Playful Kiss (2010) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

PLAYFUL KISS Episode 2 Y you! Wh why did you come out from there? Because it's our house.
- Your house is - Baek Seung Jo! Why aren't you coming in?! Ha Ni, come in quickly! Should I lift it for you? Ah, you said even if you lived as a beggar, You wouldn't accept my help, didn't you? I'm glad you came.
Oh, Seung Jo! Come over here.
- Hello.
- He's our eldest child.
Ah, I've heard so much.
It feels like we've known each other this whole time.
After watching the news, This person told me to seek you before I did, Saying we should live together.
Ah, really? So I immediately called the broadcasting station.
Ah, really? Thank you.
He would always say this, That he became so indebted to you at a young age, And that he definitely had to find you and make up for it.
Ah, what do you mean, debt.
Hey! But you seek me now? You two.
Don't know each other at all? When you're both in your third years? Ah, well, Since he's usually pretty famous.
Yeah, that's true.
He does do pretty well in school.
But, that guy, The kids hate him, don't they? Huh? He has a strange personality! He's arrogant, and he's always just looking downwards.
Even look at him now, that guy He doesn't have any popularity within the girls, does he? Aha, well.
Huh? Baek Eun Jo, you're not asleep? I was studying.
Why? By doing that, you'll become like your brother.
Give your greetings.
He's our second child.
He's kind of young, right? Ah He's in the 4th grade now.
Hello, I'm Baek Eun Jo.
Ah, he looks smart! But he looks like his mom.
It's a great relief.
Don't you think? Oh, greet your nuna, too.
She's Ha Ni Nuna.
Oh Ha Ni.
- Aren't you going to greet her? - I don't want to.
- Why? - She looks like she's dumb.
I'm sorry.
He's lacking in common courtesy.
Why would nuna be dumb? She studies very well! Really? Then What does this mean? Huh? It's Chinese.
So you were learning your Chinese writing! Let's see Oh, this is a 6th grade level.
Han Woo Choong Dong.
You're asking what that means? That's right.
What is the meaning of this, you ask So (Han Woo is a high-quality beef found in Korea) Han Woo! Korean beef is delicious.
But it's expensive, right? So let's say you don't have money.
You don't have money in your pocket, but (Choong Dong means 'Impulse') Choong Dong! You have a sudden impulse where you want to eat beef really badly.
So to sum it all up, you desire more than your status permits you.
That's it.
Is that really true, Hyung? Does it mean that you want to eat han woo? 'Han' is 'sweat', 'Woo' is 'cow'.
The cow will sweat when pulling a large load on its wagon, and 'Choong' is 'full', 'Dong' is 'a beam'.
If you stack a load, it will reach the beam.
Therefore, it's saying that you'll have that much more responsibility in life.
Are you dumb? Baek Eun Jo! Where are your manners? Hurry and apologize to your nuna.
I don't want to! I won't! Dumb people are the worst! Meh-long! To the two brothers, I got rejected by both of them.
Ta-da! I did my best, but I wasn't sure if you'd like it.
Did you.
re-decorate all of this for me? - Yeah.
- Why? - Do you not like it? - No, that's not it.
It's so pretty.
It's just like a princess' room.
Don't you think? This is a princess bed too, you know? Hurry and come sit on it.
Hey, you know how much fun I had making this room? I really wanted a daughter so badly.
Designing a room for her like this, And going to buy pretty things together, And once she gets older, going on trips together.
Ah, but, Living with just three guys, how boring do you think it would have been? Hey, Let's go shopping, and watch movies and such.
- Okay.
- Ah! It'll be so fun! Oh! Also this is a present.
Since your house broke down, you won't have any shoes, right? Try them on.
Ah, they're pretty.
What to do, I owe you so much.
What do you mean, owe? I was so happy when buying this.
Is it kind of big? No, this is comfortable.
It really suits my taste perfectly.
Thank you.
Ah, you talk pretty, too.
Hey, just be ahjumma's daughter, huh? Oh, did you bring it? Yeah, Well then, you must be tired, so wash up and hurry to bed.
Thank you so much, really, for everything.
- I'll see you tomorrow morning.
- Okay.
Sleep well! Goodnight to you too, Seung Jo.
Originally, this room was Eun Jo's room.
- Ah.
- But, thanks to someone, With Eun Jo's bed and desk, we're crowded to death in there.
- I'm sorry.
- If you're sorry, Do you want to just leave me alone now? These past few days have been a bother.
I'm saying, don't go and start talking when we're at school.
Talking? Don't worry.
If rumor goes around that I'm living with you, It'll be a bigger pain for me than you.
What do you mean, living together? It should be that you are living at my house.
I'm washing up first.
You're dead.
Ah, my blood.
It's a shame.
I hadn't planned on taking it this far.
However, There's nothing I can do, either.
You rascal! You horrible jerk! For me, smart guys like you are the worst! So embarrassing.
Always at those times! The toilet's comfortable.
What to do? To say that we're in a toilet-sharing relationship! Ah, did he hear? He's right in the next room.
My stomach hurts.
I can't even go because they might hear.
They look close.
Aigoo, Oh Ha Ni.
Have you still not been able to get it together? He said he doesn't like you.
He told you not to be a bother.
I can't believe it.
To say that I'm eating breakfast with Baek Seung Jo.
Wait, he's eating his bread with jam.
So geniuses eat jam, too.
Ah, this is too unreal.
this is also a dream? He shouldn't be looking at me anymore, right? She's choking.
Drink water.
Are you okay? Yes, I'm okay.
Dumb, as always.
- Baek Eun Jo! - Who wants more? Hey, Ha Ni, are you okay? Hey! Give me more soup.
This is really good! Yes, this is really good! Your store does well, doesn't it? You have lots of customers, don't you? Ah, yes, I do have several regular customers.
But, starting tomorrow, sleep more.
You go out late.
Thank you for the meal.
I'll be getting up first.
Hey! You can't leave already, you have to go with Ha Ni, huh? - Hey, she doesn't even know the way! - Me too! Hey! Why are you going already? Eat more food.
- Ha Ni, hurry and go! - Ah, okay! I'll be back.
- Yeah, okay.
- They look good.
Go slowly! Hey, why'd you suddenly stop? It's just for today.
What is? Going to school with you.
If anyone sees It'll just become a bother.
- Okay.
- Don't start any rumors.
- I won't.
- Don't act like you know me at school.
- I won't, I'm telling you! - Stay further behind when you come.
Horrible jerk.
Horrible jerk! To say that I've like that kind of jerk for 3 years, It's a waste of tears.
Why are you coming so slowly? Mind your business.
What? Why are you waiting, when you said to stay behind? Waiting, you say.
You go ahead of me.
Why? Ah, why?! Why do you keep changing back and forth? You're short.
Isn't it hard for you to follow after me? Don't go wailing and all that you missed school because you lost me, And you go in front.
I'll watch from behind.
Here With this What's up? Why are you so bloated? Where is the testing being held this time? Why would we know? Can you not say 'we'? Do you know? Although I don't know.
Don't worry.
I'll work really really hard, And our BoraDori's pride.
I definitely! Will restore it for you.
You're looking up the word 'pride,' aren't you? - Yeah.
- Let's see.
Ha Ni.
Good morning.
Bong Joon Gu! Let's say hi, too.
Did you sleep well yesterday? How is it? It was your dad's friend's house, right? - It's good.
- Where is it? - Is it far? - No, On the subway It's 2 stops no, was it 3 stops away? All right! Later when school ends, let's go together.
Why? I mean, If a guy, doesn't know where his girl lives, Does that make sense? Aigoo.
Ah! Is that a hand or a foot? Why? Do you want to get hit by my foot, too? Ah! Move! Stop! Jung Joo Ri! You, again! I told you to do hair at home, didn't I? Is school a hair salon? Teacher, I'm sorry.
Dryer, pin, curling iron! My, my, you really have it all, don't you? - What about your book? - I put my book in my locker.
I'm sorry.
I won't bring it again.
Did you just cut this? Yes, well, just a little bit in the back.
Do something about this here.
With the dryer, or something.
Teacher! Oh, our teacher is a half-natural curl.
Oh my, how did you know? I straightened it with a magic perm! Ah, teacher, if you look at this side, you can tell.
- Here? - Yes, if you look here, it's slightly curled.
In the morning, wash your hair and, right here, tousle it and bring it to this side like this.
Ah, I see! Ah! Teacher Song Kang Yi! Ah.
I can't even tell what I don't know.
[Special Study Room.]
[Special Study Room.]
One, Two, Three! Whoa, The study room's really nice.
With good air condition, too.
A computer for everyone, and soundproof walls, even? It's nice.
[All Living Things, Be Happy.]
When he's not even going to study, Why's he sitting there? Seung Jo.
Seung Jo! Aigoo, aigoo! What's this flirting? Thanks.
It must be nice.
She's pretty and she's smart.
[August's Study Room Qualifiers.]
One, two, three.
[Baek Seung Jo, 500 points.]
Three steps.
Is that far? It is far.
Are you a girl? Yeah.
Why, are you scared? If you're going to carry me, you're going to need to gain some strength.
The study room was really nice.
Giving you a computer and even soundproof walls.
It's unfair.
Even if you say that, It doesn't sound right.
- What are you talking about? - It sounds like whining.
- Aren't you going home? - What? Are you saying we should go together? Ha Ni! Oh, hey, Wait! Were you here? I was looking for you for a long time.
Oh! - Did he say anything to you? - Huh? No.
Hey, hey, give me my backpack.
It's okay.
Guys are supposed to carry this kind of stuff.
Let's go! Ha Ni! Let's sit here, huh? Are you hungry? Should we get off and eat something? Huh? Let's eat.
Okay? I'm getting off soon.
It's fine.
I'll hold onto it.
Give it.
It looks weird.
Ah, it's really okay, though.
Huh? I have to get off here! Ha Ni! Ah, Joon Gu, what to do? Sorry! Get home safely! Thank you! Work hard! Why didn't you come together? - She should come.
- It's a strange route! Hey, and also, Lately some weird people have been going around the neighborhood.
- Oh Ha Ni is the weirdest.
- You come over here.
Huh? Get over here! You need to be punished.
Huh?! Hey, Baek Eun Jo! Ah, so bothersome.
Cheap bastard.
I told him to wait but he just left.
I even took a taxi and went back.
Ah, I should have just ridden the taxi and gone back home.
I'm all out of allowance money.
Don't do it! Don't do it! Don't open it.
Even if you open it, I'm not gonna look! I'm gonna close my eyes.
Then it's pointless, isn't it? Ah- Ah, don't come, don't come near! You can't! I got this as a present.
Ahjusshi! Ah, give it to me! I got that as a present! You're not even going to wear it! Look at me, huh? Then I'll give it to you! I don't want to! Until where are you going to go? Ah, just once.
I'm begging you! I'm begging you, and don't close your eyes! It'll only take a second! Ah, it's really only once, right?! Yeah, of course it's only once! Then, are you going to give me the shoe back? Ah, of course I'll give it back, what else would I do with this? All right! You said it was all right.
Because you asked gently.
In exchange, you definitely have to give that shoe back.
Of course.
I'm an ahjusshi who keeps his promises well.
There's no closing of eyes, okay? Then it's cancelled.
All right.
I also always keep my promises.
- Wait a minute! - Why? - I need to prepare.
- Okay, I guess you need to prepare, then.
Get prepared.
Preparing for too long isn't good either, you know? Come on.
One Two Three Aigoo, aigoo! Teacher, just once.
Please forgive me just once.
It hasn't been long since I started.
After joining the cafe, this is my second run.
Please don't report me.
I have a family! I have kids, too.
Just once.
If you let me go, I won't do this again.
I really won't do this kind of stuff, Teacher.
Huh? Then go straight home right now.
Thank you, teacher.
Oh my.
You can't just go, right? That's right.
Good bye.
You were looking for me? You were worried? As if I bought this.
Then why are you here at the right time? That is probably because I'm unlucky.
But anyways, you In this situation, when someone can give up that shoe why did you Because it's a gift from your mom.
- Today is the first day I wore it.
- Hey, but still What did you buy? Ah, yummy food give me some.
My throat is dry from all that running.
It melted.
Could it be the hot weather? Hey! Look at that big dipper One, two three Hey! Can you hear the crickets crying? They don't cry.
If they're girls who are stupid or thicked-skinned.
I hate them.
Calm down Oh Ha Ni.
Don't you have pride?! Right Study.
Study hard and let's show them what's right.
Let's begin with math.
All right.
It's the global time, now let's start with English.
Aigoo Let's study Korean first.
what does this mean? I don't get it.
I don't know, I don't know.
Do I have to study all of it? I don't get it.
Here, eat this.
Thank you, come in.
You're studying hard.
I'm just sitting there.
You should rest for a bit.
I always wanted to do this! Coming in with snacks and asking to rest for a bit.
I feel like a mother.
Doesn't Seung Jo eat snacks? No, he rarely studies.
- He doesn't study? - Mmm, He just sleeps.
But he always get high marks.
So he's a real genius.
Really? High marks? He doesn't seem happy about it.
Do you blog? Yes! I'm a power blogger.
You have 160 comments?! Look! this is Eun Jo.
Eun Jo is an insolent child.
But he loves his older brother.
He looks adorable.
He looks like Seung Jo.
I bet you looked cute when you were a kid.
Do you have an album? I want to see.
I don't have many.
So pretty.
Your mother? Oh, so beautiful.
No wonder you're so pretty.
To be honest, I don't remember my mom much.
My mom passed away when I was 4 years old.
This is the reason why I always look at this, so I can never forget her.
There are comments on the pictures.
Oh! This is interesting.
Summer, fact that we don't have an air conditioner, it seemed cooler You're so humourous, did you write this? Yes.
Bbomi It is light.
Even holding something so light can suddenly get heavy.
Life seems to be the same.
Aigoo, you're so lovable.
Seung Jo was lovable when he was kid, right? Aww, yes.
Ah! Ha Ni! Do you want me to show you something cool? Oh! Ah, cute! So pretty! Cute! So adorable! Ah Who is this kid? She looks like Seung Jo.
Really? See, they really look the same.
- It's Seung Jo.
- What? This is Seung Jo.
Wait Where is it? Look.
When I was pregnant with Seung Jo, he was a very calm baby.
He liked to eat watermelons, strawberries and grapes.
So I thought it was a girl.
This is the reason why I bought all clothes, shoes and toys for girls only.
But he's a boy.
That's the reason, but what should I do? Should I throw out the things I bought? That is true, but I didn't tell you this one thing, I always wanted a daughter.
Therefore, I raised Seung Jo as a girl for a while.
But this one time we went to the swimming pool, he was exposed.
At that moment, I believed Seung Jo was afraid.
That's why Seung Jo is a cold type now, because of that.
But one more thing, I still have film.
When I think about it You won't think of him as a genius any longer.
Hey! What's up? Why you keep smiling? Me? Is it scary? Scary.
Yeah? I wonder why.
Is it a side effect from your ongoing constipation? Oh Baek Seung Jo? What is he doing here? Who are you looking for? Me? Oh Ha Ni? Oh Ha Ni? Oh Ha Ni, Get your sports uniform and follow me.
Sport uniform? Why? All right.
What is it? Why was Baek Seung Jo looking for you? Sport uniform? [Baek Seung Jo.]
It seems they're trading something.
Isn't that the uniform? Ahh, this is really annoying.
Why? It's okay if you wear it.
What? Didn't you use to wear girl's clothing.
You're used to girls clothing.
Hey! Where did you get that? Give it back to me! - What are they doing? - What is this? - Woah, Oh Ha Ni! - Oh Ha Ni.
What is this now? What are they doing?! What is it? Huh? Ahh seriously! Jerk! Ahh! Let go! Ha Ni Let it go! Hey, Hey Hey.
I know.
Wait a second, I will give it.
On one condition.
One condition? What condition? - Help me study.
- What? Help me get a high score in the mock exams.
You do know that there is only a week till the exam? Of course.
Please help me study.
Help me get into the study hall.
You think I'm some miracle worker? I'm not god.
I understand.
- Guys! - Hey! Oh Ha Ni.
You're more difficult, as I expected.
I'm saying, you stepping foot into the study hall.
I'd need to piggyback you.
And now you're telling me to help you study? And piggybacking you? If you help me, then don't mind that.
You think I'm that cheap? Don't worry! I don't have any feelings for you anymore.
Even if it's just a little.
It won't happen.
Really? Oh, oh! Them! Ahhh ahh seriously! Oh this is very delicious.
Thanks to you, today we have a delicious dinner.
Oh it's nothing.
Just some dishes from our restaurant.
And more, this dish is very tasty.
- Flower cakes? - Red bean flower cakes.
and also a very unique smell.
Ah yes, Thank you.
Ha Ni, what late snack would you like to eat today? What? Ha Ni? - You study? - Ehm.
Mom can you prepare snacks for two from now on.
Oh, why? Can't be.
My son, Seung Jo also studying? Nothing sweet or greasy.
It won't be too good for the memory.
Some wheat and olive oil.
Egg yolk too.
Oh, yes.
Then I will be dismiss.
Hyung, help me study.
You study with me.
I'll go too.
Hey, Oh Ha Ni.
Something easy like this, you don't even know this? I'll say it clearly, don't go to school anymore.
What are you doing? - Little Baek Seung Jo - Oh Ha Ni! Whatever, then I'll begin with most simplest first.
Listen carefully.
First, use "x" as the number you're trying to find.
What is "x"? Huh? I said, what is "x"? Alphabet! I don't know.
What is it? Yes.
We don't know, "x" is the unknown number.
What are the unsolved cases called? - X-file? - Correct.
What was the term adults used to refer to our generation when we were younger? - X-generation! - Yes.
We are looking for generation.
The difficult unsolved case.
We name that as "x".
Then why exactly does it have to be "x"? Also uses of other letters such as W and H.
Why do you worry about that? It's decided.
Okay! x = 2 the power of 30 x 10 to the power of -7.
Replace it with 2 into the logarithm.
LogX=(2^30x10-7) LogX=(30log2-7log10) LogX=30x0.
3-7 Therefore, logX=2 so, X=10^2 =100 But we're suppose to write this as a binary number, so what is it? Hm? What is 100 as a binary number? Try to calculate it.
What does this mean? I feel like going crazy.
Hey! Omo! She is so stupid.
I can't forgive her! Stupid! Do you understand what decimal binary is? Oh, 10-20-30.
Numeral binary? It's a way to show 1 and 0.
But why? What is the use of it? The computer is there for use.
Computer? In the year of 1974, the Arecibo observatory sent a message out to space.
If aliens really existed then they would hopefully reply to the message.
But in what language were they to send? In English? Korean? We don't know what they know.
So using the numbers of 0 and 1, it can help interpret the message.
Therefore the message was sent in binary code.
Oh, ohh To understand the aliens, I need to understand the binary code.
I must learn this.
I'll put a star next to it.
Then what is the way to change 100 into a binary numeral? Then did we receive a reply from the aliens? Not yet at the moment.
But then again, the universe is so wide.
Right? That's right.
Because the universe was so big, a log system was created.
Really? The log was made to translate wide things.
Why don't you just give up? Why? I think it's fun.
There is so much you don't know? You know everything? Who are these guys? Super Junior members Siwon, Kangin, Shindong, Kyuhyun, Hankyung, Kibum, Sungmin, Heechul, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Leeteuk, Ryeowook We just have different interests.
Other than logarithm, what else? When I'm sleeping, my brain waves show that the alpha waves are in motion.
So in 1 minute I can read 7000 words, resulting to me have a good memory.
When you breathe put strength on your belly and inhale slowly and then exhale.
Your eyes should be focused on the dot.
Not the ceiling, but the dot! Focus! Till you only see the dot.
Move, move your body as you study.
- So you can memorize it better.
- At for objects as with for people At for objects as with for people Left to right The war of Im Rin WaeRan from 1592-1598.
- Oh Ha Ni! - In Rin WaeRan! What is wrong? Your dark cirles!? Ha Ni, tell us the truth.
- What? - How is that house you're staying at? - Fine.
- How is this fine? However I think it, something is not right.
You heard right? Last time when I said I'll take her home, she ran away.
Ha Ni, Ha Ni Today let's discuss about Where did she go? She went home, she said she needed to study.
Look, look what would she be studying? I think, must be Must be? They are making her work without sleep.
You saw her face, right? I think, I Bong Joon Gu, need to find out.
Hyung, how do I solve this? Eun Jo, I'm busy with this.
Try asking mom.
Hey! Oh Ha Ni! You're so stupid, idiotic and ugly.
Because of you, I can't study and my brother can't sleep.
Who are you? Go home! - Oh, Eun Jo? When did you come? - Oh! Don't worry! Here.
What is it? Today you have to read all of this before you can sleep.
Tomorrow to do the exam.
What is this? I made up some questions.
Wow! When did you make this all? I'm touched.
Hey! Just hurry and look at it.
Don't just sit there and talking nonsense.
I know! Why so mad for? If only these were the exam questions, it would be so nice.
Sleeping? But again, because of me he has to stay up late.
So the almighty Baek Seung Jo sleeps like this? Thanks.
Kids Oh my god.
Jackpot! I'll get the camera.
So tiring! Aigoo.
I'm so tired! Aigoo.
Good luck.
This guy! What's with the cool act? - High like this? - Wait, wait To the left a bit.
Baek Seung Jo is first with perfect marks.
Woah! It's a perfect mark.
Because of me he doesn't get good sleep.
What a relief.
You got a perfect mark again! That's great.
Of course, I studied for the first time in my whole life.
How can I not get a perfect mark? Congrats to you too.
- What? - You didn't see your rank? Me Me? Rank 50-Oh Ha Ni Oh Ha Ni I did see it.
I made it.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thanks to you.
Thanks to your revision questions.
What are you doing? I don't mean this that thing.
Ah, this? Don't take it out anymore! Seung Jo! Thanks! Thank you so much! Stop! Yes.
- Me? - Yes, you.
Baek Seung Jo.
With all these students witnessing here, how can you run? What? If our Ha Ni here can enter the study hall, you promised that you'd give Ha Ni here a piggyback ride! That's right, that's right.
- Here a piggyback ride! - That's right, that's right.
No, Miss.
We have cancelled that.
What are you talking about? - A chance like this is rare.
- But that That doesn't need to be done! When you told me you wanted to go into the study hall, I didn't give much thought into believing it.
I didn't even help you.
You're great Ha Ni! You just saved my pride! And you are you man? Can't keep promises! It's not like that, teacher! Piggyback! Piggyback now! Piggyback! Main Translators: boricha, TojikaxX Spot Translator: soluna413 Timers: KimT, starstruck Editor/QC: mantra777 Final QC: sayroo Coordinators: sayroo, cute girl What do you mean it's okay? Get on! Don't touch her! You again.
Yeah, why? Come on! But Cheers! Baek Seung Jo! I don't like him! Honestly, you're the spirit of the forest.
Hey! Amazing, it's more serious than I thought.
Hey! Hey, hey! 1, 2 Good job! What's this? It looks like socks? No! Mom is always the troublemaker.
Done! Something fell! What's this? Please spread the word to get High Quality