Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e12 Episode Script

The Magic Flute

1 Pinocchio Okay, is everyone ready? We're ready.
These are the interview questions, but the order may vary.
YGN's reporter, Choi Dal Po speaking.
Are you the informant? Ha Myung, it's me.
I'm your informant.
Jae Myung? This is me turning myself in to you.
Jae Myung.
I'm going to leave it in your hands to seek revenge for us.
If you're going to do it then do it with flair.
[Episode Twelve- The Magical Flute.]
It must be nice for Dal Po.
He gets to go before me, and his first story is a good one, too.
Hey, you're going to get to do it, too.
But Dal Po's news in the number six slot, and mine is in the 19th slot.
My mother's going to fall asleep while waiting for me to come on.
What about my mother? Hey.
Hey, which button do you have to push to get dual screens on TV? What if both In Ha and Dal Po come on at the same time? Are you letting yourself be fooled again? She's not going to be on TV.
I doubt she'll even be on before we're finished paying off this TV.
You're such a rotten scoundrel! Are you hoping that she doesn't come on? Don't you think it was too cruel to let Choi Dal Po take that news report? That's what he wanted.
Are you here because you're worried about what Ki Jae Myung may do? Yeah.
It's time for Issue People, a segment where we meet the figures of the latest hot topic.
Today's special guest on News Times is the man who risked his own life to save the life of a young child from a drunk driver the nation's newest hero, Mr.
Ki Jae Myung.
Yes, it's nice to be here.
It was found out that Mr.
Ki Jae Myung was an unfortunate victim of the tragic factory explosion accident that occurred 13 years ago and it has garnered him even more attention from the citizens.
We've already met thirteen years ago right in this same spot, haven't we? Yes.
I came to ask you for an interview so that I could declare my father's innocence.
MSC was the only news station that captured the story of the injustice that was done to Mr.
Ki Jae Myung.
We've held on to the interview footage because we knew that a day would come when we'd get to share it with the world.
Ki Jae Myung was only 17 years old at the time of the interview 13 years ago and for the first time ever, we will now share that footage with you.
This is This is the trophy for 'Fireman of Excellence and Honor' that my father won last year.
During the 21 years and two months that my father worked as a public fireman he has put out 730 fires, and he saved the lives and homes of over 1,400 people.
He received this award in recognition of that.
He's not the type of man to leave anyone behind to run away.
He's especially not the sort of man who'd abandon his family to hide away somewhere! As a son I'd rather die than to be so convinced of his own father's death but because I am his son, I know the truth.
My father is innocent.
Ki Jae Myung.
Do you remember this interview which you gave 13 years ago? Yes.
I remember every single word that was spoken.
And I also remember very clearly how you instructed that interview to be edited.
At the time of the interview you said that the only portion of the interview that you needed was the part where I screamed out that the only thing I cared about was my father being alive.
But the interview that you just showed seems to be missing that portion.
Don't look at the camera, and just look at me while you talk.
Are you ready? Yes.
What's the trophy that you're holding? What do you think? Was the interview newsworthy? Yeah, we can just use the part of him yelling about only wanting his father to be alive.
Wait, Cha Ok.
I think that's going too far.
- That wasn't the point of the interview.
- That was the point of it to me.
- Shall we move onto the next question? - This is interesting.
Depending on how something is edited a person can become the devil or a hero.
Through your methods of editing the footage you turned my father into the devil thirteen years ago.
That case was thirteen long years ago.
Please consider the fact that my skills weren't as mature at the time.
Then what you're saying is unlike the way you were back then, you have matured since? Yes, of course.
Even though it was after some time had passed wasn't it MSC News that also shined light on the injustice that was done to your father? As well as, you having become a hero.
No, I don't agree with that.
Because you are at this moment doing the same thing that you were doing thirteen years ago.
Just like how you turned my heroic father into the devil you have now turned a murderer like myself into a hero.
A murderer? What do you mean by that? Yes, I've killed people.
If you don't believe me, then turn on YGN News to find out more.
Exclusive breaking news from YGN.
Does everyone remember Mr.
Ki Jae Myung, who recently became the nation's newest hero after having saved the life of the young student? But in a shocking revelation, Mr.
Ki has stated that he is a murderer.
Ki himself has confessed to one of our own YGN reporters that he had taken the lives of three people.
We now bring you the exclusive breaking news.
The body of the 54 year old Mr.
Moon, who was the likeliest suspect in the recent fatal arson case that occurred last month was found in a manhole on the outskirts of Seoul at 6p.
this evening.
No extrinsic traumas were found and a detailed autopsy will be needed to determine the actual cause of death.
You're saying that Mr.
Moon Duk Soo's body is there? Yeah.
How would you know that? - The killer sent me the information.
- Who's the killer? Ki Jae Myung.
Wow, I knew it! I totally knew it! I felt it in my gut.
But why did Ki Jae Myung send you that information? Ki Jae Myung is my older brother.
Ugh, that scoundrel.
That's his own brother.
He's one cold hearted bastard.
Ki alerted us to where the body could be found.
Ki Jae Myung has revealed that he not only murdered Mr.
Moon but that he also murdered the victims of the deadly arson, Mr.
Gun and Mr.
Kang and gave the proof of his own crimes himself.
I was enraged at those men for having framed my father of the crime 13 years ago.
And I did something that I shouldn't have done.
The police will actively pursue the investigation following Mr.
Ki's statements.
Ki realized that what was being portrayed to the citizens was not his true image and confessed to his crimes in his efforts to stop deceiving the citizens.
From YGN News Ki Ha Myung reporting.
Dal Po.
What did he just say? How could he say not Choi Dal Po, but Ki Ha Myung? Did you make the report? Yeah.
I gave Reporter Sung Cha Ok a big smack in the face, too.
Good job.
Good job, Jae Myung.
Team Leader, wait.
We've been apart for so long and we have to part ways again so soon.
It would've been so nice if we had found each other again sooner.
I'm sorry, Jae Myung.
I'm so sorry.
This is just the beginning, okay? From this moment on you'll have to face Sung Cha Ok alone.
Show both Reporter Sung Cha Ok and I what a true reporter should be like.
I'm putting my faith in you.
Jae Myung Here.
Pinky swear.
It's been licked and stamped.
Jae Myung I leave it in your hands.
Okay, Ha Myung? Have you found a place to live? Yes.
I'll be living in the house where my brother used to live.
Can't you Can't you just continue to live here? It doesn't matter to me what your story is.
You're just my son, Choi Dal Po.
Yes, you are.
I'm sorry.
Has living here with us been that painful for you? Yes.
It It's been painful for me.
No, I've been happy.
I've been so happy to the point of feeling bad for Jae Myung.
I'm sure it must've been.
Having to keep that tragic secret to yourself and suffering through it alone.
Of course, it must have been painful for you.
Okay okay.
I want to take back my birth name.
What did you say? In order for me to do that you need to un-adopt me.
How can you say that to me? How can you expect me to do that? How How can I do that? I'm sorry, father.
But I don't think I should be allowed to feel happiness anymore.
Will this become my room now? At the age of over fifty, I finally get to have a room of my own.
What's going to happen with you and In Ha? I've ended things between us.
So you don't need to worry about it anymore.
Don't go.
All the hurtful words that I've said to you I take them all back.
I'm sorry.
So please don't go.
I'm sorry.
If I were to live a happy life then it would make my brother too pitiful.
Thank you for everything.
Please take care of yourself.
Your name is Choi Dal Po.
Your name is Choi Dal Po.
In Ha, what are you doing? Aren't you going to see him out? But now, I want to seek real revenge against her.
And because of that I've let In Ha go.
Don't worry.
I'll be able to get over these feelings.
So don't let yourself be weighed down with concern for me and don't hesitate anymore because of me, and put up a good fight against my mom.
It's okay for you to be angry, and hate her as much as you want.
This is just the beginning.
From this moment on, you'll have to face Sung Cha Ok on your own.
Show both Reporter Sung Cha Ok and I what a real reporter should be like.
[To my little brother, Ha Myung.
Are you encountering any difficulties? Or do you need anything? No, I'm fine.
I'm glad that I listened to you.
If I hadn't turned myself in, and just kept going then I wouldn't have been able to see your funny face as often.
Tomorrow's the field investigation, isn't it? Yeah.
Can you bring me some comfortable clothes? I think going out to the crime scene in these clothes will make me stand out too much.
Make sure to come to the field investigation tomorrow.
Even though you're going to see some gruesome things but it will still be the last chance you and I will have to see each other on the outside.
Anyway, that Choi Dal Po, I mean, that Ki Ha Myung He's really heartless.
- How so? - That guy he convinced his own brother to turn himself in so that he could get the exclusive on it? Would you want to arrest your own family members so that you could get a promotion? Hey, do you think I'd be so low to do something like that? The level of the way you think What if Dal Po cheated? What if All-Zero didn't just cheat, but he actually stole a copy of the test? What about the level of the way I think? What about it? The level of the way you think is on the same level as mine.
What kind of a level are you on? Immature, thoughtless and very shallow-minded.
Hey, what did you just say? Ahn Chan Soo! - Were you visiting your brother? - Yeah.
Are you going on the field investigation tomorrow? Oh, the field investigation? I was going to keep it closed, but it didn't work.
I'm sorry.
My brother please take good care of him.
Don't worry.
He's Ki Jae Myung's little brother, isn't he? Joo Ho, how about getting a shot of him on film? What's getting a shot of him going to do? I doubt it'll even be useful.
Ki Jae Myung's own little brother reported him of being a murderer.
Don't you think that we may be able to make something of it? You think? - I don't think it will.
- Hey! Are you here to film the field investigation, or are you here to shoot a cheap tabloid? Come on, Jae Hwan.
Why are you both ganging up on me? Get out of the way! There they are! Please move out of the way.
- Are there any other victims? - Was saving that kid just for show? Do you have anything that you'd like to say to the victim's families? Were you hoping that your hero status would keep your crimes buried? What are you guys doing! You don't have to answer their questions.
Just focus on the field investigation.
I need everyone to quiet down.
You're interrupting our work.
Please quiet down.
Please move out of the way.
Are you okay? You're looking really pale right now.
I'm fine.
I'm fine so don't do anything, and just stay away.
Dal Po.
Don't call me by that name.
I'm fine so don't worry about me, and don't try to comfort me either.
So that I don't crumble down and fall So that I'm not swayed please don't do anything, and just stay away.
Did you say that he was your uncle? Choi Dal Po.
It seems he's Ki Jae Myung's little brother.
Have you known about it? Yes.
To think that your uncle was the brother of a murderer What a scary world we live in.
In that case, I'm the daughter of a murderer.
You killed someone with your words.
Sung Cha Ok's illustrious search words have changed completely within days.
Manipulative anchor, Sung Manipulator, Trash news Sung.
- Ki Jae Myung's news did end up being big.
- Hey, take a look at this.
[Gone with the Manipulation.]
[Manipulation Candy.]
[Memory of Manipulation.
Aren't the netizens of our country so creative? No, Sung Cha Ok is still far from getting what she deserves.
She needs to be brought down even more.
What are you doing? I've started a chat cafe titled 'Sung-Jung-Mo.
' I'm going to post something on there.
'Sung-Jung-Mo?' What does that mean? The meeting place for everyone who loathes Sung Cha Ok.
I'll show you what it means to be creative.
- Isn't this from her recent lecture? - I've made a few edits.
Once people of the world sees this Sung Cha Ok will be finished.
The one who manipulates her way to the top shall be brought to her ruin by manipulation.
Hey, why do you hate Sung Cha Ok so much? Because Sung Cha Ok is hateful.
And Choi Dal Po I mean, Ki Hae Myung.
I really feel bad about what I did So I'm doing it to get revenge for him.
- You feel bad? About what? - The Ki Jae Myung story.
I didn't even know that it was about his brother and I just ran with it because I thought it'd be a good story.
I've really learned a lot from this.
What may just be a news story to us actually means someone else's life.
I didn't take it seriously enough.
It finished uploading.
That was based on facts only.
Not very interesting, is it? There's no taste or style to it.
Facts alone won't make it special.
It needs some seasoning.
In order to garner more attention Forget about journalistic ethics and mission statements and we just need to make the facts become more impactful.
That's right, Sung Cha OK.
You are going to be pummeled in the face with people's hatred from now on.
I can't figure out if you're being good or bad right now.
That's what most people are like.
People enjoy ridiculing others better than complimenting them.
You're really good at editing.
[Anchor Sung Cha Ok's manipulation of interview loses credibility for MSC News.
- Turn the music off.
- Yes, Ma'am.
Stop the car.
Your real name is Ki Ha Myung? So that's why you've been challenging me all this time? I finally understand all the words that you were barking at me a while back.
You seem to have wanted to shame me badly enough to turn in your own brother.
But I'm sorry to tell you this but you haven't shamed me at all.
You must be feeling anxious.
You gave me answers to questions that I haven't even asked and even your voice is shaky, which isn't like you at all.
Are you starting to feel afraid of me? Not in the least.
That's good to hear.
But even if that were the case, don't let it show through.
And don't crumble down too easily, either.
Because that wouldn't be any fun.
I plan on dragging out this battle for a while.
I was curious to find out.
Whether I was the only one who thought of Sung Cha Ok as a bad reporter or whether others shared in my belief.
Whether the embers of the flame that we had thrown in Sung Cha Ok's lap would just burn and die out, or whether it would grow into a roaring flame.
I was very curious to find out.
But that ember started to roar into a much larger flame than I had expected.
- She thinks the viewers are complete idiots.
- She's just awful.
- Isn't this woman a total jerk? - That's what I'm saying.
- What is that? - Have you seen this old clip? - What is it? - What's that? I heard that she was kneeling down when she made this news report.
- I know, she's the queen of manipulation.
- She should just be an actress.
That ember of fire caught wind and started spreading out wider and wider and it ultimately became my ember of opportunity.
[Public demands Anchor Sung Cha Ok's termination.
We are standing out in front of the MSC News station.
The public continues to hold their demonstration to demand that Anchor Sung Cha Ok is terminated for manipulating and editing the news.
More people who are stating that they've fallen victims to the manipulation of Anchor Sung Cha Ok in the past are starting to make their presence known.
Jo Jang Hoon, who used to own a thriving bus company until six years ago had to close down his business due to a false news report made by Anchor Sung Cha Ok.
The case started when Mr.
Cho, who used to be bus driver for Mr.
Jo's company died not too long after his sudden termination from the company.
At the time, Reporter Sung reported that Mr.
Cho was terminated after having embezzled 600 Won from the bus, and from his inability to handle the injustice he made the fatal decision to take his own life.
The reality is, he actually died of a terminal illness.
But she reported in her news that he committed suicide because of me.
Here, this is Mr.
Cha's death certificate.
Take a look.
Suicide was not the cause of his death.
People would point their fingers at me and call me a murderer and they would refuse to get on my bus, and in the end, my business was destroyed.
Even though Mr.
Jo is demanding a formal apology from Anchor Sung based on his claim MSC News Room still has yet to release any official statements.
From NTS News, Kang Sang Hwang reporting.
Those guys at NTS have no business ethics.
How can they so maliciously slander a news anchor of another station like this? Report the bus driver's news story as malicious slander to the police.
- No, let's just bury it and let it go.
- We can't bury something like this.
We need to clarify the situation.
What is it? Is there some truth to their story? There was too much circumstantial evidence which indicated that it was suicide.
- Even his family said that it was suicide.
- So You interviewed him after you already decided how you were going to run it? - Did you check the death certificate? - I did not check it.
What? Then what that man is saying is true? - No, that's not what I'm saying - But you're not 100% solid on your story? - No.
- Then you can't clarify this situation? - I'm sorry.
- If what that man is saying is true Then you will step down from your anchor position.
Yes, Sir.
- You want me to dig around the bus owner? - Yeah.
- Report what you find only to me.
- But what about Captain Kim? I told you to report only to me.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- I'm sorry, Manager Sung.
- But did you deem me that untrustworthy? - Captain Kim.
Don't worry, Manager Sung.
I plan on tasking this job to someone who's much more dependable than Lee Il Joo.
We can't entrust this to just anyone when your position is hanging on the line.
Having another reporter handle this will just make the people think that it's an excuse and they won't even listen.
But if a Pinocchio were to report this, then they wouldn't be able to say that and I'm sure that much of the harassment will also cease.
- You're not thinking - Yes.
Choi In Ha, and Seo Bum Jo.
You two will work yourselves to the bone and help declare Manager Sung's innocence.
Don't leave a single thing out, and turn over every stone and you'll report directly to me.
Is that understood? Excuse me? - Yes, Sir.
- Yes, Sir.
Why are you doing something that I didn't even ask for? Why are you disregarding the system? You're the one that's disregarding the system.
Case assignment of the reporters falls directly under the captain's authority.
NTS News was really ruthless, and she's the anchor of their competitor.
- Don't you think that was crossing the line? - You think? I believe that if it's deserved, then they should be shamed no matter who they are.
That 600 Won suicide news story even won her the Reporting Award of Excellence.
Seeing how there aren't any official explanations from MSC News yet something definitely must be off, don't you think? If Anchor Sung had been accurate with her report then they could just end this by suing the bus owner for malicious slander.
But I don't hear any talks of that happening.
I'm positive that Manipulator Sung, I mean, Anchor Sung did something wrong.
The news report from NTS is solely biased on the bus owner's side, so it's meaningless.
In order to make real news, you must get both sides of the story.
Is that understood, Ki Ha Myung? - Excuse me? - No, can't be.
Do you think that you can take Anchor Sung's bus owner story? Yes, I will do my best.
Okay, for our next item Yoon Yu Rae, you can be on it, too.
You have until Thursday.
Yes, Captain Hwang! So you have the lead on Sung Cha Ok's bus owner story? Yeah, and so I think I'll be able to keep the promise I made you real soon.
That news story even won an Award for Excellence so if she fudged that, then she'll be finished for good.
Tell me more about it.
What kind of a case is it? It's a case where a bus driver supposedly committed suicide from having been terminated for supposedly embezzled 600 Won.
A bus driver in his forties, who was terminated for embezzling 600 Won commits suicide from the injustice of it all, and his death shocks the whole nation.
A man in his forties, Mr.
Cha had been a bus driver for the city of Seoul for six years and his lifeless body was discovered in his home earlier this morning.
According to his surviving family members Mr.
Cha suffered from depression after having lost his job a month prior which led to overdosing on sleeping pills to take his own life while his family was away.
It's been found that the cause of his termination was embezzlement of 600 Won.
Even though Mr.
Cha argued that it was a simple counting mistake and that his termination wasn't fair, the company did not accept his pleas.
Even though it's only 600 Won, embezzlement is still embezzlement.
Termination of his employment was the right action to take.
I do feel bad that he committed suicide over it.
The forty year old victim was the head of his household and was driven to take his own life over a mere 600 Won and the tragic case is attracting a lot of harsh criticism towards the bus company.
MSC News, Sung Cha Ok reporting.
But why did the case become an issue? That bus driver didn't commit suicide, but he died from a terminal heart condition.
But Anchor Sung painted it up to be a suicide.
In the end, the bus company owner was driven to bankruptcy over it.
That's unfair to the bus company owner.
That's why I'm going to reveal the injustice that was done to him.
If I do a good job with this report then Reporter Sung Cha Ok will no longer be able to work as a reporter anymore.
I can't wait to see it.
I can't wait to see how you'll bring Sung Cha Ok down.
Don't worry.
I'm going to bring her down to the ground.
Have you met your attorney yet? Yeah, I did meet with him.
- What do you think? Is he good? - He seems nice But something about him seems a little dumb.
I'm not really sure yet.
You can't have a dumb lawyer.
What's his name? Do you remember his phone number? Yes, Mother.
I've been partnered up with In Ha again.
Why? I thought you said you liked working with In Ha.
I just want to get over her now.
It just feels like a losing battle and it's discouraging.
Then I guess there's nothing you can do.
How are you going to get over her? I'm going to tell her that I was the one who stole all her text messages.
Really? Then she's going to become very resentful of you.
That's why I'm going to tell her.
So that I can cut ties with her.
I'll let her beat me if she wants, and curse me out if she wants.
[Ki Jae Myung, the national hero is actually a murderer.
Then how about you put an end to being a reporter, too? You only started doing it because you wanted to be around Choi In Ha anyhow.
Then can I accept a request for a blind date that came for you? - Professor Pyo's daughter - I'm not interested in that quite yet.
I'm not in the mood to go on any blind dates.
No, I'll still send you her picture, so just take a look at it.
No, thank you.
Ugh, I told her not to send it.
No, it's not time for this yet.
I'll just tell her and make a clean break.
I'll just let her hit me if she wants, and curse me out if she wants.
- Choi In Ha, I have something to tell you.
- What is it? The person who stole all your texts for the last thirteen years was me.
What? I'm sorry.
- I was wrong - Bastard! What is it that you have to tell me? Huh? Oh Do you remember what you once told me? About someone stealing all your texts for the past 13 years? Yeah.
Do you resent that person? If those text messages had gotten through then your relationship with your mother may not be as screwed up as it is now.
I don't know.
I was resentful at first, but I don't feel that way anymore.
If those text messages had gone through to my mom then she probably would've texted back to tell me not to text her anymore.
You think? If anything, I'm grateful to whomever it was that intercepted my text messages.
For the past thirteen years, that person was like my own bamboo forest.
And like my own personal diary.
I actually feel sad that I don't have anyone to send texts to these days.
Really? No, this wasn't how it was supposed to go.
This isn't going to help end it.
End what? Huh? No, it's nothing.
I've put together a list of questions to ask the bus company owner and the old investigative report.
Let's get going, and I'll explain on the way.
I'm not giving an interview to any MSC News reporters.
You're just going to write another report that's going to help Sung Cha Ok.
No, we won't do that.
We're reporters of our own merit.
We will only report the truth.
That's what Sung Cha Ok told me six years ago when I agreed to give her the interview.
I won't be fooled again.
My name is Choi In Ha, from MSC.
I'm a Pinocchio, and I start hiccuping when I lie.
The girl from the commercial? What the heck? They're on this case, too? I will only report the truth.
If the original news had been manipulated then I'll make sure to get Reporter Sung Cha Ok to apologize to you.
She's really trying.
See? She's not hiccuping because she's telling the truth.
I won't alter your words at all, and will relay the words just as you tell me.
Okay, I'll give you the interview.
Please include us in that interview.
We're reporters from YGN.
- What do you think you're doing? - Stay out of this investigation.
I don't have the choice to stay out of it.
Captain Kim ordered me to do it.
Still, stay out of it.
Give him whatever excuse you can and just stay out of it.
I'm going to do whatever I must to bring your mother down with this story.
I'm going to reveal every single little thing that she did wrong and I'm going to show it to the whole wide world that your mother doesn't have the right to be a reporter.
- But why should I stay out of it? - Because it would concern me.
I only want to think of my brother and put up a real fight but seeing you confuses my thoughts and makes me hesitate.
- So please stay out of it.
- Don't concern yourself with me.
Put up a real fight and don't even hesitate.
Because I'm in the same boat as you are.
I also think that my mom doesn't have the right to be a reporter.
Just like you said yourself, I'm going to show that to the whole world.
I know how much you're struggling right now.
You are not fine.
You cry yourself to sleep every night, and you miss my grandfather every single moment.
But you're pretending that you're fine because you feel bad for your brother.
I know better than anyone else that you're not fine but I'm not going to worry or even try to console you.
Because Because I'd hate to see you crumble and fall even more.
So don't concern yourself with me and just do whatever you have to do.
Manager Sung.
I met with the bus driver's brother and he said the bus owner was right.
Then why did he lie to me six years ago? He said he was heartbroken over his brother's death and they were in such a dire situation, so that's why he lied.
Okay, you can go.
Where are Choi In Ha and Seo Bum Jo? They're interviewing the bus owner right now.
And I hear that YGN assigned Ki Ha Myung to this story.
What? You're okay, aren't you? About what? The news of your brother and your parents was so shocking and I don't know what I can say at times like this.
But anyway I'm totally on your side with this one.
I just wanted you to know that.
- Thanks.
- Let me know if you need anything.
My mother is the largest shareholder at MSC News.
What's that supposed to mean? Well I'm just telling you to let me know if you're really struggling.
I can talk to my mother about Manager Sung.
Did I sound like a jerk just now? - Did I sound like a spoiled rich kid? - Yeah.
Hey, I really hate saying things like that, too.
But it just means that I'm sincerely on your side on this one.
Think about how seriously I must mean it for me to say that.
Doesn't sitting around like this feel like we're having a meeting or something? YGN's Ki Ha Myung speaking.
How did you come to find out that the bus driver didn't commit suicide? I met up with that bus driver's brother for a drink a while back and that's when he confessed and told me that it had all been a lie.
When I looked at his death certificate it stated on there that he died of a blockage in his coronary artery.
It just left me speechless.
You didn't check the death certificate before you were interviewed by Reporter Sung Cha Ok? No, I did not.
Had the death certificate been verified, things wouldn't have gone to this extent.
MSC's Seo Bum Jo speaking.
What other evidence do you have besides the death certificate? This is the bus driver brother's phone number.
And these are the numbers to the other bus drivers whom he used to work with.
Go ahead and call them.
They'll testify to the injustice that I've been dealt with.
Want to split up the phone calls? I think whoever's most compassionate should talk to the family members.
The person with the brightest personality.
Most rational person will take the death certificate.
- We should focus on our strengths - I'll look into the death certificate.
I'll meet with his fellow drivers.
- There are more than ten on this list.
- Okay.
Then I'll talk to the family.
What about you, Dal Po? I mean, Ha Myung? I'm going to talk to Manager Sung.
I'm going to verify that the interview was done accurately and without any issues.
Okay, then let's meet back up at the reporters lounge at six.
You're going to need our company ID if you want to see Manager Sung.
Take this with you.
You saw what I just did, right? I'm totally on your side on this one.
Excuse me, but can you tell me where Manager Sung is? - I think she's down in the cafeteria.
- Thank you.
Who is that kid? He looks familiar.
Your cafeteria looks nicer than our news station.
What are you doing here? Things are tough for you right now, aren't they? The feeling of being swept up by a storm of ridiculous false rumors.
I went through it myself 13 years ago, so I'm familiar with the feeling.
But you're luckier than I was since yours is easier to prove than mine was.
You can just sue that bus company owner for malicious slander and defamation.
Then the police will open up an investigation and they'll find out which one is lying.
It's not even worth filing a lawsuit.
It's not that it's worthless, but more that you don't have the confidence, right? It means that there's no need to respond to every false rumor that I hear.
Can you prove it? That they're just false rumors? - They're all just false rumors! - Can you prove that they're false rumors? I can prove it.
On what ground did you rule that it was suicide? - There was circumstantial evidence.
- Did you check his death certificate? - I also had the statements from his family.
- Did you check his death certificate? - He even left a note.
- I asked if you checked his death certificate? There was no reason to check it! Because there was other evidence to indicate that it was suicide! Thank you for your response.
[Chairman: Please step down from your position.
[Next Episode Preview.]
It just slipped out while my brother and I were talking.
- I'm sorry.
- Even if that were the case I still didn't appreciate being called, dumb.
What about me do you find to be so dumb? [Defendant- Lee Dae Song.]
- I brought the wrong case file.
- Attorney Cha.
Don't worry, I have your whole case file memorized in my head.
And what you asked me for the last time has been sent over to your brother.
Can you really call yourself a reporter?