Planet of the Apes (1974) s01e10 Episode Script

The Interrogation

PLANET OF THE APES 1x10 "THE INTERROGATION" This way! Split! Get him! Get him! Go! Tie him up.
You two, ride to the nearest village, Tell them Virdon and Galen got away and to tell their local police to find them, Move! This one we'll take to Central City.
- See how explicit it is, how detailed.
- Yes.
Come in.
Zaius! Have you heard the news? - Burke has been captured.
- Yes, just as I told you they would be.
And what about the other two? They're going to come here and try to rescue Burke.
and will fall right into our trap.
- We're waiting for them.
- Let us hope so.
This capture of Burke could not have come at a more opportune time.
- We have an experiment.
- Experiments? Why must we always make a simple problem so complicated? It's not necessary to experiment.
All our troubles stem from the two astronauts and Galen.
Once they are destroyed, our problems are over! The planet can return to normal.
Can you guarantee that there will be no more Burkes or Virdons in the future? Can you guarantee that next time there will not be five or ten instead of two humans landing here? Perhaps in different parts of our land? No more than you can guarantee that there will ever be any others.
The prudent ape is prepared for the worst.
Therefore, it is extremely important for us to determine once and for all why these two humans are different from the ones who live here now, I can almost promise I'll get the answers.
Who is that? That is Wanda.
- Wanda? - One of our most brilliant young scientists.
She's come up with a remarkable find.
- Most valuable.
- This book.
This book was written in 1986.
And it was recently found in one of those time capsules so popular around that period.
What has that got to do with Burke? I'm coming to that.
This book is a book on brainwashing.
Brainwashing? The psychological method of washing out of the human brain old ideas and replacing them with new ones.
And that's what we're going to do with Burke! Ah, yes, I seem to remember hearing something vaguely about that.
Isn't that where you take the brain out of the skull and wash it with cool water? No, you don't take the brain out of the skull.
You don't take the br- How can you wash the brain if you don't - take it out of the skull? - Ye-Ye-Yes.
I have looked over the book, and Wanda has explained the rest.
She has the backing of the council.
and will interrogate Burke according to this new procedure.
All interrogation must be under my supervision.
- That is the law.
- You may supervise, but Wanda is to control the experiment.
Ahh! Why must we go to all this trouble? Just let my surgeons perform the usual brain operation on the humans, Are you talking about the hole in the skull and the removal of the front bump? Yes, that's right, exactly.
- But- - Then the patient will be docile, And cooperative.
He will tell us whatever we want and answer all our questions.
- If he doesn't die.
- Or become a vegetable.
At any rate, Burke will be no more trouble to us.
What you suggest is our last resort.
In the meantime, Wanda will proceed.
- Aah.
- And since this process is new to us, there is to be no public discussion.
Only the three of us and your most trusted guards will know about it, Ahh! Oh, Alan, I can't.
I can't! You've got to.
Central City is 19 hours away.
Can you run all that distance? Galen, by now Pete must be in Urko's hands.
We will be, too, if we keep running blindly.
They'll be expecting us, they'll be setting traps.
I know that.
- We avoid them.
- Stay off the main roads? It'll take us two days to get there.
We go the shortest, fastest way, whatever that is.
Burke, my name is Wanda.
I am your interrogator.
Now this interrogation can either be pleasant or unpleasant, It is up to you.
- Well? - Pleasant is better.
We're going to get along just fine.
Good, good.
Sit down, sit down.
Now, I want you to answer my question.
The first one: Which humans on this planet have helped you? Almost all of them.
and, uh, many apes.
Obviously, you're not taking this interrogation seriously.
Let me warn you.
It's very important that you cooperate with me.
If I fail, you fail totally.
You die or you become a vegetable.
But I answered your question.
You did not.
I want names, places, times! I'm sorry, I can't remember that.
If you're counting on your friends, forget it.
They'll never find this place.
No one knows of its existence except Zaius, Urko, myself and a handful of guards, There's no possibility of escape or rescue.
I will ask a question, You will answer it fully.
Then you will be allowed to go.
Which humans have helped you? Say, that's a lovely ring you have on your tapping finger.
You have a contempt for apes, Burke! You'll change your mind before you're finished.
I have no contempt for apes.
Nor for any other thinking animal on this planet.
Then be sensible.
Be sensible! Answer my question.
Which humans have helped you? Well- Whoa! - Move and I'll shoot.
- I won't move.
Turn around real slow.
Put your hands behind you.
Okay, now walk.
Who are the humans that have helped you? I also want to know how you get their names, where they could be found and when you made contact, Simple questions.
I can see your mouth moving, but I can't hear anything you're saying.
All those bells and drums are too loud.
They're deafening me.
If they're too loud now after four hours, think how they'll sound after eight hours.
- What? Can you talk louder? - After 24 hours.
Lieutenant, shoot.
Hold it.
Hold it.
You've gotta be kidding.
I'm quite capable of it, Burke.
Obviously you can hear when it suits you.
Look, there isn't any list of humans to contact.
We never expected to land here.
and we don't exactly want to be here now.
All we want to do is get out of here.
First you have to get out of prison.
I want the names of the humans that have helped you.
Look, I, I- Names, places, times, I can't answer that.
They were just people.
Every entrance covered? Nothing will get into the city without being stopped by our guards.
Orders issued to stop and search carefully every cart and wagon, whether driven by ape or human.
- Yes, Urko.
- Now, inside the city.
I want everyone available on patrol.
Mounted units, Sweep the streets.
Individual troops on every corner.
- It will be done.
- Good.
This time we'll catch Galen.
Stand straight! This way.
Now, once you have answered my questions, you can get some much needed sleep, food, rest.
I've been telling you the truth.
All right, I will make it easy for you.
Which apes have befriended you? There has been many apes.
That is the truth! It is not the truth! There is only one ape that has befriended you, and that is the traitor, Galen.
- There were others.
- Only Galen! - Okay, have it your way.
- Right.
Now, which humans have helped you? - No humans helped us.
- The truth! I don't know what you want.
I want their names! I- I can't.
My mind's blank.
Lieutenant, you know what to do? Yes, Wanda.
Let him go.
What's your business in Central City? My son.
He raises hay for the troopers' horses.
- Give me that pitchfork.
- Oh, yes, of course.
He usually delivers it himself, but this morning he had this terrible cold.
I said, "Now you stay in bed, I'll deliver that hay myself.
" Oh, yes, he's such a good boy, He likes all of you gorillas, He's so helpful and kind and considerate, All right, go ahead.
Dump your hay and come right out.
Oh, thank you.
- Ah, Galen! - Oh, Mother! Oh, ho-ho-ho.
Galen, come in.
Oh, how are you? Oh, Galen! - So good to see you! - Wonderful to see you.
Mother, I would like you to meet my very good friend, Alan Virdon.
- How do you do, Virdon? - Fine.
Have you eaten? Oh, you look so tired.
We'd love something to eat.
Only tell me first, where's Father? He's in his study.
He has a great deal to do these days.
He's just been elected to the council.
Sit down, I'll get your father.
Your mother seems very nice, Galen.
Oh, yes.
You may need to find another word to describe my father.
Uh, Father, this, uh- We need your help.
Our friend, Peter Burke, has been taken prisoner.
He's a human! I'm an ape.
He's my enemy.
He is not an enemy! He is my friend! You'll be helping me! Then it's between you and Burke.
I will give you shelter, but I won't help you in any other way, I'll send a servant to the roof as a lookout.
If you wish to see me, I'll be in the garden.
Just you, son! All right.
Tell me one more time.
What happened? The abandoned hay cart was driven through a checkpoint by a female chimpanzee.
She said she was delivering hay for patrol horses.
And this female, where is she? Have you located her? No, I know the situation was suspicious, but she was alone.
There was no sign of the fugitives on the cart.
What did you expect them to do, stand up and wave at you? Ah, get three troopers.
Ride to Councillor Yalu's home.
Search it from one end to the other.
If he tries to stop you, go ahead anyway! Tell him those are my orders! Yes, Urko.
Apparently it doesn't matter to you that your mother worries.
- Of course it matters.
- Then, why aren't you at home.
instead of running around the country like a hunted human? It's not my fault that I'm hunted! My friends are willing to live in peace.
So am I! You are an ape! Your friends are humans.
Strange friends for a chimpanzee.
Not if you know them.
You'd respect them, too, if it weren't for your stupid prejudices.
I am older than you.
Perhaps those so-called stupid prejudices are based on reason.
No, they are not.
They are based on custom and on habit! And you know it! Even if I agreed with you, and I don't, do you think you can change the whole world? I'd like to.
We didn't come to this city to visit, I'm sorry.
But we came to get Burke.
Only a few more minutes.
My husband is not entirely unreasonable.
- Without your help, we're going to have to- - I don't want to know! You can help us get Burke out without compromising yourself.
This conversation is over! All right, Father.
That's a signal from Loomis.
They're coming! The police are coming.
We'll leave now.
We won't risk your lives by being caught here.
Is there a back way out? It's as big a risk for us if you're found nearby.
- Not as big as being caught here! - Help me! Help me! Pick up the rug! I put this in for security.
Down you go! Hurry, hurry! One at a time, down.
Open up, Police! Open up, Police! How dare you bang on my door! I have orders to search this house.
Search this house? There's a mistake, I am Council Member Yalu.
I'm sorry.
Councillor, The order was given me by Chief of Security Urko.
I demand you stop! Where is he going? - To examine the bedroom.
- This is an outrage! I will expect everything to be just as you found it.
You think you're pawing through a junkyard? - You heard the councillor's wife.
- Thank you, Officer.
That's all right.
Have you found whatever it is you're looking for? No, Councillor.
Then I suggest you leave now! I apologize for this intrusion.
The apology is not sufficient! You may so inform Chief Urko! Have you had enough? Enough? Enough? Untie him.
Was one of the humans named Roras? Uh, my name is Burke, Peter J.
Rank, major.
- Stand up! - My number is 0-0-4- - Stand up! - 8-9-7.
Oh! Haven't you had enough? - Do you want more? - Burke, Peter J.
Rank, major.
Number 0-0-4-7-3-6-6-8-9-7.
We know the humans that have helped you.
Tie him! Start! I've been looking for you! I have this message from Council Chairman Zaius.
Of course, you can read it if you want to, but it is addressed to the commanding officer of the jail! Is there any question you want me to answer? Aha.
Ah, okay.
You announce your arrival as you normally would.
Come on! Guard 22, ready.
All right, on the floor! Face down.
No, not by the door! The wall.
- Pete's not here.
- He must be! Untie him.
Where do you come from? Where do you come from? Burke.
Peter J.
Number 0-0-4-7- Stop it! How dare you interfere! I was just trying to help.
You weren't getting anywhere.
Obviously the prisoner is completely disoriented.
And now that he is, there are certain methods which will yield results.
"After a long period of severe interrogation.
excellent results have been achieved by a feminine presence.
" - The message here is- - Oh, gibberish! Book! There's only one way- Leave him alone! Zaius will hear of your behavior.
Aah! So why didn't you tell us that Burke isn't in the main jail? I didn't know.
I have no idea where he's being kept.
Only Urko and Zaius know.
It's not like you to doubt your father, Galen.
If your father says he doesn't know, he doesn't know! Does Urko have any other place where he keeps prisoners? - None that I know of.
- But Urko knows.
And he keeps records! - That's the place to look.
- Son, I- You'll never get away with it.
Still, we have to look in Urko's office.
"After this long period of centrifugal force," "the prisoner has lost the feeling of the pull of gravity," "Also his sense of identity has blurred along with the identity of others.
" "At this point.
a woman who is compassionate may be confused by the prisoner " "with someone he has loved.
" "And by skillful questioning.
may obtain information " "that could not be secured in any other fashion.
" Stop the turntable.
Untie him.
Guard, you may leave.
Wanda, he is a dangerous human.
I can handle him.
I, uh.
I have the feeling that we are strangers.
There is so much about you I don't know.
And I always believe that people in love tell each other everything.
Not everything.
- Hey.
- Hmm? You're quiet today.
Maybe I'm all talked out.
Oh, no, no.
That'll never happen.
You're a bubbling spring.
You're inexhaustible.
Well, springs can run dry.
- Mm-hmm? - Mm-hmm.
our conversations are a one-way street.
You never talk about yourself.
Um, what do you want to know? Everything.
Where you were born.
Where you went to school.
You know.
Pretty dull stuff.
Not to me.
And, um.
the first time you fell in love.
- This is the first time.
- Oh! Now I know you're copping out.
Come on! I wanna know what's inside there.
What you feel.
- Well, uh, what do you want to know? - Everything, I love you.
People in love tell each other everything.
Guard? Lieutenant, is it day or night outside? The sun is about to rise.
Well, inform Chief of Security Urko that the prisoner now belongs to him.
"Five special guards sent to the Crystal Cavern.
" Crystal Cavern? Does that mean something? Why would they send special guards to a cavern outside the city where nothing valuable is stored? - Of course Kaylen, that's it! - Yeah- Guard, Get to Dr, Malthus's house, Tell him to meet me at the hospital as soon as possible.
That's all.
Any other entrance? No.
What have they done to him? That's a hospital wagon.
There's no way to get to him.
not with that mob around him.
Our only chance is the hospital.
I promise nothing.
This operation is still in the experimental stage.
- I can't guarantee success, - What do you mean by "success"? If the patient survives and is docile.
It's not necessary.
The patient can die, or worse be left with no brain at all.
That's too bad.
This is the patient? Yes, How long before you'll be ready? My associates haven't arrived as yet.
Nothing's prepared.
Instruments! Scrubbing! Operating room! Nurses! Thirty to sixty minutes.
You have 30 minutes! Then begin the operation.
- I'll be back in time to watch.
- Yes, Urko.
Thirty minutes.
May I ask why you need the carriage? Well, you see, we have found out that Burke is in the hospital.
They're going to operate on him, It's that operation that Urko favors, Huh? The carriage, Galen! Why the carriage? Mother, if I told you and if Father found out, he would be very angry.
But you haven't answered my question! We're gonna break into the hospital.
grab Burke and run.
We wouldn't stand a chance against Urko's mounted patrols- - Without my carriage.
- Right.
- Yes! - You don't stand a chance with my carriage! Yeah, maybe not.
We thought of every possibility and this is the best we could come up with.
If you fail, Urko will kill you.
You realize that? Yes! Son.
Do you insist on attempting this-this impossible rescue? We have to.
Then you leave me no choice.
Open my door! Human, come and help this ape, I can't allow anyone in.
Lieutenant's orders.
I'm not anyone.
I am Council Member Yalu's wife.
- But only the Lieutenant- - Then get him! I'm sorry.
the hospital is closed.
How can that be? I have a badly wounded ape here.
- Leave him.
Someone will take care of him.
- Are you a doctor? - No.
No! I'm a lieutenant.
- Why am I talking to you? - I need a doctor.
What doctors are available? - I don't know.
Lieutenant, I was on my way to see a friend who is ill when I came upon this badly wounded ape here.
Apparently the victim of some accident.
I went out of my way to bring him here to this hospital at great personal inconvenience.
- I'm sorry.
- In that case let us proceed! Back.
While we're arguing, this unfortunate victim could die! - Do you want that on your record? - No, no! Come, human! Ah, Doctor, I am Ann, the wife of Councillor Yalu.
I'm Dr.
But you shouldn't be here.
I want you to take care of this wounded ape right away.
I have an important surgery in about ten minutes.
Do you mean a human patient is more important to you than an ape? Urko's orders.
Well he must be a very special human! Looks ordinary to me.
It's as if nothing were really wrong with him.
Not yet! I insist you find a bed and capable medical care.
Very well.
I'll see what I can do.
Oh, and you! Tell Chief Urko I wish to see him right away, Are you frightened of an elderly female and a wounded ape? Do you believe that an armed police gorilla is no match for a mere human? Aah! Aah! Help! Help! Open that door! Break it down! Get some of your gorillas and cut them off at the other corridor! Hurry! Urko, they have escaped from the hospital.
Hyah! Hyah! Follow them.
Mount up! I don't know how you two ever made it in here, but- We're not outta this yet.
And I assure you it wasn't Galen.
After all, a mother should know her own son.
And I was told that it was Galen, - You are being insolent! - Not at all! I'm doing my job.
Let me ask you a question.
If it wasn't Galen, how do you account for that ape's actions? It wasn't.
And I don't.
I was horrified by his actions.
and ran into the corridor and called for help.
- You saw me.
- I'm afraid that that doesn't prove- Use your head, Chief Urko.
If I have any brains.
would I ruin my husband's career and risk disgrace by helping mere humans? Of course not! May I take it that this matter is now closed.
Chief Urko? - Well- - If you disbelieve my wife, I insist you arrest both of us immediately! Arrest or total innocence.
One or the other.
I am not going to arrest you, Councillor Yalu, or your wife.
- But- - No buts! Produce proof or shut up.
All right.
Now that it's all settled, won't you have something to drink.
Chief Urko? Oh! You were magnificent! Both of you, Father.
I couldn't very well let them find you here.
Urko didn't even ask to search the house.
He assumes we're long gone.
In any event, I was defending your mother.
And very well too! Father, you helped us.
Now admit it.
And allow me to be grateful.
You're my son.
I don't pretend to understand the friendship between you and those humans, But I do understand friendship.
And I understand principles.
Sometimes I am a little slow.
Without your mother, I might never have realized the son that we have.
I had more contact with Galen and his friend than you had.
It's heartwarming to know that our son is not only loving and intelligent, but also principled.
I'm proud of you.