Planet of the Apes (1974) s01e01 Episode Script

Escape from Tomorrow

Go get him! Go get him! Get him, dog! Get him! What'd you find, huh.
what? Did you get him? All right, dog, that's enough, That's enough, I said! It's only a human.
Come on, dog.
Open it! What is it, Prefect? I don't know.
Keep your guns ready.
I suppose we should go in.
- Can I go too, Father? - No! - But I found it, didn't I? - I said no! All right, let's go, go! He's dead.
It's a human! I thought I told you to stay outside! And look, there are two more of them.
I wonder where they are? We'll find them.
You're not to say a word about this, understand.
Arno? Why not, Father? It's so exciting! It's dangerous! Humans know their places.
That mustn't change.
If they were to find out that other humans could build and fly a machine like this.
they'd begin to think they're as good as we are! But, Father, look.
These humans must be better than we are.
You're not to say such a thing again! You're not even to think it! I want this body buried at once.
If you ride fast.
you should be in Central City by tomorrow morning.
Give this message to Chief Councillor Zaius.
Hurry! I want a thorough search for the other two humans! Arno, get off that thing! Watch out.
Watch out! No bones broken.
I checked.
Ooh! You gotta take that very slowly.
Do I? What is this place? How'd we get here? I don't know, I just got on my feet too.
- Where's Jonesy? - I don't know that either.
Here, try it again.
Like a hangover without the pleasure of the booze.
I, uh I don't even remember what happened.
We were approaching Alpha Centauri.
We ran into some radioactive turbulence, lost control.
I told Jonesy to activate the automatic homing device.
Did he do it? Well, we landed somewhere.
Could be Earth.
Yeah, or any one of a thousand lousy planets- Hold it, hold it.
Something's coming.
Stay put.
I brought you something to eat.
Food? Food? Who are you? Farrow.
This is for eating.
How did we get here? We're on Earth, aren't we? Take it slow, Alan.
Give him a chance.
- This is Earth, isn't it? - Earth? What is Earth? What is the name of this planet? This is my secret cave.
It doesn't have a name.
There was another man.
What happened to him? He was dead.
He had a wife and kid.
Yeah, so do you.
And you're probably just as far from them as he is.
And maybe not.
Come on! Look at this fruit.
You ever see anything like this? And this place.
You know what this looks like? A bomb shelter, maybe a couple of hundred years old.
They didn't have bomb shelters on Earth a couple hundred years ago.
I know, Pete.
- Is our ship far from here? - No.
Can you take us there? It wouldn't be safe dressed like that, but we could fool 'em.
I'll go into Chalo and get different clothes.
What's Chalo? Chalo- the village where humans are supposed to live.
I don't like the prefect, so I stay most of the time here.
Well, I found this place about two years ago.
But I never told anybody about it, so you'll be safe here.
Safe? From what? From the apes, of course.
I'll be back as soon as I can, Apes? That's what the man said.
These two humans are strangers.
and they are insane! Don't listen to them.
Report their whereabouts to us at once if you should see them.
I was just thinkin' when I was a kid in Jersey City.
I couldn't even see the stars.
Used to dream about them.
Used to dream about being up there with them.
I sure got my wish, didn't I? Pete Burke marooned in an ancient bomb shelter.
Well, there'll be a few ladies that'll miss me anyway.
We'll get home again.
Come off it, Alan.
This is home from now on, and you know it.
I think I wanna see what it looks like.
Hey, you heard what the old man said.
Oh, sure.
Amazing, isn't it? Just like Earth.
We could've landed in a worse place.
They won't get far.
Those were apes, weren't they? Gorillas.
What kind of planet is this? You are bright and amusing, Galen.
but is that reason enough for me to accept you as my assistant? Well, I do have one other qualification, Councillor Zaius.
What, what? My father is a very old friend of yours, and you owe him a favor.
I'll see if my master has an answer for you.
Are you always so direct? Only with people whom I respect, sir.
Ah, ah, Yes? Message, sir, from the prefect of Chalo.
Chalo? A small human settlement about 30 miles south of here.
The prefect is a second cousin on my mother's side.
I see.
And do you have friends everywhere? - I try, sir.
- You're not only amusing- It's not possible.
What's the matter, sir? Did you ever have a recurring nightmare? No matter how swiftly you tried to escape destruction.
it always reappears directly in front of you.
I don't understand, sir.
Humans are laborers, farmers and servants.
They're not technicians, This is pure fantasy, Destruction is not fantasy, Galen! You have a great deal to learn.
Are the apes in control all over the planet? I don't understand.
What he's asking is who runs the government? The prefect.
I don't mean just the village, I mean the main government.
You mean the High Council.
They're very important.
They sent a messenger to the High Council about you two.
I heard about it.
Are there any humans on the High Council? Humans on the High Council? Humans are nothing.
They've always been nothing.
Except in storybooks, Always? How could it be otherwise? The apes are so much smarter than we are.
All except for you two, I guess.
You're different.
That's why they're looking for you.
What'll they do if they find us? Kill you.
They're always killing humans.
Oh, this is just a great little world we landed on.
They'd kill me if they knew about the storybook.
What storybook? I found it here.
I found lots of other books too.
But I couldn't read what they had to say.
so I used them for fire.
But I kept this 'cause it had pictures in it.
I like to look at the pictures even though they're only stories.
- Let me see.
- Careful, It's very old.
Yes, I know, I will.
Oh, my God, Pete.
Oh, my God.
The year 2503? This picture was taken We can't go home, Alan! We're on Earth.
We're there already! Another ship, Zaius.
It's hard to believe.
Can the chief of security afford not to believe it? How reliable is this prefect? Do you know him? - Galen does.
- I don't believe a word of it.
How could humans build such a machine? We can't even do it.
Who is this fool? Galen's going to be my assistant maybe.
There were three humans.
One is dead.
the other two are still at large.
- They must be found quickly.
- Yes, and killed.
No, brought back, Questioned by the High Council, This is an infection.
One doesn't question it, one wipes it out! - Just as we did before.
- Not until we question its source, More than ten years ago, another such ship landed.
They said they were from this world but from another time period long ago.
I've heard stories like that, but I thought they were stories.
I never believed that it really happened.
That's what we wanted everyone to think, There were such humans, Galen.
They called themselves- What was the word, Urko? Astronauts.
Yes, hmm.
What were they like? They had greater knowledge and capabilities than our humans.
And they had feelings of independence and freedom.
Humans? That's fascinating.
Not fascinating, Galen, unlawful! They would have encouraged our humans to be equally unlawful.
But the danger was eliminated.
They were killed.
Before they could be questioned! My job is protection, not the gathering of useless information! No information is useless.
We have to learn how they think, Urko.
what makes them different from the humans we know.
Once we learn how to deal with them and any others that may come along.
then they can be killed.
You will go along and see that nothing happens to these astronauts.
I don't trust Urko.
He won't listen to me, sir.
You carry my authority when you go as my representative.
Yes, sir.
I note a certain lack of enthusiasm.
You may have a chance to visit your second cousin on your mother's side.
To tell you the truth, I never really liked him very much.
These, uh, these astronauts.
are they truly diFFerent from the humans we know? Absolutely! And they are a threat.
However, I want them alive.
For now.
It's a shame they have to be killed at all.
They do sound so interesting.
- Pete, you awake? - Yeah.
We must've come through a time warp, We could be 500 years into the future.
Or 5,000.
Everyone's dead- my wife my son.
Alan, there's nothing you can do about it.
He said he'd take us to the ship in the morning.
If the chronometer's still working, we'll know what year it is.
What did we do to ourselves? The errand boy is worried, - Aren't you? - No.
No, just confused.
I always thought humans were unimportant animals.
So they are.
Get some sleep.
I want to make an early start in the morning.
This way.
It's not far.
Why bring the book? You didn't think I was gonna leave it behind, did ya? Wait a minute.
The apes aren't looking for you.
You don't have to go with us.
We're friends, aren't we? Come on.
I'll get rid of him.
Farrow, no! Halt! The two humans.
I just saw them running off that way.
Come on.
I'll show ya.
Come on, the two humans.
you can catch them, The year 3085? More than a thousand years in the future.
Maybe further.
That's when it stopped working.
Well, we're just gonna have to find a- Run! Run! Farrow! - Run run.
- Farrow! You're gonna leave the old man out there? Finish quickly.
We have a long way.
Didn't you hear? He'll die! You can't just- That old man tried to save our lives.
You can't let- I'm getting tired of listening to you humans.
Urko! No.
Get ready to move out.
Listen, will you look to our friend? He's dead.
Move out! How's it coming? A few more seconds.
Okay, turn around.
You know, you could have been killed back there worrying about that old human.
He was a friend.
Is a friend that important to you? Yes.
You're very unusual for humans.
We're also tired.
We'd like to sleep.
Yeah, really tired, Is it true that you are from this world but from another time? Yes.
Now, how is that possible? It just happened.
We don't know.
Can we talk about this some other time? Tomorrow? I found this book back near the ship.
and it had pictures, and it showed humans building things and running strange machines.
It's true.
They did.
- That book can't be true.
- Yes, it is.
Humans built big cities, machines that swam in the sea, through the air, And, uh.
you kept apes in cages? Why? Well, apes were considered wild animals in those days.
They weren't as intelligent as you are.
That is not true.
- Sorry, buster, it is.
- That is not true, No, it's all lies! Apes have always ruled the world.
Always! Y- You check their ropes.
You make sure that they can't escape.
My master will be angry with me for letting you have this.
I will be angrier if you don't.
Enemies of the state must be put to death! I remind the High Council that this is our law.
The law must be obeyed.
What makes us enemies? We haven't done anything.
Your ambitions.
your thoughts are enemies.
What's your name, pal? Hitler? Stalin? Mussolini? Silence! Do you believe humans and apes are equal? - In this world or ours? - In any world! I don't know about any world, but I believe that all intelligent creatures should learn to live and work with each other as equals.
Silence! They have convicted themselves! Do you want this sacrilegious heresy to infect the rest of the humans? Certainly not.
And by questioning them, we will learn how to avoid it.
Will you learn to avoid destruction? What destruction? We don't intend any destruction.
You're human, aren't you? Would an ape have created such an instrument? Urko! You had no right to take that.
There is the real threat! There is the danger! Very good, Urko.
The object you stole from my cabinet has provided a most dramatic display, proving only the importance of keeping these two humans alive until we learn how they create such destruction! So we can prevent it.
if in future, there are others like them.
- Yes, I agree.
- It's true.
- Question them more, - I'm sure even the great Urko cannot quarrel with this decision.
I'll quarrel with anything that keeps these two humans alive.
You know what I expect you to do.
After dark.
- Zaius? - Yes? Was there ever a time when humans controlled the world and apes were kept behind bars? I said you had a great deal to learn.
but that didn't include heresy.
Maybe, uh, they were right, Zaius.
Maybe the world would be better if no creature controlled another: if all worked together as equals.
I could have you imprisoned for that.
you haven't answered my question.
I never heard the question! - Ullman? - Yes, sir? What's it like being a human? What's it like, sir? Never mind.
Yes, sir.
Everything I saw in that book was true, wasn't it? We told you it was.
Oh, it's so hard to believe.
You can say that again.
I was always taught to believe that humans- I mean, it's just so- Where you come from, are all humans as intelligent as you are? Right now I think they were all twice as smart.
Tell me, are there any humans in this world who build things, machines, anything? Oh, no.
- What about that grenade? - Hmm? That thing Urko exploded, - Who would know where it came from? - Zaius, I suppose, but why? That's a good question.
What difference does it make? I've been thinking, The input record of our FLight is still aboard ship, Everything that happened from the time we left home until we landed back here on Earth is recorded on that magnetic disk.
All we have to do is run it through a computer.
analyze what went wrong, reverse the process and we can get back home again, - You're out of your mind.
- What's a computer? Maybe the humans who made that grenade are still on Earth.
- Maybe they have the knowledge to- - To what? Build a spaceship and a computer? Yeah! Maybe.
What is a computer? Galen, you want to visit our time period, don't you? Oh, I-I really don't know about- It would be interesting, but I don't think I want to.
- Help us to get out of here.
- What? Certainly not! Just because I find you interesting to talk to doesn't mean I am willing to commit treason.
Okay, all right.
I'm sorry.
I- I would like to talk to you some more about that book.
Perhaps I could come back later tonight.
- Be our guest.
- Oh.
Well, thank you.
Open up.
I am sorry.
Nice try.
Nice try.
Well, it's about time.
I'm still hungry.
I said I'm still hungry! It's a trap.
Well, we're dead either way.
Watch out! What are the charges? Murder of my lieutenant, treason.
- aiding in the escape of two humans.
- Is this true? I didn't mean to kill the lieutenant.
But they planned the escape.
They planned to murder the humans.
- Is this true? - Absolutely not.
If you knew of such a plan, why didn't you report it to me? - There was no time.
- He's a liar and a heretic! We found this book where he dropped it.
Do you realize that possession of such a book alone is punishable by death? Why, Zaius? Why should truth be against the law? I'm sorry, Galen, I can do nothing for you.
Do you know where an ape named Zaius lives? - Do you? - I still think you're out of your mind.
Will you take us there? Will you? You want something to eat, sir? No.
Go to bed, Ullman.
I'm going to read for a while.
Hold it! Don't try to leave, or I'll throw this thing and blow you to pieces, Cooperate and we'll tie you up.
They'll find you in the morning.
- What do you want? - Where did you get this? - A human! - Who? He didn't live long enough to tell me his name.
- Where did he come from? - I don't know.
- I'm warning you.
- I know, or you'll destroy me.
as your kind once destroyed its world.
- What do you mean? - Your science and machines.
Very few know your history.
and very few will ever know.
And your cities! Death and destruction! We don't want them! We don't even want their memory.
Oh, my God.
You did it to yourselves.
as you would do it again, That human was caught trying to sneak into the city.
And,yes, I had him killed, as I will have you killed someday.
As I must have poor Galen killed.
- Galen? - The infection you carry is fatal.
All right.
You're fools, you know? You could have been out of the city by now.
He saved our lives.
You expect us to leave him here to die? - You're strange, humans.
- Enough! Now.
- Again.
- You can still escape.
Councillor Zaius! Open the door! All right.
Back! I need some help out here, - Alan, no key! - Look again.
Who is it? What's happening? - Who's got the keys to your cell? - What are you doing here? - The keys? Who has them? - Urko, I suppose.
- What are you doing here? - No key, Al.
All right.
Get to the far corner of your cell.
on the floor, face down, with your hands over your head.
- Why? - Never mind why.
Just do it.
Oh! Can you fiGure that kook? He really thinks that flight record is gonna get us back home.
- How much longer? - Five, ten minutes maybe.
When are you going to give up that pipe dream? When I see my family.
They'll be looking for us here.
I'm surprised they haven't come already.
It's been a week, Galen.
Probably stopped looking by now.
Zaius? Urko? They'll never stop.
Never! You okay? I'm sorry.
You see, uh.
I had family too.
I had friends too.
- You still have friends.
- Hmm.
I know, I just- - What? - Horses.
Only apes have horses.
They're coming, Alan! We have no time! Just-Just about there.
There's the baby.
Come on, Alan! Let's go! See if they were here.
then take care of the ship! The ship? I'm afraid so.
All right.
Which way, Galen? It's your world.
It's yours too.
Thank you, boys.
All right.
Let's just start walking.