Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e13 Episode Script

The Gift of the Magi

1 Did Reporter Sung Cha OK not check the death certificate when he died? No, she didn't.
What about you, Dal Po, I mean, Ha Myung? I'm going to go see Reporter Sung Cha Ok.
On what ground did you rule that it was suicide? - There was circumstantial evidence.
- Did you check his death certificate? - I also had the statements from his family.
- Did you check his death certificate? - He even left a note.
- I ask, did you check his death certificate? There was no reason to check it! Because there was other evidence to indicate that it was suicide! Thank you for your response.
[Chairman: Please step down from your position.
[Episode Thirteen- The Christmas Gift.]
She admitted to not having checked the death certificate? Yeah, and I think that's the reason why she's not suing or denying anything.
That's going to be really damaging to Manager Sung.
That death certificate is going to determine the fate of Manager Sung's life.
But you're not concerned? She's In Ha's mother.
No, not at all.
But it still concerns me.
- It must be worse for you since - It's over between us.
Let's stop talking about that, and just tell me what you've found.
You ended things? How did it go with you? Have you met with the fellow drivers? Yeah, I met with all four of them, and they all told me the same thing.
That it wasn't a suicide, but that he died of a coronary heart disease.
Coronary heart disease? - They all had the same response? - Yeah.
The owner was right.
Guys, I'm back.
Why does your voice sound so hoarse? Don't even ask.
I went and met with the bus driver's brother and it was so loud that I had to keep shouting to be heard.
What did he say was the cause of death? Mister, did your brother have some sort of a chronic illness? He did? Then your brother didn't commit suicide? He said what the bus owner said is true.
He said his brother died of a coronary heart disease.
- Coronary heart disease - Why? Is something bothering you? No, nothing.
Then why did he lie six years ago and say that his brother committed suicide? I guess he was resentful of the bus owner when he initially thought that his brother committed suicide from being depressed about being fired.
He said that's why he lied.
Then Manager Sung really did goad them into sensationalizing the story.
I knew it.
Who would ever commit suicide over 600 Won? No, that would be just absurd.
But she wanted more impact so that's why she reported it without checking the death certificate.
- Right? - Yeah.
But why isn't In Ha back yet? We can put an end to Sung Cha Ok once we verify the death certificate.
[Death certificate has been verified, and there are no issues.
Just as I thought.
There's nothing else left to check, is there? Then it's true that Sung Cha Ok manipulated the story.
But what's In Ha doing? Why isn't she back yet? [Something suddenly came up, and I can't come back right now.
[Choi In Ha.]
Is she not answering her phone? No.
- You're not lying, are you? - No, I'm telling the truth.
Your dream was spot on.
I'm sure that you'll get to see the people that you saw in your dream, too.
Just like I did.
Hey, where are you going now? Aren't you going to make your report? - You're saying the document is forged? - Yes.
Look right here.
This section should not be empty.
If there aren't any relevant circumstances, then it should be noted as such here.
But this blank space means that there was something, but then it was purposely removed.
This document was forged.
This must be looked into.
No, please don't do that.
This document couldn't have been forged.
Then it means that the bus owner must've lied.
We can't have that.
Please say that the document wasn't forged.
Please? No, don't come.
- Don't come! - Choi In Ha.
Hey, stop right there.
Choi In Ha.
Choi In Ha! Why are you running away? Don't come any closer.
Why are you hiccuping? The death certificate You verified it, right? There's no doubt that your mom manipulated the story, right? She did, right? - Dal Po.
- Tell me that she did! The death certificate was forged.
The original document shows that it really was a suicide.
The bus owner deceived us.
Then you're saying that your mother was right? Just why Why does it have to be you? We were so close! Of all people, why did it have to be you? I'm sorry.
No, there's no need for you to be sorry.
You just need to keep your mouth shut.
Then it'll be known that your mother manipulated the story and she won't be able to continue being a reporter anymore.
Your mother destroyed my whole family with her lies so who cares about telling one small lie? That's what's right, and that's the way it should be! Okay.
Let's have my mom be the wrongful party.
Everything will be fine as long as I keep my mouth shut.
That's what I'll do.
I'll keep my mouth shut.
Okay, don't tell anyone about this.
I'm going to bring your mother down no matter what I have to do.
Even if it's for the sake of my poor brother, I can't let it end like this.
I vow to see this all the way through.
Hurry up and open the door, you rotten scoundrel.
We're about to freeze out here.
Let's hurry up and get inside.
What's the dog's name? - It's Gonzales.
- Gon What a heartless scoundrel you are.
You keep your heart at the opening of your sphincter.
Does everything work okay in here? - Water comes out okay? - Yes.
The water comes out fine.
You're a cold-hearted scoundrel.
- Is the boiler gas or does it use fuel? - It's gas.
What brings you by here? I was going to cut off all ties and not even call or get in touch with you like you're doing with us But I didn't want to become a rude and heartless bastard like you so that's why I'm here.
I guess it shouldn't get too drafty in here.
Do you have rice? Yes, I've got plenty.
That's my cellphone number.
Please call me right away if he falls ill or anything.
Sure, but what is your relationship to the young man? We're brothers.
- He's my older brother.
- Excuse me? Don't bother seeing us out.
Rotten scoundrel.
This rotten scoundrel never listens to me.
There's no way I'm un-adopting you, so you'd better be aware of that.
No matter what anyone says, you're my son for the rest of your life.
You sure are.
Stop following us.
If you keep following us, then we're never coming back again.
[Don't skip any meals, don't skimp on the gas and turn up the heat on the boiler.
I know how much you're struggling right now.
You're not fine.
You're going to cry yourself to sleep every night and you're going to miss grandfather every moment of the day.
But you're going to pretend that you're fine out of pity for your brother.
I know better than anyone else that you're not fine but I'm not going to worry, and I'm not going to console you either.
Because I hate the thought of you crumbling down even more.
You've checked with all the fellow drivers? - Yes.
- Yes.
All ten drivers testified that it wasn't suicide and his family members even offered to give us an interview if we want one.
No issues with the death certificate either? - No, there aren't any issues.
- We've verified it with the hospital.
I'm just asking to be sure but you didn't investigate with a preconceived notion just to bring Anchor Sung down, right? Captain Hwang! We're different from Sung Manipulator.
Everything's been verified accurately.
Okay, good.
I heard a group of protestors are waiting for Anchor Sung Cha Ok at the station so take a camera crew out there and get whatever you can from the scene.
- Yoon Yu Rae, do you want to do it? - No.
I believe that Ki Ha Myung should do it.
What's gotten into you? I believe that this case holds a very significant meaning to Ki Ha Myung.
This is a chance for him to get revenge for the injustice done to him 13 years ago and there's no way that I can take it away from him.
Then Ki Ha Myung can go.
Yes, Sir.
Fighting! I'll be cheering you on.
- News cannot be manipulated! - No, it can't! - Sung Cha Ok should be terminated! - Terminated! - Sung Cha Ok must reveal the truth! - Reveal it! - Terminate her! - Do you know what time she'll be coming? She should be arriving any minute.
This doesn't feel right.
I have to film something that's insulting to our own manager.
- Are you guys okay with this? - Yes.
You've been hiccuping ever since yesterday.
- Are you sure that you're okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Sir, we're here.
You should let Sung Cha Ok have it today.
We'll get it all on camera for you.
Okay, I will.
Okay, everyone.
Let's make sure to get an apology from Sung Cha Ok today! Here she comes! Get out of the car and apologize! Get out of the car right now! - I'll get out here, so you can go ahead.
- No, that's just going to cause big trouble! That's exactly why I'm getting out.
We've even got cameras around here.
So if I just take a few shots then that'll just make me the victim.
Manager Sung! Can you please make a statement about manipulating the story? Apologize! Can you please give us a statement? Do you feel you're being wronged? - Why aren't you denying it? - Did you really manipulate it? - Have you heard from your father? - Why is he still in hiding? Is it because he feels guilty? - Why didn't you check the death certificate? - Shouldn't you deny it if you're innocent? If he's not that sort of a man, then why hasn't he come back yet? If he's innocent, then there's no reason for him to hide, is there? No kidding, he should've shown up already if he's innocent.
Why is he still hiding? - Give us an explanation.
- What's the reason for remaining silent? You have ruined my life.
You know that? Take a good look at this.
Where does it say that it was a suicide? Huh? My business was destroyed because of you and I've had to live my life while hearing others call me a murderer, you know that? Reporters like this must be terminated from all news broadcast stations! - You're right! - She must be fired! The death certificate had been forged.
I checked the original document and it really was a suicide.
The bus owner deceived us.
- He's right! - She must be fired! You're a fraud.
Did you think that you'd get away with it after having ruined a person's life through your manipulation? You more than deserve what you're getting! President Cho, you forged the results of this death certificate, did you not? - Excuse me? - Please answer the question.
Did you forge the document? What are you talking about? I didn't forge anything.
What is he doing? Why is he questioning the wrong person? What is he doing? You're on Sung Cha Ok's side, aren't you? All scum are alike.
Get lost! - Let go.
- We've checked with the hospital.
You deleted the part about the death having been a suicide from the original document.
Why did you forge the death certificate? - Is that for real? - What's going on here? - What's this all about? - Then it really was a suicide? All over 600 Won? All the fellow drivers and the family member of the deceased stated that the cause of death was coronary heart disease like a flock of parrots.
As if they were instructed by someone.
Is that what you ordered them to say? Please answer the question.
- He's right about that.
- That was Why didn't I notice that myself? - They asked for an exact cause of death.
- Why is it that they would ask you that instead of asking a doctor? What is this? Then he's a fraud? - He's deceived all of us! - Please respond to his question.
- Why can't you answer his question? - Answer the question! - Give us a statement.
- Fine, that's right.
I deceived all of you! I can't be expected to do nothing about it when my business had been destroyed! I deceived all of you! Did you get his family to go along with it? Is it true that you forged the document? What made you decide to do this? How could you have fired someone over a mere 600 Won? Even if it had been only 100 Won, extortion is still extortion.
- What wrong have I done? - He's not even a human being! What is this that you're doing right now? I was doing the right thing as a reporter.
Something you should've done thirteen years ago.
There's something that I'd like to ask.
Why is it that people won't believe you even when you're telling the truth? Why is it that even you couldn't believe in yourself? Are you sure that you're a real reporter? I'm going to continue to ask you that question.
And until I hear your answer to that question I'm not going to crumble down and fall.
The arrogant bastard.
[I'm sorry for the inconvenience that I've caused.
You should've all seen Dal Po, I mean, Ha Myung today.
He stood right in front of Sung Cha Ok and asked, 'Are you sure you're a real reporter?' I got chills up and down my spine when he asked her that.
- That must've been pretty cool.
- It was so cool.
If it wasn't for my sweetie, I would've liked to accepted his feelings.
Feelings? Whose feelings? It's something you don't know about.
But do you think that Anchor Sung has been hurt by this scandal at all? That's what I can't figure out.
She's expressionless because of all the Botox.
How can one ever know what she's feeling? Today will be my last day as your News Times anchor.
There's been a lot of negative publicity surrounding my character lately.
Even though they've all been either a misunderstanding or lies.
But instead of feeling wronged I'd like to reflect and think about how I got swept up in such a situation.
So in an attempt to show my appreciation for the faith that my viewers have placed in me I have decided to step down from my anchor position.
Starting tomorrow evening, correspondent Yeon Do Young will bring you the news.
I guess she suffered some damage.
Definitely suffered some damage.
No kidding.
From now on, I will come to you live from the actual site rather than from a studio.
This has been Sung Cha Ok from MSC News Times.
Thank you.
She just quit being the anchor yesterday and they're already taking down the sign? Oh, you're here.
I guess yesterday's events did have an impact on Manager Sung.
- Right? - I guess so.
Did she really quit being an anchor? She announced that she was quitting during yesterday's news.
She said she was going to take some time out to reflect on herself.
Guess you really must've shown her.
I had my doubts, but I feel much more reassured now.
You did great.
No, I wasn't that great.
I was very close to doing the same thing that she did.
But how come you didn't? Because of In Ha.
I realized it yesterday.
I'm no longer going to be a cause for concern to Dal Po anymore.
I think he'll be able to forget about me, and do what he needs to do in life.
- Does that make you happy? - Of course it does.
The guilt I felt from that made me feel like a sinner in front of Dal Po all the time.
But I think I'll be able to sleep more peacefully from now on.
I'm grateful to her.
If she hadn't hiccuped, then you would've gone out of control.
- Have you thanked her? - No.
I only took my anger out on her, and blamed her.
And I feel awful about it.
Those words should be said in front of her, not in front of me.
Apologies should be given to the person that they're owed to.
Apologizing to anyone else is just a pathetic act of self remorse.
I know.
Want to have dinner with me tonight? It's my birthday today.
I don't have any money to buy you a gift.
I don't need a gift.
Just have dinner with me.
Okay then.
To be honest, it's really been a struggle for me.
It got so bad that I even lost my appetite.
You're quite the eater for someone who has lost their appetite.
One of my biggest dilemmas in life is that I still look fine and keep my appetite even when I'm really struggling or upset.
What are you struggling with? What it is that you're so upset about? I was just upset at the mere fact of my existence.
I was upset at holding Dal Po back and I was upset at feeling like a sinner all the time, too.
I'm a reporter too, and I was upset at myself for almost having lied for Dal Po.
But I don't have to lie anymore.
So my appetite has returned and I think even my intestines are making a healthy comeback.
Excuse me a moment.
Those words should be said in front of her, not in front of me.
Apologies should be given to the person that they're owed to.
[Uncle Dal Po.]
Hello? - Why are you answering In Ha's phone? - Because we're together right now.
She excused herself for a quick moment.
What do you want? - Where are you guys right now? - We're at Ana Cafe, which is by our office.
That's not far at all from here.
On the first floor of the building with the water fountain, right? Yeah.
What you said about it being over between you and In Ha, that still stands, right? Huh? - Yeah.
- Then keep listening.
Because this is something that I want to say to both you and In Ha.
- Feel lighter? - Yeah, I feel light as a feather now.
Remember what you said about being grateful to the person that stole your texts? Yeah, but what brings that up? You said he was like a bamboo forest and a private diary to you and that you were actually disappointed because you had no one to text anymore, right? Yeah, especially right now.
I have so much that I want to say.
The person who stole those texts was me.
What? Your mother forgot and left her cellphone at my house.
That's how I started seeing your text messages.
- I can't believe it.
- I'm sorry.
At first, it was just for fun, then the fun turned into curiosity.
And that curiosity made me want to meet you.
That's why I searched for you, and that's why I'm here now.
I'm very well aware of who it is that you have feelings for.
And I also know how badly you want to erase that person from your heart.
I'll help you do that.
- Bum Jo.
- Let's date.
- Hey, I - You said Dal Po no longer cares about you.
So stop thinking about him and find a way to get over him yourself.
Okay, let's date.
See? That sort of method doesn't work for me.
Fooling ourselves into dating each other is no way to resolve anything.
I'm sorry.
- Then we can start from there.
- What? I'll continue to treat you well from now on.
I'll be so good to you to the point that you'll no longer be able to refuse me anymore.
I'm different from Dal Po.
You don't hold me back, and you're not a sinner to me either.
Thanks for caring for me the way you do.
But nothing is going to happen to the point where I can't refuse you.
I won't be put in a position where I won't be able to refuse your feelings for me.
Let's just remain friends like we are now, okay? Dinner's on me tonight.
Since I ate more than you did.
I should've offered to go dutch.
- Do you offer a payment option? - The bill's already been taken care of.
The gentleman you were with already gave us his card when he came in.
Really? Thank goodness.
No, that's not right.
Cancel that, and put it on my card.
Forget it.
It's my birthday, so it's my treat.
Hey, then how about we split it? Would that make it 125,000 Won? I don't have any cash on me right now so give me your account number and I'll transfer the money.
I didn't even get you a gift, so I feel awful about having you pay for me.
The worse you feel, the better it is for me.
Get in.
I'm well aware of who it is that you have feelings for.
And I also know how badly you want to erase that person from your heart.
I'm different from Dal Po.
You don't hold me back, and you're not a sinner to me either.
It's not easy to make copying paper look sexy.
You're really catching my attention lately, Ki Ha Myung.
What do you think she means by waving the white flag? What if she comes to the meetings and starts making your job difficult for you? We can't let that happen.
I'm going to get trampled down by her force and end up losing the rest of my hair.
No way that can happen.
Your mother forgot her cellphone and left it at my house.
That's how I started seeing your text messages.
I was pretty shocked.
I didn't think you'd step down from your anchor position.
I didn't quit because of what happened.
There were several factors behind my decision to step down.
Once those factors are figured out then is there a chance that you may end up returning? Not just a chance but I will make my return.
Do you and the Chairman of Bum Jo Department store know each other? I've seen her around a few times.
Why do you ask? Not like that, but personally.
Were you at her house 13 years ago? I'm not sure.
I don't remember.
- Why do you ask? - I was told you left your cellphone there.
Then maybe I did.
Is that a problem? No, I just find it a bit fascinating.
I'm more fascinated by the fact that you're actually still here.
[Don't worry, I don't abandon people that easily.
- Director Go is here to see you.
- Please tell her to come in.
Chairman, there's been a small disturbance at the store.
Disturbance? What kind of a disturbance? The santa that we hired stole something.
What? - Santa stole something? - Yes, we were quite flustered ourselves.
Ugh, are you kidding me? There must've been a lot of kids there, too.
Yes, with it being around Christmas and all.
How are we going to fix the trauma they received from seeing santa steal? I'll come with you.
Where did you say this occurred? Why are you staring at me like that? - Is there something on my face? - No.
Ki Ha Myung, do you have any Christmas plans? We don't have time for Christmas.
I haven't had any time to make any plans.
Then I guess you don't have any plans.
Then I'll give you a really big Christmas present.
What present? I'll tell you on Christmas day.
You're going to be quite shocked.
Do you have anything you're working on? Anything you want to share? - I wouldn't tell you even if I did.
- Then how about making a trade? - We'll trade one for one.
- No thanks.
Come on, how about something tiny? I'm sorry about the other day.
I knew it was pretty cowardly of me, but I thought that you needed to hear it, too.
- Glad you know that it was cowardly.
- But you're a bigger coward than I am.
What? Where do you learn this kind of behavior? I finally understood after having listened to In Ha's story yesterday.
You use your brother and Manager Sung as an excuse to treat In Ha like a sinner but you can't even grab onto or let In Ha go either.
From what I can see, they're not doubts, but you're just being a coward.
- If you're going to end it - I'm trying.
Really? - Then why don't I help you and In Ha - Don't say that you'll help.
I'm the one that needs to end it, not you.
Me trying to get over In Ha has nothing to do with your feelings for her.
Don't use me as an excuse to sway In Ha.
Hey, I don't think I like your words.
- What the heck? - When have I I'm not done talking yet! Are you okay? - Are you hurt anywhere? - Huh? No, I'm okay.
Hey, what were you thinking throwing your shoe at him like that? Are you okay? - Yu Rae, are you okay? - Huh? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm okay.
I'm fine.
I really am okay.
You just didn't see me down there because I'm so tiny, right? What's with you? You're freaking me out.
Dad! What was that about? Did you lose the culprit? Listen, can you just let this go and pretend that it never happened? - No way! - No way! I'm only going to tell you guys so not a word about me having lost the culprit, okay? Tell us about the santa first.
If we like what we hear, then we'll bury it.
That Santa's been raising his son who's in middle school all by himself.
All the other students were carrying around a certain designer brand backpack except for his son, and I think he thought that his son was being bullied for it.
That's why he got seasonal work as santa claus at the department store.
And so he called his son and under the guise of it being a special giveaway he stole one of those backpacks and gave it to his son.
Why would he steal that? Why not just buy him one instead? - I doubt it costs that much.
- Not everyone can afford to buy a bag.
It's not just an ordinary bag.
It's really expensive.
It's an imported designer brand and costs over 800,000 Won.
- That expensive? Wow.
- For a school backpack? Then will the santa get off with a warning? It was a petty theft, but it's a repeated offense, so he might get charged.
- His son is going to be left on his own.
- What are we going to do? - That's really sad.
- It is sad, but it's also ridiculous.
- It's just a simple theft.
- You find this simple? A child is about to be left on his own all over a school backpack.
That's not the backpack's fault.
That's the thief's fault.
That backpack is to blame for a lot of things.
That backpack has been the cause for bullying and violent outbursts and even for an attempted suicide.
Those bags are a huge problem.
Where are these expensive backpacks being sold? Bum Jo Department store has exclusive sales rights to it.
Seo Bum Jo.
I'm really sorry to say this, but your mother was pretty harsh.
She may look very innocent, but she's actually quite frightening.
Hey, Yoon Yu Rae.
Get off the heated mat you're sitting on.
My mother brought that here.
How dare you call my sweet mother 'frightening.
' Well, even her marketing ploys are frightening.
Don't you think selling school bags for twice the actual amount is crossing the line? - It makes sense to me.
- That's because people are willing to pay.
I don't think it makes any sense.
Will you take responsibility if this leads to boycotts against our store? No, don't pour that on! The sauce is for dipping.
What do you think? Don't you think it makes sense? Yeah, I've looked into it, too.
I think some sort of a rift has been caused because of those bags.
- Bullying has also become a serious issue.
- How are the bags to blame for that? What do you think, In Ha? I like my sauce poured on top.
That's not what I was referring to.
I meant interviewing the store.
Do you think it makes any sense? I I think that it makes sense.
There are lots of questions to be asked about the fairness of the price and marketing.
I'm sorry, Bum Jo.
But I'm going to report this.
Bum Jo.
Seo Bum Jo! Bum Jo.
You're still going to report it even if I ask you not to, aren't you? I can't not report it when I feel this is wrong.
I'm sorry.
Fine, report it.
Since it's already to this point, why don't you take the interview, too? So that you can feel really awful about it.
I need to stop concerning myself I'm seriously such a loser.
I know that, too.
I am a loser.
What are you doing over there? I got disciplined for losing control of that santa.
I think I may be assigned to patrol duty.
What the heck, we even kept it buried for you.
- Take me out for a drink.
- Hey, today's Christmas Eve.
- Why would I go out drinking with you? - Do you have any other plans? No.
Must be nice crap.
- But you have a wife at home.
- That's why it's even more depressing.
If my wife finds out that I've been disciplined then I might really get to meet Jesus on Christmas.
I know I've got my problems, but you have your own share of issues, too.
Look at how pathetic you are on the night of Christmas Eve.
Well this is actually pretty extravagant.
- Compared to my brother.
- Right.
I even feel guilty about the fact that I'm having a drink right now.
Even just walking around out and about makes me feel guilty.
I also feel bad about being able to spend my time with anyone.
I feel bad about laughing and feeling excited about someone Hey, why would you feel guilty for any of that? You are not your brother and he is not you.
Ma'am, can I get another beer? It's me you should feel bad for, not your brother.
Where's your home? Tell me what your home address is.
Seoul-ssi Hello, Father and Grandfather.
Do you remember me? My name is Ahn Chan Soo, and I'm an old classmate of In Ha and Dal Po's.
My daughter wasn't enough of a drunk, so we have to add another to the list? Oh my, why did he have so much to drink? He kept muttering on about feeling bad and guilty for his brother.
He said he feels guilty for being able to walk around outside and he feels guilty for being able to see and be around other people and that he feels guilty for even being able to smile at someone.
So he kept drinking, and that's how he ended up so drunk.
Get up, you rascal.
- Father! - Yeah? I brought you some ginkgo nuts.
I know how much you like them.
And I have something for you, too.
Here's some dried squid for you.
It's my Christmas gift to you.
I brought popped rice crackers for In Ha.
This is for In Ha.
That was for your Christmas gifts? I was wondering why you kept taking those.
What a fool you are.
- You didn't have to bring us anything.
- Father - The ginkgo nuts were really good.
- Okay okay.
In Ha.
You're awake? You should get some more sleep.
You're running a fever.
This is a dream, isn't it? Why did you have so much to drink when you can't even handle it? Get some more sleep.
You look tired.
I can't ask you to be with me right now.
But don't go to anyone else.
Okay, I won't.
I don't want to wake up from this dream.
Where am I? Honey, get me some water.
What the heck is he doing here? Ugh, it reeks of booze in here.
I made hangover soup for you guys.
Chan Soo.
Wake up and come have some soup.
Choi - Sit down and have some breakfast.
- I really need to get going.
We're still going to be late whether we leave now or in a few minutes.
Thank you for the meal! - In Ha, aren't you going to eat? - I already ate.
Come sit down.
Why are you just standing there? Come on, let's eat.
Your fever's gone.
Let's eat.
In Ha, do something with my brother's hair, would you? - It looks like a bird's nest.
- Huh? Okay.
I'm sorry about last night.
I must've been drunker than I thought.
- I'll make sure never to - Why don't we table this topic for now? Let's just eat our breakfast, okay? Okay it's a very Merry Christmas.
Let's eat.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Merry Christmas.
- Okay.
I was really worried that your father would collapse from shock.
He seems to be fine.
That's a relief.
[Grim Reaper.]
I'm dead meat.
It's the wife.
Hurry and pick up and beg for mercy.
Why should I beg? I'm a man.
Yeah, honey.
Merry Christmas.
I'm on my knees right now.
I slept over at Dal Po's house.
Really Why should I file a missing person's report? I'm a police officer.
I'm sorry.
About what? That could happen if you're drunk.
I overstepped my boundaries with you too last time.
It's not that I'm sorry about coercing you into lying that time.
I'm truly sorry.
It wasn't something that a reporter should have said.
I must have momentarily lost my mind.
That's right.
You were too harsh then.
But I've decided to let you off this time since your questions to my mom were nice.
- Nice? - It's true.
They were questions I wanted to ask her myself.
I was happy that you could say what was on your mind without tiptoeing around me.
I felt much better, too.
It's gotten comfortable for me to see you now.
- By any chance, In Ha - Huh? Never mind.
Let's go.
What are you doing? - Hey, have you seen Ha Myung? - No, I haven't.
What the? He hasn't been picking up his phone all day You're out, Ki Ha Myung.
Jeez He plays dirty like getting crap on my fingers from wiping.
Ah, that kid's back again.
It's cold out, too.
He's Santa's son from that time, isn't he? Yes.
Things wouldn't be this bad if it weren't for that department owner's son.
Department owner? - Bum Jo's mother? - Yeah, that badger of a woman.
Everyone says to go easy on the kid and not report him because they feel bad for him.
But she said to hand him over to the police and not go easy on him.
Is that right? She didn't seem that awful.
She looked pretty innocent for her age, too.
That innocent lady said not to go easy on him even though he begged for mercy.
Because of her, that kid got separated from his father and I've been assigned to the branch precinct.
- She really said that? - Yeah.
That chairman is more badgerous than you are.
Hey! You won't get to meet your dad even if you stand out here.
I'll let you see your dad later on.
All right? Go home.
This is Ki Ha Myung of Han River district.
You know about the Bum Jo Department store story today, right? Yes, Captain.
- Did you obtain permission for the scoop? - Yes, sir.
I contacted the public relations team but they refused because of they said they couldn't cooperate.
There's no reporter that's given a warm welcome in this world.
Because a reporter's job is to dig up secrets people want to hide.
If they refuse to cooperate after we've received permission then we have no choice but to barge our way in.
I'm hoping that you'll go easy today.
- What is that supposed to mean? - I mean You don't really like me all that much lately.
I'm just worried that you'll end up taking it out on my mom.
Do I look like someone who would do that to you? Yes.
Crazy bastard.
Please stop filming.
Hold on.
Are you aware that there was a burglary incident because of this bag not too long ago? Excuse me.
Please stop filming.
Why are you charging identical bags for more than twice as much in Korea than they would be overseas? I don't know! I'm not the one who decided on the prices.
What should we do if they refuse to give us an interview? First turn off the cameras, and then continue looking for the scoop.
Turn the cameras off? We have to keep filming but they can't have us film.
Fine, we won't film Just talk to us then, huh? You lower the camera and pretend like you're not filming when you are.
You're really not filming, right? Take a look.
The camera light is turned off.
We're saved.
From the moment they think that they aren't being filmed on camera they'll tell you what they really think.
Putting it bluntly, what blame do we have as salespeople? It's the customers' problem.
If the expert comes in and gets to the point at that time we can get a better story that matches up.
An expert? Welcome.
How much is this bag? I brought my mother's credit card with me.
What type of bag would you like? Mm, I heard that there's a really popular luxury brand one lately.
Two what was it? - Oh, Two Plus level? - Yes, that one.
Parents of the students values our bags more than they would Hanwoo beef lately.
This is a Two Plus that costs one million won.
This is a One Plus that costs nine million won.
Wow, they really are expensive.
And I thought about getting one for my niece.
- Let's hurry before YGN gets there.
- Yes.
You know what they say.
'It's a brand name because it's expensive.
' It has to be expensive so that we get lots of customers looking for them.
You should stop it.
Still you have to provide luxury brand marketing if it's going to be worn by a high-schooler? I said that's enough! What on earth do you want to hear? Are you calling my mother a spine-breaker who sucks the students' parents dry of money? Are you calling her a businesswoman who's only obsessed with making money? What is it that you want to say? I want to tell the truth.
If we go with the scoop now, then it's exactly what you said.
What? Don't talk about my mom so carelessly.
What are you guys doing? Don't you know that we're in the middle of a scoop? What are you guys doing? What do you think you're doing, huh? What are those guys doing? - Stop it! - What's with it with you guys, huh? You'll end up in the news if you keep this up! If you have a bone to pick, then take it out on me! Don't make my mother look like a snob! You should be the one looking at this with an objective reporter's eye.
Don't you see the extent of your mother's business skills? Stop it.
Your words are too harsh right now.
What? I think it's still too early for you to speak of business skills or snobbery without hearing Bum Jo's mother's side of the story.
You seriously [Bum Jo Department Store Current Sales Report.]
Stay out of this for the time being.
I'm sorry for causing trouble for you.
Don't worry.
I don't cast people aside that easily.
I'll trust you and wait for your word.
As expected, it was a dream.
But why is that shirt so big on you? This used to be one of Dal Po's shirts.
You should sew some buttons on that.
It's so cold out.
Is that right? Thanks.
For taking my side.
I didn't take your side.
Don't be mistaken.
- My eyes are going to strain.
- What are you doing? Dal Po.
We haven't met in thirteen years.
That's how close we are.
I think your mother manipulated the news for her own marketing.
Crazy bastard.
Say something that makes sense.
- Something that will stir people up - October 23, 2000 Ki Ha Myung This just in.
Near the Han River.
How many killed? And how many injured?