Plan Coeur (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

The Secret Plan

1 Morning.
It's already 9:30, angel.
- Wha? - It's 9:30.
9:30? Oh, man! Fuck me! I'm sorry, Dad.
I'm so late for work.
But my phone was supposed to ring, why didn't it ring? - Oh, right I forgot.
- You left the door open.
- Fun night? - No, horrible.
When will your first patient be here? - Five minutes ago.
- What? PSYCHOLOGIES: CREATIVITY Sorry, my daughter is staying with me.
I I'm sorry.
- Elsa! - Yeah? You forgot your things.
No, no, no! Shit, I'm so sick of living out of these boxes! I'm so late! Sorry! Hey, Victor! Morning.
Once you're on the list - Hi, Chantal.
- five or six years.
I get your point.
I know, affordable housing requires a bit of paperwork, but to get an apart Hello? Morning, sunshine! Hey.
You look like hell.
- Tell me everything.
- I can't.
- Complete blackout.
- Wow.
Sounds like a night to remember.
Now I have to call my phone.
The asshole from PR is at the window.
- Feeling better this morning? - What? 11:05 p.
"Hey, Max, where are you? Left the party?" What? I texted you? 11:10 p.
"You must have left with Gaïa the whore.
" 11:12.
"I'm sorry, my bad, not a whore, I'm sure she's nice.
" 11:13.
"Well, actually, she's a bitch and she stole my boyfriend.
" You're sure it's from me? 11:15.
"Blow yourself tomorrow.
" Oh, no, no, no! No, no, no.
Fucking autocorrect.
I WILL BLOW YOU TOMORROW - Confiscado! - I'm in the middle of - Were you sexting Max? - Yeah, but it was for work.
Come on, are you kidding? - But why isn't he here tonight? - Probably to avoid this.
- He left before you got here.
- What? - Let's have fun, let's dance! Come on.
- So, he was here? Come on, let's dance! And no more drinking for you.
Ooh There's a guy over there who's checking you out.
Hey No, no, no - He wants you, Milou.
- He does not.
I'm preggo AF.
I only turn on pervs and OB-GYNs.
Here he comes.
Smile, smile! Stop smiling, it's worse.
Uh, hey! - How are you doing? - Good.
You're a pervert! - Stop it! - Preggo chaser! She's drunk, don't listen to her.
Stop it! - Elsa Sorry, she's drunk! - Go away! - Go away! Pervy GYN.
- You can stay! You could have let me enjoy it! - What did he want? - Huh? Nothing.
Hey! - Hey! - The cream-puff king! - Doing good? - Fantastic! - Having fun? - Yeah! Long live French cream puffs! Long live puffs! Long live all of us! I love this song! She's loving the open bar.
Puffs! Oh, my God, she's on a roll now.
She's not getting over Max.
When she finds out he's getting married and you're his best men Milou, can we go? - I'm back at the hospital in five hours.
- I'll call you a cab.
You have the fucking shittiest working hours.
Sorry, can't leave now.
We're babysitting Elsa.
- OK, don't stay out too late.
- OK, Mom.
Shots! Anything else, Max? I've got to call Charlotte.
I mean, the cell she stole from me.
I mean, maybe not stole, but I've got to call her.
Elsa I think you're super.
Really, you're intelligent.
You're pretty.
But you're a gigantic pain in the ass.
Seriously, stop this.
Gaïa and I have been so nice about it.
- No but no, I mean - OK, Elsa! We loved each other too much to mess up everything, let's respect that.
Have a nice day.
"Blow yourself tomorrow"? He loves himself so much I'm sure he tried.
I'm never drinking again.
I'm such a mess! - You OK? Need some air? - It's all good.
Oh, you guys, I'm sorry.
- I wrecked the party for everyone.
- No way! Don't say that, sweetie.
- We just want you to feel better.
- Totally.
How long has it been since you got laid? Not sure it's the best time Twenty-five months.
More than two years.
By now, it could have closed up.
That's gross! - What? - Just like when you pierce your ears.
- No stud and it closes up.
- That is bullshit.
You need to break out of the evil spell of Maxime's wicked little prick! You're stuck on his frequency, it's science! That was a brilliant theory, Dr Clitoris.
This is 2018.
She doesn't need a man to enjoy life.
Not a man! I mean dicks regularly servicing her box.
- That's absolute nonsense! - I'm serious! - There's a million other ways to be happy! - How many? Traveling is one, hanging out with friends, your career And big cocks.
Right but I don't want a hook-up and I don't want a man just to have a man.
I want something real something extraordinary like what I had with Maxime.
- No.
- Absolutely! - No.
- That's what I need, what I want.
I love you, guys.
Aw We love you too.
I'm getting up in three hours.
Good night! Bye! My girl's completely lost faith.
She's stopped believing.
There must be something we can do.
I'd pay good money to help her.
Please, Charlotte, come on.
Yeah, Charlotte, for my sake, please pick up.
Hey, Fish and Chips! You love kebab, don't you? Yeah, you do, just like your mama.
Right, let's go home now.
Hey! Wake up, come on.
No work today? - What? - Not going to work? - Yeah, I am.
- Then get up.
What time is it? Is it late? What's vibrating? It's driving me crazy.
It's Elsa.
She keeps calling me.
So, answer! Fucking twice doesn't mean I'll listen to you.
Oh, yeah? What if we do it a third time? There won't be a third time.
You live in London and you're my brother's best friend.
Hey, I'm home! Speaking of which, that's Antoine coming home.
Good luck sneaking out! Wait till he's asleep or use the fire escape.
- Fire escape? - Yeah! Don't remember how you got here last night? Go on! Back to stealth mode.
- How was the party? - Super fun.
I need to run to prenatal yoga if I want a spot.
- Parental leave is not so bad.
- Hmm.
- Yoga is good for you two.
- Yeah.
And for you two, as well.
Ah! I printed out a new list for you.
Later! Love you! Clean the kitchen, dust the furniture Sanitize the freaking toilet brush? She's doing her nesting thing, it's super.
She's super, we're going to have an awesome baby.
Two more months and I'll get my life back.
I'm good, I've got this.
- You guys, I'm here! - Hey, boss! All clear, come on! Come on, hurry! Quick! Out! Hello? Hello? Uh Hi, excuse me, can I talk to Charlotte, please? Charlotte? Yes, the girl you spent the night with, apparently.
Who are you talking about? I slept alone.
If you're not with her, how come you have my phone? - Did you steal it? You asshole! - Hey, hang on! I didn't steal this phone.
- I found it.
- Of course, you found it.
- Where? In Charlotte's purse? - No, on the bar at the puff party.
I'm such a loser.
Well I'm really sorry.
Can I swing by and get it? I can drop it off.
I'd like to see you again.
- You mean I met you before? - No, but I saw you.
I tried chasing after you but you got into an Uber with your friends.
How do you know which one I am, then? Your friends had their phones out, taking pictures of you barfing out the window.
No, no, no.
No, not me.
I wasn't barfing, just breathing.
I thought you were charming.
Where do you work? I can bring your phone.
- Yes! - City Hall.
- OK, City Hall.
6 p.
good? - Sure, OK, I'll see you at 6.
- What? - Carousel.
- I'll wait by the carousel.
- Perfect.
- See you then.
- See you.
Wow! Oh, fuck! You know what? Maybe he's the love of your life! Come on, that's such bullshit.
A guy who flirts over the phone is always going to be super ugly.
Otherwise, he wouldn't need to do that.
I know, I've been there.
Safe and sound.
Great, thanks.
- And sorry about earlier, on the phone.
- No worries, that's fine.
I'm Jules.
Jules Dupont.
- Sounds made up.
- Sorry.
Elsa Elsa.
- Elsa Elsa? - Mm-hm.
- So, that's where you work? - Well, that's why I'm here - Cool.
- Yeah, cool.
Thanks for bringing my phone, um - I'm going.
- You don't have a minute to ride on the carousel? You want me to barf again? Sorry.
It's been nice and thanks again, Jules Dupont.
Later, alligator.
I hope so.
"Later, alligator?" - Yeah - Who says that? - Nobody over eight.
- Think you're Amy Schumer? No - You don't know why you said it.
- No, I - Hey.
- Hey! I'm sorry, guys, I got pulled over.
- Almost lost my license.
- How did you get out of it? - Oh, no, I don't want to know.
- Relax! It's a joke.
I might be the only one getting laid but I'm no whore.
Did you thank Matthieu for the job at the party? Uh, yeah, of course, but friends helping friends is no big deal.
- What's up with Elsa? - Typical Elsa stuff.
A gorgeous guy returned her phone and offered her a carousel ride but dummy here said no.
And did she lose her tongue, too? Can we find him on Google? Facebook? - No - Twitter? - There must be a million Jules Duponts.
- Right, fuck.
Don't worry, we'll find him, I can feel it.
- He was at the party, right? - Yeah, so? Simple, he wasn't there alone.
See if he shows up in your pics.
Maybe we have friends in common.
- Go through all of them.
- We'll never find him.
- That's him! - No way! You found him? "Dinner Friday night at Roger la Grenouille, 8 p.
?" There's his phone number! That's some serious Amélie shit.
- Lucky you! - No.
- No, no, no.
- What? No because - Because what? - Why not? Look at him, he looks like some sort of GQ model, you know? His tan looks fake, his smile is fake too.
Look at that pose, it's super weird.
- I think it's nice.
- I bet he wears tighty-whities.
- No, no.
- Listen, you're going.
- No two ways about it.
- I agree.
You're going.
That's it, you're going! If you dare mention your ex even once, I will murder you.
You got me? See, Maxime had a kind of narcissistic pervert side.
You know about narcissistic perverts? It's totally different from sexual perversion.
I mean, well, sex with him was always a very special experience.
But Maxime wasn't acting pervy or anything, you know.
No, no, no.
The problem is, today, people tend to employ that term a lot, you know what I mean? Yeah, absolutely.
Hey - Look at me.
- Why? - Ah - I just want to see your eyes.
- I can't see anything without my glasses.
- Really? Check the menu? - I am starving! Let's see.
- The check, young man? Not yet, I guess we're staying for a bite.
Our specialties are the homemade andouillette and our foie gras confit.
- Ooh - Oh, man, you're a vegan, I bet! Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Whoa, no, no, no.
For sure, no.
My friends even call me Madame Pork! Not because I'm always porking, because I eat like a pig, you know? It's not anything weird or Hmm - Mixed plate? - Mixed plate.
One mixed plate for the lovebirds! - Coming up! - Whatever.
So and you? Tell me all about yourself.
You are the boss.
So, what do you want to know? Well, what do you do for a living? I'm a teacher.
- No way! - Mm-hm.
- Funny, I would never have guessed.
- I only teach elementary school.
After eight years old, really, I can't keep up with them.
That was a joke.
Of course.
Of course, yeah No, I actually thought you were dumber than an eight-year-old.
- I freaked out.
- All right! - You're funny.
- Hm.
That's great.
That's great.
She stopped responding.
Do you think he killed her? That happens! - She's a big girl.
Stop harassing her.
- It's stressing me out! - I don't want her to get hurt again.
- Not this time.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
- Talking about me? - Of course we are, who else? No, we hear enough about you every time Elsa is around.
So, what can I say? Oh, I could tell you that I love my job, that I have a great apartment, and the best friends anyone could have.
I'm currently single but it's my choice, you know.
A woman doesn't need a man to be happy anyway.
- Hm.
- I completely agree.
What about you? Same.
I never needed a man to be happy, either.
As his Katie, his pretty Katie She just chucked him out His Katie chucked him out And he's drawn a blank This old grand duke with his schemes And his white Russian tips and tricks My tactic was tacky Says Igor in a snore Blind drunk on the bar counter A white Russian feeling blue Strange stroke of fate! Ribald revelers chuckle away Igor, once more, emits a snore But here by his ear Marvel! It's a silver clock Giving him hints and tips In his deep slumber Tick-tock, tick-tock Your Katie chucked you out Tick-tock, tick-tock Your Katie chucked you out Tick-tock, tick-tock - I can't believe you know that song! - I do! I love Boby Lapointe.
I didn't know that.
Hurry, it's freezing.
You and your cigs are a pain in the ass.
Give me a break! Ah! The guy knows Boby Lapointe.
- It's like he knows her already.
- What? What, what? - I didn't know that.
- How could you? Yeah.
Would you have sex in her dad's waiting room? On that couch.
- I don't know.
- Yes or no? - Yeah? After office hours.
- Yeah Of course.
That's perfect.
I'm sure Elsa wouldn't put out on the first date.
I told her not to.
Actually, not putting out on the first date is a bitchy move.
- Really? - Really bitchy.
Can we ditch the guys? I'm getting really cold.
Yeah, it's so typical, you know? Yeah I'm sorry.
No problem.
Can I give you a ride home? No, no, no need, I'm fine, I - I'll see myself home, like a big girl.
- You sure? Was it such a bad date? I survived.
No, but let's talk tomorrow.
Sure, if you just give me your number.
You have enough space on that prehistoric thing? - I have your number, I'll call you.
- OK.
Good night, Jules Dupont.
Good night, Madame Pork.
Come on, what are you doing? So lame.
Don't take that street! Are you dumb or what? Why is he going that way? He's going around the block.
Follow the fucking map! Look! I'll light up, that always works.
Fuck! - Crazy that he uses an old phone, huh? - Mm-hm.
She never shuts up about guys and their iPhones and boom! - It must be fate.
- He let her leave.
So, he's not a psycho.
Ah, gold star, Amine! Yes, it's us.
What is up with him? What a jackass.
Are you Emilie? I'm happy to see you, I don't have the keys.
So, yeah, I had three auditions today.
It was It was challenging but, you know, that's what it takes to make it.
Hm, right.
And, also, I started teaching acting in a prison.
I'm an emotional sponge so it's been hard, I won't lie.
Some guys are scary but, you know, they are people, too.
Yeah, yeah, I'll tell you everything.
Bye, yeah, love you too.
She's so fucking funny.
It was your mom.
- She didn't want to talk to me? - I think she likes me better.
- I thought you were working tonight? - I was.
- Wow, you're home early.
- Yeah.
- Can you believe it? - Believe what? Well Elsa didn't meet anyone for two years and the first man who tolerates her for more than two minutes is a slam dunk.
Avoid Saint-Lazare train station, please.
Waze isn't God.
It's almost too good to be true, right? No one knows where Cupid's whimsical arrows will end.
Charlotte, look at me.
- Traffic is unbelievable tonight.
- Charlotte, look at me.
What? Come on, spill it.
- Spill what? - Your poker face can't fool me.
Something is up.
You're not looking at me! You gave me the most genius idea! You? A genius idea? Now I'm getting worried.
Remember you said you'd pay to help Elsa feel better? What did you do? He's a hooker.
What do you mean? Jules! Her super date.
He's a hooker, a male hooker.
- What are you talking about? - I got him to save her.
She needs a good fuck.
Tell me you're kidding.
You're kidding, right? Charlotte, it was a joke, right? No, it's true, why? Wait a sec, our boy is not a discount gigolo.
- Oh - Oh, no.
Our bitch is super top, top, top shelf.
No, top, top, top, top, top, top.