Playful Kiss (2010) s00e02 Episode Script

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1 Episode 2 Shots Are Scary! What's wrong? I'm too scared, I can't do it.
I won't ever be able to do it.
I really hate shots.
There's someone that has to be poked by you.
What are you scared of? I mean giving a shot is a basic duty of a nurse.
You're not being poked.
What are you going to do if the person poking is too scared to do it? But what can I do if I start shaking when picking up a needle? If you're scared then you should give up.
Don't be a burden to someone else.
You only became a nurse because I said I was going to be a doctor anyway.
No! It's not like that! Hey, how can someone that's my husband say such things!? You're one that said you were going to give up first.
But still! If you're not going to help Then find someone or something to practice on.
I have no intention of working with a nurse that can't give a shot.
Human Test Subject Part Time Job What's up, so early in the morning? And here, of all places? Sit.
Wow! These are the crackers and cookies that I really like! Eat up! What's the special day today? You came out this early just to give this to me? What are you talking about? Just because I've been busy with practical training.
And I felt like I haven't been able to see my beloved friend these days! That's it? Ju Ri.
We're true friends, right? Of course! We've got burning hearts and a burning friendship! Oh Ha Ni, Dok Go Min Ah, Jung Ju Ri, The 3 Musketeers.
Right?! Eat up! Eat up! You want some nutritional supplements? Ha Ni! This is really expensive nutritional supplements! I've got a fear of needles.
I'll make sure it doesn't hurt.
Hey Ha Ni, Ha Ni.
Oh my gosh what's wrong with you, Ha Ni!? Hey, Jung Ju Ri! Nee ner, nee ner! My beloved friend.
I have a favor to ask.
You need my arm, don't you? This is why you're my friend! Of course we're friends! I heard it all from Ju Ri.
It's a present.
What did you hear? Ha Ni.
Where in the world would the needle go in with such a frail arm like this? So practice with him.
With him? You'll do great.
Oh Ha Ni fighting! I have to give you a shot so, please lift up your sleeve.
Which arm should I put it in? Right or left? It doesn't matter.
Most people put it in their left arms.
Seeing there are a lot of right handers.
Oh my you're left handed? Then I'll have to put it in your right arm.
Hold on.
It'll sting slightly.
Loosen up.
Thank you ,Sir! Please enjoy the nutrients and good luck! No need to be too scared.
It's fine.
Oh Ha Ni, you're going to poke me with a needle, how could I not be scared? No, I'll do better this time.
I practiced a ton! Hey! The tourniquet.
Tie the tourniquet first! That's right, that's right.
Please stay composed.
Is sitting there going to solve anything? Here.
Hands on practice.
Seung Jo Before I change my mind.
First, I'll tie the tourniquet.
Hey Oh Ha Ni.
Who said to tie the tourniquet into a bow? That's right, that's right.
Watch carefully.
You tie it 8~10 centimeters from where the needle will be injected.
If you tie it too tight there can be a loss of circulation in the artery.
So be careful.
You tied it too tight! Oh, sorry! It's fine! Just continue! Then Sir, please open and close a fist.
As many as your age.
I don't see any veins.
All 3 are out! A needle needs to go right in, so look for the most upright vein.
The vein that is easiest for you to work with.
You're right handed, so here.
What about here? Poke it Here? Hey, aren't you going to disinfect?! That's right, disinfect! Then It's going to sting.
I poked you.
Hey is it bleeding? No.
Hey! The blood isn't coming out! Hey pull it out, pull it out! Where else can you put it in here?! Here.
The angle is important.
It can't be too raised.
The vein is surprisingly close to the skin.
As low as possible, like flying.
Low, like flying? Yeah.
Like a landing plane, slowly.
Like a landing plane, slowly.
I get it! You should have explained it like that sooner! Hey, this is more like crashing! It's bleeding.
I've succeeded! It's bleeding, it's bleeding! Why does she keep poking me? I'm the crazy one.
Seung Jo.
If I do it once more, I really think I can remember.
Where else are you going to poke me?! That's not the only place you have veins.
Hey, why are you being like this? Hey, so lame! Just one more! Hey, hey, don't come closer! Think about it.
It's for our future! What are you talking about?! - One more time! - I'm going to report you! Don't come closer! What are you doing? Let go! I'm home! Brother-in-law.
You're home? Webisode 3 Preview Great job Ha Ni! You finally did it! Me, a mother? What would Seung Jo say? This flat forehead and the slightly sleepy looking eyes they're not bad.
But I really hope they don't inherit your brains.