Playful Kiss (2010) s00e01 Episode Script

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1 Playful Kiss YouTube Version Episode 1 Newly Wed Morning I realize this even more these days.
When I open up my eyes in the morning, I'm so very happy at the mere fact that Seung Jo is next to me.
Though it's already been a year since we got married, I still can't believe it.
Does Seung Jo feel that way too? Good morning.
Did you sleep well? Your stare is blinding.
Even more so than the sunlight.
It's Sunday.
Let's sleep some more.
I have to get up.
Everyone went on a trip and it's been awhile since we've spent time together, just the two of us.
I'm going to make Seung Jo's breakfast myself.
Just 5 minutes.
Fine, just 5 minutes.
Did you sleep well Seung Jo? The sun hasn't even come up yet, so why did you set the alarm so early?! Don't stare up at me with those swollen eyes! Everyone went on a trip, so it's a Sunday with just Seung Jo.
Enjoy a perfect English breakfast just like in the movies.
Clean the house with Seung Jo until it is sparkling clean! I want to show everyone the image of a perfect daughter-in-law.
I also plan on watching a romantic comedy with Seung Jo.
I'm so looking forward to today! What are you looking for new bride? New bride! Me?! Then what other new bride is there? New bride? That's right, I'm a new bride! It's fresh, what do you think? If you boil and marinate it, it's really good! Your husband will enjoy it! Please give this to me.
And this one, and that one, and that one! Please give me one of each! New bride! Yes? Go enjoy these with your husband.
It's apples.
Thank you! No, no, no! What are you doing?! Why are you eating this? Do you know how important breakfast is? Then again, where did you go at the break of dawn? Are you going to make a feast for breakfast? Just leave it up to me.
Do you know how much I looked forward to having it just the two of us? Do you think you can do it by yourself? You're not going to starve me are you? But I'm still a new bride.
There's no way I'll starve my hubby.
New bride? Hubby? I'll prepare breakfast, so hubby, please clean after yourself.
Are you trying to play the role of newlyweds just like in dramas? We are newlyweds.
Stop dilly-dallying.
Hurry and go up.
I put the laundry in so start it for me too! Let's just eat out.
Please just go up.
English breakfast.
Alright! Baek Seung Jo.
Look forward to it! Just like you, Oh Ha Ni.
Today's breakfast is the unrecognizable English breakfast.
Everything else is overcooked like crazy, but the beans are undercooked.
I boiled them for a long time and they're still like that.
You should have let them sit in water for a few hours before.
Oh! So this is the breakfast table of the new bride Oh Ha Ni.
What about coffee? Coffee! The coffee tastes good.
That's right! What is it? The lady gave it to me.
She said to eat it with my hubby.
It's good.
Try it.
Yours! They say an apple in the morning is great! It's really good, right? An apple and coffee on Sunday morning Not bad.
I'll really do well tomorrow.
I've cleaned the whole house.
So The next course you've planned out.
Huh? Picking out my clothes.
Oh there was washing the blankets.
Let's do that at night.
You knew all about it? Oh this is it! English breakfast and coffee.
It fits us perfectly! AndI'll do the shopping early in the morning and pick out the freshest produce! I'll come back and clean with Seung Jo.
I'll be a loved daughter-in-law and then Wash the blankets with the morning sunlight pouring down on us.
With tons of bubbles! And once we're done, we'll go to watch a movie.
Oh I'll pick out Seung Jo's clothes! A style that matches the autumn sunlight! What'll look good? I'll search for it! You think with your mouth.
I couldn't ignore it even if I wanted to.
We've got to go watch a movie.
You're going to pick out my clothes too, right? Yeah! Wait! How is your outfit not any different from mine? Why?! It's pretty.
What's so pretty about it? Everyone is staring.
It's pretty.
Hold on.
Hubby! What, Wifey? Episode 2 Preview Here.
Injection practice.
Just one more time and I think I'll definitely remember! Hey, what are you doing?!