Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e19 Episode Script

The North Wind and the Sun

1 Pinocchio Episode 19 Are you here for the interrogation? I'll come with some questions to ask you once you're finished.
I don't know what a reporter does.
I'll come see you again once I find out what a reporter truly does.
Not as just a street mutt, but as a wolf I'll come and bark at you for real.
Ki Ha Myung.
Have you finally figured out what a reporter does? Yes.
I think I have a vague idea.
Then come and bark at me for real.
When you do, I'll answer all your questions.
Yes, I understand.
[Episode 19 - The sun, the wind, and the traveler.]
MSC's Sung Cha Ok, who has been accused for the crime of defamation and slander has turned herself in to the police.
Reporter Sung has claimed that the recent case was a conspiracy by the executives to manipulate the public's opinion, and that such orders have been dealt for the past 14 years of her career.
Reporter Ki Ha Myung, reporting.
Reporter Sung Cha Ok has been sued for defamation of character by Officer Ahn of Seoul Police Precinct, and was questioned for three hours by the police.
A day before the explosion occurred at the waste factory nearby Han River in Seoul Officer Han received the report of a small explosion Hey, that whole situation is happening because of the lawsuit you filed, isn't it? Yes.
Wow, Ahn Chan Soo.
You're something else, aren't you? I offer my sincerest apology to Officer Ahn for the damage I've caused by my actions.
Are you admitting that it was a conspiracy? Yes, I admit to it.
I have submitted an honest testimony of everything that happened regarding the case.
Reporter Sung claims that this was just a cover up to keep the identities of the real guilty parties and the cause of the explosion a secret from the public and that she was forced to follow the orders given to her by a higher force at the station.
Chairman Park Ro Sa, the largest shareholder at MSC News for the past 14 years and her connection with the executives at the station has made it impossible for her to refuse the requests that were made of her.
Although it shames me to admit it I have complied every time a request came in to manipulate a report.
When did you start receiving those requests? The first was Fireman Ki Ho Sang's case which occurred 14 years ago.
Can you give us more detail on who gave you those orders? Is Manager Sung even sane? How can she purposely put herself on a path of self-destruction like that? Hey, that's not self-destruction.
She's just clearing her conscience.
Senior Sung She finally sounds like a real reporter.
Senior Joo Ho.
And what is YGN doing? They're declaring war against us.
You see that as a declaration of war? It's a warning.
They're warning us to shape up or ship out.
I'm seriously humiliated to be an MSC reporter right now.
The waste factory explosion that occurred 14 years ago was manipulated in order to conceal illegal explosive chemicals that were dumped and she was ordered by the executives to frame Fireman Ki Ho Sang for the crime of negligence in order to shift the focus away from the real truth.
Reporter Sung has pointed to the main shareholder of the station, Chairman Park as well as the high level executives of the station as the main conspirators and has submitted text message records since the year 2000 as evidence to support her claim.
On the other hand, Chairman Park Ro Sa denies any knowledge of any text messages that were exchanged 14 years ago.
Have you exchanged any text messages with Reporter Sung Cha Ok of MSC News? I don't remember any of that since it happened so long ago.
I didn't say anything about it having happened a long time ago.
You say that you don't remember, but you remember it happened a long time ago? Get rid of him.
Chairman Park will inevitably be brought in for questioning in regards to framing Officer Ahn.
It is presumed that this recent turn of events will uncover more similar conspiracies.
Ki Ha Myung reporting from YGN News.
Mom, you're okay, aren't you? No, I'm not okay.
Relay this message to Ki Ha Myung for me.
Tell him to lead his reports with the most shocking aspect of the story from now on.
Softening up the story like that cuts out all the intrigue and excitement of the story.
He should've led with Chairman Park's interview to make it more impactful.
Excuse me? What happens now is very crucial.
Chairman Park is going to start calling in her legal team to figure out a plan to get her out of all this.
Tell YGN to keep their eyes wide open and keep tabs on what she does.
What kind of a plan? I'm sure she'll think of a way to avoid being brought in for questioning.
First, we need to avoid being taken in for questioning.
I'll release a statement that you are attending a buyer's meeting in Japan.
The head prosecutor and I have known each other a long time so I'm sure that we'll be able to reach some sort of an agreement.
You've always turned my moments of crisis into opportunities.
Once again, I leave everything in your good hands.
Don't worry.
Take a few days rest at a quiet place somewhere and I'll handle everything on this end.
Then I'll leave knowing that it's in your capable hands.
Assistant Go, I'll be Yes, Senator Yoon.
Ah, you saw the news? Yes, I know.
Reporter Sung must've felt disappointed with the recent appointment.
No, you don't need to be concerned.
Will you be able to make it to the grand opening? Yes, I'll see you then.
I'll be leaving to go stay at my villa in Cheong-jong-ri, so make proper arrangements.
Yes, Ma'am.
According to Cap Kim, he thinks Chairman Park is going to use a foreign business trip as an excuse to delay the police questioning.
An excuse? - Then she's going to go into hiding? - Yeah.
Mom says that if she does then there's a high chance that Chairman Park will go to her villa in Cheong-jong-ri.
The villa in Cheong-jong-ri? Yes.
Even when she got summoned for use of fraudulent funds she used the excuse of business in the States, but went to her villa instead.
Are you sure? Who gave you this information? Reporter Sung Cha Ok passed on the tip over to me through Reporter Choi In Ha.
- Manager Sung gave you the tip? - Yes.
Senior Sung She must be determined to get Chairman Park in front of the police in any way possible.
Cha Ho Chul.
- I need you to go to Cheong-jong-ri.
- Yes, Sir.
Chairman Park Ro Sa, of Bum Jo Department Stores who wasn't able to comply with the police due to an important foreign business trip has been confirmed as still in Korea as a result of YGN's diligent research.
The police have stated that Chairman Park failed to comply to their request by lying to which, another summon was sent out to her.
Failure to comply with the new summon will result in the issuing of an arrest.
YGN News, Cha Ho Chul, reporting.
Things wouldn't have gotten this complicated if it hadn't been for YGN News.
This letter was issued by the police commissioner himself.
Ah so that's why this was sent out again.
I'm receiving this again merely because of a one minute news report? I guess your connections have no effect in this matter? Yes, Senator Goo.
Ah, that? I did what I could to avoid it so that I could keep you from worrying but it seems that I have embarrassingly failed.
Yes, of course.
There's no problem.
Yes, I'll see you at the grand opening.
You heard that, didn't you? If the news of me being taken into the police station breaks out what do you think that my senators will think of me then? The commissioner sends his apologies and he said if you comply with the summon, he promises to keep it as quiet as possible.
He set the date for an early morning to avoid being hounded by the reporters and if you go in through the underground garage then you can get away quietly afterward without anyone finding out about it.
Why are things getting so complicated? What is going on here? If she were to come in for the questioning then she'll come in either on a Sunday or on a holiday when the reporters aren't around.
And very early in the morning, at that.
Then we can have all the reporters wait for her at the front gate.
People like that would never use the front gates.
She's not going to want to advertise going in to the station for questioning.
She'll definitely use the underground garage entrance.
So if you're going to stick it out anywhere, then it must be at the underground garage.
She's here.
Is it true that you framed an innocent cop just to hide the corruption lurking behind these politicians? I thought there weren't going to be any reporters.
- No interviews.
Please stop shooting.
- Please move.
Please give us a statement.
Is it true that you used Fireman Ki Ho Sang for the same intent 14 years ago? Is that claim, true? - Stop the camera.
- Move.
- Please stop filming.
- Give us a statement.
I'm sure that your senators are feeling nervous as they witness you walking into the police station.
Do you have anything that you'd like to say to them? Shut up! Chairman Park.
Are you denying his claim? Let go of the door.
Right now! And by this time, Chairman Park will undoubtedly be trying to divert the public's attention away from her.
Are you saying they will try to cause a different issue? She's going to try to bury this issue with an even larger one.
For example, breaking news on a hot celebrity.
Since when did the people of this country start paying so much attention to the news? Have you seen the top internet search topics? When you type in my name, endless stories pop up.
How about trying to divert the focus away from you? With so many eyes on us right now, any other methods may prove impossible.
What? What is it that you have? How about a story on the habitual use of the drug, Propofol.
Propofol? Yes, that's good.
- Who? - FAMA, he modeled for us last year.
He was in the recent tabloids for being a habitual user of the recreational drug.
- I'm sure the PR team has something on it.
- That's a great idea.
He recently released an album, and he's also been in a drama so it'll cause a big sensation.
The police are investigating the allegations of the popular idol, FAMA, using Propofol for recreational use, and have summoned FAMA in for some questioning.
Through the hospital records found, and a testimony given by a hospital admin it has been found that FAMA has been administered over 12 doses of Propofol.
No This can't be.
That's dog crap! Hey, you startled me.
[FAMA, we'll keep you protected.
I sincerely apologize for having shamed myself and for disappointing everyone.
Do you admit that you've been a habitual user of the drug, Propofol? No, I'm not a habitual user.
But it was for a legitimate medical purpose.
I believe you.
Hey, Yoon Yu Rae.
Have you lost your mind? Can you please give us a statement? I will comply with the police investigation and prove my innocence of these claims.
- Are you saying that you're innocent? - Are you denying the allegations? - When did you start the drug use? - Can you clarify your statement? FAMA, I know that you're not that type of a person.
I'll find out the truth for you.
You can trust me, FAMA.
She's really lost it.
I'm going to protect him.
The police have declared FAMA innocent of all accusations and allegations in regards to Propofol use that the idol has been charged with.
My innocence has been proven through the police investigation.
I will continue to show you the positive side of my image.
FAMA's been suffering from Gastrointestinal disorders due to the over exhaustion with his recent album release and drama production and has been taking Propofol for legitimate medical purposes.
As you can see, due to his small and large intestinal issues, as well as for his stomach cramps, he's received a total of four doses within a two month period.
And he's never received any before then.
FAMA's been cleared of any and all involvement of illegal usage of Propofol and he's revealed his plans to dedicate himself to his music even more since being declared of his innocence.
From YGN News, Yoon Yu Rae, reporting.
Issues like this usually take a few more days before cooling down but YGN was so quick with their investigation of the story that our attempt to divert the focus has failed.
Yes, I'm sure.
With your competence at work, and your wide network of connections I'm sure those reporters just happened to be at the garage by coincidence and the tabloid must've had it wrong.
Since you're both so good at your jobs! Yes, Senator Jo.
No, please don't mention it.
Yes, of course.
Yes, I'm aware that you're feeling anxious.
No, there's no need for you to worry.
Just think of it as a passing wind.
You're still aware of the date of our grand opening, aren't you? It'll go on as scheduled.
Yes I'll see you then.
What else have you got for me? What other ideas do you have? Chairman Park.
There's no punishment against will in the case of defamation of character.
If the victim doesn't seek compensation, then you can't be held liable for anything.
So Are you telling me to go to Officer Ahn and beg him for his forgiveness? It wouldn't be begging.
I'm just saying you should clear up the misunderstanding.
Before the situation gets any worse, reaching some sort of a settlement with him to quietly clear this up would be With the situation the way it is Chairman Park is going to try to placate Officer Ahn into dropping the case.
Placate him? Because there's no punishment against will in the case of defamation of character? That's right.
If Officer Ahn agrees to settle, then Chairman Park can't be penalized.
Which means this case will just end right here.
I'm sure Chairman Park and her team will try to generously convince Officer Ahn.
And if they fall for her offer, then everything will turn into dust.
What do you think? Do you think that Officer Ahn will accept such an offer from her? No.
I'm not sure.
He has three kids to raise.
Even if I have three kids to raise, I'm still a proud law officer of Korea.
I won't fall for an offer like that.
I'm not settling.
I knew you'd say that.
I totally had faith in you.
I had a small seed of doubt.
A tiny seed.
Okay, fine.
I had huge doubts.
I'm sorry.
You were worried that Chan Soo would take the deal, too, weren't you? - No, not at all.
- Hey! Don't worry.
Ha Myung, you were the reason why I started this battle.
I started it because I felt bad for spreading those false rumors about you in high school and also because I felt grateful to you for saving me despite that.
I started because you told me to, and I'll only stop when you tell me to.
I know what this battle means to you.
I'm putting my conscience on the line, and I'm going to see this thing through.
Thanks, Chan Soo.
If you're that grateful, then bring over a housewarming gift to my house this weekend.
A housewarming party? I thought you moved into that house over three years ago? So why are you having a housewarming party? Even though we've been there for three years it hasn't been long since we reunited.
Come with lightness in your hearts, and heaviness in your hands, got it? A party for your third child wasn't enough, but a housewarming party after three years? Ugh don't you have any conscience? Try raising three kids.
Conscience is a luxury that I can't afford.
I thought you said you were putting your conscience on the line? That conscience and this conscience are kept in two different places, so don't worry.
I'm home.
Are you just getting home? Go get washed up, and let's have dinner.
Grandfather, why are you coming out of that room? I went over to your brother's house, and brought a few of your things here.
They're put away in the dresser, so you can change into those clothes.
I couldn't stand seeing you wearing my ill-fitting clothes even though you're home.
I could've gone back to get it myself.
Why couldn't you just fit into normal sized clothes? - You're just uselessly tall.
- He's right.
You are unnecessarily long and tall.
But do you think that Chan Soo really is okay? Why? Are you feeling uneasy about him? It's just that I'm sure Chairman Park will probably make him an amazing offer and if Chan Soo settles, then that'll be the end of everything.
Don't worry, Chan Soo's not the type of person to fall for something like that.
And Nosy Jang said he'll tag along tomorrow, so we don't have to worry about it.
That's a relief to hear.
I'll see you out there.
I almost forgot.
Let me know if you need help with shaving Hey, your right arm! What the heck? You're all healed now? What's your deal? Why did you put on the false act when your arm's already been healed? I wasn't putting on an act, it just isn't completely healed yet Why? Because you were afraid that we'd tell you to go home once you're all healed? No, it was because You like being here, don't you? You don't have to eat your rubbery eggs for meals while you're here and you also get to see grandfather and father every day.
Not to mention seeing me every day.
Right? Can't you just move back home? Does the thought of your brother still concern you that much? No.
Then come home.
That ridiculous breakfast of yours keeps worrying me, anyway.
- Come out here and eat dinner.
- Okay.
Come on.
This is going in the garbage.
- What is this? - My goodness.
Chairman Park would like to clear up the misunderstanding.
Take them back.
A misunderstanding means that she doesn't want to admit to her wrongdoing.
First we should clear up this misunderstanding.
Look here, how - How much is this? - How much is it? How much is it? - Aren't those Chairman Park's people? - I think it is! Wait! Are you here to offer bribery in hopes for a settlement? What is all this? Wait! What's in that envelope? An envelope full of money and a settlement isn't what I'm seeking.
I'm a proud police officer of Korea.
Please relay this message to Chairman Park.
That I, Ahn Chan Soo, don't need any of this.
Can you give us a statement? He says he doesn't need any of it.
He just wants you to admit your wrongdoing and apologize to him in person.
- He asked me to relay that to you.
- What else? That was all he said.
I see, that's all he said? Then I guess I just need to go and apologize to him.
I should've gone there myself.
What an unthinkable sin I just committed.
How does he want it? Does he want me get down on my knees and beg? Like this? Is this how I should beg? - Chairman Park.
- What? I don't think there are any other solutions.
I think you should cooperate with the investigation and search for other ways Team Leader, and Assistant Go Is it that I don't pay you enough money? Is that it? Tell me if I just need to pay you more instead of failing at your jobs like this! Chairman Park, bending down a bit for the better of Bend down? To whom? To that police officer? Then I'll be admitting that I'm guilty of defamation of character.
That means I'm admitting to all those connections.
The identity of all those senators will be revealed to the whole world and the prosecution will start an internal investigation.
Does this look like something that'll get resolved by bending down a bit? Does it? Now, let's do this my way.
- Excuse me? - The outgoing words have to be harsh for the incoming words to be gentle and compliant.
Let's just make this easy on ourselves.
We've tried to appease and console him enough.
Let's search for another way.
You understand what I'm saying, don't you? Mother Please Please stop.
[An HR meeting will be held to discuss the termination of Reporter Sung Cha Ok.
So they're going to see this thing through to the end, are they? - Senior Sung Will this be the end of her? - Don't you think that's a given? MSC has lost its credibility and its viewer rating because of Manager Sung.
She deserves to get fired after the damage that she's caused.
You really are a louse.
You really are such a huge louse.
We can't just sit back and do nothing as they do this to her.
What? No, it's nothing.
This is the first time I've ever seen you sleeping at the office like this.
Yes, I've never slept on the job before.
You're not ill or anything, are you? I'm just sleepy.
I've suffered from insomnia for the past 15 years, and haven't had a full night's sleep but I think my lack of sleep from all those years is catching up to me.
I saw the announcement bulletin from the HR Department.
Yeah, I saw it, too.
I wasn't even surprised by it.
If anything, it came later than I expected.
I'm sleepy, so keep it down.
I'm just going to sleep for five more minutes, so just stay right where you are.
The sun's too bright in my eyes.
Yes, Mom.
There you are.
- Why? Have you been looking for me? - Yeah.
I heard.
I heard that your mom is being called in by the HR committee.
- You guys heard that, too? - Yeah.
- Everything okay? - She's doing better than I thought.
- She looks more at peace, too.
- No, I was asking about you.
Me? I'm living the life compared to what my mom's going through.
I'm actually not doing that bad, and I'm keeping myself together.
I'd feel bad for my mom if I were to admit that I'm struggling right now.
Pretending that you're okay because you feel bad about it I've realized that it's just foolish.
No, I really am okay.
I guess I'm not okay.
See? I should've hugged you like this back then.
Even if you told me not to worry or to comfort you I still should've hugged you.
When hugging could be so comforting like this.
You haven't forgotten about the housewarming party tonight, right? With lightness in your heart, and heaviness in your hands.
Make sure to bring Reporter Yoon with you, too.
Yoon Yu Rae, you're going to Chan Soo's housewarming party later, right? Yeah, why do you ask? I was thinking you, In Ha, and I could go together.
Why would I? Why should I go with you? Why would I go with someone who already has a girlfriend? Do you have a grudge against me or something lately? Yeah.
You're dog meat to me lately.
I like you less and less.
- Then you're going to come alone? - No, I'm not going alone.
Cha Ho Chul, want to go to Officer Ahn's housewarming party with me? I'm busy.
Cap Hwang, want to go to Officer Ahn's housewarming party? - Okay.
- Excuse me? What are you agreeing to right now? Didn't you ask me to go to a housewarming party just now? I'm saying that I'll go.
What's wrong with Cap Hwang? Why is he agreeing to go? He's going because you asked him to go.
But I'm asking why? That's what I'd like to ask.
Why did you invite Cap Hwang to come along? Because I didn't think he'd agree to come.
What happened? Why did your Captain come? That's what I'd like to know.
I don't know why he came, either.
How much did Chairman Park offer you as settlement? Ugh, seeing the thickness of that envelope I think it would've been enough to pay off our place and pay for our kids' preschool tuition, too.
Thanks for letting that go, and sticking to your guns.
Yeah, but aside from all that, don't you think that your gift is too meager? But I guess there are those who didn't even bring a thing.
Threats come after bribery.
Record all exchanges made with Chairman Park's party and if they even hint at a threat, then let one of our reporters know.
- Okay? - Yes, I understand.
Leave the japchae on the table and take a plate of ribs off the table when you see a chance.
What is this? I thought you said your Cap was cool.
I know he's embarrassing me in so many different ways today.
Look over here, Joon Ki, and smile.
Aren't I so pretty? Wow, you look like a different person, ma'am.
Hey, I'm not old enough to be called ma'am! Wow your family looks so happy.
No kidding.
How is this possible at our age? Turn your face to the side.
It's possible for you, too.
Look over here.
You want to see something shocking? You're not going to believe this.
- What is it? - This might've been nine years ago.
- It was when I was on a TV quiz show.
- Why would you turn that on? Turn it off! Turn it off! I was the producer of this show.
Wow, it's Choi Dal Po! - Wow, it's Choi Dal Po! - Just look at your hair! You totally had a mop for hair.
- Fine, laugh all you want.
- Chan Soo, can you send that to me? - I want to watch it when I feel depressed.
- Dal Po, how about uploading it on the web? Hey, we're out of drinks, right? I'll go out and get us some more beer.
Seo Bum Jo.
Why are you just leaving? Didn't you come to see Chan Soo? Yeah.
But I didn't know that you guys were over.
We came over for his housewarming party.
- Want me to call Chan Soo out here for you? - No.
I came without thinking to ask him to forgive my mother but there doesn't seem to be anything that I can do.
My mother's never going to back down.
She's not someone to be convinced, and she definitely won't repent, either.
But I don't have the courage to turn my family member in like you did.
I think I finally understand why In Ha felt so sorry to you.
No, don't feel like that.
I have no intentions of asking you to turn your mother in to the police.
Because I know just how difficult that is.
And I've long since gotten past seeking revenge or holding a grudge against anyone.
Are you just saying that to make me feel better? No, it's not that.
Seo Bum Jo.
- I like you.
- Hey! What's wrong with you? You're grossing me out.
But I like In Ha even better.
I like her so much that I'm sad to see the time go even when I'm with her.
Why are you confessing that to me? Those times are too precious to me, and that's why I've let it all go.
Seeking revenge or holding a grudge I've moved past all that.
Now, I just want to report the truth as a true reporter would.
Reporting the good and the bad for what it is I just want to report the truth to the world, and that's all there is to it.
I'm sorry, Jae Myung.
Forgiveness probably came too easily for me, didn't it? Not easy but impressive.
There's nothing to be impressed by.
Being too obsessed with seeking revenge and finding blame in others was deterring me from seeing what I really needed to see.
I kept investigating as if I already knew the answers and I investigated as if I couldn't even see the truth of people's real lives.
I kept making those mistakes, and it started to scare me.
I felt afraid that I may become a reporter like Sung Cha Ok.
No, you can't do that.
I know that I can't.
Whether you want to forgive or not, do what you feel is right.
There's no need for you to seek my permission.
I've killed people.
So what right would I have to even blame or forgive someone? Jae Myung.
That quality of yours don't ever lose it.
This location of Bum Jo Shopping Mall which you see today is a project which we've been working hard to realize for the past ten years.
With everything that you've done for them, what is it that you've earned for yourself? All that you've possessed in your life, and all that you'll come to possess.
With an estimated 5,000 direct employees and an estimated indirect employment of over 15,000 personnel - What are you doing? - I'm practicing my speech for later.
Reading a speech right off a script tends to make you look a little stupid.
Why have I never realized it? Just how hard you've had to work all these years? And because of your efforts, I've been able to live my life in such luxury? I didn't know.
You don't need to know.
It's okay for my son to just live in the lap of luxury, okay? I'm sorry Mother.
Isn't he so cute? They're the same age as you are, but they already have three kids? How does that even make any sense? I think it makes more sense than still being single at the age of 40.
Isn't Cap Hwang kind of handsome? Maybe it's just the angle.
Hey, doesn't it look like he's staring at you in this picture? You're right.
He is staring at me.
See? He's staring at you again.
There he is again.
- Isn't it weird? - Yeah.
It's weird.
I think Cap Hwang's a bit weird.
Really? You think Cap Hwang's weird? No, that's not what I meant.
No, it's okay to mean it like that.
No matter how I look at it I think you're meant to be a rebel like me.
No, I'm not.
Did you see that twirl? Who are you? My name is Seo Bum Jo, the son of the Chairman at Bum Jo Department Store.
So what is it that you're here to see me about? I'm here to relay the message that things are going well, and to tell you not to worry about the promise that was made.
I see.
Bum Jo came by Chan Soo's house? - Then why didn't he come in? - He just left.
He said he wanted to seek forgiveness, but there was nothing that he could do.
Forgiveness? But I thought Bum Jo was on his mother's side.
No, he's just pretending to be.
Seriously? I didn't know and I misread the situation.
He said he didn't tell you because he didn't want to cause you any worry.
- It must've been so difficult for him.
- Yeah.
[Nosy Jang.]
Yes, this is Ki Ha Myung, of Han River District.
You're getting ready for Bum Jo Mall's ground breaking at 4pm, right? Yes, I am.
Many of the senators who are in Chairman Park's pocket will be in attendance.
Have you checked the list of attendants? Yes.
I've noticed the names of quite a few senators from the text messages on the list.
Okay, good.
I doubt they'll agree to an interview but stick to them like glue and get at least their refusal to an interview.
Is that understood? Yes, Sir.
- Are you aware of the ground breaking? - Yes, Sir.
It's slated to be the largest shopping mall in the country with an auditorium, too.
It's rumored to be a major tourist attraction, as well.
See if you can scoop anything up.
- What are you looking at? - Nothing.
I'm just sorry to see your talent wasted.
Why don't you go join the PR team instead of staying on the investigative team? I think you'd be better suited for that.
Make sure to point out the number of direct and indirect employment it offers.
Yes, I understand.
- Are you going to the ground breaking, too? - Yeah.
I'm going there for PR.
Isn't that ridiculous? What if you start hiccuping while making your report? I'm sure that I will.
Since the report will be a total farce.
I'm going to cover the same event at the same location as you are but our purposes are completely different.
Should I just quit? I thought you said you were going to stick it out.
You said you were going to stick it out and bring about some changes.
I'm trying to stick it through, but I don't see any means of doing it.
I'm forbidden to cover anything that matters, and I'm sent out to do PR work instead.
Is this what a reporter does? Are you sure I need to stick through this? Yeah.
- Don't answer me so lightly like that.
- Ouch.
I want to make a real report instead of all these fake ones.
A real report.
Here, eat.
That's our only means of survival.
The person who invented this should be given the Nobel prize.
Have you seriously never had a triangle kimbap before? Bum Jo.
Wow, Choi In Ha! It feels like I haven't seen you in forever, right? Yeah, it does.
I've been worried, but you're looking good.
Not just my face, but everything about me looks good.
Listen to you.
What are you doing here? I had some business to take care of.
I'm going out to cover the ground breaking of Bum Jo Shopping Mall right now.
Aren't you going? No.
I'm glad I ran into you.
I have a favor to ask of you.
What favor? By some chance, if you get to interview my mother at the ceremony later can you pass along a message to her for me? What message? Please, Team Leader can you give me a tip? Please? Please? You know that I'd give it to you if I had anything to give.
- But I really don't have anything today.
- Come on, I know you've got something.
Can you please give me something? Just this once, okay? Reporter Seo.
Seo Bum Jo! I thought you quit being a reporter, so what brings you by here? What's your deal? You totally cut ties with all of us.
- Are you coming back? - No.
I came because I had some business that I need to see Team Leader about.
Business? What business do you have with me? I came to turn myself in.
- What do you mean, turn yourself in? - Turn yourself in? Turn yourself in for what? Do you remember the attack that happened at the news station not too long ago? Of course, I do.
It was the Jo Dae Gook case.
The one who ordered that to be done was none other than me.
- What did you say? - What? No, that can't be.
It's totally unbelievable.
Isn't he a friend of yours? Chairman Park Ro Sa's son, Seo Bum Jo, who was also a reporter for MSC until recently just confessed that he ordered the vicious attack to Jo Dae Gook.
He turned himself in to the police and is making his confession now.
Why did you hire Jo Dae Gook for your use? To avoid receiving any sort of suspicion.
It wasn't very hard to find someone who held a grudge against those three.
The world of being a reporter is to eat, or be eaten.
What offer did you make to Jo Dae Gook? Then he offered some kind of a deal to Jo Dae Gook? He told him that he'd spend two years at most behind bars for being a first time offender.
He also offered him a lifetime of employment without having to go to college.
Since this guy had no future, he couldn't refuse the offer that was made to him.
Ah None of this makes any sense.
Have you checked Jo Dae Gook's side of the story? Yes, I couldn't believe it either, so I checked with the Team Leader.
But according to the phone conversation he had with Jo Dae Gook Seo Bum Jo indeed make the initial approach to him.
What perfect timing, isn't it? He drops this bomb on the day of his mother's ground breaking? Senior Hyun Gyu.
Do we really need to accept this as self-surrender? Yes, I'm headed to the ground breaking ceremony right now.
What are you talking about? What do you mean, Chairman Park's son just turned himself in for attempted murder? There are already too many eyes watching as is.
Okay, I'm hanging up.
I'm no longer going to attend this event.
Turn the car around immediately.
Senator, the Police Commissioner for the District of Seoul is on the line and Chairman Park's son just turned himself in for the crime of attempted murder.
What did you say? - Remember how I told you to set it up? - What's going on here? I thought all the senators were going to be coming so why isn't anyone here? No kidding.
They should've been here a while ago.
What is it? Why aren't the senators here? Try calling them right now.
Chairman Park.
Chairman Park, are you okay? Help me up.
Over here! Chairman Park, are you okay? What's wrong with her? Did something happen? Yes, Cap Hwang.
Excuse me? Seo Bum Jo turned himself in? What does that mean? Turned himself in for what? - Yes, Cap.
- What? Turned himself in? - Attempted murder? - For that attack? - That was Chairman Park's son? - Interview Chairman Park? - Seo Bum Jo? - Yes, I understand.
- Seo Bum Jo, that bastard.
- Why? What does all this mean? He turned himself in to the police and told them that he ordered Jo Dae Gook's attack.
What? He's not answering his phone.
I think he turned himself in to spare his mother.
But why? I'm glad I ran into you.
By some chance, if you get to interview my mother then can you relay a message to her for me? - No, can't be.
- What is it? I ran into Bum Jo earlier today, and he asked me for a really odd favor.
A favor? What kind of a favor? Do you admit that everything you just told me is the truth? He told me to relay a message to Chairman Park if I got to interview her.
Are you aware that your son just turned himself in to the police? Was this an act by your son alone? Can you tell us why your son ordered that attack on those reporters? Why do you think that your son ordered that attack? Any idea why you think your son ordered such an attack? - Please move out of the way.
- No interviews.
Chairman Park, your son wanted me to relay a message to you for him.
May I tell you what his message was? Seo Bum Jo? Hey, you got to interview Seo Bum Jo? By some chance, if you get to interview my mother at the ceremony later can you relay a message to her for me? What message? That everything I've possessed in my life and everything I'll come to possess that I'll assume the responsibility for them with her, together.
The message from your son was 'Everything I've possessed in my life and everything I'll come to possess' 'Tell her that I'll assume the responsibility for them with her, together.
' - What's that supposed to mean? - Does it mean Chairman Park was a part of it? Tell her that I'm sorry for having left her alone and for not having realized it sooner.
He also told me to tell you that he's sorry that he didn't know, and that you were alone.
Tell her that from now on I'll always be there with her.
Please tell her that for me.
He also wanted me to tell you that he'll always be with you from now on.
- It means they are accomplices.
- Then Chairman Park had a part in it, too.
Is this for real? She's a Pinocchio, so she can't lie.
She's telling the truth.
Where's my son right now? He's at the Han River district police station.
Please move out of our way! Coming through.
I think Bum Jo wanted to make sure to relay those messages to her.
But this interview it probably won't get any air time on MSC, right? Yeah, you're probably right.
- Yes, I think she interviewed the son.
- It would seem that she was in on it, too.
- Yes, it was an attempted murder.
- The recent attack on those reporters.
Yes, she left for the police station, and we're headed there now.
But since everyone else got the interview, it's going to get plenty of air time.
So don't worry.
That's a relief.
[Seo Bum Jo.]
Hey, you bastard.
What have you just done! I can hear you, so lower your voice.
- Why didn't you answer your phone? - I was in interrogation.
I'm being taken off to jail in a bit, so this may be our last conversation.
Tell them that it's not the truth right now.
I know why you're doing this but this isn't right.
If you know that, then just keep it to yourself.
- Because this is the only way.
- Seo Bum Jo! You should've told me otherwise.
That you still blamed her, and that you still hated her.
You should've just told me that instead.
If you had then I might've turned a blind eye, and kept ignoring it for a bit longer.
I don't have any ulterior motives, either.
I'm doing this because I just want to reveal the truth to the world.
The good and the bad, for what it is.
In my own way I'm doing this to bring the real truth to light.
Bum Jo.
Even though it was only for a short while I was still a reporter myself.
Just why are you doing all this? Why? Don't you remember what I once told you? That I'm on your side? Imagine how loyal I must be to you for me to be doing this.
Do you finally believe me now? I believed in you from the start, you crazy bastard.