jae Myung? - There is no relationship.
I see, you don't want to tell me? Okay, tell me what it is, and I'll have dinner with you.
Is that a deal? - Forget it, and I - Okay, fine.
How about a picture? Is that a deal? I said, forget it.
He's actually trying to play hard to get? Are you saying that Ki Jae Myung kidnapped Moon Duk Soo or something? - Or worse.
- What's your relationship to Ki Jae Myung? So you've made your choice? To keep this buried? Yes, Sir.
An exclusive? Ah that you're an invisible human being? Yes, can you take a picture and send it to us? Yes, I see.
You don't show up in pictures? No, I'm not doubting your word.
I'd rather follow leads at the police station instead of sitting here at the desk to answer these ridiculous tip phone calls.
Have you received any worthwhile information? They're either prank calls or calls demanding an apology for news clips that they didn't like.
Then you've got nothing.
Do you always disregard all demands for an apology? This is how you disregarded Ki Jae Myung's request for an apology 13 years ago, isn't it? In Ha.
I did apologize.
'MSC News would like to extend our apologies to show our acceptance of the responsibility.
' Do you not remember that? Yes, I remember.
I remember how insincere your apology sounded.
To be honest, I was quite shocked.
Ki Jae Myung's hatred toward you is well justified.
What did I do that was so wrong? Do you seriously not know? Do you think that my report on Ki Ho Sang's case was in any way made personal? - No, that's not - I didn't ask out of my own curiosity.
It was because everyone else in this nation wanted to know! So I just asked for them in their place.
Why would I have to apologize for that? - Hey, why are you suddenly acting like this? - I fall short.
I fall way too short of her verbal skills.
I think these are the last of it.
Thank you, Mother.
Are those actually helping in reconciling their relationship? I think there's still a long way left to go.
Why are you so concerned about Choi In Ha and her mother? I stole all their text messages for the past thirteen years.
If the texts had gone to the rightful person then perhaps their relationship wouldn't be this bad.
I feel like I owe In Ha a huge debt.
So you searched for and found In Ha because you wanted to pay back the debt? - Yes.
- That's good.
I was actually worried that you might have other feelings for In Ha.
You told me yourself that In Ha likes someone else.
I was worried that my precious son would have to suffer a heartache.
What if I am suffering from heartache? At first, it was just curiosity.
So I was okay with her liking another man.
I thought that I may get somewhere if I gave it a try after I've paid off my debts But I don't even stand a chance.
What do you mean, you don't stand a chance? You don't lack in anything.
It's not that I'm lacking, but my competition is very strong.
How is he any strong? It's that Choi Dal Po, isn't it? The skinny anchovy looking kid with the tacky name? I hear that he's an orphan without any money or a decent education? But he makes In Ha laugh and cry.
- So, he's a very strong competition.
- Son! That's why lately I'm suffering a bit of heartache.
That's the badger lady from the other day.
What is she doing here? The badger is smiling at me! - The badger is walking toward me! - Hello.
- You're Choi In Ha's father? - Excuse me? Yes, I am.
- What brings you by here? - Call me a meddling mother.
Are you aware that my son is working at the same news station as your daughter? Yes, I met him briefly at the police station the other day.
- But what is this about? - I'll just get straight to the point.
- My son likes your daughter.
- Excuse me? - He likes my In Ha? - Yes.
- You didn't know? - No, I didn't know.
You don't know? You're saying that you didn't know until things got to this state? Is it your scheme to have you daughter seduce my son while you plan to remain oblivious? Looks like your scheme is to use your gold digging daughter to turn this hole in the wall real estate office into something bigger.
But that's not going to work.
My son might be innocent and naive but I've been in this business for more than 30 years, so don't kid yourself! Ma'am, I mean, Chairman Park.
- I'm sorry, but that's - If you're sorry, then end it immediately.
Take this and get lost.
Don't come anywhere near my son ever again.
- Mr.
Choi? - Yes? What did you just say? I asked if you weren't aware of it.
No, I wasn't aware.
I'll talk to In Ha myself.
I'll tell her not to go anywhere near your son again.
No, you can't do that! Excuse me? I came to ask for you to look favorably on my son.
- What did you say? - Can you please help us? Can you talk my son up to your daughter? Please? My goodness the son of a department store chairman as my son-in-law? Maybe my luck is finally starting to turn around.
[In Ha, just a daughter.
- Hi Dad, what is it? - You don't like Dal Po, do you? Yes, I do.
I like Dal Po.
I meant as a man.
Yes as a man.
Dad? - He hung up.
- Did your father find out? Yes, but I wonder how he found out.
[You and I need to talk tomorrow.
It was from my dad, wasn't it? What did he say? He says he wants to see me tomorrow.
No, I'll go see him.
I'm going to go and explain it to him.
Don't worry and I'll go meet with him, and I'll be the one to explain it to him.
So there's no need for you to worry.
Are you hot? That's right, I'm burning up over here.
I feel like my insides are burning up.
I'll just get straight to the point.
Are you still unable to tell me about your real family? I already told you the reason why I'm nervous to have you as In Ha's partner, haven't I? I'll reconsider you as In Ha's partner once you tell me who your real family is.
That doesn't mean that I'm going to grant my permission.
It just means that I'll think about it.
Just think.
We were just your regular, average family.
My father was a public civil worker, and my mother stayed home.
Any siblings? No siblings.
I was their only child.
I lost both my parents in a car accident, and none of my relatives wanted to take me in.
That's why I haven't been able to tell you.
Because I was afraid that had I told you, then you'd send me away to my relatives.
Is that all? Yes, that's all.
You know, don't you? - In Ha is - Yes, I know.
I know that she's your one and only precious daughter and that she's more beautiful and important than anyone else in this world.
That's why you don't want to see her hurt and you want to see her living the good life while being spoiled and taken care of.
I'm aware of all that.
Good, as long as you know.
Dal Po, you really need to know something.
That I really I really I really shouldn't be comparing.
But I just gave up on something really amazing.
You know that? Thank you, Mr.
Don't smile.
Don't thank me either.
This wasn't me giving you my permission.
I'm just thinking about it.
[Nation's hero, Ki Jae Myung's footage makes its debut on CNN News in the States.
The reward for remaining silent about the truth of my brother was sweet.
My brother still remained a hero and I was happy, too.
But that happiness was starting to come to an end without me realizing it.
- Ma'am, we're here for our reservation.
- All the rooms are occupied.
But we had a reservation for a room.
I'm sorry, but we had a double booking.
But in exchange, soju will be on the house.
I don't think some soju on the house is going to take care of this.
No, it's okay.
- We can just eat in the hall.
- You're all here! Let's sit.
Let's all sit down.
- The viewer ratings - Are up! - The top spot - Is ours! - MSC! - Fighting! Director, shouldn't we toast, too? Come on, no one's tacky enough to toast anymore these days.
Let's all just drink.
Come on, drink.
- Ugh, our Director Lee.
- Here, everyone drink up.
We got a fat bonus thanks to Manager Sung, so everyone drink up! Our viewer ratings went up as soon as Manager Sung came to join us.
Everyone wants to know what our secret was in turning the tables around.
Let's see, the secret is my beautiful looks, wouldn't you say? - I second that! - I agree! I guess the anchor on that team does have a nice visual, doesn't she? I'm not sure.
I'd like to disagree.
I believe that excessive good looks of an anchor takes away from the serious tone of the news.
I definitely agree.
In that sense, I believe that you are the finest example of a news anchor our country has to offer.
I'll toast to that.
- Cheers! - Cheers! Sit down.
You guys are just killing me all over again.
I'm told that the most recent exclusive you had is the secret behind MSC News' spike in the ratings? - Yes.
- Manager Sung.
Shouldn't we keep our secrets hidden? What if our competitors were to listen in and learn our secrets? Isn't it better that they learn from us and grow together? I'm going to be very honest this time.
It's tomorrow, isn't it? I'll be sure to be there! Director Lee.
Don't you always do that lecture? He turned it down because he's too busy.
That's why they're calling in a substitute for our Director Lee this year.
That's what I thought.
- That's it, isn't it? - That's what I'm telling you! They didn't even call me this year.
Shall we listen in on Manager Sung's lecture tomorrow? Aren't you curious to find out what their secret is? - No thanks.
- Not at all! I don't want to.
Broadcasting an unverified story of a senate member's corruption as the top story and ignoring all the other issues to solely focus on turning someone into a hero all week just to garner some empathy.
If that's the secret to their success Then I believe that I have nothing to learn from them.
Yes, you're right.
I wasn't thinking.
Yes, let's not lose our focus, and just do what we're supposed to do.
Here cheers.
- Cheers! - Cheers! - Ma'am, more beef over here! - Double that order! We'll just stick to the pork belly.
More pork belly over here! Dal Po, are you going to my mom's lecture tonight? Yes, I was told that it would be very beneficial to go.
This will be the first time you'll be seeing my mom since becoming a reporter, right? Yeah.
I saw that there is a Q&A session.
Is there anything you'd like to say to her? I'm sure you must have quite a lot that you'd like to say to her.
No, I don't.
That's a lie.
I have a lot of questions myself, so how could you not have any? Don't worry about me, and say whatever you want to her.
I'll be fine with it.
The truth is, I've already said everything that I've had to say to you.
To me? When? Don't you remember? I said it during the YGN debate interview.
That's right.
I remind you of my mom whenever you look at me, don't I? It makes you feel annoyed and angry, doesn't it? Rather than feeling annoyed and angry when I see you seeing you makes me smile.
I remember you saying that you thought he was cute.
Can you keep him for me? Where is this coming from? Are you moving? Somewhere far away.
- Wait, hold it! - Hello, Senior Joo Ho.
How do you feel about Manager Sung? I think that she's competent and a good person.
You want to protect her and take care of her, right? Excuse me? What are you doing? You're rock hard.
You must workout.
- Can you fight? - I can handle myself.
Are you aware that Ki Jae Myung has a huge grudge against Manager Sung? Yes, sort of.
I have a feeling that Ki Jae Myung will be at the lecture tonight.
I saw him taking the lecture brochure a few nights ago.
I have a bad feeling about it.
To be honest, I was quite shocked.
Ki Jae Myung's hatred is justified.
- You can't mean - That's why I'm planning on shadowing Ki Jae Myung today.
So? But I can't drive.
You must be pretty rich.
All these cars belong to your family? No, they're mine.
My mother keeps her cars in another garage.
Get in.
Hey, we can't follow him in such a bright colored car.
I guess you're right.
Let's take this one.
This should be quiet and help blend in.
Wow, he's more popular than any idols.
Are those kids waiting out in this cold just to get his autograph? It would seem so.
There he is.
Are you sure that he's dangerous? Going by looks, he doesn't seem like someone who'd ever kill anyone.
Going by looks, you don't look like a filthy rich heir, either.
You saw what he did the other night, too.
He risked his own life to save the life of another.
If you think about it you and I are the ones who turned him into a hero.
Your suspicion of him is too dangerous.
What you and I saw the other night isn't even a ten minute snapshot of his life.
I think it's even more dangerous to judge who he is by basing it on those ten minutes.
He's on the move.
- Get on his tail.
- Okay.
Sir, it's me.
I have another favor that I'd like to ask of you.
Once I figure out what a reporter does, I'll come find you again.
It's been a while.
Choi Dal Po, was it? I was wondering how a taxi driver was going to become a reporter but you really became one.
I'm quite shocked.
If my memory serves me right you asked me why a Pinocchio couldn't become a reporter, didn't you? And you also said that you'd come see me once you became a reporter and that you'd bark at me for real once you became a wolf.
Is today the day? I have some time before the lecture starts.
Why don't you bark at me now? I'll listen.
I didn't come here to bark today, but I came here to learn.
I hope you can teach me a valuable lesson.
What is this? You came wearing your work jacket? Yes, I figure if she comes across acting too cocky during the lecture then I'll bring her back down to her place as the representative of YGN.
Hey, do you have a grudge against Reporter Sung Cha Ok or something? Yeah, she failed me at my interview with MSC News.
I'm going to put her in her place once and for all today.
Oh, I forgot.
Sorry, I know she's your mom.
Give it your best shot.
I'm looking forward to it.
It happened 13 years ago, so I had thought he would've forgotten about it by now.
But I didn't like the way he was looking at Choi In Ha that night.
He even found out that In Ha is Manager Sung's daughter and he gave me the chills.
Then what you're saying is that Ki Jae Myung may be after not only Manager Sung, but Choi In Ha, as well? Very possibly.
Manager Jo.
Jang Hyun Gyu, what are you doing here? Director Lee? You two? Hwang Gyo Dong, is that you? I was in the area, so I just stopped in.
Hello, my name is Sung Cha Ok, the Head Reporter and the primetime news anchor of MSC News Times.
I'm a huge fan of yours! Thank you.
The topic of my lecture is 'Facts and Impact.
' It's also the secret behind MSC News taking over the top viewer rating slot recently.
Since you're all reporters I will skip lecturing on curriculum based topics such as press ethics and our duty.
And let's be honest with one another and have an open discussion.
What a jerk! A reporter once asked me what kind of men I preferred.
So, I gave my answer.
I said, 'I like tall men.
' The next day, this is the news that the reporter posted.
'Reporter Sung Cha Ok likes tall men.
' That was a fact based report.
Not very interesting, is it? Then what if we were to change it like this? 'Reporter Sung Cha Ok hates short men!' If you were to see these two headlines, which would garner your attention more? The second one! Yes, that's how most people think.
People are more interested in hearing the negatives than the positives, aren't they? But it doesn't mean that the second headline is not a fact.
Because preferring taller men means that shorter men are less liked than men who are tall.
In order to gain more attention, even news facts need to have some impact.
She does have a point.
- Director Lee.
- Director Lee.
- Do you want me to be like that, too? - Correct.
Okay, how about something different? The police recently sent out a press release stating they catch 93% of all hit and run drivers.
Each news station took that press release to come up with these headlines of their own.
Their headlines mimicked the press release word for word.
News reports without any flair or style.
Just let it go.
Let's hear her out.
She purposely put that bad picture up there.
- She's such a jerk.
- Then What kind of a headline would you come up with to make this story more impactful? Hit and run drivers are down to only seven percent? Yes, that's a great start.
Even the slightest change in words can make the news so much more impactful.
It also differentiates you from others and makes it seem more exclusive.
This news clip had a higher viewer rating than all the other news broadcasting stations.
- I think he's getting on the expressway.
- What if he goes all the way to Busan? We have to stay on his tail even if he does go to Busan.
These days, the odds are against you when the truth is the only ingredient you have to create news stories.
It needs to be seasoned with something else.
But it doesn't mean that we can distort the truth because then, it'll no longer be news.
This is the age of empathy.
News stories need that empathy in order to stay on top.
If you take the truth as an ingredient and add some impact as its seasoning then we'll be able to create a news report that garners empathy from the viewers.
What a joke.
Hey, stop acting like a coward, and speak up and say something.
Let's wrap up the lecture portion, and open the floor to some questions.
Hey, here's your chance.
Do it.
- Ask her some abrasive questions.
- What? I see that you're a reporter from YGN? - Yes, I'm Reporter Yoon Yoo Rae.
- I hope that it's an impactful question.
I heard that when a lie is told, it can be seen on the reporter's face.
There are rumors that your face is frozen like an Ice Queen as a side effect of a botched Botox job.
Is that true? What is she doing? - She's an embarrassment.
- Is that all she could think to ask? Why? I actually like her question.
Okay everyone.
Please give Reporter Yoon Yoo Rae a big round of applause.
First, allow me to show you my answer.
That's the kind of dead question that has no relevance to facts or any impact.
It was a great example of it.
Thank you.
That's our Manager Sung.
- Ugh, how humiliating.
- What a witch.
Any other questions? Are there any other questions? There are less questions than the last college lecture I held.
Why is that? But I guess it's easy to criticize when you don't know what it means to be a reporter but once you become aware it's difficult to recklessly argue, and start barking, isn't it? I have a question.
My name is Choi In Ha, a reporter for MSC.
You strive to make your news impactful, but have you never ignored the facts? No, I haven't.
Yes, I see.
She's hiccuping.
I'm sorry, but I seem to be hiccuping.
I guess I'm not able to understand the answer you just gave.
Hey, Choi In Ha.
What are you doing? As far as I'm aware, you have definitely ignored the facts in the past.
You remember Mr.
Ki Ho Sang's case from 13 years ago, don't you? What is she doing? Is she dissing her own mom? You ignored any possibility of Mr.
Ki Ho Sang being innocent at the time and instead, you reported that he was a coward who fled and abandoned his family.
You edited all the family interviews in such a way so that the fury of the people worldwide would be targeted towards his family.
As a result the wife was isolated and tormented to a point she couldn't even go to the market and on the day that they were supposed to go see the fireworks together as a family they were forced to make an extreme decision to end their own lives.
It was an example of how terrifying it can be when the news is only impactful and not fact based.
That case was not my fault alone.
In reality, the real problem stemmed from the Pinocchio witness making his statement based on the mistake of what he saw.
All I did was to believe the witness' statement.
The fact that the Pinocchio witness having been mistaken about what he saw is what I believe to be the biggest cause of this tragedy.
And the problem is that the police and the prosecutors just took his word for it.
Someone once said people just assume that Pinocchios will always only speak the truth.
People just assume that a Pinocchio will always only speak the truth.
And people also assume that the reporters will always only speak the truth.
And people also assume that the reporters will only speak the truth like a Pinocchio.
Pinocchios and reporters alike should've been aware of that.
should've been aware that people will always believe what they say, and that's why They should've known how much more terrifying the weight of their words are than others.
They should've known how much more terrifying the weight of their words are than others! Not knowing that is your wrongdoing.
That carelessness destroyed a family.
So you definitely have a share of the responsibility in this tragedy.
Seeing how you're still emphasizing on making an impact even after that tragedy 13 years ago You're still the same trash tabloid writer that you were 13 years ago.
Wow, Choi In Ha.
She's totally fierce.
- She's got my respect.
- Ugh, how humiliating.
What if I get a disciplinary hearing before my training is even over.
I wonder if I'll get fired.
I'm not sure.
Do you think that YGN will accept me if I were to get fired? No.
You're so cold.
Why did you do it? Even I was holding myself back.
Because you were holding back.
I knew that I'd start hiccuping if I just let it go.
Are you okay? Aren't you worried about your mother? Answer me.
Are you okay? I want to tell you that I am, but I can't.
Even though she's awful and hateful to a point that I can't believe she's my mom she's still my mom, and it concerns me.
But telling you that is going to make you worry about me.
And I hate the thought of that even more.
I don't want you to worry about me, and to argue against my mom all you want.
Manager Sung.
Are you okay? Is that question directed toward me right now? No.
No, it's not.
Not at all.
I'm sorry.
What Choi In Ha said in there I feel like I've heard it somewhere before.
Really? That's my first time hearing it.
Right? I know I've heard it somewhere, too.
Those are the words that Choi Dal Po said to Choi In Ha during the interview process.
- Ah, that's right.
- I remember now.
- After seeing that case clip.
- Yes.
Which case? But why is she turning what was said to her onto Manager Sung? No kidding.
It's gotten to the ears of the rightful person.
Those words got passed around and finally found their way to the right person.
- Who's the right person? - Is that what happened? Wait is no one hearing what I'm saying? It's me, Nosy Jang! Don't you know who I am? I thought my bladder was going to burst.
Thank goodness he stopped.
No kidding.
- Senior Joo Ho.
- What? - That's not Ki Jae Myung.
- What? Excuse me.
- Yes? - Wasn't Ki Jae Myung driving this truck? Yes, he was.
But what is this about? Where did Ki Jae Myung go? How would I know that? He said he had somewhere urgent to go so he asked me to make his deliveries for him.
- Where? - Where? - Yeah, what is it? - Where are you right now? In front of your news station.
Find out where In Ha and Reporter Song Cha Ok are immediately.
Ki Jae Myung is there right now.
What? What are you talking about? I heard that Ki Jae Myung was going to be at the lecture today so I've been tailing him all day.
But he gave us the slip and disappeared.
I'm positive that he's there right now.
Jae Myung.
Dal Po, what is it? In Ha.
Choi In Ha! Choi In Ha! - How did you know that story earlier? - Excuse me? My father's promise to take us to the fireworks and my mother not being able to buy anything at the market.
How did you know that? Only my family members would know that.
That's I can't tell you.
Tell me.
Who the hell did you hear it from! - Are you okay? - Yeah.
Move! Brother.
- Brother, please.
- I told you not to call me that.
It's me, Jae Myung.
- I'm Ha Myung.
- What? Dal Po.
I'm your little brother Ki Ha Myung.
[Next Episode Preview.]
Ha Myung is dead.
He's dead because of reporters like you! You said we could see the fireworks and things would go back to the way they used to be when father came back! - Who's the culprit? - It's Ki Jae Myung.
Ki Jae Myung is my older brother.
Ki Jae Myung believed that the portrayal wasn't his true image - Dal Po.
- From YGN News Ki Ha Myung reporting.