Playful Kiss (2010) s00e05 Episode Script

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1 Episode 5 Defending Patient Baek Seung Jo.
Seung Jo as an intern and me as a nurse.
That's how I got to start the hospital life I've dreamed of.
However, while we're at the same hospital, it's become quite hard to run into Seung Jo.
It's because Seung Jo is so very busy.
Seung Jo! Seung Jo hasn't been able to come home for the last 5 days.
Doctor Baek Seung Jo observed a 10 hour plus surgery yesterday as well! It's like that all the time these days.
It looks like he's being called to just about all the major surgeries.
The section chiefs are going crazy trying to take him as their own disciple.
I don't know how they'll get any time to do much seeing someone has lost her husband to the hospital.
His dark circles are like a panda's but how is he still so handsome?! But his face is totally worn out! Someone must not be paying any attention to her husband! Nurse Oh, as Doctor Baek Seung Jo's wife, are you taking good care of his health? Nurse Oh, what is this? Various wild ginseng and ginkgo nuts.
It's nutritious and filled with tons of love! A special nutritous lunch made just for my Doctor Baek! I'll be going out for a bit.
Hello Doctor! Yes.
Did you not see Doctor Baek? I heard he was here.
Doctor Baek? Oh Doctor! Hello! Did you not see Doctor Baek today? I didn't.
If he's not in the hospital, where in the world did he go? It's Seung Jo! Baek Seung Jo! Seung Jo! Seung Jo Hey Baek Seung Jo.
Hey Baek Seung Jo! Hey open your eyes.
Seung Jo! You can't die! You can't die! Do you know how much I love you?! You can't die! Dear God.
Please, I'm begging You.
Please, please save my Seung Jo.
Chief! What's going to happen to my Seung Jo? It's not life threatening right? He still hasn't woken up.
What do we do? What's going to happen? Please be honest.
No one has ever died from a sprained ankle.
Huh? But still What if he doesn't ever wake up? His ankle broken due to something heavy falling on it.
Moreover, he's fallen into a deep sleep due to a lack of sleep and a slight lack of nutrients.
Then Oh Doctor.
Thank you! Thank you so much! Doctor Baek is going to need plenty of rest for some time.
Nurse Oh, why don't you make sure that happens and pay extra attention.
Yes Chief! Thank you! Thank you! I, Nurse Oh, will take charge in making sure Doctor Baek recuperates! So noisy.
Let me get some sleep Oh Ha Ni.
Seung Jo! Hey did you hear?! I hear Doctor Baek was hospitalized today due to a fracture! Really?! Are you serious?! I hear he can't move for the next 2 weeks.
What room is he in? I'm going to take care of him! This is a jackpot! That's unfortunate, because I'll be in charge of patient Baek Seung Jo.
Oh my, Ha Ni.
Don't you think you need put a clear wall between work and personal feelings? Oh my but I've already gotten permission from Nurse Soo.
Well then please don't go any where near patient Baek Seung Jo's room.
Hello, I'll be checking your vitals.
You're going to? Please hold that for a minute.
There are 2 shots today.
What about my condition? Are you reporting it correctly? Please turn.
It's just a simple fracture.
What could there be to report? Hey.
Do you still give painful shots? How many minutes has it been since you left that you're already back?! We have to change your bandages! Hey Oh Ha Ni, don't you ever rotate? Aren't you going home? Let's eat.
I'm going to watch your room 24 hours a day until you're discharged.
I'll be your hands and feet.
I said I'd eat on my own, so why are you being like this? All I hurt was my foot.
Patients should listen to the nurse.
Good job! You're eating so well! What else do you want? Egg! Oh Doctor Na! What is all that? All the charts of Doctor Baek's patients.
If anything, these charts absolutely cannot build up! No you can't! Right now Doctor Baek is a patient, so he needs to be completely stabilized.
Doctor Baek just has a fractured leg, he's perfectly fine to do these! I said no Doctor! I said he can! Then give it to me, I'll pass it on to him.
I don't know why doctors sprawl in chicken scratch when it's so hard to read! This is the baby's name And this is This is Oh I should ask Nurse Soo.
Doctor Baek isn't this too much! What the hell? Are you rebelling because I asked a patient to do some work? Sunbae, what in the world are you talking about after barging in here? Take a look at these charts.
They're a total mess! The only thing that's correct is your signature! When were these charts drawn up? I had left them with Nurse Oh so Goodness This is Nurse Oh's doing too.
When you fainted she was saying how she can't live without you.
She was going crazy saying she was going to die with you.
I see, now you're a patient is that it? For Ha Ni, that's about right.
Doctor Baek you need to differentiate work and your personal life.
Just leave them here.
I'll fix the charts.
What are you doing? You're working? You can't, not yet! This is your doing isn't it? Oh this? What were you thinking? There are things that only I can work on.
To add on, a patient's life relies on this! As a nurse how can you be so thoughtless? I asked Nurse Soo too, and I've tried my best.
No everyone was relying on you so much, so you could get sick again.
I just wanted you to rest a little more.
I wanted you to be comfortable.
I'm sorry.
I keep trying But I don't know why I keep being a burden to you.
Why are you crying? No matter how hard I try I must not be qualified to be your wife.
Alright, I'm sorry.
If so then I'm the same.
I couldn't even protect you when you fell.
And that's why I'm lying here like this.
I'm not qualified to be a husband either, right? Thank you, Ha Ni.
A new thing I learned after being hospitalized is how a patient feels.
And my loving wife, Oh Ha Ni, becoming a true nurse.
No matter how I see it, I think Seung Jo is getting well due to the power of my love.
Tada! Is passing after 8 tries something to be proud of? Give it.
No, I'm going to drive! Hey, change lanes.
Turn on the blinkers first!