Pinocchio (Pinokio) (2014) s01e20 Episode Script

Peter Pan

1 Pinocchio Final Episode 20 I have no special reason for it.
I'm just trying to tell the truth to the world.
Whether it be good or bad, just tell it for what it is.
In my own way I'm just trying to tell the truth.
Bum Jo.
Even though it was only for a short while, I was still a reporter.
Just why are you doing all this? Why? Don't you remember what I told you? That I'm on your side.
How loyal must I be to you for me to do all this? Do you finally believe me now? I believed you from the beginning, you crazy bastard.
[Final Episode - Peter Pan.]
Team Leader, allow us to see Bum Jo.
We have to see him.
There's a line of people waiting to see him right now.
But he refuses to see anyone, so what am I to do? I may not know about others, but I know he'll agree to see us.
I already tried, but he refuses to see the two of you.
You know yourself that Bum Jo's not the culprit.
- So - I'm not really sold on the story, either.
But my hands are tied.
There's evidence of his meeting with Jo Dae Gook and there are prison guards who can testify to that as witnesses.
Everything's falling into place, so what else can I do? - I can't just let him go.
- Team Leader! What? What he gave you was a false confession.
He's not the real culprit.
Then I either need the real culprit to confess, or Seo Bum Jo to tell us who that is.
Unless one or the other happens, I won't be able to release him.
Yes, Cap.
Excuse me? Chairman Park Ro Sa is coming to the police station tonight? Chairman Park Ro Sa is going to the Han River police station at 8pm tonight.
So I need every one of you to be there.
The man who turned himself in for the attack on those reporters is Chairman Park's son.
This is very important, so make sure to capture everything.
I don't care about seniority, so get the camera in front of her.
I heard that she's coming in to confess that she's the real culprit, not her son.
- Get a statement from Chairman Park.
- Get a confirmed statement from her.
I need all of you to stay sharp and focused.
She's a powerful figure, so every station and newspaper will be there for this.
Go and get yourselves set up right now, and get it all on camera, got it? Do you really think that she's going to confess and turn herself in? We'll have to wait and see.
Yes, it's me.
Yes, she's going in to confess.
That's the only way for her to save her son.
- You really think so? - Yes, she loves her son very much.
And knowing that is why Seo Bum Jo surrendered himself to the police.
You're saying that Bum Jo turned himself in just to get Chairman Park to confess? More than that I think it was to get her in front of the reporters.
To give you guys the opportunity to ask and inquire what you need of her.
What time is Chairman Park scheduled to go in? - Are you planning on going? - Yes, I need to see it for myself.
I gave up everything and brought myself to this point just to see Chairman Park standing in front of the reporters.
Ask everything that you have to ask of her.
Don't waste this opportunity that your friend sacrificed to make for you.
Excuse me, Chairman Park.
It's not too late to turn the car around.
We can make sure to get your son released without you having to do this.
After we let all the fuss die down with the reporters we can get your son off with a light sentence of some community service hours.
I already told you! I can't let my son sit in that jail cell even for one single minute.
The only way to get my Bum Jo released is to turn myself in! Yes, I understand.
But you have to make sure not to have any emotional outbreaks like this in front of the reporters.
I know, do you think that I'm stupid? Wrap it around one more time.
Why are you scratching out your questions? Senior Il Joo gave me these questions to ask, but I'd be too humiliated to ask them.
What are the questions? What is the reason behind a powerful person like yourself complying with the police? Your love and dedication to your son is very well known to everyone so are you trying to use that knowledge to your advantage during this investigation? You might as well be telling Chairman Park to keep her chin up.
Keep this in mind.
There are only two things that Chairman Park will say in front of the reporters.
That she will give her full cooperation to the police during this investigation.
That you'll give your full cooperation to the police during this investigation and that you're sorry for all the grievances that you've caused.
Those two things are all that you need to say.
You have to lower your stance and look humble.
And you can't let yourself get worked up or look agitated.
Anything else you say outside of those two things will work against you.
You must not give any excuses for your actions.
I'm sorry for the grievances that I've caused.
I will give my full cooperation to the police.
I'm sorry for the grievances that I've caused.
It is your job to get her to say something outside of those two things.
Be relentless in your questioning and do what you must to get answers out of her.
The fact that she's here to confess and the fact that she's the real culprit Don't stop questioning her until she confesses to those things herself.
As for you, I'm sure you have quite a list of questions that you have for Chairman Park.
Chairman Park is the person who gave me all those orders.
She's the one who ordered me to frame your father and slander your family.
Yes, I'm well aware of that.
Everything that you ever wanted to ask and inquire of me Take this opportunity and ask all the questions that you'd like.
I'll stand alongside Chairman Park and take every single question that you have for us without leaving a single word out.
Wow, both the brothers are so good looking and tall.
This won't take long.
Can you relax your face a little and look more at ease? The expression on the younger brother's face is a little foreboding.
Lighten up the expression, okay? Lighten up, will you? How are you going to make your report with that expression on your face? Jae Myung.
I'll make you a promise.
I vow to bring Sung Cha Ok down.
And on the day that I do I'm going to ask and inquire everything of her in front of the whole world.
- I hope that you do.
- What question would you ask her? When that time comes what is the one thing that you'd like to ask her? I'll ask for you in your place.
Yes, I hope that you do.
I hope you'll hear out all my questions.
I'm sorry for all the grievances that I've caused.
I will give my full cooperation to the police.
I'm sorry for all the grievances that I've caused.
I will give my full cooperation to the police.
I'm sorry for all the grievances that I've caused.
I will give my full cooperation to the police.
The public is reeling from the shock at hearing the son of one of our country's most prominent families confess to attempted murder.
- Why do you think your son did that? - Is your son involved in organized crime? - Are those rumors true? - Did you know what your son was planning? As a reporter himself, why do you think he ordered that attack on those reporters? I'm very sorry for all the grievances that I've caused.
I will give my full cooperation to the police.
What question would you ask? When that time comes what is the one thing that you'd like to ask her? I'll ask for you in your place.
When that times comes I don't want you to ask any of the questions that we've always wanted to ask.
What? You're a reporter.
I want you to be a reporter and ask the questions that the whole world wants answered.
That way you become a reporter that sets you apart from Sung Cha Ok.
Did your son not tell you that he had ordered the attack? I'm sorry for all the grievances that I've caused.
I will give my full cooperation to the police.
Why did you frame my father? Chairman Park.
Do you believe your son to be innocent? Yes, my son is innocent.
Dal Po.
Why did you slander my family? What thoughts went through your head when you saw all the news reports referring to your innocent son as a common criminal? I believe that an error has been made.
Chairman Park, you shouldn't be saying that.
Just say that you're sorry.
Even after all you've done, why do you still refuse to repent? Then do you believe that those errors must be corrected? Yes.
Yes, of course.
Chairman, you mustn't do this.
Just tell them that you're sorry for the grievances that you've caused.
Grievances? What grievances! Just what grievances have I caused! It seems you feel you've been wronged.
Why don't you clear it up for us? - Help clear up any misunderstandings.
- My son is innocent.
- He's a model citizen.
- Then why did he turn himself in? - When he hasn't committed any crime? - I told you that my son's innocent.
Your son, Seo Bum Jo, stated that he'll share the responsibility with his mother before he turned himself in.
What did he mean by that? Why would he say such a thing if he's innocent of the crime? - Isn't that admitting to his guilt? - Does it mean that you're his co-conspirator? - Did you plan it together? - Are you both co-conspirators? I told you that he didn't! My son hasn't done anything wrong! My son is a kind and good person.
My son is so kind-hearted that he's even willing to go to jail for the crime that his mom committed.
You know nothing about the truth, so stop bad mouthing my precious son! Oh my gosh.
Are you admitting that you're the real culprit? You're admitting to the charges of attempted murder? - Why did you order the attack? - Was it to keep your connections hidden? Even though you're a major shareholder at the station isn't it still unethical to manipulate the truth of those news stories? Is it true that you were keeping dirty politicians in your pocket? At this rate, Bum Jo Department Store, and the shopping mall is going to be ruined.
Can you please give us a statement? Please give us a statement.
This will probably get the top news slot at most stations tonight, right? Yeah, with so many eyes on her right now I don't think Chairman Park will be able to get out of it this time.
And I think that's why Bum Jo created this opportunity for us.
Why didn't you ask her any of the questions that you wanted to ask? This was the perfect opportunity, and you just let it go.
I'm not sure.
I wonder why I did that.
You really have a knack for humiliating people.
What are you staring at? I was just thinking about Bum Jo.
I have a feeling that he regrets coming to me when he found those text messages.
If it hadn't been for those text messages Bum Jo's mother would still remain a good person in his eyes and he wouldn't have gotten locked up in jail.
I feel like a horrible person for what I've put Bum Jo through.
He still would've found out the truth at some point even if it hadn't been for you.
No matter how you try to hide it, the truth always has a way of coming out.
[Ruthless Dal Po.]
Wow, my friend.
Can I get your autograph? I just saw your face in tonight's top news.
- Are you watching the news? - Yeah, why do you ask? - Did you call just to brag? - No, I need to ask you for a favor.
What is it? Who do you want me to sue this time? Chan Soo.
Do you remember telling me that you started this fight because of me? Of course, I remember.
Those words came out of my mouth.
- Then I want you to stop now.
- What? Cancel the defamation lawsuit that you filed against Manager Sung.
But why? The trial hasn't even started yet.
Did you receive an apology from her? Yeah.
I got it.
Hey, Yoon.
We have an item meeting later.
Can you give me something? I only have one item.
No, I'm not sharing.
I have a hot item on Chairman Park.
Yoon Yu Rae.
I can't wait to hear what that hot item of yours is.
Cap Hwang.
Hey, he's only waiting to hear yours? What about mine? What do I do about this? I had my doubts but I think you're right about this.
About what? That was a total sign from Cap Hwang, wasn't it? Yeah.
Why is he making it so obvious? That's going to complicate things at work.
What are you waiting for? We need to head into the meeting.
The political team will take over the story on the connections between Chairman Park and those senators.
Our team will focus on Chairman Park's attempted murder charges and the corruption.
- Is that understood? - Yes.
Let's start with hearing from our juniors.
- Ki Ha Myung.
- Yes.
Chairman Park brought her whole legal team with her when she came to the police station.
I heard that attorneys from every department were mobilized for her.
If that's the truth then Chairman Park is utilizing her status of position within the company to use the company's manpower for her own personal use.
Yes, I think that could be something.
See what you can make of it.
Next, Yoon Yu Rae.
I looked at Chairman Park's case from a slightly different angle.
I've analyzed the outfit that she was wearing when she showed up at the police station.
Even though her outfit looks average in its appearance the combined worth of everything she was wearing that night is comprehensible to the cost of a foreign vehicle.
The handbag is a luxury brand from Sweden and costs 33 million Won.
The shoes are a designer brand from Iceland and cost 4.
3 million Won.
The diamonds in her brooch are more than five carats.
Seriously? Unbelievable.
On top of all that, she gets her hair styled at a posh salon in Cheongdamdong - and the cost of getting her hair done - Yoon Yu Rae.
What does Chairman Park's fashion have anything to do with attempted murder? Excuse me? But the public is very interested in this topic.
Don't taint the true nature of this case.
There are many other things that are much more important than her fashion sense.
Why did she attack those reporters? What truth was she attempting to hide? Focus on those and on how she's trying to get herself out of the police investigation.
And also stay alert and find out whether or not this case is being used as a dupe to hide an even bigger issue from surfacing.
Keep your eyes wide open and stay alert.
Is that clear? Yes, Cap Hwang.
Hey, Yoon.
I think you misread the signal that Cap Hwang sent you earlier.
I know! - Senior Hyun Gyu.
- What? Give me your headband.
As of today, I'm going to join your league.
Good choice! I knew this day would come.
What are you doing? Stop sitting around and get back out on the field.
We have an overload of stories that we need to get covered today.
Especially The Han River Team.
Fail to get the scoop, and you're all dead.
Yes, Sir.
Hurry up and get out there.
In regards to the attack made at the news station Chairman Park confessed to the police that she had planned and ordered the attack.
She further states that the attack was sent as a warning to stop the reporters from further investigating the corruption within her company and that she did not order the attacker to actually kill anyone.
The police released an official statement in which they have stated their intention to properly punish Chairman Park in accordance to the crimes committed.
Reporters from MSC News have started petitioning on their own behalf.
As the truth of corruption behind their shareholders and executives come to light they have stated their intentions of raising the voices of everyone else against it.
It seems that reporters from MSC are finally standing up to the board.
I bet Director Yeon's days are numbered.
Ugh look at how tired our Gong Joo looks on TV.
I wonder if we'll ever see him around here again.
If MSC corrects its past wrongdoings, then I'm sure he'll get his job back.
Chairman Park Ro Sa of Bum Jo Group, a major shareholder at MSC News has stated her intention to sell all her shares at MSC News.
The investigation led by the prosecutors into Bum Jo Group and MSC News seems to have led to this decision.
As Chairman Park's investigation heats up Bum Jo shopping mall plans, which recently broke ground are being brought to a screeching halt and it is estimated that Bum Jo Group will suffer a significant amount of loss.
- You're here.
- Crazy bastard.
- You're looking quite awful.
- Really? It actually wasn't that bad in there.
Are you being released, and cleared of your charges? Yeah.
I just got scolded by the Team Leader, and that was the end of it.
- That's a relief.
- I saw your news report.
I thought you were going to lay it into my mother some more.
- But you just acted like a reporter.
- Of course, I'm a reporter.
But I made that opportunity for you, so you should've just let it all out.
I did.
I got what I needed.
What is there that I can do for you? You can have whatever you want.
Seo Bum Jo, are you okay? Is it all over now? Yeah.
You said you'd grant me whatever wish I wanted, right? Of course, just say the word.
Then let me borrow In Ha for 30 minutes.
- Hey, that's a bit - Give me 30 minutes of your time.
- I have to talk to you about something.
- Huh? That's I just want to say goodbye.
My last farewell.
- Do you remember this place? - Of course, it's a bleak part of my past.
This is where I used to work part-time after I failed all my interviews.
- But why did you bring me here? - There's a moment that I really regret.
- It's about a 30 second moment.
- 30 seconds? I think it was your birthday that day, and your mother came to see you here.
Yeah, I remember that day.
I thought she had come to wish me a happy birthday.
But she left after telling you that she wanted to use you as her marketing tool, right? Yeah.
That was the worst birthday ever.
No one remembered that it was my birthday.
I remembered.
I actually came to see you that day to give you your birthday gift.
But like a fool, I never even got to give it to you.
Really? I regret those 30 seconds more than any other 30 seconds of my life.
Actually, this is what I had originally planned on doing.
Happy birthday, Choi In Ha.
I've really wanted to meet you, Choi In Ha.
I'm so glad to have met you, Choi In Ha.
What do you think? Wasn't that so cool? Do you still feel that way? That you're glad to have met me? Of course.
Thanks for telling me that.
If I keep you any longer, Ha Myung is going to kill me.
I'm going to get going.
Hey! I couldn't just leave without something.
I'm leaving for real this time.
Take care of yourself.
[A notice of dissolution of lawsuit.
What's that? No trial? Then Officer Ahn must've dropped his lawsuit against you? Yes, it would seem so.
This is great news.
You don't have to stand trial anymore.
- Wow everything's taken care of now.
- Is it? Yes, of course.
Hang in there just a little bit longer.
According to my sources, Director Yeon is about to get fired either today or tomorrow.
He's going to get booted out of here.
Pass this along to the Director for me.
[Letter of Resignation.]
Manager Sung.
HR even rescinded their order to move you to another department.
You just need to hang in there for another day or two, so why are you doing this? Even that day or two is too much for me.
Manager Sung.
You should stick it out to the end.
Did you meet with the legal department? - You've been cleared of everything, right? - Yes.
Such a relief to hear that.
Son Did you sleep on the bare floor when you were in jail? You poor thing, it must've been so painful on your back.
I have a lot of meat on my back, so I'm fine.
But you have such a lean back, it must've been so hard on you.
I'm okay, Mother.
Everything is okay.
Yes, everything is going to be okay.
I'll be out of here soon.
I'll either have to pay a fine, or do some community service.
If I'm unlucky, then I might get some jail time.
But even so, it'll be three years at most.
Do you know how big of a contribution I've made to this economy? Son why are you crying? I told you that I'm fine.
I know how these things work.
People forget very quickly.
And when they do, it won't be that hard to start over.
So just remain patient and study the business Mother.
Instead of getting into business there's something else that I'd like to do.
You want to do something else? Manager Sung, we need to talk.
I just received a subpoena from the prosecutions office.
Just how much have you told them? I think I told them pretty much everything.
No, wait I forgot to tell them about the company shares that you received from Chairman Park under an assumed name by creating a false identity.
Who's the prosecutor in charge of your case? - I want to make sure to report this, too.
- Shut your mouth! - No, you shut your mouth.
- What? How dare you! Open this door! Open this door! Open it right now! Open the door! Open it! Hey, stop right there! I only did what I should as a reporter.
Which is something you should've done 13 years ago.
He's right.
I'd like to ask you something.
Why won't people believe you even when you're telling the truth? Because I'm a liar.
Why didn't you even believe in yourself? Because I told one too many lies.
Are you sure that you're a real reporter? No.
So, where did you go with Bum Jo? - To the convenience store.
Why? - You just took longer than I expected.
- Wasn't I gone only 30 minutes? - No, 42 minutes.
Were you being petty and keeping time? Well I just hate it when people aren't punctual.
You know that.
No, I've never heard that before.
Ji Hee sent pictures from her housewarming party.
Really? Forward them to me.
Look at how funny Chan Soo looks in this one.
That's a really cute picture of the baby.
- Yes, it is.
- What are you looking at? Dad.
I need to talk to the two of you.
- Okay.
- Sure.
Um those pictures are from Chan Soo's housewarming party.
The baby in the picture is Chan Soo's baby.
It looked funny, right? I don't know why Ji Hee took that picture.
That picture is just a coincidence.
We didn't mean anything by it.
He's telling the truth.
We didn't ask her to take it.
This isn't about the picture.
A few days ago, I used some excuse to ask father about how he'd feel if you two started dating instead of remaining as uncle and niece.
He flipped out and said that he'd never allow it.
He said it would be unfathomable, and that I shouldn't even mention it.
That's what he said.
- Mr.
Choi, we - Dal Po.
I think father will always think of you as his precious son.
He adamantly refused even when you asked him to unadopt you.
He said that he couldn't stand losing his son for the second time.
Whether you hate it or not family will always be family.
Even if you were to move out, we'd still come to visit you and no matter how you try to cut ties, you'd never be able to cut ties with family.
But that's not how it works in a romantic relationship.
If the relationship grows apart, then you can cut ties forever.
That's why father is opposed to this.
Dad, we'll try to convince grandfather.
- If we talk to him - And what if he collapses again? What are you going to do then? His blood pressure is even worse these days.
Don't you remember how he used to be on the island? Then you want us to deceive him? You want us to lie to him? What's wrong with that? You can go back to carrying on as uncle and niece like you used to and Dal Po wouldn't have to live alone.
It wouldn't be bad for father, either.
So what does it matter if you have to lie a bit? It's not going to harm anyone, so who cares about telling a little lie? Dad, please! Give us Give us a little time to think about it.
- Dal Po.
- Okay.
Thank you.
To me, this family comes first.
I'll never do anything to break up this family.
I'm going to get over my feelings, so you don't need to worry.
- Listen, In Ha.
I have to tell you something.
- Wait.
I I really have to go to the bathroom.
You make your return as soon as the Director is gone.
I've never seen you smile so brightly before.
Have you missed me that much? Not at all.
When did you change the lock code to this room? - That was low.
- You know we change it periodically.
He's been very touchy ever since he's been back.
You know what I still can't figure out? What's the name of that YGN reporter who came in here while drunk Yoon Yu Rae, was it? How did she crawl in here when she doesn't even know the passcode to get in? - You're right.
- Yeah, no kidding.
I just got dumped again.
Dumped like a fool for everyone to see Hey, Hwang Gyo Dong! Why did you give me that drink if you're going to treat me like this? What was the deal with that drink? And why did you come with me to the housewarming party! Stop toying with me! You chicken skewer of a man! Tell Hwang Gyo Dong to get out here.
Hwang Gyo Dong! Ugh, seriously.
This lady is back here again.
I never tainted the truth behind the case! This is becoming a nasty habit of hers.
- What should we do? - Call Hwang Gyo Dong.
Tell Hwang Gyo Dong to get out here.
I'm sorry for this again.
Please just take care of the situation.
Ugh, it's so cold.
Tell Hwang Gyo Dong to get out here.
Hwang Gyo Dong.
Then he shouldn't have given me the drink.
I'm here.
Ugh, you reek of booze.
Yoon Yu Rae, have you been drinking? Yeah.
You're wearing the same clothes that you wore yesterday.
Did you crawl into the senior reporter's lounge again? I don't know what's wrong with me, but I always end up there when I'm drunk.
- How did you even get in there? - I don't know.
Maybe I get telepathic powers when I drink.
- Where are you coming back from? - From the police station.
If you have a scoop, then share it with me.
- In Ha, we need to talk.
- Huh? I'm sorry, but I need to get down to the police station right now.
I have to go.
What's her deal? She told me that she just got back from the police station.
Choi In Ha.
We need to talk.
Sorry, but I have to get down to the police station right now.
I know that you're lying.
- So let's just talk - No.
I don't want to.
I'm not listening.
- I already know what you're about to say.
- In Ha.
How is that so simple for you? We fought so hard to get to where we are.
- How can you give up so easily? - I'm not giving up.
- What? - I'm going to tell father everything.
I'm going to do everything I can to get his blessing.
I'm not going to lie anymore.
It took me 14 years to figure it out.
Happiness earned through deceit always comes to an end.
Dal Po I had the same thought as you did when you saw Bum Jo.
Don't worry too much.
That he might've been happier had he stayed oblivious to the truth about his mother.
My name is Ki Jae Myung.
But even if you hide out of fear or turn a blind eye because you're appalled - What? - I'm your little brother Ki Ha Myung.
forgetting about the truth doesn't make it go away.
You're right.
When I met my mom again I realized that she wasn't the mom that I thought she was and I felt like my whole world was going to come crashing down.
But in the end, I realized that you have to face it head on.
No matter how painful it may be in the end, you still have to face it.
What other choice do you have? When you're faced with the truth.
If you can argue something to be the truth then I wish I could argue it to death.
But you know that's not possible.
So I'm not going to lie anymore.
No matter how difficult it may be, I'm going to tell father the truth and work to earn his blessing.
And what if he doesn't? Then we'll just have to accept it.
What other choice do we have? Father saved my life, then he raised me and he also gave me the chance to meet you.
Even if the whole world gives us their blessing as long as father won't allow it I can't go against his wishes.
I know.
I know all that.
Let's give it a try.
- Father.
- Grandfather.
What is it? What brings the two of you in here together? We have something to tell you.
[January 2015.]
This is news? They're calling this news? This is how they're getting new recruits? Have they lost their minds? - Hey, take off your headband.
- No.
- Stop it! - My goodness It's the new year, yet you still haven't changed a bit.
- Aren't you even sick of his attitude yet? - Me? No, not at all.
I married him for his attitude.
What are you doing out in broad daylight? No kidding Everyone's watching.
If you can get this in one take, then I'll give you another kiss.
Okay! Lucky bastard.
Did he save the universe in his previous life or something? Everyone can attempt to be a reporter, but not anyone can be a reporter.
The average test results for the 2015 candidate selection [In Ha.]
What time should I pick you up? I'm not sure.
About eight o'clock? You guys are also interviewing all the new recruits today, right? Yeah.
You guys, too? Don't even remind me.
I'm in charge of all the interviews today, so I'm going to be quite busy.
Me, too.
I guess we're both in charge today.
I saw Bum Jo a few days ago, and he told me that he's testing for MSC.
Yes, he also texted me.
But I feel bad for him, too.
He's going to have to do his internship and make his rounds again.
Ugh, just the thought of it makes me cringe.
It's worse than having to enlist in the army twice.
I see you.
Are you wearing your suit every day now that you're on the legal team? What about you? Are you always dressing up now that you're on the business team? That's part of it.
But I wanted to look the part for the new recruit interviews.
I was looking through the resumes, and there were so many lookers - Hey! - Sorry.
- Listen up.
Number 13.
- Yes.
Number 24.
- Number 431.
- Yes.
We will now start your interviews.
- Wait.
- Yes? No What's your name? My name in Shin Jae Hwa.
Yes, I see.
- Good luck to you.
- Thank you.
- Number 13.
- Yes.
If you had to choose between the two which of the two would you choose, happy news, or must-see news? I'd choose the happy news.
It's because I believe that news that isn't watched by the masses isn't really news.
Next, number 24.
I'd listen to the conditions first.
If someone told you that a Hallyu star-studded concert ticket was being given to you then how would that make you feel? Isn't that what you said during one of our dinner outings? Yes, it is.
By any chance, are you going to mention pancreatic cancer next? - But how did you know that? - That's what we'd like to ask you.
Where did you hear that? It's something that an instructor said at one of my college lectures.
What she said made such an impression on me that I still remember it clearly to this day.
An instructor? I wonder who that could've been.
Allow me to give you an example.
Student in the blue jacket, can you please stand up? Yes, Ma'am.
If someone told you that Hallyu star-studded concert ticket was being given to you - How would that make you feel? - That would totally jazz me up.
Then what if the same person told you that you had pancreatic cancer? I think I'd feel extremely shocked.
The concert ticket would be happy news and must-see news would be the pancreatic cancer.
Which one of the two would you tell the student in the blue jacket first? Senior, I saw the ad that you were in.
Our country's first Pinocchio reporter That's you, isn't it? - You're so much prettier in person.
- Of course, I am.
Even I agree that this face is too beautiful for a reporter.
But is it even possible for a Pinocchio to be a reporter? No, how would that even be possible? She was just chosen for her looks.
Even the reward that she recently received was just for some PR work.
It's the perfect label for reporters.
A Pinocchio can't tell lies.
Those brats! - Hey! - Oh my goodness.
- That's right, I was chosen for my looks.
- Seriously? See? Wasn't I right? But what you said about my reward being just PR efforts who did you verify that information with? - Well that's what everyone said.
- So you didn't verify it? No, I didn't.
But doesn't it make sense? If you were chosen for your looks, then I'm sure the other story was true, too.
You should just go home right now.
You didn't even verify the facts and you're just passing some ridiculous rumors around.
That's not news, that's just tabloid trash.
As a Pinocchio, Choi In Ha never writes tabloid trash.
Actually, she can't even write it.
Although her batting average is a little low.
- Senior Gong Joo! - Choi In Ha.
- Aren't you going to send them in? - Yes.
- Number 331.
- Yes.
- Number 334.
- Yes.
- Number 421.
- Yes.
- Number 444.
- Yes.
Seo Bum Jo! Long time no see.
It's been about a year, hasn't it? I can't believe you.
You'd hang out with Ha Myung, but always leave me out of it.
Hey, that's not fair.
I always told him to bring you along, but he'd always come by himself.
Really? Anyway good luck today.
Okay, fighting.
What's this? He forgot and left his wallet here.
Again? He did that before, too.
But What is this? Ah, that? That was from Chan Soo's housewarming party.
That's Chan Soo's little one.
They just happened to take that picture.
Oh my goodness.
I thought that the idea was just ludicrous but it actually kind of makes sense, too.
Right? I thought that it was just ridiculous, too.
But when I see them together once in a while, they're really sweet together.
Big brother says it's been over ten years since he started liking In Ha.
That's some dedication, isn't it? But they're following your wishes and putting their feelings aside to live as uncle and niece.
I feel proud of them, and sad for them at the same time.
Okay, let's exchange what we've got.
Crying will get you marked, and once you're marked Then you're all dead! Stop with the chattering, and follow me.
I've raised her well.
My Nosy Yoon.
That sounds good.
Jae Won, my father's here.
I'll be right back.
What brings you by here? I was in the area because I had some business around here when I noticed your TV station van.
So that's why I came by.
Business? What business do you have at the courthouse? It's about your adoption.
I came to submit my nullification documents to the court.
I'm going to stop being so stubborn and help you get your real birth name back.
I'm sorry.
It's just that I love you and cherish you so much and that's why I've remained so stubborn and selfish for so long.
Now you can live by your own real name.
The name, Choi Dal Po You can abandon that name now.
Understand? Our In Ha Love and cherish her.
I will.
I will, Father.
Thank you for having lived all these years as my son.
I'm so grateful to you.
Okay, Ha Myung? Thank you for raising me, Father.
An appeal for a retrial for the former chairman of Bum Jo Group, Chairman Park Ro Sa in the case of attempted murder and for the bribery of politicians has been dismissed and has been sentenced to three years of prison labor.
Wait, this isn't right.
I'm supposed to be offered five years of probation instead of a three year sentence! Why aren't I being offered five years of probation instead? Why are you doing this to me? This is a discrimination against my class! Bum Jo Group has escaped the imminent danger of going bankrupt and resumed its operations after a year.
A new CEO has been brought in to continue on with Bum Jo Group's operations and former chairman, Chairman Park Ro Sa's shares has been sold off.
Including Senator Kim Kyung Woo, who's been proven guilty of accepting bribery along with a list of other senators who have also been proven guilty of bribery have been sentenced to two years in prison, each.
With a feminine off-the shoulder line and the elegance of a mermaid's silhouette in luxurious silk The classic tuxedo with narrowed lapels.
It's an upgrade of the casual look to suit more of a youthful taste.
I can't believe what I'm seeing! Wow, my Ki Ha Myung is so handsome! - Is that really my In Ha? - Yes, it's your daughter.
Why don't you try something else on? Since we're already here, try on everything they have in the store.
There's something that I'm curious about.
- What is it? - When we were back in high school why did you want to go on that quiz show so badly? I've asked you a few times, but you never Because I liked you.
Because I really liked you.