Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e14 Episode Script

Hansel and Gretel

1 You know that saying, 'It's a luxury brand because it's expensive.
' People will only buy it if it's expensive.
That's enough.
Still, students carry these bags to school.
Was it necessary to promote them as a luxury item? I said that's enough! Just what is it that you want to hear? Are you saying my mom breaks the spines of the students' parents? A ruthless business woman that's only crazy about money? Is that it? What is it that you want to say? I only want to tell the truth.
If we go with the scoop now, then it's exactly what you said.
What? Don't talk about my mom so carelessly.
What are you guys doing? Don't you know that we're in the middle of a scoop? Hey, what are you guys doing? What are you two doing right now? Huh? What are they doing? - Break it off! - Hey, what's wrong with you guys? At this rate, you two are going to come on the news! If you have something against me then take it out on me! Don't make my mother look like a snob! You're the one that should be looking at this with an objective reporter's eye.
Don't you see the the mess your mother has caused? Stop it! Your words are too harsh right now.
What? I think it's still too early for you to judge Bum Jo's mother of being a snob or gold digger without hearing her side of the story first.
You Chairman, your son is at one of the stores.
My son? Thanks for taking my side.
I'm not taking your side.
Don't be mistaken.
Son? What brings you here? And who are all these people? Mother.
[Episode 14 - Hansel and Gretel.]
Oh, how awful.
So, what happened to that Santa? He got arrested and most likely he'll be handed over for prosecution soon.
That's horrible.
I can't believe this happened because of our store's bag.
This is so upsetting.
What do we do? I caused this mess, didn't I? What should I do? Do you think I should apologize to the people? No, you don't have to do that.
Mother, you shouldn't have to apologize for this.
I'm sorry, but we would like for you to cooperate on this story.
And we would be thankful if you allowed us to interview your employees and film the store.
Hey, you It's okay.
Of course, I should cooperate.
Go ahead and tell me if there is anything more that you need.
Mother, a boycott may occur if this story goes out.
If that is the wish of the customers, then I have to accept it.
What choice do I have? Manger Go, go and help the reporters on their coverage.
Mother, that's If there are any documents that you need, ask Manager Go.
We will.
Thank you.
Chairman, you are so cool! Thank you.
Mother, I'm sorry.
It's all right, Son.
Don't worry.
I'm not sure, I don't remember.
This looks like my mom's earring.
Why is this You left your cell phone there.
I guess I did then.
Ki Ha Myung.
What did you do on Christmas Eve? You weren't picking up your phone at all.
I was a bit sick.
Really? No wonder.
So that's what it was, huh? I figured as much.
Are you okay? Are you better now? What are you doing? Just in case.
What do you mean? By any chance do you still find Bum Jo's mother to be suspicious? From what I saw, Bum Jo's mother is a really classy lady.
She revealed everything to us without any objections.
I take back what I said about her being frightening.
I'm not sure about that Why? What is it that's bothering you so much? You can start as soon as I give you the signal.
Lately this product The students call this a One Plus level It's 100 percent handmade and the material is crocodile leather.
Just open the button like this.
It's 100 thousand won cheaper and it's being sold for 90 thousand won.
Your mother accidentally left her cell phone at my place.
Have you ever gone to the Chairman's residence 13 years ago? I don't remember.
Why do you ask? It's okay.
Don't you think Seo Bum Jo's mother is amazing? Their reputation and sales will take a huge blow if this goes on the news.
But she's totally fine with that.
She's such an upright person, don't you think? Yeah, I guess so.
What was that? What's with the hiccups? You don't think she's an upright person? It seems that way.
Are you on the same boat as Ha Myung? Do you suspect Bum Jo's mother, too? Yeah, I think so.
Yoon Yu Rae, let's start the report.
Yes, Ma'am! - Choi In Ha, you too.
Come quickly.
- Yes, Sir.
Among the students Hey! Are you going to report the news in a school uniform? Hurry up and put this on.
Yes, Ma'am.
We don't know which report we're going to use so let's film it several times.
Yes, Ma'am.
A luxury brand of bags is all the rage among the students.
This bag costs over one million won.
Despite that fact, about 70% of students in one particular class are carrying them.
Even though it's the same brand, the bags are ranked according to the price.
The more expensive it is, the more bragging rights a student has.
This bag is gaining much popularity among the teenagers.
However, it's just a huge burden to the parents.
Frankly speaking, it's not our fault for selling it.
The people buying it are the problem.
The people have ranked our bags like they did with Hanwoo beef.
This a Two Plus level at one million won.
This a One Plus level at 90 thousand won.
You know that saying, 'It's a luxury brand because it's expensive.
' A lot of people buy it because it's expensive.
Mother I'm sorry.
The news is making our department store look bad.
The adults believe that showing off luxury brands is a statement of success and respect.
It seems this kind of behavior has been passed down to their children.
This is Choi In Ha from MSC news.
It's okay, Son.
After watching the news, I realized I was wrong.
I'm reflecting right now.
Is it your mother? Yeah.
She's acting cool about it, but I think she's really upset.
Now I feel bad.
I told you.
I'm going to continue to make you feel bad.
I'm really upset right now.
Is this your earring? Where did you find it? I've been looking all over for it.
- I have something to ask you.
- What is it? What's your relationship with the Chairman of Bum Jo Department store? I already told you.
She's just an acquaintance.
- You don't keep in touch lately? - Why do you keep asking that? That earring I found it in the Chairman’s office today.
If you're currently meeting her now like you did 13 years ago she's not just an acquaintance, don't you think so? It's been 13 years since you've met me, too.
That's exactly how close we are.
Are you happy now? What did you think of my report today? It was really awkward, wasn't it? No, I thought you were pretty good.
You think so? Yeah, I'm sure it was.
In your eyes, I'm good at everything.
This won't do.
I'm going out and buying some coffee.
Make sure no one touches this.
Okay! A macchiato for me.
Should I help you out? Hey, what is this? Ha Myung was piecing all those together.
What? He said it was really important.
I think he was doing that for three hours.
Where did he go? He went out to get some coffee.
Damn it! Hey, I'll piece this all together so don't tell Dal don't tell Ha Myung, okay? Chan Soo! Chan Soo! Help me piece these together.
Huh? Huh? Forget it.
I'm not in the mood.
You're my friend! I'm really desperate right now! Like you said, we're friends.
This is my last day on the job and you want me to help you piece strips of paper? Yeah.
I think this will be a meaningful ending on your last day.
Sorry, I guess not.
Kang Sung Hwak, where did all the shredded paper go? - Choi In Ha ran off with it.
- What? To where? I don't know.
I feel like my eyes are going to fall out.
Wait, wait! This is going to fly away so don't come any closer! What are you doing? Dal Po.
I mean it.
I wasn't trying to run off with it.
I was going to return it to you after I pieced it all together.
Sorry about before.
I spoke harshly without listening to you first.
Drink it.
Why did you think Bum Jo's mother was strange? Everyone wanted to go easy on that Santa thief.
But Bum Jo's mother said no.
It seemed like she was hearing it for the first time when we were in her office.
- Really? - Yeah.
Earlier, it didn't feel like the shop manager wanted to interfere with our story.
She pretended to block us but she let us film everything.
It felt like she was purposely leaking something.
And one more thing.
Bum Jo was receiving all the text messages I've been sending to my mom.
It's because my mom had left her cell phone at his house.
And that was 13 years ago.
13 years ago? Then are you saying those two have known each other since 13 years ago? Yeah and I think they're still meeting each other.
I found my mom's earring in the Chairman's office today.
Where did you find this? Inside a trash can, near the Chairman's office.
Bum Jo's mother I don't think she's the person that we know.
Why did you come here? Did you come to see what happened to the store? Yeah.
So how do you feel? Are you pleased to see that we're suffering? There's a lot of people.
So much so that I could barely take a step.
What? I think your mother used the news as a marketing strategy.
You crazy bastard.
You just the crossed line right now.
How could you say that after you saw my mother yesterday? Does my mother look that vicious to you? This came out from the shredder of the Chairman's office yesterday.
What is this? An additional order form of that bag.
I discovered this order form right before we reported the story.
What? You mother already knew that after that news went out more people would come to the store instead of boycotting.
That doesn't make sense.
Why would people Go inside and confirm it.
Crazy bastard.
He's just talking nonsense.
You're not out of stock, right? Don't worry.
We made an additional order, so all of you will be able to buy one.
- Would you like the Two Plus level bag? - Of course.
We came all the way from Yeonjoo just so we could buy this.
- Is this the bag that came out on the news? - Yes, that is correct.
This bag came out on the news yesterday.
- We need to talk.
- Son.
What brings you here at this hour? Can you give us a moment? What's going on? I just came from the bag shop.
I was completely shocked from what I saw.
I was worried that I would have to close the shop after the news came out.
My goodness, the customers were coming in by the masses since morning.
I was so shocked.
- Were you really shocked? - Of course.
Then what is this? You never expected something like this to happen yet you sent an additional order form before the news even came out.
- How did you - Please answer me.
Did you use our news station as a marketing ploy? This is really disconcerting.
Bum Jo, I promise it's not what you think it is.
But like you said, say that I did use the news What did I do wrong? Chairman, why don't you settle this quietly and let him go? We found the bag and his son is watching.
It's Christmas.
No, I don't think so.
Hand him over to the police.
That way it will become a case and the reporters will come.
You got a story and I sold my products.
The people who wanted to buy it, bought it to their hearts content.
What's bad about that? Just what did I do wrong? I'm asking because I'm really curious.
Then you really did know ahead of time? That it would turn out like this? It's going to be a problem if the reporters come.
There will only be talks about how expensive the bags are.
And we might get verbally attacked for it.
Handing him over to the police I handed him over to the police so we could be publicly ridiculed.
That way everyone will wonder why our bags are so expensive.
They'll come in just to satisfy that curiosity.
Why should we let go of an opportunity like that? It should be taken advantage of.
Send in an additional order form right away.
Ah The reporters will be coming so let's primp ourselves up.
All the consumers feel the same way.
Instead of a buying a cheap product, they want attention for buying an expensive one.
Knowing the hearts of those people and using it was that so wrong of me? Is that what you think? I'm going to head back.
We're not going to have dinner together? I shouldn't have let him become a reporter.
I don't think you should be driving right now.
I'll do it.
You were right.
My mother is a ruthless business woman that's only crazy about money.
If it weren't for you I would've been clueless until the very end.
I'm sorry.
Is this is how you felt, too? When you found out that your brother wasn't the person you expected him to be.
Is this how you felt? Yes.
It must've been difficult for you.
Thanks for today.
But this has nothing to do with In Ha.
I'll just buy dinner and let's call it even.
Forget it.
- No, instead of that - What? What? Besides that, then what? I want to ask you something.
You said Reporter Song Cha Ok left her cell phone at your place 13 years ago, right? Yes.
Do remember what day that was? Of course, I remember.
That was the day when I first got a text message from In Ha.
- When was it? - October 23, 2000.
Why? My mother passed away on October 22, 2000.
What? What happened 13 years ago? Then please excuse me, Chairman.
Thank you for everything.
I'm the one who's thankful.
- Thank you for your hard work.
- You're welcome.
You know, don't you? I never abandon my people.
And I know what it's like to go through a divorce.
Seriously, no one should experience that.
I hope this promotion will be of some comfort to you.
[Seo Bum Jo.]
Whose cell phone is this? [Fireman Ki Ho Sang's Family Commits Suicide.
[October 23, 2000.]
Hey, friend! You're not ignoring me because I got transferred, right? There's a lot of cases here, too.
So, make sure you stop by often.
Okay, I'm leaving now.
You're going to check out the patrol unit, too? This is Chan Soo's first week on the job since his transfer.
I should go and say hello.
Does he have a case for us? At most, it'll probably be a domestic dispute or a cab fare incident.
Then go ahead without me.
I'm going to go to the Gi Hwang police station.
Don't be like that.
Let's go together and support Chan Soo.
I guess I'll go with you if that's what you really want.
Sure, let's just say that's what I really want.
- Ahn Chan Soo.
- Hey, friend! You brought your friend, too? Sit down.
I'll brief you and In Ha on all the cases.
Your behavior now is really different compared to when you were on the task force.
No kidding.
We had to pry the cases out of you.
When did I do that? You guys can't abandon me now.
Don't turn your nose up just because it's a patrol unit.
You have to come often, got it? Let's listen to the cases first.
What do you have? A 50 year old man called yesterday and said he was attacked at the race track.
And the result? It was a false report, so he was fined and dismissed with a warning.
- Hey! - You want to die? I have another one.
This one is real.
I got a call yesterday of a gas tank explosion at Tongsadong factory.
A gas tank? How many kilograms was it? I think it was 0.
2 kilograms? 0.
2? That's about 222 grams - A family-sized butane container? - Yeah.
I guess it exploded while the person was cooking ramen.
Do you want to die? - Give us a real case.
- I'm going to go.
Hey, does it matter how big the case is? Is it that important? Ahn Chan Soo! Are you going to keep leaving without your cell phone? - Ji Hee! - Who is Ji Hee? In Ha, it's so good to see you! Choi Dal Po! I saw you on TV, but you really turned out well! I've heard a lot about you two from my dear husband here.
Husband? - You you married Ji Hee? - Yeah.
- Why didn't you tell us? - You never asked.
Who is this little guy? Is he your nephew? No, he's my son.
- Son? - Son? Wow.
That's awesome.
So, all four of you went to the same high school? Yeah.
Chungpo High School, the 14th class.
How did you get a such a handsome son at your age? It's not hard.
You can get one as soon as you graduate from high school.
You guys got married because of an accident? Yes.
It was instantaneous.
Anyway, I'm glad I met you guys.
We're holding a one year birthday party for our third child this weekend.
- Make sure you come and celebrate it with us.
- A third child? - You have another child? - Wow.
You're very blessed.
It's not a blessing.
The alcohol is the enemy.
Our second child is a daughter.
How can you hold a one year birthday party for your third child? That's shameless of you.
My conscience went out the window as soon as he was born.
I want to hear about you guys now.
It looks like you two are dating.
No, it's not like that.
No kidding.
What kind of nonsense is that? I have a quick eye.
The way you two look at each other is pretty serious.
You two like each other, don't you? Right? That's - We dated for a moment and then broke it off.
- What? Seriously? Why? When? Where? For how long? Why? Let's talk about something else.
Yeah, I want to hear about you guys.
Do you have a picture of your daughter? Are you going to go the birthday party? Your hat.
I'm not sure.
We'll see.
What should I give as a gift if I go? Clothes are too expensive.
It is expensive.
It would be weird if he never had a girlfriend at that age and with that face.
It's not fun being single.
And they only dated for a short while.
That won't be a problem at all.
In Ha, why are you out and about on your own? Where's Bum Jo? He's moving today, so he took the day off.
- He's moving? - Yeah.
He wants to live on his own, so he left home.
What's with the sudden rebellion at this age? Why is he moving? What a joke, right? I think the bag incident was a huge shock to him.
Yeah and his mother's betrayal, too.
Director Ho, I think we're going to need to get an air filter up there.
- Put in a recliner next to the TV.
- Yes, Ma'am.
You said Reporter Sung Cha Ok left her cellphone at your place 13 years ago? - Do you remember when that was? - October 23, 2000.
The death of my mother was on October 22, 2000.
I have something that I need to ask you.
You're talking to me again now? There's something that I heard from Ki Ha Myung.
October 23, 2000 You met with Reporter Sung Cha Ok on that day, right? I'm not sure.
The year 2000 would've been 13 years ago, so how am I supposed to remember that? Okay, if you won't tell me then I'll find the answer myself.
Stop being like this.
You can't treat me like you're a reporter.
You have to be my son.
I can get things settled here on my own.
I don't need any air filters, or a recliner either.
- Chairman Park, are you okay? - No.
He's starting to get on my nerves that Ki Ha Myung.
He said he feels bad for his brother.
He feels bad for even walking around freely on the streets for seeing and being around other people, and for smiling and laughing with others.
So he just kept on drinking until he became a drunken mess.
Hey, Dal Peng.
When people get drunk they usually spit out their innermost feelings, don't they? Sure, they do.
That's where the saying, 'The truth is in the bottle' came from.
Did I say something inexcusable to you last night? Everything that comes out of your mouth is inexcusable.
Where are you going, Father? Father? [To: Ki Jae Myung Relationship: Family.]
Ha Myung has told me a lot about you.
I've always wanted to meet you and thank you in person.
Thank you for saving my little brother, Elder Choi.
You two are so different from one another.
But both of you ended up turning out so well.
- That was a compliment, right? - Yes, of course.
It was definitely a compliment.
You've lived the last 13 years of your life not knowing anything about Dal Po.
So that's why I'd like to tell you some stories about Dal Po from his early childhood and on.
What do you think? Would it be okay if I came to visit you often? Yes, of course.
I'd be grateful if you could share your stories with me.
Really? In that case Take a look at these.
These were taken a half year after Dal Po had been rescued from the sea.
- Is that Ha Myung? - Yeah.
Why is his hair That's a bit of a long story.
I had lost my sanity for a little while back then So I mistook Dal Po into thinking that he was my son whom I had lost 40 years prior.
You can't see Mr.
Ki Jae Myung today.
He's already reached his visitation allowance for the day.
That can't be.
I'm the only visitor he would have.
Someone else came by to visit him earlier.
Who could it have been? No, I doubt it would've been Ahn Chan Soo.
Hey, you went to visit my brother earlier today, didn't you? You should've told me that you were going to visit him.
But I didn't visit him.
I was really busy today.
Really? Then who else could it have been? We have breaking news.
An explosion erupted at a factory near the Han River around 7PM this evening followed by a huge fire which engulfed the building.
Reporter Jang Hyun Gyu is on the scene.
Yes, the fire erupted at a waste factory near the Han River in Seoul.
The fire was reported to the local fire station at 7:05 this evening.
Even though 42 fire trucks have been dispatched to the site to extinguish the fire they have yet to put out the fire.
A waste factory? Yes, this is Han River Sector's Ki Ha Myung.
Yes, I'm watching it right now.
I'll head in right now.
- Hey, I have to get back to the station.
- Dal Po.
What? That factory That's the factory I was dispatched to yesterday.
- The factory with the butane gas explosion.
- What? The fire seems to be hottest at where the office and warehouse are located.
Firemen aren't able to enter the building yet.
It has been reported that over 70 employees were still working when the fire erupted and although 40 of them were able to escape, 30 people have yet to be rescued.
Exact cause for the explosion and fire have yet to be determined.
Of those who were able to escape it's been reported that many suffered injuries at the time of the explosion and there's very little hope that those that are still missing would be found alive.
Lee Il Joo reporting from MSC News.
How many are still missing, and how many are injured? - Was it an official statement? - No official statements yet.
I'm heading in right now.
Go Gwang Hospital? No, not there.
Oh Gwang Hospital has the most injured victims.
Send Lee Il Joo over there right now.
Please take me to Oh Gwang Hospital right now.
[Accidents cannot be foretold, and a life is not dispensable.
- Can you please tell us what happened? - Can you give us a statement? Please give us a statement.
What is believed to have been the cause? - Dad! - Dad! One is still missing.
A huge explosion at a waste plant early this morning We're here at the scene of the fire.
Over 40 fire trucks have been dispatched to the site Even though the fire has been extinguished, the sky is still filled with black smoke.
Jang Hyun Gyu, find out the cause of the explosion and the scale of the injured.
16 confirmed deaths so far, correct? Yes, I've cross checked with the police and the fire department.
Find out why so many have been injured, and why it wasn't extinguished sooner.
- Yoon Yu Rae.
- Yes? Collect any CCTV footage, black box footage, or eyewitness statements and figure out how the explosion happened.
- Yes, Captain Hwang.
- Ki Ha Myung.
Meet with the factory owner and find out what was being disposed at the time of explosion and find out if there have been any other similar waste plant explosions in the past.
Yes, Captain Hwang.
Forget that I'm here, and carry on with the meeting.
Captain is the one in charge of these meetings.
Il Joo, try to find out what happened at the time of the explosion.
Call the experts and find out what could've happened.
Yes, Captain Kim.
Seo Bum Jo, report any official statements that are released by the officials.
In Ha, find out if there have been any other similar waste plant explosions in the past.
Wouldn't it be more important to interview their family members first? Find out if there are any newlyweds or any other heart wrenching stories.
And find an injured victim who is still thinking clearly to hear what happened directly from the source, wouldn't you say? Manager Sung, that's a bit Think about what it is that the viewers may want to know about before you start assigning tasks, okay? Okay, pretend that I'm really not here and carry on with the meeting.
If you're not here, then stop interrupting constantly.
Who do you think can best handle going out to the scene to manage it? [It's been a while, so how about we get together for lunch later?.]
Be careful out there on the site, and report anything you find immediately.
- Make sure to capture everything on film.
- Yes, Sir.
Ki Ha Myung.
Why is Cap Hwang only giving them to you? What have you done for Cap Hwang that he shows such favor upon you? Ugh, you're so immature.
It's not like that.
That's the case file from 13 years ago.
- The case in which your father was innocent.
- Yeah.
It must be all the information that Cap Hwang gathered together 13 years ago.
I thought that there seemed to be a lot of similarities between the two cases myself.
- I guess Cap Hwang must've thought the same.
- Yeah.
That's why he must've thought that it would be more meaningful if I looked into it.
Oh, was that it? You should've told me.
Well, it's understandable.
They've lived together for over ten years, so it's a given they'd get each other.
But who cares about that now? It's over between them.
There's no need to worry about her.
I'm sorry for being so late.
Traffic was awful out on the roads.
Not at all, I just arrived myself.
Things have been tough for you lately, haven't they? No, not at all.
It's been nice being reminded of my old days as an investigative reporter through this.
I've asked for this meeting because I had a favor to ask of you with the recent fire explosion case.
I can see from the files that there are a lot of similarities between the two cases.
They were both your average waste factories with an explosion that erupted into fire.
The high casualties from the explosions are also the same for both cases.
Why did the explosions occur? I think there were explosive waste chemicals at the factory.
Illegal explosive waste chemicals.
Bum Jo, how did you Thanks to someone, I'm now curious to find out what happened 13 years ago myself.
So I looked into it a little.
I'm worried that this case will be linked to the case that occurred 13 years ago.
It did get briefly brought up during the meeting earlier.
I knew that was going to happen.
Even my own son is starting to talk about what happened 13 years ago and it's really bothering me.
- Your son? - Guess he thinks he's a reporter now.
Anyway these are sensitive times.
We can't continue to have the buried past resurfacing like this so we need to take some precautions.
Take a look at this and change the flow of the story for me.
What's this? I'm very close to the Senator who passed the permit for the building to be constructed.
He was worried that he may suffer damage to his career because of this case so I gave him a tip that I learned from 13 years ago.
I think you'll find that quite useful, just like you did 13 years ago.
It's nearly impossible to find any articles that link the factory owner to the dumping of illegal explosive waste chemicals.
I was only able to find little snippets and it seems he reached a settlement with the families and he practically got off with a slight slap on the wrist.
That's all the news coverage it had when nine people lost their lives? Everywhere you look, it's all about Ki Ho Sang.
Every news article is about Fireman Ki Ho Sang.
Ah I know he was your father, and I'm sorry if I sounded callous.
I didn't know either.
I didn't realize that there were so few related news articles to be found.
This is really ridiculous.
Your father didn't even start the fire, so why did they focus so much on him? If someone was going to be held responsible, then it should've been whoever started the fire.
Why did it happen like that? What are we missing? Looking at all the news articles as a whole, they seem forced and awkward.
As if the focus was purposely shifted over to your father.
There aren't any files on the illegal chemical waste dumping, are there? All identities were kept anonymous, so it's impossible to verify.
Ha Myung.
Ki Ha Myung, where are you going? What's wrong with him all of a sudden? - He's starting to have doubts.
- Doubts? What doubts? Doubts that it's possible that his father had been used as a scapegoat.
And he's starting to get curious about why those things happened to his father.
Cap Hwang.
- I need to ask you something.
- What is it? The current case is very similar to the case that occurred 13 years ago.
Everyone's trying to figure out the cause and the person responsible for this case but why didn't the same thing occur 13 years ago? Why was all the focus shifted onto my father, who had no part in how the fire got started? At first, we started searching for the person responsible for causing the explosion.
Then out of the blue, the focus of the investigation got shifted over to your father.
Are you saying someone did that on purpose? I don't know that either.
It's just a theory.
Cap Hwang! MSC News is airing an exclusive! Over 41 people became injured from yesterday's waste factory explosion.
It's been found that the tragedy could be the result of a police officer's negligence.
The security camera footage from one day before the explosion is now in the exclusive possession of MSC News Station.
Reporter Sung Cha Ok is on the scene.
I'm out on the scene where over 40 people have either died or were injured yesterday.
Even though the fire has been extinguished, the stench of the gas still stings the air.
But the factory CCTV footage reveals that this awful tragedy could've been avoided.
She is something else.
How did she get her hands on that CCTV footage? She really is something.
The day before the fire erupted a police officer comes to the factory after receiving a report of an explosion.
The police officer exchanges a few words with a couple of factory employees and then leaves after taking a few cursory glances around the site.
The police officer spends a total of less than five minutes on the site.
- That's Chan Soo.
- Chan Soo? You can't mean your old friend, Ahn Chan Soo? The police officer in question, Officer Ahn of Han River District reportedly did not take any precautionary measurements after visiting the site.
Nothing seemed out of the norm, so I just left.
I think I was out there for maybe about five or ten minutes.
That's absolutely absurd! That garbage isn't news! Even the factory employees are stating that the police could've prevented the tragedy.
He just asked a few questions and then he left.
- Yes, Team Leader.
- You crazy bastard! Why would you give that interview and dig your own grave like that? I didn't think much of it because they said they had some questions to ask about the fire.
How could you not have thought much of it? How are you going to resolve this? Team Leader.
Did I really do something that frightening? Did I really do that? Tragically, over 40 people were either killed or injured the very next day.
That police officer is my friend.
What? He's my friend, Ahn Chan Soo.
Sung Cha Ok reporting from MSC News.
How is this Ahn Chan Soo's fault? How can she do this? This is absolutely absurd.
Chan Soo was only sent out there because a butane gas tank exploded.
That couldn't have been the cause of the fire erupting the next day.
This really is very similar to the case that occurred 13 years ago.
I think this is what happened then, too.
Everyone was trying to figure out what caused the fire when your father's name was suddenly mentioned like how your friend, Chan Soo, is being mentioned now.
So people fell for the ridiculous story that they were being fed? Is that what happened to you, too? I'm sorry.
Even though it may only sound like an excuse I thought that it was true at the time.
When a dog is heard barking then other dogs in the neighborhood start to bark along without even knowing the reason.
But I get it now.
I realize that I was just a neighborhood dog.
Manager Sung is insane.
How is this Ahn Chan Soo's fault? How can she so carelessly make that statement? - How does this make any sense? - It doesn't.
Manager Sung.
That exclusive was absurd.
How is this case Ahn Chan Soo's fault? Officer Ahn is your old classmate, isn't he? He's your friend, so you've lost your ability to remain rational about this and I have no intentions of responding to any groundless accusations either.
I'm not Officer Ahn's friend, and I haven't lost my rationality either.
Then will you respond to me? The report Officer Ahn received was for a private usage butane gas explosion.
The report he received has zero correlation to this case.
I'm sure that's what Ahn Chan Soo would say.
He's not going to admit fault to it.
Have you met with the factory worker who made the initial report? I tried to meet with him, but he was still unconscious.
- It was very disappointing.
- So you're saying that you didn't.
Then what evidence do you have to state that Officer Ahn is to blame for this case? Let me ask you something.
What evidence do you have to claim that Officer Ahn isn't to blame for this case? I, at least have the CCTV footage to make my claims but what evidence do you have? And what I mentioned was a possibility, not a forgone conclusion.
- Is that a problem? - Yes, it's a problem.
Because people accept that possibility for being the truth.
Just like they did 13 years ago.
Why is what happened 13 years ago being brought up in this conversation? Was it this kind of weak possibility that you used to completely destroy an innocent family? Then bring me even a weak piece of evidence to support that argument of yours! Don't be so unilaterally blinded because he's your friend but dispute it by showing concrete evidence like a real reporter should and would! I will be back with that evidence.
I will find and bring back the evidence to prove that Ahn Chan Soo is innocent.
An innocent person's life will not be destroyed like it was 13 years ago.
The flow of the story that you're trying to change I vow to return it to its rightful path.
- What brings you by here? - I'll just get straight to the point.
- My son likes your daughter.
- What? - He likes my In Ha? - Yes.
- You didn't know? - No, I didn't know.
I'll take care of In Ha, and tell her not to go near your son again.
- No, you can't do that! - Excuse me? I came here hoping that you would look favorably upon my son.
- What did you say? - Please help my son.
Can you please support my son? Please? My goodness The son of a Chairman as my son-in-law? Maybe my luck is starting to change.
My goodness.
I don't want to.
Why wouldn't you want to? Maybe it'll help you find your real family.
I don't want to find them! Dal Po.
I don't want to find them.
So please Please, Mr.
You remember your family, don't you? Don't you? Tell me what kind of people they were.
Did you all commit some sort of a crime? Is that why you're in hiding? Five Gwang, Godori, and three go's! Three go's with your Gwang-Bak and Pi-Bak makes it 8,400 Won for me.
If by any chance If a really rich boy were to like In Ha, then what should I do about it? Having a lot of money is nice.
But someone like that likes In Ha? If by a chance What if In Ha likes someone who doesn't even have two coins to rub together? Really? - Then the penniless boy - No, you can't be so hasty like that! I'm not talking about your average rich.
He'd be like five Gwangs, with Mung-Dda, Godori, and three go's on top of it all.
And the other is broke like being both Gwang Bak and Pi Bak.
- That huge of a difference? - Yes.
A huge, ginormously gargantuan difference.
- That broke one - Father! But you said that's who In Ha likes.
Hey, you're not some snot who'd try to make money off your own child, are you? Yes, I'm a snot.
I'm the snottiest of all snots.
It's not good to compare people.
Once you start doing that then it's the end of happiness and the start of misery.
In Ha.
I can't ask you to be with me right now.
But Please don't go to someone else.
Okay, I won't.