Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e18 Episode Script

The Red Shoes

1 Pinocchio Episode 18 Circling around to the point it annoys me.
Making me worry to the point it that it annoys me.
Humiliating me to the point that it annoys me.
[Episode 18 - Red Shoes.]
I've returned to work Cap.
You made the right decision.
You really did! You made the right decision.
I'm sorry for making everyone worry.
If you're sorry do a good job.
If you lower your voice for now, you'll have more opportunities to speak up later.
- And then-- - No, Sir.
I have no plans to lower my voice even now.
- If I did, I would not have come back.
- Hey! Why are you doing this? I respect you Cap, and I think you are truly a good reporter.
A reporter must protect the public welfare! News must serve the public interest.
We must make city officials pay attention to that news! City officials must see that news! - The President must see that news! - The President must see that news! The world must see that news That is how a reporter serves the public! You said those words to me.
I remember every word.
When did I say that? I don't remember that? You did when we were doing the story on the icy roads.
Did I? I wonder why I said that.
Cap, I believe you are hiding your true self right now.
No, this is the real me.
I'm not hiding anything.
It's my bare face.
I'll see you at the meeting later.
I believe in you and will follow you.
Hey, hey! Choi In Ha.
Choi In Ha! Why does she trust me without my input? I don't know me, so how does she know to trust me? Do you think Manager Sung will change? Who knows? Honestly, I'm not sure.
I don't know.
You've thrown out a card, but perhaps you're playing a more dangerous card.
Then, should I go and ask for the text messages back? Can you do that? Cap! I was just saying it.
But, how can you be so relaxed? I'm not relaxed.
Honestly, I still have another source to reveal the connection between Manager Sung and Chairman Park.
What's that? Have you found more evidence? I have an informant.
An informant? Who? He asked to remain anonymous for now.
So, I can't reveal him yet.
He will give us evidence as he gathers it.
You don't have to worry about those text messages anymore.
I have my cell phone back and the record of the text messages.
Reporter Ki Ha Myung promised that he would not report this story, as well.
As always, you did a good job.
I don't trust Ki Ha Myung's words, but I trust yours.
By the way when do I get to meet Choi In Ha? The problem has been taken care of.
Is it really necessary to meet her? I'll watch over her carefully.
Shall we do that then? I have a meeting in the afternoon so I need to get going.
That's too bad.
Next time, let's meet when we're less busy.
Yes, Chairman.
But, now that I think about it this is a first.
Excuse me? It's the first time Manager Sung outright refused my request.
Let's see each other again.
Manager, the item meeting is starting soon.
I won't be attending that meeting, so go ahead without me.
- Why not? - What do you mean, why? Are you disappointed? Should I go back? No, I'm not disappointed.
Not at all! - Are you that happy? - Of course I'm happy.
It was as if I didn't exist.
Now, I don't have to feel anxious.
Now, it's totally my world! I need to use the restroom.
I believe the Officer Ahn story is an embarrassment on behalf of MSC News.
Are you bringing up the past again? It affects the current news.
During the investigation of the story, Manager Sung relayed a lie.
It was a lie that the CCTV was found at the factory.
The footage of the factory was edited.
So, what is it that you want to do? Do you want to humiliate the manager with announcements of her false report? No, I want to set things right.
Why did Manager Sung report false news? And, on whose orders? If others report this story, it will be a humiliation.
If we report it ourselves, it will be a voice of introspection.
Cap! Huh? Oh it could be.
Then, let's decide with a vote.
Raise your hand if you think if it makes sense to go after Manager Sung.
Cap are you raising your hand? Huh? No, I wasn't.
There was a loose thread here.
I was trying to get at this.
So, whose turn is it next? Really That big-eyed girl just keeps 'I believe in you, Cap.
' She's getting at my conscience.
I'm dying here! Why are you so concerned about the words of an intern? Maybe I should just do something crazy.
Should I just report it to Manager Sung? Are you right in the head? You want to tell Manager Sung about an item that attacks her? That's why I'm saying I'll tell her.
Then, she can deal with it herself.
I did what I can, as a reporter.
I'll just drop subtle hints.
Ah just drop a hint.
Just a hint.
And avoid responsibility! What? What Manager? Do it.
- Why? - You said it was Choi In Ha's story? Dig into it quietly, without the Director finding out.
But, Manager! This is This will damage our company.
I should really do it? Do it.
I'll report the story.
Investigate it thoroughly.
Oh man.
I'm ruined.
What is it? She says to do it.
Do what? Manager Sung says to do Choi In Ha's story.
She says she'll report it herself too.
We're really doing it? Cap? You have kids studying abroad.
What if you get fired? Honey? It's me.
Is that what's important, whether it's night or day there? Forget it.
Get the kids un-enrolled from school and pack your bags.
I'm going to get fired soon.
How are we going to live? Honey, do you know how to fry chicken? Should we do a fried chicken store? Yes, Director Yeo.
How can I help you? Well, a bit of a problem has come up.
What do you mean, a problem? Yes.
I had a feeling that would happen.
What would make Manager Sung do this? Alright.
I'll have to think of a plan.
When can I meet Choi In Ha? The problem has been taken care of.
Is it really necessary to meet her? Do you recall the text messages you exchanged with MSC's Song Cha Ok? I don't know what you're referring to, it's been so long.
I never said it had been long time.
They're bothersome.
Very bothersome.
I've been summarizing research for the connection of the two, but I get stuck.
But, I think Cap is slightly on my side.
- Really? - Not completely, just slightly.
How is Father? I heard his blood pressure went up a while back.
Grandpa? He had medicine and got better.
If you're worried, come in and see him.
No, it's okay.
I'll get going.
That punk! In front an apartment How dangerous! Leave it on.
He's too far to hit now.
Seo Bum Jo! Is this your dog? Unlike his owner, this dog is cute.
What brings you by? All the way to my house? Do you think I came because I missed you? I came to make good on that promise I made you.
Man! Why didn't you come into the reporters room? I'm quitting and going back home.
My mother wants it that way.
So, you're following your mother's wishes? No, it's the opposite.
What? If I ask as a reporter, she refuses to answer.
But, if I ask as a son, she says she will answer me.
I'm quitting in order to hear those answers.
I will hear all of her answers and come find you.
Let's talk inside.
Wow! So, this is a bachelor's pad! It's my first time seeing one.
There's the bedroom, washroom Oh! There's even a kitchen.
It has everything.
- So, this is possible.
- Want something to drink? Do you have wine? Crazy punk.
Shut up and drink this.
You really resent my mother, right? Yeah.
You probably won't believe me, but She was the most good and kind person in the world to me.
I know.
So what I'm doing now is very hard for me.
It's painful.
This is Seo Bum Jo.
As of today, I'm quitting my job at MSC.
So I may not be able to keep my promise I've made to you.
I don't intend on pressing for it.
I know how difficult it is for you.
You don't like me and I'm annoying, right? Not like this is anything new.
What about In Ha? She's doing well? Yup.
But I think she has a misconception.
She thinks you're back to being a mama's boy.
Maybe I'm really back to being a mama's boy.
Hey, you did this on purpose because you thought I was a jerk! I have a delivery.
Where's the newsroom? End of the hallway.
Congressman Kim Kyung Woo who was summoned for the case of the factory fire knew Chairman Park No Sa since general election.
MSC aired marketing news presenting the factory as eco-friendly.
This happened three times last year.
The news on Congressman Kim's CD release party even made the headlines.
When you add up all the reports and brief news segments, there are way too many.
MSC was blatantly supporting him.
I have a delivery for Ki Ha Myung.
Ki Ha Myung? He's in a meeting over there.
Ki Ha Myung! Everyone take cover! I'm at the newsroom at YGN.
Some crazy bastard is causing a commotion.
Come quick! Hurry! Ki Ha Myung, come out! Where are you? Come out now! This afternoon, at the Congress theater at the release party for a Christmas CD for donation by Congress Congressman Kim Kyung Woo is singing carols.
What are you watching? I'm going through Congressman Kim Kyung Woo related news.
Seems like MSC aired lots of positive news related to him.
Most of them were led by me and the director.
Sit down.
I'll help you find more.
What? Did you see the one about Congressman Kim's team making kimchi? No, not yet.
I have deliveries for Sung Cha Ok and Choi In Ha.
Where can I find them? In the office.
Anyone hurt? Everyone okay? Yes.
Is everyone okay? - Yes.
- I'm fine.
What is this? Looks like he was here for revenge of some sort.
He was looking for Ki Ha Myung.
He seems to have grudge against you.
Do you know him? No, it's first time No way.
I'm going out for bit.
- Did you call the police? - Yes.
Oh, it's blood! Blood! Are you hurt? Let's see.
Where? Does it hurt a lot? I'm not hurting anywhere.
I'm completely fine.
I am too.
What is this then? Whose blood is this? Sung Cha Ok and Choi In Ha.
Come out.
I'm going to kill you! Move over.
I'll go.
Are you nuts? He said he'll kill us! Where are Sung Cha Ok and Choi In Ha? Where are they! - Sung Cha Ok and Choi In Ha! - Send someone quick! - I told you to stay put! - He's holding a knife! A knife! There's someone suspicious in the newsroom with a knife.
Hey, you! Stop! Stop right there.
Stop! Yes, this is the MSC newsroom.
Someone is making threats with a weapon.
When will the police get here? Open the door! Open the door! - Let me go! - Stay still! - Dal Po, are you okay? Were you hurt? - I'm fine.
- Are you okay? - Yes, I'm okay.
What's this? Blood? Did you get hurt? Yes, my arm.
Dal Po! Dal Po! Dal Po! Dal Po! Where's Ki Ha Myung? He's in surgery.
His ligament was torn quite a bit.
And he lost a lot of blood.
What the heck is all this? Who is that terrorist? Someone you know? I don't know him.
I've never seen him before.
He targeted both Ki Ha Myung and Choi In Ha? No, he asked for Manager Sung as well.
- Manager, maybe you know him? - No, I've never seen him either.
Ki Ha Myung, Choi In Ha, and Sung Cha Ok.
Why them? What could be the common grudge held against all three? - Any guesses? - No, nothing.
Was it Ki Ha Myung? Not too long ago, he brought a camera with him and brought up something that happened 14 years ago.
Your daughter, Manager Sung.
Choi In Ha.
Now that I think about it, this is a first.
The first time, questioning my orders.
Oh, good.
We were on our way to your company to report the terror.
- Can we interview you? - Oh, we were on our way to you.
Are you going to do the interview? Depends on how you behave.
Never mind.
Let's go find someone else.
Okay, okay.
I will do it.
Ki Ha Myung, Choi In Ha, and even Manager Sung.
They were being too aggressive lately.
Looks like it's coming back to bite them.
Aggressive? Shouldn't that be the norm for a reporter? You're talking nonsense.
If there's a weapon being wielded, it's not normal.
They pushed too hard.
- I don't know.
I don't agree.
- Me neither.
If an act of terror occurred, there must be something really important to uncover.
Reporters need to be louder in moments like these.
If you guys act this way, I'm not giving you an interview.
I don't need your interview.
Let's go Jae Won.
She must really dislike me.
I'm starting to dislike you too.
You punks don't even greet me properly.
Sir! Do you know the three victims? No.
I don't know them well.
Do you hear something? No, I can't hear.
Team Leader, we can't hear what you're saying a little louder.
So why? Why did you attack those three people? Because of my father's grudge.
So, to avenge your father's grudge? To what, exactly, are you referring? - He says to avenge his father's grudge.
- His father? Who is his father? Do you remember that man? That man who fired the bus driver for extortion of 600 Won.
What? The son of that owner? This is shocking.
I could have been a victim of this too.
A man in his 20s entered the YGN broadcast studios.
As he yells at the employees he approaches them, waves a weapon and engages in a fight with an employee.
At MSC, which is just 500 meters away from YGN he attacked the reporters with a weapon before he was arrested.
The man who caused these problems is a 21 year old with the last name Cho.
Last year in December, MSC's Reporter Sung reported on a story featuring a man who owned a bus company.
He is the son of that man.
Those reporters they said my to the nation that my father was a con artist.
I wanted to tell them to watch what they say.
Police are now investigating charges of attempted murder against Cho.
YGN's Reporter Ki Ha Myung is currently receiving treatment in the hospital but, there also injuries that are not life threatening.
YGN News, I'm Yoon Yu Rae.
I cultivated and grew this business for over 20 years.
All I have left to do is just reap the fruits.
But, the pests keep buzzing around and I'm getting really annoyed! In Ha.
Dal Po, are you okay? How's your arm? It's okay.
It's nothing.
What do you mean nothing? You even hurt your ligament and had surgery.
If you were a baseball player, your career would be over.
I'm going to the Administrative Office.
Dal Po, when we get out, don't go home.
You're coming with us.
- No, it okay.
That's not necessary.
- It is necessary.
The doctor said if you use your arm, you could make it much worse.
- Stay with us for now.
- Okay.
- The culprit, has he been caught? - Yes.
You remember the bus driver suicide story, right? - The bus company owner's son did it.
- What? So, he came after you, me, and Manager Sung? Even though he'd get caught? That was his statement to the police.
By the way, how did you know he'd come after me? That day I took you home, do you remember that motorcycle? Yeah I remember, that jerk.
That motorcycle driver was him.
What is this? That's so scary? He planned it all.
I think so.
I told Ki Ha Myung to rest at home until he gets better.
You're saying this attack occurred because of the interview of the bus company owner? Isn't this a bit much? What do you mean? Last year, I did a report at the airport on people going away on trips.
A couple that appeared in the frame behind me sued me.
Because of the news, he got caught having an affair, and divorced and got fired.
Being a reporter means having to deal with a lot of grudges.
It's something we all go through.
But, Ki Ha Myung, he had to learn that lesson too quickly.
But, is this really because of that interview? If he felt that the report was unfair, he could have sued us.
Why did he commit this act of terror? What are you talking about? Are you saying there's more to it? Yes.
Maybe, this is a warning.
- To watch what you say - Watch what you say? What, exactly, is Ki Ha Myung working on right now? He's digging into the connection between MSC and Chairman Park.
I can't hear.
They said something about 'connection'.
Hey, you know what? I think Cap is interested in you, for real.
What? No it's just that during the incident he asked you if you were hurt and made a fuss.
I was there too and he didn't ask about me.
What else does this mean? What else could it mean? It means you're a turtle.
You wouldn't bleed no matter how much you were poked.
- Hey.
I'm not joking.
I really think - Stop! - No, really - Enough! I will no longer believe those kinds of assumptions and feelings anymore.
Bring me cold-hard facts.
I won't believe anything before you do.
I really think it's true.
Look at the pair of them.
She's still acting like a stalker fan.
She's not being a stalker fan, she's being a diligent reporter.
You're acting suspicious.
How could such a terrible thing You must have been scared! Oh dear.
Your face is still not looking too well.
It was quite a coincidence.
Me, my daughter, and even Ki Ha Myung How could it be that the three people you're interested in got attacked? 'Watch what you say.
' I got your message.
Manager Sung, what are you talking about? You don't think that I I'm really taken aback.
It's such an awful thing to say.
I can hardly bear to say it.
If it's not true, I apologize.
But, Manager Sung Hypothetically, say that I did make such threats - Excuse me? - Just hypothetically hypothetically.
If I did it means our relationship has been slightly damaged.
Then wouldn't it best to be wary of each other before it breaks? You look like you have a lot to ask.
- Is it obvious? - Yes.
Ask me.
What are you so curious about? I saw the news about the act of terror.
- By chance - That's right.
I ordered it.
The motive has to be strong so that they don't question the perpetrator.
It wasn't hard finding a person with a grudge against all three of them.
Being a reporter means you build up grudges.
Was it a warning against the them? That was part of it.
I wanted you to know too.
I know you better than anyone in this world.
I know better than anyone when you lie.
I know what your eyes and your voice are like.
I also know how disappointed you are in me.
I feel a sadness for disappointing you.
How hurt must my kind and righteous son have been? Mother My son.
Can't we just live like before? I'll do all the dirty work.
You can go on vacations and do everything you want to.
You should only see good and beautiful things.
Live like that.
- We're home.
- Are you home? Come in.
Come and eat.
- Yes, yes.
- Sit.
Wow, it's abalone porridge! I put lots and made it nice and hot.
A knife was put into your body.
Your body must be in great shock.
Hurry and eat.
Bon appetit.
- Have it with kimchi.
- Do you want kimchi? Would you like some kimchi? You are always one step behind.
Do you want me to do it for you? Huh? Okay.
If you make a mistake, you'll see blood.
I know.
Sit down.
When you watch horror movies, don't you think scenes with razors are scary? Especially when you shave parts like this if I were to sneeze, the blood from your throat would splash! Hey! Don't move.
You'll really bleed.
Why, those little I just don't know! Leave it, Dad.
You'll hurt your back.
Dad, I had a really strange dream last night.
What dream was that? - It was such nonsense.
- Tell me.
A dream is just a dream.
Well I dreamed that Dal Po asked me if he could date In Ha.
You rotten little! Dreaming a total ridiculous dream like that! I told you.
It was a strange dream.
Hey you! There are strange dreams, but there is a certain limit! Dal Po is my son and In Ha is your daughter.
How dare you dream a dream like that? You don't say.
It really doesn't make sense.
I don't think it makes any sense either.
Hurry with the Chairman Park story we talked about.
We'll expose the text messages too.
Have it ready for air by today or tomorrow.
Manager, I want to do that too, but the Director will not permit it.
I don't need his permission.
I'll make it happen.
I'll submit another item in my name and change it later to the Chairman Park story.
What? - Manager Sung, are you crazy? - I'm not crazy.
Chairman Park is.
The attack was ordered by her.
It was a warning message from her.
What? Are you serious? If we don't report this quickly, next time it won't be just a warning.
No, that's not it.
If we report it, it'll be a problem.
Once we report it, she won't stop with just a warning.
When one person knows, you keep that person quiet.
When two people know, you keep two quiet.
But, when 1,000 or 10,000 people know, how do you keep them quiet? In the end, the world will have to acknowledge it.
Wow! Was she always like that? [Human Resources Announcement.]
Cap usually covers Congress or Legal, why is he being transferred to Culture? He must have done something wrong.
What about Manager Sung? She's in the Review Department.
What? Is there something to see? - No.
- What? What is it? What is this? Why am I suddenly moving to the Culture department? Am I no longer Captain? Manager Sung.
You're in the Review Department.
Is this a warning from Chairman Park too? So, you've taken away my microphone.
And you'll keep my mouth shut? Cap, what's that transfer about? Why, so suddenly? Because of you the transfer happened.
Because of me? Can't be because of Cap? Is it because of the item that I proposed? Yes, it is! I told the Manager and worked on it and this is what's become of us.
- Manager Sung told you to work on it? - That's right.
I couldn't believe it either, but she did.
But, we got stopped by Chairman Park.
This transfer is also Chairman Park's work.
- Chairman Park? Bum Jo's mother? - Yes.
Manager Sung says that the attack was also her doing.
It was a warning telling us to keep our mouths shut.
Really? Do you have evidence? It was just a gut feeling.
I didn't fully believe it, but now that things turned out this way, I believe it.
You be careful too.
- I'm sorry Cap.
- It's okay.
Because of you, I was going to be a real reporter for once.
It made me think about what a reporter is.
I couldn't do it, but you have be a true reporter until the end.
- Hello? - I need to see you.
Yes, Manager.
I lack so much as a person.
That there was one crucial moment when you had to decide who the whistleblower was That you were once a reporter and that you may be regretting the decision you made 14 years ago.
Naively, I want to believe in that.
I'm here, Manager.
You saw the personnel appointments? I'm no longer a manager or a reporter.
How do you take your coffee? What? Oh, two sugars and two creams.
Just like your dad.
So tacky.
I heard from Captain.
That you gave the green light for my story idea.
Yes, but now it's been blocked.
Is that why you were demoted? Probably.
So give this back to Reporter Ki Ha Myung.
- This is - Cell phone and the message content.
I got them from Ki Ha Myung.
Please return it all to him.
In return, we say the whistleblower was me and not you.
Mom! Manager Sung really told you to give these back to me? Yes, but she asked that we say the whistleblowing was done by her.
She wanted to report the story herself but can't since her microphone was taken away.
She has so much to say, but can't go on air anymore.
She is quite upset.
So, she said she'll find another way to tell the world.
Another way? What do you mean by another way? Use the government authority.
The case from 14 years ago doesn't hold much power.
Even if we tell the world, its statute of limitation expired long ago.
Chairman Park won't get affected by it.
So I need a current case, and help from your friend.
My friend? Go tell this to your friend Ahn Chan Soo.
That he should file a defamation suit against me.
Mom! Oh, Dal Po! Is your arm okay? I was quite worried.
It doesn't look like you were.
What's up? I don't really have case tips to share.
I'm not here for the cases.
I came here to ask you for a favor.
A favor? Of course I'll do whatever you ask.
What is it? Something I hope you'd do.
No, actually, something I need you to do.
Defamation? What are you saying? Labeling him as the one responsible for the factory fire case If Chan Soo files a defamation suit for that mom will be arraigned and investigated as the principal offender.
- Manager! - Oh, Ahn Chan Soo.
What brings you here? Did you get fired from the department? No way! Our department can't function without me.
You should come by.
I'll prepare a warm seat for you.
No need.
But seriously, why are you here? Some business at the Civil Affairs office.
Civil Affairs? What for? To file a suit.
A suit? I'm filing a defamation suit against Reporter Sung Cha Ok.
Right then, mom will divulge everything to the police.
The police will then further investigate and the reporters will cover the story.
That's how she'll tell the world.
Starting from your dad's case 14 years ago to connections to Chairman Park.
Then my mom and Chairman Park will be the joint principal offenders.
From that point From that point, you guys keep your eyes open and report the story as is.
Report what the police say, the prosecutors say, what I say and what Chairman Park says.
Don't miss a single beat and report everything.
No matter what public opinion manipulation is at play.
Do not get swamped nor swayed.
Do it right.
You got it? Okay, I will.
Chairman Park will use money or connections to get out of this every chance she gets.
The subpoena, indictment, hearing Make sure she can't excuse herself.
You guys keep a close watch.
But you this will be the end for you.
Maybe you will lose everything.
You might have to give up everything.
I don't value them that much.
All this time I was feeling a bit tired.
I was exhausted.
Don't cry.
If you're like this I won't feel comfortable entrusting you with this work.
Was it this hard for you too? Watching your brother, was it this hard? How did you bear the pain? How did you manage so well? It was difficult and it's still difficult.
I can't even say I endured it in past tense.
I'm sorry, Dal Po.
It's right for my mom to come to this decision, but my mom I feel she chose such a difficult path, so I know.
I know.
Reporter Sung made a difficult decision.
Does that mean everything will be exposed? Our dad's case and Chan Soo's story She herself will tell the truth? Then why the long face? Shouldn't you be happy? I'm sorry, Jae Myung.
Honestly, I'm not all that happy.
Why? What In Ha is going through now is what I went through when I reported your story.
It's hard for me to see her that way.
And makes me think of you too.
You're at it again.
Reproaching yourself.
I'm only saying this once.
Listen carefully.
The day I was supposed to do the interview with Reporter Sung I was planning to end everything.
Sung Cha Ok and myself included.
When I saw you then I wanted to live.
How you'd get revenge on Sung Cha Ok I wanted to witness it.
You saved my life.
Jae Myung.
Because you reported me and didn't hide me you were able to boldly ask questions to Reporter Sung and Chairman Park.
Had you chosen to do differently you probably wouldn't have had the chance to ask.
And, a day like today wouldn't have existed.
You understand what I'm saying, right? - Chairman! Chairman! - You startled me.
Miss Goh, knock next time.
I apologize.
It's an emergency.
Have you heard the news? Manager Sung is being sued for defamation.
She's giving her testimony to the police.
Defamation lawsuit? What for? Who? It's that person, Officer Ahn.
What do we do if Manager Sung talks about you to the police? She probably will.
She wanted to get sued so that she could talk.
- What? Deliberately? - Yes.
I stopped her from talking.
She needed an outlet to talk.
It's fine.
Let her talk.
That defamation lawsuit it will end with a small fine, if it gets that far.
But, Chairman if the reporters catch on So what? Will they even care about it? [Seoul Han River Police Station.]
- Hey isn't that Reporter Sung? - Where? That's her.
I heard she got sued for defamation.
She must be here for questioning.
Are you here as the defendant? Are you being framed? - Any comments? - Are you being framed? Any comments? Are you here because Officer Ahn has sued you for defamation? - Yes, that's right.
- Do you admit to defamation? That will be revealed during the investigation.
How are you feeling right now? Would anyone feel good after being sued? If you're a reporter, don't ask obvious questions.
Ask some more unique questions.
I'm sorry.
The interrogation will take two to three hours.
I'll come back afterward and until then please have better questions prepared.
- Wow.
She's tough.
- Intimidating.
I can see lasers coming out of her eyes.
So charismatic! I respect that.
Total respect.
Are you going into the interrogation? When you're done, I'll come looking for you with questions.
I don't know what a reporter is.
Once I know what a reporter is, I'll come and find you.
Not as a street mutt, but as a wolf.
Then, I'll bark at you for real.
Ki Ha Myung? Now, have you figured out what a reporter is? Yes, I think I've figured out the hard parts.
Then come and bark at me for real.
I'll answer all your questions.
I understand.