Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e15 Episode Script

Don Quixote

01 Pinocchio Episode 15 It really is so similar to the incident from thirteen years ago.
It was also like this before.
brEveryone was searching for the cause but suddenly the story about your father popped up, just like Chan Soo right now.
How could this be Ahn Chan Soo's responsibility? How could she decide it so easily?! Chief, this story does not make sense.
Why is Ahn Chan Soo to be blamed for this incident? He's your schoolmate, right? Because he is your friend, you are losing focus.
I don't want to argue with someone doesn't know what she is talking about.
I am not his schoolmate nor have I lost focus.
Then will you reply? The report that he received was about an explosion of a butane gas cannister for family use.
It has nothing to do with this case.
Of course you would think he has nothing to do with it.
Would you say it was your fault if it were you? Have you met with the factory person who reported it to the police? I tried to meet him, but he is unconscious.
-It was so regretful.
br -That means that you have not met him.
Then, on what basis are you trying to say that Ahn Chan Soo is liable for this incident? That's what I want to ask.
With what basis do you have that you can say that he is not to be blamed? At least I have the CCTV to back up my argument but what do you have? And I just provided a doubt, but I didn't make any conclusion.
Could that be a problem? It is a problem, people accept that speculation as a fact.
Just like thirteen years ago.
Why does the story of thirteen years ago come out here? Did you use this kind of an evidence and ruin a family?!? That's why bring that evidence to argue with! Don't think one-sidedly because he is your friend, but as a reporter, bring proper evidence! I will bring the evidence and dispute you.
I will find evidence that Ahn Chan Soo is not at fault.
There will be no incident where a person's life is lost as there was thirteen years ago.
The flow that you are trying to change, I will return it to it's right place.
How are you? Ahn Chan Soo from the Han River police station came here to visit the reporters.
Chan Soo, why are you here? I dropped by while patrolling.
Are you okay? Of course.
Officer Ahn, is it true that after getting the report on the explosion you just came back? Yeah.
I was going to talk about that anyway that's why I came.
This is the site of the waste disposal factory, in which forty people died or got hurt.
All electricity has been turned off, but the acrid smell of gas is still strong.
But the fact that this disaster could've been avoided was exposed through this CCTV.
It is true that I went because I received a report, but when I went it was just a butane gas accident.
The workers were cooking ramyun.
It was a butane gas can, you know, the small one for family use.
That was what exploded.
It was just that? But looking at the CCTV, you just didn't investigate, you stood there with relaxed leg posture and nonchalantly left.
So much so that "Ahn Chan Soo relaxed leg posture" is on the top of search list on internet.
The day before the fire explosion, an officer who received a report of an explosion enters the factory.
The officer who seems to be talking to the worker looks around and leaves the factory quickly.
The time spent there was only five minutes.
Officer Ahn in Han River Police Station, revealed that he did not take any precautions.
That leaning on one leg was iffy.
You looked like you didn't care.
Polices have a reason to lean on one leg when they are standing up.
This belt, because of the stun gun and hand cuffs it weighs more than 3 kilos.
And with that because of the weight difference, they lean on one leg.
And the the hip would be unbalanced.
brAmong the work related sickness of policemen, herniated disk is one of them.
That you can't misunderstand that for insincerity.
The police officer said that the explosion was not a big deal, and left it alone.
The day after, a major disaster occurred, brwhich caused death or injury to forty people.
The people can only feel despair.
MSC News, I'm Song Cha Ok.
That time, the person who reported also said sorry.
He was sorry for calling the police just for a small matter.
Everyone was making a fuss saying to cancel the report but I responded so rapidly.
They could not cancel it.
It was that, right?brI knew it would be so.
You must feel wronged.
That's why, everyone please write a good article.
What is this envelope? Is this a bribe telling us to write a good article? That's not it.
It's an invitation to a First Birthday Party.
My third son.
First Birthday Celebration?brAnd your third child?? It's lunch the day after tomorrow, so drop by and eat.
Chan br- Chan Soo, see me for a moment.
Why? I still have a lot to say.
Hey!br- What's wrong? Get out, you punk! Hey! Hey! Hey! Punk! I was not done yet! I haven't distributed all the invitations.
Are you crazy? Are you going to have your third son's first birthday with this situation? Why? What's wrong with having a first birthday for my son? Can't you understand the situation? brDidn't you see the news? All the whole world knows that you are to blame.
How many times do I tell youbr that I have nothing to do with that incident.
We know.
We know, but the situation is bad.
If you have your child's first birthday, bryou will be caught royally by the people and you will have a thousand antis as guests.
Chan Soo, I have gone through this so I know.
It will be extremely hard for you.
I know what you are worried about.
But then I am stronger than you think.
brI won't be shakened by this ridiculous suspicion.
I'm sorry, Chan Soo.
I'm really sorry.
What are you sorry about?br What is there for you to be sorry about? No It's because of my mom that you are having a hard time.
You punk, is that something you should apologize for? Cheer up.
brI won't just watch you being accused wrongly.
Me too.
I'm thankful.
brI have no one else aside from my schoolmates.
Thank you, friend.
Thank you.
Hang in there well.
Chan Soo.
I was worried he would be like us thirteen years ago, br but it's a relief.
He's hanging in there well and strong.
He's probably pretending to be strong.
Inside, he must be shivering inside.
I was like that in the past too.
Well I also thought you did hang in there very well.
Are you alright? What? The incident thirteen years ago and Chan Soo's incident brare so much alike.
Will you be okay thinking about it over and over brwhile you are investigating? It's okay.
This time is different from then.
That time, there was no reporter who was good,br but now there is one.
Who is the good reporter? Me.
What's with you? You have become pompous.
Is that so? Episode 15: Don Quixote Chief, from now on, will items continue to come in? Proceed comfortably, as if I were not here.
I understand.
Il Joo, you start first.
Nowadays, Officer Ahn is in the center of attention.
I'm thinking about making an item of how Officer Ahn lost a criminal one week ago.
I also secured the CCTV of the scene where he lost the suspect.
What's the use of getting an item from a week ago? It's been a week but now people are curious.
Then it's not a has-been item.
What is the reason why you are trying to target Ahn Chan Soo? Shouldn't you be investigating the factory employees, etc? Yes, and losing the suspect and the fire are not connected.
These seriously.
I also think so That they are unrelated? The person who caused 16 deaths because he didn't see the reason of the fire is also a policeman who lost his suspect.
Don't they both say that he's a slipshod cop? Why are you looking at me like that? No, I've become so out of it, because you are here.
Is the cause of the accident still unknown? Did you check on the firefighters and the police forensics people? Yes, I have been checking on it, but they said the cause would be out in a week.
They are saying that the point of fire may be the warehouse but they are saying that it's still only an assumption.
This is the problem with fire incidents.
It's hard to find the cause.
Next, Chan Chu Ri, Yes.
There was an incident in which Ahn lost a suspect.
A policeman who missed the fire incident, even lost a suspect, won't that be a story? That! Who said that he missed the fire case? Is that a verified fact? No because that's what everyone knows.
I'm not sure.
That's not what I know.
Don't be influenced by news that is not confirmed.
Don't influence others, either.
Cap! Jjang (the best)! What's with her? Don't forget Gi Ho Sang's case thirteen years ago.
Remember the reason why that case was used during your interview.
In the future, before the cause of the fire has been officially verified, you should not use Ahn Chan Soo as the subject of a news item.
Until everything is revealed, don't give out suspicions but just facts.
Or else the anger will go to the wrong place, all right? -Yes.
br-Yes -Yes.
That was what I said when I scolded him for the Gi Ho Sang case.
It must have lingered for a long time.
It's not your words which linger; it's called holding a grudge.
That The day before the explosion in the waste disposal factory, Officer Ahn, who just returned to the station after the report of an explosion, has been revealed as the officer who lost a culprit inside the police station in the past.
Saying that he was a person who could have prevented the foreseen event, he is again on the chopping block.
What! Cap.
Exactly why I want to put you on the chopping block.
Aigoo! Why? What are you doing? What is that? It's the CCTV that Chief got from the factory.
I'm checking if there is anything in this.
Let's watch it together.
Do you have any bandaid or something? What for? Since I wore new shoes, the back of my heel keeps peeling.
I will go buy some.
No, I He's fast.
How did Reporter Song get a CCTV from this place? Are you okay? Oh? Why did you come here? You're not even assigned here.
There's something I'm curious about.
You should be.
If you don't see (me) you would want to see (me) and be curious.
I thought you had feelings leftover for In Ha but I guess you don't.
That I have something to ask.
Where is the factory CCTV stored? In the basement, where we keep records.
How do we go there? You won't be able to.
Because of the explosion we can't even find the entrance.
Oh? That's strange.
Not long ago, Reporter Song Cha Ok reported with a factory CCTV.
I found that strange too.
You can't go to the control room.
Then aside from the control room, do you have anywhere you store CCTV footage? There is.
But not here, but there.
KND Are you awake? I didn't sleep.
brI guess I slept.
You didn't even sleep for 10 mins.
brLook at this.
Why? Did you find anything? Look at this part.
It's strange, right? Oh! It jumped, why did the person there appear there.
I think this was edited.
But wasn't the CCTV the original, the one the Chief obtained? Yeah.
She said it was original but how could it be cut in the middle? It seems like someone intentionally deleted it.
Intentionally? Is this before or after Chan Soo came? After.
Chief, I have something to ask.
The CCTV video that you got from the factory is it the original? Why are you asking me that? There was an edited part in the middle.
brIf it was the original, there's no way it could have been edited.
The CCTV probably stopped for a while.
Chief! I have something I want to ask too.
That CCTV, is it true that you got it from the factory? Of course, I got it from the factory.
The factory from the accident was the one capturing the scene, so where else would I get it? When I went to the factory, the control room in which the CCTV is stored collapsed completely.
If so, it means that you got it from the security firms and not the factory.
To put it It said that the CCTV cannot be released to the outside unless it's to the head of the factory.
Head of the factory? Then you got the CCTV from the owner of the factory? No.
You should move your hand.
I don't have time to play with your jokes.
If it goes like this, then it would be a different story.
brIf the company sent you the CCTV then it means that it is edited and tampered with.
And in that edited portion, the real cause is there.
I said to bring evidence and argue, did I say to bring suspicion? Yes.
Please wait.
I will find that missing part and dispute you.
If what you said is right, my mom placed the blame purposely on Chan Soo.
To cover the real person responsible for it.
I just thought it could be I thought I could be President Should we meet for a while.
Where are you going? I need to find the edited part.
brThe answer would be there for certain.
How will you find that? I need to search through all the CCTV's around the factory.
It's probably not just one or two, but when will you finish all that? I need to search it even if it's a hundred or thousand.
brChan Soo, we can't just leave him as he is.
I'll be going first.
Where are you going? I will search through all the CCTV's near the factory.
Something is hidden in the edited part.
Hey! Your nose is bleeding.
Nosebleed? Oh right.
On Chan Soo's son's birthday please include my gift.
Hey! You stayed up all night.
You should take a nap first.
It's okay, I'm fine.
And I'm sorry so I can't rest.
What are you sorry for? Chae In Ha! With that feet, where is she going? Yah! What is this? Hello? Hey, who are you? Who are you, that you have my cellphone? Yoon Yoo Rae? Why is this in my bag? Hey, do you know how much trouble I got into with Chief Rigid because of you? Your wallpaper is a picture of Ha Myeong.
Oh, that? It's just that I feel a bit sorry for Ha Myeong.
I'm thinking about whether I should finally accept him.
What? By chance, did you really think that Ha Myeong liked you? Yes, you're the one who said that he liked me.
Yoo Rae, I'm sorry.
That was a lie.
- What?br- The situation back then wasn't going as expected, so I lied to change the subject.
I'm sorry.
I see.
But now the lie has become the truth.
What? Ha Myeong really likes me now.
Hey, there's no way that's true! Ha Myeong Stop! A phone call came just at the right time.
I wonder who it is? Gi Ha Myeong You saw that, right? It's a call from Ha Myeong.
Yes, Ha Myeong.
It's me, Ha Myeong.
Yes, go ahead.
I don't think I can go to Chan Soo's child's first birthday party today.
I need you to give congratulatory money in my place.
I need to find all the security cameras in the vicinity of that factory.
Okay, leave it to me.
Also, take good care of Chan Soo.
Don't worry.
Do a good job collecting data for the news.
See that? He asked me to take good care of Chan Soo.
Instead of you or In Ha, why would it be me? You get the answer.
The person Gi Ha Myeong likes is me.
Yeah, I wish that were true also.
How much congratulatory money do chaebols like you give? Is it a hundred dollars? Or a thousand dollars? I need to find all the security cameras in the vicinity of that factory.
I'm going to go look around for security cameras near the factory.
I feel like there's something hidden in the part that was edited.
Yoo Rae, I'm going to let you off here, so take a taxi there.
What? I'm sorry.
I'm also going to ask you to give the congratulatory money in my place.
What's going on? Did I ask a question that I shouldn't have? I'm really curious as to how much this is.
Seo Beom Jo CCTV (security camera)brCCTV Hello.
It's me.
Where are you? I'm near the factory.
Near the factory? I see you! Wait for me.
What are you doing here? How are you going to find all those by yourself? Let's find them together.
I marked where all the security cameras are in the vicinity of the factory.
I'll take this side, so you take the other side of the street.
Also, when I looked earlier, these three places didn't have security cameras.
My goodness, I watched the news very well.
As always, the two of you seem so dependable.
I got some points from the Assemblyman, due to you.
It's fortunate that we were able to help you.
The Assemblyman has a good heart but due to his weak mind he can't sleep at night because of the accident, fearing the incident will be connected to him.
When the Olympics starts, the whole nation's curiosity will be naturally focused on the Olympics.
Please use Officer Ahn to block him until that time.
I'll compensate you well.
Chief Reporter Song? Yes, Madame CEO.
Is there something bothering you? You've seemed uneasy since earlier.
Actually, YGN's Gi Ha Myeong came to see me today.
He found out that the security camera footage you gave us was edited.
But how did he I think he plans to check all the security cameras in that area.
What should we do? Chief Reporter Song, you sure do worry a lot.
Perhaps, is it possible to get those security camera files? Do you really think that I didn't expect that? I took care of it, so don't worry.
Oh, that? Right after the accident, someone came for it.
Who was it? They were in suits.
I'm not sure if they were police officers or insurance agents.
Wait, the recording from that day is the only thing missing? Other than me, did anyone else look at these security camera files? That's weird, people from the insurance company came and saw it all.
Is that why? Why is it missing? I'm not that careless.
Someone came and took it earlier.
I see.
Don't be concerned about that child's mischief.
You just worry about what you need to do, Chief Song.
If you're shaken by the mischief of small fry like that, it makes you look small.
Isn't that so? That is correct, I worried for no apparent reason.
Did you find any? No, none, you? I didn't find any.
It looks like someone intentionally deleted every one of them.
Do you think that someone actually deleted them all? Yeah.
There must have been something in that edited part.
That is good news.
I'll go around again, so go back.
No, I'll go around as well.
That idiot.
Mother Reporter Gi Ha Myeong, is the investigation going well? You said that you are going to argue with me using evidence.
Did you find any? No, I was being childish.
Childish? What? I thought that Ahn Chan Soo situation was unfair.
And only thought to solve that unfairness.
But as I went around to find the CCTVs, I realized that my perspective too narrow.
That there is someone who was able to deal with the security camera footage in the vicinity of the factory beforehand is hiding the truth of this incident.
I've found that out.
Please tell the person that gave you the CCTV.
That I'm grateful for the hint.
The Sapphire Hall.
Kara Hall Sapphire Hall There it is.
What is this? There are reporters here? In an expensive event hall located near Han River district, One more time.
Though he could have prevented this tragic accident, Ahn Chang Soo who is being accused of negligent in his duties that caused a major accident, Instead of self-reflection, he's holding a first birthday celebration for his child.
Today, at an expensive event hall to hold his child's first birthday event, there were many negative reactions.
We are having a first year birthday celebration.
Don't film this.
Isn't it because of your negligence? It's not certain whether I'm to blame for the fire.
Is it wrong for a father to celebrate his child's birthday? Saying that it is proper for one to respect the victims' loss, The bereaved families are indignant.
From MTS News, this is Han Why are you watching that? I told you not to watch.
Mom, what does it mean "Citizen's mold".
(The phrase is suppose to be "Citzen's cane" meaning that he supports them, but that changed that with mold, which rhymes with that word cane in Korean) That what are you talking about? The kids called dad "citizen's mold.
" They misused it, right? Who? Who said that? Honey, where are you going? Yes, Dal Po.
Are you alright? Where are you now? I am going to MSC.
I will go meet with Reporter Song Cha Ok and argue with her.
What? Hey! Wait for a while! See me first! Hey! Chan Soo! In Ha, it's me.
Stop Chan Soo.
Chan Soo is on the way to your broadcasting station.
He said he'll argue with Reporter Song Cha Ok.
I will go in.
I'm a police officer.
How many times do I have to tell you that I'm not here to set fire but to have a conversation.
A conversation.
If you won't let me in then call Reporter Song Cha Ok then.
- Chan Soo.
br- What's wrong? If you do this here then the reporters will gather.
brFirst, calm down.
I would want to but they keep bothering me.
Chan Soo.
Hey, you saw the news tonight, right? You saw how the reporters ruined my child's birthday? That's why I told you not to do it and that you will see something bad.
That's why! Why do I have to see those things? - I know you didn't do anything wrong.
br- If you know then say it! Say it to the people that it's not me! Don't curse me and leave my family alone, tell them! You are reporters, you believe me! That's why tell them that it's not me.
Please tell them.
In Ha you go and tell them that it's not me.
Reporter Song Cha Ok is your mother.
She would listen to you.
Please tell her.
Chan Soo.
- Chan Soo, stop it.
br- You said it That you won't just look on me being unfairly cursed at.
Do some do something, please, huh? In Ha.
- Are you okay?br- No, I'm not okay.
Where are you going? I will go to the factory and find any CCTVs left.
At this hour? You need to rest.
You stayed up all night watching that CCTV.
Today you went around running.
Look at your foot! It's bleeding! It's okay.
I don't feel a thing.
Okay? You'll faint! I'm really okay.
Look, I'm not hiccuping.
I'm in a hurry, why isn't it coming? Stop it! Why are you going to this extent! What should I do then? You saw Chan Soo and Dal Po.
Both of them are my friends, but because of my mom Chan Soo is going to become like Dal Po thirteen years ago! How could I rest? I'm so sorry that I could go crazy so how can I stay still? Why do you have to be sorry? Because my mom is not apologizing and not correcting things.
Then let's go in my car.
Close your eyes even on the way.
Because my mom is not apologizing or correcting it.
- Il Joo.
br Did someone clear my desk? No.
Did you lose something? No.
It's nothing.
Ohhh! Im Ji Hwan.
Now that you have your hair down, you look like a girl.
Oh, Lee Il Joo, now that I see you caked in foundation, now you look like a woman.
Hey, that's BB.
I saw your report well, but then I think that it's a report that shouldn't be done by you, who could stop the news in three or four days.
Hey! It was Officer Ahn who could stop the news three or four days, not me.
I remember you reporting that.
If you reported it back then, this disaster wouldn't have happened! - It happened half a year ago, half a year.
br- Is that so? It hasn't been a year? If I were you, I think in the future I wouldn't be able to think of wedding or first birthdays.
Because you would have your conscience needling you.
That blockhead, really! Why did he not greet me? What should I do with that what should I do with them? So, why do I have to see that? What wrong did I do? There must be a reason! Why are you suspecting someone without finding out? Those are just rumors! Yo! You're here? - Why is your face so rugged? Did you stay up all night?br- Yeah.
What are you watching? The original of the CCTV that Reporter Song reported, In Ha sent it through mail.
What is this? I don't know.
Isn't that light blinking a black box? It seems like it.
Hey, if we just have to find this car! That's right.
At this angle, the situation in the factory would be recorded.
What's the plate number? Team Leader, please search it for me.
Why are you doing this, Reporter Yoon?brYou know it's not allowed.
It's not even something else but one that saves Officer Ahn.
Do it, Team Leader.
I really hate going against the rules.
You are too much.
You're such a uptight rule-follower! Thank you, Team Leader.
I hate you.
The address and the owner's name.
I really had a hard time getting that.
Thank you, really.
brI'll treat you big time.
- Should I go with you?br- No, it's enough with myself.
Rascal, your smile is very fresh.
♬ I know that you can't trust anyone ♬ ♬ Now, ♬ ♬ you can't .
♬ ♬ It doesn't seem like they are going to tell you the truth ♬ ♬ I know you can't tell the truth ♬ ♬ Now you don't even try ♬ ♬ to tell the truth any longer ♬ This was was part that was deleted by Reporter Song Cha Ok in the CCTV.
This is two hours after Officer Ahn stopped by.
- So she edited the video to hide these trucks? br- Yes.
I have to find more information to find out, but if Reporter Song found the CCTV from the factory, these trucks are the problem.
brThat's why she cut them out of the video.
Did you check this business Chan Joo Glasses? Yes, they are trucks that collect glass.
We can predict that the truck has glass waste or scrap.
-For now, hand over this video to Jang Hyeon Gyoobr and keep on obtaining information.
br -Yes, Cap.
Cap! I don't think that we should only reveal the reason for the fire for this case.
We have to find why Ahn Chan Soo was unjustifiedly accused and all the people truly responsible for the incident.
Do you think that from here I will intentionally cover up this story? No.
Really? Are you sure that the trucks came in after I came? That's what I'm saying.
When is that airing? If that airs, am I free of my crime? We are going to broadcast it as soon as we're done with the additional investigation.
And Cap said that we're not going to end at once.
We are going to uncover everything that is hidden behind you.
Thank you.
Thank you so much! Thank you, Dal Po! Thank you! Get away from me, so disgusting.
You saved me.
You're crazy.
I'm going.
Dal Po.
In high school, What are you hesitating? The person that made the rumor that you cheated on the test to go on the quiz show - Was me.
br- What? After something like this happened, I remembered back then a lot.
It seems like I am being punished for my actions in high school.
Anyway, I'm really sorry.
Wow, I'm pissed.
I ran around on this cold day to save this kind of rascal? Hey, I will text you my bank number, So give me back the congratulatory money.
Hey! Really, that bastard.
Chief, what are you looking for? Oh, I lost the phone number of the news source.
It's not that important.
Why is she looking for something that isn't important? Hey, Dal Pyeong.
Are there any more pictures of Dal Po when he was young? I want to visit Dal Po's brother.
What are you doing? What are you looking at? This phone belongs to In Ha's mom.
What is it doing here? She could have given it to In Ha.
Why would she give a cellphone that is over ten years old? It could have something important in it.
Important what? Stop asking me? What would I know? That weird bastard.
It's not a big deal.
I erased everything anyway.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I thought that my range of vision was too narrow.
I found that the person who edited out the CCTV of the factory in advance is hiding the truth behind this incident.
If you perhaps know this person, please tell her.
That I thank them for giving me the hint.
The phone is turned off.
You will be directed to voice mail.
Why isn't she answering her phone? Yoon Yoo Rae, did you perhaps see In Ha today? No, I didn't see her.
About the blackbox earlier Sung Hak, did you perhaps see In Ha? I haven't seen her.
Where did she go? Yeah, Seo Beom Jo.
It's me.
Do you know where she is? Really? Where is that? Yeah.
74 Reo 387 Seo Beom Jo! Where is In Ha? Why isn't she answering her phone? Why? Now you're thinking about her? - What? br- To resolve the Officer Ahn's case, In Ha didn't sleep for days, and is walking around with bleeding feet while her nose is bleeding.
You didn't know? No, I will look around more.
You only can see Chief Song right now, right? All you are thinking about is how you can bring her down, right? Because of you, you don't see In Ha, who is struggling like as if she is the one who did something wrong? In Ha thinks that the reason why Officer Ahn is having a hard time is because of her.
She says that what happened thirteen years ago was her fault as well.
She said that whenever she looks at you, she feels like a criminal.
Let me ask you.
What did In Ha do wrong? Is it her fault that she is the daughter of Chief Song? - If you are going to make her have a hard time, just cut it out and let her go! br- Stop it.
What is this? You just make her have a hard time! But do you know what pisses me off the most? I want to stop that fool, but she doesn't listen to my words at all! No matter how much I tell her that she did nothing wrong and should rest because it's not her responsibility, she doesn't listen to me! It's because that means that you have to tell her for her to listen.
Where is In Ha? She is in Baegudong.
♬ You're crying ♬ ♬ Standing behind you, ♬ ♬ I'm crying as well ♬ Is that true? The one Ha Myeong likes is In Ha? Do you now believe me? ♬ I want to wipe the tears from your eyes ♬ ♬ The night air is so cold ♬ I'm really sorry.
What do I do? If I were you, I wouldn't even want to look at someone like me.
Whenever you look at me, you must think of my mom a lot.
You must feel hate and annoyance.
Don't worry about me, and say whatever you want to my mom and demand with her.
I'm sorry.
♬ Even in the future ♬ ♬ I will remember you ♬ ♬ My love, my precious person ♬ ♬ Only you are my destiny ♬ Dal Po I mean, Ha Myeong! Hey! ♬ We will be together someday ♬ I found something amazing! That factory's CCTV when I saw it again, there was a car.
That car might have a blackbox.
And that blackbox could have the hour that was edited out.
Isn't it awesome? You didn't know, right? Aren't I smart? I wrote down the car number, so let's find it together.
If we find that, we can save Chan Soo.
You can stop now.
I already found the blackbox, and the time that was edited out.
Really? You thought of that blackbox too? Why didn't you tell me? You should have told me sooner.
Why did you turn your phone off? Oh I was running around outside, so I didn't have time to charge it.
Why are you so angry? I found it, so give it a rest and head back.
What was edited? Can we save Chan Soo with that? We can start collecting data now.
What a relief.
That's seriously a relief.
What's wrong? I don't know.
I lost all my strength in my legs.
Did you eat? Eat? Now that I think of it, when did I last eat? You For now, just get on.
No, no.
I can go by myself.
I'm okay.
I was abandoned.
To put it directly, I think I was dumped.
In my damned heart, you're alive.
I was really stupid! A fool! I thought that you loved me! Eat this, you egg roll! Die! Die! ♬ Without anyone realizing, you who is alive in my heart, I am going to kill you.
Didn't she come in here before too? ♬ Without me knowing You're not going to clean her up this time either? She will leave on her own when she wakes up.
That's why my dad told me that your body suffers if you have a stupid brain.
If I looked investigated the cars, it would have been simple.
I just randomly went around.
Have you told Chan Soo? I was really sorry towards Chan Soo, so it's a relief.
Then from now, we just have to dig through the black box, right? -You have to give us that info, okay? br -Yeah.
When I first saw the CCTV, if I thought of the black box, it wouldn't have taken so long.
Why am I so stupid? I'm really sorry.
Stop saying you're sorry.
What do you have to be sorry for? - I just br- You weren't the one who talked badly about my father.
It wasn't you who talked badly about Chan Soo.
But why are you apologizing? You're acting strange.
Why do you keep getting mad at me? You're making me mad! And irritated! You're the one who said it.
You said not to worry about you or comfort you.
You said to stay still so that you won't crumble.
All I can do is to be sorry! What else can I do? Even that makes me worried.
Starting now, I'll never do anything from now on.
From now on, I won't worry or comfort you.
And I won't feel sorry.
Is that good? ♬ When I look into your eyes, ♬ ♬ My trembling heart flutters ♬ ♬ When I look at you, ♬ ♬ I feel like the world has stopped ♬ ♬ Like how winter passes and spring comes, ♬ ♬ I believe you will come to me too ♬ ♬ My one and only person ♬ ♬ The person who seems to be a dream-like treasure to me ♬ ♬ My first person who blossoms like a flower ♬ ♬ Just looking at you makes me cry ♬ Now that I think about it, just leaving after eating four bowls is just rude.
♬ I only have you ♬ ♬ I'll be okay if I only have you ♬ ♬ The only one in my life, my first person ♬ ♬ Just looking at you makes me cry ♬ Don't feel sorry.
To me, you're not Song Cha Ok's daughter, and you're not my niece.
To me, you're just you.
Dal Po I mean, Ha Myeong.
You can call me Dal Po.
I tried my hardest, and tried to do everything, but it's still the same.
I know that I shouldn't be like this if I think about my father, my brother, or your mother, but I can't give you up.
So we It's the same for me.
~Preview~ Do you want to stop by my house? - Your house? What house?br- The house I'm living at right now.
Son! Of course you would come back home - About this fire case that happenedbr- What do you want to ask? - Mother!br- I think we need to be more careful.
Everything on the phone before got erased? Choi In Ha, how can you sleep during a situation like this?