Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e11 Episode Script

A Midsummer Night's Dream

1 Pinocchio - How did you know that story earlier? - Excuse me? The promise my father made about taking us to the fireworks and my mother not being able to buy anything at the market.
How did you know all that? Only my family would know about that! That's I can't tell you.
Tell me.
Who did you hear it from! - Are you okay? - Huh? Yeah.
Move! Brother.
- Brother, please.
- I told you not to call me that.
Jae Myung, it's me.
It's me, Ha Myung.
What? Dal Po.
I'm your little brother Ki Ha Myung.
Shut up! Ha Myung is dead.
He's dead because of reporters like you! It's true.
Dal Po's the one who told me those stories.
Shut up! Don't lie to me.
You're the one who lied.
You told me that father would come back! You told me that when father came back all the misunderstandings would be resolved, and we'd go see the fireworks and things would go back to the way they used to be! You promised me.
When father comes back, all the misunderstandings will be resolved and things will go back to the way they used to be.
We'll even go see the fireworks together.
- Really? - Of course.
I promise you.
- Want to pinky swear? - You're not lying, right? You promised me.
But But what is this? Look at what's happened! [Episode Eleven- Midsummer Night's Dream.]
Go on and eat.
You said it was your wish to eat a whole pizza by yourself.
Maybe that was too long ago.
You've grown really tall.
You were such a short little thing when you were younger.
Tell me.
How have you been living? What's the story with your name, Choi Dal Po? A kind grandfather rescued me.
He lost one of his sons in the ocean forty years ago and that son's name was Choi Dal Po.
He thought that his son had come back alive [In Ha.]
and he adopted me as his son.
And They must still be talking.
Are you okay? Is your mother okay? Yeah, we're both fine.
Where's Ki Jae Myung? Did you see Ki Jae Myung? Yeah.
He didn't bother you, did he? What's that mark on your neck? It's nothing, so stop asking me questions.
Tell me! Senior Joo Ho told me the story.
Ki Jae Myung did that to you, didn't he? I told you to stop asking me questions.
Okay, fine.
Then I'll just go ask Choi Dal Po.
Don't do it! Bum Jo, don't even think about asking Dal Po.
If you do, I won't let you get away with it.
What? Don't ask Dal Po anything about Ki Jae Myung.
Don't even try to know either.
Okay, fine.
Let's just end this.
I'm so sick of this being one-sided, and I'm just going to end it! I'm seriously a huge fan of yours.
- Can I please have your autograph? - Yes, of course.
Thank you! He's giving me his autograph.
You're really good looking.
Can I have your autograph, too? - Ha Myung, can I borrow a pen? - Sure.
Thank you.
Sir you really are the coolest! Sorry, but our guest is here to dine, so please return to your seats.
Here, Ha Myung.
Thanks to that accident, I've become a total star.
I've even been asked to ring the new year's bell.
It's funny, isn't it? After everything that Sung Cha Ok has done to our father she's turned me into a national hero.
Where were we with your story? I was just saying that I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for not having acknowledged you at the square even though I recognized you.
No, you did the right thing.
Continue to live your life that way from now on, too.
The fact that you're Ki Ha Myung and the fact that I'm your older brother Don't ever tell anyone the truth and just live your life as Choi Dal Po.
Why would I have to do that? You already know the reason for that.
But I still want you to tell me.
I killed people Ha Myung.
- That girl was no joke.
- She was totally ripping into her.
- I heard she just laid it into her.
- I heard that was her own mother.
Seriously, that Choi In Ha.
We've been so kind and nice to her, how can she stab us in the back like this? As her direct superior I'm really going to let her have it, so don't even try to stop me.
Choi In Ha! Yes? - Choi In Ha, as a reporter for MSC - Choi In Ha! No matter how true the story is, there's still a time and a place for it all.
How true the story? Even though I'm sure it was said with a reporter's belief the higher a person's position, the tougher that position is criticized.
A reporter's belief? You should've know that there's a time and a place for everything! Choi In Ha, I cannot just overlook your rude, and disrespectful behavior.
From now on, you will report directly to me instead of Il Joo.
- Understood? - Yes, Sir.
You can go.
Captain Kim, how often would you like for me to report to you? Must I, at my rank, still receive reports from the interns? Just go home for the rest of the day, and get plenty of rest at home tomorrow.
Huh? Yes, okay.
Excuse me, Captain Kim.
Is this me being disciplined? Does it feel like you're being disciplined? It's a reward.
Your reward for speaking up for the truth.
Yes, thank you.
You really are a wonderful senior.
Be more detailed.
How am I wonderful? Aren't you so excited to finally be able to present your ideas? - Captain Hwang is leading this meeting? - Yes.
It's a weekly recap meeting, so he'll definitely be leading it.
You don't think Cap Hwang will ask us to present anything, do you? I doubt he'll ask the interns to present anything.
But just in case, I did bring a list of a few possible story leads.
Here they come.
- Okay, let's get started.
- Yes, Sir.
That's some enthusiasm.
Then how about we switch it up and ask the newbies to present first? I want you to present one idea each.
- But I didn't prepare anything.
- What are we going to do? Let's start with Choi Dal Po.
Ah, yes.
How about a story on electro static accidents at gas stations? With the dry winter weather, sparks from electro static could be common.
If anything goes wrong, it could even lead to an accidental fire.
A likely lead from a former taxi driver.
Have you experienced it yourself? Yes, I've checked with the fire department, and it's reported as a likely incident.
But we haven't had any reported so far.
But we can easily find video clips of it having happened in other countries.
- Will the spark start a fire from the vapor? - Yes.
People should gas up only after rubbing their hand on the anti-static pad first but more often than not, people ignore that caution.
It's a fitting story for the season.
Write a story to help raise more awareness.
Next, Yoon Yu Rae.
Mine is related to the nation's hero, Ki Jae Myung.
Ki Jae Myung lost all his family members from the factory explosion case.
There are three factory workers who lied and framed Ki Ho Sang of false wrongdoing and two of those three workers are now dead and the suspect for their deaths, Moon Duk Soo, is now missing.
But the interesting fact is that according to Moon Duk Soo's phone record he spoke to Ki Jae Myung right before he disappeared.
I'm not sure about that.
What about it? Well don't you think that's too big of a coincidence? That's not enough to turn it into a story.
Everyone in this country is in love with him and people may make the mistake of thinking that we're just trying to get back at MSC I think it can be something.
Yoon Yu Rae, look into it some more.
Captain Hwang, you told me to take the lead on Ki Jae Myung.
You can look into the gas station static accidents and Yoon Yu Rae can take Ki Jae Myung.
Who's next? Yes! Your first news article will follow you around for the rest of your reporting career.
Nosy Jang's first news report was an interview about colored peppers.
- Colored Pepper, aren't you going home? - Don't call me that, and I'm not going home.
- Okay Colored Pepper.
- I told you not to call me that.
No one knows about that.
So that's why the others call him that once in a while.
I heard that's what hurt his relationship with Captain Hwang, too.
Because Captain Hwang gave him the lead on a colored pepper interview.
Is that why he always wears that headband just to annoy Captain Hwang? - Yeah.
- Ugh, now I'm thinking about that again.
Anyway, I think I've managed to avoid Nosy Jang's fate.
My first news article is going to be, 'The two faces of our nation's hero.
' Isn't it awesome? Captain Hwang.
You told me that you'd give me some time.
I think I've given you plenty of time.
Leave Ki Jae Myung to Yoon Yu Rae, and look into the gas station story yourself.
- You left it up to me to make the choice.
- That's when Ki Jae Myung's story was yours.
But this lead on Ki Jae Myung was presented by Yoon Yu Rae.
I'll do whatever it takes to get my brother to turn himself in.
Turn himself in? What's Dal Po doing? He's making me feel nervous.
- Hey, what if he's trying to steal your lead? - He wouldn't dare! Seriously, what is he doing? This is really making me nervous.
Turn himself in? What do you mean by that? Are you saying that he really murdered someone? Yes.
He told me that himself earlier.
You were just going to bury it even after having heard that? No, that's not what I meant.
I'm going to talk him into turning himself in.
But if he were to get arrested right now then he'll just become a murderer without taking his circumstances into account.
How much time would you need? Ugh, I can't hear anything.
Yoon Yu Rae.
What are you doing? Hand your lead on Ki Jae Myung over to Choi Dal Po and you can take the lead on the gas station story.
Why! Choi Dal Po, how could you do this to me? You steal my story, and hand your stupid one over to me? 'Your stupid one?' Well But that gas station article is too weak for my first news article story.
It's not going to be easy finding any videos of it since it hasn't even happened yet Then isn't it a reporter's job to find it? Huh? How could you do this to me! I'm sorry.
Choi Dal Po! Captain Hwang! Both of you are dead to me now! But But what is this? Look at what's happened! Ma'am, another bottle of soju over here.
How could you have done this to me? Huh? How can you steal my story away from me? Do you want me to hate you? - Isn't that Yoon Yu Rae? - Then why did you do it? - You're totally dead to me now.
- Hey, Yoon Yu Rae.
What are you doing here? It's Choi In Ha! Sit down, sit down.
Ma'am, you can bring my soju to this table.
[Nation's Hero, Ki Jae Myung!.]
- What brings you by here? - I needed to talk to you about something.
Let's go talk inside.
It's cold out here.
Come in.
I'm glad you're here.
I've been getting a ton of presents from my fans lately.
You should take them all with you.
What size shoes do you wear? Do you like flowers? Turn yourself in, Jae Myung.
What? Your revenge needs to stop here.
Stop? That woman framed our father of a false wrongdoing and killed our mother.
So how can you tell me to stop? Do you think that our mother died because of Reporter Sung Cha Ok? No.
I believe that you're partially responsible for it, too.
What? Why did you abandon mother and I to run away by yourself? Why didn't you stay and protect us? You think that I ran away? If you had been at home that day, mom wouldn't have made that fatal decision.
Just where did you run off to after having abandoned us? I went to see Reporter Sung Cha Ok! What? I wanted to declare our father's innocence to the world and protect you and mother.
So I went to see that woman.
I still thought of that woman as a reporter, and that's why I went to see her.
Like a fool.
But that woman still used my interview to further slander our father.
We can just use the part of what he said about wanting his father to be alive.
You're not even a reporter.
You're just a monster! What are you doing! Let's give him a break.
If we just send him off like that he won't even be able to go home, and he'll have to spend the night in a cold cell.
Tell him to go.
Because that's what I want.
This is all your fault.
Had I been with my mother last night, this never would've happened! No, had you been with your mother, then you would've died with her.
Let me ask you something, Ha Myung.
If you were me would you be able to stop right now? - No, I don't want to.
- Why wouldn't you want to? Who knows, maybe seeing you on TV will help you find your real family.
I don't want to find them! This is all my fault.
I should've found my brother.
Had I done that then Jae Myung never would've killed anyone.
You abandoned mom and I to run away by yourself.
So I blamed you and dad and lived my life without ever attempting to find you again.
I I I turned my brother into a murderer.
I'm asking why you're sitting here drinking by yourself right now.
That's because the lead for a story that I came up with No, wait.
I can't tell you.
You're my competitor, so I can't tell you about it.
No, you can tell me.
I blank out all the time when I drink.
I'm not going to remember it tomorrow.
Really? Then I'll tell you.
So what happened was There's an eggroll that likes me.
But this eggroll stole the lead for a story that I came up with away from me.
So I took it up with my captain, and the captain took the eggroll's side.
- How does that make any sense? - It doesn't.
That's completely unreasonable.
I totally got treated like some dirt on the ground.
- You know? - Yes, I know.
I totally know what that's like.
That's exactly how I'm feeling right now.
You, too? Why? Ugh, I feel drunk.
Hang on.
Okay, keep talking.
There's an eggroll that I like, and it's going through a really rough time.
And I'm partially to blame for that.
So I can't even ask what's going on, or try to comfort it nor can I even offer to help.
I totally feel like a pile of dirt.
- Do you get what I'm saying? - I get it.
I totally get it.
Yes, three slaps to the right cheek.
Excuse me? No, I don't know if she's left handed or not.
I'm sorry, I'll check into it.
Excuse me? I'm in a taxi.
Yes, I understand.
Hey, I'm riding around in a taxi as I look for my scoops, okay? Okay.
It's nice having a rich partner to save on some cab fare.
Hey, isn't that Choi In Ha? Maybe or maybe not.
How much did she have to drink? Should we take her home? Hey, you're just going to leave her there? I thought you said you had to get to the Police Station.
That's true but what's gotten into you? - Did you and In Ha have a fight? - Maybe, or maybe not.
What's that supposed to mean? Do you think she's upset about laying it into her mom at the lecture? - Who cares if she is? - What if she catches a cold? - Who cares if she does? - She looked really drunk.
Why are you suddenly acting so weird? Take a taxi the rest of the way there.
From here? Choi Dal Po.
It's me, Seo Bum Jo.
What's this? What happened to her? In Ha had a lot to drink, so I brought her home.
What? I told you that I'd just think about it, but I haven't given you my permission yet.
You two should be more cautious with your behavior around me right now.
I'm sorry.
As I've mentioned to you before - In Ha is a beautiful - Water! Water.
In Ha is - More beautiful and precious to me - Water I need water! In Ha is Just what in the world is wrong with her? I want water! If you're that sloppy drunk, then just sleep it off! Ugh, my head.
Oh my goodness! Dad, why are you dressed like that? I don't think you're in any place to pass judgment on my appearance right now.
- What happened to me last night? - That's what I'd like to ask you.
How it is that my daughter became such a beast and why it is that at my age, I have to serve hangover soup to my daughter? That's what I'd like to ask right now.
But I still made it back home last night.
That's actually pretty commendable compared to the drinking habits of kids these days.
Dal Po carried you home on his back.
Dal Po? I must've done something bad to the whole universe in my past life to deserve this.
- You should wipe that drool off your chin.
- Drool? Ugh, that's disgusting.
I heard that you brought me home last night? I don't remember any of it.
- You really don't remember any of it? - No, I don't.
It's a relief that you don't remember any of it.
You'd probably be too humiliated to even lift up your head if you did remember.
Why did you have so much to drink? Were you upset about something? No.
- Yes, there is something.
- What is it? That's She must've gotten into a lot of trouble with her superiors at work.
She kept grumbling about her superiors while I was carrying her home last night.
Really? I did? Yeah.
I see.
That's a relief.
So just forget about it.
Just like how you forget things when you get drunk.
Do that with this, too.
What was that memory about? Was it from last night? Uncle, it's me.
Yeah, come in.
Are you okay? How did it go yesterday with your brother? I tried calling you a few times.
Sorry, I didn't get to answer your calls because we were busy catching up.
- What did you guys talk about? - We were just talking.
- It must've been nice.
- Yeah.
I was too drunk to remember anything, but what did you say to me last night? I didn't say anything.
Really? I may have said something about you being really heavy though.
What? Did something happen yesterday? Why were you drinking by yourself? I wasn't drinking by myself.
Yu Rae was with me.
Yu Rae was with you? You were by yourself when I came to get you.
Really? Then what happened to Yu Rae? [Choi In Ha.]
Tell Hwang Gyo Dong to get out here.
You shouldn't live your life like that.
You think being a captain is everything? You can write the gas station story yourself! Hey is she talking in her sleep right now? What is she doing? I think she's an intern, so how did she get in here? That's what I'd like to know.
She's quite talented.
- Aren't you going to move her? - Why would I do that? Kim Gong Joo.
Is MSC News Times interviewing Ki Jae Myung? Yes, we've been asking him for an interview, and he just got back to us about it.
We're interviewing him at the studio tomorrow.
At the studio? Anchor Sung Cha Ok is doing the interview? Yes.
Don't you think that you guys are dragging out this story on Ki Jae Myung too long? It's not like he's even that big of a deal.
Are you aware that Mr.
No Big Deal has been asked to ring the new year bell? Seriously? He's a hero who risked his own life to save the life of another.
But come to find out, he's a victim of tragic circumstances from 13 years ago.
On top of that, he's handsome and he turned down commercial offers, as well as, offers for corporate jobs because he wants to remain grounded and not get swept up by fame and money.
I believe that he's better qualified than most other politicians to ring that bell.
Did Manager Sung Cha Ok agree to the interview? Yes, of course.
She's probably happy about it.
She also said that she's going to broadcast exclusive footage she has of him from 13 years ago.
What exclusive footage? That's a secret.
Yes! Choi Dal Po, have you found out anything on Ki Jae Myung? - Yeah.
- I found something, too.
- Want to trade information? - Depends on what you've got.
I heard that Ki Jae Myung has been chosen to ring in the new year's bell.
- I already know that.
- Then how about this? Ki Jae Myung is going to make an appearance on MSC News Times tomorrow.
- At the studio? - Yes, for an interview with Sung Cha Ok.
They've been asking him for an interview, and he all of a sudden agreed to do it.
Okay, your turn.
What's his deal? Did he just leave after taking my information? [I witnessed Ki Jae Myung's murder of Moon Duk Soo.
We can talk more in person.
[I'll be waiting for your call.
[Moon Duk Soo is under this pile of rocks.
More details will be given in person.
Jae Myung.
What are you doing? You startled me! Are you hurt anywhere? Did you agree to do an interview at MSC News Times studio tomorrow? - Yeah.
- Why did you suddenly agree to an interview? I already told you.
I'm going to see to it that she's brought to her end.
Are you going to kill Sung Cha Ok in front of the camera while the whole world is watching? Would that be wrong? - Jae Myung! - I've already killed someone.
Adding one more to that list isn't going to change anything.
I've already come this far and I'm going to see it through to the end.
Please don't, and just turn yourself in.
I've just been contacted by a witness who says they saw what you did.
What? Someone texted me and told me that you buried Moon Duk Soo under a pile of rocks.
Is that is that true? Are you the only person who saw that text? Yeah.
Then just leave it.
And just forget about it.
- Brother! - I told you not to call me that.
Don't come around me again, and just go back to the life you have.
I know what you were thinking when you killed those people.
And I'm also well aware that you still want to get revenge on Sung Cha Ok.
You know yet you still tell me to turn myself in? Can you leave that revenge to me? What? I'll get revenge on Sung Cha Ok in my own way.
As a reporter, I'll prove her wrongdoing, and get her to apologize.
- So just leave the revenge to me - Ha Myung.
You like her daughter, don't you? Then do you think that you'll actually be able to get revenge? You haven't been able to do it yet, so can you say that you'll actually do it? Being Choi Dal Po suits you better than being Ki Ha Myung.
So be happy and live your life as Choi Dal Po and let yourself be loved by others.
Because I'll be the one to bring an end to Sung Cha Ok.
Jae Myung! Jae Myung.
Jae Myung! Jae Myung, wait.
Jae Myung! So just forget about it.
Just like how you forget things when you're drunk.
Ugh, what in the world was it? What was it that Dal Po said? Do it harder.
- I'll be back later.
- Didn't you say that you had the day off? I need to check on something.
I feel like something important happened when I was drunk last night.
So what are you going to do? Maybe I'll remember something if I retrace my steps from last night.
Maybe it's better that you don't know.
Remembering may be humiliating.
I doubt your daughter would've done anything too humiliating.
I didn't think that my own daughter would do anything that would be humiliating either but she really does go around doing things that are humiliating.
I'll be back.
You rotten scoundrel, your daughter just had a few drinks.
Number three.
- Ma'am, do you remember me? - Of course, I remember you.
Because of you, I didn't get to go home until two o'clock in the morning.
I'm really sorry.
But do you remember who I was with, and what we talked about? How would I know that? You were passed out at the table by yourself.
- Then how did I get home? - I'm not sure.
Oh, some young man came by and carried you out of here.
But you don't know what we talked about? How would I know that? But as I was leaving to go home I saw the two of you sitting out there, having a long and serious conversation.
- Right out there? - It looked like a serious conversation.
You looked like you were crying.
I was crying? How can I? When it's you.
I've called for a cab, so it should be here soon.
Where have you been? I went to see my brother.
I see.
I tried calling you so many times.
I couldn't take your calls.
Why couldn't you take my calls? I'm the one who has turned my brother into a murderer.
I thought that my brother had abandoned me so I didn't search for my brother.
Even when I could've I loved being around you so much and I loved being around your dad and father so much so I didn't look for my brother.
Had I found my brother sooner then I probably would've been able to stop any of this from happening.
I hate myself to a point where I can't even breathe.
I hate myself for not having searched for my brother and I hate myself for not having been able to leave you.
Even right at this moment I still hesitate because of you.
And I really hate myself for that.
The more my heart aches for my brother the bigger my hatred grows for your mother, to a point where I just want to destroy her.
I want to rant and cry with my brother but I can't do that because of you.
I want to tell my brother to start living and leave the revenge to me but I can't do that because of you.
It's okay if you want to hate me.
It's okay if you want to leave me.
I'm serious.
How can I? When it's you? What do I do? Dal Po I'm sorry.
I'm not really myself right now after having visited my brother.
- Dal Po - So forget everything that I just said.
Just like how you forget things when you get drunk.
Forget all of this, too.
What are we going to do? Ha Myung, you like her daughter, don't you? Then do you really think that you can get revenge on her? You haven't been able to do it yet, so do you actually think you can do it? Because I'll be the one to bring Sung Cha Ok to an end.
In Ha, what are you doing here? Don't you have the day off? I needed to talk to you.
What's so important that you came all the way down here? I remembered everything you said to me last night.
What? I can't fathom how much you must've hated me all this time.
Of course, I hate you.
You have no idea how heavy you were.
You can't be mad at me for those jokes? Stop changing the subject, and just listen.
I know that you've be suppressing the hatred that you feel for my mom because of me and I also know that you'll continue to do so from now on.
And I also know that your hatred is too big to keep suppressed forever.
- In Ha, I - That's why I'm going to let you go.
I don't want to keep holding you back anymore.
So let's just end it between us now.
Don't worry.
I'll be able to get over my feelings.
So don't let yourself be weighed down with concern for me and don't hesitate anymore because of me, and put up a good fight against my mom.
It's okay for you to be angry, and hate her as much as you want.
- Do you mean that? - Yes.
I mean it.
See? I'm not hiccuping.
It's late, I should get home.
Thinking back I should've left then.
I never should've let those feelings grow nor should I have set my gaze on her.
I thought that the flutters in my heart would just subside as time went by.
I thought that after some time had passed, it would be easy for me to leave her.
But that was a foolish misunderstanding and just an excuse for me to remain by her side.
In the cloud of that excuse and misunderstanding I had felt such joy and happiness.
Even though that happiness was just a lie I thought that I could argue it until it became a reality.
I thought that if I argued it enough, those dreams would become a reality.
But no matter how I shut my eyes and ears to it and no matter how much I argued against it the truth still remained right where it stood.
It's now time to awake from those dreams.
No matter how hideous and heavy the truth is it's now time to face the reality.
Oh my goodness.
Aren't you Mr.
Ki Jae Myung? You're the one who saved that boy with your truck.
Yes, hello.
Um - How much is that? - Ah, this one? Yes.
[Ha Myung.]
Hello? Yeah right now? Okay.
Where are you? Are you here to tell me to turn myself in again? I'm sorry, Jae Myung.
It's my fault that you've become a murderer.
Had I found you sooner then you wouldn't have turned out this way.
No, even if you had you still wouldn't have been able to stop me.
When knowing how unfairly our father and mother left this world you couldn't have stopped me from seeking my revenge.
I'll do it.
I'll get that revenge.
You? How will you be able to do that? Do you remember the reason why you said you couldn't leave the revenge to me? - Yeah.
- I'm here to answer that question.
To me, Reporter Sung Cha Ok wasn't our family's enemy, but she was In Ha's mother.
Because I couldn't get over that thought, just like you said I gave up on any ideas of me seeking revenge against her.
But now, I want to seek real revenge against her.
And because of that I've let In Ha go.
What? I'm going to stop thinking of Sung Cha Ok as In Ha's mother and fight her as a reporter against another reporter.
I'm not sure.
How do I know that you're any different from her as a reporter? You're right.
I'm not much different from her right now.
I've only been seeing and hearing things that I chose to see and hear, like she does.
I knew what you did, and I knew what you were about to do and I still chose to ignore it.
But I'm not going to be like that anymore.
I just handed over all the evidence I have on you to my boss before I came here.
Including the recording of what you said to me at the ossuary the other day and the text I received from the witness.
And I'm going to go and meet with that witness.
If the information I receive is true, then as a reporter I'm going to I'm going to report you as a murderer.
Please forgive me.
But this is my answer to your question.
As a reporter, I'm going to stop you from seeking your revenge and as a reporter I'm going to exact my own revenge on Sung Cha Ok.
Ha Myung.
Okay, is everyone ready? We're ready.
These are the questions you'll be asked, but the order of it may change slightly.
And Wow, you look like a completely different person in that suit.
Thank you.
Are you here because you're worried about what Ki Jae Myung may do? Yeah.
It was found out that Mr.
Ki Jae Myung was an unfortunate victim of the tragic factory explosion accident that occurred 13 years ago and it has garnered him even more attention from the citizens.
We've already met thirteen years ago right in this same spot, haven't we? [Informant.]
YGN's reporter, Choi Dal Po speaking.
Are you the informant? Ha Myung, it's me.
I'm your informant.
Jae Myung? This is me turning myself in to you.
But why would you I was curious.
I was curious to see whether or not I could trust you to seek our revenge.
I was curious to see whether or not you were different from Reporter Sung Cha Ok.
I needed to know for myself.
Even though it took longer than I expected you ultimately still called.
Now I see that I can trust you.
Jae Myung.
I'm going to leave it in your hands to seek revenge for us.
If you're going to do it then do it with flair.
[Next Episode Preview.]
You're Ki Jae Myung's brother? Ki Jae Myung's brother reported his own brother of being a murderer so I think with enough twist, we can make it work.
I'll just take the beating and abuse as they come.
How about quitting being a reporter? So you interviewed him when you've already made up your mind? - This is really the end, isn't it? - I'm sorry.
I don't think you should be here.
- Dal Po.
- Don't call me by that name.
Please don't do anything, and just leave me be.