Planet of the Apes (1974) s01e12 Episode Script

The Cure

Why don't you stay and make your home here? That's a good question.
I guess the reason is that, uh, Virdon's got an itch in his feet, and, uh, I got rocks in my head, which is why I go along.
We're taking a survey of the far side of every hill on the horizon.
I'd like to give you a better answer, but I can't think of one.
Daughter? Amy? Will you say good-bye? No.
You're a stranger from another world.
I don't know how to talk to men from another world.
I'm sorry Amy's upset.
I expected her to be, I know my daughter.
- I wish you well.
- Thank you for everything, Talbert.
You ready? Let's go.
- Bye.
- Bye-bye.
Maybe they will come back someday.
All right, now, move it along.
Come on, move along.
I'm just transferring these two to the workforce in the next village.
Father, what's wrong? It's-It's nothing, I'm just a little tired.
A little tired.
Ha! If I were only young and strong again.
Urko, a message from Trion.
The troopers report the humans have sleeping sickness.
I'll do better next time.
Urko, we have a bet.
The best two of three.
I haven't got time to play games! What's the matter, Galen, you hear something? Not yet.
Expecting company? Trouble.
Well, what is this, crystal ball time? Let us in on it.
What's the matter, Galen? Something's bothering you.
You are.
I didn't like what you did.
- When? - When I joined up with you two.
I knew I would have to face the same dangers that you face.
In fact, Urko has probably told his gorillas that I am first priority on his death list.
With my own people, I'm a renegade, I accept that.
But I did think, at least, that we would try to protect each other.
Hey-Hey, who's not protecting what? Or did I miss something? Galen, I still don't understand what it is.
If you tell me what it is, I'll correct it if I can.
You can't put water back into a broken bottle.
Time and time again.
you have cautioned us that we must be very careful not to tell anyone about ourselves.
Hi, Amy.
I'm in love with you.
Amy, you met me one week ago.
You'll forget me in two.
Will you forget me? - No.
- Alan, take me with you, please.
I can't.
I've told you why.
You're married.
I don't believe you.
You're lying.
Amy, now listen.
I'm a stranger here.
I come from a world that's very difficult to explain.
It's this world, really, but in a different time.
A long, long time ago.
Now, you must not tell anyone.
But I want you to understand, where I come from, where I hope to return someday In that world, I do have a family.
Lies! There is no other world.
First, you made her angry, then you told her who we are.
Not only did you trust her with your life, but you trusted her with ours.
You're right, Galen, I shouldn't have told her.
She- Well, she was hurt, and I wanted to try to make her understand why I couldn't stay.
That's not an excuse, it's- I'd just like you to know why.
I am truly sorry.
I didn't think that you meant any harm.
It just did seem like such a needless risk to take.
It was.
Chalk it up to, uh, the fact I'm only a human.
Oh, yes.
Sometimes, I forget that humans can't help the weaknesses they have.
Father! Order.
Please, come to order! You babble on like frightened humans.
There is much at stake here, Zaius! Our historians have brought this to my attention.
In the early part of the Ornan period, a fever, which struck only the human population, killed several hundred in a section of the rural zone.
The entire sector became barren for years afterward! I am aware of the possible loss of goods and labor, that is why I have ordered Trion quarantined.
Quarantined? Burn it! Before we consider any such measures, Urko, our chief medical officer, Zoran, has something to say.
Members of the council, I have done considerable research in the diseases of the lower species.
and I have developed certain theories of treat- Theories! Excuses to waste time and resources on-on intellectual games! I intend to test my theories in trial.
An entire labor force of a whole section is being threatened.
and he wants to test theories.
Trion is quite isolated.
And with the quarantine, the risk is reduced greatly.
If I can save Trion, we need fear this fever never again! Zero loss of labor and goods in the future.
- If you can save Trion! - Vote! Vote.
Those in favor of allowing Zoran to proceed to Trion? - Aye! - No! So be it.
I will be at Trion to enforce the quarantine.
And if you fail- You will not regret your faith in me.
Well, good morning, friend.
- Oh! - I'm sorry, sir.
Wait a minute, you're from Trion, aren't you? - You're the coal carrier.
- Not anymore.
- What do you mean not anymore? - I was lucky.
I was outside the village.
Guards let no one in, no one out.
- A man was shot trying to run.
- What are you talking about? It's quarantined, a plague.
I was told many are dead, and more will die-many more.
- You know the names of any of the dead? - Nothing, Nothing, I was spared.
Even the name could carry the fever.
Wait a minute, Wait! A guy doesn't have to be a mind reader to figure out what you're thinking about.
Oh, no.
Will you tell him that it makes no sense to go waltzing into a plague-ridden village? Yes, if you did go back, what good could you do? I don't know.
But what if we were the ones who started it? Pete, what if we walked in there carrying some kind of a virus harmless to us, but deadly to them? Yes, but if you went back, isn't there a possibility that you could catch the fever? Yes, there is.
If we didn't get shot on the way trying to get in! Aw, come on, Alan.
Look, this makes no sense.
Pete, we've gotta try.
We've got to at least try to help them.
Did I say that we didn't at least have to try? All right, we'll try.
I'm in, I'm in! You just wait one minute! Now you just wait! Are you planning to include me in on this trip back to Trion? Well, yes, I figured- I hoped we would stay together.
But we have just been through all that! Just because that girl is in love with you, should I risk my life? No.
There's no reason at all for that.
And should you risk your life by going back there? But you stubbornly insist upon doing it, don't you? I am getting to be no better than a human.
Come on, let's go! What are you doing here? Haven't you heard there's fever? We are somewhat familiar with the problem, and we would like to help.
Council has sent the chief physician.
Now turn around, and go back where you came from.
- Look, all we want is to try- - I have orders to kill anyone that crosses the quarantine line.
Now, move! Look! Stagnant water and mosquitoes.
Yeah, come on.
Help me, please.
- No question about it.
- Malaria.
Okay, let's get started.
- Alan! - Amy! My father.
My father's dead.
Amy, I'm so sorry.
Amy, how do you feel? I'm fine.
I'm very tired, but I'm not sick.
All right, listen to me, all of you.
Come in here and listen.
Hurry people, please.
There's no time to lose.
All right.
Now the first thing.
we've got to bury the dead immediately.
If we don't, we're going to be fighting fever and dysentery and worse.
We've gotta set fires, gotta make a lot of smoke to keep away the mosquitoes.
A treatment center's got to be set up right away.
Work parties have to be organized.
- Everyone who is still not- - Silence! - You, who are you? - Just a man trying to help.
I am Zoran, chief medical officer of the Supreme Council.
This is my assistant, Inta.
I have complete authority here now.
We're happy to see you.
Perhaps we can work together.
A pit will be dug at once, It will be filled with water, and I will add certain medications.
Everyone will disrobe and immerse themselves.
Each one of you will be bled.
The amount determined by your size and the age, and there will be no physical contact between men and women until this disease is under control.
You seem to have a talent for organizing.
You'll supervise the digging of the pit.
Inta! - You're whistling Dixie.
- I'm whistling? I shall speak more clearly.
You still hear whistling? - Something wrong with your ears? - No.
what I'm saying- No, what he is suggesting, sir, is that this particular disease, with which they are both very familiar, does demand special treatment.
Who are you? What are you doing in this village? Well, I am just transferring these two humans to another farm.
Listen to them, sir.
They are more intelligent than most.
So, you're familiar with this disease? - It's malaria.
- Hmm.
How clever, he even has a name for it.
Inta, go call the guards.
I haven't the time to fool with this man.
Please, sir, the guards aren't necessary.
Uh, you see, malaria means simply "bad air.
" Like the type you find around those stagnant pools we passed on our way in here.
You see, sir, the mosquitoes that live around that stagnant water carry the disease, - and it's communicated by their sting.
- That is enough! I don't know whether to have you shot for stupidity, or hanged for insolence! But, sir- Germs flying through the air on the backs of insects? Disease of the lower species are transmitted from bodily contact.
This one isn't.
You are challenging my word.
But, sir, he did not mean to be insolent.
Just like most humans, fear puts foolish words in their mouths.
Yes, I have a quick cure for that disease.
But, sir, they do both know something about medicine.
That is impossible! Arrest these two.
Arrest them? I'll shoot them.
They crossed the quarantine line against my orders.
- As you please.
- I protest! Has he had bodily contact with the lower species? He has malaria.
What is he saying? What is malaria? You said the fever strikes only humans.
I- I can't.
I can't explain.
I can't.
Neesa's dead.
You dare tell that to Urko.
I want guards at that end of the road, and I want more guards at that end of the road.
Watch closely, if anyone tries to escape from the village, shoot them! - Now move out! - Urko.
Oh! Galen, you think he'll come into the village? - I don't know, maybe not.
Does it matter? - Only if you want to stay alive a little longer.
You know, maybe we could get away before Urko has guards posted everywhere.
You were right when you said coming back here would probably get us into trouble.
And you're probably right that we should leave right now.
But you won't.
And you.
Pete? I know it sounds silly, Galen, it does sound silly.
It sounds so silly, I won't even say it.
You know the answer.
I know the answer.
Yeah, I knew the answer before I asked.
I always know the answer.
I always disagree, and I always go along.
But maybe I'm sick in the head.
Fire! Fire! Purification by fire! That's the only course left! The situation is different now, Zaius! Apes are being threatened.
Please! We must calm ourselves and think rationally.
But an ape has died, Zaius! An ape! It is no longer a minor problem.
You and your theories.
He oughta be burned with the others! Urko, you are out of order! I suggest we hear Zoran's appraisal of the situation.
I agree.
He has promised us success.
Upon my arrival in Trion, I discovered that the fever was not of the Ornan variety as related in the textbooks.
I made a discovery of a rare disease called malaria.
Obviously fatal to apes and to humans, and obviously not transmitted through bodily contact.
Then how.
Zoran? I have reason to believe that the disease grows in stagnant pools of water and is introduced into the bloodstream by the bite of mosquitoes.
Zoran, are you aware of what you're asking us to believe? You can't be serious.
He's got the fever himself.
There are such pools of stagnant water in Trion.
and humans- and your soldiers- were exposed to it.
And what do you propose we do now? Well, I need several hours to further reappraise the situation, Zaius.
I will not back down to a mosquito.
Urko, this disease is fatal to our people.
We should use this situation to develop a cure.
Yes, perhaps there's a positive side to this.
We can experiment with the humans.
Even if we lost an entire village, if an ape cure was developed, it would be worth it.
Historically, medicine progresses because of such experimentation.
I believe we should use this opportunity.
So be it.
You will report to us.
Yes, Zaius.
You're very good, ladies.
Very good.
- What are they doing? - Protective masks and gloves.
We have to send a work crew down to drain off the stagnant water.
I'm in a most difficult position with the council.
I have related to them your mosquito theory.
Of course, in order to save you from punishment, should we fail, I told them that the theory was my own.
You're very generous.
No, not entirely.
You see, if I had told them that I heard it from you, they would have asked questions: Who you were, how you came by this information.
Urko especially would be particularly interested and curious about humans who know more than they should.
I do hope you know about this disease.
Have we been wrong yet? You provided a diagnosis- a name for the disease.
Right or wrong, it adds up to very little.
What about treatment? There is a treatment for malaria.
It's quinine.
It's extracted from the bark of a tree, a tree called a cinchon.
I've never heard of such a tree.
Just beyond the marsh, there's a heavily wooded area.
Fairly tropical growth, where a cinchona could grow.
If we're lucky.
you will get a chance to see one.
Down through here, watch the bridge.
Now this swamp's gotta be drained.
Right here.
And remember, no part of your body exposed.
Good luck, Galen.
The rest of you, come on.
Quick, everybody put their mask on.
Running away, Doctor? No.
the cure for the disease is in the bark of a certain tree we believe- "We"? "We believe"? What do you mean "we"? I was under the impression you had the sole authority here.
I am the sole authority here.
I described the tree to them and we- they believe it can be found in the forest, Why do you cover your faces? What are you afraid of? - Mosquitoes.
- Ha! There are no mosquitoes here.
Ah missed.
Albino mosquitoes, all white.
Very hard to see.
- Could be.
- Yeah, could be.
Let's go.
Could be, it's bitter enough.
I'd feel a lot better if we were sure.
- So do I.
- Ugh! Terrible.
That was the first thing I learned when I was a kid.
- All good medicine tastes are terrible.
- But will it cure the fever? It won't if we just stand around here.
Let's give it a try.
All right, move over here.
Take as much bark as you can, but quick.
All right, everybody.
Come here, we gotta move fast.
Get rocks, flat stones.
We gotta grind this bark into powder as quickly as we can.
- Any more deaths? - One.
- Any more illnesses? - Two more sick.
Oh, Amy, Amy.
I'm sorry, I wanted to help.
I know, I know, I know, Amy.
It's all right.
Don't worry.
Amy, look, we found what we were looking for, but you gotta hang on.
You gotta fight it, okay? Thatta boy, Thatta boy.
Come on.
That's it.
Drink this now.
Come on, drink it.
I know, I know.
Come on, try it again.
Alan, Galen's back.
Another time, another world.
Don't go back.
I love you.
I love you! Tell me.
Tell me the truth.
I love you.
Don't go back.
Don't leave me.
The swamp has been drained.
Good work, Galen.
Another time.
- Another world.
- Another world? Don't go back.
Don't go back.
Don't go back.
Zoran! Dr.
Zoran! Come quick to the upper road! Hurry, hurry, Kava's sick, he's dying.
Urko, Urko, Kava is sick.
We'll all catch the shaking sickness! Now we'll see, Doctor.
Now we'll see if the council still believes in you.
This village will burn and everyone in it.
Everyone! Urko, I promise you that I will take care of it! You make empty promises, and my troops are dying! Oh, believe me, believe me, I have the means to cure him.
This is a new medicine! A new medication.
It's made from the bark of a tree which I looked for and finally found in time.
You will not experiment with my troops.
Now! Burn the village now before we are all destroyed.
No, we are making progress! This medication.
Is it effective? Yes, yes, it will work.
It will take time- There is no more time! How many must die before you do what must be done? I demand a vote.
You will have your vote, Urko.
No! No more talking! Urko, I sometimes wonder what you fear most- death.
or a few words of reason.
You, I fear you.
All of you, listening to a fool.
Zoran has found a medication.
Perhaps it will work, perhaps not.
What Urko says is true, with delay there is risk.
We have come this far.
The answer, right or wrong, will be in a few hours.
Those in favor of letting Zoran continue? - Those against? - Aye.
Very well.
The decision is mine.
You have until noon tomorrow.
Thank you, sir.
Fools! When you are all dying in pain like Kava don't forget what I told you.
Noon tomorrow.
I don't know.
You told me the medication worked quickly.
Yes, it does, but there could be other factors.
We don't know for sure whether it's a true cinchona tree.
Could be a mutation, no medicinal value.
It could be a different strain of malaria that doesn't respond.
So many unknowns.
I was in no position to bargain with the council.
I know, I understand.
Well, we'll medicate them again in the morning.
Nothing more we can do now but wait.
Yes, I suggest that you get some sleep.
Well, I think I'll get some air first.
Amy? Yes? Your friend from the other world.
Yes? Where is that other world? Where did he come from? - Here.
- Here? Is he an astronaut? Amy, listen to me.
Is he a- Shh.
Why, uh, why are you sneaking up on me? Oh, I-I was just coming to look at the girl.
Tell me something, is she beginning to talk strangely again? - Strangely? - Yes, it's the fever.
Oh, it does make her say the most impossible things.
She's got a very good imagination though.
Yes, yes, I, uh, could make no sense of it.
Here, drink this.
It'll help you.
Who is it? - What were those shots? - Where have you been? Just a small mercy mission.
- You treated Kava? - Yeah.
Oh, terrific.
Now he's making house calls.
- You risked your life for an ape? - His pain is no different.
I'm afraid I left the evidence behind when I ran.
- Can anyone identify you? - I don't think so, Pete, It was too dark.
- I wonder if it really matters.
- What do you mean? Whether Urko believes it was him or me, the results are the same.
If Zoran loses, Urko wins.
That gives him more freedom, authority, more power to run things the way he wants.
What difference does it make? If we don't come up with the results by noon.
this whole village will be ashes.
What is it? I heard a sound.
There was someone with Kava.
- Who? - I couldn't see, sir.
Kava, who was it? Who was it? Kava, was it Zoran? Was it Zoran? Did you drink this? Yes.
If Kava dies, if they've killed him with this medicine.
I'll kill you myself.
How's she doing? She seems to be resting better.
Her fever's down a little.
When they wake up.
we'll give the second medication.
- We need time.
- Zaius gave me until noon.
If he can control the situation- The gorillas are coming! They'll burn our houses, everything! There goes the situation.
Urko cannot do this.
He acts independently of the council.
I came here for a victory of my own.
Urko will not take it away from me.
Not when it is this close.
- Could the council have changed its mind? - I think not.
This is between Urko and myself.
- Do we try to get away? - There's no way for that now.
It looks like our future's in his hands.
Watch closely.
you may see the future come to a very quick stop.
We are helpless.
We can't run, we have no weapons.
We've got one.
Stand aside.
It is several hours yet till noon.
Stand aside, or die with the others in the village.
- The council voted! - The council be damned! That is treason, Urko, I command you to withdraw.
You command? You have words, I have weapons.
Would you kill me, Urko? Before I allow you to let him kill my troops? Yes.
Listen to me, Urko doesn't care for you.
He thinks of himself first.
He would not let me help Kava.
He would let Kava die to discredit me! It is Zoran who thinks only of himself.
He could not help Kava.
He could help no one.
It appears you were misinformed, Urko.
It's a lie, a trick.
No! Last night, somebody came to me from the village.
- I was dying! - Silence! I order you.
Urko, you are wrong.
They gave me something to drink, bitter medicine.
The medicine made me better, It saved my life, Urko.
Urko, I tell you again, take your troops and withdraw while you still have them to command.
Withdraw! Withdraw! I'd like to speak to you three for a moment, please.
I suppose you'll be wanting to leave soon.
Right, today.
Well, I'm afraid that's not possible.
- Why? - I can't let you go.
Oh, but, uh, everything's under control- No, no, no, you don't understand.
I mean, I must tell Zaius and the others about you.
You see, I know who you are.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Please, don't make it any more difficult than it is.
Your medical knowledge, the things the girl said in the fever.
I know you are the two astronauts, and Galen is with you.
Understand, I- I deeply appreciate what you've done here, what I've learned from you.
Then how could you possibly turn us in? Because you are fugitives.
Zaius wants you, and I am loyal to Zaius.
- Then what we did means nothing to you.
- Oh, no, it does, It does.
it does.
uh- - But we're the lower species.
- Yes.
If we're lower, how come we're smarter? - No, I can't explain that.
- How will you explain that your victory here is really theirs? Or do you intend to keep all the credit for yourself? No, I, uh, I had no other choice, I have my position to uphold.
You turn us in, you think we won't tell Zaius? He'd never believe you.
He'd believe me.
Very well.
you may leave.
Well, you see, where they go, I go.
If they stay here, I stay.
Oh, you can't be serious.
Just try me.
But-But, don't you see they are, uh- Mmm.
I know.
Lower species.
Well, now, Zoran, you've got a decision to make.
Your loyalty, or your ego.
Ego, ego, I, uh, am not familiar with that word.
just how are you going to feel, Doctor, when Zaius finds out that you've been counseled by humans- every move you made, every word you spoke.
I suggest that you stay out of sight for now, and then leave after dark.
It's just as bad the second time saying good-bye, I mean, You'll be all right, Amy.
When I was sick I had this terrible dream that I told the apes about you.
and they were going to hurt you.
What a terrible dream.
That's all it was, just a dream.
It seemed so real.
There are a lot of things that seem real that in time, turn out to be not so important.
Or they're forgotten.
Someday, I'll have a family.
And I'll tell my children about this man from another world who's the kind of man that they should grow up to be like.
Be happy.