Playful Kiss (2010) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

PLAYFUL KISS Episode 3 Piggyback! Piggyback! Piggyback! - Piggyback! Piggyback! Piggyback! - Stop! Piggyback! Don't jump to conclusions.
I have nothing to do with this.
Oh Ha Ni, I knew you'd do this.
No matter what the situation, you're a constant public menace.
What?! - Menace? - That's right.
Fine then, can I tell everyone we're living together? Are you crazy? Then what am I supposed to do? What is this? What are they doing? You act like you're so innocent, but in the end you always get your way.
It's people like you that I can't stand.
What? You're really pushing it.
What do you expect from me? Get on.
I don't want to.
What do you mean you don't want to? If you feel so wronged, get on! I told you I don't want to! Let go of me.
What do you think you're doing?! Baek Seung Jo, you'd better let go of her wrist right this instant! I told you to let go of her! - It's you again? - That's right, so? Ha Ni, I heard the news! Wow, you're really something.
And I'm really sorry I didn't believe you when you said you were studying hard.
To make it up to you, I'll be the one to piggyback you and run around several times.
Get on! Why are you being like this too? Get on, come on.
Hey, come here! You lowlife! Get away from her! Get her on me! Hurry! - Bong Joon Gu! - Hey, what are you doing?! - Hey, hey! - What are you doing?! Let's go, let's go! Are you going to keep fooling around like this? Hey, put me down! Ha Ni, where should we go? Put me down! Let's go! Let's keep going 'til the end! Hey! Hey, Bong Joon Gu! Oh, what are we going to do with him?! Hey! Hurry! Let's go! I'm not kidding around, put me down! - Hurry! - Hey, Bong Joon Gu! Put her down! Ridiculous.
Hey, Bong Joon Gu.
- Why are you so tactless? - What did I do? How could you piggyback her in a situation like that? Aw, really? Did I do something wrong? Yes, you did! Of course you did something wrong! Huh? Why do you think Ha Ni studied her butt off? You're such a scatterbrain.
Really? Ha Ni, do you still like Baek Seung Jo? Huh? Even though he humiliated you like that, you still like him? Could it be that your ideal type of guy is uptight old men like him? No! I don't like him.
Why would I like him? - What's so great about a jerk like him? - That's my girl.
He has a sword in place of his tongue.
He has a special talent in putting people down.
He's selfish and standoffish.
He has no sense of humanity in him whatsoever.
Anyway, he's the rudest jerk ever! What now? You don't like him anymore? I don't like him! So aside from that, you get to enter the special study room now, Ha Ni? Yeah! That's right! Really impressive.
How could you accomplish something like that? You're really something.
It's her, her right there.
Oh Ha Ni.
Ah! The girl who finally made it into the special study room? That's so impressive! I'm so envious.
But she's the one who was humiliated by Baek Seung Jo.
- That's right, the one who was rejected! - Yes the really unlucky one! How can this be? She's cute though! Really impressive.
[Special Study Room.]
[Special Study Room - Silence.]
Hi! What is this? Are they here to study or date? I'm sorry.
These little- It's because I'm so grateful.
If you don't take it, I'll feel really bad.
I told you I don't want it.
Oh Ha Ni! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Stop bumping into me! - Will you please! Can you move a little? I just want to see her! - Would you stop? - Just move! - She's right there! Who are you punks?! You punks! What do you think you're doing here?! Well, you see? Ah, Vice Principal! I just needed to confirm something, I only need a second.
These little punks.
Oh! She's right there! She's right there! - Ha Ni! - Ha Ni! Oh Ha Ni! What are you doing?! Teacher Song Kang Yi? Teacher? Yes? Isn't there something strange about that rascal Oh Ha Ni? Yes, she is a little strange.
That's not what I mean.
How is it possible that she went from the bottom of the ranking to 50th place? What's so strange about that? That's something that can be achieved with enough effort.
I do think it's a little odd.
What's so weird about it? Could it be? You don't think she resorted to cheating? What? Ch-cheated? Who could she have cheated off of from our class? All right, let's just wait and see then.
Aside from that, this Friday, the first class will go on a picnic.
The second class will go on a field trip.
It's just the third class that we have a problem with.
What should we do about this? How about for one day Let's have an athletic competition! Why should the third class do that? There's not much time left until midterms begin.
One needs to exercise to increase their levels of concentration to study! The third class has never done a fitness competition before.
What's so great about having a fitness competition for one day? You should just go on a picnic instead.
All right, then my class will compete against Teacher Song Ji Oh's class.
What? Why would our class have to- You said that your class is better than my class at everything, right? Why don't we try putting that to the test? If my class wins, I'll call you oppa.
W why should you That's a good idea.
Then what should the events be? Vice Principal Just think of it as a day of rest, kids.
This is ridiculous! Why would we waste time on an athletic competition? Let's just wing it for the day.
I won't condone anyone with this kind of mentality.
Let's show everyone that we can beat the 1st class at something! Give your all on the day of, do you understand me?! Why isn't anyone answering? Bong Joon Gu? T then what are you going to give us? What? Well if you want us to give our all, then what will you give? All right, if we win all three events, I'll spring for pizza.
Pizza? Pizza? Let's show the 1st class what losing tastes like! Let's do it! One, two! One, two! One, two! One, Two! Stay strong! Stay strong! - Let's do it again! - Stay strong! Stay strong! Stay strong! Stay strong! Stay strong! That's not how you do it! Huddle, huddle up! Listen up, okay? This final relay race, you see.
This is the most important aspect.
When you're going to take it, stretch out your left arm like so.
And as you start galloping as fast as you can, You need to try and match up with your teammates.
If you stand rigidly like this, your start will be a little delayed so that won't do! Got it? Now, should we give it another try? Ha Ni, come over here for a second.
Let's see here.
While you're running, grab it with your right hand like this.
No, no, like this.
Now, now, you run, and run, and run That's right! Our Ha Ni is so good at this! Now, should we try again, Ha Ni? There's nothing funnier than this show you're putting on.
Oh, Baek Seung Jo! Did you come to spy on our team's progress? Spy? Baek Seung Jo! You're fooling around like this now, but don't cry about this later.
- We won't go easy on you! - Just put in minimal effort.
Because my class has no interest in athletic competitions anyway.
Your class will win no matter what.
W what did you say? So are you saying that we're going to win because you won't be trying hard? This little punk, I keep trying to let things slide but - Hey Joon Gu! Stop that! - How pathetic.
What's pathetic?! - What? - Why is it pathetic that we're trying hard? You say that we're going to win because you won't be giving it your all? Joon Gu's extremely fast! And he's great at sports, too.
Do you even know what you're talking about when you say things? Ha Ni You're just acting like a coward because you know you're going to lose.
Figures The losing chicken always tends to make more of a ruckus anyway.
What? Chicken?! That's right! Chicken! Oh my! It's going to be so much fun! So the two of you will be participating? How cool! But who should I root for? I'm feeling conflicted about this! You're actually thinking of coming? Of course! I have to take pictures too.
It's just a high school athletic competition! So what? What's fun about sports anyway? Wow! Eun Jo, don't you have a jump rope test coming up? - When is it? - I don't know! What's the point of jumping rope? Should I teach you how? - I'm good at jumping rope.
- No way! What would I be able to learn from a fool? I was really bad at it at first, but after I kept on trying to get it, I eventually could do it well.
Yeah right.
It's true.
Well, there is a proverb saying if you work at it hard enough, you can grind an iron rod into a needle.
Wow! Where did you learn a saying like that? My grandmother would say it all the time.
How pretty you are.
Here! - You should put one on too! - I don't want to.
I don't like cosplay.
Then don't! Go Min! Zip this up for me.
Hey, you're going to wear that in this heat? Yeah, Jang Mi gave me this to wear.
She said that this is the only thing that fits me.
Really? That manipulative little fox treating you like this again Hey, but Ha Ni.
Look at me for a second.
How do I look? - Oh! Lady Gaga! - Right you are! - Oh, look at me! - With those hips Wide waistline, a pig's curve.
Pig's curve? Come over here! Stand there.
Dok Go Min Ah! Seung Jo! They said you have to wear this.
Oh, it's Baek Seung Jo.
Hurry up and come join us! Ah, he doesn't know it's me! Pathetic? He's so dead.
Who are you? Class 7, fighting! Oh so difficult! - It's so hot - You're hot, right? I can't keep this on.
- Why? You have to! - Ah, I don't want to! You have to! Athletes, turn to face each other! Now greet each other.
- Ready? - Yes! - We are one! - Yes! Let' do it! Class 7! Class 7! Fighting fighting! Keep it up.
Class 7! Class 7! Teacher! Teacher! Teacher! Hey kids, keep up your strength! Let's do this! Class 7! Class 7! Class 7! Class 7! Class 7! Class 7! I'm sorry! Our class, fighting! Class 7! Class 7! Class 7! Class 7! Class 7! Class 7! Class 7! class 7! Class 1, fighting! Class 7! Class 7! Class 7! Ah, what are we going to do? Pulllllllllll! Beat them! Beat them! Beat them! Class 7, winner! Oh my! How great! Now, bring me the names of the relay participants.
Oh, how great is this?! Wow, it's hot.
Oppa! Baek Seung Jo, fighting! Baek Seung Jo! Baek Seung Jo! Baek Seung Jo! Mother, have you been well? It's me, Jang Mi.
Hong Jang Mi.
Hong Jang Mi? I went to your house with my mom to visit one day.
The big optical store right in the crossroads.
Ah! Jang Mi? The big optical store in in the crossroads.
Hey, it's been so long.
But, are you cheering for Seung Jo? [Seung Jo oppa, fighting!.]
What? Yes! Hey, that's good for me then.
I was debating about who to root for.
You cheer for Seung Jo then.
What? One, two, three, four.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Hey, Baek Seung Jo.
How does it feel? It's 2-0 right now.
Wow it seemed like you were trying awfully hard before.
I thought you said you were going to put in minimal effort.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Hey you punk! If someone's talking to you, you should at least respond! Are you deaf? Huh?! Can you not hear me? Can you not hear me? Are you the last up? What? Yes, so? Ah, then are you the last as well? That's right.
Wow the person who runs the fastest is usually placed last.
Could it be they've got the wrong person? Oh, are you loosening up your muscles right now? But hey, Baek Seung Jo.
Do you know how to run at all? Since you're always sitting in that chair, I thought all you could do was read books.
Wow, this is an exception.
It must be a surprise, not an exception.
Surprise? What's the difference?! Hey, Baek Seung Jo! Don't you fool around! I won't go easy on you! Oppa! It's 2-0 right now.
Could it be that you're losing on purpose in order to get me to call you oppa? Ah, how can I call someone the same age as me oppa? You definitely said that it's if you win all three, right? Yes.
If we win all three, I'll call you oppa.
So that means if we win this event, those terms are moot, right? Gather up, athletes! Fighting! Fighting! Fighting! Dok Go Min Ah! Fighting! Min Ah, fighting! 100 meters in 15 seconds, right? What? Ah, when I was in junior high school? What did you say?! Teacher! Teacher! Teacher! Oppa! Song Ji Oh! Song Ji Oh! Song Ji Oh! Song Ji Oh! Song Ji Oh! Oh what to do?! It's okay! Teacher! Get up! Teacher! Hurry! Ha Ni, don't worry! I'm here! Hurry! Teacher! Get up! Hurry please! Ha Ni! Oh! You're running great! Ha Ni! Come on! Come on! Come to me! That's right! Wow, she's fast! So fast! Did you see? Wow! Oh my! Oh my! How could this be?! Ha Ni, fighting! Ha Ni! Kids, don't you worry.
I'll be going first then.
That's right, you're running great! Sorry, but Class 7 are the winners.
Joon Gu, I'm going to put my trust in you! What is this? Baek Seung Jo is looking at me.
Baek Seung Jo is looking at me! Baek Seung Jo is smiling and stretching his hand out to me! This is the first time ever! Fool.
Oh, Ha Ni! Oh Ha Ni! Pass it! Pass it! Don't you worry, Ha Ni! Baek Seung Jo! Baek Seung Jo! Baek Seung Jo! Baek Seung Jo! Bong Joon Gu! Bong Joon Gu! Baek Seung Jo! Baek Seung Jo! Bong Joon Gu! - Baek Seung Jo! Wow, Joon Gu's crazy fast! - Bong Joon Gu! Bong Joon Gu! - Baek Seung Jo! Baek Seung Jo! Bong Joon Gu! Bong Joon Gu! Bong Joon Gu! Bong Joon Gu! Oh Ha Ni! Baek Seung Jo! Don't think you've won.
Because the only reason this happened is because Teacher fell.
The losing chicken always tends to make more of a ruckus anyway.
What?! There will be no pizza.
A promise is a promise.
There will be no pizza.
- It's because you fell though, Teacher! - What are you talking about? I made up for it by throwing it to Ha Ni! That's right! Where's Oh Ha Ni? - Oh Ha Ni! - Where is she? Ha Ni's right here! Ha Ni's right here! That's right! You should pay! You should pay! What? What?! People can make mistakes! We were losing anyway! It wasn't Ha Ni's fault.
Ha Ni, I'm really sorry.
I should've moved my arm just a little bit over.
My arm was too short.
What's with you? Then you should be the one to spring for pizza! - That's right! You pay! - You spring for it! Fine, fine! I'll buy pizza for you! - How much is it?! - It should be around $150.
What?! $150?! Aish, I don't have $150 I'll buy you all pizza.
You all were so cool today! I had such a great time thanks to you.
Since I'm so thankful for you showing me such a good time, I'll buy you pizza.
Ah, and you are? Ah, this person is I'm a fan of Ha Ni.
Oh Ha Ni.
I came to cheer Ha Ni on today.
Who are you? Who are you? Kids! Not forgetting how fortunate I am on this day, playful kiss… Wait… My goodness why is my whole body aching so badly? Put on some ointment.
Not sleeping? You're there? I didn't realize.
When did you get here? Wow, the view is superb.
You're burned.
What? How can it not hurt when you worked so hard for it? You work so hard no matter what it is.
I have to work hard.
I'm envious of you, you're good at everything.
I'm good at basketball and swimming, too.
How proud… You were goading me for the past few days, so why did you end up giving the baton to me? You got another triumph card on your hand again.
All right, I'm fine with you mocking.
You heard what the children said? But your mom bought pizza for us, so everything went fine.
My mom? Nothing can stop her.
It's usually the father or children in the family that worry people most.
But in our family it's always the mother getting into trouble.
Why? I think your mom is great, really nice.
How nice? Yes, very nice.
Today she came over and bought us pizza, and we even took photos.
I feel blessed.
Blessed? Yes, my mom never came to my school.
She passed away early.
Of course, there is dad and granny, although I'm thankful for them, I don't feel blessed.
That's a little unfortunate.
But today, I feel like my mom came.
I'll go find the ointment.
I'll help with dinner.
That's right, after all you're in someone's house.
Doing this will make you feel better.
But That… what were you wearing this morning? What's that? Farting king, fart fart fart.
Don't you know? Woo yi fart, woo yi fart, woo yi woo yi fart fart.
Looks cute.
Whatever, I'm fine with the mocking.
Every time acting so calm, making people embarrassed.
But what? What ear? The ear is gone? [sounds like "looks cute".]
Gi Dong seems to be late today.
Customers drink liquor at night I guess.
What's up? There were photos taken today? I had fun today.
It's well taken.
Ha Ni's really funny, isn't she? I feel alive ever since Ha Ni came.
Is that so? See, Seung Jo's expression? I only saw him like this when he was young.
It's been a long time since I saw this.
That's right.
Yes! Before the summer holidays hit, let's go on a vacation! Just one night.
But the kids are already in their third year.
The more reason we need to go! There isn't time left if they pursue their dreams.
Really? This congratulations party seems a bit late right? Really? I'm sorry, Ha Ni.
I planned this really fast after your results came out.
It's okay.
I was busy with the friendly match too.
How sumptuous! Really fresh! Is this nibo? - Mori noodle.
- What does mori mean? It just means adding all sorts of seafood and its products.
Then a whole lot of people eat together.
It was supposed to be modi noodle.
There's a few versions thereafter and they end up with mori noodle.
Mori means everyone eating together.
That's right.
Oh Ha Ni, your father is in a good mood! My daughter is really awesome! Really awesome.
Thank you very much, Seung Jo.
You're really great.
- It's nothing.
- That's not the case.
The greatest thing is for Seung Jo to experience and learn from this.
I'm grateful.
No, I'm the one to be grateful.
Really thankful.
No, I'm so thankful.
You'll get your hair in the food.
We should drink on such a day.
How? Does the owner want to have a drink? Me? Since it's from an elder, you may drink a glass.
Here! Glasses up.
For our youth! Cheers! Cheers! Ha Ni really worked hard.
I really got a shock.
Ha Ni's nickname is Noah's Snail.
Noah's Snail? It was given by my grandmother.
You mean the Noah from Noah's Ark? That's right.
That ship has a lot of animals right? But no one paid attention to this snail.
So this snail climbed hard night and day.
It wouldn't stop climbing.
Finally it got up on the ship.
As long as I have determination, I can do things right.
This is our family's soju, no water added.
You may feel nothing while drinking.
But once you're done drinking, you can get drunk immediately.
Is that so? Hey friend.
Don't you like crabs? Have more.
You used to give me food like this when we were small.
Now it's still the same.
I've heard all about it.
You even made him meal boxes when he was small.
We were quite wealthy at that time.
We always stuck well together.
We even made a band together.
Huh? That's the first time I've heard this.
Not exactly a band.
Just something we wanted to do.
Dad, I'll get the guitar! I welcome the sunshine with you every day.
I open my eyes wide with you every day.
I'm with you every day (with you every day) We only have each other.
I'm with you every day (with you every day) Chatting together.
A rain in the afternoon on the streets, the red sky when the sun sets.
Want to share everything that's surrounding us.
Seung Jo oppa's here.
I'm with you every day.
Embracing each other.
I'm with you every day (with you every day) Sleeping together.
A rain in the afternoon on the streets, the red sky when the sun sets.
Want to share everything that's surrounding us.
I'm with you every day (with you every day) Sleeping together.
I'm with you every day (Really) I'm with you every day (Really) I'm with you every day.
It's noisy! Oppa oppa! You're still as good as ever! How happy! Seung Jo, join us.
Are you drunk? What? Stop acting cool.
Sing one song.
Forget it.
Will the famous Baek Seung Jo sing in such a shabby place? You're drunk.
What drunk? I haven't finished my fill yet.
Calling me a public menace.
Dad, he says that I'm useless in everything I do.
Meaning we're just freeloading off of them.
Really? Is that so? That's not it.
It was well said.
Baek Eun Jo! Baek Seung Jo! Are you that great? So great that you can look down on people? You said not to disclose about us staying together.
But what to do? How do I explain? In front of everyone, do you have to say things like this? Every single time you're like this.
You're a baddie! - Time to go back.
- Right.
Look, look at him.
Look at that.
He still wants to cut off people's speech.
Keep criticizing me, making fun of me.
You only say hurtful remarks.
I really hate you, totally.
Are you really drunk? Aigoo, look at you.
Ha Ni, do you really hate Seung Jo? But during today's friendly match, I thought that you two made a compatible pair.
I didn't know you disliked him so much.
That's right.
I really dislike him.
Mother, father, Eun Jo All of you are great.
Baek Seung Jo is the only one I dislike.
All right.
All right.
Aren't you talking the opposite way? What? "In actual fact, I don't call you Seung Jo.
I want to call you the soul of the forest.
From that day onwards, I was sick for a few days.
It was a dreadful experience.
" Ya! "During school, although I can only walk past you.
But still, I'll think of you every day.
You're so friendly in my dreams.
" Shut up, ya! Baddie! What's that about? Soul of the forest? Omo, Ha Ni.
You wrote a letter to Seung Jo? Then, he's the one you mentioned at that time.
So, it's Seung Jo? Do you really want things this way? You memorized them so that you can find a chance to teach me a lesson? I could remember after reading just once.
What can I do? All right.
I'm a weakling in front of someone I fancy.
But, it will come to an end now.
Totally an end.
Even if there's this little bit of fondness, it's all gone now.
- Is that so? - Yes, despicable.
It's so dirty and despicable, I can't go on anymore.
Baek Seung Jo, you! I totally hate you.
Ha Ni! Baddie.
She really is a fool to the core.
Seung Jo, hurry carry her.
- Me? - Then? You want me to put her on my back? No need.
Let me.
Let father carry you.
All right, all right.
Are you okay? What to do? This is such a problem.
Seung Jo, hurry! How troublesome.
- Gi Dong.
- Yes? If this goes on, do you think we'll become relatives? Really? Impossible.
If that happens, I'll leave the house.
How dare you speak like this? Why? Isn't this beautiful? Baddie.
Oh Ha Ni, you really have your way.
I still end up carrying you on my back.
What? I say Oh Ha Ni is great.
Ya! Put me down.
Why are you carrying me? Didn't you stop liking me? Huh? Yes I've stopped.
Since it's so, why does your heart beat so fast? - What? - Are you all right? Heart, I mean your heart.
But it seems worse than expected, Oh Ha Ni.
What are you referring to? If you continue like this, 'til the day your child is born, are you able to raise it well? Oh, I found it.
Ha Ni.
So it's hanging over here in the room.
That's why I say Oh, they're all dry.
It's strawberry.
Oh how cute! My head… Woken up? Get up if you're awake.
You can go back to sleep once you finish your meal.
- You're here.
- Yes.
I didn't want to wake you up.
Since you're awake, finish your meal and go back to sleep later.
I brewed soup.
You have to come down.
My head.
What? It's already this late.
It seems worse than expected, Oh Ha Ni.
If you continue like this, 'til the day your child is born, are you able to raise it well? About yesterday Don't tell me it's working already? Ha Ni! Over here! Because today's weather is fine, we'll eat outside.
Drunken fool.
This soup is refreshing.
I made it specially for you.
Thank you very much.
I was so disrespectful yesterday.
How can that be disrespectful? Because it's you, you don't know how fun it is.
- I'll eat well.
- Eun Jo.
Grab the handle well, jump higher and use your wrist to blend in with the rhythm.
One two, one two.
Get it? It's delicious! - Really? Then have more.
- Okay.
Don't move your whole arm, move your wrist.
Enough, concentrate on your meal.
All right.
Ah, I don't want to jump anymore.
Eun Jo, stay close to your underarms, just like this.
If you're so good at it, show it to me! Omo! You're doing great! You jump well.
Just like me, stay close to your underarms.
And then, use your heels to bounce.
But you're using the whole foot to jump.
That's why it's getting in your way.
Here, give it a try.
Come here, hurry.
Here, grab well.
Then stay close to your underarms.
Stay close to your underarms.
- That's right! - Omo, you got it.
Oh right, didn't you say you're going to have a music exam soon? - Have you chosen your piece? - I plan to sing "Red Sky.
" "Red Sky?" Instead of that Sing jump jump jump? So interesting! Hey, Eun Jo, just choose this piece.
Seung Jo, isn't Ha Ni brilliant? You jump well.
You give it a go.
What's that? Omo.
What's that? Seems like a sock.
NO! Really? Air-con provided as well? Yes.
It's really cold.
I still have to wear long sleeves.
I heard that each of you has a computer.
Yes, the internet speed is especially fast.
If you use it to play games, it should be fun.
Ha Ni, Ha Ni, Ha Ni, Ha Ni.
- You're combing your hair? - Yes.
Have you eaten? - There's food you like to eat today.
- Yes, I've eaten.
Will you hiccup during your self-revision period? Only you will do that.
You this fellow.
Joon Gu, can you get me that book? Of course, of course.
Get away.
You totally became a princess, right? Seems like something fell.
What's that? Why? What's that? What's going on? Ya! Oh Ha Ni, what's this? Why will you sleep with Baek Seung Jo? No, that… we didn't sleep together.
Oh Ha Ni! What? They're living together? With Baek Seung Jo? What's happening? Maybe that's photoshopped? Impossible.
Ha Ni! What's happening? Aren't Ha Ni and Bong Joon Gu together? That's right.
What about Baek Seung Jo? Don't tell me it's Baek Seung Jo who snatched her over? House? Don't tell me you're living in the same house as Baek Seung Jo? What is Baek Seung Jo's house like? Is it big? Is it very big? Is it very gorgeous? What about your room? How's your room? Good.
I'm totally curious.
Ya! Are you guys intending to come over? No.
Absolutely not! - No.
Absolutely not! - Why? - No, no.
- Just once.
Over here.
How embarrassing.
This can't be like this.
Oh Ha Ni.
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- Where? Help! Ya! Baek Eun Jo! Are you drowning? Want a drink? Because of Oh Ha Ni you came? Isn't that for sure! All right, you both look compatible.
What? I can't do this.
Yes? Hello! I have a question to ask.
I don't want to.
Just one question.
Have you slept? I am really sorry.
Ya! Good morning, Teacher Seung Jo.
Oh Ha Ni.
If this is it, get together when you guys grow up, isn't it? Seung Jo, what're you doing? Seung Jo.
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