Planet of the Apes (1974) s01e03 Episode Script

The Trap

THE PLANET OF THE APES 1x03 "THE TRAP" - Where's Mema, Zako? - Huh? What's keeping him? Urko, I'm sure he'll be back as soon as he's searched the city.
It would be a good place for the fugitives to hide.
When I ask you a question, don't tell me something I already know.
Yes, sir.
Can you read it, Galen? I'm not sure.
I think we've been spotted.
Yes, we have.
- Is he sending word to Urko? - Hm-hmm.
- How soon before Urko gets to us? - An hour or so maybe.
Unless he makes a mistake and takes the wrong road.
Why don't we suggest it to him? - To Urko? - Yeah.
Guard! Guard! - What do you want? - Oh, guard, please help me! - Who are you? - Nalick! - Where are you from? - I was- My horse! It stumbled, and I was thrown! Help me! I'll signal for help.
Ha! Well.
that's one gorilla that won't be sending any signals for a while.
I signaled we were heading south by the bend in the lower road, I think.
Certainly can't hang around here.
Let's go.
- Where are you running? - The earth! We'll be killed! You will be killed by me.
- The earth is shaking.
- Ah, it stopped! Urko, I know this territory.
The earth shakes often.
Many die! Now, listen to me.
Listen! Somewhere out there- maybe not more than an hour away- so close I can almost touch 'em- are Virdon, Burke and Galen.
Do you think I'm gonna let them get away from me because the earth is shaking? Is that your best trooper? He's my only one, but I'll make him better.
Did you feel the earth- - Where have you been? - I've ridden hard from the city.
- Where are the fugitives? - Urko, they've been seen.
Galen, Burke, Virdon? Yes, close by, heading south.
All towers are alerted.
- Zako, did you hear that? - Yes! Hurry up! Mount up! This time they won't get away.
Well, we bought some time.
I could sure use some rest.
You're not alone.
I suggest the village of Numai.
It's about half an hour south.
- Numai? - No, it's all right.
The people there have a good reputation.
They can be trusted.
All right.
Wheres that signal operator? - Could he have followed them? - Something's wrong.
He'd never leave his post.
Zako, you go and investigate.
We'll go west.
When you have something to report, ride after us.
- Hello, friend.
- Is this the village of Numai? Yes, it is.
You seem tired.
We are.
I'm Miller.
This is my wife Mary, my son Jick.
- Hi.
- Hello there.
Please, come in.
Make yourselves comfortable.
Running from Urko must be tiring work.
What are you talking about? An announcement was made a few days ago by one of Urko's soldiers who came through here.
Spoke of three fugitives: Two humans and a chimpanzee traveling together.
Oh, that has nothing to do with us.
You see, these two humans are my servants.
If you wish.
In any case.
I'll say that I've not seen you.
You were right.
The operator was beaten and tied.
Zako, you and Olum ride southwest.
We'll go southeast.
Meet you at the road beyond the forest.
Don't be alarmed.
Earth's been shaking.
Worst happened some time ago.
- Not so bad now.
- You had an earthquake.
Three days ago, some distance from here.
Drink! No sign of them! Aren't we near the village of Numai? Yeah, the road leads there.
Why? Numai has a reputation for harboring fugitives.
Galen would know that.
- Lisa, where have you been? - Where did you go adventuring today? I heard the earthquake was worse in the city, so I went to see.
- You know better.
- I was careful.
- Where did you get this? - In the city, I wove it myself.
May I look at it? - What is it? - Electric wire.
- Did you find anything else? - Sure, Look.
Does that mean something to you? Yes, it's some type of a computer relay unit.
How far is the earthquake area from here? About two hours.
If we left right now.
we'd get there long before dark.
Yes, but I must warn you it's dangerous.
You think we should take the chance to find where these came from? Take a look at that, Pete.
That's part of a highly sophisticated system.
We might be able to find some of the answers weve been looking for, Yeah, and a building might fall down on us.
What then? I think we should hide out in the hils to the north, Just turn our back on this? Forget we ever saw it? Yep.
Well, it seems we have hit an impasse.
What do you think, Galen? I think an unanswered question is a very difficult thing to live with.
There may be danger, but there's no guarantee of safety anywhere, is there? I think that if we left now, we could see that place.
Then we'd have enough time to get to the hills before Urko could catch us.
Look over there.
- You, old lady! - Yes, sir? We're searching for three fugitives.
Two men and a chimpanzee, they came this way.
Please, I am old.
I see very little.
- My eyes are bad, - Do you see this? Please! I don't want to hurt anyone.
You'll only hurt yourself if you don't tell us the truth.
- They're not here! - Get out of my way.
I told you, they're not here, I swear! I don't believe anything I hear in Numai.
Urko, they're not in there.
- What is this? - I-I don't know.
- Where did it come from? - I found it.
- Where? - I don't remember.
- I'm tired of these lies! - Please, please! Shes just a child, - I want to know where she found it! - In the city! The one called Virdon.
He would want to investigate this.
- Isn't that right? - Right.
- He would go to the city! - No! They were afraid to go there.
They went south.
South? Are you certain? Yes! He's certain.
Lies! Lies! Nothing but lies! We go to the city.
Urko, how did you know they were lying? I always assume a human is lying.
It makes things easier.
I'll remember that.
It's an aftershock.
We're pushin' our luck.
Pushing luck? He's getting to be a pessimist.
Let's spread out.
see what we can find.
Olam, circle around to the rear, ride quietly.
Cut off any chance of escape.
Zako, Mema, you move around to the side streets.
I'll go straight in as soon as they're in position.
You don't really expect to find anything useful in this ruin, do you, Alan? I suppose not.
I was hoping that- Yeah, don't tell anybody, but so was I.
- Is it trouble? - Run! Urko! Urko.
Urko! You kill me, you kill yourself!.
You hear me? You kill me, you're dead! We're trapped, Urko.
You and me together, just the two of us.
You understand? We're trapped! Where are we? What is this place? A subway station.
Subway station? Yeah.
Look, see- "B.
- Bay Area Rapid Transit.
" We're in the San Francisco area.
Urko, look, see, the entrance, it's caved in.
We have no choice.
We have to work together to dig ourselves out.
I don't work with humans! I don't need humans! You might need me.
I come from the time when this was built.
I know things about this place that could help us.
Look, do you know what that is? It's a railroad car.
It used to carry people, humans, underground on rails.
Its power source was nuclear energy.
Nuclear energy, you know, atomic power.
Oh, never mind.
You're lying! You know nothing of this place.
Why would anyone want to travel in a thing like this underground? How could anyone travel underground? It was a practical way of getting around in large cities.
There was a great city above us before the holocaust.
Holocaust? What kind of word is that? It's what went wrong with my world while I was traveling in space.
Your world? I know there was something there before, but we were here too! - It was our world! - Okay, okay! Look.
It's all right.
It's a simple question.
Come on.
Do you know where that light's coming from, Urko? No.
Solar energy, Urko.
Solar- from the sun.
We took energy from the sun's light, stored it in batteries.
which provided electricity.
Somewhere up there there's a solar shield that's still collecting energy, After all these years, some of the batteries are still working.
There are certain things you don't know that I do.
Things you have to know to get out of here.
You don't need humans, huh? Well, you need this human! Have you seen Pete? Oh, Alan, I, uh, uh I think he's dead.
Oh, God.
I'm sorry.
What happened? He was- He was roped to Urko.
And the last time that the earth shook, a great big hole opened in the ground, and they both fell in it.
And then, uh the side of this building wall collapsed and covered them up.
- A hole opened in the ground? - Mmm.
- Then you're not sure he's dead! - Hmm? Show me where! Mmm.
Have you seen Urko? No.
Why would he leave his horse? I don't know.
Stay here.
I'll take a look.
This is it.
Do you think he could still be alive? I don't know.
It's possible.
Even if we didn't have these gorillas on our back, how would we get this up? Mmm! Mmm.
mmm! What more do I have to do to convince you that we need each other? You need an example what apes and humans can do when they work together? Come here.
One of the more advanced forms of nutrition- - a meal in a pill.
- A pill? Yeah.
a little thing, about like that.
Swallow three a day, you don't have to eat anything else.
Surely you remember that.
How could I remember that? I wasn't there.
- I didn't say I was there! - Okay, okay, Urko.
Come on.
Now, organ replacement.
You got something wrong with your liver, kidneys, heart.
they give you a new one, instant health.
There, uh, disposable clothing.
You wear it, then you wash it down the drain.
There, E.
- electronic neurological monitor.
You got something wrong with your head.
you hook yourself up, calm yourself down.
That's something you could use, Urko, You talk as though you thought I was a fool.
like I didn't know as much as you, not as intelligent- All I'm trying to do is prove my point so we can get to work! - You need more proof, more convincing? - Yes! - Yes, I do! - Okay, okay.
Look, uh, how'd you like to call home.
check in with Zaius? - What're you talking about? - This is a telephone.
Men used to be able to talk to each other from thousand of miles away.
How could that be? They bounced their voices off of hardware floating around in the sky.
That's not possible.
Men used to talk to each other anywhere from their own homes! Show me! I can't.
Nobody'd answer.
You can't because it's not true.
It's all lies! You don't know anymore about this than I do! This place is evil! Even the air is bad.
I'm tired of all this! I'll get out of here without you! Urko, no! Urko, no! I lied, I lied! Everything I said was true but it was yours, not ours! - It belonged to the apes! - Ours? We were just playthings, pets.
All this was ours? - All this? - Yes, yes, all yours.
I lied, but you saw through me.
We gotta stop this fighting, get back to work.
or we're never gonna get out of here.
You're lucky you finally decided to tell me the truth.
- Enough.
- Yes, yes.
It's not the place, definitely the air.
I don't know if it's lack of oxygen or gas leaking.
but if we don't do something pretty soon, we'll be dead in an hour or two.
We'll go to work.
I saw the renegade, but I lost him.
What's become of Urko? Urko may die! I repeat, Urko may die! That was one of the humans.
Urko will die unless he has help, Where are you? Only we can save Urko, You lie! All humans lie! I am an ape, I do not lie, Don't believe them.
Even if Urko is in trouble, why would they try to save him? Why would you help Urko? To help our friend, we must also help Urko, I don't believe you.
Will you make a truce to hear me out? One-to-one, no weapons? We'll meet out in the open, There's no way to trick you, You can't lose anything, and you may save Urko's life, I agree! A truce! Where is Urko? Urko had a rope on my friend, the earth shook.
Urko fell from his horse.
The ground opened right there.
Urko and my friend fell in, You've been too much with humans.
You lie like they do.
I can see no opening in the ground, It's covered up.
The wall of the building fell down.
If we work together, perhaps we can save Urko and my friend.
I don't believe you.
Galen, duck! Hey, I agreed to a truce! Now lay your guns down and move away.
I want no more disobedience until I hear what they have to say.
I promise you it's safe for you to come out now.
Now, tell me why I should believe you.
Because I saw it happen.
Urko is too clever to be pulled into a hole in the ground.
Maybe we can prove it.
What're you doing? This steel girder will carry sound.
If they're still alive, maybe they'll hear it.
There's no way we're gonna be able to clear out that entrance, - We'd do better to dislodge whatever covered up the hole.
What was that? K- E.
B- U-R K- E.
They know we're here! Help me find a piece of metal so I can answer Virdon.
What are you talking about? Later, later! We gotta find a piece of metal! Now! Don't make me angry at you.
- Virdon is spelling my name in code.
- Code? Sound signals like your light signals.
If we don't answer, they'll think we're dead.
They'll leave us here! Hurry! - This is foolish.
Why- - Quiet! Listen.
- It's Pete.
He's alive.
- Is he hurt? - He's okay.
- Urko! What about Urko? He's okay.
Urko's okay too.
- You're lying! - What? - Urko is dead.
- What're you talking about? Your friend killed him.
Take them away! Are you crazy? All humans are liars.
You're not to be trusted.
Who taught you that? Urko.
Urko is my commander.
- And I suppose he's always right? - Yes, Does Urko have a wife? Do you know what her name is? Yes.
- What's your wife's name? - What? - Her name.
- What? My wife? Elta.
Elta! Urko's wife's name is Elta, right? How did you know? Because Urko just told Burke which proves they're alive.
Now tell them to put down their rifles.
Help us clear this stuff away! Do what he says.
The air down there's going.
We gotta move fast.
They're trying up there.
Let's see what we can do down here.
We get some of these beams together.
then I'll show you a little bit of basic engineering that I learned, uh, from your forefathers.
If we can get some wire together.
we can build some kind of a ladder.
make us able to work up high.
reach the hole.
- All right? - Good.
All right.
Come on.
Let's get going.
Huh? Come on, Urko.
What you're doing is human labor.
I'm not someone who does human labor.
Are you someone who enjoys suffocating? I'll make an exception in this case.
The only way we'll move that is with the horses and ropes.
- Yes, with horses and ropes.
- That's a good idea.
- We can use this girder as a fulcrum.
- A fulcrum? A way to get the most out of the energy we use.
Get your horses and ropes.
Stay where you are! I give the orders here! Then give them.
You get the ropes.
and you get the horses.
And you get the fulcrum.
All right, but there's a condition.
- A condition? - Yes.
- I want your word we'll be set free.
- Impossible! It is not impossible.
All you have to do is give your word.
- I won't barter with you! - You have to,you need us, Need you? I'm using you.
There's a difference.
All right, then you set the rig and finish the job without us, Ah,you're bluffing, You won't let your friend die, If we go back as prisoners, it's the same as being dead.
I can't give my word.
Urko is my commander.
Urko is down there! Urko is running out of time and air! Without Burke's help, without our help, he will be a dead commander.
Now, do you want to risk that? You have my word.
Now let's get to work.
Urko, I think we need one more beam here to use as a brace.
Would you mind getting it for me, please? All right, human.
Thank you, Urko.
I'll rig up a work light so we can see in that hole.
Atta boy.
What's the matter? I don't know why this thing is so heavy.
Yeah, we're running out of air fast.
You all right? I'm all right.
You ready to try again? Yes, I'm ready.
All right, I'm tied off.
Are the horses ready? - Are the horses ready? - Ready! Move the horses forward slowly.
Move the horses slowly.
Hold it, hold it! - All right, it's coming.
- Easy! - Take it slow, - Take it slow! - All right, it's coming.
- Easy! - Easy, slow.
- Easy, slow, slow.
- Hold it right there! - Hold it right there! Urko, you hear something? Look! - Pete, Pete! - Yeah, here, below you! - How's it look? - Okay.
Can you hold it there? - I think so.
- Hold it there! Pete, I'm throwing you down a line.
Let's drop this thing.
Urko, you go first.
Human, you're not leaving here.
What do you mean? What're you talking about? This picture.
I saw the poster on the wall.
What's the problem down there? - Can you see the line? - Yeah, we see it.
Just hold on.
I don't suppose my word would satisfy you, would it? That I wouldn't say anything? The word of a human.
How many times have you lied to me today? You couldn't risk my telling anyone, could you, Urko? You couldn't risk having your friends know the truth.
That your ancestors were the lowest species, Urko.
That it was the humans who built a civilization beyond your understanding.
You all right down there? Yeah, just fine! We need some more rope! They need more slack.
Okay, pull him up! What's the matter with Urko? Don't worry about him, He'll be okay, Okay, untie him.
Hurry! - Pete, hold on.
- Hurry.
All right, here it comes.
Okay! All right.
All right, together.
- You okay, Pete? - I think so.
All right, it's all clear.
Kill them! I said kill them! Get your rifles and shoot them! No, Urko,you can't kill them, I gave them my word.
No- Your word? On what? He promised if we got you out, if we helped save you, you would set us free.
They are fugitives, prisoners.
Shoot them! - We made a bargain.
- No bargains with humans! You're worth nothing! Urko, it's not our policy to kill prisoners.
What happened down there? You don't understand.
Trust me.
I have my reasons, believe me.
Kill them, Kill them! Kill the- Urko! Put him on a horse! Get him to a doctor! - But he gave us an order.
- I'm giving an order! Take him away! Give me that! I will take care of the execution.
Hurry! - Go! - Hmm? Go! You are enemies of the state.
but I gave my word.
Go before I change my mind.
All clear? Nothing around.
We can stop and rest a while.
Not again.
That wasn't much.
It was sort of one for the road to remind us.
I don't want to be reminded.
When Pete fell down that hole with Urko.
I- I thought- Well, you know what I thought.
Alan, the gorilla who let us go.
the one who didn't shoot us.
how come he disobeyed Urko? Let me answer that, You wouldn't obey an order that you knew was wrong, would you? - I guess not.
- Oh.
You don't think that you are any better than a gorilla, do you?