Planet of the Apes (1974) s01e02 Episode Script

The Gladiators

PLANET OF THE APES 1x02 "THE GLADIATORS" This is where they must be, Reported seen here and here.
They're headed toward the sea.
Alien humans.
"Astronauts," they call themselves.
And that renegade ape, Galen.
Are you sure, Urko? I am sure of nothing except they think differently! They're a threat! And they must be caught.
There are several settlements in this district.
- Human settlements? - Yes, Each one has an ape garrison and a prefect.
I want you to go there.
Alert every prefect in the district.
Give him their descriptions, Every stranger is to be arrested on sight and this office notified.
We'll find them, sir.
Get troops from the nearest garrison and bring them back to me.
Alive! - Unless they try to escape.
- Yes.
jason? I expect them to try.
Understood? Understood, sir.
Thank you, Galen.
Okay, what do you call it? An oper.
Peel it.
It's good.
An oper? Okay, I'm willing.
It's, uh - good.
- I told you.
It looks like a bomb, Feels like a banana.
Tastes like an orange.
It must be a mutation, It's obviously tropical, but if the sun and compass aren't loused up, we should be north of what was San Francisco.
We should be eating apples and pears.
- Right, Alan? - I'm sorry.
What? I said anybody who thinks that a magnetic disk is gonna get us home is strictly off his rocker.
Try an oper.
They're good.
This is our only chance, Pete.
And you know it.
If you say so.
Every detail of our flight is recorded right here.
It can tell us when, where and maybe even how we hit that time warp.
If we can run that through a computer- What computer? Where, behind that tree? No, not behind that tree.
or that tree or that hill, maybe.
But somewhere on this crazy planet, maybe-just maybe- there's a civilization with the same technical knowledge that we had, Even more.
And, Pete, you can't tell me that it doesn't exist, Galen, tell me, you know this area? Not very well.
Are there any settlements here? Not that I know of.
And certainly not one with a computer, whatever that is.
We'll have to keep searching till- Pete, Alan, a horse! Come on! Well, training hard, I see.
Yes, sir, we were.
Until two humans, strangers, came, attacked us and ran off.
I don't know what they wanted.
Probably outlaws passing through the territory.
Some of them are no better than wild animals.
I'll have the patrols watch out for them.
More important, Tolar, is your son ready? - Almost, sir.
- Good! Good! Wait a minute.
Hold it! I've gotta go back.
- I must've dropped the disk.
- Alan, we can't risk that! Oh! Come on.
I expect to be proud of you someday, young man.
Yes, sir.
- You will be, sir, - Fine, Hmph, Strange.
You're not serious? I'm getting it back, Pete.
I don't know how, but I'm not leaving without it.
What difference does it make? Even if we were able to find a civilization that could interpret that disk.
they'd still have to build us a spaceship.
They'd have to be able to reverse the process.
Even then, there's no assurance we'd wind up back in the twentieth century.
I'm aware of all that.
Why take the risk? Forget it! I can't.
It's home.
It's hope.
I can't forget it.
Very few soldiers come this way.
How far to the nearest village? Half a day.
You should be there by morning.
That's it! - Are you sure? - He was wearing a prefect insignia.
And that's a prefect's house.
You wait here.
Why you? That disk means nothing to you.
But it's important to you, and you're my friend.
- I know, Galen, but- - He is my species, Alan.
I have a better chance alone, really.
He's right.
But I don't think it's worth the risk.
You'd do the same for me, wouldn't you? I'll get your disk.
- Yes? - My name is Galen.
May I come in? Yes, please do.
Keep your fingers crossed.
If Galen gets into trouble.
we're all gonna have to get out of here fast.
Come on.
- Thrown by a horse? - Yes.
Where? Out there somewhere.
I have been walking for miles.
You can imagine how absolutely delighted I was when I saw your village.
And what were you doing on your horse out there? Scientific exploration.
I am searching for artifacts of past civilizations.
Don't we have enough trouble coping with our own? Well, I wasn't exactly sure we had one.
I think I'm going to like you, young chimp.
I think I'm going to like you very much, indeed.
How about something to drink? Oh, yes, yes! Thank you very- Thank you very much.
It can be a rather lonely life here.
Gorillas, they have no understanding of beauty or culture.
I've been a prefect in this village for 25 years, would you believe? You don't look old enough.
Here you are.
- Thank you.
- Ah, are you traveling alone? Oh, yes.
- Yes, 25 years.
Since I was your age.
- Mmm.
- To companionship.
- Most certainly.
That's good.
You ready, Alan? Oh, here, hold this.
Okay, let's go.
Rather nice, isn't it? One of the humans did it.
You know, some of them are surprisingly talented, even artistic.
So I've heard.
As a matter of fact, I have a theory.
Take 50 humans, put them in a room with plenty of pots of color and brushes.
give them enough time and eventually they'll duplicate every masterpiece ever painted.
Ahh, I wonder if this could be - one of your artifacts, - I-I don't know.
I'd have to examine it.
No, no, it can't be.
Too new.
I have found quite a few artifacts myself over the years.
Some of them are quite fascinating.
Really? Are you a collector? Oh, just an amateur.
But one finds strange things.
For example, some of our ancestors must've been excellent metal workers.
very advanced, But the use to which they put the metal was very primitive, For instance, I found a weapon.
A club.
Beautiful workmanship, but so inefficient for combat.
The quality of the metal is higher than we can produce today.
A lost art.
Interesting, huh? Oh, very, very.
very interesting.
You know, that disk seems to be made of the same metal as this.
- May I see? - Any particular reason? You seem quite eager.
That is certainly characteristic of us chimpanzees.
Oh, yes.
But let us refrain our curiosity until a later time.
- You'll stay for the night, of course.
- Oh, I'm not sure- Oh, yes, you must.
I wouldn't dream of letting you go.
We must find you a place to sleep.
Should we tie him? He's not gonna be moving for a long time.
This isn't Central City.
Our accommodations are simple.
Ah, there's so much I'd like to discuss with you.
So many aspects of life that we could- What? Shh! Out here.
both of you! They're not from my village.
I never have this sort of trouble.
Of course! The two outlaws Tolar saw.
Put them in the cage, Oh, yes! There's a comfortable hut that I'm sure would be suitable for you.
- Hey, Pete! Pete! Wake up.
- What? Come here.
What are they gonna do to us? Does anybody know? Look, we're not your enemy.
You don't seem to be getting through to them.
Look who's coming.
What's gonna happen? Do you know? What do you think you're- These books are my closest friends.
The prisoners.
what will you do with them, sir? I found this one many years ago in an abandoned underground shelter.
Really? What about the prisoners, sir? Why should you care? They're only human.
Well, they walk.
they talk, they breathe.
You sound like a revolutionary.
They're humans.
The only animal on Earth that wars on its own kind.
I know.
War and revolution are the natural outlets for man's aggression, Man must be kept docile and unwarlike.
So, we must find less dangerous outlets for his hostility.
Do you agree? Yes! But what does that have to do with- They're thieves.
my young friend.
They're strangers.
But they will serve a noble purpose.
What do you mean? Come, I think you'll find this interesting.
- Do you know my fondest wish? - No.
To remain here for the rest of my days as prefect with my books, my flowers and my humans.
Which one? Good, All right, it's time, A small ambition, of course, but its fulfillment would give me great pleasure.
Get back! Both of you! You, come! Come! Tolar! - Prefect.
- Are you ready? - Yes, sir.
- And your son? Soon, sir.
Not today? Please, sir.
Not yet.
Why? - I don't think- - It's his stomach.
His stomach is not good today, sir.
- Very well, not today.
- Thank you, sir.
The father is a fine human being.
But the son is a problem.
He has no proper appreciation of the games.
What are the games? His attitude will change.
- It will change with his first kill.
- First kill? They seem so tense.
They're waiting for blood.
It's their nature, human nature.
Not all humans.
All humans.
And I give it to them here in the arena.
Normally with a challenger from the village.
They work out their aggression.
After the game, they live peacefully and quietly until the next game.
That's the secret, my young friend.
All the human hostility in my village is used up here and nowhere else.
It's time for me to go through the usual nonsense.
But they seem to expect it, and it does seem to help.
Welcome to your games.
humans of Kaymak.
Welcome to your hero.
the greatest fighter of Kaymak.
Welcome to Tolar.
All honor to the man who will face death.
Bring in the challenger.
The game will begin.
To the winner, life.
To the loser, death! Take it easy.
Take it easy, pal.
They're like children, aren't they? Barlow! Prefect Barlow! Sword! Sword! What's happening? Sword! Sword! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Jason.
Galen! Galen! Out! Everybody out! - Virdon.
- No time.
- Well? - We've cleared all humans off the street.
- Any injuries? - Nothing serious.
One of my troopers was slightly hurt.
I've never seen the humans so- A trooper hurt? By a human? Don't you have any guns? My orders are that guns are used only as a last resort.
You may go.
Your reports always described this as a peaceful village.
It was! I mean, it is! - The game wasn't complete- - The games? You don't govern with games.
You govern with this.
And you don't allow two important prisoners' escape.
I had no way of knowing they were important until you came.
Must you play with that? Thank you.
Now let's see the one prisoner you haven't lost.
Or not yet, anyway.
Father? Fresh water from the well? You should have some light in here.
Leave it closed.
But, Father? The dead have no need of light.
- And the living? - He disgraced me, Dalton.
Why didn't he use the sword? Why? I'm not sure, Father.
I think- I'm a dead man who breathes.
He did this to me.
He spared your life, Father! Can that really be bad? A man without honor should not live.
Where did your friends go? Where is their meeting place? There is no meeting place, I told you.
- You tell me where it is or- - Jason, I don't approve of this method of- I'm not interested in your approval! I'm warning you- I'm still prefect here, and I forbid it! Enjoy your title, Prefect Barlow.
You will no longer have it once I make my report.
Prefect, thanks.
Why did you ever come here? Can we come in? We need to speak.
- This is Galen, my friend, - Friend? An ape? Yes.
It's possible.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- It is possible, isn't it? - We need your father's help.
Yours too.
Our friend is in the cage.
We have to get him out.
No! You've disgraced me.
But in this house, we're loyal citizens, And we won't help you disgrace the prefect too, My friend is a human being.
They'll take him back to Central City.
They'll kill him.
He's a stranger.
We owe him nothing.
You owe me something.
You owe me your life.
And for that, you will leave my house.
Father! He'll stay.
And if I can, I'll help.
So, now you are the father.
I'm sorry.
I can't turn him away.
The approach you are taking with that man would not have worked.
Some men do not respond to force.
I have made a study of human behavior.
You'll have a chance to tell Urko all about your studies.
He doesn't share your tender concern for humans.
Ah, but my way is practical.
It controls humans with a minimum effort and cost.
Yes, I saw an example in the arena.
The people reacted because they need death in their games.
- They didn't- - Games! I'm sick of hearing about your games.
But it's true.
Human behavior: violence, hostility, aggression.
My way keeps them from- Wait a minute.
I'm such an idiot! Your way.
Your humans want a death.
We should let them have the prisoner.
Don't you have to bring him back? Officially yes.
You, um, you needn't send that report.
I have a feeling I shall continue as prefect.
You'll see how my theory works, Humans more important than apes.
- There really was such a time? - I was there.
- What happened? - I don't know, But I can guess.
Men destroyed each other, themselves.
But, in the arena, you didn't kill my father.
- I had no reason to kill him.
- It's the way of the games.
I had no reason to kill him.
In your time.
did all humans feel this way about killing? It depended on the war.
There were some who wouldn't kill for any reason.
Pacifists, They figured human life was just too special.
Do you understand this? I've never understood the need to kill.
It's a thing for humans.
My mother was a pacifist I think, Someone's coming! It's the prefect.
In there.
How is your father, Dalton? Ah, Tolar.
And how are you? Ashamed, Prefect.
Oh, the man who fought you, he should be ashamed, not you.
Yes, I- - Prefect- - I think you should lie down, Father.
- And I think he should know.
- There's nothing for him to know.
What? What is this "nothing"? My father's disgrace.
How much it troubles him.
It will be forgotten.
I promise you.
The game's tonight.
- And they will forget, - Tonight? Yes! The torches will be lighted and you will bring back honor to your family.
You will fiGht the friend of the man who disgraced your father, And this time there will be a death.
Is that understood? I want no error, There will be a death.
You say you're from another time, I hear.
- You and your friend.
- Yes.
Tell me, is it better than now? Well.
it's different, but it's home.
Of course.
Just as this is home for me.
That's why I've- Oh, I'm sorry you ever came to my village.
- Any of you! - No sorrier than I am.
We had no choice.
When you picked up that magnetic disk.
I had to get it back.
It was that- that little thing? That's why Galen came to- Oh, I wish he'd simply told me about it.
I'd have given it to him with my blessing.
You can still do it! Give me the disk and let me go.
To search for your home while I lose mine? I'm sorry.
But the time for choice is past.
It's impossible.
How can we do it? I don't know.
But it has to be before tonight.
I don't think we can swing it alone.
Wait, I'll be back soon as I can.
Dalton? Tolar? Dalton! Dalton! I loved your mother very much.
What would she tell me to do? A man is not a woman.
She said there was no honor in killing.
She said.
But she loved me.
She would never have noticed me except for the games.
I would've been nothing except for the games, How many men have you killed, Father? The prefect created the games.
They brought peace to the village.
How many men have you killed? As many as I have fought.
As you will tonight.
But I have no reason to kill him.
It's the way of the games.
Is it? It is the nature of man to kill! - Why didn't the stranger kill my father? - What do you want of me? Prefect.
I think the games are wrong.
I'm not going to fight.
- I order you! - I can't! It's wrong! I have to tell others in the village, to make them understand it's wrong! - You'll do no such thing.
- They have to know what's been shown to me.
They have to know that the games are wrong: that killing is wrong! Sergeant! Sergeant! This human has broken curfew, That's all I need.
Destroyer! You destroyed me, now you're destroying my son.
- Take it easy, Tolar.
- You tell him killing is bad.
And you! What have you ever done but kill? You killed my honor.
Now you're killing my son's manhood.
- You're wrong.
You're wrong! - Tolar! - Your son, he's been arrested.
- What? Your son has been arrested.
He's been thrown into the cage.
What do you mean.
Dalton in a cage? He's been arrested because he was against the games! My son? - Did they have a plan? - No.
If they're smart, they'll take off.
Take off? That means to leave, go away.
An expression from my time.
In your time.
if there'd been no killing then.
men might still be important now.
That's true.
It's possible.
It could still happen.
- No closer.
- I want to see my son.
Nobody sees the prisoners.
No humans are allowed on the streets.
He's my son, and I wanna see him! Don't do it, Tolar.
Go back ti your home.
Look, look, all I ask you, both of you.
is a little pity.
A little pity for a poor human whose son has been condemned.
I don't understand you now, and I never will.
but that's no reason for anybody to put you in a cage.
- Stop! Stop before I- - Run! No! Nobly done, my friend.
- He's dead.
- Yes.
As you saw, he died a hero's death fiGhting a crazed human, B- But I could've- Your bravery is not in question.
I will see you are properly cited in my report.
Thank you.
We must not allow unfortunate incidents like this to interfere with our normal routine.
Come on.
My father? He was a brave man.
- And the games? - I'm afraid they died with him, Perhaps there is a better way to govern.
There must be.
Tell your friends.
I have never met them, and they have never met me.
Yes, Prefect.
And wish them good luck for me.
- That way.
- Are you sure you won't go with us? There's so much for me to think about.
So much I still don't understand.
- Could be dangerous for you here.
- That isn't important.
What is important, I think, is that killing should stop.
People should know that, Killing should stop, - Good luck.
- Good luck, Dalton.
A beginning.
Who knows? The world could sure use another one.