Playful Kiss (2010) s00e06 Episode Script

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1 Episode 6 Today I Got My License.
Ta da! As if passing after 8 tries is something to be proud of.
Here it is.
Throw it.
Here it is.
Throw it! I'll drive.
Today is my day off, so I don't have to go to the hospital.
Stop playing and give it to me.
I'm busy today.
Give it.
No, I said I'm going to drive! Hey, give it.
I have my license too! Hey! You're not going to get in an accident in celebration of you getting your license right? There's no need to worry.
I may look like this, but I'm a great driver that only had 5 points docked.
You just sit tight and read your book.
I'll take you safely to the hospital.
Do you know how to even get to the hospital? Of course.
Hey change lanes here.
Hey! Your blinkers first! That's right! Where is it? Hey, hey.
I can see now.
Stay within the lane! Look at your side mirrors too.
I can't see it.
Take a look! Hey, right turn.
You can't even take a right turn?! Hey there's no cars here.
Stop here.
Here? Alright.
Hey! What are you going to do stopping here?! On the side street.
Side street? I can't do it! I can't! Hey where are you going?! I'm sorry! HEY! Get out.
I'm car sick.
Did you even take driver's education?! Did you actually do it? Of course.
I did 20 hours.
Then why can you only go straight? Did you only practice on the highways? If I let you drive, you'll kill quite a few people.
No, it's because it's my first time.
Well good then, you can teach me how to drive.
If I teach you, even if we practice all night, it's still not enough.
Fine then.
I'll practice on my own later on.
It's not too good here.
Let's go do it somewhere less populated.
What? You're going to teach me? What about the hospital? I don't want to become a widower within a year of marriage.
I'll do my best! Hey why are you opening this? Quiet down.
Hey it's cold! It's not cold.
It's nice.
The air is so nice! Go! Let's go! When stepping on the brake, don't step on it so quickly, but slowly.
When you're turning the handle Yeah.
Don't turn it so suddenly, but slowly.
Hey! Huh? Did you come to play?! AH! Do listen, will you?! Here! Stop feeding me.
Yeah, let's go! Hey! My scarf.
Try once more.
Just once more.
Hey, it's not going to work out.
Get on your knees.
What? Get on your knees.
Hey, I'm a girl.
Then let's just go.
It's not even that pretty.
No! Fine, I'll do it.
- I'm really going to do it.
- Get down.
Hey, but what if my bones break? Hey, get up.
I'll put you on my shoulders, so you grab it.
Alright then.
Get on for real? Yeah and hold my hands.
Yes! Hey hold my hands.
I'm holding them.
Wait, wait, hey, hey! Got it? Can you reach it? No.
Hurry and reach out! - I can't.
- You've got to get it down! I can't.
Let me down.
Hurry, with one hand.
Let me down.
I'll jump.
No! You can't jump! Hey! You have to do it.
Later! Later! Later! Are you watching? I'm good, huh? You wish! It's because you're only going straight.
What are you talking about? I'm the best driver.
Hey stay in the lane, what are you doing?! Is driving a joke? Oh look at that.
All the flowers by the street died because of you.
Oh you're right.
Sorry! What were you going to do if they were people? How can you say such a thing?! OH!!! My neck is going to break because of you.
Don't drive your entire life.
No, I saw something in front.
But the teacher that taught me to drive said I was good.
Where is that school? Ask for a refund.
Not like you paid any attention when I went to take my test.
It's not like you took it once or twice.
I'm worried our kid may have your brains.
Get out.
Why should I? Not like you're going to pay attention even if I were to get pregnant! Hey! Hey!!! Hey, where are you going? Oye! Hey lady! Can I get directions? Hey do you want to spend all night on the street? It's a puppy! OH!!! Hey! How can you suddenly turn the handle? I don't think I can learn to drive from you.
You'll kill quite a few people.
You said there was a puppy! And you believed it? The prodigy Baek Seung Jo got his car stuck in a ditch! Don't you dare play such a dangerous joke again.
Even so Today was fun in itself.
Me too.
Next time I'll really take you out on a drive.
A long time later.
After getting lessons from me.
Seat belt.
Yes! Seat belt! Release the emergency break.
Release! Go.
Go! Webisode 7 Preview.
Do you know what day the 16th is? I'm on call in the emergency room.
What's the fuss, birthdays come next year and the year after.
Have you ever even received flowers from Doctor Baek? My Seung Jo is the shy type It makes me nauseous.
If I don't do it for her this year, I can always do it next year.