Players (2022) s01e08 Episode Script


This could be the make-or-break
fight here in game four,
and it's-it's the Organizm fire puff.
He's flying and he's already gotten one.
He's gonna crush every single member.
They are taking over the entire map.
Fuck yeah, hell yeah.
Everyone was playing well,
but we were winning
because our comps were clean.
A-And you got to give a lot
of credit to Cream for that.
Ever since Foresite left,
Fugitive's comps
have been centered around Creamcheese.
No, no, that's it, that's it,
that's it, that's yours.
Everyone else feeds him info
and he decides what to do with it.
And they say, "I can fight,"
and he decides whether
or not they should fight.
Creamcheese looking for the engagement
and jumps right on in,
and it's gonna be an easy fall
where you cannot defend this one.
All right, nice. Thanks, Cream.
Cream sets up a fight
and I win it.
It works.
Fugitive waves farewell to Team Liquid
and hello to Philadelphia.
Three-to-one victory, the Nexus falls.
Fugitive takes the series.
Yes! Yeah, we fucking
And now we're one series away
from the LCS final.
So, they are Philadelphia-bound.
This roster comes together
when they need it most,
and Creamcheese gets
another shot at redemption.
And what a story. In his rookie year
Organizm is gonna be playing
in a semifinals in the LCS
just 30 minutes from where he grew up.
For this weekend
Philadelphia is the center
of League of Legends
for all of North America.
Fugitive Gaming
just stormed their way through
the back half of the regular season
This team has done a complete 180.
Somehow, Creamcheese and Organizm
have found a way to coexist
in the bot-lane.
We are going to the semifinals, players.
Fugitive, baby. Let's go.
The Elmore brothers were coming home.
I mean, I wouldn't have been surprised
if they was building a statue for us.
They got a statue of Joan of Arc,
and she ain't even from Philly.
Uh, traveling across the country
to play in semifinals
and hopefully the finals
is a challenge that we welcome.
We've been to this point
several times, but, uh,
never gotten over that hump.
And as the veteran leader on our team,
I'm-I'm relying on Cream to help
set the tone for our success.
You know, it's about focus, honestly.
I mean, I-I've had issues
with that in the past, but you just
You have to block out the noise.
You have to just be
100% focused on the game.
Want to go home, that's all.
We finally home.
Yo! Yo, what up, fam?
Org's family seemed really excited
to see him at the airport.
You know, they're huge fans
of Organizm, I guess.
But they're clearly
not that big of fans, because
if they were fans of Org,
they'd be fans of me, too.
You know? Like, I'm his support.
Like, "Hi, Mom, hi, Dad, I
I'm the guy who set up
100% of your son's kills."
This is the family,
you know, it's authentic, so
Yeah, so, about that,
um, we doing, like,
a Puma sponsorship thing at the
crib first thing in the morning,
- so he gonna be staying with us.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- We'll see you soon though, bro.
- Of course.
- Yeah.
It's so good to be home, man.
Bring it in, bring it in. Let's
- get that group hug in there.
- Group hug.
PJ in the middle.
- Hey
- PJ! PJ
I'm excited
for the semifinals. I am, but
I-I just, um
I just wish it was happening
anywhere else but home.
Fugitive is gonna take the Nexus!
It's all over.
We'll probably win seven championships.
A two-year, $3 million contract?
He's gonna be the youngest
pro player in North America.
Creamcheese is a choke artist.
This would've been the perfect
setup to wombo combo.
Is it time for Fugitive
to move on from Creamcheese?
is brutally wrong in this team.
This season will make
or break the Fugitive franchise.
The whole experience
at finals is difficult.
You don't usually have
away games in the LCS,
so, yeah, it's different
to stay at a hotel
and practice in a makeshift scrim room.
- Let's go.
- I'm loading in.
I'm roommates with Bap
when we travel, and,
you know, I-I love Bap,
but I just hate his bedroom routine.
Like, he snores a lot.
Like, he pisses a lot.
And, you know, it's really hard
to get a good rest
because how loud he does all his things.
And-and, candidly, finals
is a huge business opportunity
for-for the whole scene,
so distractions are everywhere.
All right, we're
gonna have a lot of analysis
we got to dig into,
but before we get to that,
the biggest announcement
around the LCS finals weekend.
This has to do with streaming.
It's a huge global rebranding
of Neverlost Gaming.
Dad and I have been
talking a lot about Neverlost.
After leaving the Sacramento Kings
and Fugitive, my dad
took an interest in streaming,
and he decided to invest
in Neverlost Global.
It's a big global rebrand
teaming up with Guru of all people.
Resnick is taking this thing
worldwide. He's bringing in
- all types of investors.
- And they're expecting
the Neverlost brand to be worth
nearly $400 million
- by only 2023.
- Just a little bit.
It's not bad.
We are playing games
at the highest level.
I mean, we have a house in Berlin,
Beijing. This is Seoul.
With the money that
Just in rent here,
you could fix an entire country.
And I hope that we do that one day.
I'm not interested in
running sports teams right now.
I'm interested in this cross section
of gaming, sports,
entertainment and culture.
And that is why Neverlost
made so much sense to invest in.
Nathan and Guru
is a match made in douchebag heaven,
where God is Logan Paul
and the chef is Guy Fieri.
Or not Guy Fi I've heard
Guy Fieri is nice, so
It's kind of a new chapter for me, too,
because I decided to become
a streamer at Neverlost.
But Fugitive is still dear
to me, and for Organizm
it's the semifinals.
We're in Philadelphia,
and Org's getting pulled
into all kinds of distractions.
So I really wanted to be there for him.
- Hi. It's so nice to meet you.
- The queen.
- Pleasure, pleasure.
- Emmanence.
- Hi. Emma.
- Hi! Oh, she's pretty.
You know what, I have a niece
who plays video games,
so maybe I can, uh, hook you guys up,
and then you can teach her,
and she can teach you
- what she knows.
- Yeah.
There's a whole bunch
- of video games. All kinds.
- Oh, okay.
- You don't know if she plays
- So, uh,
if you ain't notice,
we got a bunch of cameras up in here.
And they're from Puma,
and Puma wants to do a spread
on PJ and I's relationship
and the brotherhood that it took to
You know, it's like,
it's like the prodigal sons
return to Philadelphia. All of that.
You know? And then we got
a sports doc over here,
which is about the game.
You know, it's about League of Legends.
It's about Fugitive,
which is the team that PJ's on.
I mean, all these people
around me are trying to get me to
to-to do this or to do that,
but I just want to play.
Little Percy
would run around in the yard
with his little booty showing.
Little ding-a-ling hanging out.
And his mama's over there chasing him.
"Come back, Percy. Come back, Percy."
My bro was out there streaking,
stripping for no paper.
Just stripping 'cause he felt like it.
Is that your grandma?
I think that's my aunt.
I only met her, like, two times.
I love that.
That's what you should be
getting. You see that?
- Make sure you get all of that.
- Yeah,
he went down to the basement,
and sometimes I'd come by,
and I'd be like,
"Man, what is what is
what is little Percy doing
down there? Does anybody know?"
You know, he has water bottles
full of piss and all that.
But we-we wasn't really tripping.
But now, if I'd known
it was gonna turn out like this,
I'd have went down there myself.
I'd have been, "Hey, Percy."
You know, hook me up."
"Show me a little something about it."
I know my baby brother thinks
that pro play is all that matters,
but he needs to realize
that now is the time
to leverage all of the work
that we've done
while we have the biggest
platform that he's ever had.
'Cause the Elmores,
we built this shit up,
and now it's time to cash in.
Morgana, Jinx?
If they went Morgana,
we go Karma, Ez.
Yo, yo, we got to bounce.
Time to get over to the school.
We running late.
- See you in a bit.
- Fuck.
I'll call you back.
It's fine. Come on.
I'm gonna come with you.
I'm really not
jealous that Rudy has Org doing
all this sponsorship during finals week.
Like, I'm not. It's just a little
annoying that he doesn't seem
to appreciate that this is
as close to a championship
as we've been in years.
Hey, yo, PJ.
I'll see you in a bit, all right?
All right.
And I'm sorry, but I'd like
to have my ADC in scrims.
The point is, is that there are
so many different careers
in gaming. I'm a streamer,
Rudy works behind the scenes
in business,
and Org is a pro player.
I agree.
Right, well, uh
I don't even know why they wanted
to hear my advice anyway.
In the lane phase,
I noticed you play aggro
with tanky supports. Is that just you
'Cause when I went there,
they said I was the weird kid.
The crazy kid.
I got a call one day from the school.
And they said that Percy
had been involved
in an incident.
He wasn't just involved.
In gym class one day,
some kid named Todd,
he came up, and he pantsed Percy.
I was messing around, trying
to make people laugh and be funny.
I mean, it was funny.
He didn't even seem that pissed
at the time.
It was typical high school fuckery, man.
I used to pants my friends all the time.
It's a classic.
But don't nobody hold a grudge
like my little brother.
And he does so quietly.
Until he explodes.
We had these bags of milk
that we had to poke with a straw
like a Capri Sun.
And he smacks me on the back
of the head with a milk bag.
This shit hurts,
and I'm covered in milk.
So, I turn around,
and I'm staring at him,
and he doesn't do anything.
Almost like he's asking to be hit.
I'm a pretty bad fighter,
so I pretty much knew I was
gonna get my ass beat, but..
Only one of us was covered in milk.
We both got suspended for three days.
I should have been angry
because he was the first Elmore
to get suspended,
but Percy said
he was standing up for himself,
so I was okay with it at first.
So, getting suspended
means that you, like, home
for three or four days or something.
So, for any other kid, that's like
a week of watching TV or some shit.
But for Percy, it was like
50 extra hours on the Rift.
When we come back from suspension,
he's still laughing
like he's better than me or something.
So I come back and I do it again.
So I beat his ass again.
And I'm whaling on this kid,
and I'm going in hard,
and he's just taking it.
And I think
it's gonna be the end of that.
So, Percy gets suspended again.
And I'm like,
"PJ, you really that sensitive?"
Like, "What the fuck
are you doing this for, man?"
So, uh, after the first suspension,
I went from Diamond V to Masters.
But when I went back to school,
I felt my, my skills fading,
so I had to do another milk bomb.
It just became this thing.
Randomly throughout the day,
he would smack a bag of milk on my head.
Then I'd beat his ass.
He was covered in milk.
You know, he's full milk.
And even though he's beating my ass,
he's covered in milk, so
The more time he spent at home,
the more time he could playLeague,
so these suspensions,
they were not punishment to him.
I begged him to stop.
I said, "Please, son,
I'm missing a lot of work
coming to pick you up and stay home."
I guess that was
the first time I realized
that sometimes I do take things
a little too far, so
I apologized.
Here's the thing.
Anytime I would beat him up,
he would have this look in his eyes.
I don't even know how to explain it.
This kid, he's wired differently.
The fact that he would get his revenge
over and over on this kid
and then spend his suspension time
getting better at League,
like, looking back,
that's-that's when we should have known
that this kid would stop
at nothing to become the best.
No one works harder than Org,
and that is why he beats you.
That's what makes him the player he is.
You know, he always wants another one
and another one and another one.
I have to pull him away
from his rig sometimes
because he pushes this team.
He never stops.
Korea and China
do so much better at Worlds
because they just practice
so much harder than us.
But they don't practice more
than Organizm.
Nobody does.
I used to be
a college basketball player,
right? So I get high-level athletics.
And in basketball
or any other traditional sport,
rest is a key part of your training.
Any sports scientist will tell you
that if you start training
for more than, like, six hours a day,
that shit actually hurts you.
But there is no
physical limitation to gaming,
so the best players, they just compete
for 14, 15, 16 hours a day.
And PJ
he's a fucking machine.
The one, the only,
of course it's Organizm
cleaning up the fight
and claiming another win for Fugitive.
I know people think that I'm weird
or that I'm intense.
But that's just because
they're playing the game.
I don't think it's a game.
It's not a game to me.
The water tastes
straight up different here.
Tastes like Crystal compared to L.A.
Yeah, it's a lot better than L.A.
- Look at that.
- It's the filtration.
Hey, hey, Org. Hey.
It's all right. It's all right. Come on.
- It's like 8:00 p.m., dude.
- I know, man.
They keep trying to get me
to do this promo shit,
and I don't want to do it.
- Can we start?
- Uh, it is
15 minutes till the next block.
God, man.
It's a really tough situation.
You know, it's the semifinals.
We're in Philly, and Org's being pulled
into all kinds of different directions.
- Come on, pop that queue.
- Of course we want Org
to do promotions
and put his face out there,
but none of it means anything
if we don't win.
All right. Good work, everybody.
Let's go again.
- Again.
- Bro, that
No. We've been scrimming all day.
Okay, good stuff, good stuff.
- I'm gonna go.
- Guys-guys,
can we play one more, please?
No, bro, we haven't ate yet.
We haven't eaten. I think, guys,
let's get some food, get
some rest. I think, everyone,
- you did great work today.
- Yes.
Cream, Cream, wait,
wait, wait. Uh, can we, uh,
can we, please, get, like,
one duo queue in, please?
- Man, I need Please
- Bro, you haven't eaten.
We got to eat.
- I just want to get one more
- Take me to one of your favorite
spots in Philly. What's your
favorite restaurant in Philly?
- Mmm.
- That's good, right?
- Good?
- That hits so hard.
- I have been sleeping on these.
- You have.
These are so fucking good.
- They're amazing.
- What the fuck?
I feel like the food
at Dave & Buster's is
so much better than people realize.
Like, people come here for the games.
It's like a restaurant.
- It is fully a restaurant.
- It is. Yeah.
And a good one.
Sometimes the pressure
just gets too crazy for me,
and sometimes I just need
something to clear my head,
and Dave & Buster's does that for me.
What's Rudy got you doing next?
Some sponsorship.
- Sponsorship?
- Yeah.
Sounds lame, honestly.
I'm so sick of this shit, man.
I told you about
how we started Fugitive?
Yeah, you did.
- You told me that story a lot.
- Yeah.
And this is even before
we were Challenger.
And I needed my keyboard,
but they wouldn't
- give it back to me.
- Yeah, I heard I know this.
- You heard it. I know, I know.
- Yeah, you told me.
I know.
Say no more.
I feel like, when people
hear this story, they're like,
"Oh, Cream, you're such
a badass," but, like,
um, that's not the point of
the story, you know what I mean?
Like, the point of the story
isn't that I'm a badass,
it's like, that shit with my family,
like h-how they treat me, all that shit,
I don't let it stop me.
Like, if anything, I let it fuel me.
You-you have to fight for yourself
because we need you.
We need you right now. For this week.
- Yeah.
- It's not Puma,
not the family shit, but-but Fugitive.
You're as big of a part
of this team as me.
And, like, I know you would steal
your keyboard from your parents
if that was relevant.
- Thank you.
- Yeah. I-I mean that.
- It's easy.
- That finger trap's
like a metaphor, dude,
because that's like the way
That's like your family.
There's a metaphor in there, for sure.
And this, this hand's,
like, a metaphor for, like,
how I, how I'm gonna slap
your bitch ass, you know?
What is that even?
Welcome to Philadelphia
for the LCS semifinal
between Cloud9 and
Who would have guessed it
Fugitive Gaming.
Fugitive! Fugitive!
Fugitive! Fugitive!
And, Kobe, first things
first, I'm thinking about
the Fugitive Gaming bot-lane.
We saw in quarters, they
actually worked well together
- It's about time, Phreak.
- I know!
What a time to come alive.
Creamcheese will be trying
to prove that he can win
on the biggest stage,
that he won't melt down under pressure,
but still, the fate of Fugitive
hangs largely on the shoulders
of their 17-year-old rookie.
That's right. He's made
semis his rookie split.
He's got a home crowd behind
him, like, this is his time.
Hey, so y'all get
a little bit more how the game works?
Just look for FUG Organizm.
That's Percy.
I paid $12 for a hot dog,
did you know that?
And it's gonna be worth every penny.
And the hot dog wasn't even good, man.
- Already?
- No, it wasn't good.
Some people will thrive off this energy,
some will crumble under it,
and today we find out
which one Organizm is.
Let's win this.
Cloud9 came into the series
with the best regular
season record in the LCS.
A team with aspirations at Worlds.
But Fugitive clearly had
the talent to compete.
Heading into the bot-lane.
When's it gonna happen? Here we go.
Got to find the first knock
from Creamcheese.
They're gonna get a kill.
First blood comes through for Nightfall.
But Creamcheese was indecisive all day.
And I think that indecisiveness
was the story
of those first four games.
Okay, can I get on top?
Fugitive is sitting there 5v4 in mid.
There's no engagements, no push.
They're just giving up
the uncontested dragon.
Goddamn it.
Cream has a reputation
for choking in big games.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Fair or not,
that's not exactly what you want to hear
about your leader and shot caller.
Creamcheese looks,
but he's engaging too early.
- Ooh!
- We got his screen right now.
He's gonna get deleted,
and you don't win 4v5s at this point.
Cloud9 take game three
and a two-to-one lead.
They're just one game away from finals.
- They can almost touch it.
- Terrible engage!
Never should have taken
that fight. What are you doing?
It was an off day for Cream
and the way we were playing,
I think we all felt lucky
that we avoided a sweep.
The dim light at the end
of the tunnel is named Ezreal.
Organizm, Arcane Shift for it
He's gonna knock out Renekton.
No, no. He's gonna
- You're kidding me!
- Oh!
What? He's a telepath, Kobe!
They have fought and scraped and clawed
and got a little bit lucky,
but they're gonna take down the Nexus.
Queue up the "Silver Scrapes."
It all comes down to this.
Playoff League of Legends
is a beautiful thing.
You hit game five and suddenly
it's a best of one.
Fugitive! Fugitive! Let's go!
Just 30 minutes to decide
who goes to the LCS finals
and who goes home.
Cloud9 are already off
to a 2,000 gold lead,
and Fugitive, they just look lost.
They're not making any proactive plays.
Every time I called a shot,
Cloud9 had an answer.
And Creamcheese gonna pay with his life
for that terrible ward timing.
I hate to say it, but
it's become a familiar sight,
Creamcheese not performing
on the big stage again.
And then
Organizm saw something I didn't.
- Okay, push mid, push mid.
- They don't have vision.
We can sneak Baron.
Watching the game,
I'm listening to the comms,
and I hear Cream wants to push mid.
Org says no,
and the team listens.
Game's in a bit
of a stalemate right now,
but wait, they're gonna sneak Baron!
They're gonna two-man Baron.
Wait, they don't have vision?
They don't know!
- Cloud9 don't know!
- They're gonna get it.
- No, no way.
- They actually get the Baron!
- Yes!
- The sneak works.
- Yes.
- They're looking to Org
to call the shots.
- Org, top? Okay.
- Yes, top.
When I hit the tower, be ready to fight.
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
This could be the series-ending fight.
Not enough time to get away
'cause the dive is already in.
There's a double kill already.
And that's lambs to the slaughter.
The turrets will follow,
the Nexus will follow.
- And that's all she wrote!
- Holy shit!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
We're going to the fucking finals, baby!
And Fugitive are heading
to the LCS finals.
And what a story, Phreak.
Nobody expected Fugitive
to get this far,
and now they are one series away
from the LCS trophy itself.
We're going to the finals!
We're going to the finals!
It felt good.
- Yes! Yes!
- Me and Cream
were starting to mesh a little bit more,
and it started to create, uh,
this kind of family wavelength
that we didn't have in the beginning.
Try and come for my boy, you can't.
- Come on up.
- He's the king!
Everyone's gonna be talking about
how this is a-a big moment
for Organizm, and it is.
But if you ask me,
this is an incredible moment
for Creamcheese's leadership.
And I said to Organizm,
"Isn't it better when we win as a team?"
Uh, and he, uh, I couldn't hear
what he said back.
One, two, three, Fugitive!
It is the matchup so many
of us have been dreaming of,
Fugitive Gaming versus
the reigning champs TSM.
Cream's former bot-lane partner
versus current;
the GOAT versus the prodigy?
- I can't wait.
- The thing is,
we didn't just witness Organizm's birth
as a shot caller,
we were watching this kid
find his voice on
the biggest stage of the LCS.
Elmores, baby. Elmores in the house.
Man, you earned that shit.
- Oh!
- Champion. Champion.
So, son, you did really good.
Now, I didn't really understand
what was going on,
but they said you did good, son.
I know you did good.
They said he was at the bott
The bottom,
I said, "No, put my man at the top,"
but you was at the bottom,
and y'all still won,
- so whatever, the bottom
- Yeah, yeah.
Whatever, it worked out,
it was good. I liked it.
We were so happy watching you
play your little game.
I was like, "That's my PJ,
that's my PJ."
Yeah, yeah
No, the Organizm. Organizm.
Come on, get it right, get it right.
April Braxton, uh, Fugitive Gaming.
- Hey.
- So nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Uh, I know you
- Yeah, good to see you.
- We are so proud of Percy.
Oh, yeah, yeah, so
are we, man, h-he's an Elmore.
He got that Elmore spirit, you know?
Hey, just remember,
you got to get dressed quick,
'cause we got, uh, we got people
at the house for the victory party.
Yeah, we got the sponsors, man.
Make it quick.
I'm not going.
All right, first of all,
watch your tone.
Secondly, you've been gone
for a long time.
Your family wants to spend
some time with you.
You can spare some time for your family.
Why? I mean, as far as I remember,
none of y'all wanted anything
to do with me or this game.
I had to go to every single one
of Rudy's basketball games.
- Yeah? He's family, son.
- Every single one?
But it took you guys
a multimillion dollar deal.
A multimillion dollar deal.
And a semifinals half an hour
away from the house
for y'all to finally
come see me play once.
Son, this ain't the place
for this. We didn't understand.
And now it's just as if
I'm supposed to spare
some time for y'all?
- Man, fuck y'all, man!
- Whoa! Hey! Hey, man
You're blowing this
way out of proportion.
You just can't keep
things bottled up forever.
Eventually they explode.
He's right, though, 'cause-
'cause, look, we-we've been
grinding at this for a while
now, and y'all really didn't
- give a shit until he
- We? What?
You used to treat me
like shit in high school, dawg.
You used to call me Piss Jar.
You are a D3 basketball player, dude.
That's uncalled for.
A D3 basketball player.
I want to be the best in the world.
- The best.
- Yeah. Yeah, and you
So why the fuck would I take
advice from a loser like you?
Why would you take advice? Yeah, why?
Or any of y'all for that fucking matter?
I'll tell you why, man.
No, I'll tell you why,
I'll tell you why,
'cause I got your best
interests at heart, dawg.
I ain't never played you.
He's got so much money, why
I got to pay $20 for parking?
$12 for a damn hot dog.
I didn't even get no nachos!
It's not always about money
He brought it
He started the thing with the money.
What did he say?
I paid for my own hot dog.
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