Planet of the Apes (1974) s01e11 Episode Script

The Tyrant

PLANET OF THE APES 1x11 "THE TYRANT" Pete! Alan! The barn.
Whoa! - Farm of Janor and Mikal.
Load the grain.
- Yes, Daku.
Our grain tax was paid last month.
- The tax has been raised.
- You leave us with nothing.
Sweep up what's left on the ground.
You can use it for seed for next year's crop, Hurry up! I haven't all day! I have to meet the caravan at Hathor at sundown.
Wait, Pete! This is no time to be a hero.
I could have you both shot for attacking a trooper, Move on! All right, the next is the Darog farm, Move out! Giddap.
I'm sorry, Janor, I wish we could have done something to help.
No one can help.
Does that gorilla have a grudge against you? No, it's all through the district.
Aboro takes what he wants from everyone.
Aboro? The gorilla on horseback? No, that's Daku, his lieutenant.
Aboro is district chief.
You know, if that grain wagon were to be hijacked, somewhere way out in the boondocks, nobody would be able to connect it with Janor or Mikal.
You're going to steal back the grain! The less you know.
the better for you.
- It's too dangerous.
- I agree.
Yeah, but I'll be overruled completely.
I know where you can do it.
Not when they meet the caravan.
That's too well guarded.
It brings gold from the mine.
But there is a forest between here and Darog's farm.
- Which direction? - I'll take you.
No, stay out of it.
If you're connected with it, there'll be reprisals.
- It's our fight! - Mikal, what we're trying to do is bring back the grain without suspicion landing on you.
- You might be recognized.
- We want to be recognized.
We want the gorillas to see who did it.
That way, they'll just be looking for a couple of strangers with a stolen wagon.
You might as well say yes.
They are very stubborn.
- He says yes.
- I'll show you the shortcut to the forest.
No, you just show us which way to go.
Over to that road, then veer right.
Psst, something's coming.
Hoo-hoo! - Mikal, what are you doing here? - Joining you.
- No way, man! - Does Janor know you're here? I told him I was going into the village.
- He won't like it.
- Janor is a coward! No, he's not.
He's just trying to protect you.
I don't want that.
I don't want to bow and scrape to gorillas.
I don't want just enough food to stay alive, I won't be nothing, Well, all right, but stay out of sight.
At least, cover your face.
Come on! Come on! Pete! Hey, come on.
Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Come on! Hyah! Hyah! So, three armed troopers, one my own aid.
allow three humans, three unarmed humans, to overpower them.
Further, they allow the humans to steal a wagon-load of grain I promised would be delivered to the caravan.
I explained, Aboro! They surprised us! Yes, and I am considering another surprise for you, Daku.
I may have you taken out and shot.
Aboro, wait.
Nothing is lost by what happened today.
I will find Mikal, and he'll tell me where the grain is.
And then I'll make him tell me who those strangers were.
And when I find them- If you find them.
No, I will deal with Mikal.
Humans have attacked apes, Daku.
This has never before happened in my district.
I don't intend to have it happen again.
Humans attacked gorillas? Took a wagon, even weapons? I did, with the other three, I took the grain.
I wonder if I have been wrong.
How? Well, I have not fought apes.
I did not think it was possible.
Your troops already have all our grain, Aboro.
Were you with your brother and the other two humans? Someone Daku could not see drove the wagon off.
Was it you, Janor? I don't know what you're talking about.
I have been here on my farm all day.
Were you, too, on the farm all day.
Mikal? You've taken all we have.
What more do you want? Who were the other two humans, and where is the grain? This one may be less stubborn, I don't need instruction in how to make a human talk, Daku! You are the older human here.
You are responsible.
You will tell me what I want to know.
I'm telling you the truth.
I have not left my farm all day.
No, he was not there! The grain is in the cave by the stream.
- You should not pay for what I did.
- Mikal- - Kill him! - Why? I told you! You're lying.
Kill him! Run.
Janor! Mikal! Burn the farm! It will serve as a lesson to other humans! He's gonna be all right.
- Don't try to get up, Janor.
- Mikal? I'm sorry, Janor.
I was wrong about not fighting apes.
Mikal died trying to save me.
It won't end there.
What are you planning to do? I'm gonna kill Aboro.
- That's suicide, Janor.
- There must be another way to stop Aboro.
There's a prefect over him.
Maybe he doesn't even know what Aboro's doing.
Talk to him.
- I will never talk to an ape again.
- But I'm an ape.
I know you are, but you're not like Aboro and the prefect, Augustus.
- Did you say, "Augustus"? - Yes.
He's my cousin.
The last thing I heard about him, he was working on the council in Central City.
Now, he's honest, and he's decent.
- He's an ape.
- He believes in justice.
An ape will never punish another ape! You can say that after I have tried and failed.
Yes? Come in.
- Prefect Augustus? - Yes.
Oh, I wish to report a theft.
Two apples stolen from a lovely green tree.
The thieves were observed running from the scene.
Two chimpanzees about nine years old.
Oh, Galen, I've missed you.
Oh, it's been a long, long time.
- No one saw you come in? - Oh, no.
No one knows me here.
What happened, Galen? How did you become a fugitive, running with humans? Oh, well, a very, very long story.
You wouldn't believe it.
That is, unless you actually got to know humans.
I do know humans, I have them around me all the time- as servants, laborers.
No, that's not what I meant, Augustus.
There are things about humans I don't know? - I'm afraid so.
- It's good to have you here.
But I'm not being very considerate.
I've not offered you food or drink.
Oh, no, no, thank you.
Thank you.
You, uh, you didn't just stumble in here.
Augustus, I need your help.
And I think, I do think I can help you too.
I don't have any needs, but whatever I can do for you.
Well, you're prefect here and I think you need a decent administration.
Um, I'm not sure the change in you is entirely attractive.
You should know me well enough to remember I take great pride in my position.
I wouldn't be here unless I was sure of that.
I don't think you know what your district chief, Aboro, is up to.
Go on.
I can't believe this is true.
Augustus, I swear to you, it's true.
I am here to see the prefect.
- The prefect is busy.
- He will see me.
Aboro, I was going to send for you.
I've had reports of your activities.
Something displeases you? Did you shoot a human named Mikal? Yes, I believe that was what he was called.
Why was he killed? For reasons I considered sufficient.
- That is not an answer! - Make the most of it, It's all you get.
As long as I am prefect here, Aboro, you will answer my questions.
As long as you are Prefect.
I won't bore you with the introduction.
"Effective immediately.
Prefect Augustus is reassigned to Dorvado.
" "District Chief Aboro is hereby promoted to prefect in place of Augustus.
" I don't believe that.
Effective immediately.
I will move in later this afternoon.
It must be nearly the other side of the planet.
Not a very nice place to be assigned.
I am sorry.
If you have a problem in Dorvado, I'll be glad to help you.
Why was Aboro made prefect? Our kind always fills administrative spots, not gorillas.
He must have very influential friends in Central City.
You belong there, Aboro, not that fool, Augustus.
Yes, I can always count on you, Daku.
- Always.
- So long as I have gold or power.
- You're making a joke.
- I never joke, Daku.
Did you know he was coming here? No.
I made the usual delivery to Bulta, his assistant.
I know we weren't seen by anyone.
He wouldn't say anything to Urko.
If you have made another mistake- I swear.
- Aboro! - Urko! Aboro, look at you.
Fat, lazy.
You're not the Aboro I remember - from my days at the academy.
- And you! Stooped with age.
A trembling, old gorilla.
Hardly stronger than a human! It's true! If only I were young and strong.
Yeah! We all grow old and weak, Urko.
Tell me, what brings you to Hathor? You.
You brought me here.
I heard about your promotion.
Since I happened to be in the district- Ah, yes, yes, yes, I became prefect today.
I know, I was taken by surprise and pleased.
- Thank you.
- Well, you're much too good to be, uh, district chief in some far-off province.
I told Bulta many times to push you for a promotion, but, uh, that, uh, incident at the academy, uh, always stood in the way.
- Yes, I know.
- It was just bad luck.
Anyone at that time could have been caught cheating.
But it happened to me.
And while my good friends, Bulta and Urko, moved up the ladder, I remained a district chief at Hathor.
Yes, but this new promotion must mean that old foolishness is now forgotten.
Only 20 years to erase the memory of "old foolishness.
" Aboro.
Aboro, you sound bitter.
Twenty-year-old habits take time to break.
- Care for something to drink? - No, no, no, no.
I'm on an inspection tour, but I'll be around for a few days.
Perhaps, before I leave.
we'll have a chance for a real visit.
- Yes.
- Talk over old days at the academy.
I hope so.
Aboro I'm very happy for you.
Thank you.
He didn't know.
And a good thing.
Urko never really approved of corruption.
This whole charade is based on your hunch that Aboro's promotion was bought.
Apes are not corrupt.
You put the pieces together.
See if you can come up with a better explanation.
I can't.
But I don't believe it.
Galen, it adds up.
Look, Aboro steals grain.
Now, he can't eat it all.
And he was on his way to meet a gold caravan.
Why? He trades the grain for gold and buys your cousin's job with it.
Oh, I can't believe it.
Yeah, well, would you believe that I have absolutely never before ever sewn a collar for such a distinguished-looking ape in my life? Oh.
that I believe.
There you go.
- Oh, hey, that's very nice.
- Very pretty.
- There you are.
- Oh, thank you.
- Now, you got it all straight? - Oh, yeah.
I know exactly what I am supposed to do.
Tell the prefect that Octavio is here.
Do you have an appointment? Octavio needs no appointment to see the prefect of a minor province.
Do as you're told.
Something I can do for you? Yes.
You can start by addressing me as "sir.
" Yes sir.
Tell Aboro that Octavio, assistant to Zaius, is here.
This way, sir.
Thank you.
You are Aboro? And you are assistant to Zaius? Get rid of him.
Won't you sit down? Very well.
Are you satisfied with your new position as prefect? - Oh, yes, quite.
Thank you.
- Pity.
Being satisfied with one's position indicates a regrettable lack of ambition.
Is this an official visit? Absolutely not.
Would Zaius send me on an official visit to discuss your clumsy attempts at bribery? You did say "bribery"? Yes.
I did.
And no denials, please.
Exactly why are you here? Well Zaius has had his eye on you for a long, long time.
If Zaius believes I'm guilty of bribery, why hasn't he had me arrested? He's considered it.
Zaius has not ordered your arrest because he believes you can serve a more useful purpose.
What is it you want? Zaius believes that you have the ideal qualifications to replace Urko.
But as you probably know, Urko has acted independently of the council on too many occasions.
He has gone over Zaius's head, doubted Zaius's authority.
This must stop, But Urko is my very dear friend.
well- Well, I hardly thought that would stand in your way.
Oh, my heavens, I must have been mistaken.
Hmm, Good afternoon.
Please! I may have been a little hasty.
And I may have expected more intelligence than is usually found in someone in your position.
Naturally, I-I would appreciate Urko's job.
but this has come as such a surprise, I would like a little time to think it over.
Well-Well, that's a remarkable- I mean, it's amazing, I offer you power and prestige, and you- you want time, Oh, very well.
Yes, I shall return later on.
Daku! I assume you were listening.
Oh, no, Aboro, I wouldn't listen- What do you think? Well, I, uh- I did hear a little accidentally.
- You in Urko's place.
Oh, it's, it's- - Impossible? Oh.
It's wonderful.
If Octavio is telling the truth.
Why wouldn't he? I don't know.
Now that I think of it, another question comes to mind.
Who is Octavio? He's Zaius's assistant.
You heard him say it.
Yes, one can say anything, Daku.
That does not make it true.
All I know about Octavio is what he says about himself.
If he weren't highly placed, how would he know about the bribery? You know where Urko is camped.
Ride to him.
Avoid suspicion.
But ask about Zaius's assistant- his name, what he looks like.
A good idea, Aboro.
A very good idea.
Octavio, please.
Oh, thank you.
What is he doing here? Our business is private.
Daku knows of your proposal, Octavio.
You do not impress me as being very discreet.
In fact, you do not impress me at all.
Oh, well.
Have you thought over what I mentioned to you? - Oh, yes.
- What have you decided? Exactly what you knew I would decide, Octavio, after checking with Urko, Surely you didn't think I would accept you without checking first.
Checking what? You, Octavio.
However, Urko has indeed confirmed that the assistant to Zaius is, in fact, the crippled Octavio.
I accept your offer.
Now, the council needs a method to justify the removal of Urko from office.
Well, why can't the council simply dismiss him? On what grounds? Even the council needs evidence.
Zaius was hoping that you would provide that.
How? Must I give you all the answers? You are the one who's being promoted, not me.
You must do something to earn your promotion.
Zaius expects you to provide him with the evidence that can remove Urko, What sort of evidence would the council consider suitable? I don't know.
Bribery or something.
Urko's assistant, Bulta, accepts bribes.
Daku, keep your mouth shut unless I tell you to speak! Can you prove that Urko knows this? No he didn't.
Oh, dear.
Ah! Suppose that we could, uh, find some incriminating evidence in Urko's home? Something like, uh contraband gold.
Yes, yes, If we could make some connection between that gold and a corrupt act- Too risky.
I'm sure.
Have you a better idea? I have always favored a more direct action, Octavio.
Direct action? - I don't understand.
- Of course.
And it would be much safer.
What are you suggesting? There is a human that Daku has used on various assignments.
- His name? His name? - Amhar.
From the village of Loben.
Since I don't know this Amhar.
I will have to rely on you, Daku.
Tell me, is he reliable? Absolutely.
He'll do anything I tell him.
That is unthinkable, unthinkably dangerous.
Yes, but it's permanent.
This is the least dangerous way to remove Urko.
I'm-I'm against the idea.
This Amhar- He may talk, afterwards.
No, Amhar won't talk.
He won't be alive afterwards.
Daku, arrange a dinner party for Urko here.
And Amhar? Have him here an hour before Urko is due to arrive, Oh, and Octavio, I will expect you, too, as a dinner guest.
That way you will have an eyewitness report to give Zaius.
Oh, how very thoughtful of you.
But I have never considered murder to be a spectator sport.
I prefer not to be present.
Daku on his way to Amhar.
Let's tie him up, put him in the brush.
You, here, quick.
Drop it.
Go on.
Stay where you are.
Up on the table.
- I want to help you.
- Wearing a mask? I do not want my identity known.
Others in power, who are not friendly toward you.
might want to revenge themselves against my family.
Do you recognize this seal? It is Aboro's.
Read this letter.
This is hard to believe.
Aboro planning to kill me? That letter was taken from the assassin he hired.
I'm grateful to you.
Let me show you my gratitude.
Galen! Did you think I would believe a forged letter delivered by a masked ape? - That letter contains the truth, on my word.
- Your word? Word of a criminal, a renegade, a wanted fugitive.
Don't move, Urko.
Don't you move! Your bullet couldn't prevent my finger from squeezing the trigger.
Drop that rifle by the time I count to three or I'll shoot Galen.
can't you get it through your stubborn head that if I wanted you dead, I could have shot you? That letter contains the truth about Aboro and Bulta.
What do you know about truth? You chose to live with humans.
All right, Virdon.
Two- - I wondered where you were.
- Me too.
Go ahead, shoot.
Shoot and you'll alarm my troops.
Think, Urko, think.
We walked in here knowing the risks.
Why? I don't know, and I don't care.
You thought you were being clever, and you walked into a trap.
You can't shoot.
And if you walk out of here, I call my gorillas.
I don't ask you to believe me.
Can't you believe your own ears and eyes? I do.
I see you, I hear you.
And I know you are enemies of the state and will be executed.
Execute! Shoot! Kill! I am so tired of the kinds of solutions you find for all problems.
Come with us to Aboro's.
We'll prove he's a traitor.
You can't.
Look, Urko, while you're with Aboro, I'll call him out.
I'll pretend I'm his hired assassin.
I'll get him to admit he's planning to kill you.
You can hear it yourself.
What have you got to lose? All right.
But I won't lose in any case.
You'll be the ones who lose.
Mount up! Follow me, There was no time to go for Amhar.
When I was freed, I came back here.
- And you don't know who attacked you or why? - Mm-mm.
I don't like it.
I don't like it! Someone is trying to prevent my killing Urko! As I didn't see Amhar, Urko won't be killed.
I didn't arrange it.
You! You, Daku.
You will be Amhar.
Tonight at dinner.
when the wine is being served.
you will light this.
When it is lit, you will have plenty of time to come around to the front door with the message that I must come at once to settle a fight at the barracks.
Understood? You come inside with me.
That will insure that they don't run away.
- You've met Octavio? - Yes, yes, I had the pleasure earlier today.
- I stopped by earlier to introduce myself.
- Ah, yes.
I insisted that he come.
Good, good.
Come in, please.
A place for Octavio.
Aboro, I, uh- I know that I mentioned we would talk over old days together at the academy and that sort of thing.
but Octavio is such a welcomed guest.
You'd be surprised at the incredible stories he can tell.
- Really? - You would be fascinated.
- Please, sit down.
- Oh, thank you.
See who that is.
Thank you.
A human to see you, sir.
He says it is very important.
A human important? What could be important about a human? Well, I'll be right back.
That's Burke.
Come on.
Come on.
You say your name is Amhar? - Yes, sir, I'm sorry I'm late.
- Late for what? Daku said you wanted me to kill some important gorilla.
- Guard! - Why you callin' a guard? I don't know this human.
He's either a lunatic or an assassin.
Lock him up.
Good work, Aboro.
- That human's name is Burke.
Bring him in here.
I'll attend to Galen.
G- Galen? The fugitive, Galen.
Burke is one of the two astronauts.
The others are not very far.
We'll get them.
I don't understand, I- They took me for a fool, telling me you were trying to plot against me.
I knew better, but I thought this was the best way to capture them without too much bloodshed.
- They'll be executed immediately.
- Yes.
- Wine is served, sir.
- Ah, an excellent idea.
Let's celebrate the capture of our two most-wanted enemies.
- Aboro.
- To you, Urko.
Excuse me, Urko.
I forgot a quick errand, I'll only be a moment.
- What's the matter? - Nothing, nothing.
- I said, "What's the matter?" - Let me go, you fool! Aboro is your loyal friend.
He seems not to want to be with you, He seems in a big hurry not to be with you.
- All right, Aboro, explain.
- Please, Urko.
- shoot the lock off! - Why? Don't ask questions, you fool! Shoot the lock off! Please, Urko.
Please! - Tell me why! - A bomb! Explode anytime now! Please.
Urko! Shoot the lock off!.
You mean this bomb? I saw Daku light it.
He's outside right now.
Put out the fuse, you fool! As soon as you put down the gun and release Galen and Burke.
Come on.
Hurry, hurry! - Cutting it fine, aren't you? - I kept this door unlocked.
Nobody moves until you hear the door slam or I don't rip out this fuse.
You got it? That fuse is getting close.
It doesn't matter, I disconnected it.
Lock him up.
I'll take him back to Central City with me in the morning.
I want him to enjoy my assistant, Bulta.
Bribery, corruption, conduct unbecoming an ape.
You're finished, Aboro, Finished.