Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e17 Episode Script

The Scarlet Letter

1 Pinocchio Episode 17 Mother, where are you right now? Senior, Il Joo.
Choi In Ha, what are you doing back already? Why aren't you out on the field? I'm sorry, but there's been an urgent matter.
Can you tell me where Manager Sung is? She's in the conference room.
What's up with her? - Are you really this evil? - What do you think you're doing? The cellphone that you've been asking for I've recovered all the messages that you deleted.
Explain to me what these are.
13 years no, it's already been 14 years.
I thought that maybe you had made a mistake from being swept up by the public's opinion and that you did what you did because you had your own convictions, but this is what it all boiled down to? Were you the type of person to do every single bidding ordered by Chairman Park? Are you sure that you're even a real reporter? - How did you - Explain it to me.
All the text messages that you sent to Manager Sung What you texted her about using Fireman Ki Ho Sang Tell me what that's all about.
Tell me that it isn't true.
Tell me that you're not this frightening of a person or that you're not this awful of a person, please! Who else besides you knows about this? - So you really did all this? - I asked who else knows about this.
Why? What are you going to do about it then! Just why in the world did you do this? Give me some sort of an excuse or an explanation! Don't you remember what I've already told you? Stop being a reporter, and I'll give you your answers then.
Cap Kim, this is Seo Bum Jo.
As of today I no longer work for MSC News.
Satisfied? I think I've earned my right to hear the answers now.
[Episode 17- The Orange Letter.]
Yes, you're right.
I sent all these text messages.
This accident from 13 years ago made things very difficult for a Senator who was helping me with my business.
From factory issues and disposing of harmful chemical waste he was helping me out with all those problems.
But things were dicey due to some nasty reports swirling around about the Senator.
So You shifted all the blame onto Ki Ho Sang to keep him out of trouble? We just needed to divert the people's focus until we could take care of the issue.
But I didn't know that things would blow out of proportion like this either.
I get what you're upset about, but what I did wasn't exactly illegal either.
I was just doing a favor for someone who was helpful to me in my business.
Running a business is just like farming.
Planting the seeds alone isn't going to make the crop grow big on its own.
You need to feed it with foul smelling manure and spray it with some potent pesticides before you can harvest the fruit.
We're scheduled for the grand opening of our shops at the airport as well as starting construction of the concert hall.
These are business deals that are worth billions of Won each.
Those are all the fruits of my labor from over 20 years of farming by feeding it with manure and spraying it with pesticides such as this.
All there is left to do now is to harvest the fruit but these pests won't stop gnawing at it, and it's really starting to aggravate me.
What would happen if these text messages were to be revealed to the world? Well I'm sure I'd get some flak for it.
But it's already been 14 years.
It doesn't really fit under any certain crime and the statute of limitation is already over.
I don't think it's really going to have much of a negative effect on me.
By granting all these favors for them for all these years what is it that you've gained for yourself? Everything that you've had in your possession all your life.
And also everything else that you'll come to possess in the future.
I fooled myself into thinking that you had just made a mistake, and that you and Bum Jo's mom were just friends.
No that's what I wanted to believe.
But how could you have done these awful things? How could a reporter, or a human being commit such awful acts? Where did you get that? You told me not to come back until I found my evidence.
I doubt there exists any evidence more concrete than this? Answer me.
Tell me why you did such an awful thing.
- Lower your voice, and don't cause a scene.
- No.
I am going to cause a scene.
You and Bum Jo's mother What I have right here This awful and evil deed that you've committed I'm going to do what I must to report this and bring this to light.
I'm going to reveal this to the whole wide world.
I'm going to reveal everything.
Now that I'm aware of the truth, I can't keep quiet about this as a reporter.
I'm going to report the connection between you and Chairman Park.
Do you actually think that I'm just going to sit back and let you do that? Do you really think that's even possible? No, I'm sure that'll be impossible to do here at MSC.
The report will be made by YGN News.
What did you say? I believe reporting this is the right thing to do.
So I've already made up my mind to send all the evidence over to YGN News.
You're saying that you're going to be a whistleblower? Are you even aware of what sort of trouble will unravel as you're doing this? I'm prepared to face my consequences.
Then you'll have to kiss your reporting career goodbye.
I'm curious to know if you're prepared to accepts that fate, as well? Do you really think that you have the power to report this? There's no way that MSC News will ever broadcast this story.
Yes, I know.
- YGN News will - You're going to be a whistleblower? Are you aware that the next step would then be your own termination as you're saying this? I'm I'm not scared.
Working for a company where I can't even tell the truth about its filthy connections I'm not sorry to let it go.
I'm going to start over as a reporter working for an ethical station.
You really think that you can go back to being a reporter somewhere else? Yes.
Who do you think will hire a person that's known to be a whistleblower? What organization out there will welcome a reporter who aired out their employer's dirty laundry for the whole world to see? No organization in this world is that naive or just.
14 years ago I used to be just like you.
Think about this very carefully.
You can still choose differently.
If you can just bury these accusations, then I can grant you more power and strength.
I can bring you up to a position where your voice can be heard even louder.
For example You can become the first woman at MSC News to head your own division.
Those types of opportunities.
The choice I made at that moment is how I got to where I am today.
But you're free to make your own choice.
You can give up being a reporter and go back to working part-time at the convenience store like you used to.
And keep your conscience clear of any guilt.
Pretty soon your internship training will be over.
Don't you want to become a full-time employee here? - Manager Sung! - Think about it.
Whether or not You want to become a formidable figure to become the voice for 99 people by doing these people's bidding once in a while or become a helpless figure who can never be of help to anyone in this world.
I don't want to see you becoming a helpless person like that.
I'm not saying this as your manager but I'm saying it as your mom.
Because I saw first hand how a person can be completely destroyed when they become a whistleblower.
Who? Your father.
It happened while you were still young, so I doubt that you'll remember.
But your father used to be quite a successful Director at a bank.
Then he found out about the CEO's embezzlement of the bank funds and got fired for reporting what he found to a newspaper.
What do you think? From what you've seen between my life and your father's life which of the two do you think is more pathetic? I have never once thought of my dad's life as being pathetic.
And if his life is the result of speaking the truth, then I'm proud of him.
I'm going to choose differently than you did.
That scoundrel.
How could he have found another girl already? Hello? Are you free right now? - I'm here.
- Are you bragging about your tall height? Since you're here, take a seat.
Looking good, aren't you? You must be happy about something.
I'm not sure.
There's not much going on.
Does In Ha know that you've found yourself another girl? Excuse me? Another girl? What do you mean? I saw everything when I was over at your house the other night.
I saw a long strand of hair on the floor at your house.
I know that your hormones must be raging but you already found another girl to bring home? A long strand of hair? - Ah, that was - Then are you going to try to tell me that the hair belonged to a guy? How can your heart be so fickle? For someone who says that he's liked In Ha for as long as he could remember you sure changed your mind very quickly.
The strand of hair that you saw belongs to In Ha.
- What? - In Ha was over at my house that day.
- It's not some other girl.
- Really? That's what happened? I see and here I was thinking You're telling me that was In Ha? Those rotten scoundrels! Doesn't In Ha even have any fear? To be alone with a man like that? Dad.
- Dad, where are you? - The sass! I'm glad you're home.
- Dad, I have something to ask you.
- I have something to ask you myself.
Dal Po just told me that you were over at his house? Even though the two of you grew up as uncle and niece Dal Po is still a man! I have never once thought of my dad's life as being pathetic.
And if his life is the result of speaking the truth, then I'm proud of him.
Huh? Why are you staring at me like that? It's kind of offensive.
No, it's nothing.
What is it that you have to ask me? No, I don't want to ask anymore.
In Ha! Have they lost their minds? Who do they think they are to manipulate the public's opinion? This was from NTS, wasn't it? It's obvious that NTS is behind this! Cap Kim! Don't try to stop me.
- I'm going to expose everything.
- You stay out of this.
If anyone is going to expose this, I'll be the one to do it! No, I'm going to do it! We need to show them the true power of a public's opinion.
It wasn't NTS, but it was our own station.
These are text messages between Manager Sung and our largest shareholder, Chairman Park.
- What? - Seriously? Yes, the manager that the texts are referring to is our current Director, Yeon Do Young.
Our own Manager Sung and Director Yeon? You should've told us that sooner.
Cap Kim, you can report this, can't you? - Can't you? - Huh? Well, the thing is This changes the whole story.
I'd have to get past both Manager Sung and Director Yeon to report this story and no one in my position would be able to do that.
What if I were to relay this to YGN? That'd be even worse since it would be an information leak.
If you're dubbed as a whistleblower, then you won't be able to work anywhere.
That would be the end to your reporting career.
But you always told me that higher you climb, the harsher the criticism must be.
But I still don't want to be on the receiving end of that criticism.
My life could be put on the line for this.
I still have my family to support.
I have to send my kids to college.
I'm still renting, and I also have 37 months left before I can pay off my car.
Cap Kim, Senior Il Joo.
I feel too humiliated to even face you right now.
But Do you know when it is that a dog gets slaughtered? It's when the dog keeps barking at the owner without knowing when to show respect.
I know that this may sound cowardly but I'm not ready to be slaughtered yet.
- Cap Kim.
- Do you think that you can be a whistleblower yourself? Would you be okay with kissing your reporting career goodbye? Yes, I can do it.
See? You can't do it.
See? So just keep quiet and don't do anything.
By granting all these favors for them for all these years what is it that you've gained for yourself? Everything that you've possessed all your life.
And also everything else that you'll come to possess in the future.
What's this about? And what is the secret information that you say you have for me? [February 2000.]
Is this it? No.
No, it's not.
I can do this.
Even if I end up losing everything, I have to let the world know about this.
What's this about? What brings you down here? Why are you staring at me like that? Because I'm amazed.
- About what? - I was full of so many doubts but seeing you has made them all go away.
What were you having doubts about? Just some ridiculous doubts.
Doubts so ridiculous that I actually feel bad for even having had them.
Lying with the enemy? Wow, that's brazen.
Hey, what are you doing? This is a place of work.
What's wrong with you? Is something wrong? I have something to tell you.
Want to go get a cup of coffee? Okay.
You're acting really strange today.
What is it that you have to tell me? I came to hand over an astounding exclusive piece of news to you.
What exclusive piece of news? This.
What could you possibly hand over to me instead of reporting it yourself? Because I can't do it, but you can.
What's this? That's the cellphone my mom was using back in 2000.
And that's a list of text messages that had been deleted from that phone.
Take a look.
They're text messages that were traded between my mom and Bum Jo's mom.
Bum Jo's mom? We need to divert the focus elsewhere.
Frame Fireman Ki Ho Sang for negligence.
If needed, use his family, too.
You're saying your father isn't to blame? Did he have a promotion coming up? How fortunate that a Pinocchio witness has stepped forward.
- The witness says that he saw him.
- Use that unique trait of his.
A Pinocchio witness wouldn't lie.
I can't lie as a Pinocchio.
Do what you must to flame the public's rage.
- Are you happy that your father's alive? - Due to his own negligence These text messages are from Manager Sung and Bum Jo's mother? Yeah.
Because of these text messages my father became a criminal.
Because of these few small text messages.
Because of those few text messages your family was destroyed.
Dal Po, your hand! Are you okay? It's bleeding really bad.
Does Bum Jo know about this? Yeah, I think he was pretty shocked by it.
What about you? Are you okay? I'd be lying if I told you that I was.
I know that you're very angry right now, but calmly listen to what I'm about to say.
It's impossible to get MSC to report this.
As you can see from its contents it involves both Manager Sung and Director Yeon.
It'll be impossible to get through them both and report this.
That's why you need to do it.
You have to do this.
What does Manager Sung Cha Ok have to say about this? She admitted that they were all true.
But she said MSC will never report this.
That's why I handed it over to you.
You can do this, right? I have to.
Somehow no matter what it takes, I have to do it.
Thank you.
Thank you for giving this to me.
- Bum Jo.
- Yeah? Did you ask your mother about those text messages? - What did she say? - Why should I tell you? Can I give you a bit of advice? No matter what you and Ha Myung decide to do, it won't really affect my mother.
So don't waste your time barking up the wrong tree, and stick to your own ground.
- What? - I'll go back to where I belong, too.
- Cap Hwang.
- Let me drink that.
- Who gave you this information? - It was Reporter Choi In Ha.
I've been told that it's been verified with Manager Sung Cha Ok.
If these text messages are real then it means that these relationships between the executive members at MSC and Chairman Park have been going on for at least the past 14 years.
You are taken off your current duties and you are now responsible for investigating and reporting this story yourself.
Yes, Cap Hwang.
Jang Hyun Gyu.
Yoon Yu Rae and Cha Ho Chul.
- You are now on this story, as well.
- Yes, Cap Hwang.
This is already a 14 year old case, so it's going to be a long and arduous investigation.
It'll be exposing our direct competitor, so you'll need to remain very cautious.
Ki Ha Myung, pay Chairman Park a visit and verify that she did indeed send these texts.
Jang Hyun Gyu.
Find out what part Chairman Park played during the factory explosion case.
Yoon Yu Rae, and Cha Ho Chul.
Timeline the news reports' redirection in correlation with these text messages.
We have to find out and report how these few text message lines changed and redirected the truth behind the case.
Choi In Ha.
Congratulations, I was told that you have been hired on as a full-time employee here.
You are now an official full-time employee.
She must've pulled some strings to prevent the inside information from leaking out.
So forget about reporting what you have, and focus on reporting other news.
The world is full of other news for you to report other than the information you have.
What's this? It's my letter of resignation.
Thank you for everything.
Why? I just told you that you've been hired! As an official employee! An official full-time position with insurance and benefits! Follow me.
What do you think you're doing right now? Did you not hear what he just told you? - You're now an official full-time employee.
- Yes, I heard.
I can't tell you how exciting that sounds.
I almost asked for my resignation letter back.
Are you saying that you're actually going to hand that over to YGN News? - You're going to become a whistleblower? - I've already become one.
What? I already handed the information over to YGN yesterday.
That's why I turned in my letter of resignation.
Have you lost your mind? Why would you? So that I can make my choice without any regrets.
- I believe that this is the right choice.
- Why are you doing all this? - Why won't you just listen! - So that I can apologize in your place.
What? This is what you should've done when you had the choice.
But you didn't, and you didn't even apologize, so I'm doing it for you instead.
Why would you apologize in my place? Because I'm your daughter.
I told myself over and over to just think of you as a stranger.
Since you've already abandoned me I just needed to let go to end our relationship.
But I couldn't.
I only need to let go of your hand but I can't do it! Like a fool, I just can't.
Where are we headed to today? We have to get an interview with Chairman Park Ro Sa.
We have to barge in there without any warning, so it could get kind of ugly.
That's my specialty.
Cap Hwang wanted me to give you this.
Is this a hidden camera? In case we can't go in there with a camera.
Wow, you can't even tell.
Let's go.
I'm going out to interview Chairman Park Ro Sa.
It has now begun.
Get everything you need out of her.
Fail to do so, and you're dead.
Fighting! Dad, I'm home.
What are you doing home at this hour? - What's that suitcase all about? - I've quit being a reporter.
What? - You've quit being a reporter? - Yeah.
I know how much you hated having me become a reporter.
I did good, right? Did you get fired? No, I fired them.
I wanted to tell the truth, like you did, so I fired them.
What was it like for you? Did you not regret it after you fired them? In Ha.
You didn't regret it, did you? Tell me that you didn't regret it.
Tell me that I did the right thing.
Please? Please, Dad.
Tell me that I did the right thing.
You did the right thing.
My daughter did the right thing.
Dad Dad Chairman Park Ro Sa, we have some questions to ask you.
- This is not allowed.
- No interviews.
Please move.
This is not allowed.
Look who it is.
It's Reporter Ki Ha Myung.
- Son, isn't he a friend of yours? - Yes.
It's okay.
He's a friend of my son.
Do you remember the text messages that were exchanged with MSC's Reporter Sung Cha Ok? I've heard a lot about you from Bum Jo.
But this is the first time that we've met in person, isn't it? Yes.
I'll continue on with my questions.
I need to clarify a few things about those text messages.
You said that the real guilty party cannot be found out.
Can you tell me who you were referring to? I'm not quite sure that I know what you're referring to? Just what in the world is he talking about? 'We need to divert the attention.
Frame him for negligence.
' 'If needed, use his family, too.
' - Do you not remember this either? - No, I don't remember.
What is all that? 'How fortunate to have a Pinocchio witness step forward.
' 'Use his unique traits to flame the public's fury even higher.
' Oh, no That was from so long ago and I can't seem to remember what you're referring to at all.
I never said that this was from long ago.
Got you.
You say that you don't remember anything yet you still remember that these text messages were from a long time ago.
I'll ask again.
Did you exchange text messages with MSC's Manager Sung Cha Ok, 14 years ago? - Get rid of him.
- Please move out of the way.
- Did you get everything on camera? - Yeah.
I got it nice and clear.
[We need to meet.
In Ha.
I made bibimbap for lunch.
Don't you want some? No, I don't want any.
I'm not hungry.
I got the interview with Bum Jo's mother.
She admitted to the text messages.
Good work.
[I knew you could do it.
[But you've still got long way to go, so don't get too cocky.
Still the same Blunt Talking Witch.
Who are you texting? The girl from the other day? No, it's not, Director Lee.
Ah to be young again.
Spring must be right around the corner.
No matter how I'm rotting away on the inside, my appetite still won't go away.
I'm going to start my driver's training tomorrow.
Ji Hee's offered to teach me with her own car.
I'm also going to look into taking the civil servant exam, too.
Since I'm still young, it shouldn't be too tough to find a different career, right? And I was thinking of taking some lessons in English, too Grandfather.
My sweet Grandfather Just tell me how much you need.
You're going to pay for my lessons? Thank you, Grandfather! Telling the truth isn't a crime.
Telling lies is the real crime.
So don't just mope around feeling down and defeated and stay strong, okay? Do you understand? - Grandfather - Your dad told me everything.
You did the right thing.
Okay, In Ha? - Yes, my sweet baby.
- Thank you, Grandfather.
Were you aware of the connection between Senator Kim and Chairman Park Ro Sa? No, I'm not quite sure.
- In Ha! - Be quiet, you're ruining my concentration.
- Watch out! - You're breaking my concentration! - You have to watch out for those things! - Just sit still.
Hey! [Letter of Resignation.]
Whose letter of resignation? It's Choi In Ha's.
Choi In Ha turned in a letter of resignation? Why? She said she didn't want to bring anyone else down with her for being a whistleblower.
So she resigned after turning in this letter.
Did she turn in that resignation letter because of the information she gave us? Yes.
I tried to stop her, but she wouldn't listen.
Are you really going to report that news? Have you processed her resignation letter yet? No, not yet.
It was enough to give me the total creeps.
MSC changed their news stories on the very same day that she received those texts.
Yoon Yu Rae not bad at all.
Cap Hwang! I've cross referenced and organized the news clips after the texts per your instruction.
- We can take this to - Forget that.
Hold off on drawing those connections for now.
Why? Ki Ha Myung, I need to talk to you.
Yes, Sir.
What's wrong with Cap Hwang? Why is he suddenly changing his mind? It's so aggravating.
I'm sorry.
- I just got so upset - I understand.
Because I fully understand what that feels like.
Do you want to join me in my efforts of defiance against him? The contents of those text messages You told me that you got it from Choi In Ha and that she also gave you her consent? Yes, and she also requested that we make sure to report the story.
Have you checked to make sure that she's okay? This is whistleblowing.
Whistleblowing? She's exposing her own company's manager, director, and its executive members.
Giving you that information means that she was prepared to quit her job.
Were you not aware of that? I was having so many doubts, but seeing you has made them all disappear.
No, I wasn't aware.
Cap Kim of MSC News told me earlier that Reporter Choi In Ha turned in her resignation.
A resignation letter? Go to her and check to make sure that she's okay.
You're putting your whole life on the line when you become a whistleblower.
You have to be prepared to lose your career, friends, and even your future when you do it.
Don't take that too lightly.
- Ki Ha Myung.
- Yes.
I know how angered you must've been when you found out about these connections.
And I also know that you want to get revenge on them all by exposing this story.
But you must not forget your purpose as a reporter because you've lost your focus in your thirst for that revenge.
Yes, Cap Hwang.
I need to step out for a moment.
Choi In Ha, where are you right now? I stayed up all night to put all of this together.
But he won't even recognize it.
This is Let me drink that.
Hey, Cap Hwang just put the moves on me.
He did, didn't he? What are you talking about? What moves? Don't you remember when he took my drink? This is the same drink as back then.
Your point is? It means that he remembered what he took, and has now brought me the exact same drink! That's totally making a move.
Isn't he so detail-oriented? Or what if taking that drink from me was on purpose? So he could touch his lips where mine had been? Then does it mean that Cap Hwang has put the moves on me, too? - You got one, too? - Yeah.
Really? - Then am I the weird one here? - Yeah.
You're the weird one.
Very weird.
You should get checked out at the hospital.
I guess Even I have to admit that I'm a bit of a narcissist.
Even after what I just went through, I'm doing it all over again.
For a newbie driver, wasn't my driving quite impressive? Hey, I'm sure what you meant to say was that you were impressively scary.
When you made that U-turn in the right turning lane Wow, I thought to myself that it'll only be a matter of time before I leave Chan Soo a single dad for giving you these driving lessons.
Choi In Ha.
- You're here.
- Good to see you, my friend.
- Hi.
- Come with me, we need to talk.
- Talk about what? Why not say it here? - You! Okay, I'm coming.
See you tomorrow for another lesson, and I'll be back for another visit soon.
Why didn't you tell me about your resignation? Because I knew that you'd get angry like this.
Do you think that I'm getting angry for no reason? No, I know that it's because you're worried about me.
I also know what you're about to say.
But I'm fine.
I'm taking driving lessons, and I'm taking English lessons, too.
Starting tomorrow, I'm going to start sending out my resume, too.
Your resignation hasn't been processed yet, so go back to work immediately.
I'm going to pretend that I never received those text message contents from you.
What? Then you're not going to report the contents of those text messages? No.
I must've either heard you wrong, or you must be out of your mind.
Don't you know the reason why I gave you that information? No, I didn't know.
I was just too focused on exposing the corruption from 14 years ago that I didn't even stop to realize that I was getting inside information and I didn't even think about what that would mean to you.
Had I known that you gave up being a reporter to get me that information then I wouldn't even have accepted it in the first place.
Have you lost your mind? That information is all we need to notify the world of the injustice done to your family so why would you give that up! If you were me would you accept this information? Even if that means my life would be ruined? Would you be able to do that? Answer me.
I'll do as your answer tells me.
I can do it.
No matter what it made of your life, I still would've accepted that information.
See? You wouldn't be able to do it, either.
Why are you asking me to do something that you're not able to do yourself? Then answer me this.
What would you do if you were me? Would you just bury this? No.
I'm not going to bury it.
I'm going to expose those connections somehow without getting you involved.
How else are you going to do it? - What other way is there besides this? - There's a way.
Granted, it may be more of a challenge, but there will be another way.
So go back to work for now.
Let's find that path together, okay? But we're so close.
That's all we'd need to expose everything.
I'm not saying that I'm giving up.
I'm just saying that we'll find another way.
I found out something while talking to my mom about those text messages.
She said she was about to blow the whistle on everyone in regards to those connections 14 years ago herself.
But she gave up on her intentions after being threatened with termination and fell under the ruling of Bum Jo's mother.
This is Reporter Sung Cha Ok, an up-and-comer at MSC News.
She's a very promising new reporter.
It's nice to meet you.
I think that's when it all started.
That's when she became a sellout to Bum Jo's mother.
I think it was since that moment that she started climbing up the ladder.
First female newsroom captain, to a special foreign correspondent then onto becoming a manager of the whole news staff team.
An impressive climb, isn't it? Sounds like it.
But I didn't want to make the same choice as my mom.
That's why I handed over those contents to you.
I know.
But to be honest, I was afraid, too.
Unlike my mom, my dad's life became ruined for having been a whistleblower himself.
- Mr.
Choi? - Yeah.
I found out that my dad used to be a very successful Director at a bank.
Choi? Yes, Choi Dal Peng speaking.
You want to inquire about a loan? Yes, that's quite possible.
You can stop in to inquire more.
Thank you.
I don't believe it either.
But she said that's what happened.
But what was the information? He reported the illegal bank practices to the newspapers.
The bank president was fired because of that information and the number of loans drastically dropped too.
I knew something like that would happen to Director Choi for a while.
Everyone should watch what they say around him from now on.
Good morning, everyone.
Let's go.
The work environment must have been too difficult to deal with.
Everyone chose their words wisely and wouldn't sit to eat with him he felt like he became invisible.
In the end, he figured that this job was just a waste of time and quit.
But since it was hard to get a new job after being labeled a whistleblower along with the IMF financial crisis, he became jobless for some time.
And that drove a wedge between him and Mom, leading to divorce.
So that's what happened.
But I'm curious about something.
About what? Whether they both regretted their decisions or not.
I'll say.
I'm getting curious, too.
Since my son said that he wanted to learn more about the business he quit his journalist position and is staying by my side.
What do you think of the painting? Shin Woo Hyun's wife is said to have painted it.
I'm not sure.
I'm not well-versed in paintings.
I'm not, either.
I think it's just a waste of paint.
The meaning of this exhibit is obvious.
But what can I do since it concerns someone else's line of work? We have to cater to our assemblymen's needs.
Would this be good enough? If an assemblyman put on an exhibit, we buy those paintings and give them money at their publication parties.
And if an issue comes up, we cover it up in the media.
You know how much trouble I've gone through for them, don't you? Yes, ma'am.
But I worry that the fruits of my efforts are wavering.
They say that you should be careful of the trivial matters, too.
Was it Ki Ha Myung not too long ago? He brought a camera in with him and brought up something that happened 14 years ago.
I see.
It's hard to placate him since he's not a reporter for us.
and I didn't think that we'd see eye to eye on things.
So about that Your daughter, Manager Sung.
Choi In Ha.
Could you set up a meeting with her? Why my daughter? You know that she's close with Ki Ha Myung.
I feel that it may be better to attack him instead.
Don't worry.
I won't be mean to her.
You know me.
I'm such a nice person that it's hard for people to refuse me.
How good was I to you 14 years ago? It's because I want to create another good relationship like I have with you.
You understand what I mean, don't you? Yes.
I didn't know that you would wear those worn-out sweats again.
I'll have to shred them or set them on fire the next time I do the laundry.
What? They're perfectly fine.
But I'm curious about something.
About what? Whether those two regret the choices they've made.
Don't you regret being the whistleblower for the bank? No, I don't.
I would have died of anger if I hadn't said anything back then.
So you're saying that if you went back in time, you'd have made the same choice? No, I wouldn't have made the same decision.
What the? You just said you didn't regret your decision.
Of course I do.
I've been unemployed for ten years now after I quit.
Then do you want to live like Mom does without being a whistleblower? - Is that it? - No.
I hate that idea even more.
Then what is it? What do you regret? That I shouldn't have quit, and just put up with it some more.
Even if was a dirty and petty place I should have remained and put up with it.
the fact that I gave up too easily, that's what I regret the most.
Are you going to practice? No.
I'll be going to work.
Work? She said she went to be an informant 14 years ago because of that connection too.
Choi In Ha.
- You decided to stay? - Yeah.
I called into the office, and they told me to come in right away.
So I'm planning to stick with it no matter what.
Like you said, if I'm going to find a way, I should find it in there.
You have to go that way.
This is my workplace.
I have business to attend here, too.
Let's go.
It's because I want to create another good relationship like I have with you.
You understand what I mean, don't you? Reporter Sung.
I have something to tell you.
Please make some time for me.
- What is this? - The messages I received from In Ha.
The cell phone is in here too.
I'll pretend that I never received this.
Because then In Ha won't be considered the whistleblower.
So I hope that this means that she won't face any repercussions.
Why are you doing this? Don't you know what this is? I know.
The documents you were going to reveal to the world of everyone who slandered my father 14 years ago.
These are documents that could potentially bring you down as well.
But why are you doing this? I thought you really wanted this.
Yes, I truly do want it.
To the point that I desire to reveal this story to the world.
But because of that desire, because of that greed I can't ruin someone else's life because of that.
So are you giving up on the story then? No.
I'm entrusting you to cover the story, Reporter Sung.
I heard that you reported on the whistleblower and that Chairman Park was in league with the assemblyman 14 years ago.
Our family was horribly ruined because of that decision.
In Ha doesn't have the power to cover that story.
And if I cover the story, she'll be the one to end up hurt.
So? The one who must take responsibility for that tragedy is you, not In Ha.
So it must be you who lets the entire world know.
Do you think that I'll cover this story on those grounds? Is that why you're handing this over to me? Aren't you being too naive? Yes, I know that this is a ridiculous gamble.
But I'm going to trust in that crazy decision.
That there was once a crucial moment when you had to decide who the whistleblower was that you were once a reporter and that you may be regretting the decision you made 14 years ago.
I've decided that I want to naively trust in that.
I'm counting on you.
Please report that story yourself, Reporter Sung.
In Ha and you, Ki Ha Myung.
You're reckless to the point that it annoys me.
Why should you be sorry? Because Mom won't apologize and won't investigate the matter.
Why is it that people don't trust you when you tell the truth? Circling around to the point that it annoys me.
You're a fraud.
Mom already abandoned me, so President Joo! You doctored this death certificate, didn't you? she's already cut ties with me but I can't do that.
Why can't you believe yourself? Making me worry to the point that it annoys me.
- Are you a reporter? - I just need to let go of this hand.
But I can't do that.
Like a fool.
Humiliating me to the point that it annoys me.
When do you think I'll be able to see Choi In Ha? Could it be a warning? To watch what you say.
I have an informant.
I wonder if we threw too weak of an attack.
Keep watch so that he doesn't know.
It's so annoying that flies are coming in to interfere with plans I've already made! I'm going to cover the story.
Make proper preparations.
Now that I think about it You'll have to carry out my deed.
If you ask to risk the idea of dating In Ha, you would?