Playful Kiss (2010) s00e04 Episode Script

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1 Episode 4 Baek Seung Jo is My Husband.
Ji Soo Noona? Ji Soo Noona is coming? Go Ji Soo? She's coming back? It's her break, so she's just stopping by.
She said she was at the airport not long ago, so she should be arriving soon.
Who is Ji Soo? Just someone! If she didn't migrate to the States, my sister-in-law wouldn't be Oh Ha Ni, but would have been Ji Soo Noona.
What do you know Baek Eun Jo? You were still in diapers! A long time ago, she used to live above us.
She used to be like a sibling to Seung Jo and Eun Jo.
Ji Soo would follow Seung Jo around.
And Eun Jo would follow Ji Soo around.
The three of them were so cute together! All the neighbors would tell us to have Seung Jo and Ji Soo get married You see It's been a while since she's been in Korea, so she may not be used to it.
Ji Soo is a year younger than you, Ha Ni.
So be like a real big sister and be good to her, Ha Ni.
Of course.
I'm a bit nervous seeing she's younger than me.
I originally had wanted a sister rather than male siblings.
Oh really?! She's here! Ji Soo! You're grown to the point I can't recognize you.
Have you been good? Welcome.
Oppa, I missed you! Ji Soo, this is Seung Jo Oppa's wife.
Oh Ha Ni, Ha Ni.
Hi Hi Unnie, I really wanted to see you.
How did you coax my Seung Jo Oppa? I'm really curious.
Make sure to tell me, okay? Oppa, I've always dreamt of you.
Do you know that? Where's your room Oppa? Let's hurry and go.
You come and sit here.
I should have helped too.
Oh no not at all, you're a guest.
I'm sorry.
We especially paid attention because you're here.
Thank you Mother.
Oppa, try this.
I knew it, Unnie.
What is? You made a move on my Seung Jo Oppa first, right? Of course, she totally chased him around.
If I had known I was going to lose him so easily, I should have made it clearer that he's mine before I went to the States.
What is she saying? Even so, he is my husband right now! Keep going on with her "My Seung Jo Oppa, my Seung Jo Oppa.
" Doesn't she seem to be too touchy?! Ha Ni.
Don't worry.
She's always been overly friendly.
Oh Mother, not at all.
Cute, isn't she? Huh? Yeah, she's pretty and has a nice body too.
More than anything she's confident in front of you, Seung Jo.
She used to be all over the place.
However, she's beginning to look like a girl now.
Don't you dare feel like Ji Soo is your rival or anything.
I'm saying don't compare yourself to her and get all upset about it.
That'll be good for you.
What? She's younger than you.
In any case, be good to her while she's here, alright? That's right, she's just a younger sister.
However, why do I feel so weird and anxious? Seung Jo, it seems that your classes are ending late.
Let's go eat noodles at Dad's restaurant.
He invented a new dish.
He said it's really popular, so I should stop by with you.
I'm in front of the library right now.
I'm going to wait! Will you lend me Seung Jo Oppa, just for today? Let's go have noodles later.
If you're curious go eat it by yourself.
Tell Father on my behalf.
No but Seung Jo isn't an object, why would I lend him out? Seung Jo is my husband and I'm Seung Jo's wife.
Oh wait.
Oh my Am I jealous right now? What's wrong with me? He just went to hang out with a younger girl that's like his sister.
This isn't right.
Oh Ha Ni this really isn't right.
We even promised our love in front of all those people.
I'm so funny! Unnie! Yes Compared to other guys My Seung Jo Oppa is a good kisser right? Huh? Ah well Well Seung Jo is my only So I can't compare.
You're naive, aren't you? I've tried a few times in the States.
I see However, just as I thought, despite the East and the.
West, I don't think anyone is as good as Seung Jo Oppa.
Huh? My first kiss was Seung Jo Oppa.
I'm pretty sure it was Oppa's first kiss, just like me.
You're so lucky Unnie.
You get to sleep next to the good kisser Seung Jo Oppa.
Good night.
Hey, can we get some sleep?! Hey Seung Jo What? Never mind.
What? No.
What?! You By any chance your first kiss 'first kiss sound like 'Chucky' The horror movie? Huh? Yeah it was scary.
Were you dreaming? Good morning Unnie! You should have gotten some more sleep.
I'll take care of Seung Jo Oppa's breakfast this morning.
Oppa likes omelettes so No it's my job.
Please sit down.
It's fine.
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
No, I'll do it Unnie.
I said I'll do it.
I said it's fine.
Give it to me.
I don't want to! Give it to me! Oh my it's so cute.
Oh gosh! What are you doing right now? My Seung Jo Oppa is in the shower.
I asked what you're doing here? This our bedroom.
I know there's no walls between you two, but this is wrong.
Please go out.
Unnie, you're my Seung Jo Oppa's wife.
So what are you so nervous about? What's going on? I just came in because I was curious about your newlyweds room, Oppa.
I'm sorry Unnie.
I didn't know you saw me like that.
Seung Jo What kind of misundertanding is it now? Are you jealous of a younger sister too?! You really are unbelievable.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
It's not like you did anything wrong, Oppa.
So don't upset Ha Ni too much.
I don't understand why you like an Unnie like that.
Even after I went to the States, all I could think of was you, Oppa.
But when I heard you were getting married, do you know how shocked I was? Do you really like Unnie? It's not just pity? Then you shouldn't have gone to the States.
How could you be apart from the person you like for so many years? If it were me, I wouldn't have been able to go to the States.
Never! Where can I go when Baek Seung Jo is right here? How could I go? I can't even imagine it.
If I didn't see Seung Jo for even a day I felt like dying.
I hated Saturdays, Sundays, and vacation, because I couldn't see Seung Jo.
You Could you possibly know how that feels? That's how you feel, Unnie.
I asked how Seung Jo Oppa feels.
Seung Jo? Seung Jo It's right there.
What is that? The reason I can't help but be attracted to Ha Ni.
A power where she can't help but be jealous once she realizes it.
I like that power Ha Ni possesses.
Snotty nose cry baby Oh Ha Ni.
What are you doing here? I was just scared to lose you.
I'm pathetic, don't I? Hey you pitiful girl.
Let's go.
I chose you.
Baek Seung Jo chose Oh Ha Ni.
You're the only one for me.
Seung Jo is an intern and I'm a nurse.
That's how I got to start the hospital life I've dreamed of.
Seung Jo Seung Jo! No one has died of a sprained ankle.
Until you're released, I'm going to watch your room 24 hours a day.
I'll be your hands and feet.