Playful Kiss (2010) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

PLAYFUL KISS Episode 4 Is it that house over there? That's enough, right? Let's go quickly, it will be bad if Baek Seung Jo comes back.
Let's go, quickly.
Which room is yours? Is that the one? Is that the one? Which one is it exactly? - That one, that one, that one.
- If that is Ha Ni's room, then that one should be Baek Seung Jo's room.
Please, I beg you.
Please leave me a way out.
Leave quickly.
Ha Ni is back? - You are back? - Yes.
Why aren't you coming in? We shall not go in for today.
Are they your friends? Hello.
You are the Lady Gaga, right? Yes.
Ah, the pizza Yes.
And you are? The student who ran for the relay race that time, right? Yes, hello.
They are just curious of where I am staying at.
You are going off soon, right? Get home safe! Why are they going off? Please come in.
What? Should I make strawberry ice-cream for you? Have some before leaving.
This looks really delicious.
- Really? - Yes.
Really? You all are having a really fun time here.
You are back, my son.
Spreading the news is not enough, you even bring people home to play already? That That matter I heard of it just now.
Is this your house? I'm the one who asked them to come in.
Isn't this good? Many people like this.
But these students asked me if I am really your mother, or am I your sister instead.
Oh Ha Ni.
Are you testing out my patience? What? I already told you not to mess around with me.
Stop stepping in and disrupting my life.
How much more are you going to do? One must learn to restrain themselves.
What do you think you are doing right now? I'm the one who took the pictures.
I'm also the one who slipped it in the book.
Why are you being so fierce to Ha Ni? Mother, you too! - Please close the blog immediately! - What? What rights do you have to interfere with your mom's hobbies and interest? Making your children awkward, is that your hobby? What I'm trying to say is I heard about it just now as well.
What is wrong with some rumors? What is so disgraceful about it? Well, we shall - We're leaving.
- Why? Leave after having dinner.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- We shall make a move first.
What is the rush for? Leave after having dinner.
Oh, right! We'll be going to the beach this weekend.
Let's go together! What? It doesn't seem to be this weekend.
Just change the schedule a little and it will be fine.
It will be especially fun.
All you have to prepare is your swim suit.
I will take care of the rest.
Understand? Please, please Don't ask me for the reason, can't you just help me out? Why? Did you screw up again? - No.
- Is that so? Are you sick then? No, I am not sick.
That's good.
Then why do you need so much money for? 1 thousand No, 2 thousands No, 3 thousands.
Yes, I just need 3 thousands.
- 3 thousands? - Yes.
You just treat it like an advance redrawal of the money saved for my wedding.
I just need 3 thousands.
- Is 3 thousands enough? - It's enough.
Okay, I will send the money to you later.
Really? Thank you, Father.
Really, thank you! But, what exactly are you going to do with that 3 thousands won? Actually, I'm thinking of What? 3 thousands 3 thousands won? - Father, are you kidding me? - Yes, I'm kidding.
Don't act like you are very capable.
Hey! Are you trying to ask for 3 millions from me? You are even renting a house? Stop thinking of useless things all day long.
Go home quickly.
Everyone at home is worried about you.
Did you hear me? I can only secure my love if only I'm rich, isn't it? This is so frustrating.
You scared me! Can you move aside? This is my territory, young man.
What is that smell? Did you just fall out of love, young man? Is it because of money? What does Ahjussi know? Falling out of love is because you are fighting against your fate.
Because you fork out everything, that is why you will feel lonely.
What? When you'll be tired of living in this world or when you feel desolated, is love the only thing that has the power to make the world seems beautiful? What? That only means that you don't know love can make a person feel lonely too.
That is why you put your words like that.
But Are you giving up on your love simply because of that? In this lively and hopeful youth hood? Don't you feel sorry towards Gogh, who led a much more miserable life than we did? What? Van Gogh? Do you know about Van Gogh's love? Even if I put my everything at stake, even if I lose everything, I will not have regrets.
You can only say you are in love unless you are able to do that.
Wait a moment, wait a moment.
I still have something to say.
That's right, Bong Joon Gu.
Can you say that you have been truly in love before? Till now, you have not even confessed to Ha Ni yet.
Even if you have really confessed before, does it really matter? Even if I lose everything, I will not regret loving you.
Listen well.
There's something I hate more than anything in life.
When people like you with little brains don't know a situation, don't even understand it clearly, and yet act like you know, nagging and bothering people.
Don't let me repeat the same thing again.
What I said before, that you are a super annoying person Those are not just empty words.
That time with the letter, even in front of those many people, I never cried when I got scolded by him.
No, everything will be fine.
I'm fine.
Things like that can happen.
He might have misunderstood me.
I said that is not the case.
I'd be mad if I were Seung Jo too.
It must have been a big shock to him.
I'm hanging up.
Oh Ha Ni.
So you are Oh Ha Ni? I hate stupid girls the most.
Don't know when it started From the first time I saw you I will think of you every minute, every second What are you doing? Oh~~~ Where are you right now? Thank you.
Oh baby Even when I look around Even when I choose You will always be in my heart I feel like I am going crazy soon Do you know how I feel? Stop stepping into my life.
Do you know my feelings? How much more are you going to do? One must learn to restrain themselves.
Can you stand by me everyday? Looking at and protecting only me? Because I love you too much as a friend Can you say that you love me right now at this moment? Can you love me everyday, loving only me? Can you give me a kiss? I think I really look pretty with it! - Don't I? - You look so pretty! Hello.
Seung Jo came down.
I'm all ready, let's set off now.
Is that so? Let's go then.
You too, go prepare yourself, we are leaving soon.
Leave? To where? We decided to go on a 2 days 1 night camping today.
Where are we going? Auto camping.
What? - What about school? - I informed them already.
Hyung, I'm kidnapped.
When I woke up, I was already in the car.
Come out quickly.
This will be a better choice for you.
Quickly, I got your things packed too.
There is even the swimming cap.
I really can't stand you.
- Who is that? - Ha Ni, it's me.
She wants to come along too.
Hello, I came too.
Who is she? What's happening? Why are they not here yet? Why would I know? This is driving people crazy.
Good morning! Nothing much today, right? Teacher, Ha Ni is not here yet? Go Min Ah did not come either.
Jung Joo Ri either.
They all went out to have fun.
I heard they went to the beach, aren't you jealous? Went out to play? Teacher, don't you know how dangerous the world is right now? How can a few girls go to the beach alone? Not a few girls, Baek Seung Jo and his family are going as well.
Baek Baek Baek Seung Jo?! Try and kill me, kill me.
They already left for the beach? Furthermore, it's for 2 days 1 night.
I can't stand this! I have to earn some money no matter what.
What should I do? Bong Joon Gu, don't tell me you just came.
No, I'm leaving early because I have something urgent.
Leaving early? I, Vice Principal I suddenly got the news that my aunt got into an accident.
They want me to go over right now to take a look.
Is that so? Then you should go quickly.
Ah, yes.
But I need to go as quickly as possible.
But I have no money.
This Can you lend it to me this once? This? Yes, I heard she is dying soon.
Wow, this is all thanks to my aunt! It seems like my acting skills are really good.
Ha Ni, I'm coming right now.
Everyone lift your hands while crossing the road.
This is really dangerous.
Wow, how cute are they? Let's go.
- Oppa, Oppa.
- What do you want? We just opened in front of the bus stop.
Remember to come and play.
- I'm still a student.
- Even university students visit our shop often.
But, Oppa, you look really cute.
Thank you.
Remember to come and play.
Palace massage? What is this? What about juvenile protection? Is this really all right? This is really Let's go! Oppa, do you want some watermelon? I even cut them up before bringing it here.
- The fridge is full of watermelon.
- Is that so? But the ones I buy are exceptionally sweet, just like honey.
Watermelon have to have the taste of a watermelon to be called a watermelon.
If it's honey flavored, is it still a watermelon? That is called honey.
But, how did you know we are coming to play and even followed us along? I I have my own ways naturally.
Firstly, we have to prepare the swim suit, then the hair spray.
Hair dryer, volume comb What more do we need to prepare? Does Ha Ni has a swim suit? Yeah, you saw it last year.
You should just buy a new one! There is even a karaoke machine.
Why don't we sing a song as we go? Do you think this is a tour bus? Why would we sing? Then, do you want to play a word game? word game where the next phrase begins with the last word of the previous person's phrase What, word game? So childish.
It would be fun! Ha Ni's suggestion is really good.
idioms made up of 4 syllables based on chinese characters Let's play using 4 syllable idioms.
Min Ah, you start.
Ah, yes I/shim/jeon/shim.
(Ability to read each other's mind).
I/shim/jeon/shim? Shim? Uh Shim/shim/pul/i.
(Something to do when bored).
Is that really a 4 syllable idiom, Mom? Of course, "shim-shim-pul-i".
Quickly, continue.
If you can't do it you have to accept punishment.
You have to write your name in the air with your butt.
That is so childish.
One, two I/shil/jik/go! (Tell the truth according to facts).
Seung Jo.
Are we really playing this? One, two Go? Go/jang/nan/myeong.
(It takes 2 hands to clap).
Gojangnan byeong? (A broken disease) What is that? Why don't you just say gojangnan cha? (A broken car) Not gojangnan byeong, but go/jang/nan/myeong.
It means it takes two hands to clap.
You are really clever, you all knew? Stupid people, birds of a feather flock together.
Quickly, go/jang/nan/myeong.
- Myeong? Myeong? - One, two Myeong/myeong/baek/baek! (Irrefutable/undeniable).
Baek, Baek - 1 - Wait a moment.
What comes with Baek? Baek, Baek 2 3! Baek/Seung/Jo/Jjang! (Baek Seung Jo, great) Is it because you wanted to say that, that you suggested to play the word game? No, are you crazy? I said that because I have nothing to say.
This one's sturdy! Wow, thank you so much! - Children, come and get your own drinks.
- Yes.
Ha Ni, you should have bought a bikini instead.
She looks very pure and pretty like this.
The charm of high school girls should be purity.
What is that, Oh Ha Ni? You actually brought a swim float? Even I don't need it.
Yes, because I'm not very good at swimming.
Seung Jo, Ha Ni is pretty, right? She looks very pure.
This is how a high school girl should look like.
I see that she looks like a primary school student.
That little rascal.
You are very pretty, Ha Ni.
You are the prettiest! That's right, Ha Ni is the prettiest! Our Ha Ni has the most suitable build for wearing a bikini.
It is figure.
Oh, figure.
I almost forgot.
You need these, right? What is this? They're socks.
Why did he give that to you? What is that? It looks like socks.
God! I will get rid of that person today and then go to hell.
Yah! Ha Ni Oh my, Ha Ni Are you alright? Yah! Are you alright? It shouldn't hurt that much.
- I just meant for you to put on the socks! - Hey, you! Come here! Baek Seung Jo! What's happening? Let's move quickly.
Why did this happen suddenly? What's wrong? Is it because there is no more battery? I'm almost there.
What do I do now? Is it because there is no more gas? What should I do? I didn't bring money with me.
This is really! Let's see if it's because there's no more gas.
Let's see Is there oil or is there not? It's so dark inside I can't see a thing.
That's right! What is this? This is so amazing.
What is happening? Let me take a look, let's see.
Father, what is it? It scared me.
Did it drop from the sky? That doesn't seem to be the case.
Come, let's take a photo.
Kimchi! - Is it done, is it done? - Yes.
Let's ask someone to take a photo for us later on.
Min Ah is not inside, is she? Seung Jo oppa.
You did well.
That Hong Jang Mi looks just like a stinky fly, flying here and there.
Children, come and have some watermelon.
Oh! I think she's calling us.
Ha Ni, come quickly.
- Let's go! Let's go! - I'm so hungry! - The watermelon's going to be delicious! - Hold on one second! Hey, Bong Ha Ni! What?! Small kid, stay quiet! Bong! The block made a bong sound and farted.
Hey, Baek Eun Jo, come here! Bong, bong, bong, bong.
You are not shutting your mouth up? Bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong.
I shall drive you mad! You are dead! - Bong, bong, bong, bong.
- Stop right now! This is really Try and catch me! Come in! Come in! - You don't even know how to swim.
- Hey! Baek Eun Jo! Wait till you come out of the water! Hey, are you acting? Be real if you are trying to act.
Save me, save me! Is he really drowning? Hey, Baek Eun Jo! Eun Jo is drowning, someone come and save him quickly! Dad, Dad! I asked them to have some watermelon, why are they going into the water instead? They have the same mental age.
This is called pure.
Honey, we are thirsty too.
I want watermelon too.
Watermelon coming right away.
The watermelon is here.
Please have some watermelon.
Ah, are they drowning? - What do I do, what do I do? - What happened? Honey, what happened? Ha Ni, Ha Ni! Just stay still! Eun Jo! Eun Jo, are you alright? Eun Jo, Eun Jo! Are you alright? Wow, it looks delicious.
Seung Jo, take some water over to Ha Ni.
- Warm water.
- I can go.
No need, no need.
You can continue to roast the meat, Jang Mi.
What? Baek Seung Jo, hurry.
Ha Ni, are you feeling alright? Are you sure you don't need to go to the hospital? Yes.
- I scared you, right? - That's for sure.
After going through such a big shock, my heart is still not feeling well till now.
I just happened to be in the sand at that time.
It's okay.
Didn't we come out very quickly? How can that be okay? I couldn't even move a bit when I was in the sand, and you were struggling in front of me.
At that time, I realized that is the hell.
I'm sorry, Dad.
You want some water? Seung Jo, I must really thank you.
If weren't for you, I really cannot imagine what would have happened.
It's nothing.
I'll make a delicious dinner to thank you.
You don't even know how to swim and you don't even haver fear? Then what should I have done? I shouted but no one heard me.
You are really a trouble maker.
Since the day I met you, there was not a peaceful day in my life.
Why are you scolding me again? I'm still not feeling well.
Not feeling well? Who are you? Where is our Ha Ni, where is she? Is it done? Yes.
Then, the men, please go and sleep in the tents.
What about Eun Jo? Eun Jo is not feeling well, of course he'll be sleeping with me.
Wow, it changed totally! This is really nice! I want to go to the 2nd storey.
Wow, this looks really good.
Very good.
So comfortable.
This is really not bad.
You must be really comfortable up there.
Are you alright? I'm fine.
What? You even know how to play the guitar? I borrowed your clothes to wear.
That's right.
I heard about it.
They said you saved Ha Ni.
I should have come a bit earlier.
My self-esteem is hurt.
Did you come here because of Oh Ha Ni? Of course.
Even if you're a stuffy young genius, you're still a hot-blooded male.
Who knows when you may turn into a beast.
Of course I have to stay and protect her.
Why don't you just come and stay at my house? Is there a vacant room? I'm warning you.
Don't you dare to think of anything weird! You know that I'm keeping an eye on you at any moment.
You got me? Do you like Oh Ha Ni so much? You are making me awkward by asking so directly.
No matter what, I have to make a stand soon so as to let my Ha Ni be happy.
That is my biggest wish.
Is that so? Ha Ni and you are rather compatible.
Is it, even you think so too? This is so surprising, Baek Seung Jo.
It should be very surprising, right? Of course it's surprising.
Still, you have good judgment.
That's right, Ha Ni and you are not suitable for each other.
Even if Ha Ni says she likes you, that's just momentary fireworks.
Hey, Baek Seung Jo, let's be friends.
Why? Okay, up to you.
I don't need to be friends with you anyway.
I'll be fine with just Ha Ni.
Hey, sing a song.
You came all the way to protect me today.
Playful kiss.
Ha Ni.
We were so happy when we were playing.
There are so many universities, there must be a place for us.
That's for sure.
Don't we still have 2 months left? Everything will be fine as long as we work hard.
Is this the confidence of a person who got into the top 50 in a week? That's not it.
Ah The age where one should be enjoying themselves becomes so tiring.
This is such a pity.
That's right, it's really a pity.
Thank you for the snacks.
Thank you.
Children, ask him if you have anything that you don't understand.
What is the use of him being here? Fighting! Fighting! Thank you very much.
Did you see it? Did you see it? Her petite little face is the size of my fist.
Ha Ni, your bed is really nice.
No, that is the style Mother likes.
Oh, "Mother" She is my friend's mother.
Take a look at this.
What is this? Things to be completed with Seung Jo.
- Hey! - Namsan Tower.
- Hey! - Kiss at place with many people.
Walk on the beautiful small road while holding hands.
Talk on the phone for the whole night.
Get married.
The whole book is filled with Baek Seung Jo.
- What are you trying to do? - Ha Ni.
Hey, at first, I thought Seung Jo will be as skinny as a matchstick.
But after going on the trip, I realized he is really a man.
He seems to be working out.
His back muscles look very firm.
Hey! Do you feel that good just because of those few words? Do you really feel so good? Study, let's study.
First question.
One quarter multiply by one eighth minus by The answer is What does it mean? Let's do the 2nd question first.
This What? What? Hurry, go.
Come in.
Eun Jo.
It should not be there, it should be over there.
Here? Yes.
Do you have some spare time now? No.
Is that so? That's right.
What are you doing, Oh Ha Ni? My friends and I have some problems while trying to study.
They only have the answers but no steps included.
I don't want to.
It'll take only one minute, okay? No, 30 seconds, just 30 seconds.
Even 30 seconds is a waste of time.
Why is it a waste of time? These 30 seconds is about our fate.
You said it so beautifully.
Just this one.
What don't you understand about this question? Eh? Here, is that okay? Yes.
Thank you.
Really, thank you! Ah So this is how it is done.
The solution is so easy, even I can understand.
Then, the next question.
Go, go, go.
Excuse-me Excuse-me Just this one more Are you going to bed already? The next question too.
I'm very sorry.
Come back after 15 minutes.
Go in and take a look.
That's right, it's 15 minute already.
I'm scared.
I really can't do it.
Is that all? Don't come into my room again.
So that is how it is solved.
Will I be able to make it into Tae San University if I continue like this? It would be good if he can help tutor us.
That's right, let's go to your house this weekend too.
You are crazy.
You saw how he was and you dare that kind of things again? That's right, this Hey, what is this? Oh, really? What are you doing? Why are you bullying Ha Ni? Hey, Oh Ha Ni, who helped you solve all the questions? It's Baek Seung Jo, right? I heard both of you live together.
No, that Give me, give me.
That's right, the questions were solved by Baek Seung Jo himself.
Why? Are you jealous? Are you studying with Baek Seung Jo? What, what is that? Hey, Oh Ha Ni, let me join in too.
What? - Me too, me too.
- Me too, me too.
What are you doing? Don't you all have pride? Joon Gu.
What? Can you use your pride to get into university? What, pride? You guys! You should depend on your own hard work.
Why do you need someone to teach you? Right? I'm correct, right? Hey, you.
What? You are going too? Look, look, go if you want.
Just go, go if you want.
Hey, hey, hey, 5, 4, 3 This is really Why are there so many shoes? He's here, he's here.
Hello, Teacher! Mom, what are they here for? All of them came to see you.
Baek Seung Jo, tutor us too.
Please! Oh Ha Ni! Please No, I'm very tired.
Where are you going? Mom is so happy for you.
My son can actually help others like that.
What is there to be happy about? Hey, Oh Ha Ni, come out.
Just once.
Oh Ha Ni, you are really Just once, please save us, Class 7.
We'll never forget your kindness for our whole life.
We will never forget.
Save us.
There is an object of 2kg being placed on the surface of the water.
Adding 10 newton of force, it will result in 4 newton of friction.
At this moment, what is the maximum acceleration the object can gain? For this question, we have to use the formula F = ma.
F equals to ma.
What does the "F" means in here? Force.
"m" is mass.
"a" is the acceleration.
What we want is the "a".
So the "a" will equal to F/m, with 10 newton of force, and 4 newton of friction.
So the total net force will be Let me do it.
I'm done with it already, have all your friends gone home? Why didn't they have dinner before leaving? That's alright, you prepared lunch for so many people already.
Is studying useful for you people? Baek Eun Jo.
You just got a yellow card right now.
The next time, you will be out.
What should we have for dinner? Sweet and sour meat.
Seung Jo doesn't seem to like to eat sweet and sour meat.
He doesn't eat it when it's on the school canteen's menu.
But I like it.
You are right, Seung Jo doesn't like sweet and sour meat.
But I like it.
You must be tired.
Of course.
Water, do you want to drink water? This is cooler.
It's okay.
This Please.
That was put in just now.
Yes, what is the matter? Really? What do I do? Yes, I'll go there right now.
Okay, I'll be right there.
What do I do? What should I do? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do, what do I do? Father will be going over too.
You have to get yourself dinner.
Why isn't Hyung going? Your brother has to study.
He's in the third year of high school.
Don't go out, both of you.
Stay at home, okay? Hey, hurry.
I'm really sorry.
Take care.
Where are you going? Going out to buy dinner.
I can make it for you.
To thank you for today and yesterday.
You? Yes, I'm Oh Gi Dong's daughter.
Always treating me like an idiot.
This time, I must do great.
Hawaiian loco moco? Place the thick patty of meat on the hot pan.
Then add the meat sauce.
Put a half done fried egg on top of it.
The main point is to eat it with the egg yolk.
This is good.
Baek Seung Jo, you will surely get a great shock.
What is this? What happened in here? Mom's acting skills are rather good, right? It's a call from the promoter.
He must not have understood what I'm trying to do.
I really thought something happened.
Something did happen.
The students in class all came to our house.
Ha Ni is really great.
That's right.
Ha Ni, she has power.
She is not good at her studies, that is why she is stronger.
Hey, kid.
Why do you only know how to speak the truth? That photo was taken as a memory in front of the door when we opened this shop.
At that time, Ha Ni was That was when my wife passed away.
So she should have been 4 years old then.
Have you thought of getting remarried? If someone like you appears, maybe I will consider.
Truth is, if Ha Ni gets married, you will be lonely, right? Really, I don't even want to listen to that.
What is the use of it? Then just live together.
What? Why did you leave the two of them at home alone while the rest of you come here? I did it on purpose to let them stay at home.
Because they are always quarrelling.
When a boy and a girl are together alone, anything can be solved.
Hey, are you getting me dinner or not? What is all this? I'm sorry.
It's only a little burnt.
What is this scary thing? Hawaiian loco moco.
Hawaiian what? Loco moco? You call this a little burnt? This is not rice but rice cake.
Why, you don't like rice cake? Hey! Are you telling me to eat this? When do we put this in? Go get some water.
You are really great.
It looks just like what's served in restaurant.
It's really tasty.
How did the egg stick so nicely? And you prepared this so quickly.
It didn't even take 30 minutes.
Because I have a good brain.
What? You need your brain for cooking too.
Really? Does it mean my dad has a good brain too? Then Bong Joon Gu must be very clever too.
Joon Gu is super good at cooking.
What is he good at cooking? It's true.
For the festival, He made spicy rice cakes and a caramel yam dessert to sell.
It was so tasty! Hey! Can spicy rice cake be considered a dish? That kind is harder to make.
The dishes that lots of people like to eat.
In order to suit everyone's taste, so it is harder.
The yam dessert too The outside was crispy while the inside was juicy.
Aren't they usually sticky and Are you done with eating? I only ate one spoonful.
Clean up everything, wash the plates too.
I really only ate one spoonful.
noraebang= karaoke Let's go to the noraebang.
Noraebang? I'm tired, let's go home.
What are you grumbling about? It's not even 10 PM yet.
Let's go to the noraebang.
Noraebang? The atmosphere there must be really good.
It's okay.
I have an English test tomorrow.
I have to prepare for it.
Don't worry, and have fun.
Doo Ni, although we are always quarrelling, he still helped me.
Where did my English textbook go? Where does it disappeared just like that? Walk on the beautiful small road while holding hands.
Talk on the phone for the whole night.
Get married.
He must not see that.
This is really embarrassing.
What should I do? Ah, he'd get a great shock.
Oh yeah, he just happened to be asleep.
Such a good boy.
Where is it? He seems to be sleeping well.
It can't be He only reads the original version.
What are you doing? Being like a wild cat? No, I'm here to look for something.
You want me to believe what you're saying? Just when there's no one but the two of us at home, you have something to find? No, I really Bong Joon Gu said it before, no matter what, I'm also just a hot-blooded 19 years old guy.
What what's wrong with you? What, what's wrong? Didn't you come in because you want this to happen? What? That's not it.
So what if that is the case? Now, in this house Aren't there only the two of us? Seung Seung Jo What's wrong with you? Seung Jo Main Translator: creamychoco1234 Spot Translators: soluna413, meju Timers: cute girl, benchmarkjoe Editor/QC: snoopyvkd Coordinators: sayroo, cute girl Preview What will you major in? Tell us what you are good at.
Why do you want to go? If you find something you like, you will feel it beating.
What is happening? You are so noisy.
I knew I wouldn't get in.
Hello? Yes, yes, yes, I will go, I will go! Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Where are you? First of all, Ha Ni.
You have to go in first, get it? Wah, you are doing great, you are doing great.
This Seung Jo oppa got this for me.
Do you think I played this to get that for myself? If you come to Pa Rang University, I'll make you feel that school is fun.
You will take the examination tomorrow, right? Are you feeling better already? But isn't this the top student? I heard that Seung Jo took pills that'd make him dowsy.
Please tell me that this isn't the truth, please.
Tell me that nothing has happened.
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