Playful Kiss (2010) s00e07 Episode Script

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1 Episode 7 (Final) "Happy Birthday!" Thank you.
Na Sunbae, don't you think you're really overdoing it? 100 roses, champagne, ring, and even dressing up as a delivery guy.
Look here child, you obviously don't know what romance is.
My wife's birthday only comes once a year.
Will your wife like such childish things? See if there is anyone that doesn't like surprises.
Do you know how much women love such childish things?! They'll be totally touched and cry a whole tsunami of tears! You try it too.
It's fine.
Stuff like this is just too infantile.
You kiddo, really don't know how to move a woman.
Move a woman! Man I feel sorry for Nurse Oh who has to live with you.
In any case, thanks.
I'm going.
The 16th is Nurse Oh's birthday.
Nurse Oh is so lucky.
What are you going to ask Doctor Baek to buy you? Beg him to buy you something expensive.
What kind of presents have you gotten from Doctor Baek in the past? Present? By any chance Nurse Oh, have you never received any presents from Doctor Baek? No! Of course I have! Two years ago he spent all night picking out questions for my finals.
And last year Oh that's right, he took me on a drive! That's it, a drive? Oh my gosh.
Nurse Oh, have you at least received flowers from Doctor Baek before? Flowers? My Seung Jo is the shy type so stuff like that Seung Jo! Doctor Baek! What are you doing Doctor Baek, let's hurry and go.
I think with some time it should get better.
Oh thank you Doctor.
Oh Doctor, thank you so very much.
Thank you! Doctor Baek! Just as I thought, my hubby is different.
Oh Ha Ni what are you doing, we're at the hospital.
It's fine.
Hey, why did you come here? What are you talking about, I'm a nurse too.
Don't focus on me but the patients! I do focus on them.
But Seung Jo, do you know what day the 16th is? 16th? Yeah 16th.
The 16th I have 2 surgeries in the morning, and then I'm on call at night.
Why? No I was just wondering, because you had it marked on your calendar.
I just thought it might be a special day or something.
It was just to show you were on call I see.
I'm on call in the emergency room.
Do you like to receive flowers too? Of course.
What girl doesn't like flowers? All women dream of receiving something like that from the person they love.
Did you tell Seung Jo that it's your birthday? No, Seung Jo said he's busy that day, so I wasn't even able to bring it up.
Goodness that Seung Jo brat Up until now, he's only tagged along in the birthday parties we had at our house.
He hasn't even given you a decent birthday or gotten you any gifts.
So this birthday let's Birthday? Is it your birthday? Someone with IQ over 200, and you can't even remember an important day like Ha Ni's birthday? It's because I'm not interested in such things.
Baek Seung Jo, you really are bad.
Not interested in your loving wife's birthday?! We're going to have a birthday party this upcoming 16th.
Alright?! I'm on call that day.
On call?! Why are you being that way? Birthdays come next year and year after that too.
If I can't do anything for her this time, then I can do something for her next time.
Leave me out and just celebrate with the family.
You're my son but really Don't you dare be on call that day! It's fine with me Mother.
See? She said it's fine.
Do you really want us to fuss that much about your birthday? Fuss? I'm just acting that way because Mother wants to do it.
It's not like I'm a kid.
Then what kind of birthday party do you want? A party with just the two of us.
So tell me what that is.
My wonderfully dressed husband suddenly appears before me with 100 roses.
While saying, "Surprise!" And have dinner at a restaurant with an awesome night view.
Oh and drink wine that you've picked out yourself.
And you would light the candles on my birthday cake as well as you sweetly singing happy birthday to me.
Isn't it cool?! Yeah, dreaming is a good thing.
But what do we do? I'm on call that day.
I know.
Oh well it can't be helped.
I'm going to bed first.
Restaurant with cool night view.
On the 16th? Want me to trade dates with you? Something came up for that day.
Oh what do I do? That's the day I booked a hotel package for my wife and me.
She's totally hooked on surprise parties.
I don't think I can do it.
I have a course booked for that day.
Anyway I'll enjoy this, thanks! I have work to do.
This is my 3rd night up because I have to organize my professors notes.
I'm sorry, Sunbae.
I just don't know when I can finish them.
I've organized all of the notes for this semester.
All of them? Over night?! So take my shift, alright? Oh and you're off today, let me use that too.
Looking for roses? You must be confessing your love! It means passionate love.
You must really love your girlfriend.
It signifies a pure love.
Now that I look at you, you seem like a very gentle man.
It signifies pledging your love.
A yellow roses signifies achieving a perfect love! Orange is love's desire Excuse me.
Just give me 100 red roses, please.
Congratulations Ha Ni! That's right.
Congratulations to my daughter-in-law.
Hyung isn't here either, so I'll congratulate you since I feel bad for you.
Congratulations Oh Ha Ni.
Thank you.
This is so wrong of Seung Jo.
How can he be on call when it's his wife's birthday.
It's because of work so it can't be helped.
Yes, Mother, don't be so upset about it.
Here, shall we eat then? It's Seung Jo.
He must be calling to wish you congratulations.
Hurry and answer it! Yes.
Hello? Hey Oh Ha Ni, you're going to have to hurry and come out.
We don't have enough nurses at emergency room.
Yeah, come out quickly alright? All this make me cringe.
I swear girls Ma'am are you not feeling well? Mister please take me to the hospital.
My contractions have started.
Contractions?! Hurry and get in! Wait a minute, wait a minute.
But can I really get in here? Can I even get in? The car is so small! It's alright, I'm a doctor.
A doctor?! Yes.
Oh my Doctor please take me - Please wait just a bit.
- Dear God please let me have this baby! Seung Jo? Why are you here? Why are you just staring? We need to hurry and help.
We have to hurry to the hospital.
Oh alright! - What are you doing? Stabilize her! - Alright! Ma'am! Ma'am please calm down! The mother is fine, and the baby was born really healthy.
Really? That's a relief.
But is this dress by any chance, my birthday present? Turn around for a second.
Now turn around.
I wanted to surprise you.
The cake is a mess And the flowers I bought, there's only one left.
It's 11:59 pm.
It's still your birthday, Ha Ni.
I'm sorry.
I didn't even realize what you were feeling.
One more thing.
Sing me happy birthday.
That way I can blow out the candles.
Fine, since today is Oh Ha Ni's birthday.
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you.
The dearly loved Oh wait! Repeat that part.
The loved part! Again, again! The dearly loved Oh Ha Ni.
One more time! Hey, come on.
Oh hubby, just once more.
My dearly loved wife Happy birthday to you.