Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e16 Episode Script

The Emperor's New Clothes

1 Pinocchio Episode 16 Don't be sorry.
You're not Sung Cha Ok's daughter, and you're not a niece to me either.
To me, you're just you.
Dal Po I mean, Ha Myung.
You can call me Dal Po.
I gave it my best effort and I did everything I could think of but it's still the same as always.
When I think about my father, my brother, and your mother I know that I shouldn't be feeling this way.
But I just can't give you up.
So let's just I feel the same way you do.
Why is it so hard to flag down a cab? Want to walk over to a busier street? We might have better luck then.
Then we're going to have to walk for a while.
Want to stop by my place for a bit? Your place? Which place? The place where I'm living right now.
It's right across the street from here.
Hey, what What are you saying! No, I can't! Why are you overreacting? What are you thinking will happen? Is your mind in the gutter? No, it's not like that.
Well you can't tell me that inviting me over to your house doesn't sound weird.
- Don't you know what that means? - What does it mean? I'm just saying that I'm going to fix you up.
I take stray cats home all the time and treat them if they're injured.
That's all it means.
Then are you comparing me to a stray cat? I'm just saying that your current state is that of a stray cat.
Hop on my back for now.
Then it'll just be for five minutes, okay? I'm uncomfortable with staying any longer than that.
Even five minutes is too long for me.
It's okay, I can do it myself from here.
Just hold still.
Why did you let it get to this point instead of saying something? I really wasn't aware of it.
It didn't hurt at all earlier.
All finished.
That took exactly four minutes.
- Okay? - Okay.
Thanks, I'll just be going now.
I'll walk you out.
I'll help you get a cab.
Dal Po.
It's your father.
Big brother, are you home? What do we do? My dad's here, too.
I think I hear some noise coming from inside.
Big brother.
This might actually be for the better.
Let's just tell them about us right now.
Are you crazy? No, we can't.
They're definitely going to get the wrong idea if we tell them now.
No, we definitely can't tell them now.
We can't tell them like this.
Not like this.
What took you so long to answer the door? I thought we were going to freeze out there.
I was in the bathroom.
Was someone in here with you? I thought I heard some talking.
No, I'm here alone.
What was that sound just now? I had something stuck in my throat.
What brings you by at this hour? Mr.
Moon at the butcher shop just got a fresh cow so we brought you some meat, and got you some groceries too.
You didn't have to do that.
Is the boiler working well for you? You have to keep your room well heated.
Yes, the boiler works great.
Ugh, that's hurting my ears.
You shouldn't play it so loud at night.
It could disturb your neighbors.
Father, all the food has been put away, so shall we get going now? Okay.
Eat all the meat that we brought you.
And your room is still sitting empty.
Dal Peng doesn't want to use it either.
- We're leaving.
- Okay, be careful going home.
Choi In Ha.
How can you fall asleep in this situation? - You're up.
- You should've woken me up.
I'll just be going now.
Why don't you get cleaned up first? You're looking messy right now.
No, I have to get going.
I'm going.
It's long past your five minutes.
Since you're still here, get cleaned up and have some breakfast before you go.
You're okay with all this? You don't find this awkward at all? No, not at all.
In the 13 years that we've lived together, we've shared meals shared the same bathroom and even farted in front of each other so you're the awkward one for feeling so weird about it all of a sudden.
Go get cleaned up, and come sit down.
We can leave for work after breakfast.
Ugh, I thought I was going to die.
Father, I think big brother Dal Po might have a girlfriend.
What? A girlfriend? I found a long strand of hair on his floor when we were over there last night.
Oh my goodness.
Do you think it's the same girl that we met at the police station from a while back? I don't know who it is, either.
How could bring a girl into his room? Into his room! Come on, he's old enough to do that now.
His hormones should be raging at his age.
- That's understandable.
- How is that understandable? How could he be seeing another girl already when they haven't even been broken up long? That's not right! How can his love change so quickly? I don't think you have any room to talk since you have practically no dating experience.
This is a very simple meal concept.
Is this how you eat every day? It's a very sparse meal, isn't it? Father brought over some meat last night.
Want me to grill up some of that meat? No, just give me a few moments.
I'll make us breakfast.
Now this is what you call breakfast.
Yes, you're right.
What are you doing? Sit down and eat.
Huh? Okay.
I didn't know that you had a picture taken with your brother.
- We took it the day he turned himself in.
- I see.
Why are you hiccuping? That's because It's just something that I feel after what happened last night and this morning and to be honest, I don't know if I can do this.
I have to run whenever I see my dad and seeing your brother makes me feel heavy with guilt.
My mom No matter how hard I try, I can't get my mom out of my head whenever I'm around you.
But I hate the thought of giving you up even more.
So can you give me some time? I'm going to make my mom apologize to you and to your brother.
Then I think I'd be able to get over my guilt and see you with a sense of peace.
- Your hiccups have stopped.
- Huh? Yeah.
That's what'll give you a peace of mind? No matter how much I tell you that I'm okay you still won't be okay with it, will you? Okay, then let's do that.
[Episode 16- The Naked King's Invisible Cloak.]
Bum Jo, have you heard the news? - That Ha Myung found the black box? - Yeah.
YGN's agreed to share the box with us so that we can use the video footage, too! Isn't that great? Yeah, that's great.
I want to stop that fool from doing it, but my words don't even register with her! No matter how many times I tell her that it's not her fault and no matter how much I tell her it's okay and that she should rest she still doesn't listen to a word I say! It's because those words would matter only if you were the one to tell her.
Spineless idiot.
Dumb, cowardly idiot.
Why don't you make the reservation for our team's dinner outing? - You know the restaurant, Myung-gyo-gwan? - Yes.
Reserving a room is the most important part.
The open dining room is a hassle, so make sure to get a room I heard that the block box you found is being investigated by the police even as we speak.
Jang Hyun Gyu is going to follow that story report.
All our best investigative reporters will lend their expertise and we're going to work with the police and the prosecutors on this.
So there's no need for you to worry about this case getting buried.
Yes, Sir.
Thank you, Cap Hwang.
Long time no see, Hwang Gyo Dong.
Yes, it's been a while, Senior Sung.
Even though we've exclusively acquired the video footage from the black box seeing the importance of the material, we've decided to share it with others.
- When will MSC be broadcasting it? - I'm not sure.
I don't have much interest in it.
You seem quite excited after having acquired that footage? Yes.
Because that footage contains the lost time-frame which you've edited out.
Which I believe is an important enough piece of evidence to change the flow of this story.
Can't wait to see it.
Do you really think that measly footage is enough to change anything? Yes, we'll make sure of it.
We're putting the best investigative team together to ensure that this case is brought to justice.
We have no intentions of being hasty with this.
Sure, whatever.
But do you think that you can rekindle the flames of an already dead fire? I worry about that for you.
From what I just saw outside, you and Manager Sung seem pretty close.
Hey, that's an insult.
Yoon Yu Rae, are you just getting in? I was kicked to the curb In one word, I just got dumped.
How were you were kicked to the curb? By whom? By you.
What's wrong with her? She's scaring me.
Seriously, what's wrong with her? I'm not sure.
I'm sure you must've done something wrong.
- Cap Hwang! - Hello, it's nice to meet you.
'Hello, it's nice to meet you.
' 'Thank you' would be What are you doing? Why are you studying Russian? Three from the investigative team are being sent over to Sochi to cover the Olympics.
It just so happens that I minored in Russian.
You can say that I'm in the top running to be sent over to Sochi.
Reporters are being sent to cover the Olympics? Yeah, three people.
Three people.
Ouch, that's hot.
- To the Olympics? - Six reporters will be sent to Sochi.
You guys will focus on interviewing the families of competing athletes.
Cap Kim.
But what about the black box? We finally have the evidence to prove who's responsible for the factory fire.
- So what about that? - We'll have to look into that as well.
But the Olympics is a bigger story, so let's just hand over the fire case to the police.
No, we can't just go off the police report.
Another injured worker from the fire lost his life yesterday.
- That brings the death toll from 16 to 17.
- Yes, I know.
It upsets me too, and I don't like it either.
But this is the Olympics.
Don't you think assigning three of our best investigative reporters is too much? We have a ton of leads to follow up on.
Can't we send people from other divisions? - They're being sent out, too.
- No, I won't allow this.
We can't lose a single person on this.
We have more leads to follow than we can handle.
We have to check into Chanju Environmental Company and its connection to the waste factory.
Not to mention, checking to make sure that all the permits were legit.
We've already handed the black box over to the police.
We've already done our job as reporters.
They police are going to start arresting the people that are responsible for this.
Once the Olympics start, that's going to take up half the news time we have.
The investigative team has to do some coverage of the Olympics, too.
We have to notify the whole world of those that are responsible for what's happened.
That's our responsibility.
In order to correct a wrong we need to make ten, no, a hundred reports on it.
If we let this go now, then it'll just be forgotten before anything can be corrected.
Things will just get buried under the Olympics news coverage.
Who says it'll get buried? It just means that the Olympics are the bigger issue here.
MSC is sending six of their people over to Sochi.
Compared to that, we're staying very conservative.
Do you think that you can rekindle the flames of an already burned out fire? I worry about that for you.
An explosion erupted from the inside during a fire rescue mission and nine firemen have lost their lives with one reported missing.
This is exactly how it happened even back then.
After the accident, the rage of the world burned hot and my father along with the rest of the family had to face that rage.
But as more newsworthy stories started to spread the rage and the interest from the world slowly started to cool down and by the time the real culprits that were guilty of the crime came to light The two guilty parties responsible for the explosion at the waste factory were sentenced to 120 hours each of community service by the court.
the rage had already died down, and no one paid any interest.
To change the flow of the tide I was still too young and powerless.
Manager Sung is so icy.
She's always alone.
Help me, Manager Sung.
You have the power to change the flow of the tide.
Please change it.
- What do you mean? - We recovered what you've edited out.
- We've proved that you lied.
Which means - I didn't lie.
I didn't know that it had been edited either.
- It's a mistake any reporter could've made.
- Then you should correct your mistake.
Don't bury it.
If you're a true reporter - That's what you must do.
- Even if I don't, it'll still happen.
The real guilty parties will be caught with the material you've turned in and they'll be punished for it.
- That sounds like a happy ending to me.
- No.
If we just leave it like this, then it'll just be left forgotten.
Like it was 13 years ago.
I know that's what you want, too.
That's why you kept the focus on Chan Soo.
Just like you did with Fireman Ki Ho Sang 13 years ago.
There you go with your ridiculous speculations again.
I hope that they're just speculations.
I hope that it's just a mistake on my part, like you're saying.
Because had you done it on purpose, then you You'd lose even your right to apologize.
You've already told me to apologize before.
Why are you so obsessed with that? This doesn't even concern you.
But it concerns someone that I care about.
I truly and deeply like and care for Dal Po.
That's why I really want him to hear a sincere apology from you.
What does that mean? Manager Sung's daughter likes YGN's Ki Ha Myung? Sounds like it.
They're like sworn enemies.
Is that even possible? [Don't let the death of this 17th victim be in vain.
[Ki Ha Myung.]
I'm sorry for your loss.
I'm truly so sorry.
You say that you're a reporter? Please don't say that you're sorry and just find out the truth.
Find out the truth of what really happened to my husband! I don't even know who to get angry at! What are you doing here? The same reason you're here.
Because I feel so sorry and humiliated as a reporter.
Once the Olympics start this case will all be forgotten, won't it? Yeah.
It does get forgotten.
Way too easily.
We're much more powerless than I thought we were.
It would seem so.
[Your reservation for eight has been confirmed for 7 o'clock this evening.
What kind of a text was that? In the midst of all this, we have a team dinner outing tonight.
It was a text confirming our reservation.
I have a team dinner tonight, too.
Where are you guys going? - Myung Gyo Gwan.
- That's where we're going.
You've got to be kidding.
You confirmed our room reservation.
It got double booked again.
But don't worry, we'll get you another room right away.
Since you double booked us, you owe us a discount on our bill.
(Russian) Okay, fine.
- YGN! - Fighting! Lift up your glasses.
- MSC, cheers! - Cheers! But where's Choi In Ha? Here she comes right now.
What took you so long? Come over and sit down.
Don't they look cute together even as sworn enemies? They totally look like a couple.
You find that funny? No.
- He's with YGN? - Yes, his name is Ki Ha Myung.
- He's Ki Jae Myung's little brother.
- What? He's Ki Jae Myung's little brother.
Senior Jang, I hear that going abroad on a foreign assignment can be rough.
And Russia is known for being really cold.
I'm really good at handling the cold weather.
I was practically born to be a foreign correspondent.
It makes me think that perhaps this may be my chance to prove that theory.
I know how hard you've all been working lately to cover the latest field news.
Let's liven up the Olympic news coverage and bring some joy back to our viewers and continue to make our ratings climb up through the roof! - Cheers! - Cheers! Choi In Ha, why aren't you drinking? Dressed all dark and somber like that Were you at a funeral or something? Yes, I was just at the funeral of the latest victim who lost his life to the factory fire.
He lost his life due to the injuries that he sustained from the explosion.
But I noticed that not a single reporter came to film the news of his death.
You did good.
At least you went, so it's fine.
I'm not sure.
I don't quite agree with that.
Huh? That's my line.
The family of the deceased is saying that they still don't know who's responsible for fire explosion.
They kept asking, thinking that I'd know since I'm a reporter, but I couldn't say a word.
So what is it that you're saying I did well? Let's not talk about work while we're out to dinner.
Why is she talking like that? What a mood killer.
Why? She's saying all the right stuff.
It's obvious that the case is being pushed out of the way, to be forgotten so it's normal for a reporter to be thinking and talking like that.
We're soon going to be overflowing with happier news that people will be eager for so droning on and on about some bygone news isn't what a reporter should do either.
What a jerk! 17 people have lost their lives.
The person responsible for the fire hasn't even been found yet.
So how is this bygone news? Even though it may not be happy news, it's must-see news.
This is a dinner outing.
Must-see news? Who would be the judge of that? If you're going to disregard the wants of the public to keep pressing your own opinion then that would make you a teacher, not a reporter.
What a joke! Director Lee.
Between happy news, and must-see news, which of the two would you choose? Well both are important.
But if I had to choose only one then I'd choose the happy news.
Do you not get what's being asked right now? Yes, I agree! We're finally on the same page! I guess there's not even a comparison between the Olympics and the fire case.
By the way, Senior Jang I almost forgot.
But I have something that I need to tell you.
What is it? I've got good news, and bad news.
Which would you like first? Yeah? Okay, give me the good news first.
Senior Moon handed me some concert tickets to give to you.
He told me that it's a concert with all the hottest Hallyu stars.
Really? Is A-Pink going to be there? What about Girls Day? I think they're all coming.
This is awesome! Today really must be my lucky day! Then what's the bad news? The results of your health exam came back.
You have pancreatic cancer.
What? - I have cancer? - Are you serious? - Hey, why are you telling us that now? - You should've told us right away.
Hey, you shouldn't be drinking any alcohol.
What are we going to do? I have pancreatic cancer.
I knew it.
Hey, you should've told me as soon as you found out.
Why? News of pancreatic cancer isn't happy news.
Happy news would be about those concert tickets, wouldn't it? Then apparently, that's what should come first.
What? Ki Ha Myung.
Were you toying with me just now? I'm sorry for having toyed with you.
But I was just curious.
Of which should come first between happy news and must-see news.
Thank you for giving me my answer Senior Jang.
He just played me again.
No, he didn't play you.
He just played me.
17 people have lost their lives.
We have yet to even find out who's responsible for the explosion.
- So how is this bygone news? - I was just curious to know.
Of which should come first between happy news and must-see news.
Even though it may not be happy news, it's must-see news.
Pull the investigative team from the Olympics and focus on the fire explosion case.
Find out what sort of waste material this organization has been authorized for.
Get all the investigative help you need from both the police and the fire department.
Bring in any relevant information that the police have already brought in.
And how the illegal chemical waste got brought to the factory causing this mess.
Find out the truth behind that.
Dig around and find out if any politicians' dirty tricks had a part in any of this.
Yes, Sir.
Why don't we just let Jang Hyun Gyu go to Sochi? Look at how badly he wants to go.
No, don't let him go.
I minored in Russian.
For the day when I can go to Sochi.
But I can't go.
Why, you ask? All because of that Ki Ha Myung, over there.
Jae Won, make sure to dress very warmly.
On a cold day like today, we have to go around to all the police stations prosecutions office, and politicians' offices even if it takes us all night to do it.
Wow, thanks to you, I feel like I've finally become a real reporter.
- Cha Ho Chul.
- Yes? Investigate the nearby land and waters by the factory for any signs of contamination.
- Check out around Gucheon, too.
- Yes, Sir.
Yoon Yu Rae, look into how the fire got started and question Ahn Chan Soo.
- Yes, Cap Hwang.
- Ki Ha Myung.
Get together with Reporter Jo from the political division and investigate into every single politician that you can think of.
Yes, Cap Hwang.
- Hey, Jae Won.
Where are you going? - We're extremely busy.
We have to make the rounds to all the police, prosecution, and political offices around.
What about you? I have to do some Olympics related interviews by going to a local sauna and I'm going to a fried chicken restaurant to interview the parents of an athlete.
What's with that getup? - This would've been my style at Sochi.
- We already heard.
We heard that you're being assigned to the waste factory case over going to Sochi.
Stop acting like such a brat.
Ki Ha Myung, was it? I knew he'd pull something like that someday.
You'd better watch out for him.
He was toying with you like his puppet.
(Russian) I'm not sure.
- That's not what I think.
- What? I was really longing for Russia even just 30 seconds ago but looking at you now, I think that maybe Ki Ha Myung was right.
The reason being you are always consistently wrong with everything and about everything! Thanks for snapping me back into my senses.
Let's go, Jae Won! Okay.
Joo Ho, am I always wrong? The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi is off to a glittering start.
17 days of the worldwide event has now begun.
We will now bring you all the best highlights from the opening ceremony.
The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi has lifted its opening curtains.
Let's all take a look at the opening ceremony scene that took place early this morning.
Sochi has lifted its curtains to the first of its 17 day festivities under the spotlight.
But we, here at YGN, believe that our priority lies within bringing you the news of the explosion at the waste factory which occurred last week.
We will reveal the identity of those that are responsible who may otherwise have remained buried under the glare of festivities.
It is because of our belief that the core of the news is to convey the voices of the victims' and their grieving families.
The real cause of the fire and explosion has finally been revealed.
It was a gas explosion caused by a leak from illegal chemical waste.
Reporter Jang Hyun Gyu brings you the exclusive.
I'm out on the scene of Han River waste factory which claimed the lived of many and injured many others through a mysterious explosive fire.
Even though it was speculated that the fire was caused by gas vapors an explosion from gas vapors was a piece of a mystery that we initially couldn't solve.
But after looking into the video footage found from a black box that YGN acquired it has been found that a fleet of trucks containing illegal chemical waste were seen entering the site of the factory property.
Are you guys doing a good job of investigating this case? YGN is going to continue airing coverage on the case until the culprits have been caught - so stay sharp on the case.
- Yes, Sir! Officer Ahn, who was initially blamed for not having thoroughly investigated the site has been cleared free of any blame for the factory explosion.
The true cause of the explosion and the fire at the factory was due to the illegal chemical waste that was brought to the factory two hours after The illegal chemical waste that was secretly attempted to be rid of at the factory has leaked out of the building and contaminated all the nearby land and water.
Get all the investigative teams out to the factory site.
With all the coverage on the news station we'll be in big trouble if the inspectors decides to visit.
After YGN's initial report, the prosecution office is now in full investigative mode.
Prosecutor Lee, who has been assigned to investigate this case has summoned Senator Kim Kyung Woo for questioning this afternoon.
The police have confiscated incriminating evidence from the residences of ten individuals who were related to the factory case and those evidence support the claim of Senator Kim accepting bribery from them as hush money allowing them to dump illegal chemical waste.
If it is ruled that Senator Kim Kyung Woo is guilty of accepting these bribes then Senator Kim will lose his senate position.
Reporter Ki Ha Myung reporting for YGN.
[Senator Kim Kyung Woo.]
Yes, Senator Kim.
It's just an informal summon, so don't worry about it so much.
I did my best to stop this from leaking out.
Yes, I'll be by to visit you soon.
Why is YGN doing this? Have they lost their minds? Why are they aggravating me with this instead of focusing on the Olympics? What do they think they're doing! This is so aggravating.
Those people have just cost me one of my senators.
We are now halfway through the Olympics.
The fervent cheers and glory of the event reaches us through the news every day.
But the 17 deceased victims and their families cannot join in on this cheer.
There are those who are hoping that the truth of the injustice done to these victims remains buried under all the fervor of these exciting moments.
Those are none other than the culprits that are responsible for this tragedy.
Until the identities of those responsible come to light and are punished for it we will continue to maintain our focus and bring you all the updates on the case.
I wish they would've done this during dad's case, too.
Right? Yes, you're right.
I didn't want to become a reporter and I used to wish that all reporters would just disappear from this earth but I'm glad.
I'm glad that we became a reporter.
Is it all over now? No, this is only the beginning.
Because I still have too many questions left to ask.
The cheer for Athlete Lee Ki Ho? Yes, Senior.
I understand.
I can see you back there.
Why are you hiding? Because I'm embarrassed.
Embarrassed about what? You guys are continuing to report real news updates on the explosion case and we're just relaying whatever we're told by the police.
- Are you feeling sorry again? - Yeah.
I feel sorry to Chan Soo, and to the grieving families of the victims.
And Leave me out of it.
I really can't stand hearing you telling me that you're sorry anymore.
Ma'am, Sir? You have to give us the interview right after the race is over, okay? Fighting! Get on that interview with the family as soon as he wins the gold medal.
There's a high chance that the mom will cry, so make sure to catch that moment.
- Okay.
- It's starting! Here's comes the mark and there they go! Lee Gyun Hyuk! I can't believe what's happened, but Lee Gyu Hyuk seems to have gotten a cramp.
But it seems that he's still okay.
He gave it his best effort, but he can't seem to lift up his head.
What do we do now? Is this even newsworthy? No, we don't do anything with this.
It's a dead story.
The best thing we can do for them is to quietly sneak out of here.
I've been to the homes of three separate gold medalists.
It was all for nothing.
I went to four.
I even went to Itaewon yesterday and asked a bunch of Russians 'Do you know kimchi?' at least a hundred times.
My esteemed reporters! Good, you're all here.
Thanks to all of you, my name has been cleared! And I can sleep in peace again.
Joon Ki, tell everyone how thankful you are.
Thank you.
Hey, MSC totally ditched your dad to focus on the Olympics news.
I think only the YGN reporters have earned the right to accept those oranges.
Knock it off.
What's wrong with sharing the good news? We weren't that far off from having to cover the Olympic news like MSC is doing.
Are you taking In Ha's side right now? Your devotion to her is enough to bring tears to my eyes and the sadness I feel for myself is enough to bring on even more tears! - What is wrong with her? - I don't know.
- She scares me once in a while.
- No, Yu Rae is right.
I'm too ashamed to even face you, Chan Soo.
I can't believe MSC hasn't said a single blip about the case.
Does that make any sense? I know what you're feeling inside, so don't blame yourself for it, my friend.
And thanks to Reporter Seo Bum Jo, I'm no longer mad at MSC News.
What do you mean by that? Reporter Seo Bum Jo gave us a really fat envelope of cash for our son Dol's party.
Where is he? I've noticed that there are a lot of similarities to the case from 13 years ago.
That was also another normal waste factory that exploded due to illegal chemical waste.
Looking at all these reports together, they seem very hasty and awkwardly put together.
As if the focus was purposely driven onto your father.
You said Reporter Sung Cha Ok left her cellphone at your place 13 years ago, right? Do you remember the date of that visit? October 23, 2000.
My mother passed away on October 22, 2000.
If it is ruled that Senator Kim Kyung Woo is indeed guilty of accepting those bribes Son! What are you doing here? How silly of me to ask such a thing.
Of course my son should come home.
What brings you by? Do you need something? No, I don't need anything.
I just had to ask you something.
I wonder what it could be? You're scaring me with that serious look on your face.
Why would you be scared? Do you already have a hunch about what I'm here to ask you? You had a meeting with Manager Sung here at the house 13 years ago.
- Son, I've already told you - That wasn't the question.
I'm just here to tell you the truth which I've verified for myself.
The recent factory explosion case it's extremely similar to Ki Ho Sang's case from 13 years ago.
An innocent bystander was framed to be held responsible for the accident and even when his remains were finally found, other issues came up to bury the news of it.
Reporter Sung Cha Ok was the one who directed the flow of the story back then and the same has occurred again.
And the end result of all that was the complete destruction of Ki Ho Sang's family.
And the very next day, on October 23, 2000 you met with Manager Sung Cha Ok.
I have evidence that you met with Manager Sung again after the recent accident.
What is it that you're trying to say? I've noticed that Senator Kim Kyung Ho is amongst those responsible for the explosion.
I'm close enough to him to address him as an 'uncle' and I know that he has an even closer relationship with you.
So? Are you saying that I'm somehow related to those cases? Yes.
Manager Sung, Senator Kim Kyung Ho and you.
I believe that the three of you are related to those cases.
- Am I wrong? - Have you forgotten what I said? - That you can't treat me like a reporter.
- Mother! Come ask again after you quit being a reporter, and I'll answer it then.
Asking questions was all that our ambition allowed for us to do.
Even though those questions may have seemed powerless Yes, it's me.
I think we need to remain cautious for now.
Senator Kim was taken in for questioning and my son keeps asking me questions about the case from 13 years ago.
It's starting to cause me some concern.
The more questions that were asked, the more they tried to hide their answers Just in case, get rid of everything that could incriminate us.
And do not contact me for a while.
Yes, Chairman Park.
And in the end, their secrets that they tried so hard to keep hidden would become the key to unlocking those answers.
It's about Manager Sung.
Did she lose something? - She keeps searching for something.
- I don't know.
She told me that it was nothing, but I guess it is something.
Whatever it is, she's still searching for it.
I was pretty surprised.
I didn't think you'd give up your seat as a news anchor.
No, can't be.
This must be for the upcoming Olympics news report? Yes.
By any chance have you seen my old cellphone? Excuse me? I thought maybe you accidentally took it when you helped me pick up my things.
Ah yes, I guess I must've taken it.
- Why would you have taken it? - Because I was curious.
I was curious to see what I sent in those text messages.
Why would you be curious about that? When will you give it back to me? I'll bring it to you tomorrow.
There are many awkward phrasings in here.
Go through it again.
- Choi In Ha.
- Yeah? I need you to give me that cellphone.
Why? Don't ask any questions, and just give it.
It was mine to begin with.
Why are you acting like this? Why are you and Manager Jung both suddenly so interested in that cellphone? You don't need to know why.
Just hand it over.
Tell me the reason, and I'll give it to you.
You're aware that there are a lot of similarities between this case and the case from 13 years ago, aren't you? Yeah.
I believe that Manager Sung and my mother are related to both those cases.
- Yeah, me too.
- And that evidence might be on that cellphone.
On the cellphone? Why do you think that? When I thought about it I thought it weird that only the texts which you sent were on that phone.
Why aren't there any other messages or call logs other than yours? When I'm sure that Manager Sung had that cellphone even before then.
Then does it mean that she purposely deleted all the other previous messages? Maybe.
Would it be possible to retrieve all the deleted texts and call logs on this? This model is from 1999.
It'll just take a little time.
Address book, SNS, MMS messaging, and all the call logs all those can be retrieved.
How long will that take? I'm not sure.
I won't know until I start the process.
It may take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days, at most.
If you're in a rush for it, then I can email you the results.
Then can you please email it to me? I just need you to fill out this form.
But you do realize that your name must match the name of this phone account holder? If it doesn't, then I can't recover the phone for you.
Excuse me? The account holder? I guess you need to be here for us to retrieve the contents of this phone.
What are you doing? You were trying to retrieve the texts without me knowing about it? That's If what you're saying is true then as painful as it may be for me, it may be even more painful for you.
So I thought it would be better if only I was the one to get hurt from this.
Thanks for worrying about me, but I'm not that weak of a person.
What forms do I need to fill out? There's a fellow reporter whose name is Cha Ho Chul.
He reported the story on the contamination, and I looked into You can stop with your explanations.
I can watch the news from in here.
- I saw it all.
- Really? - You saw me reporting live? - Yeah.
But you looked a little too stiff.
- I could tell that you were an intern.
- Jae Myung! I'm really glad that you're a reporter.
What's this? You're trying to sweeten your blow? At the very least, I know that I can trust the news that you report.
Because it burns hot in there while it remains cold up there.
The opposite of someone else I know.
Who? - Manager Sung? - Yeah.
Hello? Have you recovered the information? Yes, I just emailed it to the address that you left with me.
- You can check it now.
- Thank you.
- Did you get the phone call, too? - Yeah.
All these messages were deleted from the phone? Yeah.
Who is 'The Chairman'? It's my mother.
Are you sure? Yeah.
This is my mother's old phone number.
The last four digits are still the same.
Open up the messages and let's see.
We need to divert the attention.
Turn the focus in Ki Ho Sang's direction.
Why do you think he ordered such a thing? Did he have his sights set on a promotion? - My father isn't that type of a person! - If needed, use his family, too.
Are you stating that your father is not to be blamed? How fortunate that a Pinocchio witness has stepped forward.
- Use that unique characteristic - The witness said that he saw your father.
The witness is a Pinocchio, so it couldn't have been a lie.
I'm positive that it was him.
I'm a Pinocchio, so I can't lie.
Do what you can to fan the rage of the nationwide public as much as possible.
You're happy that your father is alive, aren't you? But the crowd believes that it's too light of a sentence for the deaths of the nine firemen and are enraged for justice.
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Are you really even a reporter? Don't tell anyone about this and just keep it to yourself.
- Cap Kim, as of today - Are you saying that you'll expose this? I'll reveal all the connections between the parties.
- As a mother.
- Who reported this information? - Miss Choi In Ha! - It's been passed.
Tell me that I did okay.
Tell me I did the right thing, Dad! Yes, you did the right thing.
My daughter did the right thing!